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9:05 AM
interesting to see
I would have expected him to be very jaded, yet he seems so nice and peaceful
@TonyTheLion you racist!
The jaded part was about having spent that long in prison, nothing to do with race
oh sure, try and back peddle
fuck off
You're not normally so easy to wind up, you must be having your monthly bleed
9:10 AM
and hey, check me out, using "you're" and "your" correctly
I'm like a real boy!
You know... I've never even tried that "enable desktop notification", has anyone?
@TonyTheLion It might be the age.
I think I used it once
9:12 AM
@TonyTheLion Woah, attempted murder of a police officer
It just pops up a little box when you get pinged
Prolly not ideal in an office env where people can see your screen
@TonyTheLion wow, is the plink not annoying enough?
@TonyTheLion drugs
@thecoshman It is
Just thinking about that thing is aggravating enough
9:13 AM
@thecoshman Think about pink elephants :)
@TonyTheLion plinkephants?
time for tea
Andy is a cool guy: he writes cock on the starboard
cock is the easiest thing to get on the starboard though
not really that much of an achievement
9:16 AM
heys guys
it's me, back from the nearly dead
hey kbok
sup bby
I'd like to see a full documentary on that guy
@ElimGarak at least someone found it interesting :)
44 years is a really long time, longer than I have been alive & I am pretty old :p
@ElimGarak on me?
9:19 AM
@Mr.kbok Sure :D
@thecoshman Good idea thank you :)
He was probably serving 25 to life with the possibility of a parole after 25.
44 years is a long time to spend in a box
and then to come out in society again...
just mind boggling
Must've been a lot of parole hearings and denials. :/
9:22 AM
@TonyTheLion have a +1
It's weird, had he attempted to kill anyone else, he would've gotten off much lighter.
@ElimGarak likely, which I'm not sure is really fair
on a policy officer? no you wouldn't
@chmod666telkitty yes but number of bombs
9:23 AM
@TonyTheLion not that hard IRL, despite often being rather hard
most of the plants wouldn't be sitting there doing nothing ...
> Johnson’s release date was originally scheduled for earlier, but he ended up serving an additional eight months at the age of 69 for a juvenile shoplifting charge he received when he was 17.
this is just like wtf
In the US, felony murder is treated much the same as first degree murder. Tangle that up with an attempt on a law enforcement officer, it's an easy conviction even though nobody went into the ground.
they had to use that shoplift from years and years ago against him still after he had already served all those years
@TonyTheLion you seen Shawshank? One of the characters was locked up when young, the gets out at like 70. Just isn't able for the crazy new world he finds himself in and hangs himself
@TonyTheLion wow, that really is petty
9:25 AM
@thecoshman I have seen that movie, yes.
Fuck me, the way the world is changing now, I'd be worried about getting locked up for a few years
Not to mention I don't think my ass would be able to take it all :\
Attacking a police officer is like to assaulting a mod/CM here, my advice: don't do it head on, always pluck a hair at a time ... this time you can be offensive & get away at the same time - another invaluable advice from the one and only telkitty! :p
@TonyTheLion He's lucky they didn't find a third charge to hold against him, that would be life life
@thecoshman true
@thecoshman Yeeaaaaah
9:27 AM
@ElimGarak I don't understand how there are so many levels of murder. I get a few basic levels, like 'he died because of your actions, but you didn't mean to kill them' and 'you killed him just like you wanted to, but it was spur of the moment' and 'you planned this out you nut job'
It gets even better... In the case of federal officers, even if your state doesn't have the death penalty, the case is automatically federal and death penalty is very easily on the table.
@thecoshman It is a cascading effect, first degree murder is premeditation. Felony murder requires the planning of a felony, where if you bring a gun, a contingency of that felony premeditation is that someone could be put in the ground, hence first degree murder.
Is it possible to set up safe and working MTA on Linux when your PC is behind NAT/FW?
@ElimGarak so, individual states can chose not to give death, but federal can?
9:29 AM
So, if you plan a felony, try to execute it without any weapons for maximum leniency.
well, carefully planned murder of a healthy person for his/her wealth when the person has been kind to you is different to kill someone after suffering years of abuse in the hand of the person
@thecoshman Yeah, New York is an example of not having a death penalty on the state level. But if your crime goes federal (such as compromising national security, killing a federal officer), the federal government has the death penalty. :D
@ElimGarak so... just killing someone you planned to kill, first degree.. but killing them whilst doing another crime, felony?
@thecoshman you wouldn't want to miss out on all those great javascript frameworks
Killing them as a result of a felony (naturally premeditation) is felony murder, yes. You had to think of the crime and the fact you brought a gun is that you were thinking about killing someone.
9:31 AM
murder != man slaughter
difference being the intent
@Mr.kbok oh, maybe I'll go stab someone and spare myself a world of shitty frameworks
@chmod666telkitty Intent?
if you have intented to kill someone, you might do it again
@wilx ty
ofc, that's jut USA law, but I imagine it's a similar structure in most of Europe too
When you go perform an armed robbery and you kill someone due to resisting, you automatically intended to do it from the get go because you brought a lethal weapon as an expected contingency. You had to think: "Someone might resist and I might have to put him down." and agree with that reasoning as acceptable.
9:32 AM
@thecoshman or, you know, botany.
Menace 2 society
@ElimGarak to be fair, that logic is sort of like saying, if your bring a condom, it must have been rape as you planned to have sex
the most obvious example being neglect driving, you could have caused a car crash that killed someone, but it's not murder because it's not premeditated ...
That's manslaughter. Vehicular manslaughter, 3rd degree. 2nd degree is a crime of passion, like your bitchass wife doing the mailman and you throwing an exception.
@ElimGarak how can you accidentally rape someone though?
9:35 AM
Oh, the US has a special hard on for sex and sex-based offences.
@thecoshman By accidentally putting your cock out
@thecoshman you can't have consent for murder.
@Mr.kbok well, not legally
just like you can't have consent for BDSM (in the UK)
Case law is all about 'but for' (what reason) ... then you have a bunch of rules, one has to find relevant a previous case for a particular circumstance
You're thinking about committing a felony, say robbing some high value target. Why do you bring a gun? Because someone might do "something stupid". Bringing your gun is evidence of you accepting that should someone try to prevent the felony (basically act in the capacity of a law enforcement agent), you have no conscious problems with putting that person down. That's naturally heinous in the eyes of the court, should you go through with it. Hence, felony murder.
Armed robbery with 0 casualties is also a higher prison sentence automatically as opposed to just robbery.
9:38 AM
Plz stahp. Headache incoming
@thecoshman really, lol
Well, BDSM is really kinda creepy. I get bondage to some extent, but the S&M part woah no.
@Mr.kbok yeah, you can't give someone permission to whip you etc.
also, intent - by bringing a gun, you have shown great determination/willingness to cause harm/danger
@ElimGarak yeah but you know, floating boats
9:40 AM
@ElimGarak vOv what ever floats their boat. You don't have to like it, but why try to prevent it.
Sure, as long as it is consensual. And sensual. Had to do it, sorry. #pun
I sort of get the idea though. You have to ensure that it is consensual, which is a tricky thing to do
@ElimGarak I mean okay it's creepy but law should be protecting citizens, not ruling out if something is "whoa, creepy" :D
I mean, half the idea is to have them begging to be let go... but not really wanting to be let go...
People are into some funky ass shit.
9:42 AM
@ElimGarak wait what?
@ElimGarak literally :\
@chmod666telkitty Careful there! You know how americans loooove to bring their guns :p
> Airbus met en place un marché de Massification (Bundle) de Project Management pour piloter l’ensemble des projets de son SI Corporate.

Les services à délivrer (catalogue d’UO) concernent les activités d’ISPL (Information System Project Leader) pour les phases de Plan & Build, et de SLL (Service Line Leader) pour les phases de Run Mode.

Le périmètre applicatif est hétéroclite, tant fonctionnellement (RH, Gestion de Programmes, Santé & Sécurité…) que techniquement (SAP, BI & Big Data, portail, ECM…).
cc @Rerito
when I was in the U.S. I didn't see many people with guns on them
I can hear you from here BEGGING to come work at this place
@thecoshman Apparently, people don't like guns in their faces. :P But in all seriousness, armed robbery is usually a prelude to felony murder. The argument of bringing a gun to the party being you consciously ready to put someone down. Just because they did what you asked doesn't mean the prosecutor is going to let you off easily. :D
9:44 AM
@Mr.kbok I don't even get the acronyms hahahaha
@Mr.kbok hey hey hey, not funny talk
@ElimGarak oh, so it's more "robbery vs armed robbery"
The US has a pretty strong prison fetish, you could say they're into bondage.
@ElimGarak Well, US and Australia historically have no remote, wild territory to send criminals off to. :D
@ElimGarak slave labour more like
@Mr.kbok they are the remote wild territory :P
@thecoshman (shh don't explain the joke)
9:47 AM
@chmod666telkitty Well, figure of speech of course :)
A few years ago, I actually saw a news report on teenage girls being hauled off in chains to jail because of skipping school. The works, leg irons, waist stuff and all that. In Texas, naturally. Some of those states have weird local laws. @Lalaland Could you elaborate maybe?
leg iron ... to prevent heat stroke while running, you know Texas can be really warm in summer ...
Okay so one of the "lead" programmers of the team is moving over to the trading team
@chmod666telkitty 666 is bad
Which means both his position and his slot as a permanent contract are now available
Of course I'm the first in line to replace him
I'm not sure what to do.
9:50 AM
replace him yourself, then hire a potential accomplice friend to take your previous position
@Mr.kbok Take over. If you need inspiration, watch Star Trek TNG's episode "Tapestry".
@ElimGarak lol, thanks
> The Jean-Luc Picard you wanted to be, the one who did NOT fight the Nausicaan, had quite a different career from the one you remember. He never led the away-team on Milika III to save the ambassador, or take charge of the Stargazer's bridge when its captain was killed. And no one ever offered him a command. He learned to play it safe... and he never, ever got noticed by anyone.
@chmod666telkitty I'm trying but all loungers be like "bleh bleh your place sucks"
9:53 AM
> or take charge of the Stargazer's bridge when its captain was killed.
applicable ^ :P
@ElimGarak The current plan with my girlfriend is to move to London or NYC (the latter if possible) over the next summer.
It's not just about the plan, though, since I don't want to stay in Paris forever. The city is nice but at this salary level life here kinda blows
@Mr.kbok Well if you come to London, coffee time :)
@Mr.kbok London is probably not the best move then, it's incredibly expensive there as well.
@TonyTheLion Which is the much likeliest option, btw
London is not cheap to live.
9:56 AM
I've thought about moving my company to the US, but I am not particularly interested in being a "resident alien". Even Patrick Stewart is still of "resident alien" legal status. Right now, Switzerland looks like a better choice after our current project, in 2017.
@TheForestAndTheTrees Comparatively, it's a much better pay than in Paris.
You need like 50k GBP a year to have some comfort of life
@ElimGarak Move it to a tax heaven
you silly
@GregorMcGregor Ah, not the financial aspect, to move my ass over there. The tax stuff is pretty much taken care of as much as it can be right now.
Both a friend of mine and my twin agreed they wouldn't want to live in north america forever
9:58 AM
Hi @GregorMcGregor :)
Why would anyone want to live in the US
Hi @TonyTheGregor
@ElimGarak if it's just your butt, why switzerland?
@GregorMcGregor Opportunity I guess.
Opportunity of getting shot?
@GregorMcGregor to carry guns all the time
9:58 AM
@GregorMcGregor Work... getting shot is just an additional risk factor you have to take into account I guess
Mostly it is to tap into the workforce. Easier to find talent in our industry there.
Well I couldn't survive more than a year without french cheese :(
@ElimGarak in switzerland???
@GregorMcGregor wink wink
@Mr.kbok No, the US. Switzerland is mostly because I like it more than Croatia and have an open line to move over there with 0 fuss.
The problem with the US is the whole "resident alien" shebang.
10:00 AM
@Rerito if you can find pop tarts in france you can find saint nectaire in the US :)
Getting a US visa is a long and arduous process
@Mr.kbok At what price?
How could I be able to sustain my monday evening cheese fest
@Rerito well, pop tarts are like €5.00 a box of four so you do the math xD
bby u know what else is long and arduous
For companies looking to establish a foothold there the only choice right now is "resident alien", which means second class citizen. There are exceptions for "exceptional individuals", but given that Patrick Stewart is still a resident alien, I wouldn't recommend people holding their breath.
10:01 AM
@Rerito have your family mail it
@ElimGarak like functions in C?
@Mr.kbok And have it seized by the customs because chemical arsenal?
@GregorMcGregor I can make a guess :P
I think he even complained about it, sec.
What the White House does ripples round the world. I am in NYC, working. Not as a U.S. Citizen. I'm a Resident Alien (no jokes) of the USA.
@Rerito Have it send to canada, then move over there everytime you want to have cheese.
Anyway when my brother went out in canada, he always ended up wanting to bash people around him
10:03 AM
@GregorMcGregor Oh right, even by -O2 apparently, thanks.
I am waiting for my current lot to rezone, I can make an easy million that way ... it's only a matter of time really. But it does not look like it's going to happen in the next 3 years ...
How do you stop Vim from reindenting the line when you insert an opening brace?
use emacs
@Rerito why
@GregorMcGregor Constant narcissistic bullshit
10:07 AM
Are you talking about me?
People always having an opinion on everything and feeling the need to spread it on everyone else
Not generalized at all
> always
> everyone else
@TonyTheLion Overstated but when going out, he ended up with at least one dude acting like that :)
Has he tried botany yet? :P
I thought the French also always have an opinion on everything
10:10 AM
@GregorMcGregor Yes of course but they tend to speak quieter :p
Oui oui oui
European master race anyway
News from my pompous / creep / stalker neighbor
I think someone around here like Europe :P
nah I just like maymays
I don't live in europe remember!
10:12 AM
besides I enjoy offending people for no reason
@GregorMcGregor lol
@Rerito go
@Rerito story time
@GregorMcGregor I've noticed.
Apparently someone tried to crack into his flat
10:13 AM
@TonyTheLion are you attacking me with a non sequitur ad hominem
(He's on the ground floor)
(Everybody walk the dinosaur)
10:14 AM
Using the back window (emphasis explained later)
Also, fuck Dubrovnik. And yay LHC! :D (last two)
@ElimGarak Yes because SONY / Hitachi / Nintendo is very american right
So... The next day some letter pops in my mailbox
@GregorMcGregor have you ever lived in a house with a large (>350sqm) backyard?
gaia online is chinese no
10:14 AM
A copy of what is pinned to the entrance door
I forget
@GregorMcGregor SCEA and Nintendo Murica are very different from their Japenize counterparts, bby :P
it doesn't say america on that pic 0/10 you lose i win rip
"From now on as a security measure decided by the syndicate blablabla the entrance door should be locked all the time night and day blablabla"
But... silicon-valley-cos1.png
10:15 AM
why the cosine
Company (Co), plural cos :D But you know that, bby, cummon
I love a large backyard with trees, so much easier to make friends with neighbourhood birdies
If the door isn't lock, you still can't open it coz you need the key to do it nonetheless. And the attempted burglar used... The window
so what, maybe the door and the windows use the same underlying mutex???
what is your point exactly?
@GregorMcGregor He earned his pompous title this day
Btw, spelling mistakes on the letter
10:17 AM
i was attempting a joke
Couldn't help laughing
silvoupler fermer portent
A: Creating boost::unordered_map inside another boost::unordered_map as value

seheOk. So there were a few basic errors, and possibly some confusion. Next, there are some power tricks that make using nested containers with custom (stateful) allocators much more convenient. Here's the roll-up of all three hints in a working sample that hopefully helps! Your strings must u...

I love the power that comes from knowing the boost libs deep enough to sail the cliffs
So the guy experienced an attempted burglary about midday, the next morning he informs us the property syndicate took security measures... Utter bs if you ask me
its never the right picture I get
10:21 AM
60 litres
Think about your house/apartment as an object you care about not being altered, you should lock it, otherwise an unauthorized access (by a thief mutex) might occur. When you trying to access certain things in your place, you might be hit by an null exception
"I'd expect people like you would be more invested in getting people to learn about computers." "Yes, because it is totally in our interest that even more people do what we do."
@chmod666telkitty Herm, I obviously always lock my place... But not the fucking entrance door
lol you have an entrance door just for fucking?!
@GregorMcGregor Kinky.
10:26 AM
@GregorMcGregor Maybe, I should ask the same neighbor
man unicode is complex
(Remember the "rigole" "ahahah" "plus fort!" story :p)
everytime I have to do anything related to it I have to relearn what all the weird terms mean again
codepoint glyph grapheme cluster nnnnnot fun
clusters are the devil
My code is getting closer to OCD complete.
I'd like to listen to some experimental Asian jazz fusion.
10:29 AM
@JohanLarsson have you added more interfaces
how do you mean?
I couldn't find what ineg_4 and friends were for
does not ring a bell
Are you Johan
10:31 AM
From Gu.Units
@ElimGarak look at this glorious european grass and depressing sky
Picture of a 'black widow' ... how could men fall for someone who was so plain
10:32 AM
@chmod666telkitty Urgh ugly one
At first glance I thought she was a man
killed 3 men too
so many people dying and yet telkitty keeps bouncing back
They may have died of a heart attack, waking up and seeing her on your bedside would be a deadly trauma
She has glorious hair
@Rerito telkitty?
10:36 AM
@sehe I'm cleaning it up. The benchmark this comment was mosttly due to being happy with the perf.
If I was a bird, I would be either a Australian magpie or a common mynah bird - intelligent, aggressive & clumsy
One thing about living in Europe is that driving sessions usually kinda remind you of time travel, especially if you're going to a small town. You start in a relatively modern 2010s city and end up in the 1990s, not only just in the way things are physically, but the local folk's mentality. Nothing like seeing a teenage girl walking out of a crumbling house with an iPhone 6 in her hand to break the immersion and make you realize the important things in life.
@MartinJames Ouch! xD
@ElimGarak You need fewer driving sessions. If it's too much for you, just play nine holes.
10:42 AM
Couldn't agree more, would love to do away with the 35 km drive each day.
@ElimGarak 35km? Wow, you should bypass that hole entirely:)
My right knee hurts sometimes - partly from too much driving I suspect ...
because you use right leg for brake on an auto car
@chmod666telkitty You're dying. I am sorry to hear that.
we all are, I am sorry to say that
mainly from jogging, but I only feel pain on my right knee
the one I use to hit the brake ...
Well going on jogging with a potential knee injury doesn't sound like a good idea to me
10:46 AM
Jogging doesn't sound like a good idea to me.
I feared piling on the pound more ...
Piling on the pound?
I love jogging and all day hikes
@Rerito gaining weight
@Rerito Well, it's one way to get rid of a potential knee injury, though turning it into an actual knee injury does not sound like forward progress to me.
Ok wasn't sure I got it right
@MartinJames I love that logic :D
10:47 AM
I have not jogged for a year btw
more bushwalks
@Morwenn I'm not surprised O:)
and also building a house helps
Walks are cool. Well, when the landscape is.
yeah I do 'hard ones' ... you know 25km-30km in a day
My friends told their friends that I am super fit :p
Git bash autocompletion is like the slowest thing in the world...
@chmod666telkitty I only did those a few times in the Alps.
10:50 AM
TIL telkitty does bushwalks and hard ones
Hyperfloor definitely sounds better than floor power of 2.
What the fuck. I drive 30 km each day, it takes 30 minutes all the time trying to reach 100 km/h, usually being stuck between 50 and 70 due to middling towns.
No, a rebuke to telkitty's claim. In high school, I once had to go 13 km on a bike, took me almost 2 hours.
10:55 AM
I think, last time I walked some 28km in one day, I felt nothing the next day. Also everyone was telling me how I would feel some shoulder strain the following day after I did 4 hour kayaking - I felt nothing again, no sour, no pain, nothing ... I should start telling people I might look fat but actually those are all muscles, no body would believe me though >_<
fast pace is about 4km-5km per hour
28km -30km would take 6 hours or so for a fast walker
Last time I went kayaking, I lost my pretty much a layer of skin on both of my legs.
@Morwenn Don't go kayaking :P
Lol, my feet were swollen because of the sunburn.
10:57 AM
@chmod666telkitty Don't worry there's fat as well :)
@Morwenn How many layers of skin do you have?
last time I did the track with a bunch of people who were training for 100km charity bushwalk, I literally had to run on the flat/downhill bits because I was slow up the hill
but I was not sour the next day
So, all Telkitty does is walk and annoy us when she's sour.
@fredoverflow One less.
@fredoverflow we have about 4 distinct layers of skin iirc
10:58 AM
4.5km/hr is possible for me (as long is not all the way up a mountain)
@Morwenn good job
@Morwenn Your feet got sunburned? Hmm.. sounds like you are using your kayak incorrectly. Try entering feet-first next time.
@MartinJames I can't believe they suspended you for such clever insights <3
@MartinJames Open kayaks.
@Morwenn And then close.
10:59 AM
@ElimGarak lol.. :)
@Morwenn sit on kayak? :p

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