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12:08 AM
-lubsan is going to fix this
Jul 22 '11 at 8:59, by Tony The Tiger
Bestiality, wow, what has this chat come to???
2 hours later…
2:41 AM
Big potatoes, small pumpkin & newly hatched chick.
Potato & pumpkin were from the farm, but unfortunately they were not taken care of as we have more important things in Sydney & I was there only once a week and for a few hours each time.
Having another new hatchling yesterday because I had another broody hen. I hope I don't have another broody hen for a long time because it's very sad and depressing to witness chicks dying when they were hatching. If I wasn't such a mentally tough kitteh, I would have had a mental breaking down yesterday. So far, I had 2 chicks surviving from 24 eggs. I was a new to hatching eggs, my chickens were newbies too and I had a nu incubator.
6 hours later…
9:14 AM
Anybody in here interested in a small paid task? I d need some support during 1h max I guess to fix smth in an msp430 Assembly code base. Memory segments are overlapping and I can’t figure out what leads to this.
Price is discussable
1:36 PM
@TelKitty that chick is shaped exactly like a chicken drumstick
@CupOfJava Pretty accurate observation :p
4 hours later…
5:44 PM
posted on January 21, 2021 by Herb Sutter

This special Guru of the Week series focuses on contracts. We covered basic assertions in GotW #97… but not all asserted conditions are created equal. JG Questions Given some assertion syntax: 1. Give one example each of an asserted condition whose run-time evaluation is: a) super cheap b) arbitrarily expensive Guru Questions 2. What do … Continue reading GotW #98: Assertion levels (Diffi

6:02 PM
Seems like clang built kernels are marginally faster?
6:45 PM
@Mikhail I think you'd have to do quite a bit more testing to draw that conclusion. His test only measured the time to boot, and even that was under an emulator, so it's subject to quite a bit of noise (and the difference in time was small enough to easily be noise).
Not to mention the kernel wasn't compiled with any optimization flags :-)
@Mikhail But after years on SO, I've seen enough questions about performance with optimization turned off that I know it must be a meaningful thing to measure!
On the other hand, the Linux kernel is usually compiled with few optimizations, and the primary purpose of the gentoo patches is to enable compiling with -O3 (and mtune)
This is one of the hilarious, but also sad, reasons why userland file systems are more performant: because operations like checksums are performed with SIMD. These SIMD instructions would be missing if the kernel was compiled by default.
@Mikhail Sure--but there's a pretty big jump from no optimization to even pretty minimal, safe optimization.
So, -O3 is safe because every gentoo user runs that way. -mtune/-march is a distribution issue.
I just remember when the LinuxDNA project in the late 2000s build the kernel with ICC and it ran like 15% faster on kernel oriented benchmarks
6:55 PM
@Mikhail That's not a surprise (at least to me).
jerry, the future is ricing compiler flags
@Mikhail Years ago, I did a quick computation of what it would take to test every combination of compiler optimization flags on MS VC. Pretty sure nobody's ever even tried it...
2 hours later…
8:45 PM
Today is also Intel’s end-of-year financial disclosure, at 5pm ET. We are expecting Intel’s current CEO, Bob Swan, to talk through what looks to be another record breaking year of revenue...
9:11 PM
@Mikhail Intel is in a rather strange position. On one hand, they've lost a lot of market share. On the other, they're still selling CPUs as fast as they can build them, and mostly not having to mark down prices much to do so either.
Not to mention they are literally selling sand to people :-)
Intel stock has been on the rise
@JerryCoffin Isnt that partly due to the fact that AMD cant produce enough of theirs potentially?
9:34 PM
@JerryCoffin direction still matters
@Borgleader Yes, undoubtedly. Fact remains that Intel continues to do pretty well financially, despite massive technical difficulties.
@Mgetz I'm not sure I understand what you're saying. Could easily mean that downward momentum matter (true) or that the people in charge of the company (CEO and such) matter (also quite true). Or maybe something else entirely...
@JerryCoffin momentum
intel went from top of the world to on the way out in less than 9mo from an analyst perspective
@JerryCoffin Yeah I just mean that that might not last
@Borgleader I'd put it more strongly: if they don't get the technical side in order, it undoubtedly won't last.
speaking of which, im still waiting for the 5950X to come back in stock (I might settle for a 5900X if they come back first...)
@JerryCoffin fair
9:47 PM
Hi guys
I'm an experienced C++programmer. Which is better for review: the tour of C++ (17) or effective modern cpp (14) by meyres?
Both are boring, maybe watch the "C++20 changes how we code" talk from the recent c++ conference: youtube.com/watch?v=ImLFlLjSveM
He speaks too quick!
1 hour later…
11:10 PM
Anyone there?
@Jona If you define what "there" you're talking about, each of us can tell you whether we're there or not.
11:50 PM
@Jona My wife told me not to be there.
A: Can C/C++ preprocessor macros have default parameter values?

2501There is a way to do it, if you permit an unusual syntax: #include <stdio.h> #include <stdint.h> #include <stdlib.h> void TestInternal( int n ) { printf("%d\n" , n ) ; } #define TestGet( f , ... ) f #define Test( ... ) TestInternal( TestGet( __VA_ARGS__ DEFAULT , DEFAULT ) ) #define DEFAUL...


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