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12:18 AM
@PeeHaa Getting on if you're up!
12:29 AM
@Wes You awake?
yes, ish
i'm going to bed though. too tired
finishing watching a weird movie. it's called "enemy"
it's donnie darko v2
Donnie Darko v2 is S. Darko, no?
12:48 AM
@ircmaxell looks like S. Darko is the sort of movie that people would deny exists because of poor reception
@ircmaxell didn't know a sequel actually existed :P
what a weird movie Enemy. i completely missed the point, if there is one
@Tiffany Oh, that is very much what it is
1 hour later…
2:16 AM
In my opinion, Donnie Darko doesn't need a sequel. It tied everything off succinctly. There are many absurdities in the movie, but watching it multiple times helps explain the absurdities. A sequel wouldn't benefit that.
Alas, I'm chalking it up to Hollywood grasping at successful, one-off movies, and attempting to make some quick money off of :/
2 hours later…
3:51 AM
What's the difference between zend_hash_index_add and zend_hash_index_add_new?
4:14 AM
Okay, this is weird. I have an SplFixedArray. It has no properties currently. When I add the first dynamic property it will do this:
    frame #0: 0x0000000101376ff2 php`_zend_hash_add_or_update_i(ht=0x000000010c2015a0, key=0x000000010c291000, pData=0x000000010c28c6c0, flag=8) at zend_hash.c:743:29
   740 				}
   741 				goto add_to_hash;
   742 			} else {
-> 743 				zend_hash_packed_to_hash(ht);
After that operation, it believes it has 3 used slots already:
(lldb) p ht->nNumUsed
(uint32_t) $15 = 3
@Wes "how can you live with yourself?" Be the trouble you want to see in the world
/fu markdwn
@AdelmoMezzi also pronounced "Italian chokes beloved English TV personality almost to death".
4:46 AM
Something, somewhere, is changing the number of elements used and I can't find it >.<
My watchpoints are failing me too.
1 hour later…
6:05 AM
Good morning.
1 hour later…
7:05 AM
Plot thickens, attribute talk doesn't stop?
7:33 AM
@Tpojka interesting did not think wbout that
There's always one.
7:56 AM
is there an 'easy' way to say: A + 1 = B ? A is starting char and B is the char I want to have in the end in this case, but I needs to work for all the letters
@Naruto 1-byte characters or any complex ones? If 1-byte than ord($string) and char($int) will do the job.
@SebastianBergmann By the way, that code coverage issue you pointed me to was probably an incompatibility between php-parser and php-swagger, which I've fixed in the meantime
@nikic Thanks.
I know u can loop like and do ++ but I'm more like looking for $z = 'A' and then like + x to get another value
but that doesn't really seem possible?
8:07 AM
@Naruto chr(ord($char) + $offset)
@nikic Not sure you noticed, but in the meantime I changed the PHP constraint in my composer.json files from ^7.3 | ^8.0 to >= 7.3.
Though keep in mind that this will go beyond 'Z'. It just works on ascii codepoints
Have not completely wrapped my head around the entirety of dl.acm.org/doi/pdf/10.1145/3385412.3386037 just yet, but I am already wondering whether this could/should be implemented in PHP userland as a library or in C as part of the standard library.
> If arithmetic computations and result are directly exposed to human users who are not floating point experts, floating point approximations tend to be viewed as bugs.
This is the story of the PHP bug tracker :) A perceived half of our bugs is "0.1 + 0.2 == 0.3 is broken"
8:13 AM
@NikiC that is exactly what I am looking for, but is this also possible to that when you reach Z you go to AA?
@Naruto No, you'd have to implement some custom logic for that
@SebastianBergmann Oh wow. What brought that about?
@NikiC You, of course.
@SebastianBergmann Thank you :)
I watched your discussion with Nicolas and did not like being the "bad guy" that "holds back the PHP ecosystem". You did not name me, but I felt meant. Which made me rethink the situation and in the end I agreed with your argument and made the changes.
8:49 AM
reentrancy.c:139:23: error: too few arguments to function call ・ Compile Failure ・ #80171
9:06 AM
Friday, March 216th, 2020.
9:25 AM
@Derick longest day of the year
what are the thoughts on using MySQL primary auto inc field for entity IDs, such as user_id, product_id etc? E.g. (1) user_table - id (auto inc, unique) | something_else then id would be user_id in other tables. OR (2) user_table - id (auto inc, unique) | user_id | something_else
If there is already a unique identifier, use that. Primary key auto increments don't work in distributed environments (well).
They don't?
No, because you need to argue which client gets the next ID, and if there are 500 doing that at the same time, serialisation needs to happen.
9:37 AM
IIRC MySQL handles that by designating larger sequential blocks of IDs to each server, which then hands them out until exhausted
Or they can just use UUIDs instead of coming up with workarounds.
But it doesn't address my first point: If you already have a unique identifier, use that, and don't invent a new one.
Do you mean to use the auto inc primary field? doesn't that cause problems, e.g. disaster recovery where re-running migrations means users might get a new ID, because they're just auto inc fields?
I use both, all my internal data is always managed via auto increment primaries, but anything exposed outside always uses a UUID.
@SebastianBergmann hmm.. an interesting read, but probably only useful for scientific calculations, right? I can't imagine the average user - who is not a "floating expert" or lacks the knowledge of for example numerical errors in fp calculations - explicitly using recursive real calculus because of potential errors they don't know about
@MarkR so why have the auto increment ones at all?
9:43 AM
so id | user_id? So that primary unique is just to have a primary unique per row and user_id is mapped separately so never changes in FKs etc?
@Derick Because they're faster, more space efficient for keys, and the UUIDs are v4
so then why UUIDs and not a slug?
Human readable doesn't come into it.
Hi all, quick C-related question: I'm trying to pecl install imagick on MacOS big sur, and an error pops up saying "asm goto isn't supported yet" — any ideas why that might happen?
9:50 AM
if I use the primary key auto inc in "user_table" for user ID, when that ID is used elsewhere, say in "user_contact_table" - "id | user_id (is the "id" from user_table) | telephone |" then those IDs could change if e.g. the "user_table" had to be recreated (and other scenarios). Whereas doing "user_table" - "id | user_id |" means the user_id will always be that and FKs etc won't break
@BrentRoose configure detected that asm goto is supported, but your compiler does not support it
Possible cause: Two different compilers were used for PHP and for the PECL extension?
@James If you restore the table from a backup you also restore the IDs. You should have referential integrity rules on top of that
As recent clang version support asm goto
@NikiC is Apple's clang version the same as the normal version? I'm on Apple's clang 11 now…
@BrentRoose No, it has no relation at all
wikipedia says it corresponds to clang 9
9:55 AM
Ok, that's helpful information, thanks!
Is there any way to tell configure not to use asm goto explicitly when using pecl install?
10:22 AM
@Danack :D i don't like to be put in the corner..... at least they should allow us to buy it
and donate the money to trees
@Wes Finally put my tube thingy online! Thanks again
looks cool :D
Only thing that irks me is that I can't get the station names horizontally centered, They're anchored to the right side of the photo now. Currently adding the Central line which has some more interesting routing (as it has loops and branches)
Using return value of zend_assign_to_variable() is not safe ・ Scripting Engine problem ・ #80173
10:39 AM
@Derick <div id="caption"><span>......</span></div> if you add me a span i can make it actually centered
I've added it
#caption {
    text-align: center;
    height: calc((1vw + 3vh) * 1.5);
    top: -27px;
    line-height: calc((1vw + 3vh) * 1.5);
    font-size: calc(1vw + 3vh);
    display: flex;
    position: absolute;
    left: 100px;
    right: 100px;
    background: #00ff0040;
    justify-content: center;

#caption > span {
    background: #ae6118;
    padding-left: 0.5em;
    padding-right: 0.5em;
    border-radius: 10px;
left you the lime background so you can see what's going on
10:56 AM
Had to tune it a little as there was another background for #caption defined somewhere
But it works - thanks again!
11:07 AM
yw :D
@MarkR Exactly what I am doing with id and uuid:v4. Although the other day I read about speed of operations over uuid field and it pretty surprised me how fast that field can be. Still, I believe int is fastest type especially when dozen tables should be related and searched through their foreigns.
@Tpojka I was tempted by storing binary UUIDs but having to swap back and forth and mod the ORM was what dissuaded me
Same here. Until I have more time to invest in all of that - id it is.
11:22 AM
anyone know how to automatically fix imports in phpstorm for a directory?
@KerrialBeckettNewham Have you been on this page?
11:35 AM
@Tpojka tried that, doesn't work
Explain what/how is considered as broken when you say "to fix".
specificlly tried: Clean up code on a given scope
@Tpojka import a use that isn't imported.
@Tpojka that would be an example, but i'm looking to import an annotation class.
@Tpojka doesn't give the 'run inspection on' option in my case
@KerrialBeckettNewham That's where you need to continue googling instead of me. :D
11:49 AM
@Tpojka Obviously, I've googled a lot for it, hence why I'm asking other people. If you don't know the answer ignore my question.
Just saying that's the next station if linked answer is actual answer to initial question.
I hadn't that situation and will excuse myself of further 2¢ advices giveaway. :)
No idea what you're on about. Thanks for trying to help.
12:03 PM
where is the hash code of zend strings kept? i imagine it's not calculated every time given that strings are more or less immutable
12:18 PM
how does that field get updated when the string is changed? is it calculated right after the change?
@Wes I think it is only calculated when needed, but zend_string_forget_hash_val() is called whenever a calculated hash went stale.
12:34 PM
Need help with php syntax.
// What will be the output for this statement
<? php if( 0 ) :
echo "Hello"; echo " World."; ?>
thanks, that helps :D hey statik
@HelloWorldPeace if short tags syntax is disabled, it'll throw an error cause there's a space between <? and php
That code is terribly formatted, I need eyebleach
Actually, even with short tags syntax enabled, it'll throw an error because php is a bare word (I think)
12:46 PM
is there a way to call php's internal functions using FFI ?
sorry about the format.I'm new to PHP. I try to stick with the PSR2 coding standard but it seems few people follow it
@HelloWorldPeace 3v4l.org/jOmf2
I guess I was wrong
PHP just echoes it out lol
if short tags is enabled you probably get parse error unexpected if
@IMSoP this may interest you: chat.stackoverflow.com/transcript/message/50597183#50597183, I know you were removing bare word support for define, may be something of interest, I dunno
@Tiffany despite the white space error what would the output be?
I wasn't able to work the editor in the link
12:59 PM
@HelloWorldPeace still error probably, because you are missing a endif; i think
^ that
unless endif is optional for single expression statements.... but i doubt it is
<?php if(true): echo "hello"; echo "world";endif;?> //helloworld
> Have you ever dreamed about mocking a final class or redefining final method?
lovely thank you :D
1:03 PM
consider using uopz instead
Augmented reality Mario Kart! arstechnica.com/gaming/2020/10/…
happy friday 11
youtube.com/watch?v=1TewCPi92ro it's friday thennnnnn
1:07 PM
@cmb was just joking :P just need to call the zend string hash function from php
i think I see where the problem is. I was following recommendations from the comments in the if section of a downloaded copy of the PHP Docs. Did not notice most of those comments had double digit down votes on the actual site.
Last question. if anyone can help. When you nest an if statement in a one line if statement why does the nested statement require double semicolons?
1:24 PM
I keep this gif bookmarked for every time I need a laugh. Guy in red and blue just screwing up everybody's day. LOL i.imgur.com/SZ61xzQ.gifv
@HelloWorldPeace Code or didnt't happen.
@HelloWorldPeace IMHO wrong question; better question: why do you nest an if statement in a one line if statement? Use a single statement and && the conditions instead.
// Nested if statement example from comment section of docs
$bar = 'bar';
$foo = 'foo';

if (isset($bar)):
if (isset($foo)) echo "Both are set.";
elseif (isset($foo)):
echo "Only 'foo' is set.";
echo "Only 'bar' is set.";
Throws error: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ':' in /tmp/preview on line 7
&tldr; You should use curly braces.
wouldn't that be mixing the syntax?
well, not if you avoid the oneliner all together
1:37 PM
Curly braces are industry recommendation (read: standard) and shorthand syntax is discouraged.
@HelloWorldPeace 3v4l.org/mKoSd Note the colon. That makes it just an alternative syntax to normal braces that is more appropriate for opening/closing tags between cases.
Ok, gotcha.
Regarding your quote doubt,

echo "Only \"foo\" is set.";

is valid to write.
I see. I was wondering the need for the double quote.
I'd copy the example here but its too long
I can't find a link but it is by Julio Marchi in Alternative syntax for control structures in PHP docs
This is weird. 3v4l.org/2B4Bf
1:50 PM
If you write

echo "Only "foo" is set.";

you have two pairs of opening/closing quotes with syntax error (in form of word foo) between those.

Same thing with single quotes.

Your options are to combine quotes 'some "special" offer' or to escape inner quotes how is pointed above. Also there is slight difference in use of single vs. double quotes because double quotes interpolates variables. Check heredoc and nowdoc and everything about strings tbf.
That one should probably throw a parser error, just like if statements with no body do. 3v4l.org/6T5gp
PHP8 RC1 - JIT Buffer not works ・ Unknown/Other Function ・ #80175
@IluTov Why is weird? Did you expect the HTML code to not be displayed?
The behaviour looks correct to me. What throws me off in such situations is the implicit empty statement
@Dharman Probably a parse error. But if not a parser error then yes, I would've expected the HTML not being printed (considering everything outside the tags is compiled to an echo 3v4l.org/kruEh/vld#output).
@IluTov see 3v4l.org/QcMgY
^ ?> implies a ;
2:01 PM
The ?> causes and implicit end of statement if none is present. In this case there is an empty implicit statement so the if does nothing
Happy fridai all o/
@cmb Hm... Ok, I don't know those parts of PHP since I've used a template language ever since I started using PHP. A parse error would make more sense to me.
But I suppose that would be quite breaking.
2:14 PM
Yes, that would be a terrible BC break. Also, it's nice to be able to write <?=$whatever?>.
May generally you are escaping anyway so not having to add the semi colons adds little IMO
Not that I really care one way or another :)
@cmb That one makes sense though, since it expects an expression and not a statement, right?
@IluTov It is a statement. It evaluates to <?php echo $whatever; ?>
Hi guys. Do you know if it's possible to identify and log users with PHP based on which client TLS certificate they use? Just to know which user is requesting which resource. I am trying to prevent client TLS cert leaks from my users.
(i mean, i need to know if a user gave away his cert to others)
There is no way of knowing this
2:18 PM
So, if a cert is leaked, it's leaked. ☹️
@Dharman <?= only allows expressions, no statements.
So not having to add a semicolon makes sense. Because semicolons are part of statements and is also a statement by itself.
What I meant is that this is a statement, not an expression. obviously you can't do echo echo $whatever; because echo expects an expression.
The opening tag <?= literally means <?php echo
This becomes even more clear when you try this 3v4l.org/MXtbr
BTW why is there a difference between PHP 7.4 and 8.0 here?
@Dharman Well that error message just got worse :(
@JoeWatkins How long is apcu_bc intended to be supported?
2:30 PM
The message mysqli object is already closed is slightly misleading. This error can happen when the connection has not been opened yet. Should we not say mysqli object is already closed or has not been established yet
Ohai @LeviMorrison. Happy friday o/
And also change mysqli object to connection because you don't close the object, you close the connection
@NikiC I'm afraid I'll need help with the param renames, because there's simply way too many extensions left for next week. I can take a few bigger ones (e.g. intl and oci8), but it would be cool if you or anyone else could take a few other extensions, so that less remains after the branch cut.
@MateKocsis I can help with something small if you want my help
@Dharman Yes, sure. You can find the missing tasks on the "issue tracker" that we use: github.com/php/php-tasks/issues/23 :)
3:08 PM
\o Happy Friday
Wow, thank you!
This is enough to support stubs in php-ast, but maybe not elsewhere
One big problem is that I don't know what the current naming conventions are
From what I gathered, for PHP_FUNCTION + PHP_METHOD, you just always use the non-namespaced name
I was working on static return types yesterday for gen_stub.php. Wasn't quite right because at runtime it would say something like "signature blah(): static must be compatible with parent blah(): static".
@NikiC I don't care that much about existing conventions; I'll just conform to what the stub generator wants :)
3:28 PM
How do I generate the arginfo?
@MateKocsis I'll continue working on this next week
@Dharman If you have the tokenizer extension enabled it will be done by the make command, otherwise ./build/gen_stubs.php
^ nmake does not generate arginfo.h on Windows (and some other make systems)
Is 3v4l.org/FfASj a known change?
@cmb yes
is it documented (UPGRADING)?
3:34 PM
Calling non-static as static is no longer supported in PHP 8, and is_callable() reports that
> . Removed ability to call non-static methods statically.
Though maybe an explicit mention of is_callable wouldn't hurt ^^
given that UPGRADING is already very big, maybe migration guide is enough
@NikiC small PR open for this (I think lot of people like me search in this file)

grep is_callable UPGRADING*
Are only static methods callable now?
3:39 PM
@Alesana see 3v4l.org/FfASj
Right that's why I asked
But now I see NikiC's message
interesting. That will be a pretty big breaking change for a lot of people
@cmb THink I finally found the maxminddb issue
Am I doing it right? github.com/php/php-src/pull/6264
Should $enableExceptions be $enable_exceptions?
@Derick ugh
3:48 PM
saw my email?
yes. While you're at it, could you somehow "reset" yitam's password (news-web.php.net/php.pecl.dev/16970)?
He needs to email me from his @php.net account
sorry, she
doesn't seem to be possible via UI (asks for existing password); for php.net accounts it's possible, though
How to send mail via php.net account without faking that?
well, my reply would be to her @php.net account :-)
well, mail seems to be authentic: github.com/yitam
3:59 PM
I still need an email address to send the new password to.
yitam at php.net
@NikiC Is it OK to have two INI_ENTRY(ies) updating the same global, or will that cause issues?
@Derick no idea
4:08 PM
I love my job
I'm wearing pajamas, and that's considered work clothes :D
@Dharman You should use the same format what the method names use (so $enableExceptions) is good. However, the best would be $enable, since the method name already refers to the exceptions
4:31 PM
I'm installing a zend_error_cb on PHP 7.0. I'm hitting a sigsegv in module startup when there's a fatal error (such as PHP language tests for magic quotes). My error callback isn't designed to run so early. Is there a global that safe to access to know if I'm past startup?
configure script fails to include required headers ・ *General Issues ・ #80176
Maybe php_get_module_initialized?
4:52 PM
Bug tracker package affected lists behave wrong in Safari ・ Website problem ・ #80177
It seems like everything I need is either private or not available yet.
5:40 PM
Would changing a function from static to PHPAPI be an ABI break? I found a few things that should probably be exposed. Basically, everything php_error_cb has access to should probably available to extensions since they can also use this same hook.
/cc @Sara @NikiC @GabrielCaruso
6:07 PM
@Derick I'm looking at ways for extensions to know if the script being executed is the auto_prepend or auto_append file. I don't think flagging the op_array is viable because theoretically the file could be used multiple times. The only other idea I have is using globals. Have you looked at adding this before?
@LeviMorrison Strictly speaking: Yes. A consumer can't tell if the pointer exists in that ABI version or not. Practically speaking: Nah. Go ahead and add it.
6:45 PM
I don't get the point of the ZEND_IGNORE_VALUE macro
Can someone explain it to me
7:17 PM
@MateKocsis Thanks for the changes to exif \o/. I was looking further at the $as_array parameter and tbh, it is a pretty poor design, perhaps we can improve that sometime in the 8.x series and eventually remove it as it only operates on some elements or maybe a whole different API if we invest sometime into perhaps using libexif as the backend
I think the $as_array quickly give the false impression as it only does it for some of the returned sections to prevent collisions
@Girgias ZEND_IGNORE_VALUE? Wasn't that to silence unused return value warnings?
I reckon MSVC had some warnings like that where we would just cast them to void to silence this without a lot of #pragma's
7:38 PM
@Girgias Compilers warn about discarding return values of some functions; this explicitly ignores it, making compilers happy.
7:56 PM
Thanks, so it's about the return value
That makes more sense
I was like this seems to do nothing, why is that even there
Must say pretty impressive that PHP with --disable-all only emits 1200 lines of useful compiler diagnostic when using the switch VM and compiling with -Wpedantic
I accidentally squashed one commit too far and squashed all my changes into the an already existing commit :O
I have no idea how to fix this lol
Maybe git reflog can help you?
@Alesana reflog \o/
Oh that was easy
I didn't know that was a thing
I mean I knew it was a thing but I didn't know what it did exactly haha
This should be $name and $URI right? php.net/manual/en/xmlreader.getattributens
8:09 PM
we are keeping the shouting UUURIIIII? :(
It can be $namespace instead but we use $URI in other places already.
Just more my personal hate for correctness over consistency :)
URI -> Uri <3
but it's an acronym
it's TLA not Tla
What did I just write that was not clear? :P
1 min ago, by PeeHaa
URI -> Uri <3
8:13 PM
And before that?
@PeeHaa I heard you're consistently incorrect if I am reading that right
HTTPKernel -> HttpKernel
consistency > correctness
URLResolver -> UrlResolver
Again personal hate
So... what would be a good param name for this
@StatikStasis Shut up and call it
8:15 PM
E and I a starting a game with a colleague
Can't wait to stab him in the face!
lol- nice
I played last night... probably a boring stream to be honest. Just not the same without voices in Discord for me.
Yeah. hearing the cry for helps and frustration is always better :D
It's just a whole different experience.
In regular games, people leave if they don't get to be impostor.
Yeah that sucks
Start of the game 3 people insta leave :(
All of them
Or they randomly call emergency meetings. oh well... hope you guys have fun. =)
8:19 PM
If you share a key I can play a game or two with you
I won't leave at the start
When we all play again, definitely!
Will share the code in a bit
However wants to join: XRXBXQ
@PeeHaa Just a solace of logic I'd call. Along with no one letter words™.
8:57 PM
@PeeHaa quickly realized that i was playing with kids that are at most 10yo
how's xdebug on php8 and phpstorm? too soon?
also at least a couple of people leave as soon as they find out they are not impostors
will xdebug work with JIT?
9:16 PM
@Wes Yeah sucks playing with rando's
are you still playing? @PeeHaa
9:30 PM
user image
@Wes Yep
Let me jump on discord
9:43 PM
"However, if on a particular job it can make PHP work so your boss doesn't tell you to use a commercial product, that's all that really matters." php.net/odbc-setoption
10:18 PM
@Kalle no problem :) You know, there's always a PHP x.y deprecations RFC ^^ By the way, do you have a better parameter name in mind instead of $as_arrays? We can still change it! :D
@MateKocsis I can't think of anything better to be fair, but I'm open to suggestions should anyone have a good one
@Kalle Me neither :(
@cmb Holy cow :O It's so tempting to unbundle/deprecate all these silly functions and extensions....
10:50 PM
@MateKocsis I've done messed up now.
Is there a GIT command to erase humiliating past?
rm -rf .git
that would work too
11:28 PM
Resolved finally. Lesson for future: do not use two GIT tools at the same time
11:41 PM
@Dharman git reflog and then reset hard to the revision you want.
it's normally kept two weeks.
Thanks, I have managed to rebase it properly now and I squashed the other commits
It's awesome that you can drop some
wow all my tests (exactly one unit-test-case) across the board (of php versions) did broke with the last PHP upgrade.
I wonder how that could happen.
Even when the PHP version stayed the same.
Maybe some library thing.
@LeviMorrison Not looked at adding it before, but I would also want to know this, and hence, happy to hear if you figure out how to find out whether the executed file is pre, main, or post :-/
@Wes Should work fine as long as you use Xdebug's master branch on GitHub. Expect a Xdebug beta in the next few days.
@Dharman yes, because it disables it ;-)

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