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2:55 AM
Not engine related (although uses the new php 8.0 goodies) but would someone mind glancing over gist.github.com/marandall/8094a3ccaaf5aaf5ad20f12414816b5b and telling me if I'm trying to be too clever for my own good.
3:17 AM
Hey guys
I am developing a Register/Login system with validations. Registering system is working well. For example, when I register the same email twice, the following message appear:

"Email already registered!"

However, when I log-in with the same e-mail and password, occurs some errors with the validations. The following massege (put when an error on validation occurs) appears:

"Email not registered!"
Even if the email is registered in DB.
You can see the code in the link below:
Q: Why does the validation email returns an error while registering it doesn't?

Rodolfo FernandesI am developing a Register/Login system with validations. Registering system is working well. For example, when I register the same email twice, the following message appear: Email already registered! However, when I log-in with the same e-mail and password, occurs some errors with the validati...

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7:52 AM
8:24 AM
If you worked at NASA on the latest rover project (the one that has a microphone onboard), would you be able to resist the urge to release real footage from the rover, with this audio dubbed over it? I can safely say I would not be able to resist that urge. youtube.com/watch?v=FInmC8ILpH8
2 hours later…
9:58 AM
Hrm.. is there an alternative for generating colorized text output for the coverage information from phpunit (actually phpcov which does not seem to generate that anymore)?
Incident on 2021-03-01 09:59 UTC ・ GitHub Pages has Major Outage
10:39 AM
Incident on 2021-03-01 09:59 UTC ・ GitHub Pages has Partial Outage
11:06 AM
@heiglandreas I think I'm going to have to cancel for today
opcache.preload duplicate definition with conditionally defined function ・ opcache ・ #80815
11:41 AM
All issues have been resolved!
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1:02 PM
Missing symbol spl_ce_Countable ・ Compile Failure ・ #80816
1:55 PM
Morning, all.
2:41 PM
Yo @StatikStasis o/
3:12 PM
Looking for feedback / alternatives on gist.github.com/marandall/8094a3ccaaf5aaf5ad20f12414816b5b if anyone is willing.
@MarkR Don't have time to read the entire thing, but are you looking into doing middleware in a sane way (a.k.a. not PSR)?
@PeeHaa Looking into a way of structuring middleware in such a way that it provides guarentees on data availability, without the need to pull arbitrary data out of $attributes
Yeah guessed as much :)
3:16 PM
Yo Felix o/
fairly certain I ranted about it already, but googleapi using curly braces for string or array access makes me cringe
I'm also trying to come up with a decent way of describing routes, I desperately need nested attributes
so @PeeHaa y'all still alive and kickin' out there?
@FélixGagnon-Grenier buried under mountains of work, from what I understand :P
hah :) that sounds about right
3:26 PM
Yeah that basically. We are hoping that specific issue will be fixed in the coming weeks though!
Fingers crossed for that.
How are you all doing out there?
How did bwoebi cast a vote on my RFC today if I closed it yesterday?
@Dharman You need to edit the document and clsoe the vote module
Is it not enough to set it to closed="true"
@Ekin between jobs. getting back to water surface somewhat :)
heh, gl on the "specific issue" fixing. that sound a bit ominous and I love it
3:33 PM
@Dharman It should be yeah
I missed a lot of discussion but couldn't help but notice the match syntax is very close to Rust's one. Is there a Make PHP Rust Again™ fanclub I can join?
Then I have no idea what I broke
Let me have a look at it
@FélixGagnon-Grenier Neh. It's just way too much work for the size of our team
there may be a serious bug in the doodle plugin
3:34 PM
It's kinda a good thing
oh. well then, I send you many procrastination-avoiding mindwaves
in that regard, have you tried Dyson Sphere Project? It'll make sure you don't get to the end of next weeks
I was watching @StatikStasis play it (IIRC) and I really want it at some point
However: any spare time I have right now goes into zelda and we also have the witcher waiting for us :P
it's pretty kewl. almost replaced factorio in my view
@PeeHaa That wasn't the best watch. =P I still have a lot to learn about the game.
it's deceptively simple :)
3:37 PM
@StatikStasis I am mostly watching it for the hot dude less for the gameplay
@PeeHaa the series? yah it's pretty nice. the guy playing the witcher pretty much nails it I find
Neh the game
granted, muttering "hmm" under breath every once in a while makes for an easier act but still
We are waiting for the next season of the series
3:38 PM
me tooooo
That game will take eons to finish, it being the complete edition.
the third one?
niice! I really liked it
not like I "finished" it or anything. but pretty cool
@FélixGagnon-Grenier oh, enjoy the time between :-) Did you settle on what's next yet?
3:41 PM
I'll be freelancing a little while. I'd like to go back to university full time so that's somewhat of a no-go for many job offers I see
is it too much to ask to be paid a full time salary on three day's work? /s
Heh :-) I forgot, what were you studying?
Was doing basic maths prerequisites for computing, but I'm starting to think about going full physics.
I want to create the onboard computer for the Rocinante from The Expanse ;)
Sounds great! I personally would love to study physics as well. Can't see how/when I would though. Maybe an online version sometime.
@Girgias ::castVote() doesn't seem to check for $this->params['closed']
@Ekin I hope you get to it :)
3:46 PM
That... ain't great
@Dharman I still had the RFC page open … decided to vote and … well, it counted for it. Only realized after voting that it was closed - but then no way to remove my vote :-D
Hey Bob o/
I'm not blaming you for cheating. I am asking why did it not close the voting process
NGL It would be a good idea to have a different platform like vote.php.net, because STV and the omnibus RFC are going to be a pain to vote on
Due to how the plugin works >_>
@FélixGagnon-Grenier hey Félix
3:53 PM
@bwoebi Election fraud!
Stop the count
Stop The Merge! Stop The Merge!
@Dharman you are kamil from the ml?
@Dharman hi nice to meet you here :)
4:29 PM
2 hours later…
6:30 PM
separating voting from wiki would make migrating the wiki to a different platform easier, too; I know a lot of people hate it right now
although, the main reason given is often "markdown is teh bezt, all other markups suxxor", which I just plain disagree with
the current wiki is ridiculously slow, though
Anyone recall where the clone-with RFC is? I don't see it in the RFC list.
this ML post externals.io/message/112624 just links to some notes on a PR github.com/php/php-src/pull/6538
@IMSoP Yeah, but the issue is authenticating users, it would be great that we have an OAuth system (auth.php.net) to separate stuff :/
Ah, merci bien.
(I'm updating another RFC to cite it.)
@Girgias right, and then you'll get into the thorny question of who should actually be voting in the first place
the current system does seem to grant voting right more-or-less by accident
6:41 PM
@IMSoP Well it would be the same as now, anyone who has a php.net account can vote
But it would make it easier to restrict who can vote
But yeah it's a bit whack the voting granting thing :')
from a personal point of view, it feels weird that I can't directly apply for voting rights; I'd rather apply honestly and be turned down than find an excuse to get some other karma and quietly start voting
psst! ;)
@IMSoP The finding an excuse thing kinda does keep the worst offenders out though. Or at least I have seen people give up after they were told to put some effort in first
yeah, I guess it almost makes sense
but contributing and having the right to merge contributions aren't the same thing
the joy of modern version control is that you don't need any karma to contribute
7:34 PM
Good eve.
Good morrow.
@Sara Why would you do that to me?
@Crell Because you owe much of your career to PHP and this is but one of many ways to give back! :D
Or more simply, because I think you'd do a very good job at it.
I got enough Jewish guilt growing up that I built up a tolerance for it. :-P

Why would I be good at it? I still don't grok 99.9% of internals and have barely used Docker. :-)
7:47 PM
1/ You generally don't need to know internals.
2/ You generally don't need to know docker either.
What is needed?
The docker image is just to make the boring bits easier, it's by no means required.
Other than time, which is an open question for me right now...
The links in that email describe in more detail, but basically it's 90% cat-herding, 10% saying 'No' up until the release, then it's 90% test-building the release and uploading tarballs, 10% writing emails.
With a 5% dash here and there being active on socials, 'cause PR.
That said, I imagine Ben and Joe will volunteer again.
Plus we had someone who's name I don't recognize volunteer almost immediately.
So the real problem is going to be finding a veteran.
@cmb's 7.3 term is coming up, but he may not want to because Windows stuff is probably taking more personal time now. @Derick and Peter are still on the hook with 7.4 for another year. Might be able to convince Remi to come out of retirement...
Hrm. I still have a long list of stuff I want to try and say Yes to first, before I start saying No to things...
1 hour later…
9:18 PM
@Girgias depends if you're going to say something nice, or if you're going to say "we should do this other idea, before Dan proposes this crazy shite".
@Sara Joe W? if so, probably not.
@Danack I was just going to list the proposal next to the golang style return proposal as an alternative orthogonal proposal
@Girgias sure. go for it.
Gratz :)
because let's be honest my proposal is probably the craziest of them all
9:30 PM
Q: Class showing a format similar to var_dump v1.0.5

Francisco NúñezFirst of all I must thank for the help given in the previous post: Class showing a format similar to var_dump RC5 Version I have it deployed in a early versio v1.0.5: https://github.com/arcanisgk/BOH-Basic-Output-Handler As they should imagine; Thanks to your help, the main code has had serious c...

9:48 PM
@Danack Joe F. I think
The dude who volunteered for 8.0 RM
1 hour later…
11:55 PM
@Sara Peter?
@AnneBatch We have never spoken, so I'm certainly not going to join a private room with you.
But but but his avatar and name are like SUPER LEGIT!!1111
uh huh

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