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11:00 AM
and remember, you used to be able to run your own operating system on it and all your own programs
until Sony removed it in the name of security
So, what dev tools are available for that platform?
Oh, then you just run Linux?
dunno, I never checked
There's Ubuntu for the PS3 I think.
@FredOverflow the clock speed doesn't really tell you much. You can liken it to those old slave galleys with a guy beating a drum to set the pace.That's basically all the clock speed does. It says nothing about what happens in each tick, just how fast the clock ticks. So it doesn't really say much about manufacturing cost either
I see. So nobody has run the PS3-OS yet while getting some sort of user control over it?
11:01 AM
oh, the PS3 has been jailbroken
but I don't know much about that
but that would hardly grant you the SDK that developers use
you'd have to write all your own tools
Yeah... for all we know it might be a completely alien system.
I did a project at uni using a ps3 back when it could run Linux. Was fun to code against
Is "jailbroken" an official term? Never heard of it.
But then again it's plausible that they didn't reinvent too many wheels and that it's just a variation on something familiar. Who knows.
11:03 AM
in the US, I think it was, or maybe here in the UK, they passed an official law making jailbreaking legal
@KerrekSB As jalf said, the architecture is PPC based, so you could just port GCC
@FredOverflow It's become a household name since so many consumer devices are now closed devices :|
aaah, man
I've spent 24 hours trying to figure out why my code no worky
And I don't mean 'no official support closed', I mean 'could sue your pants closed'.
and it turns out that it worked the whole time, I just tried to render a colour with 0 alpha
@DeadMG So breaking out of jail is legal now? ;)
11:04 AM
@FredOverflow Only electronic jails on devices you legally own :P
@FredOverflow It isn't that funny tbh.
@DeadMG That's true for free-standing executables, but I meant that even the hosted environment is probably not too dissimilar from "usual" OSs. I.e. shared libraries etc.
@ScottW I don't think he lost. From memory, there was a big hoohah because he won, and had a bunch of the money donated for his legal fees left over and didn't refund it or... something?
@DeadMG It's not illegal to escape from jail in some jurisdiction where it's recognized that it's the duty of the administration to hold yourself in, and not yours.
@LucDanton Like Mexico
11:05 AM
You're probably going to run into problems if the 'breaking' of the jail happens to be your doing I guess still. But anyone else that uses the opportunity to, well, walk out won't have more charges.
@ScottW You can't sue for jailbreaking when there's case law saying that jailbreaking isn't illegal.
@LucDanton would it be vandalism then? "You broke our jail in your attempts to escape! We'll get you for that!"
They reason that it is human nature to want to be free, and you cannot be punished for that.
it's called "jurisprudence"
@jalf Or whatever is the proper legalese for destruction of property I assume, yes. It's also likely illegal to help someone escape so perhaps they can pin all the escapes (other than your own, if any) on you?
Anyway whenever I walk into a place that sells laptops I always wonder what happened to those pledges to sell 'bare' laptops without a preinstalled OS (i.e. Windows).
11:09 AM
@KerrekSB If I had my own kitchen and could buy food and order whatever stuff I wanted online, I think I would by perfectly happy living in jail.
@LucDanton Is it illegal to sell a laptop without an OS?
@FredOverflow No, but I think you have to mention that up front.
@FredOverflow No. The problem is the other way around.
I don't see the point in buing a laptop with an OS if the laptop already comes with a COA-sticker including a Windows serial. I already have a Windows XP CD, so no problem, right?
you'd be very hard pressed to find a vendor selling Windows laptops of any version except 7
@FredOverflow I don't think "whatever stuff I wanted" figures in a typical jail. I think the purpose of a jail is to deprive you of "whatever stuff you want".
11:12 AM
The problem is when it's not possible to buy that very same device without the OS. Then it's a tied good.
@DeadMG hint: used laptops
@LucDanton What if you decline to accept the terms of the OS?
I still think you might be hard pressed
@KerrekSB A man can dream, though.
but, arguably, the owner could choose to scrape the sticker off and not transfer their Windows licence to you
11:13 AM
@KerrekSB Don't know about the legal situation: can I return the OS to get my money back?
If you browse eBay, you find many auctions that specifically state the existence of a COA-sticker.
(In any case it would still be a bandaid as there was still a tied good. But I'd appreciate any insight on the matter.)
@ScottW Code a compiler for another language.
Writing a compiler from scratch in Java doesn't sound like a lot of fun.
11:17 AM
You have to see it like a challenge: Java is trying to crush your spirit but you have to prevail.
Once you've written the compiler, you've beaten Java forever. Isn't that inspirational?
@LucDanton It's been done before.
Plus, you only have to write a compiler for a not so elaborated language. Then, you bootstrap, and then, if you don't like that language not that much, you write the next compiler for a incrementally better language.
Not that there'd be a lot of money in it -- the OEM license costs like $1 or $5.
Yeah, the real problem is the tied sell to begin with :/
11:35 AM
@LucDanton depends on where you live, afaik, Customer protection laws vary a lot, and whereever possible, they're going to try to wriggle out of it
but afaik, it's been done before and you can get the money back if you opt not to use the bundled Windows
11:56 AM
does anyone use gcc4.7 in here?
@rubenvb is that latest 4.7 gcc build stable?
i mean does it crash?
@JohannesSchaublitb I do.
I don't have the currently frozen build though. I think.
im using rubenvb's build
@LucDanton oh is it frozen for release?
@JohannesSchaublitb It's been for two days.
11:58 AM
@JohannesSchaublitb None of my 4.7's crash.
unless there was a bug in that version of course. I'm fighting libstdc++ dll and std::thread.
Someone got it working, but I can't seem to get it working on my builds. So now I'm comparing configure options to find what he did that I am doing wrong
what 7z program do you recommend for windows?
oh it has a gui nice
@JohannesSchaublitb um, 7zip? :D
12:06 PM
@JohannesSchaublitb 7zip is the Windows GUI. Duh.
GCC 4.7 has a nasty C+++ bug though: gcc.gnu.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=52465
WebKit fails to build, which sucks to be honest.
No WebKit, no Qt.
room topic changed to Lounge<C++>: The simple template stuff is simple. The hard template stuff is hard. [c++] [c++11] [c++-faq]
what "-mtune" option is best for a core i5? The docs only mention i7 and more i7: gcc.gnu.org/onlinedocs/gcc/i386-and-x86_002d64-Options.html
i7 should be pretty close. It's the same general architecture
sbi has removed Als from the list of this room's owners.
sbi has removed Xeo from the list of this room's owners.
@jalf The release notes do indeed mention all of the core i? CPU's: Support for Intel Core i3/i5/i7 processors is now available through the -march=corei7 and -mtune=corei7 options.
12:14 PM
Both haven't been here much recently.
FredOverflow has added himself to the list of room pwners.
From the GCC 4.7 release notes: G++ now sets the predefined macro __cplusplus to the correct value, 199711L for C++98/03, and 201103L for C++11.
^ About F-ing time!
ah nice
there's also the -std=c++11 thing, which is in both Clang and GCC 4.7 now, thanks to me :) (but I already told you guys that before)
cplusplus/draft seems to be evolving rapidly.
12:20 PM
silly, google doesn't find good definition/explanation of "they are legio". it's not that i wonder what it means. i just wondered if others could easily find out, after i wrote that.
@CheersandhthAlf If only the world spoke Dutch: encyclo.nl/begrip/legio
@Feeds huh, @sbi on a room ownership removal spree
@rubenvb Not hard, but unfortunately also entirely unnecessary.
Wait, is nullptr really in std?
@KerrekSB don't know really
I edited it out for certainty. I think it's a keyword, no std:: involved, only for std::nullptr_t
12:28 PM
room topic changed to Lounge<C++>: It's a lot of hard work to make an exlanation simple. And then when people understand it easily, think you're a dullard. [c++] [c++11] [c++-faq]
@CheersandhthAlf stupid typo is stupid (especially on a room topic)
room topic changed to Lounge<C++>: It's a lot of hard work to make an exlanation simple. And then when people understand it easily, they think you're a dullard. [c++] [c++11] [c++-faq]
@CheersandhthAlf Can you exlain that again?
wow 7 answers on a crappy question.
@KerrekSB he he
room topic changed to Lounge<C++>: It's a lot of hard work to make an explanation simple. And then when people understand it easily, they think you're a dullard. [c++] [c++11] [c++-faq]
^ I didn't even see that typo.
12:34 PM
@CheersandhthAlf The discussion about room ownership started here, and came to this conclusion:
Jan 3 at 10:55, by sbi
1. Frequent users are likely to become owners, although actual ownership is by the discretion of the owners.
2. Frequency is determined by the frequent users tab.
3. We are lenient with kicking people off, but whoever falls off the frequent users list might be kicked off at any time.
And, yes, I considered throwing you off that list, too. But then I thought you're still around more than the other two.
@sbi well apparently you did throw me off. i just reinstated myself. lol. :-)
@CheersandhthAlf I did not throw you off the owner list now, despite you currently not being on the frequent user list. I might have thrown you off the owner list before. But then, I might have added you to the list before. We have a room policy. Everybody had a say in it. I follow it.
Anyway, to give the two a chance to object: @Xeo, @Als, As per room policy, I threw you off the room owner list.
25 mins ago, by Feeds
sbi has removed Als from the list of this room's owners.
25 mins ago, by Feeds
sbi has removed Xeo from the list of this room's owners.
@ScottW Apparently he is. I'd swear he wasn't half an hour ago, ICBWT.
Jan 3 at 10:58, by thecoshman
I would also say that bitching about being removed from owners list is considered reason enough to not get back on the list. Though you are still free to speak out if you feel it was unjust and doing so will should not be held against you, just dont go on and on about it
@CheersandhthAlf I think you need to KISS.
Oh, apparently that "bitch rule" proposed by @thecosh back then led to an extension of the three rules I had posted earlier. I have now created a bookmark to more easily find that set of rules:

room ownership

Jan 3 at 11:11, 1 second total – 2 messages, 1 user, 0 stars

Bookmarked 3 mins ago by sbi

12:49 PM
Curious to know who actually had created this awesome room? :)
@MrAnubis This rooms prehistory is actually somewhat complicated. The newbie hints have a sentence or two on the subject.
BTW, this room wasn't always as popular as it now is:
Oct 19 '10 at 21:19, by Rich
I Guess C++ is dead ... should have listened when they told me. Maybe I'll try out the C# room.
then a short period later, I join and everything is fine
Oct 20 '10 at 23:14, by GMan
Whoa, 6 people. That must be a record.
fresh meat!
@sbi so history is lost actually :)
12:57 PM
@MrAnubis It's all in the transcripts, really. But that's a lot to dig through.
there's a typo in the sticky stars list
it should be "list them on the wiki!"
@sbi This user seems to be first poster in this room : stackoverflow.com/users/172543/vaibhav chat.stackoverflow.com/transcript/10/2010/10/15 . So he must be the legend :D
@sbi I thought we discussed that the bottom positions of the frequent user list aren't really stable? IIRC, you're kicked off if you don't write anything or little for 2 days, even though one would otherwise be in the middlefield.
@sbi Why not simply post it on the c++ lounge wiki?
@MrAnubis I think someone said the other day he was the first poster here. Either it was vaibhav or someone who claimed to be him under a new user name. ICBWT.
1:05 PM
@JohannesSchaublitb that's intended IMHO.
@Xeo Yes, we discussed this, but TTBOMK no actual numbers were thrown around. I hadn't seen you much here lately, so I thought it's Ok. But I did give you a chance to object, because you are often here while I'm asleep.
@DeadMG It's part of the newbie hints.
@sbi ah oksies
@rubenvb I think it was intended that someone falls for this. That's why nobody replied to him. You failed the test.
Hmm... I forgot @JohannesSchaublitb has a weird sense of humor.
@rubenvb The Lord and Uncle FAQ @sbi has decreed "U IZ TEH FAILS!".
1:07 PM
You guys are mean!
Man, I can't even search for my own messages it seems.
@rubenvb your opinion cannot change what and what not is intended by someone
@Xeo "kicked off" ? you mean "removed from the owners list" ?
@JohannesSchaublitb I meant to write "dropped off" from the frequent user list
@rubenvb i knew it was intended hence i asked about it to see who falls for it
@JohannesSchaublitb Nah, we use a giant boot. It's more humorous. Then we post the video on YouTube of being kicked with a giant boot.
1:10 PM
@JohannesSchaublitb yeah, I got that far. I'm not completely derp.
@Xeo i thought that the frequent users list is generated automatically
@rubenvb ohh thanks
at least there is evidence for you being non-derp as far as creating the gcc binaries is concerned!
@JohannesSchaublitb It is, but it's a bit unstable in the lower half. If you don't write anything or very little for, say, 2 or 3 days, you fall off the list, although you're normally in the middle of it
@JohannesSchaublitb Yay for me!
there should be a "montly" and "weekly" list on it
1:13 PM
@rubenvb does not compute
Would help atleast with room ownership descisions here, but I doubt we'll get that since no other room is as active as ours.
at least we all know litb will never be an owner again
@DeadMG write a Wide program to compute that.
Btw @sbi, check the frequent user list again. :P
1:18 PM
@Xeo LOL!
So what do you guys want?
meta post demanding more accurate list
Yeah, because of the 10 user limit, the list is way too volatile for the number of users in the lounge
@DeadMG If you're going to the madhouse now, you'll find yourself in the middle of a civil war, with nobody paying attention to you — if you're lucky.
that's OK
@sbi The deleted questions war?
1:20 PM
I'm a tough man, I can handle it
@DeadMG Good luck!
You mean you're a tough puppy.
How about a meta post for a weekly or monthly frequent users list?
Which is a bit of a contradiction, but ok.
i think the guy on meta is right
"Do not delete" was not a proper entry in that question. it should have been an answer and it was an answer already
a pretty good one IMO by @sbi
but conflating that into the question is incorrect
1:22 PM
I know! We need Meta Man. Only Meta Man can solve this Meta Conundrum!
@Xeo woof woof, it makes sense in puppy logic
Add the to your Q
Is std::copy(begin, end, push(channel)) explicit in what it does or should that be push_inserter? (Make that copy(range, push(channel)) for Xeo.)
@LucDanton Where does it push?
1:29 PM
@Xeo Into the channel.
Yeah, but where? push_front, push_back, push (container adaptors)?
Keeping in mind that this is not a generalized iterator adaptor that could work with e.g. std::stack, push is part of the (extended) interface of the channel.
Or even insert?
@Xeo There's no where. A channel is not a container.
To @MrA and others interested in this room's prehistory: I have just skimmed over the transcript of the first few days of the room. Here's a summary:
The very first posting was bei one @vaibhav. He hasn't said anything on the chat in more than a year, but ISTR someone being here a while ago and claiming to be him under a new name. The first two days, @Nils, @byx and @jweyrich showed up, all of which still appear here occasionally.
After about 5 days, @James, @GMan, and Roger Pate appear, and the room has a quite lively discussion for the first time. Yet another day later, with @Tony and me two of the current regulars and owners appear for the very first time.
1:31 PM
oh I got plinked for a room history TL;DR
@LucDanton Ah, ok. So push is just a function on the channel
ugh, every time you edit, I get another plink
@sbi "was one by", "Abyx"
@Tony what's so bad about it?
@Xeo Yep. Rather than have the user write e.g. for(auto&& item: range) { channel.push(std::move(item)); } the extended interface also provides an output iterator.
you disturbed me in my sleep
1:32 PM
@Xeo Damn, I ran out of time to fix it.
ffs stop it
Sorry, @Tony.
Hit the speaker in the upper right corner :P
Similarly the other end of the channel can use for(auto&& item: input_channel) { /* use item */ }.
1:33 PM
ah ok set it to off
@Xeo If you want to mute your speak, it might be better to hit it into the center real hard.
Still push(output) doesn't seem very explicit, I'm going to make it push_into(output) that way it doesn't look like the preexisting iterator adaptors.
How can I prevent needing an abomination like semicolons in my language while keeping the ability to do one-line monstrosities (in C++ this would mean more than one semicolon on one line)?
@LucDanton Hm, so what is a channel? A queue?
1:34 PM
@Xeo CSP-style channel.
i need 20 c++11 questions to answer. NAOW
howard is close!
@JohannesSchaublitb Are you asking me?
@LucDanton i am not sure?
@JohannesSchaublitb Fighting over the first gold badge? :P
1:35 PM
@JohannesSchaublitb You pinged me!
You could always retag old questions that fit
@Xeo shht! i tricked. i silently moved all my c++0x questions to c++11
@rubenvb He's done that already.
See, he's admitting it.
@rubenvb Having no end-of-statement marker means you can't really split stuff over two or more lines anymore.
1:36 PM
you can use "\" to inhibit a newline token
Mmh, would you expect std::copy(begin, end, push_into(chan)); to throw?
@JohannesSchaublitb Heh, should I be mean and retag Howard's posts? :P
does C# have a semicolon? What about Java?
@rubenvb Yes and yes.
1:37 PM
@JohannesSchaublitb aka continuation lines, no?
@rubenvb you could make the statement-end-marker optional and only require it between statements
i've done that before and it works
@JohannesSchaublitb wonderful idea. Thanks
i was even able to make "if(foo) bar else baz" work
the keyword is directly after the statement xD
@JohannesSchaublitb How does that work to go over to the next line?
@LucDanton i don't understand that question
a newline-token is emitted for a source-file newline unless the last character was "\"
1:40 PM
What does a statement extended onto the next line look like?
the parser then knows that the statement ended
Oh, so you're making ; a statement separator in addition to continuation lines.
@LucDanton of course you can start a { .. } block which has internal newlines
what is a "continuation line" ?
3 mins ago, by Luc Danton
@JohannesSchaublitb aka continuation lines, no?
Follow the trail.
@LucDanton correct. a linesplice character
1:42 PM
What's the block for?
Xeo just joined #llvm
"\" does the same what it does in c++ except that "\" cannot be used to merge charactes into a single token and cannot be used to extend comments
@LucDanton compound statement
What did you use to introduce inner scopes? Indentation?
Is there some kind of boost function template that lets me compile a typedef as boost_if< a_predicate, some_type_if_true, other_type_if_false > ? I thought I saw something like this, but can't remember the name...
@LucDanton i'm obliged to say no things about technical details so i cannot tell you :)
1:43 PM
@kfmfe04 I can't make sense of what you want. What would it look like?
except that of course it is possible to have optional statement terminators and i think it's kinda nice to have them
@LucDanton I want a typedef to be one type if template parameter T is_trivially_copyable<> and another type if not...
I'd make ; a separator and newline a terminator, unless the line is continued. Maybe. I don't really know.
@kfmfe04 boost::conditional? That's not a function template though, but a metafunction.
@LucDanton then you cannot do "if(x) a else b"; anymore
@JohannesSchaublitb Yep.
1:46 PM
@LucDanton yup - I think that's it - tyvm
Tbh I don't like if because I don't like statements that much. I'm more into expressions.
I need it for TMP functionality
@rubenvb hmm i'm pondering whether i should extract mingw into c:\users\litb or c:\program files
what do you recommend?
usually i try to separate my stuff from the system program files but i'm still unsure about how this works on windows
many programs seems to intall themselfs to c:\program files
@kfmfe04 std::conditional for C++11
@Xeo excellent - even better 8^)
1:49 PM
@JohannesSchaublitb not program files. That's UAC'ed and all
I have a M:\Development and an env var DEV, so I can do %DEV%\mingw64\bin\gcc etc... And a bunch of simple bash scripts for the PATH handling for a bunch of utilities like git and svn.
I see. When using std::ostream_iterator<T> there's no telling how many elements were inserted once a failure has been detected.
output iterators have no operator-
Oh well. It's a feature that the channel end that reads element can 'notify' the other end that it will stop reading. Don't want it? Don't use it!
how does the C++ standard do inline source code words in Latex?
@rubenvb the c++11 latex code is browsable
1:59 PM
@JohannesSchaublitb yes, I've found \tcode, but not its definition.
ah std.tex is the main doc.
@rubenvb what's "M:" ?
wtf? Is \tcode part of a package?
@JohannesSchaublitb My 500 GB HDD
A partition/drive letter
i got an external 1TB HDD but it is terribly slow
and makes funny noises
2:06 PM
I always keep all my documents/stuff/... on a seperate partition. If my WIndows blows, or I decide to install Linux or something, everything will stay on that "M:" drive
Ah, found it. \tcode is defined to do \CodeStylex which is just \texttt
lets see if it works on my end...
@rubenvb is it easier to build clang with MSVC or with MINGW?
@JohannesSchaublitb both are equally easy IMHO. You can't link with MSVC though. And SVN Clang has trouble in C++11 mode with libstdc++'s atomics
just use CMake
ohh ok. cmake with mingw
@rubenvb why is there no "configure" in mingw?
where can i get it :/ do i have to install the "MSYS" thing?
@JohannesSchaublitb configure is a bash script, so you need a bash shell. The MSYS thing is indeed what you need, but it's slow, like cygwin.
the "configure" script is always part of a project's source releases.
2:21 PM
@rubenvb ah you are right i forgot. is there no fast mingw64 bash?
or other native bash thing that can execute configure
@JohannesSchaublitb bash is slow on Windows due to the fork suckiness. Porting Bash would be daft.
just use the CMake thing. It works great for LLVM
ohh ok
you mean fork is slow on windows?
yes, Cygwin's/MSYS's fork is slow, so is the text and line ending transformations MSYS needs to do.
and symlinks are all fucked up on MSYS too.
oh -.-
why doesn't clang link with MSVC?
@JohannesSchaublitb linking clang itself is fine, it's the MSVC built clang that will try to link to MSVC's C++ library that doesn't work.
C should be fine though.
but I don't think you'll be writing plain C ;-)
2:25 PM
oh i see
name mangling and whatnot.
Anyone here have experience with Firefox nightlies and l10n installation?
@rubenvb I occasionally try the aurora builds.
but Firefox is getting lamer & uglier by the day. -_- . They have improved the Javascript runtime a lot though.
2:42 PM
I still like Firefox over Chrome. Don't know why I keep coming back. Chrome hides a lot under the hood, you still have Firefox's about:config which is great.
I'm on Windows x64 Nightly now.
In English, unfortunately, but it's been stable since like version 7, and yet they don't have it in Aurora :(
I talk a lot don't I...
what makes you say that?
Firefox' memory usage is a lot better too. Nobody seems to notice 10 Chrome processes taking 50-150 MBs each.
@JohannesSchaublitb I wonder if it's possible to make extern "VC++", extern "g++" and so on
@Abyx once the name mangling is in place, there's be no reason to...
2:52 PM
@rubenvb but it's what the extern directive does - it defines mangling rules
Great, GCC heisenbugs again.
@Abyx nothing in the Standard to support your statement. Only occurence of "mangling" is in a non-normative note saying function signature is used as a basis for mangling. No linkage mentioned.
(I know you're correct in a general sense)
@Abyx i think it is
quick, patent it
So, if this works, it will be my first ever message from android.
@rubenvb in the section about language linkage, it talks about the language linkage declaration potentially effecting mangling
2:55 PM
@rubenvb now we have extern "C" and extern "C++", the "..." part is about mangling
but , as you say , that is all nonnormative
language linkage of function types is intended to affect calling convention. language linkage of function names is intended to affect mangling
The C++ standard is full of underspecification.
so if you say typedef extern "C" void f(); f g; then "g" has a extern "C" function type hence using C calling conventions but "g"'s name is still mangled
Am I the only person on SO from the Middle East?
but this is, like @rubenvb says, not specified exactly
2:58 PM
> g++-snapshot: internal compiler error: Segmentation fault (program cc1plus)
Hey, I can now check on you guys even while commuting. Typing is a major PITA, though.
?! No error messages, nothing.
@LucDanton is that in frozen 4.7?
Cause that would suck very much :)
@rubenvb Dunno, my snapshot is from a few days before the announcement, the codebase might have changed.
Also I write code in full C++11 mode and I really have no expectation of it being correct. That might be UB from incorrect code.

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