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1:34 AM
Its that time again. Anybody working on anything cool?
I'm working on the algorithm for a new system I built that synthesizes high resolution images from multiple low resolution measurements
Its like this but we recover the phase from a phase shifting interfermeter rather than just by guessing.
Stop trying to analyse 3D objects using 2D images!!!
1 hour later…
2:47 AM
Where is the best place to post debugging and compiler questions? The only question I can think to label is, "Why does my compiler catch this error but not on my co-workers?" But that doesn't seem like it belongs here or a very good question title.
@CaptainGiraffe I wouldn't expect it to use comparisons--just evaluate the predicate for each item, and segregate into two groups accordingly. A non-stable partition is easier, but I don't think comparisons are involved either way.
@Sailanarmo My first guess would be that you've using a newer compiler than your coworkers (or just a different one, e.g., clang vs. g++).
He and I are both using VS2017
and I thought doing something like void func(Class &A, Class &B = B()) was illegal everywhere.
update the versions, MSVC changed something in between the update that affects template lookup.
at least my compilers catch those errors.
Well that is what is strange, even with all of those errors, if I make the entire project build, it somehow magically builds.
I started this job two months ago and there are intellisense errors everywhere, my co-worker told me that he simply turned those off.
2:53 AM
But I don't know how VS even builds the projects when there are errors everywhere within the project.
@Sailanarmo As you've posted it (Class with upper-case C) it could be legal.
Ahh, that is incorrect I mean, void func(A &a, B &b = B()) where A and B are classes.
Is that the famous MSVC extension?
Q: Non-const reference bound to temporary, Visual Studio bug?

user805547I ran into this while compiling some portable code in gcc. Basically this strange code compiles in Visual studio which really just blows my mind: class Zebra {int x;}; Zebra goo() {Zebra z; return z;} void foo(Zebra &x) { Zebra y; x = y; foo(goo()); } Visual studio lets this one fl...

@Sailanarmo So your only concern is with binding a non-const reference to a temporary?
@JerryCoffin that might be the case, I mean the obvious solution is to throw a const in front of B, but he modifies B in the function he passes.
@Mikhail wow! That is probably what is going on.
2:59 AM
Anyways, thats a common paradigm to grab some global property, sometimes controlled by the include.
Is this enabled by default?
@Sailanarmo I'm just trying to be sure I understand the problem. Once I'm sure of that, we can try to actually fix something.
code looking at you funny isn't a problem
@JerryCoffin I think @Mikhail found the source of the problem.
he wrote a function called setVal(const A &a, B &b = B())
so that way when he needs to set a val, he can just do setVal(object); that way he doesn't have to do setVal(object1,object2);
However, as far as I know, B &b = B() shouldn't compile because we shouldn't be allowed to bind a non-const lvalue reference.
Be you. Coder at Top-Tier Tech Company (tm) for 20 years. Launch space shuttles, bang thots, nice car, nice 401k, kids in college. Code passes unit tests. Use hacker skills to get job done in record time. Use documented and undocumented features like a boss. Some kid says your code is wrong.
3:04 AM
@Sailanarmo Yup. Compile with /W4 to get a warning about that.
Be prepared for a lot of other warnings too though--some of them likely spurious.
@Mikhail hahaha, yeah...I just don't know how to tell him, "Your code is wrong. And this shouldn't compile." I am going to save that link you provided me and show it to him.
@JerryCoffin, oh I have seen all the other errors and warnings. Thankfully, most of the warnings are where nullptr should be instead of 0. It's just I got 700+ errors down to this 1 error.
I'd caution you precisely against that. If you insist on a cosmetic change your best bet is to implement it yourself.
@Mikhail yeah, maybe you're right. I'll just overload the function to take an object, and will call the other function with a new object2.
Thank you guys. I was going insane about this.
Peace, feel free to stop by anytime
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4:57 AM
@CaptainGiraffe the last meme was a joke, I hope it didn't come across as offensive. :)
5:16 AM
@Rick Not a matter of being offensive. We have a long-standing rule against animated GIFs.
@JerryCoffin But pretty much all the regulars who had low monthly bandwidth allowances stopped coming here, so maybe that rule is no longer relevant ...
@TelKitty I don't think it was ever about bandwidth. Some browsers show the animation as fast as possible, keeping a CPU (or core) sitting at 100% utilization for any animated GIF.
I have a rather old and slow PC and the CPU on the PC does not go 100% when loading a normal animated GIF.
@TelKitty Not a question of the CPU, but of the browser and how it chooses (or not) to regulate CPU usage.
5:52 AM
Author uses Google drive to archive large dataset. When you try downloading a folder using Google drives web interface, any tif files that are most blank are removed. Had to install Google drive app to correctly sync the folder without data loss.
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7:48 AM
Say 'no' to fat shaming birds!
Fattest parrots> We deserve respect too!
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11:07 AM
Q: How to make a tunnel effect like the one in MEMZ trojan?

Khanh10I have just started programming in C++, and I want to make a tunnel effect like the on in MEMZ trojan. Any ideas on how to do this? I am trying to prank my friends :). ps: I normally program in batch, so this is not my strong point. I have tried searching all over the internet, and have not fou...

/cc @Mysticial @milleniumbug
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3:05 PM
Ok, @CaptainGiraffe these are my results
max-heap is done with keys from the most significant to the least significant digit.
self-balancing heap | radix
6-8 mic irrespective of string size | 17mic avg - 148mic avg (relative to string size
) some caveats I had to reduce the size of your strings so I could get Radix to work correctly. Using stable_partition implementation of radix ran on average 17mic. Using buckets (vectors) to do the comparisons I got 148mic avg. As expected the longer the strings the worse the performance. The heap ran faster and more consistently never deviating from
Bad wording, correction, not comparison but least significant to most significant digit.
3 hours later…
6:06 PM
@Borgleader lolwut
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9:16 PM
Hi, I'm looking for help understanding rvalue references
I mean, I get the idea, but some things still are unclear, like should I overload all of my functions that take const& parameters to && parameters ?
@Magix Wrong room. Go here.
Alright, thanks for pointing me to the right room, good evening
1 hour later…
10:38 PM
@Rick Nah, you need to be way more unsilly than that.
@TelKitty Well, here goes. I've worded this diatribe before. I pay $3 per month for 100/100 at a solid speed with excellent customer service (they gave me a fixed ip and a name for free, they answer within a few seconds). No caps. This has been ongoing since 2005.
@Rick What inputs are you using?
@JerryCoffin The predicate would be a comparison almost by definition.

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