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4:00 PM
and if someone ask why "It is to teach them"
In the end if SE likes to try to nuke the snark it would also be simple to say, hey hit'em all with offensive!, I don't care if people feel they are not, they have no use on site and I like to get rid of that stuff quickly
we basically flag offensive or nc only to help mods do the triage
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@Queen tp
4:06 PM
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was think of it, but not sure....
@Undo just tell us how like the triage of comments, if you like snark in offensive we surly can modify behavior.
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@Queen fp
@Queen fp
Thanks Queen for the occasional nice comments xD
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4:16 PM
Meh too chatty but nice
@Queen fp
Time to commute home cya guys..
tim good news for you
Q: Documentation Update, August 29th

Kevin MontroseThis is the third post in our series of regular (roughly weekly) updates on the Documentation Beta. See also the previous post in the series. Yes, it’s been three weeks since the last update but at Stack Overflow all numbers less than 6 are basically 0. The big news is that we’ve got a lot num...

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4:27 PM
@Queen tp
crap it was fp
@PetterFriberg I don't mind seeing snark in the rude category. It doesn't really matter
@ColdFire I saw, 50% rep reduction yay
@TimCastelijns cruel tim :(
i am gonna get back to 3k-4k man
4:49 PM
what value has rep that comes from docs though? Are you proud of getting a lot of rep because you edited a post? (no offense meant)
sorry it sounds really snarky lol
well i dont call you sarcastic tim for no reason
i want 10k rep
and anyways i didnt ask for docs
they provided us
so when everyone is trying to get rep why shouldnt i
also rep system is unfair in the first place
it's unfair, but less unfair than the alternatives.
old questions 100 upvotes easy
nowadays question quality is lesser
and upvotes are too less unless you are in java tag i guess
@undo probably but when i see one liner answer getting 100 -200 upvotes i start doubting it more
4:54 PM
@ColdFire Those are rarer than they seem, and represent a relatively small chunk of reputation IIRC
There are outliers, but there will always be outliers
I just find it weird that anybody who edits a post on docs gets in on the rep gains, but that is not how it works on the main site, yet the goal is similar - build a repo of information
well Tim i agreed rep system is broken in documentation
i just dont know why they didnt thought about it?
@ColdFire They did. You can't say "it's not perfect the first time, therefore they didn't even think about it"
i only made 3 edits where i could add something
There are no good ways to predict what will happen when you release something to a site as big as SO. I'm amazed it's gone as smoothly as it has.
Adjustments are coming.
4:56 PM
not something to gain rep just
It's very understandable yes
@undo they had a long beta testing period but yes i can understand
mistakes happens from the best of us
even jon skeet must have commited sometimes i guess
I wouldn't even call this a mistake.
it's more of an unforeseen effect than a mistake
That's like calling Edison's early light bulb tries "mistakes"
He didn't misunderstand anything, he just had no way to get it right the first time.
4:59 PM
well what is the proper words instead of mistakes here?
unforeseen effect ;)
attempts i guess?
Hiya o/
btw undo that 350 character limit for +5 rep is not good
anybody can add a big example and exploit it
5:01 PM
Let's try it. It'll probably be fine.
and what about good and small edit
there will always be ways to abuse a system, that's what blue names are for
for a moment I thought you were insinuating that blue names are abusers
hahaha no
3 mins ago, by Cold Fire
and what about good and small edit
@queen notify
5:04 PM
@Kyll Notification added if score is >=4
blob kyll
qolq kyll
@ColdFire You get your +1 per upvote
There is no perfect automated way to determine reputation-worthiness.
yeah i agree but that limit is gonna make people get over the limit
and add noise into docs
5:07 PM
Maybe. Any limit will.
instead of writing small and correct explanation
Hold on. Creators always get the +5
The thresholds are in place only for edits.
yeah i know
but once a topic is created
it still get added many examples etc like for ex array one
Example creators. Not topic creators.
i see
i added example on some edit
not so much lose i guess @TimCastelijns hahahaha
btw by example you mean on edit when we see examples right? Undo
on the right edit summary
5:13 PM
Do as you like, I will not sell my soul
How I earn my rep is very important to me, for personal reasons. I understand others will think differently about that :) each to their own
haha oki
magish rep is gonna get a beating
Ill be playing some games so I won't respond
which game?
5:31 PM
@TimCastelijns you don't need to, I already have access to it
and I have a couple of interested buyers
buyer for sarcastic souls lol
They were impressed by your Train Architect title.
@undo I would not mind either, just afraid I will get a lot of declined flags, already flagging NC we get some, it need to be cleared up as the cat-keyboard, you like abusive or is it spam or it those not matter... anyway I will try some offensive flags to see
@PetterFriberg Makes very little difference to me
as for me...
5:38 PM
Well, I mean I handle them the same either way
My guard is a little more raised in the rude/offensive category to look for people to message, but that's it
Can't speak for the others
Yeah you modzzz sometimes have different ideas...
we just like to adapt : )
@Undo I think what is missing is that the snark often leads to very offensive stuff... and this seems somewhat unfair...
I'd just stick to rude for pure insults. And in either case, both NC and rude should be caught and flagged and deleted.
lets change often to sometimes...
NC will take longer because of relative queue sizes. That's fine.
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5:41 PM
@Queen tp
now that's a nice test :)
@undo ok thanks for you time it encourage us to improve SO
@Tunaki did you go for abusive or nc?
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wow 266k rep user
OpenNLP is performing much better now...
5:42 PM
we don't care about that @Cold
yeah was just stating
i mean user with so much rep should know better
@Cold it's the usual problem we need to stay away from users.. just concentrate on comment...
how to follow the be nice policy
4 hours ago, by Cold Fire
moderate the comments not the users
Yeah, let moderators deal with it.
already following that
5:45 PM
@ColdFire Yeah np, just clarifying Tuna's comment
yeah oki
@Undo while you are here we could develop something like metasmoke if you think it is interesting
hence you could see the comments, search on users, see what we report etc..
we had a discussion on it since we like to address Brad's issue
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@PetterFriberg It might be possible to fork metasmoke and adapt it to comments. I could host it.
5:49 PM
We talked about the visibility of such comments though.
9 hours ago, by Petter Friberg
@Kyll Yeah we need to think about, be careful sending stuff to socvr since it will get nuked.. I will avoid flagging if I see tp...
There could be ... material not safe to see for non-mod user
it start here ---...............................................................................‌​....^
@Tunaki I wouldn't worry about that, it hasn't been too much of an issue with metasmoke. I usually just nuke the whole post record if we have issues.
@Queen fp
5:51 PM
Policy-wise, you're in the clear. Comments are under the same license as posts, and no one is abusing privileges to see them. So then it's just about being courteous when someone posts credentials.
@undo send me an email and I will send you credentials to db then we can discuss
@PetterFriberg Okay to view/use your email on your SO profile?
You should have my email in metasmoke
Ah, right.
What we need to implement is a socket to check if delete
and then I can change structure of db if you need...
5:53 PM
If this were to be a thing, we could probably just send the data over the network like we do with Smokey
We are not really ready to have a production version yet, still running on a lot of twitter feed
And let Rails handle all the db stuff.
you tell me I'm very happy to dev some stuff that makes thingzzz public, useful for SO.
@PetterFriberg that is easily possible
5:55 PM
received : )
wait no
WebSockets don't have a "deleted comment" event
@Tunaki And there's your problem
hmm well we can query the API for the ones reported by Queen.
1 call can return 100 comments so we should cover everything we have in a day in about ... let me see how much we have per day in DB :)
RDS? Fancy :)
@Tunaki I was almost about to implement that for statistics...
There is no problem in querying api for the delete comments according to me...
6:01 PM
less than 100 per day
@Tunaki You should be perfectly safe there. Smokey runs all posts on every site through the API with only ~8k reqs/day
on average
so that's 1 call, no problem
@que api quota
The current api quota is: 9727
we never go below 9000 : ), I do not know why...
@undo Yeah best way to keep it available for all contributors.
@Tunaki Yeah we could even dedicate some call for every comment to get within 5 minutes, 10 minutes etc
6:05 PM
there's plently of room :)
I have mostly seen back-off's if you do query often that returns same result...
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@Queen tp
@Queen fp
@Queen tp
Dinner time, afk, @undo have a look at it, feel free share database connection with trusted SD devs and other mods, note we have no problem in changing structure if it can be adapted to something that already exists.
6:08 PM
k, thank you!
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@Queen fp
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Who changed the regex again ._.
@Queen fp
y u switch from reply.startsWith("tp") to reply.includes("tp") T.T
6:16 PM
I guess queen needs to run NLP instead of Regex on chat replies as well.
she does
@Queen What do you do for "tp" that isn't a comment reply for heat detector?
@ryanyuyu I answer whatever questions my BOT owners teaches me.
Good girl
6:22 PM
Is queen a girl?
@Queen are you a girl?
@ryanyuyu I am female.
@Queen was that hardcoded?
@ryanyuyu I am female"? Was I am female hardcoded?
6:24 PM
Why are you expecting her to make any sense
Ah, That gravatar bug has affected @ryan also.
yep, apparently. I forget who else was seeing it for me.
and the symmetry of that avatar is not that amazing
@Kyll I just want our future overloads to be better.
6:25 PM
Woah @ryan You're ping now?
@Tunaki haha. I have to see it now. And complain.
6:36 PM
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@Queen tp
@Kyll ooh I would like to comment back to Will, he seems to be a nice funny guy...
@PetterFriberg Will is amazing, go ahead
(Do try to be constructive by telling OP to actually explain what's wrong =p)
no I rather comment on my meta... (I actually passed him a funny comment of his, but deleted very quickly only he could see it)
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6:43 PM
since he was complaining and I like him.. : )
@Queen tp
testing offensive flag on that, avoid flagging if not to late, yeah it is : )
@PetterFriberg I didn't see that but guessed it :)
I actually know which comments you passed to him :D
A: Community deletion of comments should raise a moderator flag

Shog9Raising another flag for every instance where a comment gets auto-deleted would tend to get very, very noisy. In the past 7 days, there've been 789 flag-deleted comments on just Stack Overflow - 755 of them deleted with a single flag. Now, most of those are obsolete comments; folks cleaning up c...

(his reply comment has all the info I needed to connect the dots :) )
Yeah it was out of line comments, but I could not help myself we need some fun to : )
6:47 PM
user names anonymized to protect the guilty, It'd be funny if someone's name was actually rudeuser1 ;) — Bhargav Rao 1 min ago
Wow, I was reading that answer and you guys are also discussing that
yeah bhargav
ah Shog with numbers came
I like the proposal "raised a flag when a comment is deleted and the author had at least 3 previous comments deleted after being flagged as rude or non-constructive during the past 7 days"
> Aug 26 2016 4:51AM: 23 rude/NC comments in past 7 days from rudeuser2
I wonder how many of those flags came from here
6:51 PM
Hopefully not that many
haha yeah
Meta Question to the room : Don't ya guys feel that lately there's an increase in meta posts about comments and flags on them?
@BhargavRao I think that's mainly because we spearheaded those discussions.
@BhargavRao is there another one besides the one posted by Petter?
6:57 PM
The MSE one by Brad.
well its a follow up
yeah followup from Petter's MSO question.
@PetterFriberg - Re: the tooling side of this, I've filed a feature request for some functionality I'd like to see: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/284053/…Brad Larson ♦ 4 hours ago
Ah, That's the link.
Ok Ok, All's falling into line now.
6:59 PM
but what was most exciting for me was this today
1 hour ago, by undo
@PetterFriberg It might be possible to fork metasmoke and adapt it to comments. I could host it.
since I need to review the 1000 comments we have in db, to include in new feed I need some motivation : )
@Queen api quota
The current api quota is: 9680
nice petter gl
@petter That's some good news. But what all details do you wish to display on metasmoke?
Unlike posts, comments don't have spam. :/
7:04 PM
I have nothing that is mine, it's all SO stuff and the truth is that's it is available for every one
anyone can query the comments api as they like at any time...
I'm only worried about giving tools that can be used to miss using the information
Hmm. But unlike posts, which can be seen by 10k guys, comments can't be seen. So on metasmoke, can we show deleted comments?
Yeah that was a problem that we discussed earlier login etc, but if metasmoke like to fork I guess moderators take that decision.
That was my concern too. But
1 hour ago, by undo
@Tunaki I wouldn't worry about that, it hasn't been too much of an issue with metasmoke. I usually just nuke the whole post record if we have issues.
1 hour ago, by undo
Policy-wise, you're in the clear. Comments are under the same license as posts, and no one is abusing privileges to see them. So then it's just about being courteous when someone posts credentials.
I have taken care to not keep in chat
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7:08 PM
Still uneasy about displaying the comments. Maybe hide them by default and show them as needed.
@Queen tp
well lets leave the decision to moderators.
Actually, the comment is OK
Yeah, It'd be better if only registered users on metasmoke (or perhaps authenticated by undo) can see them.
the one above is not
7:09 PM
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@Queen fp
can I say Hi to Will : )
That reply makes me sad, Spend time building a website to help people understand why their post is bad, and finally all what you get is rude replies.
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@Queen fp
ok too chatty
7:18 PM
We should prepare a nice helpful comments for these users..
I like the web site to it just have a bad name...
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@Queen tp
@Tunaki Why, specifically?
7:25 PM
@Queen tp
@Queen tp
to watch
well there you go
he got angry
throw in some links @BhargavRao
Dropped a comment, let's see.
Nah, putting in links will not help. They're already half way into StackOverflow sucks, I'm outta it
i put a link
7:28 PM
Bye all, Sleeping early today.
hum, one person at a time? :)
@BhargavRao bye
Hehe, Looks like we're crowding there :D
Yeah I was also writting a comment but deleted when I saw yours...
mine or bhargav?
i was searching for the ontopic link so got late
7:31 PM
np, I was formatting and trying to make him understand... so even more late
7:52 PM
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@Queen tp flagged offensive (avoid flagging)
@Queen tp
stuff also in foreign language
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scratch that
Yeah I will leave it as well...
8:08 PM
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needs close vote
@Queen tp
comment lead to possibile spam...
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@Queen tp
@Queen tp
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8:18 PM
gn all
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@Queen fp hmm regex??
aaah good at shell ... '(?i)\bgo.{0,8}hell\b' need to fix that
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8:51 PM
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This bot is running two different registered stack apps: SOCVFinder that notify about possible duplicates and cherry pick questions to review and Heat Detector that analyse comments to find heat, see quick guide for commands.
@Tunaki we like to nuke it and flag for mod or just wait for mod?
wait for mod
I flagged rude
but most likely it's going to be nuked either way
8:54 PM
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@Tunaki well if that is not rude... I guess we are on wrong track

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