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6:21 PM
OK, I found the libstdc++ dll + std::thread problem. Comes down to some bad libgcc configure stuff. Next rubenvb MinGW-w64 build will feature fully functional (for as far as my limited experimentation goes) std::thread! Yay for me!
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The latest Room topics are selfish.
As are the ealiest.
oh hai
the bot is here :)
@LucDanton Your mind is blown in a good or a bad sense?
@TonyTheLion Hi.
6:35 PM
@RMartinhoFernandes Very good!
Also hi!
No need for if(auto&& value: expr) if range-for can be coopted for it, hah.
So yeah my optional has that now.
what's up?
@RMartinhoFernandes Do you remember when we discussed WithCvOf<Foo, typename Decay<Foo>::value_type>?
Yours has a minor difference with mine, if perhaps you recall.
What's wrong with this? ideone.com/x6fvY
6:38 PM
The difference means that lockable_box<const int> box; will break your code.
Yes. Mine removed cvs if the source didn't have them.
(btw, I adopted your Pascal case naming conventions for aliases)
@rubenvb using namespace std;
@rubenvb fp is null.
@LucDanton why is that?
Anyway, target works only with function pointers, AFAIR.
6:40 PM
@rubenvb The function object doesn't hold void(int), nor could it anyway.
How familiar are you with type erasure?
What bind returns is not pointer at all.
What's target?
so how to get a function pointer that one can store in some archaic C struct from a member function?
@rubenvb You can't.
@RMartinhoFernandes Think any_cast: undoes the effect of type-erasure to retrieve the erased object.
You can't because fundamentally a closure is more powerful than a function.
6:41 PM
Ah, ok.
You need a function that dispatches on a pointer stored elsewhere.
They don't map 1-to-1.
@rubenvb If your callback takes a void* you can use a trick DeadMG came up with the other day.
@RMartinhoFernandes nope, I need to store the function pointer as a struct member.
It's an old trick.
6:42 PM
@rubenvb No dice then.
@rubenvb If there is no way to pass arbitrary void* along, then you need to create a thunk.
That's JIT territory.
Have fun.
And next time remember to not use badly designed C libraries.
@CatPlusPlus Before that there's the static storage option.
What? I can't hear you.
6:44 PM
Oh wait, it's for storing, not for a synchronous call.
How's this? ideone.com/hJBDJ
@RMartinhoFernandes Oh yeah and there's a sister function target_type that returns std::type_info const&.
So it's not just prodding in the dark.
Global is a silly workaround.
And you don't really need bind then.
true, I already got rid of it
the bind, that is: ideone.com/LnDiJ
6:49 PM
@sbi: You around?
@LokiAstari Yup.
The global could become a static in the wrap_f, but that sucks in equal amounts as a global
Just notice your delete of the book list from the C++ tag. Any particular reason?
@rubenvb Right, this 'solution' works when the callback is used synchronously.
@LucDanton I warned the person I'm helping this will fuck up multithreading, but it's argument parsing, so not really that bad IMHO.
6:51 PM
Yeah, why use a proper library for argument parsing, let's make up thousand workarounds for a broken one.
@RMartinhoFernandes By the way I pored over the specs of std::result_of and it turns out it doesn't SFINAE in all situations. There are some strong preconditions on what kind of types are passed to it.
@CatPlusPlus he wants to use argp for some reason... Don't ask me why. I'd always do it manually, it's easy enough.
argp isn't even portable to Windows.
@LokiAstari Yep. I had done this a few days ago already, when I noticed that someone changed the question, but not the wiki, and the two started to drift apart. The wiki isn't up to be helpful in maintaining so much information as is in the book list question — let alone as is in several questions. I agree that the Q&A format is a bit awkward for things like the book question, but it works. The wiki doesn't work.
So I had to implement a 'proper' ResultOf and it wasn't as easy as I thought.
6:51 PM
@CatPlusPlus Do you really use it?
I've used it on occasion.
@rubenvb You, sir, fail at reading the docs.
argp_parse has void *input as an argument, which is then accessible via argp_state in the parser function.
@sbi Was there a question that the booklist came from that we can add a link in the wiki tag too?
I cannot fail at reading the docs for I never read them to begin with.
I'm not in the habit of reading GNU docs
No, that counts as fail, too.
6:54 PM
They tend to make my eyes bleed more than the C++11 FDIS
@LucDanton I got lost daydreaming and forgot what I was about to say. I don't even remember who I'm replying to. Sorry.
@CatPlusPlus So what can I do with the void* that's better than what I have now?
Not use a global.
@RMartinhoFernandes Probably how you've stripped all instances of std::result_of off your code.
6:55 PM
@rubenvb Show the original code.
Oh, right. Yeah.
@LokiAstari I fail to parse that. (Might be my failure.) Can you please rephrase?
Also, unrelated, does this look sensible? ideone.com/fxLAe
@sbi: The booklist that was in the C++ tag wiki. Was it originally from a question. If so can we add a link in the C++ tag wiki to point at that question so that we do not loose the list of books.
6:57 PM
I mean the API, not the typos.
Loosing would be suck.
@CatPlusPlus ideone.com/IgJjo
@CatPlusPlus Are the two nested whiles necessary?
@sbi: The booklist that was in the C++ tag wiki. Was it originally from a question? If so can we add a link in the C++ tag wiki to point at that question? I do not want to loose the list of books (it us-full).
@CatPlusPlus Would it make sense to provide range-for syntax: for(auto&& event: events) { /* blah */ }?
@LucDanton Well, simulation/whatever logic and rendering is supposed to follow this, so there might be more than one event queued in every run. You could handle one at the time if you want, though.
6:59 PM
@LucDanton OMG, you're addicted!
@LucDanton But can I remove the events from the queue then?
@RMartinhoFernandes Yes D:
I'd have to write iterator or something.
@RMartinhoFernandes is this related to me?
@LokiAstari That's a tag question. I think it's even the most popular. It's also one of the most linked-to questions across all of SO. If you have missed the uproar over this, you might want to read this.
7:00 PM
@CatPlusPlus Is the call to get_event the point where they're removed?
@rubenvb Yes.
@LucDanton Yes.
@CatPlusPlus Then it should probably be pop_event, no? Or just pop, I mean it's an event_reactor, you're not going to pop reactors off it.
event_reactor is not really a reactor.
7:01 PM
Then it's in fact possible to remove stuff from the queue.
@sbi: Thanks. I am going to a dd a link from the C++ tag wiki to the question (might as well add another link).
Something like that.
@LokiAstari There are dozens of great questions and answers in the tag. Why single out this one?
@RMartinhoFernandes event_sink?
7:03 PM
@CatPlusPlus ideone.com/IgJjo
@CatPlusPlus A sink is where you drop things, not where they come from.
^third time I post that link here
Well, it's both.
But the user only uses one side.
@CatPlusPlus I don't know about the problem domain and if there's a lot of customisation that is supposed to be available but if this relies on the (library) user to set up the same loops every time they write an application I don't see why you don't provide the functionality outright: events.handle(user_provided_visitor_goes_here);.
7:03 PM
@rubenvb You already gave it to me.
@LucDanton Actually, you can.
@RMartinhoFernandes Wut.
@CatPlusPlus yeah, misscroll/read of previous message
7:06 PM
I was of your opinion, but @Potatoswatter corrected me.
Sadly, right now compilers will just tell you to take a hike.
"Stray STFU in file."
Anyway what is this about?
Eh, I'll leave it in that simple state for now, and think about it later.
2 days ago, by Luc Danton
Oh wait, can't have µs in source :|
7:08 PM
@CatPlusPlus why the state->input inside the reinterpret_cast?
Yeah, how can have I one?
@sbi: OK lets reverse the question. A definitive reading list is really usfull. Why is there not a link on the C++ tag wiki? OK I agree duplicating the content is not a good idea. But when I read the wiki what I am usually looking for is a link to authoritative sources (a wiki in my mind is never authoritative it is just generic with links to the real data). A link to a list of books is a good idea for a wiki to have.
@rubenvb Because that's where the last argument of argp_parse goes.
There is some useful stuff to be done through a reactor, but I also don't want this library to grow too big.
@LucDanton Travel forward in time to when compilers finally implement this.
The standard allows it, but compilers are not there yet.
(Here is an example of multithreaded chatting.)
7:09 PM
Where does it allow it?
Some grammar somewhere.
(I talk about two different things at once!)
greps chat
2.2 Phases of translation [lex.phases] paragraph 1 bullet 1?
7:11 PM
@LokiAstari I'm not sure whether this is a good reason to single out the book question, but that might just be me. Unless I have missed something the rest of the chat doesn't even seem to care about the discussion, let alone the decision, so why don't you go ahead and make that change to the wiki if you think it's worthwhile?
@LucDanton Yes, looks like it.
@sbi: Don't want to screw things up. I'll think about it before I make any changes.
@CatPlusPlus Thanks for the help! He's got it now.
@LokiAstari Well, you came here and asked. You understood why I deleted it. You think a link is worthwhile; I'm not sure. The rest doesn't seem to care. I don't consider my opinion on the matter heavier than yours, and I certainly can live very well with that link, so go ahead and put it into the wiki. (Just make sure you do not delete my scalding comment about copying that question into the wiki.)
7:15 PM
@LokiAstari I agree that the tag wiki should link to it.
Why do we have the basic source set again?
@sbi: I saw that. made me laugh. Which brings me to the idea. Why is there not a collaborative editing page so people can get together and build a page before making it go live?
@LucDanton Don't ask me.
@LokiAstari Like collabedit.com?
@KerrekSB: I was thinking for SO wiki pages.
7:19 PM
@RMartinhoFernandes On DF related things, it turns out that pastures aren't too much of a problem when there are invasions. Animals flee invaders so usually they just run towards the entrance, plus you can set the pastures as inactive to let them 'free' (and no dorf will go after them to pen them). Then when the invasion is over you can reactive the pasture without having to reassign each creature.
How's this for function declaration syntax?
f(i){ std.io.print(i) }
f(int8 i){ return i }
If the identifier required?
first is a "parametric polymorphic function", the last is a normal or specialized function
@LucDanton All my livestock ended up as target practice for invaders. Four times. Now I dug a channel, filled it with water, erected walls with battlements, and set up a couple of drawbridges. My pastures are behind walls in an artificial island.
@RMartinhoFernandes Oh.
7:23 PM
My problem was that animals don't respect burrows and alerts.
where's the wiki question about the C++ cast types?
A: When should static_cast, dynamic_cast and reinterpret_cast be used?

copprostatic_cast is the first cast you should attempt to use. It does things like implicit conversions between types (such as int to float, or pointer to void*), and it can also call explicit conversion functions (or implicit ones). In many cases, explicitly stating static_cast isn't necessary, but it...

I'm considering setting up an underground pasture, now that I learned cows eat moss and fungi.
I'm building a huge ass fortified pen right now.
Then only the bees will be left outside. (I already have an underground forest)
@RMartinhoFernandes thanks!
7:26 PM
Although I'm not familiar with building destroyers :( Do I need a moat or what?
Trolls can destroy doors and floodgates.
@RMartinhoFernandes What are you playing - Farmville?
So walls everywhere is fine then. And the moat is for drawbridges.
A portion of my fortress is now flooded because some stupid trolls blew up a floodgate that connected directly to the river. The fuckers drowned themselves, and none of my dorfs died, but now all that water will take forever to pump out.
Btw I made tons of stuff out of native gold, am I going to export mass wealth or something? The liaison just arrived.
7:30 PM
Is there a way of having your SO notifications update without refreshing?
@KianMayne What notifications?
Red circle, top left
The inbox thing
Then no.
@LucDanton I know that you can flood the markets, but I have no idea how much it takes. And it probably depends on existing demand anyway.
7:43 PM
Whoops, my well provides a backdoor into my fortress.
Goblins can't swim.
@LucDanton Or is it Minecraft?
Not enough water. I notice my dorfs are actually wading about in it.
@KerrekSB Dwarf Fortress.
@LucDanton Ohh.
Phwoarf, value of native gold statue: 2k250.
7:45 PM
@LucDanton I use a pressure plate connected to a drawbridge to make sure my well is always at 4+ level.
@RMartinhoFernandes There's just not enough water period with the climate.
Otherwise it'd be full to 7/7, no need for silly mechanisms.
@LucDanton How do you make sure it doesn't overflow? (I managed to flood my meeting hall more than once because I forgot to shut off the flood gates)
Okay I've decided I'm going to buy the pants off those merchants.
Is it multiplayer?
@RMartinhoFernandes Diagonal means no pressure propagation.
Or it used to, it's not like I've checked. Still, haven't flooded right now.
@KerrekSB Sadly, no.
7:47 PM
Ah, I forgot that. I don't use that because it's exploit-ish.
@LucDanton It ships with a copy of libstdc++. Weird.
It is widescreen turn on
But no sound!
Well you're only missing on the intro and on some bars played by Toady One. You can catch up on that on Youtube I'm sure.
(Or is it tabs that guitarists play? I have no idea what I'm saying.)
Oh, it's like Excel, only with worse graphics.
What's a good starting config?
There are a few on the wiki. I tend to start with the default. Dorfs learn things on the job.
@LucDanton both. Bar ~= measure (few grouped beats), Tabs ~= Barré chords
7:50 PM
Um what are you configuring exactly? You'd need to generate a world first and pick an embark site.
@LucDanton Like world size and history and whatnot
I went with all "medium"
Now it's doing something akin to aircrack. Am I supposed to watch it crunch numbers?
In any case:
Feb 27 at 4:51, by Luc Danton
@kfmfe04 It's dangerous to learn DF alone, take this.
It's a low-res cross between Nethack and Tetris
@KerrekSB You can cut it short and play on a world where all the ancient beasts are still roaming the land.
Yeah, it has elements of a rogue-like and is often called one. But the value is in Fortress mode.
7:52 PM
@RMartinhoFernandes Apparently I have a Combined Gulf now.
But now it's saving something, akin to mysqldump.
Maybe someone felt that tar should be more like a game?
Only DF Adventure is sorta roguelike.
Now it's playing the opening act of Lawrence of Arabia, minus the sound.
I'm buying that 265 kopek cacao wood bucket because I can afford to!
Oh, Dwarf Fortress, Adventurer or Legends?
7:54 PM
Legends is just silly flavour text.
Jeez, getting this thing started is more involved than installing Debian.
You have no idea. Do you have Therapist yet?
@LucDanton lol. Are you buying off all the merchandise?
Alright, now since you apparently don't care for the quickstart guide, be sure to pick an embark site without an aquifer. This is very important.
7:55 PM
@LucDanton I don't read manuals.
@RMartinhoFernandes Native gold man. With legendary stonecrafters.
Good luck with playing DF without a manual.
Also, I have no idea what an aquifer is, so I won't be troubled by this
I have finished goods bin worth 15k.
WTF kinda programmer are you?
7:55 PM
Aquifier is unlimited source of water.
And Fun.
@KerrekSB Unless you want to play Ultimate Flooding of Doom 3000, pick a site without an aquifer.
@KerrekSB Could you guys maybe consider a room for Dwarf Fortress? This is getting old now, and apparently the hype wasn't a one-day fling. Time for a more exciting room :)
Also, I've renamed event_reactor to event_queue. Why I haven't thought of that before, I dunno.
It even told me off for picking a site with an acquifier
@KerrekSB acquifier ?!
7:57 PM
@sehe DF isn't new so I can't see how it could be hyped or be a one-day thing? It's been good for a long time already.
Get your etymology straight, even if it is a fake one?
@LucDanton For this room. That much of context is implicit because I post it in that very room. But you knew that, I bet
@CatPlusPlus water bearer
@sehe Yes, for this room.
7:59 PM
@sehe I have no idea what's going on. I'm expecting to have a pivot table in a minute.
Like conifer (bearing cones), cornifer (horned), lucifer (carries fire) etc
@sehe jennifer, the horse carrier?
Masterful native gold trumped encircled with bands of oval cut pyrites => 3620.
@KerrekSB Guinevere meaning The White Fay
Jennifer is a female given name; it became a common first name for females in English-speaking countries during the 20th century. The name Jennifer is a Cornish variant of Guinevere, meaning The White Fay or White Ghost (Proto-Celtic *Uindo-seibrā, "white phantom" or "white fairy"; see also Ishara). Despite the name's similarity to the Old English words jenefer, genefer and jinifer, which were all variants of Juniper and used to describe the juniper tree, there is no evidence that it was derived from these. Likewise, there is no evidence suggesting a common derivation with the phonetical...
Also, what about jenni reminds you of horsies? Equuefer would be closer
A jenny is a donkey.
8:02 PM
I thought a jenny is a horse. Turns out it's an ass.
@LucDanton Huh. I didn't ask about the context. I clarified. So, you're saying DF has been on topic for C++ since 2008? Perhaps that explains me missing it in the newbie hints...
Oh right this room only handles C++ topics right. Everything else is only talked about for one day.
OK, enough with the ass. Apparently I have to read a 200+ page manual now to understand some bizarro 1980s text nonventure game.
This thing is more complex than a helicopter simulator.
@LucDanton Dodging my valid point. It is a false move to divert attention to 'any' other topic. In the last month, more than once the conversation is about little else but DF for several hours. Also, it drowns out on topic conversations on occasion. Not that I mind too much: it has kept me out of this room, and enhanced my productivity
8:05 PM
Guess whose productivity was sacrificed for yours.
On-topic conversations?
@RMartinhoFernandes Oh thanks for your altruism :)
@sehe Oh, I wasn't commenting on the 'Let's make a room' part (I don't know what are the criteria for making a room or not). I wanted to call you out on DF being a fad, and yes, in this room.
@CatPlusPlus You see, you missed them
@LucDanton I did say quite the opposite! Also, are you saying there is a history to DF in this room that goes back before, say, august 2011? I didn't know (<raise object="brow" mode="feigned interest"/>)
History (or absence thereof) doesn't make something a fad or not, is my point.
8:08 PM
@LucDanton Well, it doesn't really matter whether it is, is my point :) I'm just observing that it isn't, which makes it something more than a passing annoyance.
@LucDanton Anyways, your having me restate my simple observation over and over, which makes me look like a whiner. I don't really care, but it might genuinely be a good idea, even for you game-minded people :)
@sehe Wait, is this about the room again?
@LucDanton What else? I haven't switched topics. Nor did I detect a change of subject by you?
Right, I never wanted to comment on the room.
@LucDanton Sigh
Whatever, let's appropriate Casual Chat or something. People are always talking about greetings there anyway.
8:11 PM
Perhaps we should all go and have a cup of tea for a few minutes.
Anyone know how far away C++11 threading compiler support is?
@RMartinhoFernandes Hey don't try. I made my point, it was quite clear, and I don't feel like restating myself.
Let's go drink some dwarven ale in our grand dining room
@Pubby Not before modules, IYAM. Or you mean that it could do profile based optimization in the background?
@sehe Wait, what?
8:13 PM
@Pubby Oh, you mean compiler support for c++11 threading :) @RMartinhoFernandes <--
I meant the std:: thread stuff
@Pubby I think it is in VS2011 IIRC
What about GCC/Clang?
@Pubby I've also used much of it in gcc. But perhaps not the atomic<> parts which are arguably the most exciting
8:15 PM
Really? This says almost nothing is there
Does it work without that?
@sehe You started by calling people talking about their pastimes "a fad". I think you wanted to make it a lighthearted joke and I didn't catch that. I didn't want to sound confrontational but point out that I've cared a lot for DF for a long time already.
(Which is important to me because Toady One never planned to live off making a game. But I digress.)
@Pubby Most of it is probably lifted from Boost.
atomic is one thing that requires implementation from scratch.
8:59 PM
@RMartinhoFernandes I finally started reading the answers on the infamous Vim greatest-hits Q: it strikes me that many answers have glaring errors in them that no-one even bothered to comment upon?
A: What is your most productive shortcut with Vim?

Jeff DegeI am a member of the American Cryptogram Association. The bimonthly magazine includes over 100 cryptograms of various sorts. Roughly 15 of these are "cryptarithms" - various types of arithmetic problems with letters substituted for the digits. Two or three of these are sudokus, except with let...

> I'm baffled by this repeated error: you say you need : to go into command mode, but then invariably you specify normal mode commands (like y}}p) which cannot possibly work from the command mode?! – sehe 14 mins ago
9:17 PM
@RMartinhoFernandes also, shame I couldn't upvote your comment-to-deleted-non-answer here anymore :)
ah, a delicious pointless optimization question. Fun challenge :)
@CatPlusPlus hey, normally I'd agree with you, but in a question specifically about the origins and original design of the STL, it's pretty hard to see why the pre-standard library shouldn't be considered
It's just in questions about today's STL (which is 99.95% of them), the SGI lib is completely and utterly irrelevant :)
The OP didn't mean to ask about the SGI STL, sure (and it'd be wrong to answer the question as if that was what he meant. He asked about the std lib STL, and the answer to that question just happens to touch on SGI STL as well :)
Hey all
9:33 PM
@RMartinhoFernandes this one is amusing:
> Wow, so now I can just do :later 8h and I'm done for today? :P – Igor Popov Dec 29 '11 at 6:59 (here)
anyone know of any gui design plugins for visual studio 2010?
I thought VS came with a GUI designer
it does
for all of the Microsoft GUI libraries, as far as I'm aware, and certainly for Windows Forms and WPF and I'm pretty sure MFC too
@Pubby Yeah, but I want to use one (if any exists) for win32 application
9:46 PM
@チョコレート人 then you should use designer for dialog resources
@Abyx where is that in the program?
@チョコレート人 add new .rc file, and double-click it in solution explorer
@Abyx Thank you :)
> I made an immigrant vampire the mayor, the sherriff, the hammerer, the bookkeeper, he was EVERYTHING. I wanted to see what sentence he would give himself when he killed a fellow immigrant in front of literally everyone in the fort during a wedding celebration. To my surprise, it didn't crash but he gave himself 205 days in prison.
hi guysss
9:56 PM
(This one's for the robot.)
@RMartinhoFernandes I think I saw that earlier one day?
can someone give me a link or tell me what to google to find out how a thread can wait for a resource without going into a tight loop? is it in the hardware?
what's up goblins?
I finished watching BSG, and like many others, I was thoroughly disappointed. In the end, god did it.
10:07 PM
@TonyTheLion I think up goblins are the opposite of down gnomes.
@sbi oh lol, only you would come up with something that witty :P
@RMartinhoFernandes "I'd rather be a rising ape than a fallen angel." — Terry Pratchett
@sbi Is that supposed to be relevant?
Terry Pratchet is always relevant
Volcano. Temperature: Freezing.
10:10 PM
Guys, Mount Erebus.
Mount Erebus () is the second highest volcano in Antarctica (after Mount Sidley), and the 6th highest ultra mountain on an island. With a summit elevation of , it is located on Ross Island, which is also home to three inactive volcanoes, notably Mount Terror. Mount Erebus is part of the Pacific Ring of Fire, which includes over 160 active volcanoes. The volcano has been observed to be continuously active since 1972 and is the site of the Mount Erebus Volcano Observatory run by the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology. Discovery and naming Mount Erebus was discovered on J...
@RMartinhoFernandes Aside from @Tony's comment: He dismisses the idea of believing in a god to do things for you. As comforting it might be to rely on some higher entity, and see yourself as part of its armies, it's better to look at the world from a scientific POV, not assuming you're fallen and need to be salvaged, but that you are still required to struggle to rise. Well, that's my interpretation, anyway.
Since I will have to get up quite early tomorrow morning, I'd better go to bed now. See you tomorrow, guys!
@sbi Oh. I meant "God did it" as in "Deus ex machina". It means that things happened because the writers wanted them to, even if it makes no sense in-universe.
Pratchett calls it narrativium, I think.
oh noes tropes
@RMartinhoFernandes AAARGH TVTROPES
five tabs before I noticed! :(
10:18 PM
luckily I'm browsing r/circlejerk
I'm not clicking that tropes link
TVTropes at least has content.
circlejerk is full nonsense
back to r/all
maybe there's r/tvtropes
it exists
meh reddit is down it seems
10:23 PM
aw well, clicked the tropes link
too late
Play DF.
The Ultimate Universe Simulator: Dorf Fortress.
> You will someday realize the meaning of this sentence.
Site finder is killing my CPU.
10:50 PM
I think there should be a proposal for std::syphilis.
you know
I probably should not have gone from 0 3D rendering capacity to skeletal animation and shadowmapped lighting with normal mapping in one shot
perhaps I should implement it piece by piece
Are you doing it for fun or for your boss?
for fun
I don't possess a boss
sounds fun

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