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11:00 PM
Welcome to The People's Republic of Room 11
@DaveRandom Yeah, I just was pointing out that you were painting both decisions as equally easy
@bwoebi yeh that's fair
@bwoebi at the same time, afaik there have rarely if ever been incidents of a room owner behaving badly enough to get demoted
so many italicized names now
Combobreaker, there ya go Tiffany :P
11:05 PM
lol, I didn't even know that RO's names were italicized
@MarkR lol
have you bought Among Us yet?
@Tiffany Yes, this room now belongs to the people. Is that unfamiliar concept?
@Tiffany Honestly I got distracted playing AC Rogue
@Tiffany DaveRandom has removed Tiffany from the list of this room's owners.
11:06 PM
@DejanMarjanović are you commanda rambo?
I am de commanda Rambo
11:08 PM
@Tiffany I blame you for this.
great job you broke it
wtf even is a hdll
I will deal with this shit in the morning, you people will have to live without me until then
@DaveRandom I completely expected this
I have Steam on Mac :D
I see it's PC and mobile only :\
11:10 PM
I accidentally opened stream's full-screen mode like... 5 minutes ago, it was easier to sigkill via powershell than find the 'go back to normal' button
@DaveRandom hashlink.haxe.org google finds this
@DejanMarjanović nice thing about mobile is that it's a shared platform, so mobile can play with PC
everyone seems to be mistaking me for someone who gives a flying fuck rn
good night @DaveRandom
:-P nn
11:12 PM
@Tiffany Ah so crossplay is there, I will install in on tablet (guess that's mobile) as I heard Among Us is all the hype recently. Thanks
@DaveRandom <3
@DejanMarjanović it is fun :D
I just play Apex Legends on PS4 and after few months I still suck at it.
I don't enjoy FPS on console
11:15 PM
@Tiffany Congrats on becoming an RO :)
@Tiffany Yeah not good, but then again I just have Mac, can't even play Counter Strike. What a piece of shit.
@Machavity thanks :)
@GabrielCaruso Just as well as I wanted GA. :D Okay, you take RC3/RC4, that way if there's anything to be done for 7.2, I can focus on that.
why isn't Sara an RO either?
11:19 PM
room owner
@Tiffany psst you can fix that
Also, what happened to my avatar? o.O
good question
@Sara Was it linked to Gravatar? No mods have done anything AFAIK
11:21 PM
I think it can from using FB login.
@Sara You got defaced, that's the term I believe.
Might wanna upload it into your SO profile
Okay, switched my SO profile to use my gravatar photo, but that's done f**kall here
sometimes takes a little while to update
11:23 PM
Chat and SO are different systems. Takes a bit to propagate
<Joey> You're nothing without a handle....
Identity is back [i]
shows up on main at least
Right. That's my gravatar image, which I just set in favor of my FB image which is an egg.
Who knows why SO doesn't have my FB image
Oh hey, there's a mod tool to force a refresh. TIL
11:25 PM
it just updated, fo rme at least
@Machavity and your super powers
Well.. my face ten years ago.
I was hotter in my early 30s
Now everything ls like....4 inches lower than it should be
I'm in my early 30s and have osteoarthritis in my hip already x_x
0/10, do not recommend
My hips, thankfully, are solid. My knees on the other hand....
I do miss my knees.
My knees are solid, for now...
Is that like genetic thing or way of life or whatever?
11:31 PM
@Sara How old are you? I really hope to be as great as you when I am your age :)
I suspect it's at least partially congenital in my case, but I have no proof
that's twice as old as I am
So I still have time to be as awesome as Sara when I grow up
Tiffany for PHP 8.1 release manager!
11:32 PM
@Tiffany we both do :)
@Machavity that will be great
I saw "Tron" and "Return of the Jedi" in the theater, I had a crush on Matthew Broderick's character in "War Games", and I didn't have a decent connection to the internet until I was 16
Define decent connection.
I've been watching movies with my kids and having to explain "They didn't have cell phones back then"
The elections for 8.1 RM will be in like...5ish months? You're going to have to compete with Ben Ramsey and Joe Fergusson at the least.
@Machavity noooo, that would end poorly. I don't have enough knowledge of internals.
11:35 PM
You don't need much internals knowledge.
They would be much better RMs than me
You need to know git, mostly
I'm not that great at git either :S
Also, bear in mind, every RM pairing must have a veteran to guide the process.
You don't need to be great at git, merely capable.
Nobody is great at git. Except Linus Torvalds.
11:35 PM
@Tiffany well you have 5ish months to learn :p
Oh boy
Maybe we can convince Derick to take the veteran seat.
So, another fine week of work done, just gonna commit and push and DETACHED HEAD
No, wait, Derick will still be on hook for 7.4
I guess cmb then
Cmb would want a break though, wouldn't he? He's on 7.2
I dunno
11:37 PM
Woof. The list of available and active veterans is /short/
No, His listing on 7.2 was just some fill in.
I don't want to speak for him, but doing it twice in a row can't be fun
7.2 was me and Remi primarily
Adn I'm literally going straight from 7.2 into 8.0 :p
insert foot in mouth
11:38 PM
I nominate Bobby boy @bwoebi for RM
Davey should be a veteran, but he dropped out at the start of 7.1 (bad boy)
@Sara @DaveRandom?
Tiffany has promised to make PHP great again. Which leads most people to ask "When was it ever great?"
But anyway, yeah. Short list of 1/ Veteran, 2/ Active, 3/ Willing, 4/ Not already on an active release.
@Machavity :D
11:40 PM
Dave hadn't done a release yet, had he?
@Tiffany Davey Shafik something something
I mean, we can just decide to do two newbies and provide support from the rest of the RM team. It's not rocket surgery.
I have names mixed up
Why is he called dave? isn't his name really chris?
11:41 PM
Oh geez, there's something I haven't watched in awhile
Friday Night Dinner is funnier though
No, no, no, you got that wrong.
I don't know the other show but you got it wrong.
Trigger always calls Rodney "Dave"
That show is the reason why I say some words in British English.
11:43 PM
Except the one time Rodney corrects him in the town hall meeting, but then Trigger still goes on calling him Dave
Grass, half...
PBS wrecked my accent as a child. Fed me rediculous amounts of BBC and Channel 4
@DejanMarjanović And you think I'd like to spend my time on that? :-D
@DejanMarjanović funniest scene youtu.be/63rcdLeXiU8
(That's really the main issue)
11:45 PM
@Tiffany is that really the reason?
Ah, sorry @bwoebi you're all grown up now I forgot!
I sort of would like to do it… but eih, I want a 25th hour on all day for that
Studying, working, both?
@DejanMarjanović just working
Wife and twins?
Hope it's primarily for yourself :)
11:46 PM
@DejanMarjanović let's say… There's someone I like spending my time with :-)
@mega6382 yes. I'm not at my computer right now, but it was discussed in chat at one time
hmm, cool
Petition to change name to DaveUrandom @DaveRandom
@bwoebi \o/
11:47 PM
I would like to be RM, but I am unbelievably irresponsible
You just disqualified yourself, congratulations.
@Sara Maybe we should have two newbie RMs as long as there are enough people willing? Get more people into the pipeline?
Still have one veteran, I mean, but 2 newbies. 3 total.
@LeviMorrison for RM
I'd rather write code tbh
@DejanMarjanović that was the plan, so I won't be tempted to apply :D
11:51 PM
It would be cool to be RM, but I don't know if I could handle it. It's taken me little over a month to adjust attempting contributing to open source again after gaining employment
I can't, I'm already working 25 hours like Bobby, but would apply as newb.
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