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3:00 AM
positive affirmations are good
(It doesn't work)
Do you do most of your local coding / pushing to git from the same computer?
I don't quite understand how it'd work if I wanted to code from my laptop, and then code from my work computer, etc.
No I keep 10 computers and round-robin between them
negative ones don't. "I deserve to live even though I use Rails" is probably more positive.
I might deserve but I don't wanna
Aaaa this uses GRE I don't think I need this for single-node system
3:02 AM
@AureliusPhi you push to github, and other boxes you can pull. If you happen to changfe the same files, git generally sorts out merging the two sets of changes. Occasionally it asks a human to make the decision for some lines of code.
ahh, gotcha
In your situation, you'd be smart to ensure you pushed from work before leaving, and then pushed from home before going to beddy-bo-bos.
Lastly, does it make sense to just upload raw code, or is it better to encase it in some kind of unit-testing framework to showcase its output, etc?
I don't know what the general format is for this kind of thing
smart also to perform all work on a branch. Git is good with branches, so each 'work order' can easily have it's own branch. I don't mind pushing 1/2 finished shit on a branch, but the goal is to NEVER pollute the master or a way-point with incomplete or broken code.
if you want to have some sort of testing system, start from day 1 and master teh testing framework. Many people are impressed with the ability to make unit, functional or behavioural tests
3:05 AM
I don't have much experience with that -- what is considered a good testing framework?
Like for example let's say I wrote this snippet:
depends on your language and IDE of choice
docs.openstack.org/juno/config-reference/content/… jesus christ it gives me headache just looking at the toc
in rails I'd like to use BDD (behaviour driven development) using a thing called Cucumber, but this software house uses the dumber things and I don't have the chance to get good at it.
template <typename T>
inline T gcd(T x, T y){
    if (y == 0) return x;
    return gcd(y, x % y);
(some simple little thing like that)
3:07 AM
What is an ideal way to "showcase" this on git? like I can't just have a raw .txt file with that snippet
@CatPlusPlus it's good for knowing you're doing what the dickheads making specs are asking for. Not saying other tests are to be avoided, I've seen them catch stoopit mistakes several times, and also catch when changes break things by accident.
BDD is just TDD with shitty rubby DSLs
And TDD sucks
@AureliusPhi call it a math library or some sort of library. A test case would flog it to make results that are correct
@CatPlusPlus adding tests after the fact sucks even more. I can't even.
would I be uploading this test code too somehow?
3:10 AM
honestly, I rarely do either ;-) but I've seen some people fly at it. Pricks.
Like just a "testing" file that runs the gcd function in all sorts of various conditions?
@AureliusPhi yup - part of your suite. Organise the tests
is there a good example of this somewhere?
@AureliusPhi yup - although this is a different subject now!
@AureliusPhi probably!
3:10 AM
I still don't really know how it needs to be arranged
like does output go in a separate file? as comments?
google is a good tool
I have been googling this all day @_@
This is why I am trying to ask people who have experience with this
the simplest case is simply a bunch of asserts. Coupled with a human saying "this looks like a bunch of likely scenarios, and a few completely retarded ones to trip it up, so I feel confident the thing probably works as advertised, and can cope with erroneous use"
I've always developed incrementally, and instigated little tests and/or internal asserts as I went forward, but then I'd clean out the stuff as I moved on to reduce code crowding, so I generally lose the things that probably should have been better placed in genuine test cases.
/note to self - do better. Slap.
3:16 AM
A thing known as xUnit is a style of testing suite that is popular in many languages. x is replaced with a letter of choice depending on the author of the suite and the target language. These are frameworks that help you to regularise and automate your tests to some degree. There are other systems too
I feel like somewhere along the way I just totally lost track of how this stuff is supposed to be done
I am good with problem solving / actually implementing stuff that works, but just no good when it comes to this sort of thing
Wiki has a page for generic xUnit so you could pick one for your favourite language and get comfortable.
test cases are a pain in the ass, until they catch something you've recently broken. Then it's just plain embarrassing, but at least the customers don't get to see that particular breakage.
is a test suite something containing a shitload of tests that you run your whole code through just to make sure everything is working all the way through?
No, I don't know what a test suite is but that cant be it
You can code in a way called test-driven
test-driven development means writing more code to unit test certain parts of your code
and usually this means abstraction layers
god i hate abstraction happy people
theres a point where too much is too much
"A test suite often contains detailed instructions or goals for each collection of test cases and information on the system configuration to be used during testing."
3:24 AM
i assume test-driven development = writing test functions as well as your, well, actual functions for the project
a collection of test cases that are intended to be used to test a software program to show that it has some specified set of behaviours
@Alexandru A test-driven development goes like this: 1/ write a little prog that contains asserts about your function. First failure will be failure to link. 2/ create a dummy function in a lib. Now it passes linkage. But it fails the assertions. 3/ Fill in the guts of your function until it passes the tests. 4/ add more tests at boundaries, and add tests that show that shit input does not make it bleed all over the floor, but with a suitable error response of choice.
Yes thats right
@aclarke Oh, I was coming at it from a broader view, its a bit different in the C# world
@aclarke so is that more like "let's list a bunch of achievements our code must pass, and then code to pass those tests"?
LOL I like your imagery :D
3:26 AM
@Alexandru how so? the 'X-driven development' including behaviour driven go thouugh those paths.
@AureliusPhi EXACTLY!
+1 for "shit input does not make it bleed all over the floor"
when i read what a test suite is i think of shit you'd send to QA staff
do you have any personal examples of test-driven style code?
(and is it considered good practice to code this way or is there an alternative?)
@aclarke theres MVVM approaches in wpf development for example which requires structuring code in such a way to test both UI stuff and code behind
@Alexandru I howled with protest the first time it was announced "we'll be having testers running the code". I was appalled, mortified, and deeply offended that some non-coder should dare to test my code. Now I think it's awesome. Be friends with your testers.
3:29 AM
Wait, what did I say to make you think I'm unfriendly to testers?
@Alexandru nothing, but I've noticed that a lot of developers resist the idea at first, and many of them resist it for a stupidly long time
I <3 my bros and broettes that test my stuff on the daily, they make the product strong man, sometimes they find things that I'd never think of, its crazy
@Alexandru yes, testers who can't even park their car properly are the best at their job. They are automatically dumb users and poo-flinging monkeys.
The only time I don't like it is when you get bugs to change UI text, or make a button do this, type of stuff...basically things that are not bugs lol
The main thing is that they're enthusiastic about their job AND they don't have pretences of being designers
3:31 AM
yeah - that!
my dad is the ultimate tester
although to a degree, that's a bit about what users will be comfortable with. That involves knowing your customer base. Testers may or may not be good at that, just like the rest of us.
should see the old man fuck up a network so fast
he like, connects things in a network loop at his house and you see the router start struggling to deliver, and then the whole system just goes down
Your dad
Now to follow up with a yo-momma joke.
3:34 AM
thats him
what he does right there
now the annoying gif needs to be binned.
so clarke, what do you do for a living?
see above
1 message moved to bin
3:38 AM
developer for too long. some years with engineers, then shifted to bidniz development.
@Rapptz ta!
management now?
@Alexandru animated pictures. even when you post 'em yourself, they're deuced destracting, what!
whats it like on the other side of the fence?
biz vs. science? it's a bit wierd, but you get used to it
3:39 AM
ah man, thats nice
do you own your own company doing it?
@Alexandru no, god no. I don't want to fall foul of the Peter Principle.
I mean, I develop software for biz. I refuse to manage, and I refuse to do any degree of team leadership that requires pushing a spreadsheet or making reports.
or budgets - AAAAAAGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! "just give us the money already" never seems to work.
dude i dont know
how people can live such mundane lives
paper pushing
3:42 AM
but honestly, its less work than developing, and it pays more, and its less stress
A: Secret Admirer Secret Message

GeobitsDisclaimer: This is only posted in a half-serious manner because I was bored and looking for alternative decodings. The message was sent by: The first trap is the simple answer (given by Joe). If Sarah sees him ask Anne out, she knows he fell for this trap. The second is far more convolu...

Good morning.
@Alexandru ya think? I don't see that too often
it helps to stand up to the buggers, they can't contradict you. "It'll be ready when it's ready, fuck off"
@MarkGarcia morning squire.
3:48 AM
so true
They are definitely never out for your best interest
Just theirs.
They "look good" if they deliver on time, sometimes they even get bonuses
for stressing you out
thats what pisses me off most
you have a job, and then another asshole has a job who's sole purpose is to stress you out
@Alexandru turn the tables. Carefully maintain their stress levels to suit you.
thats why i left my old company
it got too stressful for too little $
not worth it
but i've seen good managers are capable of sensible quoting etc. You have to trust them and vice versa
death-march projects. avoid them.
3:54 AM
that is true
sometimes they are worthy of their roles
@MarkGarcia "John should, at his earliest convenience, toss the message and go out to have another smoke. He shouldn't have to change for anybody"
Yeah the question doesn't even say that John has interest on one of them.
John should setup a 4-way immediately, and get them to prove they are worthy of him
the morse code answer is sheer twisted brilliance, as is the comment on numerology
Because comp sci! Comp Sci girls are hot and sexy and everything!
4:00 AM
and they love interfacing!
@aclarke Somehow if you mix different numerical systems you can end up with any result you want to.
notwithstanding the fact that they probably spent their entire high school years in the library, talking to noone.
@aclarke the 4 way is clearly. the only. option. john has
Is John smart enough to realize himself paying 4 child support payments in 9 months time?
3* child support payments, 4 if you include John's wife ;)
OH SNAP, John now has a wife.
@Alexandru Hey! Not his responsibility! Haven't you seen the recent "yes means yes" legislation in the US?
@aclarke lol i have not. what does it make legal?
4:03 AM
anyway, they're all ho's so dey got protection. bitches won't even look at me...
my point is a bit of a stretch, maybe.... But hey, lounge, right?
no judgement here
Yes means yes
so basically what, you need to explicitly say it to one another now?
to consent? otherwise, instantly deemed rape? what?! lol WHAT?!
still a "he-says she-says" situation for a start. The blog was good in that I didn't even have to think for myself!
@Alexandru seems like more of a defense, and the optimistic idiots pushing the idea are probably thinking all will be solved by locking into law the idea that romance and seduction should proceed according to a proscribed sequence of steps with all forms filled out in triplicate.
4:08 AM
so truee
stupidity to an extreme
well, bedtime for me
nighty night @aclarke, it was a pleasure chatting with you tonight!
sweet dreams
Just remember to get consent from your hand before 'finishing up' for the nightl-)
"Officer! Arrest this hand!"
... which reminds me, I still got work to wrap up.
5:02 AM
Opening Photoshop now.
too deep for me.
Dude's been reading Zen koans again.
Not even a 1 value contrast image.
Ah well, it's just to stir conspiracy. Moving on.
5:25 AM
Going with the Rosetta lander. This gotta be great.
Spoiler: it will crash
Then hope it's recorded!
And the script contains a polyfill for EventSource and the stuff for the comic. It's live!
Okay there's now an image...
"three hours to separation" - we gotta watch this for 3 hours? That's almost as bad as watching soccer!
do you think he's prepared for contingencies like a crash or similar?
The thing that's sure is that the image(s) will be fun.
Well he isn't esa.
5:40 AM
apparently the touch down will be 7 hours after separation.
he could be hovering, ready to tickle a flag...
all scenarios drawn out in fat texta
6:06 AM
it seems to be changing


tehre were words at the start. Did you catch them?
i hope it all rolls thru normally once the smoke clears. No way I can watch it all. I think it's giving me macular degeneration
the story so far: "[three hours to separation]" "[has it ever been done before?]" "[I don't think so]" and now the lines.
6:10 AM
lander on that comet
10 hours give or take to touchdown
Looks to me like a cinematic zooming in on the Rosetta.
ahhhh - gotcha. developments! Can someone record this ?-)
I can record the logs which spits out the image URLs if you like.
6:13 AM
hmmmmm -
BTW I want to make a hacking-in-the-movies app. But I can't find a good library for visualization.
Cinder is an option.
i have faith that it will all be fast-mo eventually
6:25 AM
openFrameworks looks good.
2 hours later…
8:43 AM
@MarkGarcia WebKit
> Gradual typing is a type system I developed with Walid Taha that
allows parts of a program to be dynamically typed and other
parts to be statically typed. The programmer controls which
parts are which by either leaving out type annotations or by adding
them in. This article gives a gentle introduction to gradual typing.
You Blew it, C# had it forever
9:23 AM
hello everyone
i am having problem in understanding something
don't we all
i have a code in visual basic which to compile and the xompiled exe file should run in every computer
but when i run the compiled file in other computer , it given .net framework not installed error
error D8045: cannot compile c file 'CTestFile.c' with /clr option
i stuck on above problem
@BhawinParkeria don't think it will work on an old Blackberry phone
anybody have process resolve it?
9:26 AM
read the error maybe?
@Tirth the resolution is given in the error message.
then use critical thinking to solve it
whats the solution
this might help you both: loungecpp.net/w/…
can i compile this to run in any compiler
9:28 AM
I don't think anyone in here knows VB or C anyway
@TheForestAndTheTrees yes but unable to findout what exactly do in VIsual Studio... in XCode it easy acquired C and C++
this is cool - two newbs helping each other.
@Tirth I'm guessing you've made a manged CLR project by accident then. Turn off Common Language Runtime support in properties for the project, or start from scratch with an empty one.,
6 hours to landing? xkcd so cruel. that will be 2am for me
9:31 AM
let me try
9:43 AM
9:53 AM
no abstract classes? argh, fuck you typescript
modflagged: "As explained, can we undo the dupe-vote here? Instead I should move the answer from here stackoverflow.com/a/22545891/85371 to this question (as it answers the question **much** more completely). In fact, the other question had been modified to render the answer out-of-place there (though it still matches the title..., which is why I dupevoted initially)"sehe 56 secs ago
Maybe some people can help undoing my dupe-vote :S
I don't see any close votes on that question.
Damn. Commented on the old question
@Puppy Nope. The modflag was already handled!
@TonyTheLion Question is: does she dare to agree? (No. She uses Firefox)
@aclarke false on both accounts. I can, however, deny.
10:00 AM
Q: Using `throw;` on a modified exception

Slodge MonsterI have a function foo that can throw a bar exception. In another function I call foo but I have the ability to add some more detail to the bar exception if thrown. (I'd rather not pass such information as a parameter to foo as it doesn't really belong there due to the generic nature of that func...

@sehe shhhhh!
@sehe I'll give you an upvote if you give me an upvote. Deal?
@Columbo - that's a very young-looking pic in your avatar. So I went looking at the episode details: (1968–78, 1989–2003) - that's a huge run! 10 seasons. Only 69 episodes though.
Wait, those numbers don't make sense for 10 seasons. Must be gaps
@Columbo Okay! (rofl)
A: Single instance of C++ program, using boost::interprocess

sehe NOTICE Answer tele-ported from How to limit the number of running instances in C++. It's in place here since it addressess a portable solution using Boost Interprocess and Boost Asio, in a detailed fashion. Note that the solution is more generic, in that you can use it to limit instances ...

10:09 AM
oh how fun
@Columbo lol
I have to import data from CSV and first name, tussenvoegsel and last name are in the same field yay.
@sehe Your turn
No you don't. Because you cannot do the impossible. That's not importing, that's interpreting (with heuristics)
@rightføld poo - comma separated within the quotes or just spaces?
10:10 AM
@aclarke spaces
But luckily all tussenvoegsels are lowercase and all first and last names are capitalised.
@Columbo I hadn't seen that answer. I live with -folds
@rightføld ug. Is it at least clumsy enough to have limited people to strictly 2 words?
@sehe Cheers! :)
@sehe Really?
Except for two records, which contain initials instead of first names.
10:11 AM
Importing is so fun.
TIL "van" "de" are "tussenvoegsel"
Oh and one with a slash in it.
I had to do a dog register once. That was highly entertaining. mixed breeds, colours, injuries...
oh nvm I'm screwed
Belgian names have capitalised tussenvoegsels.
10:13 AM
are the tussenvoegsel limited to a strict set? sounds like tehy might be
@Columbo Yes? I've stated this many a time. Not a very thankful tag-family though
Nov 8 at 0:01, by sehe
I should really just stop doing this. Of course, the single +2 answer there is precisely a rubbish answer (to a rubbish question) that took me a minute to write. On several of the others, I've spent 15 minutes - hours (the connected_components one):
@rightføld *interpreting!
@aclarke in this case van, de, der, te and De.
@rightføld That's easy enough. Hope to Codd they can't be first names
Nah they're not first names.
let me guess, sometimes they are 'accidentally' slammed up against a name without a space?
10:15 AM
And capitalisation is fucked up here and there. Will just look at country then.
@aclarke Nope, but there is a name "Foo/ Bar"
how many rows in total?
hah testers are so funny.
A few hundred.
I work with someone called Foo. I try very hard not to make jokes, and I feel slightly guilty when I use it as test fields.
10:16 AM
oh that's not too much for a final eye-based sensibility check.
I'd be completely screwed if there was also someone called Bar.
oooo - nice big scene on the xkcd right now.
Oh how fun there is a name "Import <company name>" LOL
I frrl awful
10:17 AM
I love this sheet.
@Ell morning
@Ivan to be honest, it sounds like buzz-word festival. Of course JOhn didn't say duplicate the nodes, he specifically said "a list of pointers". Your currying is likely more like bind. Also, mentioning that things "feel like map-reduce" or "like Erlang" doesn't explicitly clarify the goal, or what you are stuck at. Come back when the fog settles and you have concrete ideas? — sehe 5 secs ago
10:21 AM
@sehe I should propose the answerer a deal: I upvote five of his answers and he deletes his one.
Why? His answer is also very apt
@sehe Because I'm recently into deals.
@balasbellobas there's a button on the top right if you want to pose questions. Seriously, a lot more people will be looking at it then — sehe 5 secs ago
Today is not a good day
@Columbo I'll deal with it
dat snake
10:24 AM
oh right capitalisation
if line['Land'] == 'BE' and line['Tussenvoegsel'] is not None: line['Tussenvoegsel'] = line['Tussenvoegsel'].title() :v
Python, from the Greek word (πύθων/πύθωνας), is a genus of nonvenomous pythons found in Africa and Asia. Currently, 12 species are recognised. A member of this genus, P. reticulatus, is among the longest snake species and extant reptiles in the world. == Geographic range == Found in Africa in the tropics south of the Sahara, but not in the extreme south-western tip of southern Africa (Western Cape), or in Madagascar. In Asia, it is found from Bangladesh, Nepal, India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka, including the Nicobar Islands, through Myanmar, east to Indochina, southern China, Hong Kong and Hainan...
should be doable with one regex...
10:31 AM
@AlexM. Morning.
report duck for feeding
10:34 AM
Hurray, it worked.
10:53 AM
@rightføld I am going to teach my students about float today. This is going to be awesome.
@aclarke Landing of what?
go checkout today's xkcd. It's a very-slow running comic animation of the landing of a probe on a comet. You've missed about 5 hours so far
it's happening in real-time right now, out there in space. Rosetta + Philae from the ESA
> TotalBiscuit put up a post on TwitLonger about Assassin's Creed: Unity, suggests a Day 1 patch is needed for PC version.
turns out Ubisoft wanted to make their game feel even more cinematic
by making it not reach even 30fps
24fps, that's anime level
anime only changes a few pixels a minute ;-)
@aclarke s/minute/hour
11:00 AM
@aclarke Looks pretty boring. Should I be excited about this?
I need a lightweight alternative to ProgramOptions
just "-i file", "-f number" and the like
Write it yourself?
@FredOverflow it's suckering you in. Also probably helps to think that landing on a comet is cool
11:20 AM
They are going to smash the comet into Earth.
you think it's a trick? Like the moon landing?
They're gonna smash the Moon into Earth too.
and then they're going to smash it into me
oh my gooooood
Better build a bomb shelter then, and stock it with sandwiches and UHT milk
I wonder how long would solar panels work on Philae
imagine in a 100 years time, the lander is still working and sending us pictures from outer space, that would be awesome
11:27 AM
@chmod711telkitty What happens if you put tan cream on solar panels?
it might be a tourist attraction by then.
@FredOverflow they won't wrinkle with age?
lol anime.se question (identification request)
> Anime with kawaii cat girl being patted
@FredOverflow probably would depend on the temperature, wind speed & a few other factors
that's pretty much any anime
anime without cat girls shouldn't be called anime anyway
11:29 AM
Akira didn't have a cat girl
woah, I am amazed by how the astrophysicists have calculated the path towards the comet ...
has anyone ever used this? http://schlangster.github.io/cpp.react/guides/Introduction.html
Looks a bit like Qt (s/Observer/Slot), but not sure. I've been looking at this for 2 minutes only.
11:55 AM
I was wrong. some software licenses -are- just better than others http://t.co/jlCwh8Xzz1
@Xeo oh my fucking god
thank you
Thank not me - thank Sekai Project for being awesome as fuck
I vote yes
and I'll preorder
ack, fuck TypeScript again.
Hi, I want to create a simple list of a struct that I can later iterate over, without having to set up any bounds --- is there in the std:: something similar to Java's 'List<T>' interface with implementations like a LinkedList ?
11:58 AM
they removed class<X, Y extends T<X>>.

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