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2:30 AM
does the php team have plans to release builds for PHP8 on ARM?
@x43 No, but mostly because the PHP team (whatever that is) doesn't release builds, other than windows.
All of the distributions are done by other people who do a lot of work to package it for specific platforms.
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6:13 AM
Djoananam ・ *General Issues ・ #80638
7:02 AM
@DaveRandom We are the Borg.
7:21 AM
@DaveRandom chrome://flags search Dark Mode
7:42 AM
8:06 AM
@x43 you can use docker images with PHP builds hub.docker.com/_/php?tab=tags
8:56 AM
Sample code getting error ・ *Spelling functions ・ #80639
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10:29 AM
imagecreatetruecolor returns GDimage object instead of resource ・ *Programming Data Structures ・ #80640
11:16 AM
ah, I love PHP being subtly different to other languages … and not realizing these differences when writing the other language :-D like range() having an inclusive end in PHP and nearly everywhere else it's exclusive
@bwoebi Well, PHP likes being a special snowflake :)
Good morning everybodyt
`$consultations = array("type" => "consultations/get", "payload" => array());

while($row = $result->fetch()){
$consultations->payload[] = array("id" => $row['contactID'],
"name" => $row['contactName'],
"email" => $row['contactEmail'],
"phone" => $row['contactPhone'],
"reason" => $row['contactReason'],
"pending" => $row['contactPending'],
"ip" => $row['contactIpAddress'],
"error" => null);

$consultations['error'] = "Could not find consultations";

$json_response = json_encode($consultations);
How can I add to the $consultations->payload array using while loop?
$consultations->payload should become an array of objects
@bwoebi To be honest though, an inclusive range seems more intuitive in this case.
@IluTov I agree, but not sure whether I agree because I'm used to it :-)
11:43 AM
Sorry for the stupid question, I could have figured it out on my own
`function get_consultations(){
$sql = "SELECT * FROM ".$this->getDatabaseTable('consultations');
$result = $this->db->sqlQuery($sql);
$consultations = array("type" => "consultations/get", "payload" => array());

while($row = $result->fetch()){
$consultations->['payload'][] = array("id" => $row['contactID'],
"name" => $row['contactName'],
"email" => $row['contactEmail'],
"phone" => $row['contactPhone'],
"reason" => $row['contactReason'],
"pending" => $row['contactPending'],
`function get_consultations(){
$sql = "SELECT * FROM ".$this->getDatabaseTable('consultations');
$result = $this->db->sqlQuery($sql);
$consultations = array("type" => "consultations/get", "payload" => array());

while($row = $result->fetch()){
$consultations['payload'][] = array("id" => $row['contactID'],
"name" => $row['contactName'],
"email" => $row['contactEmail'],
"phone" => $row['contactPhone'],
"reason" => $row['contactReason'],
"pending" => $row['contactPending'],
there im done, fixed and working bye bye ENJOY YOUR MONDAY! <3
12:20 PM
Gone before posted composer.lock file?
12:35 PM
12:55 PM
@Stephen resistance is futile voltage over current
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3:53 PM
@ThW hiii
@beberlei hooo
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5:26 PM
Timeout Problem ・ PHP options/info functions ・ #80641
5:47 PM
6:46 PM
6:58 PM
Quiet day in here today.
People are trying to sleep getting through the Monday
Hit this type of thing today: psalm.dev/r/965d82cbd5
However the explanation for NullRef was very confusing to me at first: psalm.dev/docs/running_psalm/issues/NullReference
@StatikStasis I'm sure it's partly because it's an observed holiday in much of the US.
Civil Rights Day, also known as Martin Luther King Jr. Day.
Only to realise later that I didn't init the $bar var of course. Hence the null-reference. But is an initialised var technically null?
7:13 PM
@webmaster777 null is guaranteed here, at least until it's made a hard-error at some point I imagine.
Yeah it becomes a hard error if you give the parameter type: psalm.dev/r/b81e4d3b72
null isn't a bool, so this will cause a TypeError
But still not the same as accessing a method on a null ref.
Which is the default explanation
8:11 PM
Deliver an optimized WebSocket-Server implementation for the 80% of use-cases ・ Sockets related ・ #80643
@Jeeves "Pull your tongue out of my arsehole, Gary."
8:37 PM
This guy is a real sweety:

> Hello highly respected PHP-team
9:02 PM
It's a trap
9:21 PM
@LeviMorrison Am I supposed to be off...? Because I'm working. =P
Was asking my bossman the exact same question just now :P
@PeeHaa What did @ekin say?
I mean I asked middle management. Not the final boss
@PeeHaa While you're talking let me ask you a question. User input; of course I use prepared statements or PDO rather, but when you do store it in database, do you prefer to use htmlspecialchars prior to storing and decode if needed, or just store it as is and ensure to handle the output depending on where it is being read out to?
Always encode/escape on output
9:26 PM
When storing data you do not know how you will be going to use it later
When storing the raw data you can always decide how it needs to be handled depending on context
Correct. Wasn't sure if I was being over paranoid by encoding early.
If you are going to export it using e.g. csv you do not want mangled data by htmlspecialchars
Also by doing it at the very last moment possible you prevent double encoding of data
Good points
How's work nowadays? I noticed you streamed yet again recently?
Back to nicer hours work-wise?
10:10 PM
@PeeHaa Yeah- I was able to get a few streams in; still Days Gone. Almost finished with the game then on to something else.
Work hours... plentiful at the moment but enjoy what we're doing and the objectives.
You know what's next yet?
I'm still trying to decide. I was thinking about Cyberpunk... but a lot of people are doing that one. Thought about Northern Lights or Rust... not sure yet. Any suggestions @PeeHaa
African Sun? Oh you're on games? :P
@StatikStasis not sure if rust is still fun. Has been a while since I played. If you are going for it you need me for the content for sure :D
Is it multiplayer? (Shows how much I know about the game.)
I just thought it was a survival game.
Definitely if I play it!
10:17 PM
Yeah it is, but they went much more towards shooter than survival at some point
Missing resource causes subsequent get() calls to fail ・ *Languages/Translation ・ #80644
10:40 PM
@PeeHaa If you're interested in watching a Cyberpunk stream. NoahJ's has been pretty good. This is link to Part 2 since that is the part I am on. youtube.com/watch?v=15shPNF-8tU
Should've told him to not start his stream LIKE THAT!
(0 rows?)
Anyone in the UK: a freind of mine is redistributing hardware to kids for home schooling, esp afrwe laptops, also printers that work without spending money, and monitors, also WiFi dongles much appreciated
a wat?
^ a typo :-P
saying somthing important/serious for once, sorry :-P
10:46 PM
my bad tbf
Is he refurbishing them?
Or just moving them to the next person
building the best things out of available pieces, certainly
That's nice
I have a whole bunch of barely used 500GB WD blue that I have donated
Although giving people printers is just evil
10:48 PM
I gave him some intact PCs as well
isk what the deal is with supporting this, I have said I don't mind manning a phone line a few hrs a week but it feels like it will end badly
to be clear: this is patching a hole in the system which would be covered by taxes
but it is what it is and we have to crack on
Welcome to capitalism
to a degree, but also some places seem to not be run by cunts and still do OK
I'm discounting the U[SK] because neither of them is civilised any more
Welcome to my job
s/my job/the universe/
but yeh :-P
lol missed this... my biography should be entitled "fuck printers and everything they represent"
been thinking about this lately... printers are essentially the reason computers are a thing, the whole point was to get rid of paper (and the associated work)... surely we achieved that by now?
if we as an industry just refuse to print things, I reckon people will just stop printing stff
I mean we'll have to wait until all the printers break, but that's what, like a week?
those edits
11:06 PM
@DaveRandom Depending on your definition of printers I would be out of a job if that were to happen :P
architects plans/technical drawings, fine. artwork, fine
printing shit out because you "prefer it on paper", put yourself in the bin and stay there
True that :D
my misses is a legal PA, there is a dinosaur in her office who prints out every email and files it, including the scrollback
there are apparently cusotmer files that occupy several sqft of floor space which contain the same email >500 times
fuck those people, seriously
comply or die
Probably the same kind if people that have stashes upon stashes of old news papers and shit hoarded at their home :P
his is one of those rare occasion where English has a precise accurate description for a very general concept
I think it's of germanic original actually so dutch may have a similar word
it's "cunt"
11:13 PM
kut doesn't have such a nice ring to it
I feel like "fucknugget" would sound better with a literal germanic translation?
"arsebiscuit" is also a recent favourite
arsebiscuit is fucking golden
depends what you've been eating
It's in the same vain as cuntwaffle
*vein, fyi
11:16 PM
Sorry about that
vein = the things with blood in, vain = loving yourself too much
Hands faster than brain
@PeeHaa english is an arsebiscuit
coworker's status on our pseudo-slack: busy cleaning dev ~ ... makes me think of cleaning grout
When typing fast I tend to butcher English a lot even tough I do know the words :)
11:17 PM
ftr generally when I correct people in english it is 100% informational
> tough
english is fucking shit language that I know waaaaaaay too much about
we should all speak esperanto
fwiw I am pretty much the same in Dutch :)
11:18 PM
well it's all broadly the same tbf
while I agree English is a shit language, have you seen Dutch?
we like to pretend latin and norsk are different roots but they aren't, we all conceptualise stuff in the same way and it all really comes back to the same linguistic root that cuneform text represents
like tried learning and understanding Dutch
English is fine
"can't we all just get along?" :-P
11:20 PM
Dutch is somewhat crazy
French fucking sucks and can die
@PeeHaa Turkish?
both languages make a lot more logical sense than english, imho
@Tiffany It's just alien
because both are a lot more "pure" in the sense of northern vs souther europe
english is a horrible mess of both
but crucially it's a very old mess, and because we nicjed stuff from all over the world it's very accessible
I'm almost tempted to try learning Turkish just to see what all the craze is about
11:22 PM
Turkish takes French words and writes them fucking phonetically
but don't lie to yourself, from a structural PoV it is the BASIC of human language
but at the same time...
it's the BASIC of human language, it's the thing that lets everyone talk
@DaveRandom that's the reasoning behind the modern Korean alphabet
it doesn't matter that it is inefficient and has some weird compatibility concerns, it's still the ubiquitous solution
I didn't pick it, I don't like it, but I can work with it
11:47 PM
I have this stuck in my head and I want to kill myself (fair warning)

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