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you broke the description
"Spaß ist verboten" is from @PeeHaa, right?
or Gordon
room topic changed to PHP: Support group for those afflicted with PHP. Don't ask to ask, just ask. Username auto complete is *tab, not enter. Spaß ist verboten. Chat Guidelines: room-11.github.io LXR: heap.space [friday] [php]*
@Tiffany broke?
@Danack not broke for me now
working here, too.
/me is saying gn8 now.
nn, and also nn.
@Tiffany Haha. Yeah, it's a pretty German sentence.
@Gordon how are you doing? (particularly during this time)
@hakre random I think
@ajmoprobatopet Well you better get to it then :P
I miss my gym being opened.
I'm shrinking... =(
12:11 AM
Are you telling me playing fortnite all day doesn't help? :P
lol- unfortunately not.
Nor Days Gone...
I'm doing Final Fantasy VII Remake live at midnight Friday, btw.
I freaking loved when I was watching your stream and skipped the intro and I am pretty sure I got right at the moment where you say: SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON
paraphrasing ftw \o/
lol- I don't say that.
@StatikStasis ping me and I might join if I am not playing fallout
12:14 AM
I should though just for you =D
join as in watch it
Do you stream on twitch or only youtube?
ahem! @PeeHaa If you had subscribed and turned on notifications you would know when I go live!
maybe I should stream my baking... lol (haven't actually started baking stuff yet, waiting on supplies)
12:14 AM
@StatikStasis I know I know
I will totally do it
Just kinda sucked into new job atm :D
How was that?
lol. Verbatim. yes. please
And tell Ekin to also- I need 100 subs for a custom URL. =)
@StatikStasis I'm having flashbacks youtube.com/watch?v=AKjmDPGJI-4
12:16 AM
@Tiffany did you find placement yet?
@StatikStasis placement for...?
job placement
not yet... :/
COVID isn't helping matters
mmm- really tough right now.
Did you qualify for stimulus funds?
12:20 AM
covid is an anagram for vidco.
@StatikStasis @Ekin ^
or COD VI (6)
Yeah @Ekin pound that subscribe button! youtube.com/channel/UCX6OAEFvXlOc2_mkeiELWrA
12:26 AM
have you seen Final Deployment 4?
watch it, in its entirety, trust me
Does anyone know what's the best way to match a text which has some spaces among its letters with regex?

I mean I want all of these: ['yesterday', 'yester day', 'yes ter day']
What about y esterday?
What about other words?
I want all of them, suppose the space among the letters is variable.
12:34 AM
Just for the word yesterday or in general?
Just for a single word, string, text..
The only solution that came in my mind is


Why not just strip all spaces and compare instead?
@PeeHaa Actually I don't need to use regex myself. Somebody asked me this question. I thought maybe there is something to do with regex. Of course except what I sent
@StatikStasis when you were talking about being really good or being funny as a streamer, made me think of it
Seems like an XY problem to me
12:38 AM
lol @Tiffany
12:49 AM
Does anyone have experience with flutter and firebase?
@StatikStasis too meta for you?
I thought it was pretty funny.
made by the same people who did Too Many Cooks
1:08 AM
@X4748-IR I think maybe what you're looking for is \p{L} character class.
@Sherif Wow, what a useful expression. Thanks. I'm sure it will help
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2:28 AM
What exactly is ZEND_ACC_SHADOW implying if it's set?
3:01 AM
Could anyone with sufficient understanding of CodeIgniter please help to curate good content at stackoverflow.com/q/18691972/2943403 Currently, 7 of the 9 active answers are incorrect / not answering the question asked. If you have deletion privileges, please help to purge the negatively voted content so that researchers can actually find the correct advice. I cannot leverage the closevote reviewers room because I have posted an answer.
3:17 AM
$ git diff --shortstat
 2 files changed, 306 insertions(+), 68 deletions(-)
Had a pretty productive day.
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6:04 AM
Modify -1 month works incorrectly at the end of some months ・ Date/time related ・ #79453
6:39 AM
@TravisHansen see php.net/manual/en/…
Define "operation fails"
6:58 AM
git mernings
7:13 AM
7:35 AM
8:32 AM
@LeviMorrison private property exists on parent
In more recent versions the flag is gone and you're expected to check the scope instead
8:54 AM
Transliterator::getErrorMessage is non-static and unusable for error checking ・ *General Issues ・ #79454
9:28 AM
@beberlei depends if you want syntax highlighting I guess
9:38 AM
@Andrea you made a comment about autoloading at compile time on the mailinglist before, what do you think of the changes around that with compiler attributes vs userland attributes?
2 hours later…
11:47 AM
hello every one, i have a little technical question about jwt authentication. would it be considered a risk to pass my user roles unencrypted as part of the jwt parameters as a user can be malicious even though the jwt process is quite secure i still feel that unencrypted roles as part of the parameters is risky
As a JS question, is this syntax invalid:
if(props.fontFamily === undefined) props.fontFamily = '';
looks normal to me
Morning all o/
12:06 PM
can anyone advice me
Don't use JWT if it's just there to replace the SESSION cookie
It's the same thing
Now about authentication, in what regards? To an external service?
Also JWT ain't really secure
yes its a small REST api
alright thanks taking a read through
Who is receiving and who is emmiting the token? I'm no expert on API design and such but why is the role needed?
12:16 PM
okay i am using jwt auth process for authorisation, which is something like this

"alg": "HS256",
"typ": "JWT"
"sub": "1234567890",
"name": "John Doe",
"iat": 1516239022,
"role":"{"admin"," accountant"}"
Hi, I am facing similar issue while updating the composer, (stackoverflow.com/questions/59923243/…) But I would like to proceed with Old Zend Packages instead of Laminas. Could anyone suggest to update the Zend Packages
i was trusting the client with his claims of roles, but was wondering if i should have that value encrypted and decrypted when passed back to me. and glancing through the link you pasted i understand it would be better to handle it such details in session
@Girgias but wont this become an issue with micro services, say i have a load balancer pushing requests to different servers as it sees fit
@BobbyAxe that's out of my depth, never done microservices I'm just a Uni student :') but I'm not sure having a load balancer which diverts requests to different servers is using micro services
nope its not :) just trying to generate a use case..
Can always cross that bridge when it arises :p
12:26 PM
@Girgias i am trying avoid building something that will lead to having a sticky session for the servers or having all the servers share one session which will result to one point of failure :(
Ah, that's a valid concern I suppose :-/ sadly can't help you more there :(
i just need some clarity, maybe am over thinking things
@DaveRandom good morning, can you save me from myself please!!
With some PHP functions it's a bad idea to use the variable with the data as the variable you assign the result to (eg $names = array_fill_keys($names, $otherAry) is there any way to determine if one should avoid this from the PHP manual pages?
Partial System Outage
Incident on 2020-04-07 12:39 UTC
12:43 PM
@Krishna38 what's stopping you from including the zend framework package and its latest version in your composer.json file?
@Tiffany I am getting below error
Package ZendFramework/Zend-component-installer is aboanded, You should use laminas
My composer.json looks like this
@Krishna38 you'll just have to ignore the error, if you intend to use the zend framework, I would think...
I don't think there's a way to suppress or fix the error
Ok, Seems its strange. When I tried in Linux environment I am able to get Zend Packages. But in Windows system only am unable to do. What could be the reason
the error is there for a reason, it's telling you to upgrade your stuff, because the version you're using is no longer supported and will no longer receive updates, which can leave you vulnerable
@Tiffany Ok, Let me check
12:56 PM
and I don't know if this will fix it, but may be worth trying, using a version alias: getcomposer.org/doc/articles/…
Thanks @Tiffany, I am just curious about the OS, Why it is working on Linux environments. Do you have any idea
the version of composer you're using might be different
if people just versioned their dependencies the problem you're describing wouldn't really occur.
@beberlei Your EBNF grammar is missing support for optional trailing comma
I think it seems different version @Stephen. Will try with same version. Thank you. :)
@Ocramius could you please have a look at bugs.php.net/79447? I think you'd be the one able to best answer @NikiC's question.
1:04 PM
Also doesn't make it clear that namespaced-names are used, STRING is a non-namespaced name.
@NicolasGrekas I love these kind of code generation systems where 100 comments later, still nobody knows what code is actually responsible and where it came from ;)
@beberlei Actually I'd just drop that grammar entirely. It also references <php-expression>, which is somewhat confusing in this context, given the current limitation to constexpr.
on a slightly-related note, @PeeHaa would you add an answer to stackoverflow.com/questions/44048571/… on how to correctly fix the issue? I remember you saying it has something to do with a correctly set up AD, but would you elaborate?
TBH, we could return only the initialized properties in __sleep - not really experienced in this area though, as I stopped using serialize() on mutable data structures since ages, @NicolasGrekas
The only reason `__sleep` exists in proxies is to avoid serializing the whole ORM and proxy initializer closures, but we could use reflection in there to determine which properties are initialized. The performance impact is acceptable, since we're well out the 80/20 scenario.

Overall, the behavior of PHP-SRC makes sense to me
1:19 PM
@beberlei Is the PhpCompilerAttribute thing already implemented? I couldn't find it in the implementation
@NikiC no that is the next step
@beberlei Asking because the wording is somewhat vague on how exactly that works
because i don't know yet :D
@beberlei Generally anything that involves actually instantiating objects during compilation makes me pretty leery
Any suggestions on how to do the php 8 RM vote with 4 (or more, I need to check) on the wiki?
1:22 PM
I would expect that when you register an internal attribute, you also specify a callback that gets invoked if it is encountered, and that callback does the validation
I would prefer doing ranked voting
who're the candidates?
@Danack Thanks, will do
thats a good idea, that would skip the instantiation
@Ocramius thanks. @NikiC would it make sense to sill behave like I described in the report so that unserialize(serialize($obj)) keeps boring semantics with as few edge cases as possible, from the outside pov?
1:23 PM
the downside with differentiation between userland + compiler attributes is really that when you mistype a compiler attribute, it would automatically assume thats a userland attribute :-( i don't see a way around it
Sara, Ben Ramsey, Joe Ferguson have replied to my message, but I think I saw one more.
i guess a topic for tools and IDEs to balk at and not the runtime
@NicolasGrekas I think ultimately this BC break is OK for 8.0, but not in a patch :-)
maybe just revert and re-introduce only in master
right, also Gabriel Caruso
so 4
@Derick Me: externals.io/message/109330, for some reason it didn't make into the thread :(
1:24 PM
yes, because you didn't use "reply" ;-)
@Girgias I have but am 1d after deadline with my work project so couldn't do nothing more than read, but I'll try to find time tomorrow to figure out some other cases/examples
@GabrielCaruso Can you please do reply to the original message though? So there is a log
@NicolasGrekas yup
@beberlei Yes, no way around that if we're not instantiating everything during compilation. We're relying on IDE / static analysis to spot typos
1:26 PM
@Derick I wasn't subscribed to the internals@ list at that time, I've re-subscribed days ago, I don't have the original email :(
@Ocramius nop
@GabrielCaruso I'll "bounce it", so you can reply to that
@Derick Thanks!
@NikiC unless it's a security issue, isn't that a very loud BC break?
@GabrielCaruso Should be on your way
1:28 PM
@NikiC I mean, it's been very much permissive so far: 3v4l.org/h5OM8
I'm not saying "don't fix", I'm saying "fix in 8.0"
@Ocramius I think you misunderstood
This is not a change for undefined properties, it's a change for undefined typed properties
yes, I'm aware of that
So no BC break apart from the fact that it landed in .2, many months ago
any code that does foreach ($reflectionProperties ...) { is broken, hence BC break
@Derick I would prefer mud wrestling :-)
1:29 PM
@Ocramius Interaction with new language features is never BC
no interaction with new lang features above :shrug:
@salathe No.
I also have to fix the 7.4.1 mess today - BC break there too :P
Aww :(
but anyway, I don't mind either way: can be fixed in userland, and serializing entities is a bad practice anyway, so I'm happy that more folks get an exception
good for making things loud
1:31 PM
@Derick Replied
@Ocramius I'm not, too much support/issues/reports/wtf when the engine could have a nice and consistent behavior :)
@NicolasGrekas I believe it's not possible to make it "boring", because that would require changes to the serialization format.
I think a throwable is nice/consistent there: uninitialized state shouldn't land into a serialized string
either your data structure has data to be serialized, or it cannot be serialized (kinda like Generator)
can't the engine ignore uninitialized properties - aka not serialize them at all?
if __sleep returns only those that are initialized, ya
1:33 PM
@NicolasGrekas Yes, but it cannot preserve the fact that they are uninitialized, which means they may not be deserialized as uninitializde.
otherwise it makes perfect sense to prevent serialization of incomplete objects
unserialize() has this stupid behavior where it will simply fill in default values for properties that are missing
If I were to re-design the proxy stuff nowadays, I'd throw in __sleep myself anyway. The whole __sleep kinda came in as a patch on top of something that was already working for in-memory lazy state.
Ostensibly that's to allow you to add a new property to the class and have it picked up on unserialization
@NicolasGrekas I do see the argument in favor of simply ignoring them, in that we also just ignore them if __sleep is not used.
@Ocramius are you talking about doctrine or proxy manager code breaking?
i worked the last weeks on doctrine related breakage with 7.4.2
1:37 PM
@NikiC yes, that's what I'm thinking about 3v4l.org/F0ukT vs 3v4l.org/ksvnC
ProxyManager - 7.4.1 broke BC on typed properties + unset, and I didn't get to fix it yet
All issues have been resolved!
I saw the convos on the doctrine repos, but didn't look into it at all: avoiding most doctrine/ stuff for a while
So, what's the consensus here, I'm getting contradictory signals...
Should we throw if uninitialized props are used in __sleep or silently ignore? I don't have a strong opinion in either direction
We should silently ignore
1:39 PM
I'm for throwing - no consensus :)
my only point is: move that to 8.0
I agree with @Ocramius that ppl shouldn't serialize objects with uninitialized. But when they do, we have a different pov :)
Yeah, I like using the magic words "don't do it"
It's a valid response to close issues too! It works: proven!
mine is this should be seamless, because that closes all issues reported so far, closes the BC break, and aligns to the semantics of unserialize(serialize($v))
1:40 PM
unserialize() is not an universal factory, and serialize() is not supposed to be a total function
@salathe whoever can produce the cutest kitten gif
at least it now starts throwing, instead of producing notices: big jump!
@GabrielCaruso that worked, cheers
@Derick One option per pair wouldn't be terrible, I guess. It's 6 different pairs
@NicolasGrekas @Ocramius Without knowing the details, an easy quick fix would be to add public function __serialize() { $props = get_unmangled_object_vars($this); unset($props['orm']); return $props; } or so, if there is a fixed set of properties that need to be removed.
That is probably also a lot more efficient than doing it the other way around, and determining the properties that need to be preserved by looping over reflection.
Do you have a link handy where the __sleep implementation is defined/generated?
1:52 PM
Aye, kinda like that. Performance not a major issue here, as that's a detail: I think the discussion is around BC break or not :)
@Tiffany :-)
@beberlei Do you plan to add any additional "attributes for attributes" that specify things like where the attribute may be defined / whether it can be used multiple times?
@NikiC i was thinking to omit them to keep the implementation leaner, do you think it makes sense to add?
@beberlei not sure
you can add them in userland for a library on top of attributes easily
1:57 PM
@pmmaga I think we've done it like that before, if memory serves.
It would be a bit weird in that they wouldn't be enforced, or only enforced on reflection. Advantage would be that IDE / static analysis can check.
but for IDEs and static analysis it would be nice in core
hah, same thought :D
@pmmaga Yeah, I suppose. Too late now :-)
Vote for your next release manager → Ben Ramsey, Gabriel Caruso, Joe Ferguson, and Sara Golemon → wiki.php.net/todo/php80#release_managers
(can you all star that one)
@beberlei You don't have to vote exactly as me ;-)
that was my preference though
scandir() mishandles UTF-8 character(s) ・ *Directory Services problems ・ #79455
2:05 PM
it doesnt let me vote for @beberlei though
@Derick not sure how that works though, what if a person for 1st preference has the second place, but not first place for second preference?
@Gordon i don't know if i am a good fit for RM :-)
@Derick It's not too late if you haven't announced on list yet :P
i have
From internals-return-109552-derick=php.net@lists.php.net Tue Apr 07 15:03:38 2020
Subject: [PHP-DEV] [VOTE] PHP 8 Release Managers
Folder: mail/PHP/Internals
ah, just got it....
2:07 PM
STILL NEED YOUR HELP GUYS, please and thank you!
I think I understand. You don't want to store JSON directly in the database, you want a JSON document in PHP code, and you're asking how to map it into normal columns in the table? Can you please describe your database table more clearly? — Bill Karwin 14 hours ago
Q: How to update mysql with json array?

ajmoprobatopetI want to make cron job on my server to save my json array every 10 minutes (I want to update mysql table every 10 minutes) The thing is that i have really nasted array which is currently really hard for me to save alone without your help! Here is the json array: {"firstname":{"eur":14.27,...

2:29 PM
@beberlei Would this wiki.php.net/rfc/php-namespace-in-core help?
@brzuchal no worries, I just wanted to check as you went into radio silence :p
@Girgias only partially, i am not sure attributes should decide about compiler attribute status based on str_starts_with
but it could be discussed then
Sorry not sure I'm quite catching this
What's the relation to str_starts_with?
nothing just reusing the concept
Lets say you have an attribute "Deprecated", developer types <<Deprecatedd>> so its a typo. now if thats imported from a namespace use PHP\Deprecatedd; then we could check if the attribute starts with PHP\ and if yes => its a compiler attribute
but that is a weird convention and rather "magic", compared to saying each class marks itself as "compiler attribute" instead
Huh, I suppose so
I mean you could just "ban" user defined attributes in the global namespace?
But then doesn't really help the case when you're already in the same namespace
yeah but that requires weird class names in global namespace, "class Deprecated" <- dangerous, but even more so things like "class Jit" for <<Jit>>
2:34 PM
I don't really have any good ideas so, can't help more :/
no worries :-) its a good idea with the php based namespace
That still requires us to get the RFC ball rolling
And I don't even know what to think about this RFC myself :|
don't get me wrong, we could use this namespace, because right now attributes Rfc register two new classes "PhpAttribute" and "PhpCompilerAttribute"
and we could work with aliases that make the classes available in old and new name or not?
i would put up that RFC for discussion to gauge the feedback
@beberlei what I was saying is that I don't know how fond I am of the proposal of using the PHP namespace as it could boil down to also "alias everything" which isn't really practical
We could aliases the classes with the old name, like the example about ReflectionType
But then it feels like we would need to put everything from Reflection into the PHP namespace even things which are perfectly "ok"
Still waiting on brzuchal to have a look again before bringing it up to discussion, also if you have any ideas where the PHP namespace could be useful I'll gladly take them :p
this is not something you need to discuss now how to handle though, as you said "This RFC could allow us to redesign, with the benefit of hindsight, some of the core APIs provided by PHP. "
2:47 PM
True, quite impressed with this sentence I managed to cook up at 3AM
I'm feeling pretty "not-smart" looking at the RM vote.. :x When is the fourth preference taken into account? In which case would the end result be different from the result of the first preference vote?
I would imagine this is going to use STV?
So, if it would close now, it would be Sara and Joe even though Joe doesn't have any votes on the second preference, right?
How I'd see it work is:
Sara wins first round/preference. All other first preference votes for other candidates get added up to preference 2.
This gives Ben 3, Gabriel 5, and Joe 1 thus Gabriel would win.

Now imagining it was Ben 4 and Gabriel 4, Joe 1.
Joe would be out so his voters votes would go down to 3rd preference to redistribute between Ben and Gabriel to see who gets the majority
So yeah trying to figure out when the fourth one would come into play...
3:02 PM
Yes, that's what I think people are expecting. But the rules are explicitly saying that the one with the least votes is eliminated in each round
Ah wait
@Danack yep, of course. it's also what the bot uses for lxr plugin
So Ben has 0 first choices currently, so pass, second round Gabriel has one voter, he get's "eliminated" for first RM and it looks where the second preference of wyrihaximus goes, to Sara, so Sara get's +1, Joe has least votes so it goes to your second preference which is Sara so she's elected
And then you repeat again?
I'm not following the same logic even though it has the same result: First we eliminate Ben. 0 votes, so the second option isn't used. On the second round we eliminate Gabriel, and his vote goes to Sara as that's the second option. And that's it. Sara has the most votes and Joe has the second most votes.
Why doesn't Ben get any votes?!?!? Is this rigged?
3:16 PM
@pmmaga by the same logic flipping Joe and Gabriel in the column order you get rid of Joe
I don't see why the order of how they appear in the ballot should affect it goes down
@LeviMorrison He didn't even vote for himself :D
@Girgias it doesn't. I was following the order of the one with the least votes only
I didn't think this through well enough :D
@pmmaga I didn't refresh the page
Still was 1 and 1 for Joe and Gabriel
@Derick Sara didn't vote for herself either for Preference 1
3:19 PM
i saw
@LeviMorrison Have a moment in a PM?
3:38 PM
@Derick I'll ask you to reconsider recreating the vote with the pairs. Even though it is annoying to ask people to vote again, I think this method is flawed for 2 main reasons: - While clearly most people seem to prefer Sara+Gabriel, the result would be Sara+Joe - The last persons to vote have an advantage over those who were early because they can make their vote more significant given the rules (this could only work if the vote was secret)
An STV way would have been better
(of counting)
but yeah, pairs are also better
Why do people care who the pair is? I don't get it.
it's simpler :-)
3:54 PM
And you may explicitly want someone more seasoned and give the opportunity to someone new
I think I should just count in the STV way instead :-)
Does that mean to remove the winner of each round instead of the one with the least votes? or something else?
The single transferable vote (STV) is a proportional voting system designed to achieve or closely approach proportional representation through voters ranking candidates in multi-seat organizations or constituencies (voting districts). There are various ways of counting votes under STV, as described below. Under STV, each elector (voter) gets a single vote in an election electing multiple winners. Each elector marks their ballot for the most preferred candidate and also marks back-up preferences. The vote goes to the voter's first preference if possible, but if their first preference is eliminated...
ah, the quota method. yeah, that sounds better
I've updated the poll ;-) THe email didn't explain the selection
4:07 PM
I've noticed that wiki.php.net/todo/php80 is not listed under wiki.php.net/todo. Should we add it?
go for it
Done 👍🏻
4:34 PM
Sara's the only one who voted for herself as the last choice, heh
everyone else picked her for first or second
we;re all weird
weird modest and humble :)
but in fairness, it can be said that PHP is a weird language, so by association, we're all weird :D
When i run xml request
It gives 500 internal server error:

soap:ClientSystem.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapException: Unable to handle request without a valid action parameter. Please supply a valid soap action. at System.Web.Services.Protocols.Soap12ServerProtocolHelper.RouteRequest() at System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapServerProtocol.RouteRequest(SoapServerMessage message) at System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapServerProtocol.Initialize() at System.Web.Services.Protocols.ServerProtocol.SetContext(Type type, HttpContext context, HttpRequest request, HttpResponse response) at System.Web.
Imagick PECL extension Requirements docs incomplete ・ Documentation problem ・ #79456
4:55 PM
le sigh.
@user3216114 did you read the stack trace?
5:15 PM
STV is how FIG conducts its elections. It's also the campaign I'm working on to bring it to US elections. :-) It's a good and well-tested model for this sort of election.
(It goes by a dozen different names; STV, RCV, etc.)
5:59 PM
Bit of a noob question but I've used Linux for 10 years, how do I reload PHP on Windows 10 after editing php.ini?
Just restart the server/machine.
Or if you're using apache you can do a graceful restart
apachectl graceful
standalone php-cgi without a web server, was hoping for a way faster than reboot
Start > Run > type "IISReset" > Click OK.
Start -> Control Panel -> Add/Remove Software
6:08 PM
OR - you can open task manager, and find CGI/FastCGI, right click end task, and it will restart with your latest configuration.
One of those should be your solution.
6:19 PM
not using IIS either
I can end the task yes but then I still need to open it again, if I open exe on windows it doesn't run in the background
Can't you just run it as a service and restart the service?
6:43 PM
Did you try turning it off and on again?
7:01 PM
IT Crowd
The function zend_fcall_info_init adds a ref to the function name -- what's supposed to delref it?
(Doh, I was using callable_name, ignore)
Odd question (CSS)

Is there a way to make a button (or any clickable element) to run a specific CSS command?

Used for filtering elements & classes:

E.g. Button one runs: .class1 {visibility:hidden} .class2 {visibility:visible}
Button two runs: .class1 {visibility:visible} .class2 {visibility:hidden}
I'm sure with javascript this would be easier (button = #function)
but I don't know JS properly enough
7:21 PM
@OakDev If this can't solve your request, you will need to swim in JS water.
Maybe I misexplained myself.

I have two elements that are both loaded. One has css visibility:hidden by default.

I simply need to have a simple way to re-run CSS on-click.
@OakDev can you approach the problem differently? Can you create a CSS class that reveals whatever it is you need to show, and then have JS add the class to the requisite element on click? (bound by an event)
I'm working on it.
^So have you tested with :active pseudo class mentioned in answer I found for you?
It only applies to mouse-over (from what I understood)
What I have seems to work, just need to test it
7:44 PM
:active !== :hover
Disclaimer: I haven't tested it but also expecting you to tell if doesn't work after testing.
With respect, it's your job. :)
Learning is a job
Google how to bind a click event with vanilla JS
jQuery is a relic
8:03 PM
It's ok
@Tiffany Really tho?
Does it work properly?
Cause I legit only need to apply this little thing
8:21 PM
@OakDev That would be my main reason to just add an native eventlistener
No need to download an entire library just to do that
Although jQuery syntax will help you with Cypress. :D
@OakDev yes... try it out
JS has come a long way in the past decade
JS has come a long way in the past decade IE died
8:46 PM
Valgrind errors during PHP initialization ・ Testing related ・ #79457
9:07 PM
I think my neighbors are having a party :|
9:34 PM
@PeeHaa Can I an elaborate class-set for this: https://jsfiddle.net/2d3w8a0x/9/

Classes would be like: .something-161 .element.something-element-6704259:not(.something-motion-effects-element-type-background), .something-161 .something-element.something-element-6704259 > .something-motion-effects-container > .something-motion-effects-layer
9:49 PM
I know this is googleable, but I'm looking for articles specific from the PHP community. Has anyone (within the PHP community) written anything (article, blog post, tutorial, etc) on good API design?
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