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2:14 AM
this is not a time for doing well
5 hours later…
7:06 AM
hello there
@Nyakouai yeah pretty much like that, lol. but I'll accept cutie aswell
7:20 AM
@Tim sorry to hear that man
2 hours later…
9:47 AM
:53561448 i saw it i saw it
I didn't cut it right
now you're ready to go shopping
10:11 AM
@MwBakker beefcake
whats a beefcake?
Is it like "jackass"?
search on google :D
TLDR beefcake is slang for some whos "attractive men with well-developed muscles"
10:28 AM
This was the most starred message last year on this day:
Dec 1 '20 at 15:17, by Jordy
You're as wrong as your Android books
11:11 AM
@IvanMilisavljevic oh in that case: thank you :D
1 hour later…
12:28 PM
reminder that trailer park boys is worth watching :D
12:46 PM
lol never saw that one
that's good
I don't know why youtube suggested this to me... but it's fantastic.
1:19 PM
@twiz it's hilarious :D
1:40 PM
ok i have an sql questions for you database nerds
how would you achieve atomic writes to the table if insertion order is important
and you have multiple concurrent instances trying to write to the same table?
Elon is selling whistles as a sign to protect whistleblowers
it costs about 50 bucks, if you get it now this will be worth a lot in a few years
1:57 PM
[x] doubt
2:08 PM
@MwBakker I honestly have no idea if this is a joke or not.
Basically anything is believable when talking about him.
@IvanMilisavljevic you would have a lock mechanism on insert, can be done as a "database service" that queues fifo queries
given that the order matters for some reason, so having a lock on the DB records themselves is probably not reasonable in your case
2:24 PM
transactions lock tables if I am not wrong
he has a specific order to execute queries, while queries come concurrently
so he must handle the order himself
2:40 PM
If there isn't a concern about user's manipulating the order, it might be easier to handle that on the client side in some way.
Either by just not sending them concurrently or by specifying the order in some way.
You'd still have to queue it some way on the server side. Although maybe that's what you meant by "database service".
@twiz hahahahahaha
the execution is flawless
I love how you can tell he's taking his time and choosing his words very carefully.
hahahaha. yeah
definitely makes it way better
3:00 PM
so my "remote" callcentre job isn't as remote as they stated it
contract didnt mention working in a different country matters, but it does
in short: I am not allowed to perform this job in budapest thus Ill go for a new -actual- remote job
great times
yeah not all companies would alllow that
you should have asked before hand
it matters for taxes etc
can be more expensive for them if you move
or legal things they don't want to deal with
yeah plus VPN security
and things of that nature
I wanna play rimworld
18+ game?
there's definitely an age restriction on it but its no XXX
one of those games where u can take slaves and what not
etc etc
3:09 PM
@ballBreaker there wasn't clarity on that
all I knew were people doing this from a foreign country
damn, well at least now you know to ask
but they changed policies recently
yes but I don't know how to see my girlfriend withtin the next 2 months anymore
> MATURE 17+. As it includes characters being hurt with weapons, sale of organs and limbs, use of drugs, slavery, cannibalism, war crimes.
@MwBakker aren't you on a probation period? just quit
I can quit anytime but I don't have any backup remote solution
only fans?
3:11 PM
I don't want to go into software in hectic times like this, those would be irrational decissions based on "I wanna see my gf"
So I'm not saying you should... but there are ways around that if you look it up. Some people actually do things like leaving their work laptop somewhere in the expected country and use a second laptop to access it.
a smaller agency job is more suitable for this couple of months
hah thats smart
whats the hectic times like these?
@twiz too unstable to me I think
3:12 PM
@ballBreaker I need to pay bills
why would a software job be bad for that?
Taking a week off to see her means not earning money for a week
they pay more than call centres
I dont have the luxery to do such
like you only want to work part time?
3:12 PM
@ballBreaker im too insecure and not in the best mental state to go into a remote software job
well thats fair
No i'd like a full time job, but I'd like to be where my gf is as well
this callcentre thing was the perfect solution
I feel like you would be fine, but you know yourself best
thanks but I know myself, the last experience did more "damage" then I first realized
and I dk how to overcome that yet
therapy maybe
3:14 PM
so taking small steps: keep busy with software working on my app every night and free day
going remote with an agency job
then bigger step: back into software
yeah thats not a bad idea
@ballBreaker I tried but they rewinded sessions that I had before. It costed time and resources which ironically put me into stress
haha makes sense
therapy isn't for poor people unfortunately
not saying youre a poor person, just that its expensive
sucks though about this job not being as remote as you'd like. Can you look for something better in the meantime while working this one?
@ballBreaker I found out im the only friend in my group without savings (at the moment) so im considered poor I guess
thought about monitizing your youtube channel and making videos of your life adventures?
3:18 PM
@ballBreaker Even for you dirty communist non-americans?
@twiz well there's goverment funded therapy.. I haven't tried it, but I heard it's not as good
This might sound weird, but I would actually probably enjoy youtube videos of a guy wandering through an abandoned building while talking about the completely unrelated drama in his life.
@MwBakker I feel attacked by this statement because it's calling me poor
and I hate poor people
...kidding..of course..
that's actually a genius idea, I stand behind Tim and Twiz on this
@Tim One night im working on my app, the other night im putting my content up my page, and when the content is set im going to email BNN
It's like "lifestyle vlogging" but with an extremely creepy undertone
3:24 PM
@ballBreaker That's kind of interesting that it's not a higher priority. Really odd that a country would implement free universal healthcare, but consider mental health unimportant.
Feb 12 '19 at 23:03, by Tim Castelijns
I just pulled a 1cm long nose hair and I didn't cry
0.5cm this time but cried like a lil bitch
@ballBreaker Well I would love to become more famous on my YT channel but never intended to make money from it since that is a long shot and for the few fortunate. The only advantage I have is that the content is unique. Just some guy with a flashlight review is doing the same thing but his videos are more intens
@twiz well its not that they consider it less important its that I think it pays less, so people aren't as interested as working for the government
Well that's stupid. lol
than they are for a private practice.. and the government programs I think are more social workers + therapists VS actual psychologists
but yeah its kinda dumb, but tbh I'm also talking out of my ass a lot here
I don't really know
3:26 PM
I pulled a rogue mustache hair for first time few days ago, didn't hurt at all
therapy is definitely a luxury though
seems to be that way globally
ThruNite lmao they called their flashlight that, really? It's a joke right holy shit what a bad name
@ballBreaker driving 80's vehicles helps quite well but can be just as expensive
@Tim I cant really get my head around that either
oh trippy ive seen that video
@MwBakker xD
3:28 PM
I wish I had flashlight companies to support me
or fleshlight, either way
@MwBakker it can quickly turn into the opposite of therapy and require you to get therapy as well haha depending on the vehicle
but I use a Ford mechanic light that I occasianly borrow from the workshop below my appartment
@ballBreaker seems kind of backwards. You could probably eliminate a ton of physical health issues if it was more of a priority.
nice pic
3:31 PM
People who put videos in modal windows are the scum of the earth.
selling used asim pics $1
I took that one today for the dating apps after reading about them here
now I know how much it costs for the night in my area
@Tim is Asim used in the pics or are the pics themselves used
cause that determines the price to me
@asim you dont have your own place?
3:50 PM
Heeeel- kicks the door down -loooooooooo
door kicker runelite plugin? Man has taste
@Tim they support CREE XP-L V6 LED for a maximum output of 1100 lumens !!
if I knew what that meant I still wouldn't buy it
4:17 PM
@Tim I'm more of a RangerBoots extension guy when it comes to kicking door, true and tested
haven't heard of that one
never got the boots myself, not sure if I will give it another try later
4:52 PM
@MwBakker I don't
5:16 PM
\o ey dave
o/ dave
@MwBakker if you want UI updates automatically when changes happen, you need to use ChangeNotifierProvider, FutureProvider doesn't listen for updates and rebuild widgets under it
it only rebuilds when the future completes
hey mauker
5:29 PM
sup Dave
5:42 PM
o/ snek with arms
haha I forgot I drew that
@DaveS im happy to see you dave
5:55 PM
@MwBakker you can but stop and think.. should you?
keep in mind that this is a chat room and not a help desk
lol I was jk
yeah true
ask before I feel bad
Well it's true somehow but my 'problem' is not a problem more like a "what's best" situation
5:57 PM
@ballBreaker marry me
@Tim omg yes, I was hoping you would ask
tell your wife/fiance/gf to find a new house
this is why Tim and I got divorced
Weren't you the first to bring a girl to the house?
Tim had every right to be mad
Tim is leaving me and I cant see my gf in budapest
6:09 PM
well my friend's sister hasn't responded to me in like 36 hours
so we're all in pain
anyone here used the python library selenium before?
I'm mostly kidding,, I'm not THAT bothered
wonder when BB is gonna step out of that closet dressed as a fabulous femboy
all your girl problems will be solved
I used to envy homosexuals
then you became one on a mountain in morocco
6:13 PM
I thought they take the easy road by just being with their bro's and avoid girl drama
as I turned older and got gay friends I realized they have as much or even more drama than hetero couples
@DaveS it was more like an offer, which I refused
did you or did you not kiss a man
he tried to kiss me
thanks for reminding I feel that mustache again
I've kissed 2 men so far in my lifetime
both without mustache thank god
I have been nearly kissed by 2 men in my life
@DaveS reminds me of this lmao
6:19 PM
one was in the middle of the dancefloor, the girls thought I was gay after that so he ruined that night for me pretty much
Tell your dad to lay off
actually nvm I can't find a jpeg
but its basically proof trump is a femboy
user image
oh nice I found one
hopefully googling "femboy trump" doesn't trigger any kind of flag at work
it might have 2 years ago
but you're good now
until 2024 anyway
@DaveS done with biden yet?
6:24 PM
Go Brandon?
i remember when i ran commands to test a vulnerability on a university computer and I had to talk to IT about it
> Username is not in the sudoers file. This incident will be reported
yes, but the vulnerability was a memory leak in sudo which made code injection possible
I'm not a Biden fan, I never was, I just would rather have shit on my shoe than shoved in my face
@Smarticles101 was it actually vulnerable?
6:27 PM
Yeah I'm a bigger fan of sleepy gary than sleepy joe
Well, here is some more Dave
I need to pick your brain a bit if you'd allow me
I'll vote in the primary for a better candidate but I'd pick Biden over Trump everytime
I guess, it will cost you 1 kiss
@JBis yeah xD they hadn't updated to the patched version
oh you're a script kiddie
says the actual kid who never deployed a production piece of code
6:28 PM
never attempt shady stuff on educational institutes specially on your own, they can leave marks on you for life @JBis @Smarticles101
@DaveS yeah that's a pretty easy choice
@asim yeah i was just being stupid
I once released about 100 crickets into my school
I wasn't much into IT hackery stuff yet
hahaha nice
they won't hesitate to turn you into scape goat
6:30 PM
I ..acquired an industrial scale from my biology class in highschool and used it to weigh out drugs
I still have it
for even their own wrong doings
@ballBreaker i like how you changed "stole" but left "drugs"
decriminalize all drugs!!!!1
especially all the ones I like!!
I once created a bot for an online trivia quiz game for my high school. there was a scholarship for whoever took first place which was me
best part is they know i botted it
I was once pulled over in college, under 21, just coming from a bar for my friends 21st birthday he got us into, he saw my scale in the dash, told him it was for chemistry, still had weed flakes on it. He let me go after telling me to turn my headlights on
I thought I was going to jail
6:34 PM
oh man hahaha
cops being lenient always feels like winning the lottery
being a white male in a developed country feels like winning the lottery
or better when they turn on their lights and you start to pull over and they pass you
i got pulled over speeding once. going 16mph over the limit. thought the cop was gonna let me off easy and then got slammed with a $200 ticket
6:35 PM
if they weren't trying to be nice to me and instead dug deeper I could have been in jail like 5 times
@Smarticles101 hahaha
@DaveS been there before for sure
@ballBreaker why not live together
I don't want to share Tim
Oh you monogamous lobster
you polyamorous bonobo
6:39 PM
yes I am
according to the scientific documentary "Friends" lobsters mate for life
source: Phoebe
Speak no more
@DaveS Unless they're on a break
6:42 PM
@Tim dude how are you?
@Mauker great to see you
@ballBreaker are you still crushing jBis?
Hey man! Same :D
bb is now crushing on Tim, if you know what I mean
@Mauker xD ;)
yah I've been charming Tim
giving him compliments
making him laugh
@asim what's up!
Making a sexy lobster dance
6:44 PM
@MwBakker how are you bro?
@RaymondArteaga he is not frog anymore.
im doing alright with a little drama, thank you how are you?
@bluetoothfx being most unproductive I can possibly be
how about you
@W0MP3R thanks for your notification.
I'm fighting
@bluetoothfx barely managing
6:45 PM
@Tim we can switch places: you go to budapest
because your work allows it
@bluetoothfx good luck, don't leave marks though they can use them in court
do they though
@DaveS I'm registered as a Republican, because in general I trust democrats to at least not select blatant conspiracy theory lunatic racists as candidates, even if their candidates are still absolutely awful.
@twiz I read your sentence 3 times and now everything smells like toast
Being registered as a Republican means I can vote in the primary election. So, for example, if Trump decides to run again I can vote against him even being selected as the Republican candidate for the actual election.
6:52 PM
makes sense in states where you have to be part of the party to vote in the primary
Oh, I didn't realize it wasn't that way everywhere.
I used to be because I could vote in 1 or the other because dems used to allow everyone to vote in AZ as long as they didn't vote in another primary
but now it's 1 or the other so registered dem
@MwBakker did you have questions or what?
@DaveS I have a bottom navigation bar and the homepage consists all of the necesseary data as a showcase/main page. The other pages also use this data
So, logically, I am thinking of retrieving all the data at the main. The homepage is first selected and the widgets can consume the data. Is this a good idea or not?
@twiz @DaveS I like how you guys think your votes in primaries actually matter
yeah makes sense mwbakker
6:56 PM
The DNC and GOP rig the primaries so the candidates they want win
super delegates are bullshit but your vote informs them how much they can get away with
@DaveS ok, so at the main the homepage gets selected first of course. Will I pass the data coming from the futureprovider to this page or is this where I'm wrong?
@JBis yes but to stay it doesn't matter ignores the fact that they have to position the candidates to be digestible to their base
they can't force anyone through, rigged or not
they can
6:58 PM
they definitely hold a competitive, undemocratic advantage
nah they couldn't push Trump through a dem primary
the fact is the republican/democratic base will vote for whoever their respective party puts up
I'd throw molotov cocktails at them before that happens
regardless of how much they like or dislike the candidate
Within reason
@JBis what's that have to do with the primary?
6:59 PM
they need to put up a candidate that drives turnout or they'll lose
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