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2:05 PM
I forgot how incompetently the train station was designed.
so slow with debugger on ...
fuck worthless government people anyway
at least they pay you
I have to pay council $7000 for a new smallish dwelling and they are taking forever to approve it
BTW that $7000 is not for the application, I paid another ~$600 (can not remember the exact figure) on top of that
time to find those fucking recruiters who keep spamming me with shit and tell them to fuck off and do their fucking jobs instead of asking me to do it for them.
> I have no idea what worthless company this is, but if you could please stop fucking spamming me with requests to do your fucking jobs for you, that would be appreciated. If you don't have my CV, then you can't match jobs to me, and if you do have it, why the fuck do you keep asking me for it. I am not going to give your job spec to my friends because that would entail doing your job for you, and also inflicting your endless spam on them. So kindly stop.
grump grump
2:10 PM
they told me "look, you have to wait forever because everyone else did" ... sweet, now I am at fault because everyone else know they are as slow as a injured tortoise
well, they made me send an explicit email to unsubscribe instead of just filling out a web form
so it's their own fucking fault.
you need to taylor your CV for a job vacancy
You're a different person when applying to different jobs.
well, first I'd have to actually apply, instead of being spammed.
@StackedCrooked Coliru has "Broken pipe" error again.
2:14 PM
you apply with the right CV and cover letter. I am not sure about britain but here CV is more important than the cover letter
@StackedCrooked hire a better plumber already.
@BaummitAugen good, I'm tracking down the bug, but I was waiting for it to occur
speaking of bad plumbers, my landlord hired the same guys 4 times, 3 of those they had to fix the shit they caused previously
the stupid thing is that there are actually 2 hurdles usually: the recruiter who looks out for keywords and employer who looks for the best fit for the role
@AlexM. You're a programmer; you can't complain about that with a straight face.
2:16 PM
Apparently my job title is "Software engenieer".
my job title is "programmer helper"
it's the official limbo degree-less programmers sit in
funny thing, I once paid a plumber $1000 to fix a few issues. He came back 3 timed for this one issue that kept haunting the tenant because he could not fix it properly. At the end I was tired of his incompetence so my dad went & fix it once for all ... my dad, as you might know was a lecturer turned firmware engineer, he did a better job than a licensed plumber
@AlexM. At least it's properly spelled.
one of the senior BI guys here is a helper officially
2:19 PM
Though I like it.
wait, isn't your title in some other language?
"software engineer" is not a thing.
I thought it was a language != English
software engineer is a common description here.
it's almost as common as software developer, if not more common.
software doesn't get engineered, its just gobbled together and hangs together by a thread of hope that it won't break.
2:21 PM
@TonyTheLion So I don't mind being an "engenieer". It sounds exactly like what you described. A bunch of letters gobbled together.
engineers solves logical problems
fuck my digestive system.
could that thing work properly for once
@chmod711telkitty Yes, and so do lawyers.
@R.MartinhoFernandes lol
@R.MartinhoFernandes no, they cause them, they probably want to see the world to burn so they can make $ from the fight
2:21 PM
Congratulations on finding a definition that is broad enough for uselessness.
@Puppy It was "Irritable bowel syndrome" right? Is there anything that can help besides the meds? (Like avoiding certain kinds of foods, etc..)
nope not really.
even if it doesn't make me as sick as I used to be anymore, it's still enough to be annoying, and it certainly makes me fat.
didn't it make you thin?
> The creative application of scientific principles to design or develop structures, machines, apparatus, or manufacturing processes, or works utilizing them singly or in combination; or to construct or operate the same with full cognizance of their design; or to forecast their behavior under specific operating conditions; all as respects an intended function, economics of operation or safety to life and property.
@StackedCrooked Only when I was too sick to eat.
2:24 PM
I managed to lose some weight :D
> The creative application of scientific principles to design or develop structures, machines, apparatus, or manufacturing processes, or works utilizing them singly or in combination; or to construct or operate the same with full cognizance of their design; or to forecast their behavior under specific operating conditions; all as respects an intended function, economics of operation or safety to life and property.
visibly I mean
I can now wear my other pairs of trousers
I managed to gain weight. In pre-civilized times I'd be a winner.
I need to lose some more.
Actually, that last part with "safety to life and property" could also be emphasised.
2:26 PM
@Xeo yeah me too
Once I went on a 3 day bushwalking trip, everyone else on the small team was stick thin & the guy behind me kept on saying "if you get lost and ran out of food, you usually eat the fattest one in the group ..."
but it's a small victory here :D I was kinda surprised when I saw I was able to close my button today
Well, my mother recognized that I lost weight when I visited for the Unconference, so that's something I guess
didn't know you would be so worried ...
Also, I might have to strangle a certain someone as soon as he gets back from vacation
2:32 PM
@Xeo My grandma recognises that I lost weight every time I meet her.
If that was anything to go by, I'd be long dead.
my mother shut up about my weight the last time we met
which was good
because usually she'd be like "you got fatter you fat fuck"
I need to lose weight so people don't think about roasted suckling piglet when I got lost and ran out of food while doing multi day bushwalking/hiking with them
I'm writing a singleton :\
you suck.
the whole solution uses singletons
consistency is better here, right?
the amount of singletons in here is worrying actually
2:41 PM
consistency is a shit argument and always was.
being consistent with something that's shit is just being more shit.
I wonder what would happen if I sent an email worldwide to all interested parties saying
"my lib will not use singletons like those you use. fuck singletons."
well, it's not exactly a lib meant to live until proper releases, it's just a temporary wrapper for something
and ultimately it will either be removed or integrated by another team
I did avoid singletons in the bits meant to survive
@Puppy Consistency is a good argument when the choices are arbitrary.
singleton and not-singleton is not an arbitrary choice.
I implemented it as a singleton because its iOS counterpart for example is a singleton, and it would fit right in this way
oh well
2:46 PM
oh well, never mind, I'll just do a tremendously shitty job just because some other random programmer did a tremendously shitty job.
interesting logic.
maybe you should go jump off a cliff because some other random dude once jumped off it.
it's... not exactly the same thing
No, jumping off the cliff means you don't have to ever deal with shitty code again, so it's a good thing in that sense
Singletons haunt you forever
@AlexM. It's exactly the same thing. "I'm going to do a stupid thing because some other dude did a stupid thing."
the same principle just as valid for all stupid things.
I think it's more like "I'm going to do a stupid thing because people expect stupid things since that's what they used so far and I can't estimate the cost of not giving them stupid things in advance" tbh
people in Africa expect to die of Ebola, but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't try to do better.
2:51 PM
I'd also argue that having the two things follow the same ways will make it easier to merge them together under a single wrapper later on
a single wrapper that will be shit.
Not using singletons makes integration easier
call my judgment bad
it's what I'll do for now
I have no idea what me changing the recipe out of nowhere can cause
probably due to lack of experience
Lounge seal of disapproval.png
2:56 PM
Well, back from vacation, and back to work.
How's everyone doing?
I'm alright
everyone seems to go on vacations except me :(
I'm saving all days for winter
I'm thinking about saving up some money to go to a resort here in the country and maybe try skiing
I never tried that and always wanted to
@EtiennedeMartel Shit.
@AlexM. Skiing is nice but chances are you won't be able to enjoy it the first year
eh, is it that hard?
inb4 that's what she said
3:00 PM
it's difficult, yes
I don't exactly remember how much time it took me to be able to go skiing on red slopes and enjoy it, but I'd guess something like 5 years.
I'd figure snowboarding is even more difficult
lol, I tried snowboarding and my ass was in a very bad shape at the end of the first lesson
inb4 assfuck
@AlexM. the usual description I hear of snowboarding is that the first day hurts, the second day is fun
3:04 PM
snoboards are definitely cheaper than skis
anyone who appreciates the stupidity of the average human
People will still quote The Onion
Because they're dumb
sadly you're right
> This is because we received feedback that people wanted a clearer way to distinguish satirical articles from others in these units.
Don't believe everything you see, ya know.
It's like a basic life tip, and it's not even about the Internet.
3:13 PM
Just got word that C++14 was unanimously approved during ISO balloting. IOW: It's done! #cxx #cxx14 #wg21
congratulations on finishing basically nothing.
So negative.
I don't even know whats in C++14.
ok and surely there's more?
3:17 PM
No, that took them 3 years
That's it
That's whole C++14
fuck C++
fuck people that don't check in all their code before leaving for vacation :|
fuck the fucking fuckers
@TonyTheLion Not really.
make_unique and "We deduce the return type of functions in 0.1% of useful cases" is pretty much it.
3:20 PM
@Puppy err
you suck
name another useful C++14 feature
return type deduction, auto lambda params, generalised capture init
@Xeo You know who does that? Artists. Except it's art, not code.
3:21 PM
> useful
ok, I'll give you that I totally forgot about auto lambda params and generalized capture init.
@TonyTheLion yes, those are useful
I kinda forgot that C++ doesn't already have those features.
I kind of forgot that C++ exists.
So you were talking out of your ass the whole way?
3:22 PM
I kinda forgot ...
Return type deduction changes a lot of code I've written.
@EtiennedeMartel Our tool coder forgot to check in one file, so I can't build the tool at we almost didn't have a way of debugging a problem with it
@EtiennedeMartel It's a long way
@EtiennedeMartel He talks out of his ass all the time
@CatPlusPlus to the top, if you wanna rock 'n roll
3:25 PM
@Xeo A tool coder? Impossible. Tool programmers are basically perfect. When Nietzsche was talking about the Übermensch, he meant tool programmers.
Don't look at my profile please, I'm totally neutral in this matter.
Stanley de Martel.
@EtiennedeMartel Did you learn the ropes about Jekyll?
@Jefffrey Only the minimum amount of stuff required to make my blog run without pissing itself.
> I realize this is pretty bare bones right now. Bear with me as I learn the ropes about Jekyll.
> Exactly four months today, I published my first article! Hurray, clap clap, I’m so proud of myself.
That blog is funny
You should have seen my last 10 blogs they were all that
Well the publishing first article part
3:30 PM
> Well, according to my Analytics stats, not a lot of people are visiting my site. I’m getting some feedback here and there, but not too much. But I don’t see my self stopping soon.
Stopped 24 days later.
That paragraph makes me sad.
I don't have anything to write about
It's boring
Ugh, @Etienne indulges in meta-blogging.
You should write about how everything sucks, and what sucks the most and so on...
Something happened in 2014.
In short, I met someone. And suddenly I had much less time to write on my blog.
3:33 PM
Death of a nerd
(That's me revoking your license)
(... with 7 months of delay)
I didn't even know I had a geek license
all I know is that it got revoked today
I have a bunch of almost finished drafts lying around, so I could technically fix 'em up and post 'em.
@EtiennedeMartel Meta-blogging is still wrong.
3:35 PM
Fun Analytics facts: 3 people found loungecppdotnet via organic search
you're still wrong
Keyword is unknown
you mean it's literally "unknown"?
No, it's just unknown
Not even Google knows
Google probably just doesn't care
3:36 PM
1 of them was a returning user
> this is my blog, I make the rules, so suck it.
Shame on them for using search as address bar
@EtiennedeMartel Not my problem if your rules lead to wrongness.
humble blogue
Imma call all blogues 'blogues' from now on
@EtiennedeMartel Oh, and for qualification, remember that I'm the guy that can't stop going on about self-referential words and stuff.
@CatPlusPlus Make it bloge.
3:39 PM
A humble butte bloge
blogues sounds like a name for an insect
3:51 PM
Q: Meaning of +* operator?

learningonline93#define FORC(it,v) for( __typeof((v).begin()) it = (v).begin(); it != (v).end(); ++it ) FORC( it, V ) x = x*10 + *it; //V is a vector of int I found the above code and I think I know what it is doing from context but I would like someone to explain to me what it is actually doing. (Specifical...

4:10 PM
equal_range doesn't quite do what I want.
I want the range [last_less_than, first_greater_than), not [first_not_less_than, first_greater_than).
so... kinda inverted?
no wait
I know how to get the range with two calls to upper_bound, but would be nicer with just one.
Though it might be (last_less_than, first_greater_than) :S
That will always need a check.
Kinda explains why equal_range gives [first_not_less_than, first_greater_than).
Oh well. I'll equal_range and if first_not_less_than > first, I just grab first_not_less_than-1.
Actually, I can do easier here.
python social auth's pipeline is documented like my ass
That creates a situation with an empty range and both iterators are dereferenceable. Cool.
No, quite mundane, actually.
Any [it, it) range is that for any dereferenceable it.
I think it's time to go home.
4:27 PM
Q: Is there a name for this tuple-creation idiom?

TemplateRexOn the Boost mailinglist, the following clever trick to create a tuple-like entity was recently posted by @LouisDionne: #include <iostream> auto list = [](auto ...xs) { return [=](auto access) { return access(xs...); }; }; auto length = [](auto xs) { return xs([](auto ...z) { retur...

Yeah that’s a trainwreck. Well, the answers.
Also Church encodings are not a pattern.
seems like every time people find a new idea, they assume it must be an idiom or a pattern or something, it can't just be an idea or some code.
cause pattern fetishes are rampant
> I think this is a subtle implementation of a Monad.
that doesn't even remotely look like a monad
4:30 PM
It's one function. It can't by definition be a monad, which is a triple.
both of the monad formulations are triples, right?
For the Winkel Tripel map projection, see Winkel Tripel. Tripel is a term used in the Low Countries to describe a strong ale. The term was notably used in 1956 by the Trappist brewery at Westmalle to rename the strongest beer in their range. Westmalle Tripel was widely copied by the breweries of Belgium, and in 1987 another Trappist brewery, Koningshoeven in the Netherlands, also expanded their range with La Trappe Tripel. The term is applied by a range of secular brewers to a strong ale in the style of Westmalle Tripel. It has become particularly popular among Belgian-influenced craft brewers...
this is also tripel
@R.MartinhoFernandes Did you see the rebuttal?
@zch Of course this is not exactly a monad, what Im trying to explain here is that this thing has the same subtle form of a monad, and (as the monad) could be used in a completely generic way. The gem here is the return function of the "monad", which allows to create a tuple, pass it around, and extract its contents directly, with no indices trick. Thats a good one — Manu343726 2 days ago
The answers are about as useful as ‘wait a minute, this looks like it could be code from a programming language—here, let me show you how to construct a programming language and write programs in it’.
It’s hard to even call them incorrect :s
I think "The length lambda above, however, is a bit disappointing because it breaks the monad and the nested lambda inside simply returns an integer." is a good hint that "it's a monad" is not an extremely helpful answer.
@LucDanton Yeah, like "Look what happens if I tack on the rest of the continuation monad: we get the continuation monad!"
4:41 PM
@LucDanton I'd call them "Very long, highly detailed nonsense."
@LightnessRacesinOrbit hahahahaha, had never seen that before. Funny
@R.MartinhoFernandes What's the third? return, bind and...?
@Jefffrey In Haskell a type constructor.
A type in general
A functor
When you are defining a monad, you already have the type for which you want to define the monad.
4:44 PM
Be kind *_*
dat pun
You really just need two function definitions for defining a monad for a given type
No, there's no monad without the type
Of course there isn't.
Which is why it's a triple
Heck, the thing also goes by the name "triple" in some contexts.
4:47 PM
Also guys guys look I made an identity monad in C++14 auto MONAD(auto x) { return x; } it totally just needs some other things
Is it a ~~~pattern~~~ yet
More religious: auto pure(auto x) { return [x](auto enter) { return enter(x); }
@CatPlusPlus Yes--it's a "singlenad" (aka, guy who got one cut off).
@TemplateRex ohai
Man that question.
4:51 PM
@puppy go bark up some other tree
consider asking questions with a smidge of sanity and I'll think about it
But none of my messages are in that room.
they are now.
YOu have been invited, not your messages
@Puppy it's within the scope of SO, so go vent your gall elsewhere
4:53 PM
@ThePhD I could fix that minor problem for you...
That showed up when searching for "bin".
@R.MartinhoFernandes Oops.
I swear I'll never get this.
4:54 PM
A likely story.
@LucDanton It's true. Try it.
@R.MartinhoFernandes Poor UI. Should keep track of the rooms you most often move messages to, and suggest them without a search.
@Jefffrey 2... 2 days ago? o.0
4:55 PM
@TemplateRex Many terrible questions are.
Funny that "Android A to Z" is there.
@R.MartinhoFernandes We'd have to make him an owner first (though that might be a reasonable idea too).
@ThePhD Maybe it has been moved recently
@R.MartinhoFernandes lol
@TemplateRex I don't think it is. Describe the steps someone searching for the same solution answer would take to find that question.
4:56 PM
clearly I should post every individual line of code from my compiler and ask if it's a pattern or idiom.
fucking stuffy nose, fucking colds, fuuuuck
nevermind that "pattern" and "idiom" are both totally subjective.
@R.MartinhoFernandes Might be better suited for Code Review, if anything
or Programmers? ... nah
Definitely not SO.
4:57 PM
maybe I'll just take tomorrow off.
fuck this
ask yo momma
@R.MartinhoFernandes any suggestion for a better title?
@TemplateRex it's not the title
the content just doesn't fit
I still think this has merit in that the exhibited code does use a non-obvious Church encoding. Which is useful to know because I’m fairly sure that encoding is completely unneeded—I have no reason to think an actual tuple type would not work.
No, which is why I think it doesn't fit here.
(That said, I do find the content interesting)
4:58 PM
@Xeo Not really CR. Closer to Programmers (though with them closing 75% of questions, it's hard to be sure of anything doing well there).
Programmers is full of OOP-junkies.
criticize Singletons on there and you'll get mass downvoted
‘How can a tuple be implemented with lambda expressions only’?
Sounds forced tbh.
And gives the answer in the question.

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