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10:30 PM
@Girgias, you don't need luck, you just need wiki.php.net/internals/windows/stepbystepbuild_sdk_2 and patience to install VS.
@MarkR, build script: buildconf && configure --enable-snapshot-build && nmake :)
Isn't there like... 20 steps prior to that of installing tooling?
@MarkR seriously forget docker networking until you really need it. docs.basereality.com/DockerLessonsLearned/#/9 Setting up a loopback address is about 1 minute work, and means that i) network connection work ii) you can run code with the same config either inside or outside the container, which is way easier for debugging.
@MarkR, yes, but this has only to be done once; on Linux, I have to do some setup in advance as well.
That say it's aimed at Mac ? Will it work on Ubuntu.
@cmb I'm still at the installing tooling bit :( my connection is so slow
10:35 PM
I hope you're only installing the necessary parts of VS (you basically need only what is offered for "C++ desktop development")
Don't you need to install the Win10 SDK too?
That's what is said in the Wiki
And .Net ?
yes, but one of the Win10SDK are included in the "C++ desktop development" defaults
I wasn't ticked when I used the utility
I think you need for ext/com_dotnet DOTNET support, but usually you don't need it
I recently tried, and it was ticked
But I paused because did something else and my computer is literally chugging when the install is running so will leave it over night
10:38 PM
I finally got rid of needing COM support a while ago. Yesterday was me decommissioning my Windows / IIS server and moving to Docker \o/
No more Wincrash... err wincache
Serious bug with latest PHP 7.2.24 bug – #78845
srs bug is srs
bug srs is bug
Is there some doc on how ZPP works/how to use it with interfaces / union ?
10:54 PM
Is there even special support for union types yet? Don't interfaces work like classes?
Pretty sure nikita merged it ins master
Yeah but I don't know how ZPP works D:
I'm trying to have another go on count and special case "null"
@Girgias probably look at examples using ZEND_PARSE_PARAMS_QUIET and see what they do.
Will have a look
@PeeHaa: Solved it w/ the help of a temporary file. No need to drop strict types impl
i don't know for sure - but basically you attempt to parse them yourself, and then give an error message if all your attempts fail.
10:57 PM
@Danack if I remove the QUIET from it does it throw a typeerror?
And this probably is going to be terrible, unless niki added something to internals for it.
@Girgias, see github.com/php/php-src/blob/master/docs/… (quite good, but apparently nothing about union types yet)
@Girgias can't remember if the default behaviour has been changed everywhere, but normally will give a warning, unless ZEND_PARSE_PARAMS_THROW is set.
Okay thanks folks :)
zend_parse_parameters() throws as of PHP 8.0.0
zend_parse_parameters_throw() is just a macro which resolves to zend_parse_parameters()
^ as of PHP 8.0.0
10:59 PM
Okay good to know too
// re-indexes (ignores keys of arg)
function to_array(iterable $in): array;

// tries to use keys of arg, may throw if key is not allowable as array key
function to_assoc_array(iterable $in): array;
The __toArray discussion makes me think we just need these two things in our stdlib...
What's the difference from the usage of zend_parse_parameter to the macro thingame

11:39 PM
The macros are generally nicer to use, and are theoretically faster at the expense of larger code size.
ive heard that a few times... but how much larger code? I mean why don't we just generate something to re-write the code
Well I think with what I'm doing I can't use the macros anyway lol
11:55 PM
What ye trying to do?
unions was it?
Making count() only accept array|Countable|null
Ah. You'd need to accept any and put in your own error handling at this point no?
yes, guess that's right (at least for now)
I'd guess eventually zpp would end up with (abc) or something like that. But the arg list after for multiple interfaces is going to be fugly
Well that's kinda what I'm doing (I hope)
Well the thing is abc already means something for ZPP
Arg 1 is a, arg 2 is b arg 3 is c
11:59 PM
I was more meaning the brackets to group a set of types
I think it's about the parens ()
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