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DateTime::diff() generates months differently between time zones ・ Date/time related ・ #79452
1:53 AM
@Wes I heard there were two parties in the month of March in my county, one with 50 to 100 people, and the other with around 25. There was a confirmed case of COVID that went to one of em. ... then in some states, they're having "coronavirus parties" -_-
People did "measles parties" for centuries and that worked because we figured out that taking early in life is much less dangerous that taking it when older, and we knew that once you got measles, you would develop antibodies. That information is not available yet for coronavirus afaik.
so that's just stupid
2:12 AM
Does anyone know can you implement Boyer-Moore search for streams?
Assuming the substring could be split between buffered chunks of the stream, how would that effect computing the skip tables?
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8:11 AM
Madainn mhath a chairdean!
you make one small commit to your RFC PR, reply to a comment, and bam new reddit thread with 44 comments complaining about the syntax again :p
8:23 AM
tbh, why do you even bother with Reddit? :-)
i didn't create the thread, but i am still looking if there is some valuable feedback
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10:02 AM
@Gordon where / who would I poke for getting somebody (potentially) on-boarded with Instana?
10:41 AM
조은 아침
@beberlei you're popular
@Tiffany its the RFC thats popular
But you're the author
11:32 AM
HI Guys
What is your country name and what is the status of Corona Virus over there?
11:56 AM
@Ocramius an existing user or new user?
India Confirmed 4,067 Recovered 292 Deaths 109
@Gordon New stuff - evaluating whether to go ELK APM or something else
@Ocramius I guess sales@ would work
@Dhruv Look like a neighbouring country to china has a lesser infection that the developed countries.
12:25 PM
@NikiC probably a dumb question but, shouldn't we move the php_unicode.c/h and related files to something more global than MBString?
@beberlei I was going to ask you, how is the experience of having an RFC on github where anyone can comment going for you?
@Danack the RFC text itself is not part of the PR o github, so the feedback is generally meh and 99% focussed on syntax not on implementation details
@Girgias Don't they depend on libmfl?
I mean, the data tables are separate, but the case folding code uses mbfl filters iirc
php_unicode.c even includes mbstring.h
Ah yes I thought it only handled Unicode
But it also does conversion from other encodings to Unicode
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Mornings people
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Now where is that device that allows me to stab people over the Internet...
Mar 4 '16 at 8:05, by Gordon
2:49 PM
22 mins ago, by DaveRandom
Mar 4 '16 at 8:05, by Gordon
3:21 PM
(╯°□°)╯︵ (:
3:55 PM
How's your guys' Monday so far?
4:14 PM
Bha mo Diluain gu math :-) (My Monday was fine)
4:37 PM
I need to get cleaning, but waiting a bit for my sister to fall asleep so I don't wake her up. She takes sleeping aids, so it shouldn't wake her.
Finish up my kitchen so I'm ready to begin baking when mixer arrives
4:54 PM
hmm already did that today
That's a bad sign. Is it still monday?
5:06 PM
hii, anyone use mpdf?
5:24 PM
@FabriceFabiyi just ask the question you have
Why wouldn't mdpf work on one server? I'm using it on another server and it works perfectly so why doesn't it work on my current server and it doesn't return any errors.
i have updated the attributes rfc and incorporated a lot of the feedback, before i publish on wiki, does someone want to go over it? gist.github.com/beberlei/ad4fb72951bddafbf580e0e648a6a00d notable changes: 1. same anontation allowed multiple times 2. attributes on parameters possible 3. differentation between compiler and userland attributes, where compiler attributes are validated at compile time and userland at reflection time.
@Andrea you had tons of feedback on the RFC i addressed, would love to get your feedback again if you have time time
@NikiC would like your feedback on the new section on compiler vs userland attributes as you championed compiler attributes: gist.github.com/beberlei/…
5:57 PM
@FabriceFabiyi server configuration is different? check that errors are set to enabled and either log the errors to a file, or display errors on the page
Q: How do I get PHP errors to display?

AbsI have checked my PHP ini file (php.ini) and display_errors is set and also error reporting is E_ALL. I have restarted my Apache webserver. I have even put these lines at the top of my script, and it doesn't even catch simple parse errors. For example, I declare variables with a "$" and I don't ...

Q: How do I log errors and warnings into a file?

GorepHow do I turn on all error and warnings and log them to a file, but to set up all of that within the script (not changing anything in php.ini)? I want to define a file name and so that all errors and warnings get logged into it.

@FabriceFabiyi but more specifically, if these servers should be the same, then one server should be cloned to the other, if possible. If it isn't possible, ensure that either server is configured the exact same.
@Tiffany thanks for answer i try it
@FabriceFabiyi You should probably fix that :P
6:44 PM
How can I convert string into an array for the following string?

I tried to used explode(), preg_split() but it is not working
"not working" is ambiguous
I hate having to dig through 4 or 5 function calls to see what "flags" might actually be.
@beberlei sure, I'll have a look!
@beberlei btw, IIRC there is <php> which is handy for quoting code inline (it's different to <code php>)
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8:31 PM
@beberlei https://gist.github.com/beberlei/ad4fb72951bddafbf580e0e648a6a00d#file-attributes_v2-txt-L526 which would be ***an*** unacceptable outcome. (missing word)
Also why 2/3 +1 for voting choice? Normal 2/3 is usually the way to go.
8:52 PM
Btw @brzuchal did you have a look at the PHP Namespace RFC again?
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10:00 PM
@GabrielCaruso "signatures not respecting" maybe change to "signatures not matching". Or "any magic methods that don't have compatible signatures.".
This is so driving me crazy: So I itentionally run a phpunit 6.5 testsuite with PHP 7.4. And I expect it to fail. So it does - on Travis. When I'd like to make it fail locally with the same PHP 7.4.4 version it does not fail.
And I can't find the reason.
Even inside the php 7.4.4 docker container it does not fail. Hmm. No better idea than diffing configuration.
10:21 PM
Are you depending on extensions/libraries.
I have all these managed via composer
@hakre so you can see the test that is failing on travis? Step through that code and see which bit isn't failing?
No but are you depending on a PHP extension which depends on another library, e.g. cURL
@Danack Phpunit shortens the backtrace. So the interesting part is not in there as it is in Phpunit.
Cause if your Travis is targeting Xenial you're getting some pretty old dependecnies out of the box
10:29 PM
For the record, I've started running my tests on travis inside a container because of shenanigans. And also moving stuff to github actions...
@Girgias indeed it is xenial. Locally I have bionic.
Welp there is part of the anwser
The error is Function ReflectionType::__toString() is deprecated - and it is always mocking related.
I thought this error is normal with Phpunit 6.5 running on PHP 7.4 as phpunit does not support it.
@beberlei line 498, minor typo
php container runs on Debian GNU/Linux 10.
I still don't understand why PHP gives these errors on travis, however I now can see which larger part is different.
10:41 PM
@Danack I wanted to have travis for the matrix across PHP versions.
this kinda defeats itself.
fair enough...though setting up multiple containers/actions isn't that tricky.
@Girgias @MarkR thanks, all fixed. @Andrea so use that instead of the //symbol//?
11:01 PM
@Danack It's testing a utility that works with that exactly (ktomk/pipelines), I just want to ensure it's testable on userland (e.g. development). Anyways, I'll try to push phpunit 8 onto it for the 7.4 build and see if the errors go away at least.
I wonder if Thread Safety => enabled could cause any such errors in reflection.
Ha! It's error_reporting=32767 (travis) vs. 22527 (locally). Looks like my local build is not strict enough.
I have a project where fread is returning false in php 7.4 but "" in previous php versions...anyone who's willing to dig into this with me? I've been down rabbit holes with strace/tcpdump etc and it appears the behavior is simply...different...in php7.4
11:18 PM
Hi guys I bet someone know how to fix this. please
Q: How to update mysql with json array?

ajmoprobatopetI want to make cron job on my server to save my json array every 10 minutes (I want to update mysql table every 10 minutes) The thing is that i have really nasted array which is currently really hard for me to save alone without your help! Here is the json array: {"firstname":{"eur":14.27,...

@ajmoprobatopet There is no sql in your question
I want to update mysql with json array
there is some sql query for that i bet.. please help me if you can @PeeHaa
But there is no sql in your question
Surely you can at least attempt something?
I tried and it won't work. Its making me stress because i never work with json and its really hard for me
also i must make it today, @PeeHaa
I put the update with sql statement which i best i must use. I am not sure how to make variables of the json object with my example please help me.
11:50 PM
@TravisHansen So let's say the behavior is different in PHP 7.4. I can see two reasons: 1.) the return type has been fixed 2.) the io system is more precise signalling the difference of nothing to read and reading a zero-length string.
@TravisHansen have you opened a bug on bugs.php.net?
@ajmoprobatopet wow you get answer from none else than Bill Karwin for your question.
is there still a working lxr instance? There has been one pinned in this chat like always, but not any longer?
there is one ... php-lxr.adamharvey.name/source is out of date I think..
dave rando has one somewhere..
@Danack that's Ekin's :P
Is it okay to share? Or where was the other one?
11:59 PM
> Dedicated to & Maintained by Room-11
it's okay to share
@Danack: Thx. Again.
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