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12:42 AM
@bwoebi It will be built into the existing RM tooling
1:40 AM
\o hey everybody. how yall doing?
Finding stuff I had from the 90s
2:01 AM
@Wes how are you?
4 hours later…
6:10 AM
cli.prompt leads to segmentation fault ・ *General Issues ・ #81280
cli.prompt ignored as argument ・ *General Issues ・ #81281
6:55 AM
@MarkR what is goal ?
7:32 AM
@Jeeves both libedit and readline don't seem to handle wchar prompts properly, looks like we have to restrict prompt to ASCII only
@Derick @Girgias reading the paper and trying to understang pingemic, is this quarantine app something everyone living in britian must install or does it just have very high install rate?
7:59 AM
it's not required to be installed; lots of people did
the problem isn't the "pings", it's that covid is so prevalent here...
but if you get "pinged", you're not required by law to isolate (not quarnatine)m but you're recommended to do so.
no support is provided if you do self-isolate
@beberlei Did you see my reply to your xdbeug issue btw?
8:40 AM
@Derick yes, did you see my reply to your reply? :D
Hey @NikiC, is there a specific reason opcache_is_script_cached does not also check ZCSG(saved_scripts) i.e. preloaded files?
@Derick understood about the covid app, the news here say 1,7 million people are quaranting and that is why shelves in supermarkets are empty. My theory would be that it might be as much related to trade disruptions due to brexit
1,7 mio is much but ultimtaely its "just" 3% of population, it shouldn't be responsible for that much disruption
@m6w6 probably not
compile php7.3 with interbase or pdo-firebird support Firebird1.5.6? ・ *Compile Issues ・ #81282
@NikiC the specific use case would actually be checking in the preload script whether a file has already been preloaded
8:50 AM
@m6w6 Ah so it does correctly report them after preloading?
Just not during?
no, actually during preloading
@beberlei Huh, first time hearing about it, I only have the NHS Track and Trace app (also back in France so stopped keeping track of how COVID is doing in the UK)
1 hour later…
10:24 AM
[0] => stdClass Object
[key] => JV18mXZ4MogInRwd
[attributes] => stdClass Object
[path] => test


[1] => stdClass Object
[key] => 7lRwXWbTu5TTkYme
[attributes] => stdClass Object
[path] => test2



I have this array with objects in it. What is the best way to search inside the attribute -> path part to return the attribute ? Does anyone know ?
Integer overflow in shmop_read() ・ Unknown/Other Function ・ #81283
@JoeWatkins Creating an open data source we can use to start automating other tasks, as well as beginning to renovate php.net by decoupling presentation from the data.
Hey guys
@MarkR hell yeah good knows I want to curl man pages in json format
@NikiC please disregard my answer, I totally misread your question
10:39 AM
foreach($array as $data_object) {
foreach($data_object->attributes as $attribute_name => $attribute_value) {

I mean how to search for 'test' and return that part or if you search 'test2'
know what I mean? @SaifEddinGmati
what do you mean return that part? $attribute_value in the code i provided is going to contain "test" and "test2"
I basically only need to return one value
I want to search the path attribute in the whole array for 'test'
function get_path(array $items): ?string
foreach($items as $item) {
foreach($item->attributes as $attribute_name => $attribute_value) {
if ('path' === $attribute_name) {
return $attribute_value;

return null;
sounds like a job for array_filter
plus iterator_to_array maybe
would function getPath(iterable $items) also
11:10 AM
@DaveRandom - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boeing_X-37 may interest you
11:45 AM
@Wes YO! \o/
12:01 PM
WHy is somebody targeting a new RFC for PHP 8.1?
Yes, there has been a large shortage in hauliers - drivers left during the early covid times, and just didn't return due to brexit. But even before that there was already a shortage in drivers. My wife does work on this issue at DfT... so I get all the lowly details :-/

It's very much also a Brexit issue. And as DfT doesn't hold the budget, they can't fund driver education and certification. That needs to come from BEIS and DWP, which only just now (after many many years) are realising that something needs to be done. Decision: let's extend driver's hours so that they can drive more hours,
^^ @beberlei
12:18 PM
@JoeWatkins IIRC you was thinking to raise discussion about memcached ownership ?
12:46 PM
I am looking for a simple templating system that doesn't compile like blade does. Does anyone have any recommendations?
@Dharman twig?
I forgot Twig exists, but no. "Twig compiles templates down to plain optimized PHP code" I am looking for one that doesn't compile
1:02 PM
str_getcsv cant parse with multibyte delimiter ・ Strings related ・ #81284
I haven't heard of this one yet, let me read about it
1:16 PM
Random chat invites are on the rise -_- never used to get random chat invites, I've had about three in the past two months
@Dharman PHP ;)
@CharlesSprayberry Thanks, this looks exactly like what I was looking for. But if anyone has any other recommendations I would love to compare.
1:31 PM
@Derick yeah i guessed as much, thanks for the details
Any tips for documenting app architecture?
@OlleHärstedt adr.github.io
@Danack How come Ilija is only listed on 8.0, not 8.1, on this site? phpopendocs.com/sponsoring/internals
is there any way to get zbacktrace working or peaking at the last userland function name with a stock php installed from debian/ubuntu?
@Gordon Thanks for this. Looks interesting.
1:51 PM
Division of floats results strange values ・ Math related ・ #81285
lol @Danack ->addRfc_8_1('https://wiki.php.net/rfc/fibers', 'Fibres')
@Tiffany wait, did Danack make that page or did you?
@MateKocsis, @NikiC Strange regression introduced in https://github.com/php/php-src/commit/75a678a7e3ce04d7aafbfea9f0bae23ae845b12f:

When this abstract class is being loaded: https://github.com/drupal/drupal/blob/9.2.x/core/lib/Drupal/Core/Database/Query/Upsert.php#L16

It ends up with:
During inheritance of Countable: Uncaught Error: Class "Drupal\Core\Database\Query\Upsert" not found in drupal9/web/core/lib/Drupal/Core/Database/Connection.php:1114

Actually, it is the class being loaded it complains about.
@Crell I mean ... github.com/PHPOpenDocs/PHPOpenDocs/blob/main/src/PHPFunding/… ... I've been on the site before, and I know it's hosted on github
2:02 PM
Yeah, yeah, PR submitted...
oh, I meant to link the commit history lol: github.com/PHPOpenDocs/PHPOpenDocs/commits/main/src/PHPFunding/… had the wrong link on clipboard
2:18 PM
@PatrickAllaert needs a reduction, I can't understand that mess
@NikiC I understand, PHP stacktrace is here: gist.github.com/patrickallaert/9264046a086031c162c65beb29451ef3 but doubt that it helps
@NikiC I will probably submit a proper bug for it. But I expect everyone on Drupal 9 would have that issue with 8.1.0beta1
@PatrickAllaert Looks like an error is reported, it tries to write the error to the DB and uses the class on which the error is being reported to do so ... or something similar
So I don't think we need a bug report for that. You need to either fix the error, or use a different backend for reporting it, that does not error recursively
Mhhh, didn't see it like that, but you're probably right
Will try to see if I can catch an earlier error
If you set the ini setting that controls exception arguments length, you should be able to get the actual error message out of it
but I identified (bisect) that it was introduced in 75a678a7e3ce04d7aafbfea9f0bae23ae845b12f, so this is already something
2:25 PM
Now just need to remember how that ini setting is called
I don't get more using that one, also turned off zend.exception_ignore_args, but still no changes, will do differently
ok, got it:

"Return type of Drupal\Core\Database\StatementPrefetch::current() should either be compatible with Iterator::current(): mixed, or the #[ReturnTypeWillChange] attribute should be used to temporarily suppress the notice"
That's a BC break, was that kind of BC break discussed/expected?
2:41 PM
@PatrickAllaert What is the return type of Drupal\Core\Database\StatementPrefetch::current()? Missing?
@LeviMorrison yes
Oh wow, that class. Good times.
@LeviMorrison Only /** @return mixed */ phpdoc in terms of type, nothing else
I doubt that class has changed meaningfully since 2009.
2:48 PM
@NikiC Ok, so it's the implementation that makes it a BC, it is "just" an E_DEPRECATED error, however it escalates to a fatal one because DB is used to collect errors.
@Gordon Hm, that's mostly for architectural decisions, tho, no?
@OlleHärstedt yes. you asked about "documenting app architecture" so I wasn't exactly sure what you are looking for.
Alright :)
I guess you could use that to document app architecture decisions :)
My book talks about different views, so guess I'll start there.
3:10 PM
Hello, everybody. teach me a lot. Thanks.
@VadimOrlov212 reading and listening will take you far
@Tiffany Thanks. And your name is beautiful.
And other mans thanks.
3:26 PM
@OlleHärstedt ah, then maybe arc42.org/overview or c4model.com - I haven't used these myself so I can't really tell. When I was still doing these kind of things, I was using ArgoUML to create diagrams as I needed them and made sense to me
@VadimOrlov212 it's a name. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ nothing special about it.
Note that this site isn't a substitute for a dating site. If you wouldn't say that to a male colleague, it's not appropriate here.
@VadimOrlov212 Don't be a creep please
@Gordon Thanks!
Yeah, what about my name??
3:37 PM
Sorry, ladies. It's just because I like to call it. Maybe I should change my avatar. Sorry.
I'm honey developer.
No, even with a different avatar we will still not allow you to be a creep
Your avatar has nothing to do with it. Everyone here is a developer. Treat them as such and you'll be fine.
I am not familiar with the honey framework.
@Crell hmm if I should treat you as such tho, should I pour honey on you ?
because that's my thing
That would be difficult to de-bug.
3:41 PM
hahaha touche!
Fun fact: You cannot put attributes on anonymous classes.
@FélixAdriyelGagnon-Grenier I have been living in Turkey for the past 4 years :)
@Tiffany It's the absolute worst right now
@PeeHaa well about time you told me you punk! (:
3:56 PM
I wonder when countries will start leveraging pandemy energy and actually do stuff to limitate pollution
@PeeHaa vacuuming every hour?
Or just vacuum the dog with a brush tool
@Tiffany We should yeah :P
My sister's husky won't let them brush him, he gets all growly. He's okay with someone manually grooming him by picking fur out
Root is perfectly fine with brushing, but does not particularly like water
Everytime I take her with me under the shower she is crying like I am abusing her :P
I don't know if I'm digging this new attribute thing
4:03 PM
I'm digging attributes.
@VadimOrlov212 apology accepted. But in general, don't be sorry, learn and improve and be a better person. Your apology doesn't mean much if it doesn't include self-improvement or self-reflection.
@Crell This is a reflection thing yeah ?
@Tiffany Yes. I'll keep that in mind.
I'm working on a reflection/attribute library right this minute, in fact.
4:05 PM
@PeeHaa yeah, I think that's how Max sounds when they brush him
Huskies are silly
Wonder if this internally is different to just parsing a doc block from within userland or if it is exactly the same, the example I found is not so descriptive
@Crell something you can share?
@Tiffany Does Max also throw random tantrums? :D
@Tiffany Hopefully very soon.
@PeeHaa probably. I haven't been at my sister's enough to witness one. I don't remember the specifics to the story, but something when he's around other huskies, they sound like they're possessed. Lots of "awoos" but worse.
4:10 PM
Well, I mean, I could push it to github, but I want to clean it up a bit more, and split off another sub library. This is itself a split off of another experimental library.
It's been a very experimental month.
@PeeHaa youtu.be/yxeK1l4Dhms Original video is on instagram I guess :|
@Crell scientist Larry
been doing that since quite a while
on my free time which is 0
experimenting that is
but when it gets to 0.5 yeah I do that
Are attributes internally different to just parsing a doc block from within userland? Or is it just the same but from within the core
sounds like it's the same
@Crell I'd be curious to see what it looks like and how it works
There's only one or two things that attributes do that Doctrine annotations cannot, but because they're native and baked into the reflection API it's 100x easier to work with, and you get syntax checking, and combined with named arguments... yeah, they're really nice.
@Tiffany I'll see if I can get something pushed today at least.
Even if it's not quite where I want it yet.
4:16 PM
@ln-s there are some differences. I think I have a 3v4l example somewhere...
@Tiffany Yep!
I it's 100x easier to work yeah that I can understand
@PeeHaa That reminds me - I have the cutest photo of one of my dog's last night. One sec
@PeeHaa @Ekin @Tiffany imgur.com/a/lGQtrBU
4:20 PM
@ln-s 3v4l.org/dt8R3 this was something I had messed with awhile back. Only just scrapes the surface of what attributes can do compared to docblocks
Usually all animals love my wife the best... but I was the one that rescued this one and she has gravitated to me since the beginning... my wife is jealous as you can see it in her eyes.
@StatikStasis daaaaaaaawwwwwwwwww
Question for the peanut gallery: If I have a series of tests to be run against multiple objects (different implementations of an interface), would you rather the tests be in a base class and the object-specific tests extend it, or in a trait and the object-specific tests use it?
@StatikStasis Our first dog was supposed to be my wife's and he wound up sticking to me. We have 2 dogs now.
@CharlesSprayberry lol
4:21 PM
@StatikStasis lmaoooo
@StatikStasis adorable
She's the best
@StatikStasis there is a meme to be made with her facial expression, but I don't dare unleashing it unto the world
@NikiC Did something in master recently changed around static properties?
4:32 PM
@FélixAdriyelGagnon-Grenier Depriving us of a potentially hilarious meme could be just as bad though
5:05 PM
5:42 PM
6:25 PM
hi all, long time no see.. hope you're all well!
6:38 PM
I wonder if language features can be graded on how easy they are to abuse...
And then you try to minimize such features.
7:09 PM
@OlleHärstedt Exploitability?
folks, could I use "RETURN_OBJ(Z_OBJ_P(ZEND_THIS));" as way to implement "return $this;" internally?
@Tiffany The more expressive a language construct is, the more a dev can write sh*t with it xD
Compare readonly with attributes
Not sure what exploit would mean :d
Great challenge to add expressive power without giving people handguns or forcing you to add more CI tools to restrict features.
We accept that functions and classes are needed, and we also accept that CI is needed to limit their uses.
When we add a new language feature, maybe we should also consider how long the list of "best practice" will become for that particular feature?
One reason why I frown upon "asymmetric visibility" compared to the simple readonly keyword.
7:34 PM
@OlleHärstedt wasn't sure if you meant "abuse" in terms of how a dev writes code, or a potential attacker trying to abuse a vulnerability a la top 10 OWASP and such
The only way to abuse readonly is by not using it when you should.
@Tiffany Ah, sorry. Yes, abuse in terms of handgun and spaghetti/ravioli code. :)
problem with best practices is it tends to be subjective. There are design patterns and gathered ideas as "best practices" that have been curated over time from experience, but even then, there will be disagreements on how something should be written. It's difficult to draw lines.
That isn't to say it can't be done, it can, in a lot of cases... but there's also xkcd.com/927
Depends. Some things are easy to agree on, e.g. that classes and functions shouldn't be too long (for any definition of "long"). Or complex.
Of course each team has their own CI pipeline to apply such rules.
The point is that some features will require rules like that.
my current job doesn't really have the concept of CI, we use RPM to build packages and install on a server... no local dev environments, we have remote dev servers...
but our RPM has packaging rules that repos must adhere to
point being, "it depends"
Heh? No code quality reviews?
7:44 PM
You will always have quality reviews in any company. It's just sometimes: who the fuck did this and why the fuck is it like this after a couple of months/weeks
@Tiffany No local dev environment and writing directly on the remote dev server reminds me of my first paid programming job
@PeeHaa Kind of missing the point :)
Have some really horrific stories of that place
First time I had ever seen a SQL statement constructed in JavaScript, sent to the server with jQuery, and then blindly executed.
That sounds flexible :D
It was something
But you could just append _SESSION["user_id"]=### to the end of URLs to change who the authenticated user was so it might not have even been the worst flaw
Discovering that one made me realize you should probably never use extract and if you are using it you should almost undoubtedly be passing in some options to the second argument.
7:56 PM
@OlleHärstedt we use bitbucket and pull requests, so there is a formal code review process. I have to manually submit the release through rpm when it passes through code review though
@CharlesSprayberry this kinda is my first actual dev job. Whether or not "web admin" is a dev position is debatable.
Yes, so there are either implicit or explicit best practices during the reviews?
Makes me wonder if we one day will replace functions and classes/modules with something that cannot be abused...
@Tiffany First time I wrote software to provide some business value it was absolutely not my job to do so and there was no debate around it. My job description didn't involve software dev or administration of any kind and they took advantage of me. Learned a lot of valuable, painful, lessons.
@CharlesSprayberry most of my horror stories occurred in my last job XD though I do have some in my current job, like mistakenly using up tebibytes of storage because my code wasn't caching media correctly. (root cause was in the core codebase, which should not have allowed a satellite project to use up tebibytes of storage the way my code was)
Fortunately my current employer is a great group of people. Sometimes I wish we weren't using Spring and Vaadin but after so many years I don't care about tech stack nearly as much as I used to.
Company culture > tech stack :)
8:03 PM
For sure
@CharlesSprayberry aye, I had similar growing pains in my last job. Though "dev duties" were part of the job description, the job was multiple roles in one.
Some people like that
We're doing internal survey to check stuff like that
8:15 PM
@NikiC thank you Nikita!
9:06 PM
@Tiffany I prefer Sith Lord Darth Ramsey
Oh, and, yeah, Wild Garlic is fine, too. 🤣 @Sara
obviously, I'm catching up on missed mentions from yesterday
9:31 PM
@MarkR indeed it does, that is one of the lesser publicised ongoing things being done by the grown ups (as opposed to the kids who like firing themselves into the upper atmosphere for shits and gigs) - but "proper science" isn't as shiny and interesting :-P
it's still not as good as bolting part of the launch infra to your house, tho :-P

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