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12:09 AM
[ Heat Detector ] SCORE: 4 ★★☆☆☆ (Regex:false NaiveBayes:1.00 J48:1.00 OpenNLP:0.00) comment cc: @PetterFriberg
[ Heat Detector ] SCORE: 5 ★★☆☆☆ (Regex:false NaiveBayes:1.00 J48:1.00 OpenNLP:0.98) comment cc: @PetterFriberg
6 hours later…
6:27 AM
[ Heat Detector ] SCORE: 4 ★★☆☆☆ (Regex:true NaiveBayes:0.00 J48:1.00 OpenNLP:0.00) comment cc: @ColdFire
6:44 AM
[ Heat Detector ] SCORE: 4 ★★☆☆☆ (Regex:true NaiveBayes:0.40 J48:0.76 OpenNLP:0.87) comment cc: @ColdFire
@Queen tp
[ Heat Detector ] SCORE: 9 ★★★★☆ (Regex:true NaiveBayes:1.00 J48:1.00 OpenNLP:0.99) comment cc: @ColdFire
@Queen tp
[ Heat Detector ] SCORE: 5 ★★☆☆☆ (Regex:false NaiveBayes:0.97 J48:1.00 OpenNLP:0.99) comment cc: @ColdFire
[ Heat Detector ] SCORE: 4 ★★☆☆☆ (Regex:false NaiveBayes:1.00 J48:1.00 OpenNLP:0.02) comment cc: @ColdFire
7:00 AM
@Queen fp
7:10 AM
hey tim o/
[ Heat Detector ] SCORE: 4 ★★☆☆☆ (Regex:false NaiveBayes:1.00 J48:1.00 OpenNLP:0.77) comment cc: @ColdFire
@Queen tp
@Queen fp
It's not aggressive or mean
it leads to flame wars
and not constructive
7:21 AM
@ColdFire That's up for debate and the community tends to think they are constructive, see meta.stackoverflow.com/a/252910/4174897
@ColdFire Yeah but all criticism on the Internet does
@Kyll i see but what about flame wars
@ColdFire Any criticism on a post or some user action can lead to a flame war
@Kyll well isnt that what we want to avoid?
It won't be very useful to catch every and all occurrence of criticism, particularly if it's constructive (see meta answer above) and not mean in any way
also see the meta post 2nd answer by a mod
it says not constructive
7:27 AM
@ColdFire Yeah, but only 50 votes. The community has spoken on this.
well its debate able
Sadly, it's not
In my opinion they are not constructive and should be deleted
But the community has spoken otherwise so I'll follow it
ohh i see ok
[ Heat Detector ] SCORE: 4 ★★☆☆☆ (Regex:false NaiveBayes:0.95 J48:0.07 OpenNLP:1.00) comment cc: @ColdFire
@Queen fp
7:53 AM
[ Heat Detector ] SCORE: 4 ★★☆☆☆ (Regex:false NaiveBayes:1.00 J48:1.00 OpenNLP:0.49) comment cc: @ColdFire
@Queen tp
@Tunaki you are aware about rxjava right?
yes but never used it
i need to add rxjava support to my lib
[ Heat Detector ] SCORE: 5 ★★☆☆☆ (Regex:true NaiveBayes:0.00 J48:1.00 OpenNLP:0.00) comment cc: @ColdFire
i havent got a clue where to begin
@Queen fp
how to go about adding it?
8:07 AM
first I would take some time to learn how it works
worry about supporting it later
yes well ofc i will learn and integrate it
do you know a place to get started @TimCastelijns?
all link shows how to use rxjava
no links how to support to it
morning petter
Plop Petter
8:25 AM
[ Heat Detector ] SCORE: 4 ★★☆☆☆ (Regex:true NaiveBayes:0.00 J48:1.00 OpenNLP:0.35) comment cc: @ColdFire @PetterFriberg
@Queen fp
@Queen fp typo
8:45 AM
[ Heat Detector ] SCORE: 4 ★★☆☆☆ (Regex:true NaiveBayes:0.06 J48:0.43 OpenNLP:0.27) comment cc: @ColdFire @PetterFriberg
@que fp - regex remove fsck
9:01 AM
[ Heat Detector ] SCORE: 4 ★★☆☆☆ (Regex:false NaiveBayes:0.96 J48:0.43 OpenNLP:1.00) comment cc: @ColdFire @PetterFriberg
[ Heat Detector ] SCORE: 5 ★★☆☆☆ (Regex:true NaiveBayes:0.94 J48:0.43 OpenNLP:0.06) comment cc: @ColdFire @PetterFriberg
@Queen tp
SOCVR this is not nuked, please
@Queen fp
I nuked it : )
it is
i nuked it too :)
9:21 AM
[ Heat Detector ] SCORE: 4 ★★☆☆☆ (Regex:false NaiveBayes:1.00 J48:1.00 OpenNLP:0.83) comment cc: @ColdFire @PetterFriberg
@Queen fp
[ Heat Detector ] SCORE: 4 ★★☆☆☆ (Regex:false NaiveBayes:1.00 J48:1.00 OpenNLP:0.16) comment cc: @ColdFire @PetterFriberg
@Queen fp
9:50 AM
The J48 classifier has meet its end, say goodbye to it. Now we are only running on regex, NaiveBayes and OpenNLP
good riddance
yeah j48 was shit
I think it is time to work some on regex files, there are 3 files, low (2 score), medium (3 score), high (4 score) in low scoring file we can add some stuff to help the classifier when sentence in itself is not so bad... if you just remove that word...
Q: I need a programmer for my good idea

EvaI don't have any clue of programming so I hope that you can implement my idea. It concerns the smartband and the livelog application. I would like to add an app that functions like a safety system in case of an assault. Let me explain. The heartrate app already exists and I like to connect this f...

9:53 AM
@ColdFire Yeah I have checked the logs during this time and I can't see it contributing well, it's only bringing mostly false positive... also in simulation it is hard to get good result
@ColdFire just cv it.
wow user want programmers now
@PetterFriberg already done
10:11 AM
ooh I got new priv on stack apps... "view close votes"
eh me too!
next up, access to review queues :)
go go go go... lots of stuff to review there : )
Andras o/
I started a \o train in the android room at 9am, since then everyone who came in joined the train, and not a single word has been said
it's beautiful
> Only users nominated by the room owner may talk here.
I can't even feed the train.
10:16 AM
look :d it's your motivation to start doing android
@Tunaki just request they will accept you no need to do android for that
Im not sure tuna wants to hang out there
haha isnt there any water in that room?
10:23 AM
@ColdFire you wrecked the train : )
@PetterFriberg you did that
where... I can't see that ; )
@PetterFriberg go in the android room to see it
in Android, 3 mins ago, by Petter Friberg
Petter, button pusher at night, train wrecker at day
10:25 AM
@PetterFriberg cheater you edited the msg
And cheater in between
haha tuna
@Cold you wrecked the train, a train part cannot be both at front and at the end simultaneously
@TimCastelijns that was petter not me
you said \o twice in the same train
10:29 AM
Tim, train architect and expert in train conversations
lol tim no need to get so many technicalities
Tuna from BBC. What do you think of such a blatant misuse of the train?
Is the new generation less trust-worthy towards the wholy train?
Thanks Tuna. I think there are common misconceptions regarding train usage. Since the 2016 hype there are many newcomers who don't quite have a solid grasp on the rules set by us veteran train users
What would be an appropriate response to this? How can newcomers learn the subtle intricacies of making great trains?
10:37 AM
Tuna, if there is one thing history has taught us, it is that newcomers either are not willing to adapt to the foundations laid by early adopters, or they do it too slowly, wrecking havoc to trains left and right in the process. The only reasonable response would be to push them -PG18- in front of said trains
I would argue this proves my point
Thanks Tim, this makes a lot of sense. Tuna from BBC, reporting back to HQ.
that was nice
10:39 AM
I hope next time they send that hot blonde from BBC
@TimCastelijns why not fish?
11:04 AM
@Tuna if you have 5 sec, give a quick look at stackapps.com/questions/7001/…, I have edited some...
2 repz for suggesting edit : )
no this is not possible — Tim Castelijns 6 mins ago
Q: Android progressbar percentage detect

PaulDI'm doing some work with progressbars and I want to detect programatically when a progressbar has changed it's progress value in more than 90%, Is there a way in android to do that? Thanks

what reason to choose for this question cv?
@Petter @Tunaki @Kyll ^
and here you were trying to make a good entrance post to Meta, you should've just asked @Yvette to jump on the situation:P
@Yvette you listed 6 rooms not 5
@AndrasDeak I better post mine quick : )
11:19 AM
@TimCastelijns oh please edit!
@AndrasDeak hey you wanting a good entrance post, not a oh... oops :[
@Yvette it's OK, you're known for your subtlety
thank you @TimCastelijns \o much appreciated. I'm finally looking at this android app to work out where to place the runtime permissions (you can always tell when I'm avoiding work- I post on meta)
@AndrasDeak yeh like a bull in a china shop
@AndrasDeak Hahahaha
11:22 AM
@Kyll drop kicks the small mammal out of the room
@Yvette good luck, holla when you need help
ah that feels so good
@TimCastelijns yeh thanks I will!
@Yvette Oh, Marshmallow, eh?
yep and you won't believe
11:23 AM
finish your sentence missy
the previous developer target sdk 23 without implementing runtime permissions. It was working on 6.0 with the target sdk of 22
@PetterFriberg editing...
@PetterFriberg edited
such an edit would likely be rejected by review though :)
11:38 AM
^ true enough :)
@Yvette well i did it too
12:02 PM
@Tunaki thanks, was answering @Yvette with my 2 cents since room was mentioned.
I saw that
@PetterFriberg good answer btw plus one
12:52 PM
@Queen notify
Is queen running today?
@Queen alive
dead again
@PetterFriberg queen is dead again
1:24 PM
@que alive
aah true : )
forgot to update the chat lib...
just a couple of exceptions...
@que alive
Sure thing buzzing around
[ Heat Detector ] SCORE: 4 ★★☆☆☆ (Regex:true NaiveBayes:0.00 OpenNLP:0.04) comment cc: @ColdFire @PetterFriberg
@Queen notify
@ryanyuyu Notification added if score is >=4
thanks petter
@Queen fp regex arse (add \b)
@que test Your conclusion has been as clear as wrong since the beginning. Since you make a statement and then refuse to properly argue your position, but instead attempt to blame others for your own actions like a child. I suggest you go back to your reviewing hobby, junior
1:28 PM
@PetterFriberg [ Heat Detector ] SCORE: 5 ★★☆☆☆ (Regex:true NaiveBayes:0.60 OpenNLP:1.00)
@que test I didn't mounted the partition on ro mode. there are the sequence of commands I have ran to fix the issue.umount -f / ; fsck /dev/sda1; mount -a
@PetterFriberg [ Heat Detector ] SCORE: 0 ☆☆☆☆☆ (Regex:false NaiveBayes:0.00 OpenNLP:0.01)
aah finally the fsck is ok : )
[ Heat Detector ] SCORE: 8 ★★★★☆ (Regex:true NaiveBayes:1.00 OpenNLP:0.82) comment cc: @ryanyuyu @ColdFire @PetterFriberg
@Queen fp
1:31 PM
@Queen fp no harm meant
[ Heat Detector ] SCORE: 9 ★★★★☆ (Regex:true NaiveBayes:1.00 OpenNLP:0.99) comment
Why wasn't this caught?
hmm maybe it was before when queen was down... I forgot to update the chat lib, sorry...
@Tuna I'm posting the meta any last minute regrets?
@PetterFriberg for the classifying?
1:41 PM
quick re-read
can you give me the link? I don't have it now
@Tunaki wait... that I have another versione... that I can't push
"faild to connect ... " why????
just edit right on GitHub
hmm but they are staged... I will never get out of that mess again...
sure just delete everything :)
old fashioned way
1:45 PM
yeah easy
[ Heat Detector ] SCORE: 5 ★★☆☆☆ (Regex:true NaiveBayes:0.56 OpenNLP:0.92) comment cc: @ryanyuyu @PetterFriberg
I wanted to add some things also so when you're done, ping me
@Queen fp
Hmm, seen this, @Tuna?
@AndrasDeak and I voted to undelete
I just wasn't sure if it could get lost with no pings there
@Tuna I changed the beg, only testing "not" fairly work + added the possibile of flame linking to the typical meta.... on which we where featured : )
[ Heat Detector ] SCORE: 6 ★★★☆☆ (Regex:true NaiveBayes:0.97 OpenNLP:0.59) comment cc: @ryanyuyu @PetterFriberg
@Queen tp
1:52 PM
I'm thinking there are too many of them @Petter
meeh people like to read rude comments : )
Exactly, this doesn't go in our way. How about removing "my eyessssss they burn"
that would make 20.
Maybe we need to cut this down to 15 at most.
otherwise there's too much room for off-topic comments about specific things in there
there will always be that I choose the "my eyessssss they burn" since its funny...
hence a witty comment...
the last one could be removed maybe... it's to rude...
and WHICH CLASS DO YOU WANT TO REMOVE, YOU HAVE NOT SPECIFIED WHICH CLASS TO REMOVE IN THAT FUNCTION, GENIUS - I don't need to follow pointless links to the developers site to ask YOU what YOU want to do, sparky
1:58 PM
I'll remove some clear ones
Yeah then I will add this link to The Hunting of the Snark
@Tuna don't remove But Object Pascal is not your sixties language and mod comment
the but Objetc pascal is a declined flag...
Tell me when rdy...
[ Heat Detector ] SCORE: 6 ★★★☆☆ (Regex:false NaiveBayes:1.00 OpenNLP:1.00) comment cc: @ryanyuyu @PetterFriberg
2:06 PM
fp for me
wait let me remove some others...
I'm begining to be uncormfortable with that many borderline comments
@Queen fp
ok that's better now, 14 comments
14 comments? Is there a queue somewhere?
ok I also think we need to move up the paragraph "are a selection of comments with declined non-constructive flags" to the top @Petter
makes it clear that we're not just dumping a list for people to laugh at
2:19 PM
[ Heat Detector ] SCORE: 4 ★★☆☆☆ (Regex:true NaiveBayes:0.00 OpenNLP:0.00) comment cc: @ryanyuyu @PetterFriberg
@Queen fp
shut up regex
@Queen fp
So queen no longer edits the comment after feedback @PetterFriberg ?
@Kyll hmm why not ... : )
@PetterFriberg ?
I do not know why it's not working (the edit of comment)
2:22 PM
Yeah, same
[ Heat Detector ] SCORE: 4 ★★☆☆☆ (Regex:true NaiveBayes:0.00 OpenNLP:0.80) comment cc: @ryanyuyu @PetterFriberg
@Queen fp typo
probably just a typo there?
ok @petter. I'm done with the edits. Feel free to rollback to how it was yesterday
@Queen fp
@Petter Yeah, edits be borked
2:24 PM
maybe I'm not in the right state of mind now
I also think the comments should be in a collapsible container ("click to show")
@Tunaki does this happen often?
@que 20 [c] cv=4
All right, dear, working on it...
Hi AA. Horray for the fennekin picture!
why is queen taking so much time for the batch @petter?
2:31 PM
she is having some problems : )
let me check..
@que alive
Sure thing buzzing around
@que 1 [java]
All right, dear, working on it...
hmm... Tuna what have you done with the chat lib...
did i break everything
2:36 PM
Yeah, let me find it... strange no expception but editing is not working...
yay borken things
ok, set room to debug lets see...
@que 1 [java]
All right, dear, working on it...
everything is broken wow
yeah she can't edit
@que 1 [java]
2:41 PM
All right, dear, working on it...
@que 1 [java]
@que remove
@que 1 [java]
All right, dear, working on it...
I wonder what will happen if we reply "done" to it
@Queen done
@Tuna this is the problem LocalTime time = LocalTime.parse(documentHistory.getElementsByClass("timestamp").last().html(), MESSAGE_TIME_FORMATTER);
what's the exception?
2:47 PM
its trying to parse 2:44 PM
hmm wait I can't see it directly
should work
java.time.format.DateTimeParseException: Text '2:44 PM' could not be parsed at index 0
ok fixed
why didn't we see that one before
compiling and pushing Queen
ok thanks
I flagged a starred message that had a lot of f*** words in it, people came in the room, thought the message was funny, give it more stars :-//
2:55 PM
Tim which room
what is Heh.?
@TimCastelijns lol
Meh. With an H.
in the android room
2:58 PM
i dont see any starred msg by you
[ Heat Detector ] SCORE: 4 ★★☆☆☆ (Regex:false NaiveBayes:1.00 OpenNLP:0.88) comment cc: @ryanyuyu @ColdFire @PetterFriberg
its not me who voted down bro :) — Engineeroholic 33 secs ago
Q: To nuke, or not to nuke- that is the question:

Petter FribergCurrently, we are running a StackApp, called Heat Detector, using both regular expressions and NLP (Natural Language Processing) on all your comments. The goal of this project is to identify automatically offensive comments left throughout Stack Overflow. Earlier this year, we asked for a dump of...

not by me..
@Queen fp
I flagged a message, not mine
2:58 PM
why did you flag it?
@PetterFriberg not latest edit on purpose?
@ColdFire it must have been rude
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