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12:31 AM
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2:12 AM
does anyone by any chance have phd working enough that they could generate a full compiled XML and send it to me somehow? Need to do some searches that would be way easier with xpath than anything else, looking for a very specific and complicated subset of elements
don't have an easy way to turn src into a repo that a parser won't throw up at, and not about to start trying to set up phd at 2am
and yes, I do have a machine with enough memory that even libxml will be able to cope with it in that form (I think) :-P
@Danack No, not krakjoe, I mean Joe Ferguson. He and Ramsey were on the ballet for 8.0, but lost to Gabriel and I.
in fact doesn't even need to be English, looking for code elements
@Derick As in Kokot? Your co-RM for 7.4 ?
in payment I can offer my eternal gratitude and (optionally) pictures of myself which have been described as simultaneously "the best thing I have ever seen" and "truly horrifying"
@Sara oh I missed the ballet for 8.0, what did you do, Swan Lake? or the Nutcracker?
god damn it I just put the dance of the sugarplum fairy in my own head
I guess hot water, a stainless steel skillet and a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Sheet are not good things for my fingertips. I seem to've blistered at least one or two.
@DaveRandom good jorb
And it may be stuck in my head now. -_-
2:28 AM
it's OK I am onto Holst's Planets which I can live with
Jupiter <3
I think saturn but I get them mixed up
Mars is a close second
I must confess I haven't heard it all for many years
I have a specific theme in my head that I wont try to describe because I know nothing about the technical language of music and English is clearly not going to work :-P
Yeah, I can't read music :( perhaps I should change that at some point this decade.
2:31 AM
I wish I did know more about music tech but I think it is a world forever beyond my reach, tried a few times and I think my brain just doesn't work like that
@DaveRandom attempting to learn an instrument?
I am really intrigued by the physics of musical harmonics, it's both really simple and infinitely complex, with an alphabet that seems small but combines in ways that I just can't marry up with the way I understand how to encode data in general
@Tiffany no, mostly because laziness, but also because I would want to play bass and that is too noisy for my current living arrangement
it would also not help with music tech I don't think because guitars to not physically map onto an octave cleanly
to the extent that guitarists have their own language... (tablature)
have considered getting a keyboard a few times, but I know realistically I would never actually do it :-(
my sister was good enough at the piano to be called a pianist when she was ~20, dunno what she is like these days, prob out of practice but could get good again fast
not asking helen to teach me anything though, she is so bad at giving instructions it is untrue, once we were driving across France and we drove nearly 200 miles in the wrong direction because she just stopped paying attention
also we will fight like kids immediately if one of us is in charge of the other :-P
3:06 AM
I've wanted to learn drums, but yeah, same thing, I would probably piss everyone off in a 100 meter radius
The problem for me is, bluntly, I don't have the time to devote to learning an instrument right now. It just isn't a priority for me. Maybe in a couple years.
Anyway, going to try getting to bed early, something I've had difficulty doing lately. Goodnight.
A year ago I purchased an electric guitar. Suddenly out of nowhere I became fascinated by riffs so I learned a few songs. I did not completely learn everything there is to know about playing the guitar. Even after not practicing for a long time your able to just go back and play those songs. I just because really busy so I'm not able to practice as much as I would like.
You can do it just set some time every day. You get great benefits from playing an instrument. It's supposed to be like working out but for your brain.
@DaveRandom Look. I only speak two languages. English and Bad Spanish.
3:23 AM
@Sara are we talking like spanish people understand you while laughing, or just full on speaking English with a Spanish accent and adding "-o" to the end of words occasionally?
I now have an urge to watch Fawlty Towers, I think I shall
anyone like heights? youtube.com/…
@DaveRandom The former, I can get around in Latin America, but nobody is under any illusions that I am not 100% gringa.
What are you Sara
@SalOrozco I am a meat popsicle.
al pastor?
3:38 AM
Al was a great pastor. Gave the best sermons.
No conosco a Alberto.
anyone here online?
is here
@DaveRandom I like Lindsey Stirling's.
3:52 AM
Do you have a question kid?
@LeviMorrison I would describe that as "avante garde" :-P but I don't dislike it
I didn't realised this until a couple of minutes ago but apparently I am something of a tradtionalist when it comes to ballet
those are not words I ever thought I'd come within spitting distance of
I don't mind it though, undeniably good
"Do you have a question kid?" Geez man my mom needed me. I was gonna ask for some help with frwite(). I need it to add the data to my data.txt and not replace whats arlready in there. This is what i have to write to data.txt $fp = fopen('data.txt', 'w');
fwrite($fp, $counter);
@Sara it has always frustrated me that I am (moderately) good at reading languages other than English but even when I have really put a lot of effort in and been living in places where everyone is speaking another language I just cannot make my brain process the audio component fast enough, listening or talking :-/
coupled with speaking english natively, the world just makes it too easy to be lazy and I am sooooo lazy
I'm out
of chat, not the general concept of foreign languages
4:14 AM
Hello, anyone?
@BenjaminDover look at the append flag on the manual page.
Thank you.
So, do I just put FILE_APPEND in my fwrite()?
5:20 AM
@DaveRandom Same, really. It's only been after literal decades that I can understand about 60% of what my in-laws are saying. My actual speaking skills are probably there, but I have ZERO confidence for actually doing so while sober.
Q: How to add all numbers in txt file and make into a variable with a value?

Benjamin DoverBasically I'm trying to make it where when the button is pressed, it will log 1 into data.txt then php will add up up the 1's and display that number for all users on page to see. I'm trying to do this in complete php but i can use javascript and html if needed. Here is my complete code: <?php $...

lists.php.net clock is wrong ・ Systems problem ・ #80818
5:43 AM
So just a counter?
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6:56 AM
posted on March 02, 2021

Cannot install ssh2 1.3 ・ ssh2 ・ #80819
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8:57 AM
Hi everyone
9:07 AM
@Sara Oh, is he?
@Derick :D
@NikiC I merged your ASIN thing btw, albeit with some CS changes
@Derick I saw, thanks
@NikiC Once I'm done with my current project, I'm also going to change the tzdata format to make things smaller, as long as I can make timezone PECL package work still.
I'm working on implementing gnu.org/software/libc/manual/html_node/TZ-Variable.html for @sara's lot
@Derick That's great. tzdata is huge right now
@Derick btw did you see Dmitry's mail regarding timelib performance?
9:18 AM
I did see it, and then forgot about it.
I will need to check that, but I don't think I'll have time anytime soon.
I added a note to my loooong todo list, and it'll get scheduled at some point.
9:44 AM
@nikiC Regarding bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=80816 Do you think it's worth restoring spl_ce_Countable?
I think so
2 hours later…
11:35 AM
@Sara It's Adiel, I know him, he's from the Brazilian community :)
@MateKocsis is there a one line workaround for an extension to define a "shim" based on PHP_VERSION_ID? i imagine yes, then i wouldn't restore it
12:02 PM
@Derick, did you forget to push the 7.4.16 tarballs to distributions?
yes, thanks
pushed now
1:01 PM
Is svegeg at sgegegeg dot gh the new rtrtrtrtrt at dfdfdfdf dot dfd?
@beberlei In the first place, they can simply change spl_ce_Countable to zend_ce_countable. If it's somehow not feasble easily, they can do a similar workaround via macros what Derick uses: github.com/xdebug/xdebug/blob/…
@MateKocsis does zend_ce_countable exist in 8.0 and before already i mean?
to me that doesn't sound like a huge break and afaik we don't guarantee any extension compatibliity between versions anyways
@beberlei Since 7.2
@beberlei Yeah, I've just checked it: Dmitry added it in 2017 (github.com/php/php-src/commit/…)
Ah, @Girgias was faster ;)
1:12 PM
Looking at heap.space with multiple versions is quite fast :p
changelog entry should suffice ;)
1:23 PM
hey folks. does anyone have any clue on how to escape quotes in shell_exec?
"foo --text \"bar baz\""
@GabrielCaruso is 8.0.3 roll by you or @Sara ?
ah, i know what the problem is escapeshellarg("E:\result.wav")
Hello, hope you are all well and all that. I have a Symfony 5 API and have a Vue frontend client, setting up a docker-compose file to start up the dev env. So the issue is everything starts up correctly however when I try to access the 8080 localhost port, just tells me this page isn't working, the container is running and the port is being listened to. Any suggestions?
@RemiCollet since Sara rolled the RC, I assume she'll roll GA as well
escapeshellarg doesn't look to be doing what i expect it to do
1:40 PM
@Wes I'd recommend using proc_open + array argument
@KerrialBeckettNewham "when I try to access the 8080" vs "ports: - "8000:8000" " ?
@Danack yes, because I'm accessing the API via the Vue front end which should be running on 8080, 8000 would show the Symfony API.
that worked. i don't understand these things at all... is it normal that php has so many proc_open, exec, shell_exec, backtick things? i don't understand the difference at all.
What does the vue container say when it's brought up? that it's running and listening for connections?
anyways,i should've used amphp directly since i might need it eventually anyway... i was just lazying out.
1:49 PM
maybe try a curl request to see if it's at least accepting connections, or is doing something completely weird.
@Danack typical, now giving a different error when bringing it up. "ERROR: Service 'vue' failed to build : COPY failed: file not found in build context or excluded by .dockerignore: stat package.json: file does not exist" the package.json is in ./client/package.json and no dockerignore file.
@KerrialBeckettNewham hmm. for the record, I got really annoyed trying to figure out the context rubbish, and just mount all files for the whole project in all containers....takes up a bit more space but stops weird stuff like that.
@Wes escapeshellarg() is totally borked on Windows
i found another, popen()
@KerrialBeckettNewham oh wait, that error message is from your docker file? Try setting the workdir explicitly with "WORKDIR /var/www" or whatever appropriate, to get to the mounted files.
...or maybe not. if that's the vue dockerfile which maybe you aren't editing...
1:58 PM
@Danack it's a Dockerfile that I created, trying the "WORKDIR /var/www" now. was also checking the documentation on build context, minefield.. gets very confusing with all these paths.
obv /var/www should be whatever you have it mounted as. which might be better set explicitly. I don't know what not setting the right hand side of a volume option might be. I always specify the full mounted path:
      - .:/var/www
and yeah....just mounting the project root, and using full paths is way less confusing than setting the effective current directory.
@Danack to do that just set the volume as .:/var/www ?
yeah. or whichever naming scheme you prefer. Think I've actually switched to /var/app now, as www is a little confusing. I have an example of how I have all my stuff there.
...which needs updating probably...
but yeah, trying to configure docker context and networks should just be avoided imo. They theoretically work, but it's easier to just not use them.
@Danack Thanks, seems like a better approach
2:44 PM
@NikiC Another question: is it still too early to deprecate the definition of non-nullable parameters with a null default value (e.g. int $foo = null)?
3:04 PM
@MateKocsis imho yes
@NikiC I understand. Then I'll ask again for PHP 9.1 :D
@MateKocsis 8.4 should be good enough :P
Cool! :D
Main problem is that it makes it essentially impossible to support PHP 7.0 or older
3:48 PM
> Composer detected issues in your platform
I seem to be getting this when running phpunit. Anyone happen to know a setting to turn it off? I sometimes run a subset of tests outside of a container for speed.
4:15 PM
@RemiCollet 8.0.3 c'est moi
Damn Americans and their late-to-the-party timezones....
At least I'm not in -0800 anymore.
Damn... it's been a year since I've left this timezone, in fact.
@IMSoP it's weird. That check is apparently being run by phpunit before each test. Also, somehow, I managed to get phpunit confused as to which directory it should be looking for that file in....
4:28 PM
dunno then, unless the tests are configured / annotated to run in separate processes?
4:43 PM
@Sara That sounds like a job for Liz Smith...
@Crell I regard it as yet another in a long list of PHP's charming quirks. :)
@Sara Longest March ever.
@Sara And also, the test runner counter works fine if you do this: MAKE_TESTS=0
@RemiCollet In case you were waiting for it, just sent ping to rm list for 8.0.3 tarballs
1 hour later…
6:01 PM
php > var_dump("0E84450" == "0E3");
php > var_dump("0E84450" == "0E3");
php > var_dump("0E84450" == "0E33383");
php > var_dump("0E84450" == "0E33383");
php > var_dump(gettype("0E84450"));
string(6) "string"
php > var_dump(gettype("0E33383"));
string(6) "string"
php >
php > var_dump(strval("0E84450") == strval("0E33383"));
how are these string comparisons evaluating to true?
$query = $db->query("SELECT '0E84450' as theValue");
$query = $query->fetch_array(MYSQLI_ASSOC);

if ($query["theValue"] == "0E33383") {
	echo "\"{$query["theValue"]}\" == \"0E33383\"" . PHP_EOL;
php test.php
"0E84450" == "0E33383"
i thought i understood type juggling and all that but boy is this confusing me
6:16 PM
@AustinBurk numeric strings are compared as numbers
And 0exxx is just 0
(It's stupid behavior, but that's what it is...)
php > var_dump("0DF" == "0E33383");
php > var_dump("0E0" == "0E33383");
php > var_dump("0E1" == "0E33383");
php > var_dump("0E9" == "0E33383");
php > var_dump("0EA" == "0E33383");
Oh, god.
I have a massive codebase which uses == comparisons everywhere.
I should probably submit a proposal to special-case the 0e case
Wait, so.. any string that's composed of hexadecimal characters only will be treated as a number?
[aburk@desktop ~]$ echo $(((0x0E0)))
[aburk@desktop ~]$ echo $(((0x0E33383)))
these aren't the same numerically but they still evaluate to true when compared in php
I've been writing php for like 7 years and it terrifies me that I haven't ever run into this before, wonder what bugs exist in my code b/c of it
oh...it's exponential notation
that's wack
i think the only thing that might be saving me is that all my strings with an E digit at the second position are long enough that it's treating them differently in the comparison somehow
6:35 PM
See this is why most people tend to avoid loose comparisons
Use === whenever possible and enable strict_types
hoo boy. this is gonna be a headache.
@AustinBurk just using === everywhere is nice...
Yeah, but then if I have a variable with like "10" returned as a string and somewhere else it's brought in as the number 10 then the comparisons will start failing
So I'll have to go through each and every == comparison through the entire code and test them all one by one
@AustinBurk "somewhere else it's brought in as the number" - you can push all type conversions to the 'edge' of the application so that inside the app they are only a single type.
@AustinBurk and you can use tools like psalm or phpstan to do the checking, and maybe tomasvotruba.com/blog/2019/11/11/… to add specific types in most places.
6:57 PM
@Sara The PDO tests... messing everything up
2 hours later…
9:05 PM
@AustinBurk To be clear, this is not hexadecimal (that used to also be handled, but has been dropped a long time ago) but exponential notation. Thus you need specifically the structure 0e[digits]. Arbitrary hex digits don't work
10:02 PM
@NikiC are you sure? 0e0 is not 224 afaik...
10:24 PM
0x0e0 is not 0e0 either ;)
oh wait that's not PHP output I just realised
10:49 PM
Thanks for the help with understanding it. Yeah that's kinda wack ahah
11:00 PM
Using ldap_exop_passwd with ppolicy control do not update $ldap resource ・ LDAP related ・ #80820
11:17 PM
ReflectionProperty::getDefaultValue() returns current value for statics ・ Reflection related ・ #80821

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