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6:56 PM
Welcome all! This room is intended as a place to converse with candidates, discuss moderator traits, etc. For general discussion related to Stack Overflow and programming, check out the variety of chat rooms on our chat network.
If you have questions about the election process itself, please ask your question on Meta Stack Overflow. Remember, folks stepping up to lead this community are committing a significant amount of their time, please keep all discourse civil and constructive.
7:49 PM
7:59 PM
Feels like there should be a drum roll and countdown for the opening ;-)
drum rolls
five four three two one.
Off we go... Yay!
Nomination Starts
How do we nominate
8:05 PM
I heard there were waffles and unicorns in here
@SantiagoGil: The page has all the details you need in the side bar:
You'd need to be 3K+ reputation to be able to nominate yourself.
^ plus four badges listed on the info page
Will we be able to see nominees before the nomination phase ends?
@ayhan yeah, the first is already visible
@Frank Yeah I got the update at the same time. :)
8:10 PM
LOL, got a notification from SE about the election, and I'm like hmmmm WAT?
Waiting for the WikiLeaks about the SO election :)
As tempting as it is to bring current US politics into this room, it might be best not to.
Yeah, you should probably just delete the message @Undo.
8:32 PM
@Undo, I know it's not primary time yet, but is your vote viewer thing ready?
@Andy Was just thinking about that. I suspect it'd be ready to go, but I want to do some extra stuff to it.
Like websockets so my poor server doesn't die
8:45 PM
Hello everyone, it is not clear to me whether we can nominate someone else, or at least propose. Seems like you can only nominate yourself, is that correct?
Yes, you can only nominate yourself.
Because this will be asked again and again, let's copy the text from the election page:
> In the nomination phase, any community member in good standing with more than 3,000 reputation may nominate themselves to be a community moderator.
Hey there @A_Di-Matteo :)
s/themselves/themselves (only)/
Is there a tool to get my candidate score without nominating myself?
8:53 PM
There was a query from Shog last year, it shouldn't take long for you to calculate it though
The metrics are all outlined on the elections page.
@Tunaki if I could, I would have proposed your nomination! that's why I asked (p.s. btw I met Robert Scholte today at Devoxx, for a few seconds, nice!)
Darn it @FélixGagnon-Grenier; you just beat me to it :P
@FélixGagnon-Grenier thank you
9:03 PM
I submitted my nomination only now. If anyone has questions about me, wants stats on me, or has inquiries, I'll be available and reachable here, in SOCVR and in Charcoal HQ and I shall endeavour to answer every reasonable question or inquiry I recieve.
9:38 PM
Well, It's time for me to sleep. If you have any queries, Ping me here, there or anywhere. Thanks and Best of Luck to others.
Can I talk to a moderator
This is the election chatroom. If you need to talk to a current moderator, you could raise a custom moderator flag on a post, or use the "contact me" option on the footer of every page to get to a stack exchange employee.
I would suggest flagging the post with a custom flag if you wish to raise an issue for a moderator, or using the contact us link at the bottom of any page if it isn't post related.
SE has turned us into canned message bots.
Thank You
9:48 PM
I wrote that by hand
As did I
And yet, we said the same thing :P
efficient and personnalized message bots
Professional tone seems to sond same-y
(third time's the charm)
@FélixGagnon​‑Grenier - Can't go full robot, then you may not be eligible for all teh badges :)
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10:57 PM
Is it generally frowned upon to have extended discussion (via comments) on candidate nomination posts?
@AndrewLi It happens every year, I don't see an issue with it
Note that it won't be shown in the primary or election phases.
@Undo Ok, thanks :)
11:15 PM
What does 'good standing' mean in the context of this SO election? Is there a record for all users mods can access?
@AndrewLi Official policy since a while ago is that you shouldn't have a suspension less than a year old
and yes, moderators can see users' history (annotations, suspensions, etc.)
Q: Let's disallow nominations from people who've been suspended in the past year

Shog9Well, it's election season again. On sites all over the network, moderators are being selected from among the good folk willing to volunteer their time to help guide and support their communities. I'm proud to be part of a system that governs itself in this manner; for all of its inherent messine...

A: 2016 Stack Overflow Moderator Election Q&A - Questionnaire

CerbrusI'm Cerbrus, and I'll be answering the questions here: A 10k+ user regularly has their comments flagged as "rude or offensive" or "not constructive", to the tune of 4-5 flags a day. No comment by itself is particularly offensive, but their general tone causes them to be flagged by multiple...

Also: the character cap on the nomination is too damn low!
@Cerbrus What is it currently?
Oh wow, that's quite low
11:25 PM
Links eat characters
ProTip: Do links like this: [Link Text](//
Leave out the http(s)
@Undo does voting fraud necessarily mean suspension?
Sorry for all the seemingly off topic questions
nah, I know what you're looking at
@AndrewLi Not always. We have some freedom to make that call based on what we see.
It usually will if a moderator catches it, but not always. Depends on the moderator, how blatant it was, position of the moon, etc.
@Undo 28 free characters!
The "What's your favorite meta post" one is a pain in the butt to answer.
@Undo Well, I commited voter fraud a while back and it was a really bad decision. I was just wondering because I was never suspended like I was supposed to, and this election made me recall it
@Cerbrus I'm not sure it was the best of questions
11:33 PM
Imo, it sucks ;-)
@AndrewLi You know I can't really say much, but I see no reason that should weigh into your decision to run here or not.
You've obviously learned your lesson, suspension or not.
@Undo I'm not going to run, just was a question about the suspension policy
@AndrewLi yeah, you don't have to worry about us suddenly remembering and bringing the hammer down.
I haven't even been here a year
That would have happened when the other account got deleted.
11:36 PM
Ok, thanks

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