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looks like I don’t have enough RAM to build some testcases in the optimized build
hopefully no GCC regression is hiding there ._.
@SpongyFruitcake praise gw2
on peut savoir ce qui t'a mis la puce à l'oreille
à quel sujet ?
ma toute nouvelle identité
ben j’ai répondu à un message particulier, le reste c’est automatique
et part de coïncidence que j’ai décidé de te répondre maintenant
2:22 PM
c'est nul !
TIL there's a new squad UI
are there still no new legendaries btw
@SpongyFruitcake it was sensibly prepared in anticipation of raids, but since it’s such an integral part of the gaem it’s proved extremely valuable. e.g. for large events you can /squadjoin commander then hop to their map instance
@SpongyFruitcake I forget where we left things off, the rifle was the most recent one
not sure if nice or terrible
I find the gigantic cannonball it fires hilarious, esp. together with the thundering noise it makes
I filed it under the 'nice legendary, shame it has no useful moveset' category. which is way too long for my taste ._.
2:28 PM
The greatswords are still the best by far IMO
I hope you are aware of the innuendos conveyed by your GW2 weaponry discussion
@LucDanton lol at the image license by the way
@SpongyFruitcake I forget if I already told you but: I like their effects a lot in still images, but I don’t think it looks as good in actual gameplay. and then they’re the oversized kind of greatswords :(
I like when they're sheathed and you can look at the reflection inside
Otherwise the giant trails are kinda annoying, I agree
@SpongyFruitcake looks accurate to me
since I’m fairly sure I told you about the shield when it came out you should be up to date
2:43 PM
@sehe /cc @rightfold or this github.com/erkin/ponysay /cc @EtiennedeMartel
@R.MartinhoFernandes I just know you found that when scouring around the code block for U+1F916
@sehe -1 not written in Pony
2:58 PM
My favorite might be U+1F609 U+1F93F WINKING FACE VOMITING.
@sehe xkcd is creepy.
1F93F is eerily close to 1F937.
@sehe I "found" it because it showed up in some text and the browser couldn't render it.
Totally not related to xkcd.
Yes, but can Unicode represent Japanese yet?
A clear case of "Get out of my head, Randall"
@Fanael Is this sarcasm? AFAIK there are no issues with that.
whoa :)
void fake_main(int &argc, char **argv);
int argc = 1;
char prog[] = "prog";
fake_main(argc, &prog);
^ should totally compile
3:05 PM
@Fanael Like, the entire Japanese wikipedia is in Unicode.
@nwp &prog is of type char(*)[5] not char**
@milleniumbug yeah, the compiler told me that, didn't really help
void fake_main(int &argc, char **argv);
int argc = 1;
char prog[] = "prog";
char *prog2 = prog;
fake_main(argc, &prog2);
^ feels unnecessarily ugly
An update: looks like GCC has stopped rejecting my previous -fnew-inheriting-ctors example as well as my actual code. I still don’t know how the P0136 changes are supposed to be read though.
@nwp it’s also likely incorrect
well, 'incorrect' is too strong since you set argc correctly. I meant it’s too brittle for my taste
can't even be cute with &+prog because address of rvalue blabla
my recommendation is const char* args[] = { "prog" }; (although that const is incompatible with the fake_main declaration as it stands)
3:20 PM
fake_main is actually QApplication, so everything is terrible
still, when a function asks for a (pointer to start of) array I suggest passing it exactly what it asks for and not going through hoops or being needlessly clever
3:39 PM
> Essonne : une déchetterie attaquée, près de 50 camions-poubelles incendiés ou dégradés
Why the fuck would anyone do that
c’est tous des ordures
Et c'est toujours l'Essonne
I am beginning to distinguish a pattern there
@SpongyFruitcake rpz
@Rerito lol sérieux ?
neuf quatre pour oim
3:53 PM
Bidecomposable vs PairDecomposable (i.e. auto&& [first, second] = thing;)
4:04 PM
Anyone know of any articles/papers/bug tracker comments that talk about performance impact of using an atomic before locking compared to just locking earlier?
I'm having trouble searching for this scenario.
Just imagine you are implementing a barrier and are counting down the number of threads still needing to enter and then locking afterwards to either do a wait or reset the barrier.
so a lock->decrement->wait/wake vs. atomic decrement->lock->wait/wake
I'd think it's a race unless the wait/wake is coded with an iteration number to skip waiting if the barrier was already reset for the iteration
@ratchetfreak It's generational, yes.
Have to do that anyway because of spurious wakeups.
spurious aren't that common anymore I believe...
I can measure on my one system but I know from experience this sort of performance doesn't necessarily port so I was hoping for some sort of analysis or at least some project that runs on multiple machines that deemed it worth it or whatever.
Just been hard to find anything.
spurious wakeups are a myth :O
4:13 PM
if the the generation number and wake count are on the same cacheline then I'd think that the lock before decrement would be better
@Ell they are still in the docs for SleepConditionVariableCS...
if you did decrement before lock then they'd need to be on separate cachelines to avoid false sharing
please I have a question
@Joe C++ questions belong in the C++ Q&A chatroom
A: Do spurious wakeups actually happen?

John KugelmanThe Wikipedia article on spurious wakeups has this tidbit: The pthread_cond_wait() function in Linux is implemented using the futex system call. Each blocking system call on Linux returns abruptly with EINTR when the process receives a signal. ... pthread_cond_wait() can't restart the waiting...

4:36 PM
@SpongyFruitcake We worked hard to produce that garbage! What gives them the right to steal it? I want them to pay me for what they take.
@SpongyFruitcake Bullshit, you are Cicada
@StackedCrooked overlord 2? I don't think I've seen S1 :)
5:32 PM
@Shoe who
5:48 PM
@SpongyFruitcake That looks like a pretty solid confirmation that you're Cicada. :-)
6:07 PM
OK, this is bad. ME:Andromeda, the scientist red head on bridge believes in God. WTF?
@wilx I have a follower on ME:Andromeda? That's awesome!
@JerryCoffin :D
6:53 PM
I need @rightfold or possibly @Ven
@BartekBanachewicz yeah
for anamorphisms you mean?
7:11 PM
@wilx believing in god is WTF?
@Ell Yes. And in the sci-fi like that? Even more so.
why is there no robot wars torrents
@Ell Yep.
> complaining about not being able to steal stuff
you're going to hell ;)
there is no hell so I feel pretty fine about my odds of going there
7:30 PM
@Ell why would you need me
Because you're good at functional programming :D
and category theory and that
I'm trying to port some agda to idris
a Kleisli "typeclass" specifically
> Parametric polymorphism is bane for compilers, linkers and resulting binary size (L1 cache line says *****). Sum types are truly amazing things, but most of the codebase contains it like "I couldn't create a proper abstraction, so here, have a set of different types which have nothing in common" (reddit.com)
way to be stupid
@Ven link?
@Ell whatever you believe
@Ell what's the issue?
@Ven I'm trying to implement some ideas from this paper: personal.cis.strath.ac.uk/conor.mcbride/pub/Totality.pdf
on page 3 they define a kleisli typeclass-like-thing
7:35 PM
I remember that paper. It's pretty amazing.
further down, they implement a morph function
and morph needs m to be a kleisli, but I can't see where they use this fact?
I can see they use >>=, but that's just Monad
I think I'm missing something because when I translate the code to idris, I get a type error
it may be utterly incorrect, so I apologise if I'm wasting your time
also sorry for renaming everything :P
i'll take a look after my starcraft game :)
Thanks :3
@Ell Ya should be
I have a colleague like that
that renames things?
7:50 PM
@milleniumbug Alright, will do
you have a 50-commit branch and then he will want to rename a function in the first commit that you call in every other commit
@sehe Nice!
@Ell you didn'tp ost the error
@Ven oops sorry, gimme as ec
okay oops
the error line is wrong >.<
error occurs on line 35
okay, updated. Gosh I'm taking a lot of vertical space up to do. SNR is not very good >.<
arrgghh I uploaded the wrong code
I'm a terrible person
8:21 PM
@Ell What they call Kleisli is what you call Monad
But monad doesn't have (b -> m c) -> (a -> m b) -> (a -> m c) does it?
I suppose that doesn't matter if they don't use it
that's just <=<
I don't use these fancy operators :P
okay, that's cleared up then, thanks :)
you're not a real haskeller until you've used >=$> :P.
8:24 PM
I don't claim to be, thankfully :D
me neither :-).
wrt your gist, not sure what's the issue - trying to follow your version with no colors and different names than the paper is proving hard to my tired brain..
okay, I'll just have a go at writing morph from scratch
or try to implement it in Agda first
and see if it works there
@Ven <<%= master race
Lens operators amount to cheating.
8:27 PM
blah blah blah
I can't hear you over my code being so buttiful and readable
too many operators
Also someone in the JS room wrote a VM and his language is faster than mine
we can't let this stand
we have to kill him
@milleniumbug not sure what you mean. poll does remove it, as stated in the docs
@BartekBanachewicz maybe we can let JS kill him
@Ven he wrote it in Rust tho
8:29 PM
ugh discord is down ):
I've lost my glasses :(
@Ven yes, it does remove it - "the latter returns the top with removing it"
the point is don't call it poll() ffs
@milleniumbug Retrieves and removes the head of this queue, or returns null if this queue is empty.
@milleniumbug Why not? Isn't stand standard queue terminology?
8:32 PM
why are you linking to the documentation I've read and linked
it should clearly have been painted orange
Q: Java Queues - why "poll" and "offer"?

zpangwinOk, so I've been using Java for a long time now and have recently been preparing for my OCJP exam. I was wondering if anyone might be able to provide any insight into why the method names "poll" (as opposed to the more traditional "pop") and "offer" (as opposed to the more traditional "push") wer...

@LucDanton I'm confused. If the paint were clear, how would it also be orange?
@fredoverflow not standard enough really
tryPop() is clear enough, and won't be confused with peek()
@Ell how
8:42 PM
@milleniumbug bool pop(T &dest); seems pretty clear to me.
@sehe I took them off, and they disappeared forever
@JerryCoffin arrrgggghghghggaisjdaksldas
so you've misplaced them. Recovery is an option
@BartekBanachewicz Yay!
they're probably in my room somewhere :P
but I cannot find them for my life
are you wearing them
@Ell If you're lucky, you'll just step on them. Then you'll know
@Ell Probably be easier to find them if you had some glasses on so you could see.
also I've finally started reading a book and it's nice
but I think I kinda forgot how to read books
there's just so much more easily digestible content everywhere, and reading is such an effort in comparison
8:56 PM
@VermillionAzure 5h is helpful. You are expected to complete it in about 2-3h.
property.cxx:420:5: warning: use auto when declaring iterators [modernize-use-auto]
StringMap::const_iterator it (data.find (key));
If I use auto I will lose the const of const_iterator. Is this really a good advice?
cfind :D
This is from clang-tidy.
@wilx Is data const?
I don't think anyone cares that much about const
8:58 PM
@milleniumbug I think you are mistaken.
also auto it = std::as_const(data).find(key);
@BartekBanachewicz yes but in the subway books are the best
@CaptainGiraffe It is not.
@milleniumbug Well, I am aiming at C++11.
@BartekBanachewicz I've moved away from reading books because they're not very re-readable
@wilx Yes.
@Ven Yummy Subway subs.
Unhealthy as fuck but tasty as fuck.
Now I want a kapsalon.
@Puppy You a reading the wrong books =)
It's like youtube tutorial videos, if you follow everything from A to B, you likely haven't learned anything.
@EtiennedeMartel Impressive--they did such a great job of back-porting that this wonderful new feature has suddenly become present even in ancient IDEs as installed from the CD-ROM. Obviously the "RO" part of that name was a lie!
@rightfold you always want a kapsalon :<
@fredoverflow nice
9:28 PM
@wilx don't lose const, that's orthogonal. as_const or keep the name. Simple (clang_tidy/clang_modernize don't do the substitution if it changes the iterator type. Technically, the non-const iterator could do entirely different things)
@Puppy but there's so many of them
@Ven I don't like public transport. I much prefer driving on my own.
@BartekBanachewicz not an option in Paris
also not sure why my post was worth starring vOv
@Ven you keep thinking cars ;)
no, I keep thinking cars want to kill non-cars.
misconceptions and misinformation
9:31 PM
@sehe OK, I have decided to keep the type for now.
@BartekBanachewicz Fiction or technical?
@wilx The Man in the High Castle
@Puppy Why would you avoid one off experience?
@BartekBanachewicz Great Nazi Reich... the first thing I have noticed on Wikipedia page of the novel. :D
sounds accurate
I have recently devoured A Night Without Stars in about two days of straight reading.
Commonwealth novels are awesome.
@BartekBanachewicz Well, I have read few PK Dick's books but not this one. This sounds interesting too.
@wilx there's a new Netflix show based on it. An apt moment to read it I suppose.
9:38 PM
@wilx The Wub is a personal fav of mine =) And of course the Androids and sheep.
I really liked Ubik
and the short stories
Ubik, is really good too.
@BartekBanachewicz Yeah, that one was weird. I like the one that was filmed/animated...about drugs...I cannot remember the name.
TMitHC feels a lot like Clockwork Orange so far
similar cross-cultural references
mmm, I really miss having bigger side projects
yeah I know this was a strange change of topic, it's just... in high school I didn't care how ambitious they were
pretty much all of them failed, but it was so fun to do
10:04 PM
@wilx Because my life will be long and I value having experiences that can match that?
but the bigger part is that I value experiences that I can summon on demand, e.g. get home from a hard day's work, nuke people in the face
@Puppy How is many varied one off experiences bad for that?
the problem is the value of "many" and the difficulty of "varied"
for instance, my top games rank thousands of hours each- hundreds of books
it'd be a lot of effort to find hundreds of books that are great
a lot more than finding one game
@Puppy I think this is largely a matter of taste (and perhaps accustomization). IMO, truly great books are hard to find--but books with at least as good of a story as any game I've played...well, that's a lot easier (but maybe I've just never played a truly great game--hard to say for sure).
yeah, but the story is never what keeps me coming back
in fact, even if games have a great story, they just fall into the same problem- I hear the first ten lines and remember the next hundred thousand words almost immediately
it's always fun core gameplay that counts
@Ven morph h = cata pure (\ix => (>>=) (h ix)) works. something weird is going on vOv
it's because I need to flip the >>=
or something :V
10:23 PM
I could really use some new screens
coding at home feels claustrophobic almost compared to doing so at work
10:51 PM
> Is there a god? If not, what are all these churches for?
They increase your Faith points per turn
does my UI library count as super-special if I can perform e.g. layout on a background thread instead of the main thread?
10:57 PM
@BartekBanachewicz i call it "my own driving experience"
@Ell yup, hence why the operator earlier was <=< not >=> :).
well, I've got this thing working anyway :D thanks
@rightfold Dyslexic dog lovers.
you don't need to be dyslexic to love dogs
there is a set for dyslexic people & and other for dog lovers, the intersect of 2 sets is called dyslexic dog lovers
@Puppy yes, most of them can't handle it
11:11 PM
@Rapptz Is Discord down? I cant send any messages.
> Clyde: Sending messages to this channel has been temporarily disabled. Try again in a bit.
GCE mad issues today apparently
google compute engine
it's what discord uses
don't know what component of the google platform exactly though, I think it's GCE
11:18 PM
> I made a quick hack that will force the game to grab the pointer and lock it to the window. forums.obsidian.net/topic/…
gotta love gaming on linux
on Windows, the feature works as advertised ;p
the performance is also likely better on windows
or maybe not
@Puppy it doesn't have to be a competition :P
11:23 PM
I doubt the performance is better on windows because I've yet to see unity throw out a game where lots of things happen and the performance stays great
that's more up unreal engine's alley
fwiw the bug hasn't been fixed yet years after release so I don't think the devs can do it
it's maybe an unity quirk and how it works with X or w/e it's called
Waht's up
@Rapptz whoa whoa whoa
I haven't seen you in forever! What's up
btw anybody have any critiques with Qt?
@Rapptz "I have no friends, of any sex."
@VermillionAzure Not much.
> New things are cool. But they are also illegal! Because they are a form of agism.
@Rapptz I see. Last I heard you were doing medical stuff?
11:30 PM
SymPy has simplified away the linearization I was evaluating. It gives the result for the original function D: It's too clever.
Browsing reddit and working on some patches
@VermillionAzure I still do lol
@Rapptz Right right
@Rapptz Code patches or nicotine patches?
I'm glad I don't have any form of nicotine addiction.
I don't smoke anything
11:34 PM
yeah, injection is the way to go
drug-free master race
you're not drug free
I am recreational-drug-free
@BartekBanachewicz ikr
11:37 PM
@Puppy Does chocolate count as a recreational drug?
@SpongyFruitcake Dude, I have your profile bookmarked
@Puppy Damn. You've taken away my one remain vice.
I have harshly stolen it from you
11:45 PM
@StackedCrooked Coliru still acting weird for me coliru.stacked-crooked.com/a/5a52a7ba510df124 (it shows up completely empty after no errors)
And for good measure a Spirit X3 version: melpon.org/wandbox/permlink/UR3pBH9EO2FF00Q1 (I prefer the Phoenix actors in Qi...) — sehe 31 secs ago
@sehe /cc @Borgleader
i cri evrytim
@sehe :>
@rightfold Damn good thinking
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