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2:01 PM
jsfiddle.net/48Tph/1 I wrote a compiler!
Sans parsing stage.
2:13 PM
Speaking of which, Stackoverflow has a tradition of encourage gay couples. I heard that Jeff Atwood once called or visited that pale butted little troll called evan carroll or something for some 'good time' together. As a woman, I feel very safe. Even if I was as hot as the greatest porn star, wearing a bikini, no harm will ever be fallen on me coz ... people here are so gay ~_~ </troll>
@Abyx Once I told a friend that I am still unmarried because I eat too much and no guy can afford to feed me, muhahaha! Wait, I need to shut up ~_~
@telkitty.exe yep you really should since you say some really weird stuff
@telkitty.exe speaking of gays, maybe you're just a lesbian? and that's the reason why you're unmarried?
Well, even my guy friends know I like man
have not dated a single chick yet ... although there were two who I would not mind dating back in high school
@telkitty.exe so you just didn't try
I think dating is between 2 people ... well too bad I never got asked out by a chick, not on a date anyways
2:29 PM
be proactive
A: Difference between char argv[][7] and char *argv[]

Cheers and hth. - Alfyes, there is a difference between char argv[][] and char *argv[]: one is valid, the other is invalid. Addendum: In comments Mike Seymour has remarked that “this doesn't indicate which is valid, or why the other is invalid, or describe the correct forms of syntax for declaring two-dimen...

alf oof woof woof woof
@Abyx will you date me, my dear little girl
we know you are young girl, we just do
@telkitty.exe oh shit now I'm exposed
@downvoters: please explain your downvotes so that readers can see who you are, and ignore your uninformed opinions — Cheers and hth. - Alf 2 hours ago
why did you say that?
2:31 PM
exposed? you mean, totally exposed? not even undies?
Erm, guys, can you take that Omegle crap someplace else?
@LightnessRacesinOrbit don't touch Alf please, he can ragequit again
2:32 PM
@LightnessRacesinOrbit no
BTW his name is "Cheers"
oof, his name is oof
@telkitty.exe sorta, but don't ask me for a pic
Oh dear. Anne's face is covered with reddish spots. Could be measles, or possibly a side-effect of painting a six-foot fence:)
Do someone know what's the technical term for those portable physic keys that banks usually give you for web services?
fobs? dongles?
@Jefffrey HSBC calls them a "secure key". Nationwide calls it a "card reader". I'm not sure whether there's a generic technical term, but Wikipedia uses the term "security token".
I see, thanks.
Mine looks like a small calcuator, so I call it a 'calculator'.
2:38 PM
upvoted alf ... because I can >_<
> Addendum 2: to top that, the above text was just attempted removed by
[Lightness Races in Orbit](http://stackoverflow.com/users/560648/lightness-races-in-orbit).
Why? What is the benefit?
yay, got it
for posterity
@telkitty.exe I meant the benefit in his edit
Ooh, Tomalak, all these typing for nothing ~facepalm~
2:44 PM
just a shame his opinion on downvoters didn't make it into the screenie -.-
I got a bit flaghappy
my arms are sour
weird ... didn't hurt it when diving that I can remember
Sour? You been swimming in acid again?
[hint] Swimming in waters where the ph is less than 4 will severely degrade your wetsuit.
in the salty water, with the fishes
sour around the joints
@telkitty.exe Well, I waded through a greenish-looking stagnant puddle to get into the field. That's as close to aquatic life I've got today:(
I bet there are frogs there ...
why am I getting this??
3:10 PM
what is rpm in linux?
red hat package manager?
@Crow It's a software package file
Red Hat Package Manager or RPM Package Manager (RPM) is a package management system. The name RPM variously refers to the .rpm file format, files in this format, software packaged in such files, and the package manager itself. RPM was intended primarily for Linux distributions; the file format is the baseline package format of the Linux Standard Base. Even though it was created for use in Red Hat Linux, RPM is now used in many GNU/Linux distributions. It has also been ported to some other operating systems, such as Novell NetWare (as of version 6.5 SP3) and IBM's AIX (as of version 4). ...
does it automatically come with linux...? I'm not finding it
3:11 PM
rpm is the app that installs RPMs. An RPM is a package. you can think of it kinda like an .msi in windows, but much spiffier since it can say which other packages it depends on.
What flavor of linux are you running?
uname is just giving me GNU/Linux
what distro did you install?
@Crow If your flavor of linux doesn't include it, then it probably uses a different package manager, and would hate having an RPM installed on it anyway.
dead loves amitriptyline
3:14 PM
one of the other big package managers is APT (the one most derivatives of Debian use)
which uses a whole other type of packages too, so it's not compatible with RPMs without installing extra stuff
if you can run apt-get, your system uses APT
@cHao sooo what do I do if the thing being offered is only RPM?
@Crow there's a tool called alien (iirc) that either installs RPMs or converts them to .deb's (which is what APT uses). i forget which
I don't have alien either
@Crow what is the thing? Maybe build it from source?
@Collin cx_Oracle
3:19 PM
Can you just install that with pip? pypi.python.org/pypi/cx_Oracle/5.1.2
nope. It gives me the error "does not refer to an 9i, 10g or 11g installation." Which i really don't get. But there is a solution offered here: lorcancoyle.org/wiki/public/cxoracle , and that is what I am trying to do
3:54 PM
"RPM Package Manager" -.-
ATM machine
WTF JavaScript.
now it says that cx-oracle is installed, but when I try to import cx_Oracle, it still gives me an import error
@Crow that's "working as intended" for anything Oracle has touched, isn't it?
"Shoulda been cxOracle, noob."
4:04 PM
JavaScript script
Awesome. My compiler works.
that's no surprise
to have finally a cure and be enthused about it
sure; I'm happy for puppy
we so happy happy
4:20 PM
interesting; times on search results page appear to be in UTC or GMT
@LightnessRacesinOrbit yup, "interesting" :)
Q: Times on chat search results page are wrong

Lightness Races in OrbitThe search results page for chat lists times in UTC or GMT. My local timezone is BST and this is correct elsewhere on the site in chat. Not sure whether it is globally UTC or daylight savings isn't being applied to my local time. Example: http://chat.stackoverflow.com/search?q=amitriptyline&room...

@LightnessRacesinOrbit oh my god; you're a weird one :)
@ScarletAmaranth :(
@LightnessRacesinOrbit no worries, I love you anyway
4:34 PM
Mentalist now
I just watched a piece of that new Sherlock tv series pilot and ... Watson is a faggot? wtf?
well I hope I got it wrong. because it's just insane %)
@LightnessRacesinOrbit haven't seen the latest one yet; that's something I'll be fixing shortly
4:56 PM
@jalf anytime I hear 'oracle' nowadays I cringe a little bit. And apple has gone a bit downhill as well, my iPhone broke... again.

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