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1:00 PM
Well why not
!!horoscope libra
> ♎ Libra
Spice things up in the bedroom this week by inviting someone to go in there with you for some intercourse.
pg_field_type() slow and consumes CPU on a large database – #75705
@Jeeves what's your zodiac sign?
@Gordon Don't know.
@Jeeves when is your birthday?
1:04 PM
@Gordon February 29th.
@Jeeves so your zodiac is pisces
@Gordon No, I'm a Tiger.
@Jeeves that's a chinese zodiac sign. we can check that, too. In which year you've been born?
@Gordon Taurus.
1:05 PM
!!comic angry stupid-bit
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@Jeeves sigh. turing failure.
@Gordon Sorry!
grrrr, I hate everyone ...
1:08 PM
@JoeWatkins Do you have internet yet?
Or still just the sun without the internet?
it just cost me another 20EUR a minute ago, but yeah ... that's not the reason I hate everyone ...
I spent all morning dealing with lawyer types, on my feet, came home and thought I'd do myself some nice chicken, spent nearly two hours making sauce, more standing around, and daughter just poured it down the sink ...
@JoeWatkins Then why do you hate everyone?
@JoeWatkins Oh shit, man, thats funny.
fuck you
You should have thought about that nefore getting kids though :P
1:10 PM
they ruin everything, but nobody tells you that ...
@Wes do you use any sort of drawing tablets?
@JoeWatkins they do. all the time. you just thought they were joking because they also tell you how awesome it all is
if any, which one do you use?
to be honest, I was 18, and permanently higher than a fucking kite ... everyone could have told me, they could have tattooed it on my face and I probably wouldn't have noticed ....
1:17 PM
They actually did tattoo on your face...
I've checked my face, nowhere does it say "kids ruin everything", "don't do it", or "just wear the damn rubber" ...
also, I'm hungry ...
have some ramen
!!comic wat PHP Warning: file_get_contents(): SSL: The operation completed successfully.
user image
I don't know what that is ... it isn't chicken ...
oh I love that comic thing, super cool ... when did that happen ?
1:20 PM
Ramen () (ラーメン, rāmen, IPA: [ɾaꜜːmeɴ]) is a Japanese dish. It consists of Chinese-style wheat noodles served in a meat or (occasionally) fish-based broth, often flavored with soy sauce or miso, and uses toppings such as sliced pork (チャーシュー, chāshū), dried seaweed (海苔, nori), menma (メンマ), and green onions (葱, negi). Nearly every region in Japan has its own variation of ramen, from the tonkotsu (pork bone broth) ramen of Kyushu to the miso ramen of Hokkaido. == History == The origin of ramen is unclear. Some sources say it is of Chinese origin. Other sources say it was invented in Japan in the early...
you lost me at noodles
well, it has meat in it tho :P
dried seaweed doesn't belong in an ingredients list
@Wes I object to the elephpant being naked. he should at least wear a php logo on his belly
or anywhere ...
1:21 PM
Or atleast say R11 somewhere.
I was talking about the seaweed ...
@JoeWatkins :P
But I wasn't
!!comic I'm thinking of starting my own naturist club for elephpants
I'm is not a valid mood. Supported moods: neutral, angry, sad, grumpy, hangme, reply, thelook, wat
1:23 PM
nori is fairly common in certain variants of ramen
@JoeWatkins You don't do sushi either?
!!help comic
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1:23 PM
!!comic wat
17 mins ago, by Jeeves
Usage: !!comic <mood> <quote text> Supported moods: neutral, angry, sad, grumpy, hangme, reply, thelook, wat
!!comic neutral I'm thinking of starting my own naturist club for elephpants
I like that ... who done it ?
1:24 PM
!!comic reply I'll join!
1 min ago, by SaitamaSama
text on images is a shit ...
@JoeWatkins @Wes drew the illustrations
1:25 PM
I hate your w :P
I think I saw the base drawing a while ago, did I ?
"reply" should draw the elephant on the left and text on the right ...
and mirror the centre line ...
elefante ... I leak Spanish now ...
should check those pipes...
ah twas @PeeHaa ... mucho genial
1:30 PM
now get @Wes to provide the background, elephant, and centre line in both directions ... then fix "reply"
expect on my desk by friday kthnx
Might first bug @Danack to write a imagick version for text placement
Current solution is... naive
!!en genial
1:34 PM
That's great (translated from Spanish)
!!en genital
genital (translated from English)
I'm unsure how the pros would do it ... but I would draw the text on a transparent background of massive size, then scan for bounds and crop, then copy the resulting image onto background ...
1:34 PM
Good mornings
actually I wouldn't do any of that, I would just get someone else to do it ...
@JoeWatkins I am using gd2 which has no support for linewrapping at all. So I am brute forcing both the font size and the splitting of the text in lines
I have very feint memory of this being a real shit ...
1:36 PM
Which takes a loooong time and cooks the CPU for long texts like some lipsum paragraph
but forget everything about it ...
Probably for the better
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@Wes do you still have that php bible image somewhere which I stole for jeeves' twitter account?
I somehow removed it at some point and I cannot find it anymore
yes, having read half of a page for one function in gd, I remember now ... it's utter crap ...
1:40 PM
any one know any good source that teach you advance php core
There is a half internals book somewhere
wrong ... it's @NikiC, @bwoebi or dmitry ...
@Caster serious ask your questions in here, if I can't give you a decent answer, bob or nikita can ...
1:50 PM
Few month ago I read something like this in an article: "A maximum of 512 rabbits can live in the same environment", and now I want to find that article again but I can't :-( ..! do you know something similar?
there's no sources online that are up to date with PHP 7 (ng) changes, except for a few blog posts by nikita ... which are also a year or so out of date now ... most of the information you'll find online is for 5 ...
@JoeWatkins OK
that doesn't sound right about rabbits ... they are infamously excellent breeders ...
they inbreed, and can do so from 3 months old in some cases ...
I think it must have been a metaphor for something else ...
ah I see
ummm.... I made another one of those, anime drawings...
1:54 PM
side note: there are peeled rabbits on sale in supermarkets here ... with their heads ... chickens also have their heads ... it's creepy as fuck to see ...
at some point, I'm going to have to chop the head of a chicken ... avoided it so far ...
@JoeWatkins maybe in the case of that article "the same environment" was "a 10 by 10 by 10 metre cube"
I wouldn't eat rabbit if it was the last meat available on earth, I used to have them as pets ...
hmmmmmmmm rabbit
@DaveRandom :-)
@JoeWatkins wasn't there an attempt to write a new internals book…?
1:57 PM
I think there was an effort to update it ... but unsure how far it got ...
posted on December 19, 2017 by kelunik

- Bumped `amphp/file` to `^0.2 || ^0.3`.

oh actually, it's got quite far
@Caster phpinternalsbook.com see php7 section, not sure how complete it actually is when you dig around ...
looks pretty good ...
Regex question: I want an IP adress, any IP but not starting 127
it simple now: \d.\d.\d.\d. I need the frist not to be 127
That's not a question
Also that fails on other addresses too
2:00 PM
could be a lot of copypasta ... at a glance it looks that way ... but has probably been checked by someone with a clue ... it doesn't really cover any advanced topics though ...
I'm thinking something like ([^127]|\d), but that is wrong logic aswell, anyone got SUGGESTION
Oh caps, sorry. And yes, I have to translate everything I want to ask, so I prefer to take a moment to phraze it properly
Good morning. I have a simple question:

`function sumOfInts(int ...$ints)`

What is the `...` operator called? I assume it collects all arguments and puts them into an array?
github.com/phpinternalsbook/PHP-Internals-Book jpauli added plenty of content to that repo iirc
@speg splat
2:04 PM
Hey now, is it a splat or a spread?
Listen to me
@JoeWatkins PHP 7 section has been written by Julien ... I must admit that I haven't looked at it yet
I know it as spread operator haha
Also google for variadic functions
@speg Officially "variadic parameter" in the declaration, "argument unpacking" at the call
2:05 PM
ty all, have a Terrific Tuesday!
/me waves
what you mean by waves ? you mean you are happy ?
waving bye bye
still I don't get it .. but nevermind !!
But no one a suggestion as to create (\d{3} but not 127)?
2:09 PM
waving, as in the gesture made by your hand, when you say something like 'Hi!' when you join your group for hanging out or something
OK great, thanks for the help (y)
@Martijn you can also add more numbers as banned by using | separator like: (i.e. both 127 and 128): /^(?!(?:127|128)$)\d{3}/
@Martijn it's likely that you don't actually want this
more likely what you want is "any host-assignable IPv4 address"
possibly "any publicly assignable IPv4 address"
for example I doubt you want
or anything from 169.254/16
or multicast addresses, etc etc
regex is not the best tool for this job
I suggest you start with php.net/manual/en/function.inet-pton.php and then use bitmasks to determine whether it's valid for your purposes
2:30 PM
@DaveRandom omg .. how did you understand he is working on IPs? You have lots of experience with novices ...
@JoeWatkins or maybe you? :-P
he has a lot of experience with ips
Yes I am aware of all the other IP filterings we could apply. but all I needed was a basic check if it somewhat looks like an IP, and will break a lot, so that is the added check
thanks @DaveRandom
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2:53 PM
@Martijn I suggest if (false !== ($addrBytes = inet_pton($addr)) && !(strlen($addrBytes) === 4 && $addrBytes[0] === chr(127))) { /* address is valid and not ipv4 loopback */ }
@DaveRandom you're missing a pair of parens around the assignment
ummm, yeh I forgot how to read CIDR for a minute :-P
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so ... the card-wallet arrived
3:04 PM
I don't forget how to read CIDR. I look it up every time and look for the netmask
@tereško is it a game ?
@Shafizadeh no, it's this thing: secrid.com/en/product/id/4/item/118/…
looks nice, but boy that is not cheap
@tereško looks lord
3:22 PM
@Shafizadeh looks lord?
I means looks aristocratic
@NikiC opcache is extensively covered :D
@JoeWatkins Typical opcache :P
@Shafizadeh now you will have an idea, what to get your old man on his birthday :D
@JoeWatkins As it should be.
3:28 PM
@tereško I feel you're trying to point to a thing, but I don't get that point :-)
Do you think we could strong-arm Dmitry into moving it into Zend/? He seems to do the most opcache work already.
"old man" as in, "father"
quite a lot of it is missing executor but even though I probably could have a go at that myself, I'm not going too ... so I can't really blame anyone for leaving large mysterious sections ... although probably better to omit the links ...
I think there are like a 6 people on this world having a vague understanding of opcache and 2 or maybe 3 having a good understanding of it...
I wouldn't even consider my understanding to be vague ...
3:31 PM
@tereško ah yes :D that's a good idea .. however my father hates wallets, he love empty packets :-)
thx for the correction
@JoeWatkins Yeah, I consider mine vague
@LeviMorrison that was tried. It was promised for 5.6, but we all know where that went
I think it still can't be statically linked ...
3:32 PM
well, this thing is at least twice smaller than my original wallet
Hello! I have an array (i will paste it), and i need a way to add a new "root" element (like the "812" in my example) with its subelements at runtime. A little help would be awesome!

[812] => stdClass Object
[state] => free
[numbers] => Array
[0] => 0
[1] => 6
[2] => 0
[3] => 5
[4] => 5
[5] => 1

[total] => 12
[remaining] => 6
[used] => 6
[hold] => Array
I forget the very weak reasons for that ... it's difficult to strong arm dmitry into doing anything whatever ...
Sorry for the long paste
@Tiffany thank you, should i paste it there right now or it's for the next time?
3:34 PM
either or
@JoeWatkins Remove his Zend/ karma and his karma-karma until he does.
He'll have to open it as a PR.
A change that large ought to be reviewed by others anyway.
3:56 PM
@NikiC Let's say we are defining multiple things in a row in the same file. What if we emit the VERIFY_ABSTRACT_CLASS opcodes at the end of the sequential definitions?
Right now it would be a bit of work because zend_compile_stmt is not really aware of the next thing in the AST.
But it should be possible to know whether the next thing is a declaration or not, I believe.
You should write some code.
good boy.
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4:07 PM
Hmm, phpstorm doesn't seem to associate variables generated from [$foo, ...] = ...
as being part of a loop, where the source is from the loop.
foreach ($list as $sensorString) {
    [$position, $range] = explode(': ', $sensorString);
    $sensorCollection->addSensor(new MovingSensor($tickState, (int) $range), (int) $position);
The last line generates a "seems to be disconnected from its parent foreach" warning.
@Sean Pretty sure this is EA extended, not PhpStorm?
Most likely, warning didn't pop up with a source but I do use that plugin.
Had a meeting with its author today, just open an issue.
4:30 PM
I know some of you are dying to know how the story played out ... I just got my chicken, and it was yummy ...
@LeviMorrison jokes aside, if someone just does the work, he'll review it and might approve it ... I can't remember the reasons it hasn't been moved but believe some weak ones were provided at some point when someone opened a PR to make config.m4/w32 more standard and able to compile static ...
4:47 PM
@JoeWatkins I pushed what I think is a bugfix for parameterized_traits so more regular tests (ones we shouldn't have affected :D)
My goal over my upcoming vacation is to port it to interfaces as well.
This will involve some not-so-fun plumbing changes for zend_type so we can store types like Iterator<Foo> in a zend_type.
5:21 PM
@JoeWatkins What's your schedule like during holidays? I know you've moved recently so you are probably very busy but wondering if I could possibly co-ordinate schedules a tiny bit to make better progress.
@DaveRandom I think we need to make an experiment
5:47 PM
posted on December 19, 2017 by kelunik

- Fixed possible notices in `formatStacktrace()`. This is an internal API, but the notices might appear on certain stack traces when running with `AMP_DEBUG=true`. - Fixed segfault with `ev`, see amphp/parallel-functions#3. - Dropped multiple de...

5:59 PM
@LeviMorrison Whatever you're thinking, it's probably not that simple
At least if you want to solve the declaration order issue
posted on December 19, 2017 by CommitStrip

Inspired by a story from our friends at Toucan Toco

Grr. Ran an advent of code solution in JS and it works it out in like, 2 seconds. Convert it to php and it takes minutes.
6:13 PM
@Sean code pls
Fixed it, takes about 15 seconds compared to 2
6:30 PM
gist.github.com/Nessworthy/50023ec1d798567e159cd6068a6ef44e There you go I guess. It's for advent of code day 13. My original solution in php was a bit more expanded out than the one shown, but it was going through maybe a few thousand iterations a second. I looked up the JS one and saw it took like two seconds to go through nearly 4 million iterations.
Converting it to php made it take about 20 seconds
probably worth plopping the puzzle input there just in case
Updated the gist. my first solution was mainly just trying to write separated "clean" code with classes but it was just ridiculously slow.
posted on December 19, 2017 by kelunik

- Added support for client certificates (#47) - Added a static socket pool (#48) - Improved address handling for unix domain sockets, which return the used URI for both sides now (#49)

Is there an equivalent of Array.some in PHP? Without having to add a guard clause in array reduce
6:41 PM
it returns true if a given callback returns true on one or more of the given array's items. I assume it just stops running once it hits the first true
@Sean echo (!empty(array_filter($array, 'func'))) ? "True!" : "False!";
^ that
though empty( is superfluous, it's equivalent to ! on an expression, so you're doing !!, which cancels itself out there…
@Andrea I thought array_filter returned an empty array if no matches were found?
@Allenph it does. what about it?
I don't understand how empty() is superfluous.
6:50 PM
!empty($foo) is equivalent to !!$foo, if $foo always exists
and in a conditional, !!$foo is just the same as $foo unless you require an actual boolean for some reason
so you could simplify it to array_filter($array, 'func') ? 'True!' : 'False!'
I see. I didn't know the Boolean casting results of an empty array.
despite the name, empty() is not actually a function for testing if an array is empty…
@Allenph it's one of the things PHP gets right! but we get strings wrong. :(
php needs a new name and new logo if it is to stay relevant just like internet explorer
You mean Edge? Not a good case for your re-branding campaign when you call it IE.
7:03 PM
@PeeHaa i have no idea. i doubt i have it :B
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this is awesome :B
@Wes this was already tweeted. :)
7:06 PM
it is never enough tweets
@Wes :(
7:23 PM
Why elephant is simbol (logo) of php?
@NikiC It's not complete declaration order; just allowing multiple sequential ones to not force autoloading for this simple case.
@Shafizadeh b/c they can kill
Simple things like this:

interface A {
    function foo(): X;

interface B extends A {
    function foo(): Y;

interface X {
    function bar(): A;

interface Y extends X {
    function bar(): B;

I know that most people do not do this but I suspect same-file definitions are more common than the general public seems to think.
I've worked on multiple codebases with multiple definitions in one file.
@mega6382 ah
1 hour later…
8:41 PM
has anyone put off reading programming material for fear of inducing a headache?
and that's a yes
at a point with work that I'm just waiting on people, so now's a good time to read stuff, but head's a little wonky
go for a walk
walking is good
@LeviMorrison I suspect it's common in libraries…
@LeviMorrison what you plan to do with that? like, collect all the declarations in the file and try to validate them. if some types are missing, invoke the autoloading for the missing types, then attempt to validate again?
i had used it when i have class XXX in XXX.php and class XXX uses another class that is for exclusive use of XXX:
class MyEnum{} // only used by XXX
class XXX{}
but i'm not proud of that :P
8:58 PM
@Tiffany Go take a walk and have a smoke. :B
@mega6382 don't smoke, but went for a walk
I'm living proof that it's possible to be skinny and be out of shape
the walk actually elevated my heart rate, normally doesn't do that. I haven't done much of any exercise in a month, and even the amount of walking I do has decreased as well.
need to change that
get a standing desk. i swear at the end of the day i feel like i ran for hours lol
@Wes When the engine encounters the first non-declaration after a declaration it autoloads any missing types by emitting ZEND_FETCH_CLASS opcodes and mark them as required. Then emit the ZEND_VERIFY_* opcodes. That's the idea.
9:18 PM
The sedentary life of a programmer.
ok, enough binging on Stellaris
time to try doing something productive
... ish
yeah, good luck with that.(sarcastically) :P
nah, I actually rebooted back into linux even
I have dual boot system and windows is only for gaming
Which windows?

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