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1:12 AM
is there a log for the php docs build failing?
I keep getting a segfault when it tries validating my XML during configure, and I can't figure out what's wrong with my XML
> Checking whether to enable detailed XML error messages... no
2 hours later…
3:32 AM
@Derick if you try going to a podcast recording that doesn't exist... phpinternals.news/100
3 hours later…
6:10 AM
7:00 AM
i am torn by the namespace rfc failing implications on PhpAttribute. Keep on renaming to Attribute in global namespace? Or is a specific feature better suited to get a namespace like Attributes\Attribute?
7:12 AM
folks, natural order means:
1- order that feels natural to humans
2- order that is intrinsic to some particular data type, because math (small than, equal, greter than), or convention (ie alphabet is a conventional way to order letters)
i realize they overlap a bit
7:33 AM
@beberlei that RFC failing doesn't imply that the Php must not be used. :)
7:52 AM
@cmb Not strictly true, there is a @voting group for wiki users who don't have VCS accounts. That said, I've no clue of when the last time was that someone was added to that group.
@cmb my end goal would be not to end up with "PhpAttribute" but either "Attribute" or "Attributes\Attribute", but I don't see how thats going to work out process wise :D
i would just use Attribute
@Derick Not purely by virtue of being an RFC author. To further muddy the waters, RFC authors automatically count as +1 (according to the voting RFC) if they can vote (but chose not to) -- though I don't think that's ever been taken into account.
@beberlei If we got away with stopping folks from using "Object" (in 7.2; even inside namespaces) then I really don't see how "Attribute" can be refused (in the global namespace).
I agree that the PHP namespace should be used, but for packages, not for core stuff. I would still keep main interfaces and types in the root namespace, like Iterator, Attribute. Instead I would progressively move packages in the PHP namespace, like PHP\MySQLi\MySQLiResult
Unless the decisions are completely driven by the winds on the day. :P
7:57 AM
hm anyone seen this kind of error before? We precompile the tideways binary, so regularly this is a ZTS vs NTS failure, but for this customer the so is the right one: PHP Warning: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library tideways.so: undefined symbol: zend_empty_string in Unknown on line 0
@Wes yeah i sort of agree specifically, because then you can skip the import for global attributes and just do <<\Deprecated>>
@beberlei That's uglier than doing the import ^^
Though I guess @@\Deprecated is even more ugly :) yay
I think it is generally accepted that root namespace is for php's own stuff. PhpAttribute is horrible (also, should be PHPAttribute :D)
hah everyday another wiki upgrade notice, now its 3
@Wes True (at least according to the naming RFC wiki.php.net/rfc/class-naming). Although I prefer always pascal case.
@salathe are you sure that the @voting group does still exist?
8:06 AM
i can't find any precedent of php having to use the php prefix. there are some php_s but it's actually stuff that refers to php, like php_strip_whitespace
there's this, but it's not really a prefix either php.net/manual/en/class.php-user-filter.php
@IluTov There is an informal agreement to ignore that RFC and do the reverse ;)
<<\Deprecated>> at least would allow to show internal attributes in a short way inside namespaced code without also requiring to show the import statement. that is a documentation win
@NikiC Haha fine by me ^^
@cmb I'm not a wiki admin so no; but the code is still checking for users in that group.
@beberlei You're right on that one
8:10 AM
why u ignore RFC. RFC is LAW
seriously, why?
@beberlei But that seems like a somewhat unsolvable problem
I can see us adding Deprecated in the global namespace, as that's pretty clearly an attribute name. But adding Jit in the global namespace?
8:22 AM
Question: Would it be appropriate to ask for voting karma once/if the match and nullsafe operator RFCs pass?
@IluTov Sure, if you want a short email thread of folks arguing between themselves on who gets to vote, followed quickly by total silence and no action on your request. :P
@salathe Ooooor you could just silently grant it to me and tell nobody :P
I'd suggest getting a php.net VCS account instead, if you're planning on being a longer term contributor to the project. A side-effect/benefit of that is you get to vote.
@salathe Sure that's pretty much what I'm going for.
@Tiffany Thanks, will fix that :-)
@beberlei It's the wrong PHP version, I think. Between 5 and 7
I did have a look at that voting group, but I've no idea what's going on, or who's in it
8:56 AM
@NikiC what? you mean that the people who do the working maintaining PHP are just going to decide amongst themselves the best way to maintain it? How are people on Reddit supposed to have their voices heard !⸮
@TheodoreBrown "but before I bring it to the mailing list I'm curious what other voters think about including support for nested attributes." Why do you write that, and then not leave a day to people to say anything?
I would have advised you to have the RFC just be i) @@ is better for nesting ii) A small section about your personal preference for that syntax. The rest of the RFC is picking a fight.....
9:18 AM
I spotted this "legitimate" use of get_parent_class() without argument
It's used inside a trait and checks whether there is a parent method to call. Just using parent::class would throw an error if there is no parent
As such, I'm not sure it makes sense to deprecate it
Generally no longer convinced we should be deprecating any of get_class(), get_parent_class(), get_called_class() without args. They do either have about 200-400 uses each in the top 2k composer packages
Good morning everybody. o/
@kooldev yay!
@beberlei Any chance you can merge my latest PR and rebase v2 on PHP master soon?
9:31 AM
@kooldev for some reason i dont get notifications about your PRs on beberlei/php-src :/
will check
@beberlei Maybe GitHub considers it spam by now because I filed too many PRs. ;-)
9:55 AM
@cmb Should you have time, it would be great to update php.net/manual/en/function.fopen.php to specify what the actual default regarding b/t is
The docs are vague and tell you that you should explicitly specify it, but it would be good to know what the real behavior is...
@kooldev merged and rebased, lets see what the build steps say
Based on a cursory code reading 'b' seems to be the default, but I'm not totally sure on that
@beberlei It should still fail due to a change in zend_exceptions.c
10:12 AM
Loading "pdo_sqlite.so" fails: undefined symbol: sqlite3_libversion ・ PDO SQLite ・ #79672
10:34 AM
@Girgias So... what does mb_check_encoding() actually do right now?
@NikiC yes, 'b' is default on Windows as of PHP 5.0.0: svn.php.net/viewvc?view=revision&revision=350008. Maybe docs should be simplified further (there's barely the need for CRLF on Windows nowadays; even Notepad understand LF since Windows 10 1809).
@cmb o m g
notepad understands lf??!?!?!?!?!?!?
10:49 AM
@beberlei @TheodoreBrown What do you think about making #[ a symbol? It looks better than @@ (IMO) and there are also other languages that use it. Both are breaking.
I like it much more, but its also extremely confusing
@beberlei How :)
That its not a comment
@beberlei Combining symbols sometimes results in different symbols 🤷‍♂️ == is not the same as = =
But I get your point of course.
There's also a bit of precedent with shebangs
Which are also treated specially
Though I guess that's a bit different as those are outside <?php
10:59 AM
11:15 AM
@NikiC I'm not super convinced about the parent version either, but can't you get the same behaviour by doing get_parent_class($this)? And I would still argue that the get_class() version without argument is pretty confusing in it's behaviour IMHO
"roughly equivalent to" without explaining the difference ・ Documentation problem ・ #79673
@IluTov Besides what Benjamin mentioned, it's more verbose since it also has a closing bracket.
11:30 AM
@TheodoreBrown More verbose how? because of the closing bracket? It's also less exotic. I think consistency with other languages is extremely important. If you asked 10 people what the @@ symbol does they probably couldn't tell you. #[] is more obvious I think. But hey, it's your RFC, I just wanted to mention that this was also a possibility :)
How is <<...>> consistent with other languages?
@salathe It's not, I'm talking about #[]
How many other languages use #[] for attributes?
@salathe The best one :P (everybody knows I'm a Rust fanboy :D) It's also pretty close to the usual [] but I realize the same could be said for @@
But as I've mentioned, I realize this is all personal preference. Some people will prefer @@, some #[], I just wanted to mention both are a possibility.
> The best one :P

*Perl ?!* :-)
11:43 AM
Gooood morning. Thought i'd pop in before my first zoom meetings off the day :-|
Also I think it would be a rather bigger breaking change to disallow comments starting with [
*sobs* I can never get that Markdown to work :(
Howdy Mark
@TheodoreBrown Well, not all comments, just the # that nobody really uses :) But yes I think that's fair.
@Girgias I guess get_parent_class($this) would work in that case, yes.
Or get_parent_class(self::class) in the more general case
@salathe multiline comments break the markdown on the site....so single lines only.
11:46 AM
I think it may be better to leave it in the RFC for the time being and if it's being contentious we can drop it, because I find it rather confusing
Does anyone happen to know if there is such a thing as a decent flash drive?
Thumb drive style?
At least based on amazon reviews, they all seems to have like 5-10% 1 star reviews because of broken drives
@Girgias I think in that case it would make more sense to kill all of get_class, get_parent_class and get_called_class (without arg) together
@NikiC Can bundle them sure, (and forgot about get_called_class())
I usually use the Sandisk Ultra for general moving things about although they're a bit long for my liking so more chance of damage if hit.
Forgive me if I'm talking out my ass, but last year I remember reading about a bot that scanned github repos for vulns and automatically submitted PRs with fixes in (I think it was just catching buffer overflows where it could determine the buffer length).

If get_class() is in heavy use, don't you already have 95% of the tooling that would be require to automate the submission of a few thousand PRs?
12:00 PM
@beberlei I created another PR (hopefully the last one) to get rid of changes to existing Zend APIs during attribute registration.
@NikiC Checkout "Sandisk Extreme" that's an nvme in a usb-stick. Slightly more expensive but 400 MiB/s speeds
@Sjon I've read bad things about that one. It starts out great, but becomes slower over time
Because it apparently doesn't have working TRIM support
wow, didn't know that. You might be right - I guess TRIM won't work through USB
How much do you need to carry? You might be better off with a Samsung T5
12:29 PM
Wrong translation in PDO::lastInsertId() - Spanish ・ PDO related ・ #79674
@MarkR I have a Samsung T5 and it works great. It's also very small and incredibly light.
And you get USB C
@kooldev @NikiC ah ok so the amendments RFC has one open issue I was reminded of :) Should we go <<RepeatableAttribute>> or <<Attribute($target, $flags)>> where $flags could be Attribute::IS_REPEATABLE?
its funny how you add an open issue to the RFC, and nobody discusses that in the mailing list, but everything else ;
@beberlei I'd go for <<Attribute($flags)>> where $flags = Attribute::TRAGET_ALL | Attribute::IS_REPEATABLE, for example
Or at least, I don't get the separation between target and flags
With Attribute now being in the global namespace, I wouldn't introduce a separate attribute to handle repeatability
hm right, we dont need to seperate targets from other things. it feels a bit weird, because targets are a set of values on their own, and repeatable is osmething different, but essentially they are all flags
repeatable is so rare as well
@kooldev wdyt?
@beberlei I think switching to one flags argument only makes sense at this point. No need to remember argument order and maybe some day there will be more flags.
12:46 PM
Anyone have feedback on wiki.php.net/rfc/deprecations_php_8_0? cc @Girgias as a lot of those are your suggestions :)
@NikiC I've mentioned one time if we should maybe deprecated switch ($a) { case $b; echo 'foo'; } (the semicolon after case) for no other reason than it being weird.
I don't have much to say about the other ones as I don't use most of them :)
what does case $b; do? is it like :? or is it even breaking?
@beberlei It is exactly the same as :
But it just looks incredibly misleading
"template" syntax: `<?php case $b?>
@NikiC if we deprecate FILE_BINARY and FILE_TEXT, we may as well deprecate 'b' and 't' modes. :|
1:01 PM
@cmb But those at least do something...
The constants could finally be implemented... :)
@cmb I don't think they were ever intended to mean the same thing though
I mean, to use text mode I need fopen(), and can't use file_(get|put)_contents.
At least I'm assuming that these were intended for unicode support, not newline handling
> In the meantime, I have created a tool called jc that converts the output of dozens of GNU and non-GNU commands and configuration files to JSON. blog.kellybrazil.com/2019/11/26/…
1:04 PM
@NikiC ACK. Still, we could reuse them for that purpose (still I think text mode is rarely useful on Windows)
@cmb We could ... but then I would rather deprecate t mode than that :)
Like I said before :)
I suggest to add these deprecations, and to wait on general ML discussion.
@Wes If I was creating videos to upload I would normalize everything. If I am doing a live video I will monitor the volume on another PC/phone and make adjustments. In the beginning of a new game I will listen to the feed later to make adjustment or make adjustments based on user feedback.
@PeeHaa LOL! Sorry, man. I've been away for a couple of days. My son graduated from high school. I will go check it out now.
@StatikStasis ooooh gratz!
1:08 PM
@beberlei you mean when using text mode? Agreed. :)
@PeeHaa As I am listening to this I am imagining both of you guys mixing it live from two PCs like Pendulum.
More one is shouting ideas and the other is on the keyboard :D
is there something I should be worried about if it says Segmentation fault after displaying the ASCII kitty from running configure? (docs build)
well, maybe provide as PR so Travis can run the check?
or is there a way I can have configure/render spit out a log?
I kept getting validation errors while trying to tweak the <table> and <title> around, so I decided to remove most of the changes and add them back piece by piece to see where it flops, but if it gives a segfault on a clean build ... (on the other hand, even though configure threw a segfault, rendering it worked fine...)
1:23 PM
which php version....you could generate a back trace and open a bug report.
It's not supposed to do that...
PHP 7.4.1 (cli) (built: Dec 18 2019 15:03:01) ( NTS )
Copyright (c) The PHP Group
Zend Engine v3.4.0, Copyright (c) Zend Technologies
with Zend OPcache v7.4.1, Copyright (c), by Zend Technologies
I'll update to 7.4.5
I believe the message about 'expected' segfaults should probably be removed, as it was put there ages ago when there were more known segfaults happening. But most of them should have been fixed now.
this is one with a backtrace, but I don't remember what changes I had done when it produced this gist.github.com/tiffany-taylor/cea7bc203af7cfd8d402f221a14b85c8
@Tiffany 7.4 opcache enabled?
ah yes
Disable opcache on cli
I think I have been fighting random segfaults too on 7.4.something versions with opcache
No idea whether I am / Windows is doing something wrong or php is broken
Checking whether to enable detailed error reporting (may segfault)... yes
Checking whether to optimize out the DTD (performance gain, but segfaults)... yes
I love those bits :)
Did you try running configure.php with --disable-segfault-error @Tiffany ?
1:29 PM
@PeeHaa I'm running this on a ubuntu machine (might be debian... but probably ubuntu)
@salathe I have not, I will try that
@Danack partially related if your interested in that sort of stuff: nushell.sh
@Danack that guy invented powershell for linux :p
I added all the changes back, ran configure, it complained about XML validation errors, suggested I run --enable-xml-details, so I did... and it segfaults the next time I run configure...yay
going to turn off opcache and see if that makes any difference
Ah actually, can you see those?
011+ prompt> [Added watchpoint #-2147483648 for $value]
012+ prompt> [Added watchpoint #-2147483647 for $lower[0]]
011- prompt> [Added watchpoint #0 for $value]
012- prompt> [Added watchpoint #1 for $lower[0]]
Is what it says for sapi/phpdbg/tests/bug73927.phpt on i386
and master only
Maybe it's somehow related to the auto increment changes for arrays
1:39 PM
No, can't see the test results. I'll check with x86 Win builds.
@Siva have you read the comment on your question? you need to see what the error message is... is it possible your script is unable to write to the file due to permissions or some other extenuating circumstance? that is something you need to figure out. (sorry for double ping, typo was bothering me)
@PeeHaa @Ekin Best I can do at work with my limited resources at hand. i.imgur.com/yXAol5A.png
@cmb ugh I think proc_open uses non-binary mode by default :(
@salathe how can I display a title, or something similar to a title before a table? I tried replicating what was on functions.xml, without adding an extra <sect> tag, which it doesn't like... I'm thinking of separating my changes in its own sect tag, but I'm not sure if that's semantic...
("which it doesn't like" = I get validation errors when running configure)
1:55 PM
@PeeHaa ping ping ping ^^^
2:05 PM
I guess I should say it default to b mode for files but t mode for pipes
@NikiC yes (the other execution functions also default to t mode). :(
@cmb Change this for PHP 8?
I think I'd prefer that.
@Tiffany A <table> can contain a <title> if that's what you're asking...
@Danack I've put the strict operators RFC in markdown and applied all remarks. I really appreciate it if you take a look and possibly create a PR. github.com/jasny/php-rfc-strict-operators
I've reduced the text and example from the motivation.
2:12 PM
Cool. Will try to, but not for a day or two, due to a chronic pain flare up.
Ok, thanks
@Tiffany is this for the typed class/object properties page? If so, that page would benefit from some restructuring to be more like functions.xml, with a bunch of sections.
@salathe yes, it is
it gives a warning, gimme a moment and I'll put it in a gist so it's readable
@NikiC I'm still struggling with `==` and `!=`. I've changed to RFC so they only support int and float (similar to `>`, `<`, `<=>`). However, I'm not really happy about that approach. Do you have any suggestions/alternatives?
@cmb I've added wiki.php.net/rfc/deprecations_php_8_0#t_fopen_mode for now, feel free to improve
2:19 PM
@salathe I fixed the validation error I was encountering, it configures, but throws a backtrace after completion. here's the table
if you'd rather me restructure the file altogether, I can do that instead
Can we deprecate strtotime and all the nonOO date stuff that has OO variants? ;-)
@Tiffany I'm not sure about the backtrace... since it successfully validated and created the .manual.xml file, I wouldn't worry too much. Your changes look okay, we can worry about restructuring it / splitting the page into sections separately.
@Derick we might ... but I think that would take a separate RFC
That seems more like a policy shift
@salathe alright, I'll render it, see what it looks like, and apply any necessary changes to my PR, thanks for checking :)
I wasn't 100% serious...
2:29 PM
Did __autoload already get stripped out?
@Derick As benevolent dictator for ext/date, you can do whatever you like. :)
@NikiC yes. phpdbg reads nNextFreeElement (and assigns to uint32_t and prints as %d). heap.space/xref/php-src/sapi/phpdbg/…
@MarkR yes
@Derick why not make yourself serious tho ;)
The procedural date api isn't particularly offensive, but intl, ugh
it's mostly annoying because a unix timestamp is not enough to represent date/time information tbh
yeah, intl is just a straight copy of the lovely ICU APIs...
@beberlei Attributes is ready to land ... please don't forget to squash and add a small UPGRADING note
2:39 PM
@Derick It isn't? I rarely encounter a system that doesn't use unix timestamps
No, it isn't, as it doesn't contain timezone information.
we may consider to deprecate php.net/manual/en/class.directory.php
Isnt' that kinda the entire point?
@cmb nice find. not quite sure what the "proper" fix is, apart from special-casing it
I don't think we have an API that returns the just inserted key
Well, I guess you can just do nNextFreeElement - 1 afterwards, good enough
would be cleaner to have an API which returns the inserted key when inserting (out param)
need to fix the int types, anyway (x64 works because (uint32_t)-1==0)
2:44 PM
@cmb eh, that's complicated (unless it just returns nNextFreeElement-1 internally ... threading it through the internal APIs is what would make this ugly)
okay, then I'll try to do without
@NikiC thank you <3 <3 will do tonight
another change for master: get rid of unused pHashFunction param of zend_hash_init (see e.g. heap.space/xref/php-src/sapi/phpdbg/…)
@salathe so I went with <table> <title> and rendered it, but I don't like how the title appears above the table... here's a comparison between what I did, vs what's on functions.xml
2:58 PM
@StatikStasis Damn that is bad :D
And exactly how it goes
@Tiffany I prefer the prettier title too, but that means splitting into sections.
@PeeHaa Hey... it's PowerPoint. I don't have Photoshop at work.
@salathe Alright, I'll do that. Can I pass my changes by you for review?
sure :)
3:03 PM
cool, thanks
@PeeHaa Oh and btw, I loved the song. Tell @Ekin good job. You should listen to her direction more and you'll turn out more bangers. =P
@StatikStasis lol :D
@StatikStasis \o/ he's good at this
3:24 PM
Incorrect docs for array_key_exists opcode ・ Documentation problem ・ #79675
@cmb hehehe
@salathe should documentation be formatted according to American English or British English?
> Class member variables are called "properties". You may also see them referred to using other terms such as "attributes" or "fields", but for the purposes of this reference we will use "properties".
punctuation should be inside the quote marks, if it's supposed to be formatted according to American English
unless the quote marks are changed to a tag like <literal> or something
or whichever that tag is...
3:52 PM
@Tiffany I'm not sure we've ever stipulated one English or another; so long as it's consistent within a page I guess. Also, prefer <emphasis> rather than quotes.
👍 thanks
@Tiffany I would argue for "technical" English (which I made up, if there is such a thing then it's coincidence) where literal terms never have extraneous punctuation in them, as in technical contexts those punctuation bits may mean something.
@LeviMorrison that's fair, but I think there should be designated markup to signify a literal term, rather than plain double quotes
going to try out <emphasis>, hopefully will do what is expected
@NikiC LGTM, and thanks for writing them up nicely :)
4:16 PM
@Ekin =D
just merged the attributes RFC patch into php-src:master
yay \o/
congrats :)
imagescale adds black border with IMG_BICUBIC ・ GD related ・ #79676
@beberlei Neat :D
4:31 PM
just want to verify - if I want to add <sect2> or <sect3> tags, <sect2> must be inside a <sect1> tag, and <sect3> must be inside <sect2>? russiandoll.gif
4:43 PM
@TheodoreBrown if @@ were final syntax, maybe we could make () required?
Hey, still haven't got answer on my question, will be glad to expose it to other people so you can help me
Q: PHP upload image data through AJAX

Yotam DahanI'm trying to upload product to my PHP upload system, that includes multiple variables, images among them. I'm using ajax function to transfer string variables and newForm() (that related to images fetched from input[type="file"]). The main goal is to upload the image and strings in upload.php f...

that way there sort of would be a terminating symbol. I imagine there will not be many attributes that are without arguments
@beberlei congrats \o/
@NikiC thank you - it wouldn't have happened in this detail without @kooldev - not much has changed from the outside since my prototype 2 month ago, but the current code is like, completly new :P
5:02 PM
@beberlei Does this mean you have time to benchmark instrumentation? :)
@NikiC I'd like to ping you regarding my question in my sysvshm PR: github.com/php/php-src/pull/5499#discussion_r426305482 (but feel free to postpone the answer until you're working again :) )
@LeviMorrison i have penciled it in for tomorrow
we have a summer work schedule with just 80% time, so friday is fun time :)
@beberlei Awesome! Thanks for all your work!
@IluTov not me alone @kooldev did the nasty implementation details and @NikiC had to review a few times too much ;-)
How bad am I in a need of refactoring my code when I thought about using the global keyword, using gotos and references?
5:15 PM
@beberlei And thanks @kooldev and @NikiC :)
@Girgias It's all lost, burn it and walk away.
@Girgias napalm...
Will teach me going again for the mixing HTML and PHP in single file to keep it fast for prototyping
we all made it when we were young
5:19 PM
Well it worked well until I was asked, oh can you make it so that we can set up the coefficients manually
There are just 12 coefficients
5:43 PM
I'm fine with HTML and PHP in the same file, but not mixed, meaning some PHP, then HTML, then PHP, then HTML. No, that's crap. But for simple things having a single PHP block at the top and a single HTML block at the bottom is fine. No need to make things harder than they need to be.
(I'm talking very simple things, one page websites like a personal website, not an SPA)
5:58 PM
I did split stuff into classes and into other files before, but my whole rendering logic and form defaults is in my index.php, still less than 300 lines though
I include my HTML in my controllers, because evil
I have a render method in each which I pass arguments to, effectively no different than a callback
6:37 PM
@LeviMorrison I'm the same way. I dislike pages that go in and out of it haphazardly all through the php file.
It's a jumbled mess.
@PeeHaa Some really good tracks on this: youtube.com/watch?v=j1F5dLm8bxk //Cc: @MarkR because we have similar tastes (it seems) and you may like this too.
@StatikStasis Might be why it's already in my history about a dozen times xD
lol =D
VideoPhixa's female vocal trance series is pretty good. Eye candy as the background image too \o/
why does doc-en build on PHP 7.2 in Travis?
@salathe I updated the PR with sections, and hopefully did the "request review" correctly in github :P
7:13 PM
@MarkR I would say 90% of the Trance album playlists on YouTube have some female on them and in some cases could be deemed NSFW-ish. I always open up a blank tab while listening to them in case I have to hover over Google Chrome in the taskbar I don't want someone thinking "...what is he watching...?"
Benefit of working from home then \o/
@MarkR Me: Let me show you where to find that. Them: What are you watching? Me: Nothing, just listening to music. Them: Sure...
Only 3 pr0n tabs?
Not working hard enough bruv
7:40 PM
@StatikStasis Still better than Synergy coming up with an actual yuri intercourse act as their background for one of the music they posted
...and yeah, the one I chose above for the example was rather mild.
I mean at a glance it may be alright
But the moment you look at it
It's welp :')
7:59 PM
@beberlei I'm not sure what you mean. Can you give an example?
8:33 PM
@PeeHaa 1 window and 2 pop-up ads.
9:04 PM
I want to explain the issue with <<>> syntax and nested attributes better for Rowan. Is there a good example to use of why this doesn't work? @beberlei @kooldev @NikiC
Grouped attributes in a nested attribute wouldn't make sense, but couldn't that just be disallowed?
@TheodoreBrown @Attr <-error must be @Attr()
@beberlei I guess I don't really see a benefit of requiring that, especially since new ClassName (without parentheses) is allowed.
@TheodoreBrown I don't think <<>> is syntactically impossible for nested attributes, it just becomes ugly as sin at that point
Though I find the whole premise of nested attributes fairly dubious in the first place :)
It's definitely ugly :D
9:46 PM
the php way
i find @@ equally ugly tbh, lets say a closure, you have $foo = @@Attr function () {} - without a terminating symbol this could mislead in interpretation
at least <<>> cannot be confused for something else, like error supression magic
/me still votes for Rust-style attributes, and then shuts up because they're all ugly one way or another.
@beberlei Well, it can potentially be confused with shift tokens. I guess both shift tokens and error suppression aren't very common in modern PHP code, though.
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11:14 PM
Is there documentation anywhere for zend_create_closure?
11:42 PM
I'm using laravel and am trying to do an IF statement which returns different views based on the data inside of a table, my instance I've got a messaging dashboard and have two different times: Messagesin & Messagesout but the views need to be different. Anyone have an idea of how to best do it in the controller?

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