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10:11 PM
@NikiC Do you make a habit of contributing to LLVM too? Just noticed your name on the noalias patch.
/me does second vaccine dose happy dance
@Tiffany Yay!
@CharlesSprayberry that sound mint, though also I rarely define a mock without also defining it's behaviour (expectFoo(), returnsBar() etc) - how would that play with the declarative attrs?
(genuine question rather than some bullshit "devils advocate" to be clear :-P)
i.e. much as I like the general idea, if you are just moving info from one place to somewhere else potentially less readable then I don't see the value
@Tiffany wait wut? you didn't tell me that! rude.
mint tho :-)
10:43 PM
@DaveRandom I thought I did
I've said it in r11 a few times that I was getting my second dose this weekend
11:40 PM
@DaveRandom I've thought about this some and will put together a more comprehensive thought on a solution soon.
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