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5:20 AM
@asim Thank you @asim. I'll sure give it a try.
1 hour later…
6:37 AM
@ballBreaker this is awesome
Goooooooooooooooooooood Morning Everyone!!!! :D
7:07 AM
let it snow, let it snow, let it snow
3 hours later…
10:28 AM
This was the most starred message last year on this day:
Nov 30 '20 at 20:41, by Tim
another guy from r15, not sure if you know him, also at the internship phase of his life, but he is like 7 or 8 not sure about the exact age
10:52 AM
11:11 AM
11:25 AM
how are you folks
feeling the winter aura yet?
yep temps dropped from 10 to 0 in a few days here
I woke up today to see snow everywhere
but temps have been low for a couple of days now
meh, I've seen enough snow for the year. It can be summer again now. lol
it slightly snowed this weekend, then rained, and now we're averaging around 4 during the day and 0° at night
11:42 AM
12:00 PM
Its 1 degree in my place now, but when I was driving to work it was -1 outside :(
but my fiancee is already on christmas mode, she was singing let it snow at 7:40 AM last saturday
it's not too late to cancel the wedding
@Tim This is not a time for wedding
I'm getting a lot of mileage out of this meme...
this is not a time for reflecting upon meme mileage
12:18 PM
But I've gotta say... singing christmas music at that hour is a truly cruel form of torture.
Christmas music is probably my absolute most hated genre of music. Well, probably about on par with "children's music" or contemporary Christian worship music.
and country
It's basically all the same form of laziness.
As awful as country is, those 3 are still worse.
@Tim I don't know man.. did you listen to the country songs of Joe Exotic?
@twiz I can confirm, waking up to the sound of last christmas or let it snow is not the best feeling in the world
@qki I would have honestly gotten into an argument if I was you. lol
12:24 PM
waking up in general is not nice
thats true
You need to get them to sign a prenup saying they wont do that ever again.
@twiz nah, she was sweet and I overslept my morning alarm anyway :D
for those of you who watched Tiger King, and for those who don't, no need to watch that crap XD
12:27 PM
there is a second season now
I thought it was actually a pretty good documentary. I think people forget that it's not a fake drama reality show. Those are real life awful people.
I couldn't finish it, it was too trash for me
Well... I guess that proves my point. lol
as you said, the level of human awfulness shown in it, I honestly couldn't believe it was real
Well, at least one of them is in jail now.
hopefully more
2 hours later…
2:16 PM
help! my internet speed is 2909.85 Mbit/s which is 3x more than promised
what am I missing here?
They probably made a megabyte based promise, so your speed is probably near 2/3 slower than promised
2:32 PM
@asim I fail to see how getting a better service than what you paid for is a problem.
Bell does it here. They promise 300MB/s and deliver 330-400 MB/s. Feels good
I thought I was missing something obvious
its not my home connection wish it was lol
I once was on a 8G/s. It's stupidly fast, my laptop at the time couldn't keep up and I don't think my current desktop could either.
2:51 PM
Yo yo yo bb
yo yo yo
How is it going?
good man, got enough sleep last night... just listening to the fable 1 soundtrack and eating breakfast
so far so good xD
Damn, starting the day at 10, living the dream
Everything is white outside, vacations are drawing near, so it's alright!
2:59 PM
nice hehehe
I have 22nd-4th off, I cant wait
which game will you be playing?
hmmm hard to say at that point, right now I'm playing Rimworld and Tibia (and Valorant) lmao
And if Tim's question apply, I'll be playing "Don't strangle your grandma, it'd ruin Christmas mood"
maybe it'll set the mood if she's into that kind of thing
3:03 PM
choke me grandson
@ballBreaker This message right here
Those are gonna be 10 long days without a computer
I laughed out loud during my stand and wasn't muted
so i got the karma
Your penance is accepted, young shellfish
3:05 PM
@Nyakouai guess u dont have a laptop?
I have one. Date back to 2014. Take about 15 minutes to boot.
also man, this fable soundtrack is
a) Soooo good
b) soooo nostalgies
If you gently shake it, you can hear 6 year of travelling in my backpack and neglect
here's a pro plan
@ballBreaker Those were the good days. I was super hyped to see the announcement for a new one
3:07 PM
go to your work and be like, yoo I wanna do some game testing over the break ;) ;) ;) but be very undescript of the game
and try to get a work laptop
and use it for playing testing games
Good suggestion, but unlikely. Who knows, it might be good to not have a computer for 10 days (*already visibly twitching)
fuck now I wanna play fable 1
I think I've beat it 6 times
It's very weird to not be able to instantly know anything you want.
might be the game ive played through start-to-finish the most
@twiz That's why you have a phone
3:09 PM
omg did someone say fable 1
who has two thumbs and loves to murder innocents (in fable 1)
this guyyy
also bob
*takes a shield
Fable 2 > Fable 1
3:11 PM
@Nyakouai oh... being without a laptop isn't a big deal. Having no internet for extending periods of time is pretty much impossible to get used to at this point. haha
quitting is getting my nerves my brain stops responding
I feel like this
damn asim, I'm proud of you though
you got this bro <3
jsut buy more domains
3:13 PM
@Nyakouai its okay, we're all entitled to our WRONG opinions
I added a firewall rule to not allow that
My first Fable was the 2nd, so it may play here
Nostalgy-vision is strong with those games
ahh yeah that definitely happens
I remember eagerly waiting for fable 1 to drop for a few years, it was one of my first hype games
My first Fable was Aesop's Fables
and somehow it didn't disappoint
3:14 PM
Or pure bad taste, cause I've enjoyed the third, while most people I know abhore it
I read about it in like some xbox magazine or something
It was revolutionnary at the time
yeah it really was
A game that is affected by your choices and have multiple endings, what what?
it just had the best vibes
3:15 PM
@Nyakouai most of modern games specially from ubisoft are like that
loved 2 but 3 was too industrial for my liking. Eager to see what they have made of 4
Yeah, I know. But at the time, Fable was one of the few to do that.
yeah 2 was still really good
I feel you about #3 tim
It was enjoyable still but nothing close to the first or second
I loved the 3. Give me that pepperbox pistol
Gun goes brrrrr
I wonder if anyone else ever played the game "Hard to be a God"
I feel like I'm the only person
3:17 PM
this is not a time for liking fable 3.
@ballBreaker Never heard of it till today
as is tradition
that game introduced me to the Hard to be a God book
and the Strugastky brothers who are very prolific sci fi writers from russia in the 1920s/30s
it's a very neat concept
for that time, at least
payel probably has played it
the game was just okay
let me spoil it for you though because its pretty cool
I am watching wheel of time
like it so far
3:20 PM
which witch is your favorite?
you basically are from earth in the future, and humankind is exploring the universe and observing other species on planets. You land on one that is stuck in the medieval ages, and the society is collapsing because of a tyrant trying to kill all the smart people
eventually your lover dies and then you go on a rampage, which at that point you basically get guns while everyone else has swords and shit
Anyone watched Arcane and have an opinion about it? (Don't want to interrupt on Wheel of Time, curious to know if it's worth the watch if you haven't read the books)
that's great bb but we are talking about something else already. Type faster next time
its pretty sweet
@Tim aes sedai
3:21 PM
let me know how wheel of time is, I'm on book 7 now
I may watch it after I'm done book 14
I am watching it, only 4 5 episodes been released
airs every friday
I already hate the cast
look nothing like my imagination
it aes every friday
I think witcher will get to the top ranks like got
I don't like most of the cast except rosamund pike
3:24 PM
yeah Witcher is cool
in 90s or something, Poles had our own Witcher series
@Tim do they dye her hair black at least
it was so fucking awful
have anyone watched I Care A Lot
3:24 PM
no she's brunette
her hair is black in the book im pretty sure
cant wait until amazon ruins lord of the rings too
ALTHOUGH I will say
at least it's not netflix
3:26 PM
Netflix has Witcha
I mean, they ruined TRISS
man, im ngl
Netflix did poorly in casting to Witcher
But otherwise, it's a very decent serie
witcher suuucked
but I couldn't really pay attention too much
3:26 PM
if henry cavill was not playing geralt, nobody would have liked it
their yennifer casting was horrible as well
Okay, Yen too
3:27 PM
I liked yennifer
the only reason I would watch the show, and they pilfered it
yeah, Yennefer </3
But I now get why some of you prefer Fable 1. You just have terrible tastes
All o'youse!
@asim Not speaking to asim anymore, ever again
That is just not acceptable
3:28 PM
what is your opinion of katheryn winnick? Don't worry about the answer this is not a test or anything
I lied, I hate her
look at that beauty
also, take a look at that mad CGI in the top right corner
bb whats your typing wpm
3:28 PM
thats a dragon
@Tim god shes so hot
@Tim Lagertha, good. Katheryn Winnick in Wu Assassin, please no. I think she is okay depending on her role. Otherwise, what bb said
@asim I cant remember tbh but it's high, it's like >100
I was not asking about her acting skills bruh
anyway bb already spoiled the correct answer
You did not precise :P
3:29 PM
I didnt know she was canadian
But yeah, she is gorgeous
She is? Damn
Good genes here
So glad I crossed the sea
It's hard to believe she is 43
She looks a good ten years younger, at least
@qki lmao so good
google Mahnoor Baloch and lemme know how old you guys think she is
3:32 PM
is her name pronounced like cow poo
"Manure" ?
mah means moon, noor means light
Google spoiled the correct answer, I'd have said younger
@asim hmm judging from her pic
42-45 area
3:33 PM
lots of fine words
oh wow 51
is she your current star crush Asim?
good for her
@Mehdi noooooooope
damn almost as old as jennifer aniston
3:34 PM
Mehdi first episode was fire
favourite line so far was
"Daddy do you think you'll be smiling when you die?"
"Ear-to-ear, hunny"
My favorite game dev !!!!!
dont listen to him mehdi
I didn't do anything wrong
today there is truly no reason to scroll up
3:37 PM
@ballBreaker I wasn't even gonna snitch on you, I was just happy to see the man
@ballBreaker lots of new creative and super funny insults, but unfortunately less of "I will put you through that f-ing wall"
don't wanna spoil you so I'll refrain from insulting you :D
how kind of you
3:45 PM
Apr 30 '19 at 9:20, by Tim Castelijns
Reminder: if you spoil (fake/joke spoilers included) GoT (at RO's discretion) you will be banned until the end of the season without additional warnings or discussion
1 victim, not bad
hahah damn i memba
I don't know if you were here, but Tim actually banned someone for spoiling XD
Did he unban at the end of the season?
I think he was joking even, but I was clear
3:46 PM
who was it again? I remember the banning but forget who
gotta go everyone, take care!
cya cutie
I mean qki
some random nerd it doesn't matter
adam I think
I think it's pronounced cookie. See ya!
that makes sense
3:47 PM
(It does?)
maybe its pronounced kooky
@Tim xD
Is there anything better than the heat turning on inside, while you feel the ambient cold outside radiating through the doors/windows while it's snowing?
I'm all toasty inside while its blizzarding outside OH MAN
My desk is 1m away from the window. My right side is cold and left side is lukewarm. That is NOT comfortable.
gotta get some heat going
man there are so many songs on youtube that just add raining sounds to the song
I'm torn between loving it and hating it
3:54 PM
I've been listening to 1 song for 2 days in a row, probably adding a 3rd tomorrow
is it the 10 minute long taylor swift song
wizard hacker how did you know
I felt it takes away a little of my anxiety which is really nice
the 10min one or the 14min one?
the 10:12 one I sent to grr yesterday
I wonder if taylor has responded yet to my comment
3:57 PM
are you sure it was yesterday Tim?
I can confirm
I remember pouring my heart out to taytay in a comment
20 hours ago, by Tim
@grrigore you like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sRxrwjOtIag
hoping she will notice me
thank you! listening
put on some headphones and up the volume
3:59 PM
dont forget to like my comment so she sees it
> I have a "fuck the patriarchy" keychain on my car keys Taylor, it's almost like you are finally acknowledging that we are in a relationship together
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