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10:00 AM
@StackedCrooked first time I hear of that
Lev Sergeyevich Termen (Russian: Ле́в Серге́евич Терме́н) (27 August [O.S. 15 August] 1896 – 3 November 1993), or Léon Theremin in The United States, was a Russian and Soviet inventor. He is most famous for his invention of the theremin, one of the first electronic musical instruments, and the first to be mass produced. He is also the inventor of interlace, a technique of improving the picture quality of a video signal, widely used in video and television technology. His invention of "The Thing", an espionage tool, is considered a predecessor of RFID technology. == Early life == Léon Theremin was...
I can't remember the details but I really liked the music in that anime & I am trying to find it
the guy invented some awesome shit
@AlexM. Your geek license is revoked.
Theremin is a weird thing
@LightnessRacesinOrbit No, wonderful news: When i send the original email again (the one without lorem ipsum) i do get a mail delivery failed reply, so it seems my approach to fool the spam filter is sophisticated and clever
10:10 AM
lemme plonk you spammer!
@AlexM. Never heard of it.
off to see WGP again today
@Xeo Airheads does not begin to describe the characters in Grisaia.
@StackedCrooked lol
anyone who can give me some links to study display device drivers?
It's generally a good thing that you can't describe a character with one word
10:20 AM
@Hellboy google.com
can't find good stuff there
that sounds like a terrible problem you have.
@Hellboy you shouldn't write drivers if you can't even find stuff on them
i don't have to write them, just fix some bugs, that's all :P
well you should get to it then
10:23 AM
:laffo: yeah right good luck with that
Only write drunk drivers.
they will most likely crash your computer
@R.MartinhoFernandes ikr
@Hellboy look at open source drivers
nouveau or whatevsies
@StackedCrooked I played descant and treble recorder :D
and tin whistle
they are annoying as hell :P
to listen to I mean
@Ell so they are a great torture device?
10:33 AM
Yeah :D
If you play them wrong?
I used to play the hobbit song... what's it called
Concerning hobbits
lol I got a reversal badge on meta.so today :(
The deletion of "(formerly called C++0x)" was unnecessary.
10:46 AM
rvalues aren't new to C++11 :c
Looks promising, although I think that last sentence needs to be split or something.
that's my gripe with it mostly
That's not rvalue tag
@Rapptz It says on the page that it's the rvalue-reference tag.
It's rvalue-reference
10:47 AM
(formerly called C++0x) is needless noise that can go.
it's a fine edit.
I got confused because he edited the rvalue tag too.
My contention being that move ops don’t use ref collapsing.
man, I went back and looked over some of the jobs I have on my list to apply for, it's so depressing
I'm applying to be a dominos driver :p
10:48 AM
ok, that would be even more depressing.
Maybe "They are used to implement and enable move semantics and, together with reference collapsing, perfect forwarding."
@Arcoth Could easily be two different spam rules. REJECT vs DISCARD
it's clearly superior to no wiki content at all.
10:51 AM
> rand hand side
and doesn't contain any clear incorrectness except that typo
> the rand hand
I just lol'd at that
I can't stop laughing xD
rand hand
@Rapptz It's okay. Borderline pointless like every other tag wiki, but okay.
@Xeo repost
10:52 AM
I don't always fap, but when I do I use my rand hand.
> please attention i have numeric string
randy handy
The question is all errors
@CatPlusPlus I didn’t suggest it because I try to stick with simple sentences in English. Not that I think it looks wrong or anything.
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Fuck you
10:56 AM
@Puppy Not too sure about that. Starts with ‘rvalues are temporary object […]’, follows-up with ‘An rvalue is not directly associated with an object’.
I think the description should dispense with a lot of the technical stuff. It should be an introduction, not an explanation.
Easier said than done tbh :(
You have enough rep to edit it w/o going through the queue don't you?
In truth I have no idea. Very possibly though.
there are no priveleges above 20k
11:03 AM
my solder hasn't arrived :(
your soldier didn't come?
That's what she said
awkward silence
I don't understand how flask works if you want to run it on a non dev server
Application object is a WSGI application
11:08 AM
How will the webserver know how to route urls if it only runs the .py when someone requests the .py page?
I'm nub. I need to google WSGI
It doesn't work like stupid PHP no
Q: How to create a rectangle based on length and width in Turbo C?

Allen VelascoWrite a program that will create a rectangle based on length and width. Use only two for loops. I need help. Reply ASAP!

oh my
Turbo C but no Indian name? Is this plague spreading off the subcontinent, now?
"What is wrong or right does not depend on the compiler." -- It most certainly does. Assuming the goal is to produce a working program, then the behavior of the compiler is far more important than what the language standard says. — Benjamin Lindley Oct 19 '12 at 3:01
how can I pick a templated constructor if the class is itself a template?
11:19 AM
define "pick"
(you can't provide explicit template arguments to ctors)
template<class OuterT> class C { template<class InnerT> C(...) { } };
C<int> c; // <- here
@Xeo fuck
what now?
can't use a function because uh
can function templates be partially deduced?
what are you trying to do
calm down
explain what you want to achieve
let's start here:
A: Why was pair range access removed from C++11?

Richard Hodgesexpanding on the above answer using c++11 optimisations: #include <utility> template<class Iter> struct range_t : public std::pair<Iter, Iter> { using pair_t = std::pair<Iter, Iter>; range_t(pair_t&& src) : std::pair<Iter, Iter>(std::forward<pair_t>(src)) {} using std::pair<...

I wanted to adapt this thing to OpenCV Mat type
however, said Mat type requires you to explicitly pass a template parameter to begin and end.
for (auto it = mat.begin<double>(); ... etc.
I want for (auto & elem : range<double>(mat))
11:23 AM
doable under the same name?
that's easy. What's the problem?
and why were you talking about partial specialisation?
nevermind that ~
just template<class T, class M> something_t<T, M> range(M&& mat);
11:25 AM
btw if you ever wondered what Turbo C++ looks like:
Q: Removing line in turbo c++ 4.5

user3414734How to remove the center line in turbo c++. I really get irritated while working on this. see the image. .

check out that progman.exe icon
Oh god.
4 mins ago, by Bartek Banachewicz
can function templates be partially deduced?
basically "yes" to ^
@R.MartinhoFernandes I love progman
Gutted they removed it in Win7
(probably Vista too)
@Xeo but range_t has just one template parameter
I tried something like that
template<typename T,
         typename = typename std::enable_if<std::is_floating_point<T>::value>::type
range(cv::Mat& m) {
    return { std::make_pair(m.begin<T>(), m.end<T>()) };
11:29 AM
Hence something_t
Utils.h:129:1: error: decltype cannot resolve address of overloaded function uh
Missing ()
Funny how I didn't spot it in the code but the error read naturally as "missing ()" in my head.
Brain is fucked up.
Type/value mismatch
11:32 AM
@R.MartinhoFernandes lol
you're a highly trained neural network :D
also uh I need zip
sounds like an octopus
@R.MartinhoFernandes heh same
not from decltype per se, but
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Turbo C++ people are also the reason why people don't indent their code. Turbo C++ is so old it probably predates the concept of 'auto indent'.
@Rapptz :(
I indent even without auto indent. Everybody should.
So, no excuse.
Note that I'm not accusing you of suggesting it's an excuse. :)
@Rapptz I think it did have something like auto indent
11:46 AM
I do it too, but it's tedious enough that I'd never do it for large programs.
typing enter + tab :<
Q: Revision history formatting has gone mental again

Lightness Races in OrbitSee this revision 3. The side-by-side markdown view shows that no code was altered in the revision, but the side-by-side view highlights the entire code block as changed … and inline view goes totally bonkers in ways that only a screenshot can explain:

finally posted it
Dang. I hate it when I flag something and then an hour later the person fixes the problem.
Now I look dumb for flagging it.
12:01 PM
user not found
mod took care of it
> The uploader has not made this video available in your country.
fuck you pootube
pootube - more satisfaction from your poo.
12:16 PM
omg that's a registered site ~face palm~
it's a registered redirect
If anybody is good at django stuff, free rep here.
Impossible without making custom command
thought so
12:24 PM
Also use authtools
And don't split names into separate fields
meh, I got it working with the normal auth with just that code
don't fix it if it's not broken, right?
You don't get admin support with AbstractBaseUser
I don't have admin installed anyway
authtools takes care of the entire boilerplate
@Puppy There should be an "Override uploader's request" button.
Would you like to Connect via proxy ?
I like pepsi
it's better than coke
@StackedCrooked Tried but I could only get the first ten minutes.
I think it's up to the programmer to define what "name" means and the user should either comply or not use the software.
Or just stop overengineering.
that too
12:31 PM
There is a trivial way to handle all names just like there's a trivial way to handle all emails
> People have exactly one canonical full name.
Stop idiotic "validations" and just keep it as a single blob of text
Yes, I'm pretty sure that legally speaking you have one canonical full name
boy, the more of these job descriptions I read, the more depressed I feel
Who says I'm doing validations? The only thing I'm requiring is a name (>= 1 characters) and a surname (>= 1 characters), that's all
12:33 PM
@Jefffrey Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand... you're wrong.
And you failed already congratulations!
@Jefffrey So all cultures where you have only one name are automatically excluded?
@CatPlusPlus you are assuming a name can be contained in a blob of text. you wildeman
Do you split emails into two parts too
12:34 PM
Good evening/morning
Can someone tell me what : u_int32_t is?
@CatPlusPlus Emails are used as a single entity within the program, so no
It's almost a word
@Jefffrey And names probably should too.
12:36 PM
The clients of the program are people who have an italian tax code. In order to have an italian tax code you have to have a name and a surname
Wanna bet that this isn't the case?
We have citizen IDs that have a checksum
There are people with invalid ones
Ooo that’s a good one
The Italian fiscal code card, officially known as Italy's Codice Fiscale, is the tax code card in Italy, similar to a Social Security Number (SSN) card in the United States or the National Insurance Number issued in the United Kingdom. The tax code in Italy is an alphanumeric code of 16 characters. The card serves to identify unambiguously individuals residing in Italy irrespective of residency status. Designed by and for the Italian tax office, it is now used for several other purposes, e.g. uniquely identifying individuals in the health system, or natural persons who act as parties in private...
@Jefffrey That seems to allow no surnames.
The fiscal code is calculated also on the name and surnames
12:40 PM
"If the whole surname has less than three letters, the blank spaces are replaced with an X"
yes, but then for the purpose of his program, the "surname" probably would mean the post-replacement surname.
Also it doesn't matter what the ideal standard is
@Puppy Yeah I'm sure people know to replace parts of their surname with Xs
@R.MartinhoFernandes Let me search for the article in the italian law where the surname is required
@CatPlusPlus Clients are not going to be able to fill the user form because there's no public registration.
@Jefffrey Also ensure that the government can never grant exemptions for any reason. And that it's not superseded by any European law, including case law.
@Jefffrey it doesn't matter whether it's required. What matters is how they handle when it isn't there
12:43 PM
Only staff members will fill those fields.
Ok, ok.
You convinced me.
@Puppy Yeah, pretty sure whatever they do must somehow work with any European citizen, which doesn't even imply they were named in Europe.
Wikipedia even gives a fictional example with someone born in the US.
@R.MartinhoFernandes There's plenty of random Pacific islands which are technically part of a European state.
The fundamental thing here is
If you need that code
There's no reason to keep them separated, while apparently it's better to keep it in a single field.
Then you should take that code
And not calculate it under any circumstances
12:45 PM
I don't need it.
Then why did you bother with the split in the first place
@CatPlusPlus It's impossible to calculate because in some cases random characters are introduced near the end.
And why did you even bring that up
@Jefffrey Yes that's the point
@CatPlusPlus Because people still need to have that tax code and I thought that required a person to have a name and a surname.
@Puppy And people born in the other islands can still end up as European citizens, and from there in the Italian tax system.
12:46 PM
@Jefffrey Why would YOU require them to have that
That something may or may not require that is completely irrelevant to your software that doesn't even use that thing
@CatPlusPlus Because the clients of the program are people that have the "pink paper" (legal paper); the pink paper requires the tax code;
@Jefffrey So what?
55 secs ago, by Cat Plus Plus
That something may or may not require that is completely irrelevant to your software that doesn't even use that thing
I was just trying to justify the use of the three fields name.
do you like fish from a tin can?
12:48 PM
2 mins ago, by Jefffrey
@CatPlusPlus Because people still need to have that tax code and I thought that required a person to have a name and a surname.
I was wrong, OK ?!?
goddamn WGP
And that's still irrelevant but I'm not interested in repeating myself
gotta leave home at 14:15 and be back at 17:20 for a 10-minute interview.
I think that article should be titled "Falsehoods People Believe About Names".
12:53 PM
damn people
@CatPlusPlus Are you alright?
"Before you can apply for a job, you must register on our site! This means duplicating all your personal information yet again. Also, YOU MUST HAVE A WORKING DEDICATED PERSONAL PHONE NUMBER."
fuck these people.
Your phone number cannot contain hyphens or spaces.
When I was looking for a job I found that applying for multiple jobs at the same time kinda diluted my motivation for them. I prefer picking one vacancy that looks interesting and applying for it.
And then repeat if necessary.
1:03 PM
@Puppy Use some VOIP service
@Puppy you have no mobile signal where you live?
I used to have a Skype number (paid subscription) that recruiters could call me, and find me unavailable to answer their call. :P
@StackedCrooked Nope.
You paid for that?
@Puppy that's really bad
1:04 PM
@R.MartinhoFernandes I did :(
@Puppy do you live on a farm?
@StackedCrooked welcome to the swamp
> I tried to stylized my signature more because people in the USA complained that I wasn’t “signing”, because my script was “too neat”.
I don't have a problem with it because I hate calling recruiters anyway.
I much prefer to conduct business over email
it's recorded, you can consider for much longer what you want to say, and you don't have to hear their shitty voices or be put on hold waiting for them to come back from smoking themselves to death
I prefer email with slightly informal tone.
1:06 PM
informal means nude pic right?
One can indeed write an e-mail while smoking oneself to death. A definite improvement.
@JohanLarsson bathing suit + half nipple
@LucDanton Multitasking is important
Yea if a recruiter called "Lindsay" emails you, your response should be "tits or GTFO"
Now now.
I still haven't completed level 32 of Game about squares.
1:08 PM
oh gawd
@StackedCrooked that is sophisticated where i come from.
Apparently I'm stuck on level 18
well I'm off to totally waste my time tellin gsomeone else that I'm achieving the very thing I can't be achieving by going there and telling them about it.
enjoy :P
1:21 PM
Everything's terrible
@CatPlusPlus Here
how come?
my feet are actually better today, so that's one thing that's not terrible.
That song is definitely terrible
1:23 PM
UK is a tiny, industrialised island. It's difficult to believe that people live there in some mobile/cell black-hole.
Then there's puppy..
Nobody thought a swamp would need a BTS
@MartinJames "Falsehoods People Believe About Connectivity"
@CatPlusPlus I bet the Everglades has better coverage than woofSwamp.
@CatPlusPlus British Tunnelling Society?
Base station
1:26 PM
@Jefffrey IIRC in Ireland you can have a Gaelic name and an English name. (@thecosh am I misremembering?)
A base transceiver station (BTS) is a piece of equipment that facilitates wireless communication between user equipment (UE) and a network. UEs are devices like mobile phones (handsets), WLL phones, computers with wireless Internet connectivity. The network can be that of any of the wireless communication technologies like GSM, CDMA, wireless local loop, Wi-Fi, WiMAX or other wide area network (WAN) technology. BTS is also referred to as the radio base station (RBS), node B (in 3G Networks) or, simply, the base station (BS). For discussion of the LTE standard the abbreviation eNB for evolved node...
Coincidentally we went to a bar yesterday and it's in a basement pretty much and desperately needs a BTS too
Because it's like a fucking bunker, there's literally no signal
@CatPlusPlus I spent a miserable part of 18 months in base station portacabins, (usually rebooting the full rack every 5 mins).
Are you one of those phubbing assholes?
1:28 PM
A what
> Phubbing: The act of snubbing someone in a social setting by looking at your phone instead of paying attention.
No, but having connectivity is nice when you're say waiting for someone
Or to be available just in case in general
This is doing portemanteaux wrong ._.
Portemanteauing, if you will.
@R.MartinhoFernandes The have signs on the emergency exits 'Only for use in case of fire or no signal'.
@MartinJames not really, technically viewing a web page was illegal in the UK until just this year. That and being such a small island you have monopolies that destroy competition.
1:31 PM
No signal is just bad
Also if I wanted to pay attention to my phone more I wouldn't need a signal
The other problem is that people sign up for service based on price and don't bother to look at the coverage maps. That's why, at home and in the club, I get 3G+ and Anne gets GPRS.
Coverage maps are inaccurate and often outdated anyway
I found a use for ($) $ foo :v
@LucDanton Did it pay off?
> These are not bad programmers; they are unskilled at debugging
1:35 PM
Another example of madness: Eddie and Jan behind the bar have signed up for 4G even though there is no such service within 20km.
λ :t ($) $ view (_1._Just)
($) $ view (_1._Just)
  :: (Monoid b, Field1 a a (Maybe b) (Maybe b)) => a -> b
@R.MartinhoFernandes :((
@R.MartinhoFernandes These are not bad doctors, they're just unskilled at operating
Okay that is terrible analogy
Shoulda used cars
@CatPlusPlus these are not bad cars, they're just unskilled at operating?
1:39 PM
1:51 PM
@R.MartinhoFernandes I'm not following
Some jurisdictions recognise more than one legal full name.
Oh, I see.

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