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11:00 AM
all or call it a monkey :P
lol, no, he's a grumpy bonobo in disguise
@TonyTheLion But it's interesting research!
damn you
(And it's not a direct link to TVTropes, only a nest full of them)
why isn't the system entering my pic in the in room people?
oh, now i'm in.
@Tony FTR, I once again trapped myself on TVTropes.
@CheersandhthAlf that's from the Noor-al-Karak . right?
no, norwegian meat-and-vegetables stew/soup :-)
@CheersandhthAlf sorry, lol.
11:07 AM
@RMartinhoFernandes lol
man's gotta eat
damn you @CheersandhthAlf stop making me hungry!
I wonder how google.images managed to put softcore-porn images in search results for 'eggs and bread'.
nearly lunch time
@ScottW lol.
11:13 AM
@IntermediateHacker I forget which rule number this is... "if it's a things, there's a porn for it"
there's a rulebook for these things?
that one was xkcd
11:17 AM
> "As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1"
wow, I got that rule almost perfect :P
^ lol, that reminds me of Hitler.
@sbi mmm wouldn't the sarcasm/irony be lost on the target audience?
@IntermediateHacker Could it be because it has the word "Hitler" in it?
@sehe Might well be.
11:19 AM
@RMartinhoFernandes lol, guess the law was right. we talked about Hitler.
perhaps it is just me, but I get irked by numbers lists that count down with out having implied these where ranked.
anyway, what's the Origami Nation ?
@IntermediateHacker Dam. Can't find them. No safesearch filter on ?
@IntermediateHacker ?? (can't you follow the link to the message that was a response to?)
11:24 AM
@Sehe ???
@thecoshman ^^
@sehe ¦:¬v
@CheersandhthAlf what's this?
11:27 AM
@sehe I seached for 'khubz' which is bread in arabic.
^ Trailer of "Origami Nation" open source game
@IntermediateHacker ooo dirty word
@sehe lol.
@IntermediateHacker lOl (FTFY)
seriously, though. does 'khubz' have another meaning in some language?
Note To Self: Never try to re-implement everything using the Windows API.
Q: how to write command inside command

user650521im using system command in perl to execute su command like this system("su -"); The above command works fine.. But if my command is this su -c "echo hello" Then how do i embed this command into system command of perl?

Yo dawg.
Also, never use GDI again. Use Cairo or AGG for graphics.
oh wow, playOnLinux looks a lot more powerful then I first realised
really should sort out my network card for my linux OS ¬_¬
11:45 AM
@Luc I should read your code more often. I'm waaaay too sloppy with my generic code.
damn, my app is an entire mess. Any suggestions to make it more user friendly?
Use English?
is there any emacs forum ?
I am using english.
Right, like "heterozygous".
11:47 AM
@IntermediateHacker Use defaults, and update de diagram on the fly. Make the lists scrollable, so you can click the actual item, not some radio button circle
Zygosity refers to the similarities of alleles for a trait in an organism. If both alleles are the same, the organism is homozygous for the trait. If both alleles are different, the organism is heterozygous for that trait. If one allele is missing, it is hemizygous, and, if both alleles are missing, it is nullizygous. Most eukaryotes have two matching sets of chromosomes; that is, they are diploid. Diploid organisms have the same genes on each of their two sets of homologous chromosomes, except that the sequences of these genes may differ between the two chromosomes in a matching pair...
@IntermediateHacker You're still missing the point.
@RMartinhoFernandes not to smart if his TA don't speak English
@sehe I see. What if I use a combo box instead of the radio buttons?
@IntermediateHacker and either make it work on the command line or make it run in a javascript. If you send me the code, I'd try to hack it up :)
@IntermediateHacker No combos for short lists: no overview
Just use a listbox (preferrably in Icon view for things like this)
11:48 AM
Yeah, making a command line app first, then a gui interface is a smart way to go
And make sure the scrollwheel works to change the selection
@thecoshman Generally, yes. It's called MVC, if you must know
Disclaimer: IANAUIX (I'm not a user interface exper). I do know what I like about applications that rock, though
Good keyboard support is also one of those, so add accelator keys (D,Z,R: dominant, ...zygotous, recessive?)
@sehe ah, nice to know a name for it :P
Don't forget : for ex commands.
11:51 AM
@sehe I'd say good tab ordering through the interface
@thecoshman Well, it's the same thing in my mind: thinking in MVC style makes you create interfaces that are testable and reusable
@thecoshman Tabbing through UIs is painful.
It's a crutch invented by people that don't use the keyboard.
I assume you do mean ...
Model/view/controller (MVC) is a software architecture, currently considered an architectural pattern, used in software engineering. The pattern isolates "domain logic" (the application logic for the user) from the user interface (input and presentation), permitting independent development, testing and maintenance of each (separation of concerns). Use of the Model/View/Controller (MVC) pattern results in applications that separate the different aspects of the application (input logic, business logic, and UI logic), while providing a loose coupling between these elements. History MVC was...
wouldn't tabs be a bit overkill?
@IntermediateHacker tab-keys ordering
11:52 AM
@RMartinhoFernandes depends on the gui imo
@IntermediateHacker I think he meant "tab ordering" as in the order of the controls that get focus as you press the Tab key.
Indeed I did @RMartinhoFernandes
@thecoshman Best is when there is no order: absolute addressing for everything. Why would you navigate when there is no 'route' or 'distance'? I'd say make the thing display a result at all times, and dynamically respond to clicks. No flow (must complete steps A,B,C -> result)
oh, I see.
already did that. :)
it depends, if there is a logical flow to filling out the data, then tabbing through that makes sense
but if it is just a case of, here are ten inputs, fill out what you will, then yeah, tab ordering sort of falls down
11:54 AM
@thecoshman That kind of data entry is painful by itself already :)
@RMartinhoFernandes indeed, which is where CLI and script comes in handy :P
or some sort of bulk parser from CSV file
Pay someone else to do it!
any ways
lunch time :P
I don't suppose any of the awesome C++ people here are looking for a job? :)
I am.
Am I awesome?
12:05 PM
From what I know, sure
of course, it's in Denmark, and I honestly don't know how much tricky paperwork is involved in relocating someone. Will have to ask my boss if they're up for that
I can't relocate until September anyway.
Well, technically, I can, but I'm not graduated until then.
ah k
well, let me know when we get a bit closer, if you're interested. Afaik, my bosses are in this for the long haul. Waiting however long it takes for the right people to show up
Ok, thanks. :)
(Also, Danish no sprechen)
well, we already have a couple of people who don't speak Danish. We just use english then :)
Q: 2Dimensional Array Pointer manipulation in C++

Ganeshint main(){ int a[10][10]; int **ptr =(int **)a; cout<<a<<endl<<ptr<<endl; cout<<*a<<endl<<*ptr<<endl; return 0; } Output of this code on my computer is 0021FC20 0021FC20 0021FC20 CCCCCCCC Why is "a" equal to "*a"? why isn't...

> Arrays are pointers.
12:13 PM
is always the same.
Q: 'unordered_map' in namespace 'std' does not name a type

user671253I am trying to create a Caching mechanism code.I am trying to use unordered_map. I am getting two errors 1) #error This file requires compiler and library support for the upcoming ISO C++ standard, C++0x. This support is currently experimental, and must be enabled with the -std=c++0x or -std=gnu...

Seriously, what is it with people that don't even read the frakking error messages?
@RMartinhoFernandes "Why would I read error messages if I have a whole site of geeks to help me?"
I already know exactly what causes his code to fail at run-time
but am currently making him do the work
is that bad?
No. That's called teaching.
12:21 PM
People that don't use a debugger need to learn about it ASAP.
There's absolutely no excuse for not using a debugger.
@RMartinhoFernandes embedded development and legacy can bite you there
(Maybe there is, but if you're in that situation, you probably don't need to be told to use one)
12:24 PM
@KillianDS Get an emulator?
People here have spent weeks trying to get gdb to work with our codebase, no success so far
@KillianDS there's absolutely no excuse for not knowing how to use a debugger, or for not using a debugger if one is avaialble
@DeadMG For a full-featured edge router, sure :).
if you're trying to develop software for that kind of hardware, there's no excuse not to have an emulator available to test on for this exact reason
Well, what @jalf said. My statement, while not as accurate, has more marketing value, and that's what I was going for :P
@DeadMG Oh, I only noticed that was the "Master please help me" question now. lol, you did answer it.
12:28 PM
of course I did
@DeadMG I know of no major player in the industry that has done this yet. And while it may be possible to do so now for a completely new product line, it often wasn't like that 10y (or even longer) back. That's what legacy gets you sadly enough.
well, admittedly, I don't answer many questions anymore, but I figured I had to do that
@RMartinhoFernandes I have never discovered a real bug with a debugger. I prefer staring at code until I find the problem :)
@FredOverflow Arrrhg, why are you trying to send me off in an Eternal Quest for Rephrasing? "Whatever you do to debug, do something, don't just drop error messages on someone else."
IOW, don't debug by proxy.
oh, okay
12:33 PM
I'm a rational programmer.
Q: error: This file requires compiler and library support for the upcoming ISO C++ standard, C++0x

user671253I am trying to create a Caching mechanism code.I am trying to use unordered_map. I am getting an errors 1)'unordered_map' in namespace 'std' does not name a type #ifndef CACHE_H #define CACHE_H #include <QVariant> #include <unordered_map> class Cache { public: struct Link ...

best question ever :)
> Can you send me link to a simple unordered_map code or example...i got some complex code that i can't digest...Pls Help – user671253 1 min ago
Indigestion, eh? Do we have a med overflow site or something?
I'm tempted to post stackoverflow.com/q/9583530/46642 as a link to an unordered_map example.
12:35 PM
@FredOverflow you can stare at code in the debugger too though ;)
@RMartinhoFernandes He apparently can't read comments either
Heh. I find debugging enlightening. It is a nice tour of the code, usually. It gives you a lot more than just bug locations.
@FredOverflow gasp
12:55 PM
@sehe Inaccurate. Everyone knows Visual Basic GUIs are essential.
@RMartinhoFernandes lol
I guess I should eat breakfast
it is, after all, only 1pm
I have felt such extreme job satisfaction
That's possible?
@sbi thanks bud, that actually cheered me up a bit
</sarcasm>Wanting to keep this job is purely because it is easier then looking for a new one, but me thinks that might be my entertainment tonight
@thecoshman So you're cheered up by others having the blues, huh? You misanthrope!
1:05 PM
Didn't you just get promoted the other day, or something?
@RMartinhoFernandes no, I just got past my first 6 months as contractor to now be taken on full time... with 6 moths probation ¬_¬
@thecoshman that's good right?
a bit... shall I say... European, but still nothing bad?
a bit european? wtf?
@rubenvb well, it means I get a bit more pay, but could still be let got at a weeks notice for no reason
@DeadMG long probation periods are a very typical as far as I can tell.
1:11 PM
what has that got to do with being European?
@thecoshman yeah, true. Do you see them doing that to you?
the company took on a load of us this summer, and seemed to have decided at random who starts as a full-time employee with 6 months probation and who does 6 months contract work first
@rubenvb Stereotyping much, are we?
@RMartinhoFernandes is it stereotyping when you stereotype something as something that applies to yourself?
@rubenvb It's not really the letting me go I am worried about, it's the fact that this job eats away my soul
1:13 PM
@rubenvb Yes.
@DeadMG then I guess I am stereotyping. Sue me (although that would be very .... shall I say... American of you?).
I know it is foolish to expect to be able to love my job all the time
But I don' see why I should spend all day waiting to get out
@rubenvb Eh. I don't care if you stereotype yourself, I just care if you stereotype me along with you :P
what do you mean with "eat away at your soul"? Are they into child labour?
what is your job?
1:15 PM
@DeadMG are you an employer?
admittedly, no
I work as a Java developer, and no, it's not the Java I hate
do you have a soul to be eaten? :P
It's all the crap that has to go with it
this place has an archaic "this is how we do it" attitude that results it clinging to failing ideas
it's a place that treats its workers as Dreyfus Level 1, then?
1:17 PM
so yeah... job offers would be appreciated
not as such
well, unfortunately, I don't have a job myself, let alone in a place to offer one to others
wait... ain't you still in uni though
@thecoshman Sounds familiar, I encountered the exact same feeling in my first job
but in reality, I'm going to fail out in a few months
the strange thing is, every seems to know shit is being done wrong, but just carries on doing it any way
1:23 PM
That's management's problem.
though I guess it is kind of like trying to push a train by your self
no, it's the slackies problem as we have to put up with the shit
What did you do in that job @Kill?
I'm still there, at the moment I got sick of it I got quite some more responsability for an interesting project. I'm now finishing up that but am looking for a new job for when it's finished
because the inherent problems with the company didn't change :p
I need to brush up my job hunting skills. I've had a few jobs over the years, but always seemed to stumble into them
any tips? (looking towards you older folk)
@thecoshman as long as you stumble into them, what's the problem? ;)
I would like to find one before I start the leaving process here
1:29 PM
Q: pointer to rvalue

user1034081While searching a solution for calling a function that accepts both lvalue and rvalue references I wrote the following piece of code (no, I will never do that again, I promise). The goal was providing a function that both accepts lvalue and rvalue references, I did not want to write two function...

@RMartinhoFernandes Any piece of my code in particular that prompted this message?
So erm, what's a good way to go about finding theses job things? Just Googling?
@LucDanton No, just in general.
I just slept 20 hours.
woah... that can't be healthy dude
1:41 PM
Not sleeping every third night isn't either.
nah, probably not
you working hard, or just having sleep problems?
I'd like to think I'm working hard.
@RMartinhoFernandes Anyway, not only does mem_fn<void()>(&T::foo) work now but I also retrofitted make_overload_over<void(), void() const>::make(&T::foo, &T::foo) with the technique.
Let's get back to writing aligned_union now.
Man, std::align is so confusing.
With its out parameters and everything?
1:55 PM
What are you using it for? I've never done stuff low-level enough to need something like it, I'm curious.
I'm considering fixing an answer (by someone else) where alignment issues were pointed out.
But now that requires adding at least two variables.
I think an align overload that works on numbers, instead of pointers would also be useful.
@thecoshman It's common among felines, though.
oooh... sure I can listen to death metal on youtube... but if I want to pause it, I have to brave changing to that tab... damn open plan offices
@thecoshman Can't you open it in a separate window which you can then make a lot smaller, so that no actual video is seen?
2:06 PM
@sbi perhaps ¬_¬ clever monkey :P
@thecoshman Yeah — experience, man!
why the helll are you people using youtube for music. Use grooveshark or something...
or a USB drive...
@rubenvb Are you sure that will solve the issue at hand?
I have mostly managed to sit with my back to the wall the last 15 years, but a few years of being exposed were among them. I hate that.
@rubenvb grooveshark doesn't have what I want right now
2:08 PM
@thecoshman But seriously, can't you put your own MP3s onto your office machine?
one of the things I really hate about being at work is that if i want to listen to music, I have to use head phones...
@sbi my phones doesn't have what I want right now either :P
Now, let's see if I can convince the compiler to tell me the alignment of a type in C++03...
@RMartinhoFernandes Boost has a trait for that, I think
@thecoshman I have almost 25GB of music on this machine. And if something is missing, I'll buy it. At €.99 or €1.29 per song I don't think twice.
@sbi yeah, I probably should move stuff over :P
but you know, lazy
2:15 PM
@DeadMG Good point. Sometimes I forget boost has many C++11 goodies there.
youtube --> (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
I forgot vector has back(). How embarrassing.
@sbi do you get .flac or 320 kbps mp3, or something lousy like 256 or 160?
Q: How can I extend/combine Interface classes containing pure virtual functions?

JohnI was hoping this should work: class ISearchFuncs : public Osp::Ui::IActionEventListener , public Osp::Ui::ITextEventListener , public Osp::Ui::IScrollPanelEventListener { public: //ITextEventListener virtual void OnTextValueChangeCanceled (const Osp::Ui::Control &source)...

My eyes.
2:18 PM
looks like java
@CheersandhthAlf I get iTunes' format (.ac?), which I immediately convert to MP3 using iTunes. The file info says 192/44.
@sbi hm, that sounds like blood pressure or something. perhaps kbps over sampling rate.
@CheersandhthAlf 192kbps and 44.1kHz sampling
ok. you get better than that by technically illegal download, of course. ;-)
192 sounds like blood pressure? Ow.
2:24 PM
@rubenvb Why not?
I've been doing something completely different
looked into forex trading
this interesting to learn how it works
what's forex?
foreign exchange
so basically, currency trading
buying and selling currencies
oh I see
yeah, the notion of buying and selling money is odd, but it works... sort of
@CheersandhthAlf Yeah, but since I mostly hear it from my laptop, either per headphones (rare) or by plugging my stereo into the headphone socket (usually), I doubt I'd hear any difference. I freely admit that I'm no audiophile. I really don't listen much to classic. I can usually hear whether a song was recorded in front of the fireplace or in a studio, but know good ones from either location, despite the background crackling.
2:27 PM
@thecoshman yea it's kind of strange to sell money for money
but I've always wanted to understand a bit more how these things worked
don't necessarily want to start real trading
@sbi well just a tip, i discovered belatedly that by clicking on the speaker icon in the Windows 7 volume control dialog, you can adjust bass and treble if the soundcard driver supports that. helped the sound on this laptop. now can listen to music on laptop, yay!
@CheersandhthAlf Isn't that something that any decent music player can do anyway?
@CheersandhthAlf Apparently, my laptop's sound card doesn't support that. But my stereo does. :)
(Of course, since @sbi mentioned iTunes, his player is probably not in that category)
@RMartinhoFernandes no, it can just adjust its own response curve, not the common final output for all sound sources
2:31 PM
> Can i create a class and assign his name from an external source?
@CatPlusPlus Classes are female.
#include "classname.txt"
@LucDanton Can I frakking shoot you?
use a macro, be done with it!
This is a master technique, I learned it from the IOCCC.
2:33 PM
@LucDanton rofl
@LucDanton That's not a source of learning material.
#include "class_or_struct.txt"
#include "class_name.txt"
#include "class_body.txt"
Who needs DI frameworks when C++ got this?
@CatPlusPlus easily editable by scripts.
2:36 PM
Code generation at its best.
You just need to adjust the include path.
Mmmh adding template<typename... T> struct aligned_union { using type = void; }; breaks one TU but not template<typename... T> struct aligned_union {};. And I didn't even start using it.
@CatPlusPlus quality, waste of bandwidth, playlists?...
There are playlists on YT.
@LucDanton Woah.
Quality, meh. Bandwidth, not an issue.
Also GS has poor quality at times, too.
2:38 PM
true, that's why I also suggested USB stick
flac ftw
Waste of disk space.
@RMartinhoFernandes It's not new tbh. GCC was really unstable ~2 months back with TUs randomly failing everytime my type traits header was modified. Apparently it never went away, but the 'limit' of what GCC can deal with was improved. Anyway, this forces my hand into refactoring instead of shoving everything in type_traits.hpp, so why not.
Q: Why isnt this a POD type?

acidzombie24I ran the below with g++ -std=c++0x pod_test.cpp on g++ 4.6.2 (mingw). I get an error on A4. Why isn't A4 POD? #include <iostream> #include <new> #include <cstring> using namespace std; struct A { int a, b; char c; }; struct A2 { short buf[1]; }; struct A3:A { };...

Should I close this as a dupe of stackoverflow.com/questions/4178175/…?
hi everyone,
@RMartinhoFernandes the commenter probably has some reading disability, +1 for good answer.
2:48 PM
@CheersandhthAlf Yeah.
may someone push me into a direction how to validate a polygon, which is allowed to be convex/concave but is not allowed to have intersections?
I do acknowledge that that piece of standardese is a bit confusing, and that's exactly why I added the last paragraph, as a layman summary. Apparently, it was for naught.
@RMartinhoFernandes Maybe you shouldn't have used such hard words as "lattice".
Q: Is read/write of a vool type guaranteed to be one instruction in C/C++

PablitorunI can't imagine an architecture would design an access to it's smallest data type in multiple clock cycles, but maybe there is some problem with pipelining that I am not considering?

lol, vool type.
Hell, I wouldn't know what that means if I didn't know the context.
2:52 PM
@Imm0 i remember there was a nifty algorithm for that. right now all i can think of is brute force, which for this is O(n^2), ungood. i think any improvement may need to involve sorting and/or hashing, not sure.
google it?
wikipedia it?
Hey @jalf - I thought I'd wander in here as the comment explanation really isn't going to be easy. What I objected to, and still do, is the "waste of a point". I think "are we deleting too much?" is a perfectly valid case to raise, but I can't help but feel the argument was cheapened by the view that it's an "us vs them" thing. It's not :)
I assure you, even amongst mods across the network there is very wide disagreement.

 The Assembly

You know those boring town council meetings you never attend? ...
You are all welcome to join us :)
@Ninefingers I'm pinning that.
For a second there I thought you're inviting us to talk about assembly.
@Ninefingers perhaps, but my point is that I didn't make up the "us vs them" thing. If you are constantly besieged by a relatively small and insular group who feels that their rules should apply to everyone, then it shouldn't surprise you that those outside that group perceive it as an "us vs them" thing
in other words, when people complain about the meta police, it might be because they're just dicks who want to see a conspiracy where none exist. But it could also be that they simply feel that this describes their experiences with Meta
@Ninefingers you are deleting and closing too much. one main problem is lack of intelligence applied. i still think the sexually explicit gargoyles in English churches (and Norwegian, and Greek, etc) example of deserving-to-not-be-deleted could be enlightening to those trigger-happy deleters, if they but were able to read it and understand it.
2:58 PM
Now, if users get this impression, then there is a problem, whether or not their impression is accurate
@CatPlusPlus That would be so much more interesting at this point.
@jalf I understand - meta felt that way for a long time to me before I finally thought "hey I can just wander in here". Again, properly raised I think we'd have reached a resolution with far less pain :) Anyway, just my personal view, you guys are intelligent enough to make up your own minds, judging by all the C++ conversations that go on in here!
What? Who talked about C++? That's forbidden!
@Ninefingers thanks, but this comes down to the point I've been trying to make all along: that you can't rely on everyone getting their voice heard. Some users have no interest in arguing all this stuff, and yet, their presence strengthens SO, and so those whose voices are heard need to do their best to make sure they represent the entire community, and not just themselves :)

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