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12:08 AM
@PiotrLegnica hg has subrepos, no extension required. the subrepos can even be external svn or git repos
@sbi: "For those used to Subversion, this concept is closest to what you can achieve with Subversion directories marked with the svn:externals property."
12:28 AM
what does mean by external and internal name in C programing?
@Stack, watched Deadman Wonderland yet?
No, never even heard of it.
@Xeo O right, I'm downloading it...
I'll probably start watching tonight
I'm trying to create an decent avatar of myself faceyourmanga.com . But I can't seem to get it right.
1:05 AM
@Xeo intro is ... pretty sick
@StackedCrooked 3 min 15 - 29 dead people. :)
Kind of cruel, I started to like those people.
@StackedCrooked You'll see more people die. :)
Hopefully unlikable people. I don't mind then.
1:26 AM
Strange, but I feel like've I've seen this before.
1:49 AM
Haa, finally finished Seitokai no Ichizon
now all that's left is the review
In German?
Of course
Completed anime - 76
Oh btw, finished Angel Beats yet?
You count them?
They are counted for me. :)
The ending was little disappointing though.
1:52 AM
It was a bit rushed
Really should have given the show 24 or 26 episodes
Lol, I didn't know there was an "Elfen Lied Special".
@StackedCrooked It's episode 10.5
Ok, perhaps I even saw it unknowingly.
Oooh, I so loved Elfen Lied. I'm just disappointed that there is no second season covering the second half of the manga
Did you like Katanagatari?
1:55 AM
I just recently finished watching it and it was quite epic
@Xeo Liked it as wel. Although the dismembering of 10 year old girl in second episode was somewhat unpleasant to watch.
@StackedCrooked Well, read the manga and tell me again about unpleasant things. :)
@Xeo Katanagatari is definitely one of the better recent ones I think .
@Xeo Hm.. I'll remain silent wisely..
@StackedCrooked Especially the end was badass
@Xeo The floors?
1:58 AM
@StackedCrooked Yeah
The contrast between "nyou" and the killer woman was absurd. I think only Japanese people can conceive of that..
Oh fuck, ahahahaha. Currently listening to Warrior by Disturbed.. there is one line in the lyrics "I am a weapon, powerful beyond belief." Funny that we're talking about Shichika right now, that line sooo fits him
Actually, the whole song just perfectly describes him.
Bakemonogatari is something that I am unable to watch.
@Xeo Have you seen that Evangelion Ramstein AMV?
@StackedCrooked Which one?
Let me check.
2:03 AM
With Engel?
Yeah, I think.
Damn, you've seen it all already.
It has quite a nice lipsync
2:04 AM
We're featuring good AMVs on a weekly basis on our blog, and that was one of them. :)
i have this code...
int main()
char name[NBYTES]; /*input buffer*/
char c;
c = 'A';
putchar(c); /*prompt user for a name */
printf("What is your name ?");

/*read the user'name*/

/*print a personal greeting*/
printf("\nGreeting, %s, and welcome to C.\n",name);
@Xeo Btw, I like this one (but I'm biased) youtube.com/watch?v=C3BPgyhStLk
>This video contains content from UMG. It is not available in your country.
In Belgium, but not germany? Seriously?
Oh, btw, I can only recommend you watch the Rebuild Movies
2:06 AM
I'll give it a try.
The graphics are just plain awesome and mindblowing, and the action is as expected very good
Hah, Princess Mononoke is also on your ilst.
It's the first anime I ever saw, when was 20 or so.
Watched it on RTLII :)
Was also one of my first ones
But the first one I conciously watched as anime was Fullmetal Alchemist
Somehow, that's seems like a short list to me....
Well, I rather read manga
2:10 AM
@Xeo My first anime series were Crest of the Stars, Ah My Godess OVA, and Evangilion.
I recently rewatched Crested of the Stars, and it's actually very good.
Spice and Wolf II is also good if you haven't seen it yet.
It's on my planned to watch list
Do you prefer to read manga on a monitor than watching anime?
Well, it's just that I really like to listen to music, and that doesn't quite work out while watching anime. :)
And manga I can also read on my iPod, anime not so well
That makes sense.
You didn't put ratings on the anime list?
@tonythetiger: whats wrong with this statement: printf(" variable c takes",sizeof(char),"bytes in memory.\n");
2:24 AM
Hey, you haven't see Code Geass either?
I envy you man :)
It's nice knowing that there are these great animes available.
Well, one of the reasons I do this review thing is to get to see more anime
Lately I've finding it hard to find good animes that I hadn't seen yet.
I wonder if that is ever possible though, given the amount of anime that is produced each year.
Seen Cannan?
Kara no Kyoukai?
Fate/Stay Night?
2:29 AM
Kara no Kyoukai: yes. Cannon: no, Fate/Stay Night: yes
Nanoha? :P
On my list.
Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works?
i guess @stackedcrooked and @xeo you both people should make a room function named as Xeo_stack() .. and try to make your room function as private..:)
Yeah, suggestions are alwasy welcome.
@Xeo What is that?
2:30 AM
A movie of Fate/Stay Night
FSN (Fate/Stay Night) is based on a Visual Novel by TYPE-MOON, and there are 3 routes.
The original TV series mixes all 3 of them (which makes it quite bad in comparision)
but the movie is dedicated to the second one, which is incidently called Unlimited Blade Works. :)
Probably not. I should check it out. I actually learned about Fate/Stay night when reading a review on Kara no Kyoukai (which I had already watched).
And to say it is epic is an understatement
@StackedCrooked Yeah, both are made by TYPE-MOON
@Xeo Ok, I'll enqueue it.
@xeo and @stackedcrooked: this room looks me a General chit chat room \.. c++ sex is at the end of its life.. sad...:(
@jalf: is this room now c++ sex..
Did you like Kara no Kyoukai?
2:36 AM
But maybe I'm biased - You could say I'm a TYPE-MOON fanboy. :)
@Xeo I wasn't really sure after watching it.. But it did manage to make a long-lasting impression. So yea.
I started to become interested at the second movie. I never really understood what the first one was about.
@StackedCrooked Well, one problem is that they're unordered
Hm, yeah, that does make sense.
Imho the best part was Paradox Spiral
2:42 AM
which was really mindblowing and totally crazy
is any other one who can talk on c++ sex..
@Xeo With that apartement building :D
Hm, but you did watch gurren lagann, right?
@xeo and @stackedcrooked, trying to change the room title meaning... thats really not fair,
2:43 AM
ok, wasn't sure if it was you who told me he did
I don't remember telling you..
Really? Then it maybe was someone else
@tonythetiger,@jalf where are you people..?
But I'm sure it was on this chat
I'm also forgetful.
We'll never know..
2:51 AM
little-offtopic: Do you know where I can discuss about algorithm ?
which algorithm. @nxqd
@Miss: It just want to discuss about A-star with my specific game project.
hy hi @drahakar
Hey @Miss :)
@nXqd You can edit your messages by just hitting the up-key, with a time limit of about 2 minutes I think. :)
2:58 AM
@Miss: I don't think Astar can resolve sophisticated problem in games like automating hero attack monster ?
@nxqd you should ask from other people.. idk Astar
@Stack, this AMV may lead you to want to watch Nanoha right now. :) At least it did the job for me pantsu.de/?p=4096
It's currently at 82%
Okay, then you might not want to watch the AMV as it contains some spoiler
Lol, now I stopped watching.
3:09 AM
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Oh, another anime for @Stack might be Higashi no Eden (Eden of the East)
Yeah, saw it.
Btw, you couldn't get access to that One Piece AMV right?
Sent you a link on the other chat.
In case you're still interested. :D
sorry, was watching another AMV :)
@Xeo I liked that series because of the two both main characters, all the rest was rather uninteresting
Well, the shipment of nerds to Dubai was rather funny.
3:31 AM
And the telephone woman voice saying "May you become the Messiah"
2 hours later…
5:54 AM
Where can I get a Windows installer for boost? The Getting Started guide says boostpro.com/products/free, but that seems to be dead.
6:05 AM
@MartinhoFernandes Installer? Isn't it just a zip to download?
> We especially recommend using an installer if you use Microsoft Visual Studio, because the installer can download and install precompiled library binaries, saving you the trouble of building them yourself.
Ah, I see now. Disregard that message then. :)
6:20 AM
@MartinhoFernandes the whole boostpro.com server looks down currently; I don't know how long it's been that way. you can see the downloads at webcache.googleusercontent.com/…
@ThomasEdleson Unfortunately google doesn't cache the exe :(
I found out only their domain is down because I can browse the site at
I managed to download the exe but it's a web installer.
morning nubs
I'll just man up and build it.
mornin' puppy
you know
I think that functional programming and object-orientated programming are the same thing
6:28 AM
@MartinhoFernandes man boost-build :)
@DeadMG Isn't functional programming about not changing state directly and OO programming about changing state on the related object?
that's just between pass-by-value and pass-by-reference
soft functional languages allow it anyway
the point is about composability and re-usability
if you wanted, you could say that a function pointer is an interface, and all functions with that signature derive from it
an approach that certainly works for std::function
@DeadMG Well, both functional and OO programming aid to that
then it comes to inheritance
and function objects
that's why I think that both C++ and C# are beginning to add FP elements like lambdas into their languages- because they already exist, just not in the most useful form, because FP and OO are the same paradigm
@DeadMG They aren't the same paradigm, but they aid to the same features like you said - composability and re-usability
they aren't the same paradigm, but they're not mutually exclusive either
@MartinhoFernandes yeah, knew that, just providing what extra info I found
"sudo aptitude install libboost-dev" is a nice thing to be able to do :)
6:43 AM
@ThomasEdleson Yeah, if Windows had a package manager that'd be sweet. But then, if boostpro wasn't down, I wouldn't have to do much either.
6:58 AM
@MartinhoFernandes Well, there are some package managers for windows
@MartinhoFernandes You might be interested in this:
Need to reach me? Try [email protected]. My company? http://boost-consulting.com (@1and1 DNS #FAIL)
He also posted an explanation. Maybe you'll find the Windows installer at that site?
If not, why not write him an email or ask on the boost mailing list?
@Dead: How's your stomach?
@sbi Oh, thanks. I'm already bjam'ing it, but I'll check that anyway.
actually it's doing OK
I ate way too much chocolate last night and survived the experience
I think I may have passed some stones
@MartinhoFernandes but boostpro is down. I was just reminiscing how hard life was using windows; not that *nix is ready for the unwashed masses, but programmers should feel right at home and comfortable
@ThomasEdleson I do feel comfortable with Linux. I am a strange nutcase that gives support to his friends that are using Linux. But dual-booting really puts me off.
7:07 AM
@Thomas: The only reason you're suffering is because the Boost installation process sucks so hard, you need an external program to make it usable
actually, on reflection, I didn't have this experience at all
I just downloaded a zip, libs go in the lib directory, headers in the headers directory
what installation process doesn't suck?
most of them, in my experience
instead of reinventing that wheel, each OS should get behind or develop a single installation program
you download an executable file, you double click it, maybe you ask it to relocate the base files or something, then you wait for it to do the work
that's what it is here, for anything not already in a package repository; download a .deb, open it, click 'install'
7:18 AM
I don't find an OS-wide system necessary
well, especially for Linux, where there are about six million billion different systems, whereas Windows is XP, Vista, 7
heh, only 3? there are 7 versions of windows 7 alone. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Microsoft_Windows_versions
except you don't have to re-write your program depending on which one you're on
are you saying only microsoft knows how to develop portable APIs?
you apparently disdain linux. what do you think of bsd?
I've never used BSD and cannot comment
however I do completely disdain Linux, mostly because I find the OS and programs written for it horrifically inconvenient to use and a gigantic waste of time compared to their Windows equivalents
you must still be in school
7:32 AM
university, actually
that is school
they seem to love Linux and try to dictate that we do a lot of our work on it
2 hours later…
9:03 AM
@ThomasEdleson Right, forgot about that.
1 hour later…
10:22 AM
that guy who wants to multithreadedly write green console output is officially insane
10:33 AM
@DeadMG My console has green text D:
10:49 AM
parrot green RGB(0, 255, 0)?
2 hours later…
12:33 PM
A month ago I had reached 1234 rep today 2345 :) new milestone
1:01 PM
are there any way to select min_element of a vector<Object> with multiple conditions ?
@nXqd cplusplus.com/reference/algorithm/min_element min_element is overloaded with a version that takes an extra predicate. Build your own predicate-functor and pass that, and in the functor check all your conditions
1:48 PM
How does memset work for values other than zeros?
For example, is this the correct way?

int ia[3][4];
memset(ia, 1, sizeof(int)*sizeof(ia));
void * memset ( void * ptr, int value, size_t num );

Fill block of memory
Sets the first num bytes of the block of memory pointed by ptr to the specified value (interpreted as an unsigned char).
so you can set up to 255
yes, it sets the memory by byte, but could you set memory that is sizeof an int e.g 4 bytes?
@cpx Nope, memset operates on bytes, so that's not possible
um no, its limited to unsigned char.
@cpx Yeah, and a byte is usually implemented as an unsigned char - 8 bit
or rather, an unsigned char always represents exactly 1 byte
2:30 PM
@cpx: avoid memset. std::fill(&ia[0][0], &ia[0][0] + 3 * 4, 1)
@ThomasEdleson well, std:fill will surely use memset itself on primitve types
@Xeo: I heard some rumors :P
Q: Should C++ programmer avoid memset?

JichaoI heard a saying that c++ programmers should avoid memset, class ArrInit { //! int a[1024] = { 0 }; int a[1024]; public: ArrInit() { memset(a, 0, 1024 * sizeof(int)); } }; so considering the code above,if you do not use memset,how could you make a[1..1024] filled with zero?Whats w...

@Xeo maybe. so what?
@cpx avoiding memset is not the same thing as never using it.
2:47 PM
In C++, I think its best to get used to std::fill.
@cpx zeroing out a POD type is one place where memset works fine
3:03 PM
A: Should C++ programmer avoid memset?

CaseyIn C++ you should use new. In the case with simple arrays like in your example there is no real problem with using it. However, if you had an array of classes and used memset to initialize it, you woudn't be constructing the classes properly. Consider this: class A { int i; A() : i(5) ...

I'm not sure that answer could be more wrong
1 hour later…
4:18 PM
just installed gnome3 . i think i will get rid of kde4
kde always looks nice and every time I see it I silently wish gnome would copy some things from it
but somehow it never quite works as well
KDE has been buggy on my laptop 's wireless, but otter than that it's worked fine for me
Of course, I only use the GUI for browsing, so being buggy with the wifi is annoying and kinda takes the fi out of wifi
4:40 PM
Ahh... argueing with There is nothing we can do is tedious...
@Xeo Yup -- at least if I notice that he's the one asking, I generally don't bother posting an answer at all, even if the question is one that would otherwise be interesting.
@JerryCoffin Well, it wasn't his question, but he commented on my answer and got in an argument with @BenVoigt
5:02 PM
Hi @Xeo
I'm hungry and too lazy to look for food.
Good evening @Stack
@Xeo right, evening, just woke up actually..
5:32 PM
just don't eat. it's good for your shape
5:43 PM
i just eat myself when i'm hungry lol
5:54 PM
I'm not sure I want to know what that means.
Oh, that interpreted/compiled thing again.
Q: FSharp runs my algorithm slower than Python!

ttsiodrasYears ago, I solved a problem via dynamic programming: http://users.softlab.ece.ntua.gr/~ttsiod/fillupDVD.html The solution was coded in Python. As part of expanding my horizons, I recently started learning OCaml/F#. What better way to test the waters, than by doing a direct port of the impera...

6:38 PM
Hey all, using terremark enteprise cloud, when you create a server, you assigned an IP address to them and that IP is visible under Detected IP when selecting the server. However, I created a server, with IP address and I created an internet service and connected it with a node. I used protocol TCP and mapped it to port 3001. But I notice when I select my server, the IP address doesnt dsplay under Detected IP
and then I VPN Connect, launch terminal and try to SSH with the IP to my server, and I get connection timed out. I presume the reason lies in that the IP address is not being detected.
thanks for response
@JohnMerlino This question is better suited for Server Fault.
@Xeo I was on the verge of telling Ben not to bother, and that we're all ignoring the guy, but then didn't do it, for fear the comment might be flagged and deleted before Ben had a chance to see it.
7:08 PM
Again with uneven rep. Why can't downvote be -5.
voting accidentally the rep
I think I would go crazy if I used SO and worried about rep
I don't worry about rep per se (and apparently I'm wrong when I say you should write functional code in a functional language, sigh), but why can't it end with 0 or 5, dammit.
Well then, I'm off for today, g'night
@PiotrLegnica Hmm, should I punish you and downvote you so you go to 9? :P
My rep is not divisible by 5, my life has no meaning. sob
@PiotrLegnica Go find something to downvote.
That's what I usually do when I'm one point above a prime.
7:21 PM
Lounge<C++>: Home of eccentric people.
@PiotrLegnica re "plus, that's all implementation stuff, it has nothing to do with languages"; languages don't have speeds, are not faster or slower than each other; implementations are
@ThomasEdleson Well, I know that (I even said almost exactly that in one question about speed of something, but it got deleted). Did I phrase this wrong?
maybe I misunderstood
also, I see why you didn't think he said cpython explicitly, but the "python" program in the question is a very strong hint
I guess you could make the same claim about which F# compiler was used, because the only indication is similar :)
@PiotrLegnica: quoting the Harrop email there: "The problem is simply that the program has been optimized for Python. ... You just have to learn a different set of rules that dictate how F# programs should be optimized..."
@PiotrLegnica: I see you saying much of the same spirit, but in different words (mainly your point #2), so that it is taken differently
however, "write it functionally" is only applicable when that's how F# (or whatever language) programs should be optimized, rather than "F# is called 'functional', so write it functionally"
7:40 PM
I'd say that's a first step, functional code should have more optimisation opportunities for the compiler.
7:51 PM
Can't use ++ in display name. :( Damn you, you evil form validation routine!
room topic changed to Lounge<C++>: Home of the pedants.
@CatPlusPlus That did warrant a new room motto. :)
@sbi Yay.
@CatPlusPlus Wow, you changed your user name!
@sbi Yes! It didn't want to accept Cat++, though. :(
8:00 PM
@CatPlusPlus In Cat++, is meow a keyword?
@sbi Yup. And bark is an undefined behaviour.
@CatPlusPlus LOL! I thought it would be an exception...
@sbi work is an exception.
8:30 PM
finally my rep reaches 1700, yay :)
@GrigoryJavadyan Cong-rats and other rodents!
@GrigoryJavadyan 1700 is a bit less than what I need to get to 50k. :)
8:51 PM
hello yall
how was your day @sbi
@TonyTheTiger I wanted to go swimming with a friend, but the bath was closed. :( I spent the rest of the day in the garden, doing little, but enjoying myself immensely. :) At the end, I cooked a dinner and ate it with the neighbor, who was alone today, too.
How about you?
@sbi I wrote code most of the day
oh yea, and also had a BBQ with family
@TonyTheTiger Isn't that what you do during the week?
@sbi yes, I do, but I've also been doing it during the weekend and some evenings
and sometimes I feel I will go crazy if I do it much longer :P
@TonyTheTiger For work?
9:05 PM
@sbi yep
@TonyTheTiger Oh boy, you poor sod. Why are you dong that?
@sbi cause it's necessary and I was silly enough to make a promise
I wonder if coding can actually drive you nuts... :P
@TonyTheTiger No, don't. If it becomes necessary to work during weekends, run.
of course it can
@sbi ye well, it'll soon be over, new job, new life, no more work during weekends
2 more weeks, then I can breathe again
@sbi do you ever code in the weekends, even if just for fun?
9:10 PM
@TonyTheTiger Yes, if it's crunch time, I, too, work long and late, and even weekends, sometimes. But I rarely ever do that.
And I always charge for every single hour I spend working for some company. I might not be a rock star programmer, but I'm not so bad that I would need to work for free.
I suppose you have seen this: ea-spouse.livejournal.com/274.html
That woman even has a wikipedia page: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EA_Spouse
@sbi I didn't know the bits in the wikipedia article, but I had read the disgruntled spouse article
In my first job, I did let myself talk into committing to a project and a deadline that I said was impossible to keep. So we set out to keep it anyway, and I, having a contract for 30hrs/week, worked 60-90hrs. Once I worked >100hrs in one week, and I even had one day off. I did this for 6 months, and then left the company. They had to pay me for 5.5 more months, due to my overtime. I spent the summer getting re-acquainted to my family.
@sbi you get paid overtime even a normal employee?
@TonyTheTiger Usually I insist on getting time of, instead of getting paid. In >10 years, I made two exceptions to that rule.
And I lay down that rule during the job interview: I will not work for free.
@sbi Good rules you have :)
9:23 PM
I don't see why anyone would
In one job, about six weeks after I had started it, I was writing a mail to my boss asking when would be a good time for me to get off to compensate my overtime. He answered that everybody has overtime and that they don't make a big deal out of it at that company. So I answered that I don't want to make a big deal out of it either, but that I had given him an hourly rate (which he translated into a monthly rate), and that I had done so for a reason.
It took a few mails back and forth, but then the industry was hiring as a C++ programmer just about anyone who could spell the name of the C pr
@sbi Yea you can bargain because you have experience and are very aware of your capabelities and timing to get things done, I still have a long way to go, so I don't think my bargaining power is that great yet.
@TonyTheTiger No, but OTOH now is a time where the industry is again desperately searching for programmers (though it's not as good as it was back then). If you can't get what you want now, you never will.
@sbi yea surely, my new job is much better then my previous, so that's a good start
One of the reasons I suspect why I always got my will with that is that the interviewers seem to think that I had been getting this for a decade, and never was laid off, so I must be worth it. :) Also, only working 30hrs a week, on four days, and often leaving earlier to pick up the kids, it's not so easy to see when I'm taking time off as it is with the 9-5ers. If I'm not there on Wednesday afternoon, I might just have to take on of the kids to somewhere, moved my day off from Monday etc.
For the others it's harder to do that, because they're always there on Wednesday afternoon, and when they are gone everyone asks about it.
9:36 PM
@sbi makes sense
Anyway, speaking of work, I will have to do that tomorrow (moved my day off to Friday, when our kindergarten is closed), so I need to go to bed now.
Good night everybody!
@sbi ok good nite
9:53 PM
is this c++ help only?
It's not really anything help, questions are best asked on a proper SE site, especially long and code-heavy.
10:11 PM
i need to find out how to read and write to an xml file from an android app
surely the libraries commonly used on android have an xml parser and serializer, look for that
but I don't do android dev
you're right, i was being lazy. thanks
@CatPlusPlus What's that cat/Perl thing?
is "se" supposed to be a word you started to type and didn't finish? I don't follow
@MartinhoFernandes You know, @#%@*(#$! being valid code (not really; I don't write Perl) and all that.
@FredNurk It ends with an x.
well, actually, that really is valid perl
10:31 PM
@FredNurk Oh, it's a recurring theme lately. Forbidden three-letter words.
@FredNurk Seriously?
@FredNurk What isn't?
ah, I haven't been around here lately
@CatPlusPlus looks like a nurikabe solver, but I could be mentally swapping % and &, in which case it starts a web server on port 190
@FredNurk And here I thought it was 99 bottles. See, that's why I don't write Perl.
convore is interesting, finally checked it out today
it seems less amenable to shooting the shit, as I don't see a way to chat without having a prescribed "topic" beforehand
What are those topics that you speak of, hm?
10:36 PM
though the topic implementation appears much better than se-chat's bookmarks, but I can see slightly different use-cases
@CatPlusPlus example of a topic in the "mercurial" room: convore.com/mercurial/mercurial-shell-aliases
I wonder if it'll be visible if I drew my cat a monocle.
being web based as se-chat is, made me come back here today; I've been comparing them
I like the ideas of room being traps for unsuspecting visitors, rather than topic limiters.
interestingly, one of convore's founder's primary goal appears to be "irc for the masses" / "irc without an inherent technical hurdle", while jeff's stance is seemingly the exact opposite
You come to Lounge<C++> and it turns out to be Lounge<~C++>. Nobody expects that (or Spanish Inquisition)!
10:40 PM
yeah, "not a help channel" is a big step up from the alternative; e.g. chat with us instead of just posting help Qs, even if that means you chat about something you need help with
Okay, enough Internet for today. Good night.
11:39 PM
hi all
Q: Why C++0x didn't deprecate implicit conversions

pic11Why C++0x didn't deprecate implicit conversions for user defined types a.k.a. objects? Is there any project which actually uses this (mis)feature? Whenever I see a single argument constructor in a code I get to review or modify I treat it as bug and make it explicit. So far it worked well and nob...

has there been any actual debate on this?
personally, I find it a useful feature sometimes, but I'm wondering if there's been any discussion about this at all..?
is there a reason to depricate it at all?
I'd prefer it off-by-default, but I still use it often enough (and am not on that poster's high-horse) that I couldn't consider removing it
so I guess that's not really deprecating the feature, only deprecating the current syntax form

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