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3:02 PM
Screw thread safety and this professor. "But, if you use thread isolation, doesn't that limit the flexibility of your API? I have to ban thread isolation techniques to reinforce that enterprise systems must support arbitrary threads."
Now magically everything is shared mutable state.
what is "thread isolation"?
@Ell Defining that certain operations can only be done on certain threads.
For instance, you can only operate on a single std::vector on one thread at a time.
3:07 PM
Or, for many GUI frameworks, you can only perform GUI operations in the GUI thread.
@Lalaland I do that
usually have rendering in one thread and gui+event handling in another
Yes, that's the sane way of doing things.
This professor is just an idiot.
This is one of many "ideas" he has.
Well in a way not using thread isolation is good for scaling if you design for it
Also for my UI, I've designed everything using eventloops so you dont have to run things on specific threads. I could run everything on one thread for example
3:09 PM
Yes, but making everything thread safe is pointless.
If you need scalability, you identify the parts that need threading, and add threading to those parts.
That's the crucial bit, identifying things that can actually benefit from it.
Is he explicitly saying make everything thread safe?
@Prismatic Yes.
Because that allows maximum "flexibility"
3:11 PM
Yeah then he's probably not much of a practical programmer
Well, here's something controversial... If he were good at what he does, he wouldn't be teaching it (for peanuts). :P
Just 1. Turn brain off, 2. Copy notes, 3. Regurgitate garbage for exam
Yep, he has climbed the ivory tower so much at this point that he is pretty much an astronaut.
@ElimGarak Most profs do research at universities
teaching is a secondary responsibility
In the golden days, you became a professor after your largest research/contribution was done. Many today train solely for teaching, hence badlets.
3:13 PM
> Many today train solely for teaching
I haven't come across this a lot tbh
I guess it depends on what you consider "research".
Yes, crucial word "research".
flash jam today?
@ElimGarak meh it's not a bad thing
@Lalaland publishing papers, often working towards something profitable like a patent
3:14 PM
I think stuff like tinyurl.com/ox6kv3h strains the line pretty much.
@Prismatic There's only a fraction with relevant papers, IME.
(Tinyurl so it doesn't appear directly in chat history)
@Lalaland this is him?
On the social structure of the Lounge.
@BartekBanachewicz Nah, too busy adding thread safety to everything and testing. Testing thread safety is a bitch.
3:15 PM
@Ell Yep.
It's er
> for games
At my university they had this thing where you owned a substantial amount of the research and results you conducted there... so maybe there was more of an emphasis on that sort of thing compared to most universities
Elim might get a laugh out of that one.
@Lalaland I was on the verge of constructing a reply consisting of the word "immutable", but then I've realized whom I'm replying to.
3:19 PM
Can't do immutability.
@ElimGarak but then you get grad students you can delegate work to :p
The API is intrinsically mutable and thread unsafe.
Well, my network access is shit today.
And also, I have nothing against immutability.
3:20 PM
Immutability is wonderful.
Lazy evaluation is what I don't like.
What is wrong with lazy?
stack overflowing thunks apparently
@milleniumbug That + harder to debug things.
Although to be fair, most of my issues with those are due to using a 5 year old version of GHC.
3:22 PM
so... stop using 5 year old version of GHC?
Everyone has already switched to LHC. :P
@milleniumbug Supposedly, we are getting an upgrade soon.
I mean, it's debian stable.
Everything on there is old.
I know some people in here are also using old C++ compilers.
3:24 PM
@Lalaland :D
not by choice :p
So, @melak47, @Nooble, when are we hitting up the coke yacht in GTA V? :P
@Ell I don't really know. Some people apparently find it problematic
I made a new female character, she's pretty coolio.
3:25 PM
@ElimGarak Whenever you're ready.
Also @melak.
@Lalaland you're using Haskell at work?
@BartekBanachewicz The stack overflow issues usually only start to show up once you start dealing with large input sizes.
@Nooble well I have some family over, but they all seem to be in a food coma
@BartekBanachewicz Well, if you consider a "lab" work.
The lab machines only have GHC 7.04.
3:26 PM
Lazy eval has less predictable perf
@ElimGarak You have skype?
It takes quite an impressive amount of data to trigger them.
@Nooble I've actually never used Skype :D
@Lalaland woah
3:27 PM
@ElimGarak one of us!
Like 100,000 elements.
Can't you BYOB? (bring-your-own-binaries)?
@ElimGarak gettttt itttt
I am loading up GTA Online now, tho.
@BartekBanachewicz Nah.
3:28 PM
Anyways, the upgrade is "supposedly" occurring "soon"
@ElimGarak i wish I could say that
@BartekBanachewicz heh
skype is literally hitler
@ElimGarak I suppose we can mumble.
Isn't there like ingame voice over?
Or is that PS4 only? :P
3:28 PM
I never got that working
@ElimGarak Yeah that never works.
or maybe I'm misremembering from another game
@bananu7 @circleci We're currently planning on shipping a new container with 7.10.2 sometime between the 26th and the 28th :)
auto uint8 = [&] {
    std::uint8_t result;
    std::memcpy(&result, instruction_pointer(), sizeof(result));
    instruction_pointer() += sizeof(result);
    return result;

auto int32 = [&] {
    std::int32_t result;
    std::memcpy(&result, instruction_pointer(), sizeof(result));
    instruction_pointer() += sizeof(result);
    return result;

auto uint32 = [&] {
    std::uint32_t result;
    std::memcpy(&result, instruction_pointer(), sizeof(result));
    instruction_pointer() += sizeof(result);
I guess they're faster with updates :P
3:29 PM
How to deduplicate this code? Lambdas can't template parameters.
but you know what you're not supposed to do with big code?
Ah! I know! I can make it a macro!
The same what with big dicks - don't take it out in public.
@melak47 mumble
ugh, ok
3:30 PM
@Elyse or use an actual function object for this
Lambdas are actual function objects.
a named one
i.e. just write a fucking struct
Structs can't close over variables, and can't have template member functions when local.
So I need too much boilerplate. :(
if those aren't the most poser cars in the world then I don't know what is
3:33 PM
lemme guess that brand is called "Scorpion".
@ElimGarak What's your Social Club name?
all those 120 hp put into hardcore track action
@Nooble On PC, "Cardassian"
With immensive front-drive wheels powered by our turbocharged 1.4 engine
why is there a dildo there? :V
3:33 PM
@Ell it's a handbrake, silly.
@Elyse pass the variables as function arguments
@Elyse auto proto = [&](auto result){ ... }; and then auto uint8 = [&]{ return proto(std::uint8_t{}); }; or something
@Ell or actually seq shifter, had to zoom in on the photo.
@Xeo cool!
or, with some hack similar stuff
3:34 PM
@Elyse it's Abarth
@ElimGarak installing mumble? :D
i have to say I find this positioning of shifter absurdly idiotic
But I have a better idea. :)
#define CONFX_DECODE(t)                                                     \
    ([&] {                                                                  \
        t result;                                                           \
        std::memcpy(&result, instruction_pointer(), sizeof(result));        \
        instruction_pointer() += sizeof(result);                            \
        return result;                                                      \
I know that some race drivers don't like electronic paddles
but there are mechanical paddles as well
and neither of the aforementioned requires you to take hands off the freaking wheel
3:36 PM
don't put a semicolon there
which is the last thing to do if you're downshifting mid-corner
@milleniumbug Good point.
> Now that we can hold each gear to redline, we are blown away by all the fun we've been missing
@BartekBanachewicz How are those poser cars? It looks like a track car
Also, I should get rid of the manual instruction decoding altogether.
3:38 PM
@Prismatic The answer is in your question :)
Instead, I should generate a variant of all the instructions, and generate the decoding code.
And use a variant visitor for the interpreter.
I mean ok I'm mocking a bit
So people who drive track cars are posers? Im not following here
> It looks like a track car
3:39 PM
So you mean to tell me people drive that car on the street?
@Prismatic there you go
Is that even legal with the stripped gauges and stuff
Oh lol
@Prismatic the only gauge you need is a speedometer
3:40 PM
I would think you'd need signal indicators and the like
@Prismatic but it has those
@Prismatic look closely at the wheel column, blurred right above the shifter
that's for sprinklers and the uh
I bet'cha there's a regular one on the other side for turn signals (yeah it can be seen as well)
Those displays are so bad... they're like the ones you get on bikes and are there to be light weight so you can get rid of all the unnecessary crap lol
@BartekBanachewicz To be fair, 120 HP isn't necessarily terribly under-powered if the car is light enough.
Why would you ever replace comfy functional gauges with crap like that
@Prismatic It might be light, but it's horribly designed from a usage viewpoint. The reason race cars often have the gauges rotated at seemingly odd angles is that they're carefully set up so that when things are working normally during a race, every needle should be pointing very close to straight up, so the driver spends as little time as possible looking at gauges and as much as possible concentrating on actual driving.
Oh, but wait. It has "state of the art, next-generation design". I take back all I said above-it's clearly amazingly wonderful.
3:52 PM
You say comfy, I say confx!
Also functional!
  Expected: 0.0011999999999999999d
  But was:  0.0012000000000000001d
@JohanLarsson What are these values for?
@JohanLarsson Make a range check with 1 ulp size?
parsed "0.0012" with my reader and double.Parse(), they must be the same
I have massive cargo culting in my code
3:54 PM
Throw an exception when the value cannot be represented by a double exactly.
@Prismatic this one is overblown
race Motecs are way simpler
@Prismatic but in general, you have everything at a glance
that's kinda the point
you don't need to look at multiple things to get the information
it's constantly at the peripheral vision
Also, on the unrelated note, I forgot what a fucking killing machine my cat (all of them?) is
I thought the primary goal with those things was weight savings
But I guess its also important to have all the info rightthere
I was playing with him at one second, and at another my finger has 2cm gash on it
3:58 PM
the claw cut my skin like fucking butter
He could murder me easily enough in my sleep if he wanted to
i bet he could rip my throat veins apart in a matter of a split second
well maybe not now since I just cut his claws
but if I ever needed a reminder to do that more regularly...
@Prismatic well yeah but I can imagine you could make bigger dials that would be only marginally heavier
@Prismatic have you looked at the newest Audi TT's dash?
@BartekBanachewicz To be fair, it would also be quite easy for a human to kill a cat.
@Lalaland not saying it wouldn't. It's just people often assume they are oh so cute and fluffy things
But they're killers.
cute, fluffy killers
Domestic cats are essentially downsized predators that would rip off your head if they were bigger just for fun
@BartekBanachewicz I think so, its that single piece LCD with google maps and stuff
4:11 PM
@Prismatic yeah
I had a developinng something very similar in mind when I started all my software dev stuff
I remember
It sounds like a cool project for sometime in the future
I think in 5 years time I might attempt doing something like that
I'm too noob right now and the technology isn't ready yet
@BartekBanachewicz Try set any living prey before them.
That usually shows the killer nature
> speedcubers (or simply, cubers), who learn advanced solving methods, buy specially designed speedcubes from underground Chinese suppliers
lol /cc @R.MartinhoFernandes medium.com/@jblake17/…
Today's not no alcohol day.
this could use some pedanting. What cases am I missing?
I'm already aware of the only sane alternative: revert the whole thing.
4:32 PM
@Xeo like another cat :P
@BartekBanachewicz That's not really prey, is it.
it was last time with two other cats, at least for the first days
Imbir doesn't really like others invading his apartment
he lets me live here because I feed him, I suppose
@BartekBanachewicz That's not preying behaviour, though. Just territorial defense.
@BartekBanachewicz nah not all of them :P
> This site does not use cookies [I agree!]
4:40 PM
I wonder whether GMP allows operations on blitted mpz_ts.
It'd be convenient with a compacting GC.
@Andrey hi
@BartekBanachewicz imbir is a pretty cool name
@Prismatic we didn't rename him when we adopted it
seems fitting
he also reacts to his name already, unless there's food involved
I can't remember when was last time I ate cereal uninterrupted
4:57 PM
Does imbir mean something in polish?
@Prismatic ginger
I'm wondering if I'll lose marks for writing non-portable c code
ugh fucking Dr. Boom
this card is so overpowered
I wonder why my deck doesn't have mana addicts
they look like perfect synergy
@Ell No, if it's for a prof
My profs all seem to be good at programming
5:05 PM
@Ell It's pretty uncommon.
the only mistake I've seen is that our C prof recommends compiling with -O3 because it can bring out bugs
which I guess kinda makes sense
so it's not even that bad
he recommends compiling with O3 or without it
with -O3 to find bugs :D
@Ell Well, in a convoluted way it can
well it makes some sense, UB tends to come out of the woodwork as optimizations are applied
but, im not sure it "good advice"
5:07 PM
@Borgleader Why would it not?
Man our assignments didn't bother with that kind of stuff at all. You submitted code and if it compiled and ran on the lab computers, it was fine
-O3 is the best optimization flag
@Borgleader yeah it at least has sense behind it
@набиячлэвэлиь Because debugging optimized code is a nightmare
@набиячлэвэлиь clearly -O0 is the best, like LOD0 :p
5:08 PM
@Prismatic compiling with it
@Borgleader Well, then -g -Og when you're debugging
@melak47 -Ofast -ffast-math
-Ozone to get zone optimizations.
evening cuties and cuddle puppies :) <3
@набиячлэвэлиь get wrong results even more quickly!
@Morwenn -O3 is -Ozone if you think about it
@milleniumbug Especially recommended for air- and spacecraft
5:13 PM
is the flag O or 0
O, like Optimization
I thought it was big O
@Prismatic Your font is garbage
probably just my eyesight
check out this sweet wallpaper
@Prismatic O
5:18 PM
@Prismatic Interstellar?
I think O works as well
@Borgleader Not sure, definitely looks like the blackhole in tha tmovie though
@Prismatic Nice picture of your mother.
Maybe I'll just get rid of the interpreter and write a JIT-compiler.
5:43 PM
@Elyse Wow.
@Elyse If his mother is like that, how did you fucked her?
I need a library that can encode x86-64 instructions.
I mean, you always have to consider the tradeoff between his mother being fat and his mother being fucked by you.
That could've come from puppy
@Elyse libelf?
oh wait
5:51 PM
libelf is for manipulating ELF files, not for encoding x86-64 instructions.
It's not too difficult to write it myself, but it's boring.
@jaggedSpire an owl being weighed /cc @TonyTheLion
it looks like an owl burrito /cc @Morwenn :3
5:54 PM
back at rank 15
i wonder if i can hit 14 this season
Not if you play that daemon card, that's for sure.
I don't have it any of my real decks
Battle.net has so many connectivity issues
I've finally put in sludge belcher in my paladin deck and it feels much stronger now though
Dear lord, I have to try and reconnect like an average of 3 times per success
Also why the heck do they give a 1m timeout before reconnect.
Make it 30s at most.
@Jefery yeah that's dumb
I have no idea why this is not working: http://coliru.stacked-crooked.com/a/beb1dcec01143922
I *feels* so correct
don't use member function pointers
I tried not to, but bind gets confused because that function has a const overload
so its either a pointer or an ugly cast
6:05 PM
wtf is this supposed to do boost::bind(f, s, _1) != s.end()
also what's the expected output
I guess I'll make this an SO question
f is the `set::find`, so `boost::bind(f, s, _1) != s.end()` will return true when `_1` is in the set
So that `find_if` should find the first element in the collection that is in the set
@Borgleader Haha, yeah. Indeed :D
Dang, found the error
using a "normal" lambda [&](auto x){ return s.find(x) != s.end(); } works
Should be passing s by reference, because the copied end iterator is obviously different
Yeah, lambda was my first try. But the guy wants C++98 and asked to use bind...
6:29 PM
Why can't I put this: puu.sh/lD67G/6aa570cb55.txt in a boost::thread?
okay I need some printf help :3
@Andrey false premise
maybe :P
probably because of SDL event loop or something
Oh, ok
Then I'll just create a doo-doo SDL event loop for every function that handles events .__.
(don't ask me what's a doo-doo)
6:50 PM
if I win this I'm getting to rank 14
7:04 PM
@Borgleader this cutie <3
that doge would sink like a stone if he got his fur wet
half of him is already in the water
@VillasV Don't bind, use a lambda.
59 mins ago, by VillasV
Yeah, lambda was my first try. But the guy wants C++98 and asked to use bind...
@milleniumbug bind has magic overloads that create derived functors
7:19 PM
object Main {
  def mainAction: IO[Unit] =
    IO { println("Hello, world!") }

  def main(args: Array[String]): Unit =
thats one firey horse :)
Many horsepowers
god fucking damn those full legendary decks
the guy had literally like 12 of them
including one that fully healed him from 4 to 30 hp
7:35 PM
@VillasV hey, I see you answered this one too :
A: Effiective programming: How to use find_if without writing the actual predicate

seheI see this as a search of known words across several "corpora" (bodies of text). The classical approach is to put the "dictionary" into a prefix-tree or "Trie" and match from that. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trie Here's a simple example using Boost Spirit's Trie implementation (symbols<>)...

ergh... seems my bluetooth adapter has been rendered broken
@thecoshman Call a dentist.
@MartinJames ¬_¬ that is even more tedious than this shitty non-working bluetooth
having blue teeth is a bad sign of copper poisoning
@sehe dang, you recognize a Boost.Spirit pro when there's a question about intersection of collections and he says "I see this as a search of known words across several "corpora""
7:44 PM
But yeah, seems this adapter that used to work just fine was broken by some kernal update, and now that I want to actually use it, I can only cry in upset
@VillasV @sehe really puts the pro in programmer :)
It's so cold.
@Borgleader haha wow I'm gonna save this pun for life
user image
/cc @ElimGarak
7:48 PM
@Nooble I need your valerable inputs
@nick Get on Mumble, he's there
is he alive?
He doesn't copy, so probably not
7:58 PM
@Borgleader that's a nice pun indeed

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