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12:02 AM
I really wish I could go back in time and ensure Mercurial was never created.
I am sure I could think of something more interesting to do if I could go back in time ...
relevant to time travel
12:28 AM
@chmod711telkitty I could think of plenty of things that're more interesting, but Mercurial's a piece of shit and needs to die
maybe someone would invent something more horrific in the absence of Mercurial ... you can never be too sure ...
They already did, it's called git, the problem is that git is still better
All because of one thing: the index.
Searching for a html html editor is hard :L
has anyone seen Etienne lately?
12:31 AM
@Ell Brackets, Sublime Text
Uh, other things
That's a laugh.
12:33 AM
Is Atom dead yet?
What a shame. It should be.
@rapptz I mean a html editor that I can put into a html document to allow people browsing to edit html in a web page. I know brackets is written in html but I dont think I can just embed the editor?
You probably could, but I'd seriously reconsider doing that in the first place.
and its million of alternatives
12:41 AM
Yeah just googling for them is difficult because it just returns desktop HTML editors
12:56 AM
@Ell ACE editor?
1:14 AM
@Borgleader this looks great!
its what coliru and ideone use afaik
Can't get it to work. Just makes my element disappear
got it
Now I need a way to undo ace.edit(...)
1:42 AM
Q: automatically download & install apk when webpage is hit

user274294I know this really seems to be impossible but just want to know if anybody has a way to do this. Here's the situation : I have a webpage. I need some javascript or something which will "download my apk on google store when user hits this page." I also want this apk to be installed automatically ...

^^ not suspicious at all, lol
Just came back from a trip. What's up?
Up is a direction
A direction for winners.
I saw a 150m tall hydroelectric dam. Was pretty impressive.
That is pretty impressive.
150m is damn tall. Where was it?
1:49 AM
Good morning.
Hoover dam on Fallout is pretty cool.
The Daniel-Johnson Dam (French: Barrage Daniel-Johnson), formerly known as Manic-5, is a multiple-arch buttress dam on the Manicouagan River that creates the annular Manicouagan Reservoir. The dam is composed of 14 buttresses and 13 arches and is 214 km (133 mi) north of Baie-Comeau in Quebec, Canada. The dam was constructed between 1959 and 1970 for the purpose of hydroelectric power production and supplies water to the Manic-5 and Manic-5-PA power houses with a combined capacity of 2,656 MW. The dam is 214 m (702 ft) tall, 1,314 m (4,311 ft) long and contains 2,200,000 m3 (2,900,000 cu yd) of...
Oh, wait, it's 214m tall.
150m is the part that's above water.
150m on which side of the dam?
The one you see on the picture.
The largest dam I've seen is the Hoover damn.
@MarkGarcia Good morning. Your thoughtcrime has been registered and an agent will be sent to your home. Please wait.
1:51 AM
About the same size.
At least in height.
Yeah, they're big.
It's a little freaky standing on top of it. Because it looks flimsy.
So, yeah. They give free tours of the whole facility (the dam, and the power plant next to it). Was pretty cool.
Only hitch: to get there, you have to drive 200 km of a narrow road with plenty of curves.
The largest hydroelectric dam I've visited is one of the ones on the Tallulah River. Because they're the only ones I've visited >_>
repr(stuff) wasn't removed from Py3k right?
@EtiennedeMartel How was it?
I've only visited a hydroelectric waterfall (or what's it you call them).
2:04 AM
@Borgleader Really cool.
I'll use python for my documentation server
With flask
And PostgreSQL
2:31 AM
do you guys know where this is from?
It sounds.. familiar.
I've heard similar tunes.
Reminds me a little of this tune
Musique par Michel Legrand pour Le Sauvage, film français de Jean-Paul Rappeneau, sorti le 26 novembre 1975.
But obviously not the same thing as @Rapptz post.
2:56 AM
TIL the word sourpuss
3:18 AM
hello everyone :D as far as you know does some language support dynamic return type hinting? like:

interface Bah { public cloneAsValueObject() : self; }

"self" resolves to current class implementing "Bah"
3:32 AM
@ObiWanWesabi C++ has limited support for covariant return types.
Templates are more useful. But that's not dynamic.
not actually asking about c++ only, i thought it was a good idea to ask here because of you guys good general programming knowledge :P
xy question: basically i wanted to know if it was a good idea to have an interface that look like that, with a dynamic type. same goes with arguments
iMyCollection {
public concat(self collection) : self;
my ide supports /** @return self */ (php doesn't support natively return type hinting) but unsure if it's bad design
Who knows, since comments aren't code.
Except when you're bad at web dev and think it's okay to put comments in json to hint at things
3:41 AM
will learn c++ one day tho! it's in the life goals list xD
4:06 AM
anyone having any idea where i can read about display device drivers?
@Feeds Sure would be cool.
@ObiWanWesabi Eiffel offers this kind of thing; it calls it anchored type declarations, and uses the 'like' keyword if memory serves me correctly
@MarkGarcia i wanted linux device drivers.
4:13 AM
@Feeds Hm. If you DROP TABLE PEOPLE in real life database systems, it would almost always result in referential integrity errors.
Or I guess.
4:25 AM
@MarkGarcia I don't know anything about databases. Are you talking about the equivalent of dangling references in C/C++?
Something like deleting the type itself.
If you do TRUNCATE table, then you're like erasing the elements of a container. Drop would be to delete the container itself.
4:40 AM
Haha, I love this r/CivPolitics title: reddit.com/r/CivPolitics/comments/2dj1fv/…
Oh cool, he's a citizen now
Though top comment is wrong, he didn't create D >_>
@aclarke great! :D thanks :P
4:56 AM
Y'welcome. I've just had a look at Wikipedia's entry and it neglects to mention this, but it gives reference to a tutorial at https://archive.eiffel.com/doc/online/eiffel50/intro/language/tutorial-00.html.

Drilling down to https://archive.eiffel.com/doc/online/eiffel50/intro/language/tutorial-10.html#46019 shows the notion.
so weird syntax
i can barely understand it
The Tokyo Ghoul anime is really not very good compared to the manga. :|
it's a wordy syntax, tends to avoid TOOOO much symbolism. Doesn't take long to get the hang of it.

FYI - it's considered /the/ definitive OO language as such. Not sure who the famous person is, but there's a quote going round "everyone should learn Eiffel just to see how Multiple Inheritance CAN be done right".

Of course, it's also a classic case of where keeping too much of a technology under proprietary licences for the purpose of profit-making can kill the reach of your product... The pogramming world might be a different place if it had been open-sourced right from the start as C++ was!
5:13 AM
Isn't Eiffel that language mainly used in air traffic control stuff and almost nothing else?
Or was that Ada
I tend to confuse the two
NFI where it's used! I'm sure the Eiffel home will have the usual B.S. about it's gee-whiz clients.

Ada was mandated by the US Department of Defence for writing all "perfect" software using Software Engineering principles, but it's kinda failed to storm the world too. It's definitely showing it's age since it's original definition in the late 70's to 80's.
I'm pretty sure I only remember it being used in ATC and DOD stuff
has anyone used C++11?
is itmore powerful than C++4.3.2?
5:19 AM
Does MSVC 2011 count? KIDDING!
stabs @Hellboy
man I only use c89
Fuck your // comments
I use gcc - my last project needed &&label addresses...
I'd assume you were joking but I've actually used &label.
5:21 AM
Sometimes you've just gotta.. hardcode a jump table I guess.
@nil According to Wikipedia he was a developer of the D language.
no actually! I wanted to write a FORTH-like TIL intepreter, so the 'inner loop' had to have jump addresses. I bundled the whole lot in a mild pre-processor written in perl, so I could pretend I was being structured, using the &label feature in the munged code. C++ as assembly! WOOO!
He was a developer, but Walter Bright created D
Alexandrescu was very important for D 2.0 though
ooo - Bertrand worked on D? never knew those guys were connected.
5:25 AM
We were talking about a comment on reddit about Alexandrescu
Since the comment incorrectly said he created D
oh right - haven't looked at the reddit yet.
Just invented a term with a cow-orker:

"In my hubble opinion" - for when my poor grasp of a subject makes my opinion look good from a distance.

Can we get it into the vernacular?
@nil Yes, you're almost certainly thinking of Ada.
@aclarke Pretty sure he didn't. FWIW, Andrei has expressed...somewhat less than positive feelings toward Eiffel at times (especially its allowing covariant argument types, which nearly invites violating type safety).
5:45 AM
ever worked with this guy? Deanomac
I believe there is a little bit of spilled blood from various directions when it comes to Eiffel. It's main perpetrator tends to give the French (French-canadians?) a bit of a bad name... There is some controversy from Eiffel to C++ as well.

I'm far from a master of Eiffel (in fact, just a curious bystander) but I /think/ I know what Andrei might be referring to, and I do recall reading it as part of an ongoing issue in Eiffel that got solved at some particular point in time. Regardless of how much effort is put into the science, there's going to be some hole or grey area in a language. I
in other words, when it comes to Eiffel - IMHO (in my hubble opinion)
@cyberspace009 Have I worked with them?
6:05 AM
@aclarke There have been some fixes proposed and implemented, but they break a great deal of (probably nearly all) existing Eiffel code. The modified version of the language that supports type safety never seems to have come into particularly wide use.
@aclarke Telescopes don't have opinions.
@R.MartinhoFernandes Hubble had (strongly held) opinions long before they named a telescope after him though.
6:41 AM
@nil did you?
I feel like pizaa with tartar sauce
@cyberspace009 No as far as I'm aware?
6:58 AM
hey guys, i have some questions that i think a stackoverflow-question wouldnt be worth it. I have learned the c++ basics as a second language(first is c#) and i want to switch to c++ now. Which Window library do you prefer to design your forms? which is easy to learn for c++ beginners?
7:12 AM
@MathiasS. why would a stackoverflow question not be worth it?
And follow-up, why do you think a question here would be worth it?
ahahahah new Chrome UI
Time to not downgrade to Chrome 36.
fail :D @jalf because this question is answered in one sentence easily i think
They look like two questions at the least to me.
@MathiasS. and?
I don't see how that means the question should be asked here instead of on SO
@jalf SO is spammed with tons of unnecessary questions if you ask me, it doesnt need one(or two) more of them
7:26 AM
@MathiasS. So you think a chat room is better for Stack Overflow's purpose?
@MathiasS. either your question is useful to programmers, or it is not. If it is, then it will benefit SO to have it there. If it is not, then you are just spamming, and then I don't see why spamming HERE is better than spamming THERE
Stack Overflow is built to handle questions, for us to ask questions. Chat is built to... well, for us to chat.
7:41 AM
except the C++ chat ... it is a newb bait, we lure newbies in, then we welcome them with skinny sticks and small pebbles
Is there a hash algorithm such that hash(hash(x)) == hash(x)?
@JerryCoffin Jerry being Jerry :)
@PolymorphicPotato hash = id?
Yeah, useful. Thanks.
I mean, the outer hash.
The inner one can be anything.
I believe you get that behaviour out of the box in .NET implementations, for example.
std::hash<some_unsigned_integer> does that in some implementations.
7:44 AM
@PolymorphicPotato ... sure there is, the reason you don't see it often is because not many people are dumb enough to use one
welp, guess the cold isn't coming at me with full force yet/
A brief search suggests that md5 has fixed points btw. Not exactly the same thing though.
@PolymorphicPotato In C++ form. (I should repeat that it’s not guaranteed in this case though.)
Haven't had such a laugh in ages:
8:04 AM
> have a capacity of about 1.6 petabytes per gallon. A men's size 11 shoebox is about 10-15 liters,
Well done, Mr. Munroe, well done.
But the value is in the license, not the bits. And you can’t typically sublicense :v
Who cares.
You don't mix gallons and litres in the same paragraph, unless it's a paragraph about the conversion between gallons and litres.
@R.MartinhoFernandes what's that from?
@R.MartinhoFernandes Is that a US gallon?
@MartinJames Yeah, that snippet is full of wrong.
8:18 AM
there's something beeping in the kitchen
Famous last words.
eh, I checked all the obvious candidates but it's not any of them
and it only beeps like, once per three minutes
fire alarm ... battery low
house phone that is out of battery?
8:24 AM
Charging death ray.
hmm, unlikely :P
Or maybe it's just robot visiting you.
invisible robot with death ray running out of battery?
I just found out that im banned from asking stack overflow questions..WTF.
8:35 AM
@MarkGarcia - from what I understand the biggest problem isn't technical, but logistical/financial. The current url scheme for child metas (http://meta.*.stackexchange.com) breaks the rules surrounding wildcards in security certificates so SE has to either buy 100's of security certificates or change the meta url. (Hint: It's going to be the latter - which is quite a logistical nightmare). — ChrisF 4 mins ago
Good luck SE.
@Borgleader nice
@MarkGarcia loool
@MathiasS. that's strange given your history, unless you have a ton of downvoted deleted questions that I can't see on your profile
Going to be meta-foo.SE or something like that?
People don't get banned for nothing
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Well i have had 2 answers that were rated not so good, but that was only like -2 or -3 that i deletet. But i tried to help people as good as i can and if i was wrong i cleaned up my shit, so i dont really understand that ban. Well. Seems like im going to try getting honor through answers now only.
@MathiasS. Your undeleted posts are generally good. I think it's that negative-scored most recent one that, in combination with the deleted negative scored ones, has triggered a ban because you don't have that many posts yet. I don't really know how you get out of that.
@LucDanton foo.meta.se I'd guess
8:44 AM
Is there an SO purgatory?
@JBL You're chatting in it
@Puppy that's a smoke detector running out of battery
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Yeeah, it was the one in the hall.
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Thats what i think. I get out of that for doing good stuff on other peoples questions. But what i dont understand is that if i have done a bad answer or question and i delete it, why do i get a ban out of it? SO ban faq says its because they want to keep the questions on a high quality level for future users having the same problem. If i delete the answers that were bad, the user experience shouldnt be affected at all for readers later on.
8:46 AM
See, told you it was a death ray.
@MathiasS. That's because really terrible users would post terrible questions, get their answers despite thousands of downvotes, then delete them and repeat ad nauseam.
> class Product_sets
ugh that naming convention
@MathiasS. Because if someone is repeatedly posting shite questions, wasting everybody's time, deleting them afterwards doesn't stop the problem.
@MathiasS. You're supposed to edit them to improve them and then accrue upvotes to fix the situation, but some newbie questions are just so bad as to be unsalvageable (or horribly off-topic). Those people get banned.
You seem to have had a bit of a rocky start and consequently run into what has had to become a fairly stringent threshold, by poor luck
@LightnessRacesinOrbit I think 2 bad rated answers and 1 bad rated question is not a problem at all. Maybe this automatic ban system is just fucked up. A moderator himself could decide way better about that whole ban thing
8:51 AM
@MathiasS. There are far too many new crappy users for moderators to be expected to handle it all manually.
I think any bad rated post is a problem. There is plenty of literature on how to form good questions, and plenty of existing examples, so as there to be very little excuse, frankly.
And don't say you don't see so many crappy new users around. That's a symptom of the mechanisms that exist to fight them.
I see them and i pretty much ignore them. But getting rated as one of these users while trying to help people is like.. a very unthankful feeling :D I got my help and i helped others. I think thats the point in SO. And now i am forced to edit my questions to improve them even if theyre not bad rated? well.. thats shit if you ask me
bad questions are definitely bad signals though I'd say bad answers don't necessarily mean the same thing
an answer can be bad because it's wrong
@MathiasS. You can always ping a mod somewhere, or head to The Tavern or something.
a question can't be wrong, it can only be inappropriate
8:56 AM
@R.MartinhoFernandes Moderators cant do anything about a ban

 Tavern on the Meta

MY GOD, IT'S FULL OF STARS AND BACKLOG! General friendly chit-...
@MathiasS. of course they can
@MathiasS. How do you know that?
The faq said that :D
moderators can even delete your network-wide account if they want to
8:56 AM
Thats what i read, maybe they just said that to prevent spam^^
Damn. Trying to find out about what means "trivially_constructible", cppreference says "the constructor expression does not call any operation that is not trivial."
Jeesh, okay.
Trivial for class types is defaulted on first declaration + constexpr, recursively.
A: What are Aggregates and PODs and how/why are they special?

R. Martinho FernandesWhat changes for C++11? Aggregates The standard definition of an aggregate has changed slightly, but it's still pretty much the same: An aggregate is an array or a class (Clause 9) with no user-provided constructors (12.1), no brace-or-equal-initializers for non-static data members (9.2),...

It's in there.
Ack, I don’t remember what qualifiers come with defaulting on first decl.
@MathiasS. The point of SO is not to help people
8:59 AM
@LightnessRacesinOrbit What is it then?
@MathiasS. No, you're not supposed to edit questions that are already good. I'm talking about negatively-scored posts.
My rule of thumbs aren’t up-to-date :(
@R.MartinhoFernandes Yup, found out (thanks!), just that what cppreference says is... well, trivial in this case, but not that informative...
@MathiasS. To build a knowledge base of ... knowledge.
Knowledge bases of plastic are better.
9:00 AM
"Help" is obviously related to that, but semantically tangentially. Once you start calling it a "help site" people think that they can post "support desk" style questions and that as long as they get their help, it's fine.
I think my PCB got stuck in customs.
Fucking Zollamt.
Instead, there is a wider goal of generating useful information for the more broader discerning public.
and I thought getting the average guys to understand the rules of the SE sites they visit was a challenge
imagine how hard it is to get them to understand the SE is not here to help them
Best example of why SO isn't for "help" is the close reason "Duplicate".
despite the fact that they essentially receive help
9:02 AM
@R.MartinhoFernandes I wholeheartedly support that statement.
@JBL yyeah
@AlexM. tell me about it :(
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Well, if my only bad rated question that is left is a duplicate, how should i improve it
@MathiasS. Well, you can't really
the only way would be to delete it, which i flagged it for
You won't find duplicates in a knowledge base. You will find thousands in a help desk.
9:03 AM
Should have searched in the first place
@Xeo What kind of name is that, anyway?
Office of the Inches.
@LucDanton "Rules of thumb"
9:04 AM
@LucDanton Oh. Thought that was "Maut".
As in, I just read in a newspaper about some new "Maut".
@JerryCoffin ._. normally this is my cue to take a break, but I’ve had one
@R.MartinhoFernandes I was looking at it from an etymological perspective, not modern use. Can’t help you there.
(I double-checked and they are in fact cognates.)
‘Toll’ doesn’t appear to have been used as a unit. I’m going to assume that Zoll the unit is a homonym.
@R.MartinhoFernandes Oh, distinct genders ;) Contrast der Zoll and das Zoll.
@LucDanton Multiple breaks are allowed (at least by me--your boss may not be quite so accommodating as a random guy on the Internet though).
I’ll hope the tea kicks in.
@Luc fuck me.
Well, now I have a minimal pair for "gender matters".
Fuck Zoll in any case!
9:12 AM
Really? die See and der See is a classic, I think.
Now I have two!
I got it right the first time around, too :( Time for a break :D Not a moment too soon…
Next weekend I'm trying out Nomic (legacy.earlham.edu/~peters/writing/nomic.htm). I'm a bit afraid it will be boring.
when you see it you'll shit bricks, etc
So project euler is back with its full functionality. I changed my password yesterday to some weird shit and subsequentely forgot it (:p). Now i did exactly what they said i should: Write an email to knock_knock@projecteuler.net, with username and the previously stored email. I did this three times now and i just get a mail delivery error. FML
9:19 AM
@LightnessRacesinOrbit You need professional help.
@R.MartinhoFernandes How do I get over the icky feeling of having to use a non-official port for non-Windows systems?
@Arcoth hah
@LucDanton use different software
@Lightness isn't that cloudy?
@Lightness isn't that cloudy?
@LightnessRacesinOrbit The lady's shadow should be higher than the front wheel's.
9:23 AM
@R.MartinhoFernandes Yes. Kinda has to be if you want sync across devices.
And that feature isn't free!
@R.MartinhoFernandes I don't recall paying anything for it..
@Luc I never got over it :S
@LightnessRacesinOrbit I padded it up with lorem ipsum and now it works just fine XD
9:24 AM
@Lightness maybe their website is terrible at expressing that, then.
don't know what the limit is on the free version but I haven't hit it
@LucDanton Use KeePassX then I suppose.
It's a fork of KeePass that is native to Linux et al.
@Arcoth you probably got blackholed
9:25 AM
> Upgrade to LastPass Premium for unlimited access to your vault on all mobile devices and take advantage of advanced security features.
@R.MartinhoFernandes I think the key word there is unlimited
I already have KeePass on all my devices.
I do not have unlimited mobile devices so limited access is just fine
With KeePass I have unlimited syncing.
9:26 AM
@Rapptz Will check out, thanks.
> It works on all supported platforms […]
Good to know!
I'm not sure if KeePassX has an app if you're into that sort of thing.
KeePassX only works with old format databases IIRC.
If you get fucking blacholed by fucking project eulers fucking temporary fucker email thats just making me fucking sad and hopeless
So you'll have to downgrade your current one or something.
@R.MartinhoFernandes Nah.
They've been 2.0 for a while now.
9:27 AM
> doesn't muslims have a disadvantage in minecraft, as they can't eat pig?
It's 'Alpha' though.
@PolymorphicPotato wtf
@PolymorphicPotato Also some Christians.
Also vegetarians
and vegans
who could be of any or no religion
@R.MartinhoFernandes What platform? I found free syncing clients on iOS and WP8
9:29 AM
basically just stfu
@PolymorphicPotato ymmd sir that's just hilariously stipid
that got flagged?
why would you flag someone quoting someone
9:30 AM
Mod's here?
@LightnessRacesinOrbit I have a religion called "not a religion", you know why and you know how good that idea is
Are muslim vampires afraid of crosses?
9:31 AM
"Hey, have you heard of that new religion?"
"Meh, that's not a religion, is it?"
"Exactly! Everyone knows them by now!"
@R.MartinhoFernandes Depends on the setting I suppose.
What can you say about chocolate-covered manhole covers?
I believe in human stupidity - it's every where
That's observer bias.
sure there are intelligent people, but I looked around, thinking about 7 billion people on earth I could not but wonder what that 6.99 billion people are doing ...
0.01 billion = 10 millon, surely 10 million intelligent people can create a lot of wonderful things ...
9:41 AM
where did you get those numbers from
specifically the 10 million
Some part of her body.
@AlexM. that's too many or too few?
@StackedCrooked my grandpa was able to play that
I learned to play that in school.
9:43 AM
unfortunately his got broken somehow
I still have it
but it can't be played anymore
The second largest you can see in the picture.
@chmod711telkitty that's too random
it's a traditional instrument in Romania
Oh, they're all the same, just different sizes.
used to be popular among shepherds especially, or so our literature says
I like flutes, they can be musical instruments or handy weapons - like tough sticks, but they are lighter with holes ...
9:49 AM
@StackedCrooked I've been confused about that before, when it got mentioned in anime / manga.
I just learned about it in Grisaia :)
I occasionally need to look up words that I encounter in anime or VNs.
like theremin
Your geek license is revoked.
Hey, does anyone here remember an old anime about a young boy who plays a magic flute and can make whoever listen to the music to do whatever he wants to do and there was a young girl, his sister or something - it's really old like 1990s

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