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12:08 AM
Eugh. I've spent 4 hours now trying to find a single path from my attic to my bottom floor to run a single piece of Cat6, and having wedged my head into places I'd rather not have wedged it, im still no closer.
@MarkR just do what my friend above me and I did: drill a hole through the floor and ceiling :D
(and yes, we rent, and yes, our landlord okayed it)
Problem is I want to route it inside the walls, but most of them have got noggins across.
I'm trying to run PoE from my switches so I can install security cameras and so far all ive done is given myself a headache from cracking it into things
my apartment has a drop ceiling, so we moved cat5 through that, and it currently dangles down along a corner near my desktop
...Path of Exile?
I have that for my office to my main computers, little hole in the wall and then some 1x2 plastic conduit with a few USB and displayport cables
@Tiffany Power of Ethernet
12:23 AM
...I started playing Path of Exile again...can you tell?
four hours shy of 1k hours played on Steam
12:40 AM
I thought PoE was Power of Elephpant...
12:58 AM
@Tiffany I played 14hours of Shapez.io in 3 days
I've racked up about 40 hours on Ghost Recon Wildlands these last couple of weeks
@Girgias is this like a weird version of factorio?
@Tiffany yes
or I guess "minimalist"
Well it's still in development
And it's on GitHub
1:11 AM
I've been playing PoE since about 2013? off and on since then, before it was added to Steam. Hard to believe that it's been seven years already...
2 hours later…
3:07 AM
@NikiC Do you think you could help me catch some of the edges on my instrumentation branch? I'm available any morning in the America/Denver timezone. I'm incorporating some of Dmitry's feedback by dropping internal function support, dropping the added member of the zend_function, and using the runtime cache instead. However, certain cases are different in this technique, such as __call.
Currently I'm confused because apparently an fbc gets made for a magic method call?
(lldb) p fbc ->common .function_name ->val
(char [1]) $0 = "test"
(test does not exist; only __call)
I have a few other known edges as well; hoping your expertise can speed me up quite a bit.
2 hours later…
4:47 AM
Segfault with JIT ・ Scripting Engine problem ・ #79801
2 hours later…
6:39 AM
Got a question regarding exceptions, Today I saw a tw asking of a solution for that and this issue also bothers me, Exceptions are populated with file, line etc. information from previous frame and not from a frame where they actuyally throw, why is that?
class MyException extends Exception {
    public static function create(): self {
        return new self('Custom exception');
try {
    throw MyException::create();
} catch (Exception $exception) {
    echo $exception->getLine() . PHP_EOL;
This will echo line with return rather than line with throw - why can't it be line with throw ?
I vaguely remember asking a similar question years ago.
@GabrielCaruso You'll want to revert the last commits by Dmitry from alpha2
@brzuchal And there's an internals@ thread started by Rasmus Schultz on May 19, 2016 on the subject.
@SebastianBergmann I'll dig on that, thanks
7:04 AM
@SebastianBergmann Ok so all I can tell about the discussion is that it would require RFC and it has BC break and no one wrote it and Today is the last day so putting that on a shelve for next 5yrs is the only option :/
7:20 AM
VALIDATE_EMAIL has another behaviour as SANITIZE_EMAIL ・ Filter related ・ #79802
Ok got a simple solution not nice but you can throw (new Exception)->asRejected($foo));
In case you want multiple methods which mutate message and code
throw MyException::create(new MyException);
or this way by mutating own instance from static method
both are ugly
throw new MyException(...MyException::create());
or this also ugly
A new syntax proposal:
throw @@here MyException::create();
My eyes!
It's just a built in atatattribute which populates given throwable with a new fresh stack
It's perfect, everyone would notice it's not the broken throw :D
attributes must be on the declaratoin site, not on the callsite
we can add it, error-suppression @ already is on a call site
there already are monkeys :) 🐒 🐵
I think it's perfect addition
Another use for atatattributes
7:35 AM
Monkey patching of exceptions using @@ attributes. Nein, nein, nein. So much nein it's almost ten. NEIN!s
You all know I'm joking of @@, right?
Know? No. Hope? Yes.
Naturlich :)
deploy the AT-ATs
Your AT-ATs don't stand a chance agains the fleet of Lego rebel ships I have on my shelves.
7:40 AM
your lack of faith in AT-ATributes is disturbing
Don't be too proud of this technological terror you've constructed.
Benjamin attributed first.
7:52 AM
It's the last day for and RFC: "Let's bring peace to the galaxy and cchange @@ to #[]"
typo done on purpose
@brzuchal please make an RFC, pleaseeeee!
I'd love but that would be inappropriate when having 2 other active RFC's I guess.
@moliata feel free to do so
TIL you can clone new object
var_dump(clone new DateTime('now'));
8:21 AM
var_dump(clone clone clone clone new DateTime('now'));
Above is also valid
@brzuchal because an exception might be not necessarily thrown but immediately logged?
@bwoebi how logging explains it points to creation place?
Why would I need information in the logs where exactly has the exception been created?
I understand that in catch you can log it and throw again, but IMO even then logging should care about where was the throw which caused it
@brzuchal well, the exception usually is created at the place (or that place is part of the stack frame) where the error was found, not where it was thrown
@brzuchal I mean, if it's not thrown at all (beforehand)… then there would be no stacktrace?
Maybe there should be Exception::getTrace()
Cause if I don't throw gathering stacktrace which costs a lot maybe doesn't make sense at all?
And if I throw then stacktrace is populated to thrown exception
For me that would make sense
8:37 AM
@brzuchal how often do you construct exceptions without throwing them?
From my experience I either log them (incl. stacktrace) or I throw them… whenever they're constructed
both cases need a trace
not generating the trace immediately wouldn't change anything
> The StackTrace property returns the frames of the call stack that originate at the location where the exception was thrown. // C#
Weird, Java have Throwable.fillInStackTrace() method
I don't see any gain in changing that
I often use named factories and have that issue with an exception pointing to a different place than it was thrown.
Java and C# can have multiple ctors for different argument types so they don't meet this issue
Due to lack of overloading methods in user-land we do named ctors and then meet this issue
9:03 AM
All right I've fixed it 3v4l.org/QbHq4 by adding trait ExceptionFixer with public static throw(Exception $e): self method which fixes thrown exception :)
9:17 AM
['file' => $exception->file, 'line' => $exception->line] = $exception->getTrace()[0];
This invoked before return from factory method fixes getFile(), getLine and (string) $exception
$prop = new \ReflectionProperty(Exception::class, 'trace');
$prop->setValue($exception, \array_slice($prop->getValue($exception), 1));
Above effectively fixes getTrace()
and getTraceAsString()
9:51 AM
I'm first trying to get access to downloads.php.net/~carusogabriel, I can't upload the tarballs there. Once I manage that, sure, I may do that. Thanks for the heads up
array_key_exists not returning bool ・ Arrays related ・ #79803
@GabrielCaruso yeah
10:22 AM
@NikiC you looked into this right? Is there a general sentiment against new declare directives?
@ArnoldDaniels yeah, definitely
@GabrielCaruso Instead of emailing systems - just ask me here. Much faster.
(and if I ignore it, then email ;-) )
@Derick Okidoki, thanks! I've emailed you, there's only one thing missing: 2FA, how do I setup that?
You must already have done if it asks you for it
@NikiC Imho the strict_operators RFC has no chance of getting accepted, regardless of the way it's implemented.
10:28 AM
@Derick What? I haven't. Strange
Yeah, I can't see that on the jump host
It doesn't seem you have an account on it either
@Derick Can you create it, or someone else needs?
on it, hang on
@brzuchal that's what the stacktrace is for?
But I wouldn't mind if lineno/fileno were actually of the first throw - just not the stacktrace
10:37 AM
@GabrielCaruso Can you login into europe.jump.php.net with just "ssh europe.jump.php.net" ?
@Derick I see gcaruso@europe.jump.php.net's password: after login to it
sigh, why did you pick a different username for local and remote?! :-)
you wanted carusogabriel as username everywhere, which means you need to use that
@Derick My bad, I believe my local environment is the only one not using carusogabriel, I'll try to fix it
You can fix that by fixing your .ssh config so that you don't need to type it by hand
Add under the "Host *.php.net" section from my email, aos:
User carusogabriel
@Derick I'M IN, thanks!
10:43 AM
OK, now immediately logout
as this was just one test
It should ask for 2FA, but I don't know why it doesn't. It no longer does for me either.
But, you should now be able to do "ssh downloads.php.net"
without specifying username, as long as you've added into .ssh/config what I told you to add
@Derick Indeed, I'm able to
@Derick That's is done.
ok, now if you do "touch .public_html/I-AM-HERE", it should show up in downloads.php.net/~carusogabriel
I'll poke Rasmus/Sascha about the 2FA
@Derick Everything working: downloads.php.net/~carusogabriel, thank you for the help!
@Derick Perfect, we keep in touch
10:49 AM
remove the two test files though :-)
All clean up
I'm finishing the tarballs' creation process, hope that one I didn't mess up :D
@bwoebi I've wrapped that into a trait github.com/brzuchal/exception-fixer
Didn't publish it yet
11:08 AM
@Derick Everything working: https://downloads.php.net/~carusogabriel/

Thanks for the help, I'll send the necessary emails related to it
11:41 AM
heh! Nomination period began 15 hours ago and not a single nominee yet.
11:56 AM
Nomination for?
nominates gordon for SO moderator
Guten Morgen :)
@Gordon there was one before, but retracted by now
12:18 PM
hello, anyone can help me on magento 2?
> Don't ask to ask, just ask
here in above i have two stores. A(19) and B(10). can i display store wise ?
@Tiffany ok
login to bugsnet appears to broken again :(
12:44 PM
http or mysql @cmb ?
@Derick don't know, but after apparently successful login, I'm not actually logged in.
/dev/vda1 165105408 158371752 0 100% /
disk full
so no session files written, I presume
root@bugs:/srv/bugs.php.net/logs# ls -lh
total 134G
-rw-r--r-- 1 www-data www-data 134G Jul 7 12:50 access.log
-rw-r--r-- 1 www-data www-data 367M Jul 7 12:50 error.log
somebody forgot logrotate :D
12:51 PM
@cmb Should work again
Indeed. Thanks!
and log rotation set-up too
I have one VPS instance with cron @reboot echo "" -n > /var/log/syslog.
It works for me when the disk is full I only need to reboot it :)
1:07 PM
any update for my msg ?
@brzuchal rebooting? why....
Cause I can click reboot it from proxmox and forget about it :)
@FarveenHassan your question doesn't explain much. The only question I see is "can I display store wise" which isn't much information to go off of. You need to form a better question.
I'm bad sysadmin
@Derick I remember now, that's because there's a docker service on it and it never get's up after disk is full, so the reboot was the easiest solution
1:34 PM
Man I don't know what the fuck Windows did
But it "lost" my .git folder for php-src
did you hide hidden folders?
I get: fatal: not a git repository (or any parent up to mount point /mnt)
But the folder .git exists
Who knows
I rolled back the stupid Windows update
/mnt/c/Users/George/Documents/Dev/php-src$ is my current folder
WSL sees it
But not git
1:39 PM
Will try that
Looks indeed my HEAD is corrupted: as the content of it is: ^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@
@Girgias Mine is too. I have all kind of garbage coming out of it.
@@@Attributes are now destroying your git
@StatikStasis welp, I hope that's it otherwise I have no idea other than reclonning the repo
@Girgias I was talking about my literal head. =P
@StatikStasis ah
@GabrielCaruso Thanks that did the trick
1:44 PM
@Girgias Nice :)
> From git.php.net:/php-src
* branch master -> FETCH_HEAD
error: cannot lock ref 'refs/remotes/php/master': unable to resolve reference 'refs/remotes/php/master': reference broken
! [new branch] master -> php/master (unable to update local ref)
Well great
@cmb Had the same problem last night.
@SebastianBergmann ah, right, that was you; thought it has been Derick.
the login issue on bugsnet
1:53 PM
oh, right. The one I fixed
2:24 PM
@Crell Do you want to put the namespace RFC to the vote again sometime soon? I think we'll need it before we start carpet bombing with exceptions.
Has it gotten to the 2 week mark yet?
There's been almost no feedback.
Well considering it's mainly a clarification of the existing one with better descriptions and examples
I wouldn't have expected most people to have actually read it :P or the previous one for that matter
@cmb Do you know why the appveyor run of this failed? github.com/xdebug/xdebug/pull/592
@Derick that's the syslog issue (I still didn't manage to file a proper bug report, sorry)
ah, ok
Why did I never notice that with my PHP 7 builds?
2:36 PM
@Derick that is not really an error. The logic is to look for the binary in archives/, and if that fails, look in the top level folder. Since all the old PHP versions are in archives/, no error message is shown. If you wanted to let builds with this issue fail, you need to add $ErrorActionPreference = "Stop" at the top of the scripts.
It looks like an error :-) Any chance we can make that not red? :-)
Proper solution would be something like github.com/xdebug/xdebug/pull/589/commits/… (enforce errors, but use try ... catch).
That's not in the same PR?!
@MarkR Looks like it's been 14 days, so we could bring it to a vote. It should get bumped first, though, to remind people to weigh in.
@cmb are you able to reply to sergey about his pecl account please. He emailed me to ask for update.... and I have no idea what to say to him. tbh there may be an issue with their m4 config, as although it appears to be checking for curl, trying to compile their extension gives:
/var/app/src/ext/lifecycle.c:16:10: fatal error: curl/curl.h: No such file or directory
2:44 PM
Rowan suggested a wiki page to serve as a namespace IANA. I don't know enough about the Wiki structure to know how one would do that. Anyone else know?
Just make a wiki page?
But... where.
@Crell If you're going to bump it be sure to mention the increased need for namespacing due to general sentiment that over time, error messages will be propagated by individual exceptions.
@Wes ping
\o @StatikStasis
2:51 PM
@Wes =D I am wanting to cheat/copy @Tiffany avatar design using her same artist. Would I have your permission to use your elephpant design on a digital hoodie for my avatar?
@StatikStasis lol
@Tiffany Yours looks so great!
@Wes Not for selling or anything of course- just for my personal avatar. But I can pay some license fee if you like. =)
it is pretty awesome
@StatikStasis sure :D but which one?
@MarkR Uh, I don't know what you just said. But I just replied to the thread, so feel free to reply to me with further incentive/details. :-)
2:58 PM
@Wes The latest one I guess? Or the one from our shirts.
@StatikStasis you'll have to show me when yours is complete
@Tiffany Of course!
@SebastianBergmann nice :D
hva faen?
@SebastianBergmann frost mage?
The mage was painted by instagram.com/pechschwinge
The other was pixeled in Deluxe Paint by twitter.com/TassiloRau
Same mage, different painting style.
maybe someday I'll have my draenei shaman or orc shaman painted
I needed something slightly more professional than the avatars I was using :)
My priest looks the same since at least three expansions: worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/eu/madmortem/aranthil
can't look mine up anymore, I haven't logged in, in at least two or three years
I may go back to WoW if I can acquire a CE for Legion and Shadowlands, my interest for it died off when I couldn't purchase a CE for Legion. I own every other CE, including vanilla.
Reflection doesn't know about DateInterval and DatePeriod properties ・ Reflection related ・ #79804
Good mornings
@ThW introduced me to WoW a couple of months before Cataclysm was released. Have played ever since, never got a physical copy.
I grew up obsessed with Warcraft, so playing WoW was a natural transition for me. I started playing it upon release.
3:15 PM
sapi_windows_vt100_support throws TypeError when not able to analyze the stream ・ Streams related ・ #79805
so much nostalgia seeing the virtual renderings of all the places I grew up reading about and playing through in Warcraft 1, 2 and 3 :D
I did not have a PC when Warcraft 1/2 came out. StarCraft was one of the first games I played on PC.
I have fond memories of Starcraft as well... have you seen the remastered version?
Starcraft 1 was a true classic. SC2 is nowhere near as good.
WoL was okay compared to SC1, but HotS and LoV made a lot of improvements. Granted, I still think most Korean SC1 pros are still playing SC1, especially with the remastered version available
3:19 PM
I think I have SC1 Remastered. Definitely have all three episodes of SC2, but could never bring myself to finish the campaign.
I loved Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne.
realpath() erroneously resolves link to link ・ Filesystem function related ・ #79806
The Warcraft 3 human campaign was an amazing work of storytelling. You win every mission yet can see yourself losing, and can't stop it.
@SebastianBergmann The missions are mostly fine, but the plot after the first third of the Zerg episode just gets so awful.
I remember being so psyched for Warcraft 3 when I was a kid. I eagerly watched for news of its release. Warcraft Adventures was announced, then shelved, then they did Warcraft 2 Battle.net instead... and finally started working on 3
First cut is the deepest: Dune (on the Amiga, of course) was my first RTS. It was the inspiration for C&C and WC.
3:21 PM
Dune was before my time :P
Recently watched youtube.com/watch?v=HOemQuy2JUc. Fascinating bit of gaming history.
@Crell didn't like the Kerrigan/Raynor love story?
Tricia Helfer voice-acting Kerrigan was great. That much I remember.
It was fine for the Terran campaign and the start of the Zerg campaign. After she re-zerg-ified herself it just got dumb.
I think my favorite part of HotS was the cinematic trailer for it - youtube.com/watch?v=MVbeoSPqRs4, and conversely, the Starcrafts version - youtube.com/watch?v=BBSmo4JW4mk
3:24 PM
If there is one thing Blizzard is really, really good at it's cinematics.
EVE Online is really good at cinematics, really bad at balance
Indeed. I remember the Brood Wars opening cinematic. Their flickering lighter was amazing for the day
first time I watched the HotS cinematic, chillllsssss
Before they were Blizzard, they were Silicon Synapse: youtube.com/watch?v=At6ar6_NBpc That was a great puzzle platformer.
speaking of Blizzard's cinematics - the Overwatch trailer that's reminiscent of Pixar
@SebastianBergmann Rock'n'Roll Racing too
3:28 PM
Gotta go, have a good one.
3:40 PM
@StatikStasis can you suggest any songs that have a similar beat to Ghost 'n Stuff?
anyone know of a valid use-case for accessing (static) trait properties and methods by the trait name (as opposed to the class name that uses the trait)?
i.e. calling MyTrait::someStaticMethod() directly
In case it wasn't clear: I'm not asking if it works. I'm asking why it works.
I tend to agree with Nikita's response about constants not being accessible via the trait directly, but then it becomes inconsistent with (static) properties and methods, and "welp it already works over here" doesn't quite seem like good enough reason to want it that way
and actually from a more generic view: what's more desirable? "Sane" design, or matching existing "quirky" behaviour for the sake of consistency?
3:59 PM
@Stephen The static property/method behavior is slated for deprecation
@NikiC thanks for the clarification - that makes it much easier to write.
The RFC might be punted to 8.1, but at least that deprecation is in the plans
@MarkR I might have been living under a rock but, is there really a general sentiment to replace error throwing with Error/Exception throwing? For 8.1?
@salathe I think what he has in mind is to add an optional mode under a declare directive
As to whether general sentiment supports that ...
General sentiment does not like new declare directives :P
Oh lord
4:02 PM
Add editions, we'll make it default :P
Well, Girgias will, it's his project.
@MarkR Technically not "mine"
@NikiC I was of the impression we were still going for PHP 8.0?
4:19 PM
If potentially what I've planned recently with touching frames from zend_fetch_debug_backtrace would return an array of TraceFrame which implement ArrayAccess then how big is this BC break?
frames would become objects but having the same API ensured by ArrayAccess interface
Welp. It's time for me to go to ZZZ land so no sense delaying this. Any and all comments/thoughts/issues/etc (even abuse if you're at least being constructive) are welcome: github.com/stephenreay/php-rfcs/blob/master/trait-constants.md
Actually is this that easy?!
zend_hash_add_new(Z_ARRVAL(stack_frame), ZSTR_KNOWN(ZEND_STR_FUNCTION), &tmp);
replace this with property update on a created frame object and that's it ?
4:42 PM
@Girgias I think it might make sense to postpone deprecations because there's not too much time left for finishing a much more important task: warning promotions.
@MátéKocsis tbh, those aren't that complicated
But I don't mind either way
I'm still fighting this dumb MySQLi test failure which happens only on release builds
Of course, that would be the best if we had the bandwidth to deal with both tasks :)
Are you still working on the resource -> object thing for OpenSSL? Would probably make some of the warning promotion easier
@NikiC When should we start to focus on warning promotions again?
@Girgias Ah no, I haven't even started, sorry :) The new ZPP macro was merged yesterday, and I was playing with error messages this night. I also included messages related to array offsets
@MátéKocsis fair fair :) Yeah array offsets
4:55 PM
I'm reaching a point that the amount of time it takes me to manually set up a new VM to work on something is longer than it would take me to learn how to write my own dockerfiles/configs :|
5:19 PM
@Tiffany: vagrant
Vm simplicity + repeatable setups
I've used vagrant but I find limitations with it that setting up my own box doesn't have
Can you elaborate?
and it falls into the same category of "I need to properly learn it" except vagrant isn't used as much compared to docker now
Because vagrant is just a setup tool I’d argue that it’s much shallower to learn
@Stephen it's been over a year, I can't remember exactly, but something occurred, and I decided to just build my own, and I've kept doing it
rather, I encountered some issue that was a limitation of vagrant so ended up going back to building my own
5:23 PM
It doesn’t affect how the environment runs, it’s just automated (and thus repeatable) setup for an environment
root@978b53d80373:/src# sapi/cli/php -r 'var_dump((fn() => debug_backtrace())());'
array(1) {
  object(StackFrame)#2 (7) {
    string(17) "Command line code"
    string(9) "{closure}"
    array(0) {
Is this the right way to convert debug backtrace into array of objects?
Great Dmitry pushed his JIT changes again and it still breaks the ICU test >_>
ICU test?
👀 test
@Girgias the very test he said to be fixed in the commit msg?
5:26 PM
Pretty sure
ext/intl/tests/bug72241.phpt is the failling test
So yeah it is
Well it's "only" broken on debug builds, which should be logical due to the mem leak output
@Tiffany as in libicu for the intl extension.
Would there be an interest to push StackFrame objects to PHP8.0 as well and does it require an RFC if compatibility with array is guaranteed with ArrayAccess ?
We do have objects for tokens in token_get_all
@Danack ahh, thanks
According to Gordon docker adds another level of complexion that you may not want. I still took a day to try to learn docker. A day full of frustration. Maybe it was the book that I was learning from.
I've been looking at examples and just reading through the configurations, making sense of what's going on. It seems pretty straightforward, but I haven't tried writing my own yet
but also a lot of work
5:36 PM
@SalOrozco fyi complexion => complexity.
All the things?
yes, all
5:57 PM
@Danack I want to but it's hard ;(
I am the tech support staff.
you're certainly a staff
Have been hiding things from myself?
that wasn't directed at you btw :-P
6:01 PM
It doesn't matter, it's a life changer, that link of yours.
I propose an industry-wide collaboration to fund a clickbait project in an effort to reduce dumbass questions
I haven't read a book in a long time, but 91 pages is a bit too much for Dockerfile?
"Before we begin using Docker, we are going to need to install it." Instabuy :D
depends how big the paper is
Anyone can recommend how not to suck at Elasticsearch?
1. do not use it
6:10 PM
@DejanMarjanović seriously though:

1. have a clear json-schema for your documents
2. `additionalProperties: false` is SUPER IMPORTANT for elasticsearch
3. lots of experimenting needed: the ranking is very much domain logic
6:26 PM
@DejanMarjanović setup a data eviction strategy at the start of the project, otherwise your data grows and grows and grows....
6:45 PM
@brzuchal Anything that potentially breaks BC, of course needs to have an RFC.
I can provide an alternative like StackFrame::getTrace() but it's only an alternative for debug_backtrace()
Exceptions have their trace collected on object creation
So to save resources reasonably would be to collect the trace for exceptions as frame objects array
The BC break would be here
It only differs in manipulation of frames, as it won't be possible to write additional dimensions nor uset already set
And the worst is I don't know if it does make sense
@Derick I mean I already have most of the implementation done
But feel like am late for the party
FWIW, I think this would need an RFC anyway
Is there no existing function in php-src to convert a zval to a zend_string for error messages? :(
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