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8:00 PM
ding ding ding, f5 time
I got a "just now"
but no results
139,718 voters were eligible, 87,022 visited the site during the election, 33,846 visited the election page, and 6,573 voted
Feb 25 at 20:00 	12 secs ago 	139,718 voters were eligible, 87,022 visited the site during the election, 33,846 visited the election page, and 6,573 voted
139,718 voters were eligible, 87,022 visited the site during the election, 33,846 visited the election page, and 6,573 voted
8:00 PM
ok, we got it :P
A: Is $_SERVER[ ] a safe source of data in PHP?

ircmaxell Can I 100% rely on $_SERVER[] to be a safe source of data that I do not need to sanitized like I do $_GET[] and $_POST[]? Your question immediately indicates failure. All sources of input must be sanitized. Input is not just considered channels that the user can directly control, but all sou...

maxwell, people never learn
anything you don't type yourself should be sanitized
@Gordon a winner is you
2012 99,626 voters 2013 139,718 voters the site is growing up.
@ircmaxell never nothing 100%...
8:03 PM
@Gordon Congrats
Gordon wins?
> Winners are ChrisF, Gordon, Flexo, and Andrew Barber.
the number of people who don't vote is horrible
where do you see how has won?!?!?!
Go to the election page, it has instructions
8:04 PM
I voted for Gordon, Andrew and minitech
ah, you computed yourself?
where says the winners?
Gordon's getting a diamond, and boltclock is a unicorn
1 min ago, by BoltClock
Go to the election page, it has instructions
8:05 PM
@Hiroto exactly
congratulations Gordon
also time to go home
8:07 PM
i'm sitting in McDonald's
Germans will understand
yeah! Gordon! congratulations!
@Hiroto hahaha, trusty McDonald's Wi-Fi. I know the feeling
nope, 3g internet
@Hiroto I see
grats @Gordon
OK now that we have our moderator, they have my blessing to elect a Pope.
8:09 PM
I had to cash in some favours to make sure ours came first.
I don't like proxies. I have a VPN just to avoid them
@webarto You can use the profile link as well
@Pekka웃 Like in the godfather :D
@Pekka웃 oh.. Im colombian .. so all the tv channels are talking about the pope election all day .. all night.
Godfather @Gordon? Uncle no more?
8:09 PM
@webarto haha
@BoltClock Right, I'm old fashioned :D
godfather it is
@JuanFernandoz now that we have our mod, they will go ahead and elect a pope real soon. Just wait and see
if you were old-fashioned, you would have linked to a BMP
@Gordon congrats!!! =oD
8:11 PM
@Pekka웃 ha ha
@tereško ... or a PCX! ♥
Anybody remember Improces?
i got my first PC in 2000th
@tereško ah ok :)
♥ ♥
@tereško how old are you?
47 (ya know, you can see such information in the profile details .. if such satisfy all your A/S/L needs )
8:12 PM
@Pekka웃 ohai
@BoltClock Hi @BoltClock!
I wanna be a mod someday (maybe in 20 years) and claim for a new rule: everyone that have a question have to upload a dancing video first :P
How's it going
For 50 points: what will this output:
php -r '$a = array(array(array(1)), 2, 3, 4); foreach ($a as $a) { var_dump($a); }'
@Pekka웃 Pretty good
8:14 PM
@tereško Im 26 and I get my first pc in 2000
@BoltClock nice.
@ircmaxell you're evil :D
It's a valid question... :-D
weird one
@ircmaxell without executing , i think it should might be [[1]]
8:14 PM
i'm pretty sure it would just iterate normally
as the foreach var is independent
@NikiC: why you gotta spoil things :-X
8:16 PM
You had one option Facebook...
@tereško it is, although the question is what comes next...
oh , wait ... right
8:18 PM
Congrats @Gordon!!!
Gratz @Gordon
@Gordon cheers! :D
We are one step closer to world domination. @Gordon now start closing all PHP questions!
8:19 PM
@Gordon you aint blue yet
@ircmaxell because he wrote the answer to the question "how does foreach in PHP work"
@webarto I take offense at that remark...
@ircmaxell well .. i am not doing php today .. and if someone asks, i am sticking to that story
@BoltClock can you make gordon blue?
8:19 PM
@Gordon congrats! very cool!
@ircmaxell Why? :\
the G is blue enough
@NikiC Done
May need some client-side refreshes though
8:20 PM
@webarto because I'm normally the one who's equated to being the godfather
@Gordon okay, so what do you think, will you need one or two days you close all Qs in the review queue?
@Gordon so they say that now you have enoght power to elect the new pope.
Thank you very much for all your support and trust :)
@ircmaxell Oh, oh :D Receive my sincere apologies *kisses hand*
@ircmaxell there can be more the one capo per town
8:21 PM
OT: How come is (5x) slower that example.com which points to
What we voted to get you a mod place??? Damn I thought it was for free beer :(
@tereško there can be only one
A caporegime or capodecina, usually shortened to just a capo, is a term used in the Mafia for a high ranking made member of a crime family who heads a "crew" of soldiers and has major social status and influence in the organization. Caporegime is an Italian word, which is used to signify the head of a family in Sicily, but has now come to mean a ranking member, similar to captain or senior sergeant in a military unit. In general, the term indicates the head of a branch of an organized crime syndicate who commands a crew of soldiers and reports directly to a boss or an underboss. __NOTOC__ ...
@Gordon You need to accept the mod agreement - go to "mod" in the top nav bar to find it
After that you should be set. Welcome on board!
@Gordon baciamo le mani
8:22 PM
@tereško I'm not even going to touch that
@Gordon don't worry, we'll smack you later for it
@BoltClock done. thank you
Hey your trade your cool italic for nazi blue @Gordon :)
@PeeHaa shhh it's a crime to talk about that stuff in Germany, right?
@PeeHaa shhhh you gonna get banned.
@PeeHaa ok. so let's see where that ban button is
8:26 PM
@BoltClock How is this sorted
@crypticツ I can talk about it I'm Dutch :)
@Gordon :-D
@PeeHaa I dunno
I lost in the election that @BoltClock got his diamond, so I won't complain
My grandfather died in the war @crypticツ
@PeeHaa my uncle lived in Curaçao about 20 years.. its a dutch citizen.
@BoltClock am i supposed to enter the room with a certain color?
8:27 PM
He fell of a guardtower
@Gordon Colored room?
@BoltClock blue room
@JuanFernandoz You aren't really Dutch unless you have lived in here where it is cold and rainy :)
@Gordon that sounds racist O_o
@Gordon You mean the mod-only room?
8:29 PM
@Gordon So what new kind of stuff can you now do? (Apart from the insta-cv/delv thingy)?
Q: Who are the diamond moderators, and what is their role?

Brad MaceSome people have a diamond after their username (ex: Jeff Atwood♦) What special privileges do diamond moderators have? How can I become a diamond moderator? Who are the diamond moderators? How many are there? Return to FAQ index

@PeeHaa but Curaçao its a paradise :P
Q: Respect validation multiple custom error messages

PetahHow do I have multiple custom errors messages with Respect Validation. I have some input that I want to validate against multiple validators. And I want a custom error message for each validation. This is what I tried: try { Respect\Validation\Validator::create() ->key('foo', ...

Yeah. It's way better than here @JuanFernandoz :D
@Petah What is a "respect-validation"?
I want to go to Curaçao is close to colombia.
8:30 PM
@BoltClock thanks
@BoltClock it probably is that. dont know. it said I was mentioned there
@PeeHaa you are in the netherlands to?
@Gordon Ah. Come on in
@PeeHaa but youre european?
8:32 PM
@BoltClock "They can see more data in the system, including vote statistics (but not ‘who voted for this post’) and user profile information." there was a time where I was able to see the vote statistics of other members and see what posts they up/down voted on. Was this something that was changed later?
@JuanFernandoz yep :)
@crypticツ Where did you see these stats if you can recall?
@NikiC not sure yet. but user profiles are more interesting now. but i am not allwed to tell you. first rule of mod club.
8:33 PM
@BoltClock in the user's profile. Just as I see the stats for my profile I was able to see the stats on other profiles.
@Gordon :(
@Gordon I've seen those user profiles. Shiny
Now you know from where I troll you :(
@crypticツ That was never supposed to happen.
@Petah Ah I see
@PeeHaa I have some kind of discussion with others about the netherland because in spanish all the people called "holanda" and I say that holland is not a country.
8:35 PM
@JuanFernandoz It used to be
Holland means land of wood
@BoltClock I figured since it would allow people to see who voted on what posts, either way looks like that bug has been fixed as I can't see any but mine.
However we fixed that by getting rid of all the wood
Now we are called The Netherlands
Which means low lands
are you going to DPC?
And low we are
@ircmaxell me?
@PeeHaa yes, in spanish we say "paises bajos" that means "low lands countries" :P
8:36 PM
cool :)
@crypticツ Moderators can't see that either by the way. The only people who can see individual votes are those with db access
@PeeHaa I am about 2100 meters in a very big andes mountain right now. We are the high lands i guess .
Amsterdam is also sometimes called the high lands, but that's for another reason :P
@BoltClock it was showing up the same way I see my own vote history, the vote history tab would appear on other profiles.
8:38 PM
but yes, you
oh, I didn't even know that there was a voting tab... cool
@NikiC It's a new-ish feature
I like how the whole page is "closure" with one "upvote" in between :D
@ircmaxell Yes I'm going. So you better have prepared another one of those awesome talks (I'm guessing you have submitted something)
@PeeHaa Well, how many of my talks that you get to see will depend on how much you pay... ;-)
@ircmaxell I'll have to consult that one with my boss :)
I'm glad he got elected :D He probably deserves (and wanted) it more than I did
Does a mac magic mouse work decent under windows?
Here's an interesting question for you guys:
I have a table of inputs (yes, and it's not evil)
3 fields in each row, where usually, only the first will actually be filled for every row.
The first row will always be completely filled.
What I'm trying to do, is that (either on submit, or some clever blurring) the empty inputs would received the data from their filled equivalents in the upper rows
8:59 PM
Can't you just use the javascript to accomplish whatever you want?
Meaning, if I filled the top row with abc, def, 40000, and haven't filled any of the rest, I want them to be filled with that.
@PeeHaa I want it to be in JavaScript, it should happen (hopefully) ASAP.
Meaning, the minute I understood the user isn't going to fill those fields in.
Can you post a jsfiddle example of what you are saying, because I'm having a hard time seeing exactly what you want
Oh yeah, and the only browser I'm supporting is IE8. Yey.
@PeeHaa Hold on
> Oh yeah, and the only browser I'm supporting is IE8. Yey.
lol :-)
9:03 PM
The point is, that the lower fields inherit what's filled in the upper fields
So for instance, the last input for each row should be 45000
@PeeHaa I think you'll be able to squeeze this one
Only for the last column or all columns?
@ircmaxell Sounds like a plan in that case :)
9:05 PM
Is the PHP tag that dirty you have to tag them in chat?
You have no idea
@CCInc Oh yes.
@PeeHaa All of them
Meanwhile, I hit the rep cap again
@MadaraUchiha 1 sec. Let me do some magic
9:07 PM
First row and first column will always be filled
9:22 PM
@MadaraUchiha you are from israel?
@JuanFernandoz I am
colombia have very strong relations with israel.. actually is called from other latin countries like the latin american israel.
@MadaraUchiha Sorry was being distracted by my own stupidity: jsfiddle.net/HkGgL/1
@PeeHaa great but you can do one single field? not entire row?
@PeeHaa But if you fill the second cell with something else, that should be the one to propagate :)
9:26 PM
@MadaraUchiha No problem. So you want only to fill the fields which don't contain the default value?
@PeeHaa There is no default value
The first row will be, by definition, filled by the user.
Other inputs may also be filled, but not necessarily.
Those which are not filled, should inherit from the nearest filled value above.
(on the same column, of course)
9:28 PM
@MadaraUchiha and why you dont set up a default value like "fill this with something" ?
@JuanFernandoz Because the current setup (on paper), we assume that if the field isn't filled, it's the same as the one above it
@MadaraUchiha Ah you want them to look at the nearest above instead of the first row?
I don't want to break that, it's a great usability feature.
@PeeHaa yeah
No worries. Gimme another sedc
9:32 PM
what to do with such things?
A: SImpleXML XPath getting a string value from an XML node

Pr1nceJ4xMy question can now be locked.. I re-wrote the whole editting script and now it works like a charm! Thanks anyways for your help scuzzy!

@PeeHaa I suposse that youre watching bar vs mil ?
@Gordon yeah ;)
@JuanFernandoz ?
@PeeHaa the champion match Im joking.
9:37 PM
@PeeHaa Looking good
nice :)
Thanks :)
@MadaraUchiha oh btw I forgot up to what IE version doesn't use proper dom methods. So you may need to replace addeventlistener with attachEvent
@MadaraUchiha np
I'm using jQuery anyway, I'll just put it up using that
In that case you don't have to worry about it :)
9:39 PM
Internet Explorer and MySQL should run off together into a volcano.
I am not spending the entire night reading IE hacks for DOM methods
@Bracketworks Yes please
However I don't care what the hell mysql does. That's not my problem. IE on the other hand is a daily dose of annoyance
@PeeHaa Want another (bigger) challenge?
@PeeHaa Like I said, some of the fields may be filled
9:41 PM
@Bracketworks amen brother...
So the user may skip to them.
@PeeHaa Like, I can deal with IE not supporting :nth-root-of-my-best-friends-favorite-type, or whatever. But seriously, even as long ago as it was, they couldn't get multiple effing classes right?
@MadaraUchiha use jQuery
@MadaraUchiha uhhu
What I want, is that when a user skips to a field, all unfilled fields behind it (or, above it) would be filled instantly.
9:42 PM
So basically the same thing you have now. Only "live"?
Without waiting for an user initiated test
@PeeHaa Pretty much
2 sec
I could do it myself, but it isn't app crticial (just nice to have), and I know how bored you are :P
9:43 PM
oh .. I have to go to medellin downtown... guys! see ya !
remember we have a moderator right now so lets fire the site!!!
@WouterJ why did you answer the post and then cv-pls it?
@crypticツ @crypticツ because I would give the OP an answer, but don't think it should be asked on SO. Is that a wrong approach? (I'd like to hear the best practise for SO)
@WouterJ just put it as a comment instead. It just one line you put you in backticks saying they forgot the closing quote. No need to answer it otherwise looks bad on you when question gets closed and it shows you closed it, but answered at same time. People look at that as rep-whoring.
9:58 PM
brb dog needs to get out of here
@crypticツ @crypticツ ok, thank you. I don't knew that (I'm far from a rep-whoring SO user... :)
@WouterJ why do you ping me twice? O_0
@Ocramius sadnly no.

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