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12:12 AM
I may have misunderstood your original question; you can convert pointers (-to-objects, "regular pointers") to void*, but not the other way around
As long as such a conversion doesn't drop const- or volatile-qualifiers.
yeah, I mean the same cv-qualified void type
though you can also add specifiers, of course
1:01 AM
I follow this proj but I don't know what is this line mean : codeproject.com/KB/IP/…
BYTE* bp = (BYTE*)(&dataLength) + sizeof(dataLength) - cbLeftToReceive;
7 hours later…
8:15 AM
@JamesMcNellis No kidding.
9:06 AM
anyone herer ?
@NXqd, How r u?
@Arman ok :D, i have 9 hrs sleep after this morning , too late sleep :P
there're too little people here, I'm available on irc.freenode.net #C++ , you should join this one too :P
Ok I check it.
@nXqd, irc.freenode.net in not loading here.
@nXqd do you have an irc client, try pidgin or xchat
@Arman Can you clarify the data and dataLength for me ?
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11:45 AM
Q: Simple library or implementation for a mathematical expression evaluator

Biwieri have one text file that contains only one line the line only contains one math expression for example 12+(3.0*(4)-1)/sqrt(121) my program needs to read this express as string and then give the result 13 is there any simple way or 3rd party dll/lib to make this out? COMMENT ADDED: http://st...

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3:35 PM
hello @JamesMcNellis
Good morning
Though it may not be morning wherever you are...
good night here :D
Stupid sun being too lazy to light up everywhere at once...
4:14 PM
@JamesMcNellis lolz :D
4:29 PM
Hello everyone!
hello Q
I'm having a real weird problem with C++. I am simply trying to check if a pointer is null using an if statement, but I get an access violation read location error there. I'm not trying to call any functions on it, or change any values on the pointer. Anyone ever had this?
BTW, the pointer isn't pointing to any array, nor is it inside of an array.
Without seeing the code, it's impossible to answer the question with any certainty.
can you post your code , have you tried assert();
I'd recommend asking a question on Stack Overflow.
4:34 PM
I haven't tried assert, but basically it is like this. There is a variable being initialized when the class is first created to NULL. Later on, in another function of that class, I try to check if the variable is not null using if(variableName != NULL). If the variable isn't null, I just return. If it is null, I continue to initialize it further. For some reason, at the if statement, it throws an the error. It even throws the error if I try to initialize it before the if statement. Weird.
Post your code plz
Let me try the assert first. It is a lot of code, part of a game engine actually.
I even did a try-catch around it and it threw the error. :P
Why would you expect a bad memory access to throw an exception?
Novice mistake I guess. :)
Ahh. I see. Even the "this" pointer is null. I guess the object is being deleted while its function is being called or something.
4:45 PM
I fixed the issue guys. I simply had to to a check to see if the "this" pointer was null. For some strange reason, it was null during the function call.
Thanks anyway.
@QAH If this is NULL, you need to make sure you aren't calling member functions on a null pointer.
You shouldn't test inside of a member function if (this != 0); this will never be null in a correct program.
Yeah. You see, this really isn't my code. It is the source code of another game engine. So I am going to step through the code some more and see what is happening.
I am going to go work on that now. THanks again guys. :)
o noez! From the Stack Overflow homepage: "The site may be intermittently available today as we move datacenters."
I hope my intermittent helpfulness lines up with their intermittent availability...
Yeah, they're basically moving it across the country. Better servers though.
Posted by Jeff Atwood on October 21st, 2010

This Saturday, October 23rd, starting at about 2 PM Pacific, we will be migrating all of our primary sites from the Corvallis, OR datacenter to the New York, NY datacenter.

Please be advised that this is a major move, and while we will do everything we can to prevent major service interruptions (largely with a read-only site mode we’re introducing), there may be a few hours of unavoidable downtime.

This move is good news, though:

At worst this NYC configuration will be the same speed overall — but much more robust. At best, you should notice 100 to 150 millisecond improvement in response time on every single page. …

If NYC is 80ms closer to Europe than Oregon, that means it's about 80ms further away from Seattle...
Those are decent servers though...
4:57 PM
Yeah. I doubt we'll notice a difference.
5:31 PM
Nice; I didn't know you could paste user profiles!
I like this chat software.
amazing post number @JamesMcNellis
@JamesMcNellis How can you do it ?
GMan, Washington, US
52.7k 6 92 184
http://stackoverflow.com/users/87234/gman is what I pasted.
msdn.microsoft.com/en-US/library/dya2hz72(v=VS.80).aspx Due to this code, how can I count how many packet i'm gonna receive ?
GMan, Washington, US
52.7k 6 92 184
sweet :D
@GMan Can you help me in this ?
5:47 PM
@GMan msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dya2hz72.aspx how can I count how many sockets I'm gonna receive ?
I've never used it :/
I doubt it ==
3 hours later…
8:38 PM
That's weird, I don't see my name in the user list.
The chat room user list?
Oh, there it is.
8:58 PM
Did you see this question?
I'm unsure as to whether his abuse of operator>> is awesome or fugly.
I'm leaning towards awesome...
lol, let's see.
wtf, lol. what is this, i don't even.
I can't decide. Hmmmm
I'm slightly leaning towards awesome.
I think it's cleaner than the traditional if (!SUCCEEDED(call_some_winapi_thing())) { /* handle failure */ }
But it does have that WTF effect :-P
Moves the if into short-circuiting. I think the problem is when I read it my brain gives a loud "OR" there, which doesn't make sense since it needs to read something closer to "THEN".
(At || that is.)
9:08 PM
I don't think the WTF effect is any worse than that of the conditional switch idiom.
Heh, that's cool.
Maybe if Is was renamed to result_is, and it was constructed a function to call, and a utility called throw_exception or something was made, it would read easier.
Well, maybe not. Argh.
9:26 PM
hi all
9:38 PM
10:01 PM
10:21 PM
Howdy hey!
10:44 PM
Off to work. :(
Lucky you
1 hour later…
11:46 PM

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