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Q: Is it intentionally that php thinks there was some output after ob_end_flush() call?

zerkmsThis code: ob_start(); ob_end_flush(); header('foo'); Throws warning Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent while this: echo ''; header('foo'); doesn't. I don't see any significant difference between them. So is this behaviour expected or not? PS: php 5.3.2

5:05 AM
any net beans experts here?
5:22 AM
how to understand this select * from (select * from invheader) as o
selects from a select
Anyone have a good way to use one set of SQL login credentials for a testing server and another for the remote site in one PHP script? I hate having to change the credentials every time I upload it to the remote...
the parens are evaluated first
5:43 AM
@kaᵠ any ref link
can i write like this
`select employee_name from (SELECT * FROM `timesheet` WHERE date BETWEEN '$start_date' AND '$end_date')`
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7:30 AM
@TheLuckyGoof Yes, assuming timesheet has a column called employee_name
@zerkms have you tried with headers_sent() to find out where the output started?
@wetjosh configuration files?
@hakre: headers_sent() returns true
@zerkms it has also parameters that return file and line
it points to ob_end_flush();
(which was obvious)
php is so... php
7:46 AM
so what is the output of headers_list then?
array(2) { [0]=> string(24) "X-Powered-By: PHP/5.3.17" [1]=> string(23) "Content-type: text/html" }
@zerkms That's the behaviour I would expect
@DaveRandom: why?
what would you flush if there is nothing to flush
When you call ob_end_flush() you are implicitly calling flush() (force send the headers). But echo ''; is basically a noop
@DaveRandom unless implicit_flush is enabled.
7:48 AM
How would I know about flush()?
@zerkms Sorry what do you mean exactly? How would you know what about it?
how would I know it calls flush() implicitly
I've read ob_end_flush() manual and haven't got that it flush()es
well, it's an answer
@DaveRandom: could you please put an answer about flush()
it explains everything, though not documented
Ahh, I see what you mean, check out ob_implicit_flush()
But it is disabled by default
And I can not even provoke it with PHP 5.4
So if it's not enabled in your config then that isn't the behaviour I'd expect
7:52 AM
Also I'm not so sure about the the flush, IIRC this was not for ob_* functions.
$implicit_flush = ini_get('implicit_flush');
$output_buffering = ini_get('output_buffering');

echo "";
echo "";

printf("Output Buffering was: %s\n", $output_buffering);
printf("Implicit Flush was: %s\n", $implicit_flush);
So something has changed at 5.4
This is with (default) output buffering disabled and imilicit flush on - no header sent warning.
@tereško happy first of may and please don't break the strike :)
7:54 AM
i'm at work, so stuff it
yesterday, by hakre
user image
@hakre What if you output a byte instead of the empty string?
@zerkms I will after I've done a little more research into it
@DaveRandom the it gets the error. - for both variants - with ob_flush or just echo
@DaveRandom this is a finding I would say.
@hakre @zerkms OK, so it looks like the behaviour is different here specifically 5.2.2 - 5.3.x: 3v4l.org/Zc83a
@zerkms What version are you testing with?
7:59 AM
2 at work, 17 at home
/me is going for a dig through php-src
I may be some time. If I'm not back in a couple of hours, send out a search party
On my headstone please inscribe "Y U NO R.I.P.?????"
@webarto webarto.com array ?
@hakre @zerkms need to get on with real work, can't pull it apart at the moment, but on the face of it just compare lxr.php.net/xref/PHP_5_3/main/output.c with lxr.php.net/xref/PHP_5_4/main/output.c - totally different, looks like there was a complete rewrite of some of the output handler stuff for 5.4
@NikiC may be able to shed some light
speak of the devil...
8:16 AM
morning @Dave
Yes, there has been some large rewrite there
But output handling is such a lame topic that I never bothered looking at the code :)
lol yeh, fair enough :-P
8:20 AM
A: Use DomDocument to replace all header tags with the h4 tags

hakreYou have not made clear in your question what the concrete problem is you run into. I would assume that there are two parts that could cause you some questions marks. The first one would be how to get the hand on all the elements that you want to rename and the second one is actually how to rena...

first time I renamed DOMElements.
@hakre Nice. Although IIRC you have done it before :-P when you and I were talking to that guy who was working with SOAP and he didn't understand namespacing and neither did the endpoint he was working with
I'm pretty sure you wrote a re-prefixing script, which is basically renaming elements
@DevalShah: you're myth buster today
can any body help me with this flexpaper tool flexpaper.devaldi.com/download
I have downloaded setup but php is no converting pdf to swf
@DaveRandom :) But I didn't use DOM for that and this variant here lacks namespace so far.
@DaveRandom Did you see the new MCC site yet?
8:34 AM
@Leigh MCC being...?
@DaveRandom the city council, for the area you live in :p
Morning all
@Leigh Ahh I see, even though I live about 3 miles for the centre of town I'm actually under Salford council (also I'm not in the habit of perusing the council website :-P)
Why, have you done some work on it?
@DaveRandom a little, mostly other members of the team here though, I was seconded to other projects.
It's pretty boast-worthy though
Just found another question and the OP was stupid enough to accept the non-answer?!
A: How to change root of a node with DomDocument methods?

kanSorry, but maybe just DOMDocument::renameNode?

This method is not implemented, and PHP says by giving an error.
How can one accept such a bad answer?
Just left an answer there as well in the hope it makes sense:
A: How to change root of a node with DomDocument methods?

hakreAs this has not been really answered yet, the error you get about not found is because of a little error in the renameNode() function you've copied. In a somewhat related question about renaming different elements in the DOM I've seen this problem as well and used an adoption of that function in...

8:46 AM
the most common error i get in the codebase that i have to work on :
[Wed May 01 11:38:03 2013] [error] [client] PHP Fatal error: Maximum function nesting level of '100' reached, aborting! in /var/www/hosts/some.domain.lv/public/tech/func/json_decode_array.php on line 4, referer: http://some.domain.tld
Increase it to 200.
`json_decode` in PHP uses 512 max nesting level by default.
any one who could help me understand paypal chained payment
Hi @Wes
$result = mysqli_query($con,"select * from lang");
@Leigh In general it has a nice UX, but the postcode searcher think from the home page sucks: If I put in a postcode not covered by Manchester city council (e.g. my own), it always takes me to the same useless page with no error message. Also it serves a page directly from the POST request so back/refresh don't play nice, why isn't it using PRG or realistically it should probably just be a GET form anyway.
8:54 AM
i want to place stored procedure insted of table
what should i write
i searched my sites but ,not yet got
Also this guy is a bell end but that's not really your fault
heelo @tereško
any idea abt above que
@Wes good morning!
9:03 AM
@DaveRandom I just worked on getting some of their old data into the new site :P
@Gordon: Can you check this answer? It's none, just a link to an not-imlemented function. - stackoverflow.com/a/15692759/367456
9:18 AM
Morning @dragon112
morning @Wes
@hakre and what should I do to it?
@DaveRandom thanks bro, it worked for me
9:39 AM
@TheLuckyGoof Just be aware that if you want to do anything more complex that that relatively simple select * from (select ...) you will often need to alias the inner select. This is known as a "derived table", and it allows you to do stuff like select a.*, b.whatever from (select ...) as a join othertable as b on a.col = b.col. Note that in order for the join to work, I had to alias the inner query (also sometimes referred to as a sub-query so I could reference an explicit column from it
@Leigh Go an beat some of your co-workers about the head for me then :-P
@DaveRandom Already raised the issue ;)
@Gordon Non An Answer - Moderate it away. :) - Turn it into a comment, whatever you do as well with link-only answers.
@hakre its already deleted
10:16 AM
> Meanwhile I request on your return mail, kindly re-send me your data's information's:
The possessive apostrophe in English is a real bitch, but I mean srsly...
That's pretty bad..
I wonder how many people fell for that one :p
> It is my utmost desire to execute the Will of my late client Mr.Morris Thompson since he is no more alive
...than what?
"...since he is no more alive than he is a Caribbean island"
@Gordon thx.
10:33 AM
@DaveRandom than my cat probably :)
@Gordon Doubt my boss will enjoy me watching that xD
@dragon112 its sfw
10:51 AM
What happens to me when the boss notices I'm watching cartoons will not be sfw ;)
Hah, you should see my boss - he was laughing his head off at people faceplanting walls on youtube
Well I doubt my boss will be that lenient.
@dragon112 cartoon? it's not a cartoon. It's an "Oscar®-nominated animation based on the century-old folk song". So it's art.
@Gordon same difference xD
@dragon112 your boss is obviously a philistine
@dragon112 I hope you monitor your boss during work hours and blame her for every second he is not doing strictly work related things
11:09 AM
@dragon112 Is your boss technologically adept?
@Jimbo In the field of electrotechnics, yes. In the field of programming, no way in hell xD
Well imho, when you put a business beurocratic arsehole 'manager' as the leader of a team of developers - it aint pretty.
@Gordon what's a philistine?
In the fields of philosophy and æsthetics, the term philistinism describes the social attitude of anti-intellectualism that undervalues and despises art, beauty, spirituality, and intellect; ‘the manners, habits, and character, or mode of thinking of a philistine’. A philistine person is the man or woman who is smugly narrow of mind and of conventional morality whose materialistic views and tastes indicate a lack of and indifference to cultural and æsthetic values. Since the 19th century, the contemporary denotation of philistinism, as the behaviour of ‘ignorant, ill-behaved persons lack...
aha. Well if you say so :p
11:12 AM
Cba with managers who don't know their stuff - they put up red tape, micromanage etc... I'm lucky that my boss is awesome (technical director) and knows his stuff :)
@dragon112 a Filistijn
Well my boss let's me do whatever I say is most important and best for the software
so he is alright
You should check out this: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adhocracy
This company is less than 50 people, but we adhere to adhocracy not beurocracy - and it's awesome, because we all just get on with it and come together to solve problems
This company is pretty much the same, but that's only when we work internally. Most of our customers are really big companies or government branches. Those are a pain
@Jimbo interesting. thanks.
11:19 AM
@Gordon It really works when you have a group of people passionate about what they do :)
@Jimbo yeah, it sounds somewhat similar to an agile mindset to me
i just dont like the term adhocracy because it sounds like "unplanned", "arbitrary" and "shortsighted"
posted: new article from @schuchert on examples of practical uses of the Dependency Inversion Principle http://martinfowler.com/articles/dipInTheWild.html
@Gordon We actually use AGILE, but without thinking. It kinda just 'feels right' and the best way to do things. AGILE is basically just continuous integration, right? Iterative development? If so, that's what we use :) (not sure why any other dev team wouldn't tbh)
@Jimbo why do you write AGILE in capitals? is that some sort of framework then?
@Jimbo no. Agile is not CI or iteration.
@Gordon Haha, I assumed there was some sort of acronym involved...
it seems dangerously over-simplified to say "Agile is all about X" for some single X other than X = people. i suppose for effect one might.
One of the smarter things I read today: "Agile is more a shift in mindset than it is about any particular practices or technologies"
11:29 AM
Okay, I won't be generalising agile any time in the near future then :P
Hi Gordon
@Jimbo To me, Agile is strictly about understanding the values in the Manifesto and transforming them into culture. The whole aspect of People collaboration and communicating towards achieving a common goal is what drives agile. Not some particular techniques or frameworks.
@Gordon hi
@humphrey hello random aggressive pinger
@Gordon am sorry
I need some help
11:31 AM
Can any body help me with google docs
embedding Google docs in php
user can create edit files
@ircmaxell indeed
@Gordon CAN U PLEASE tell me what might be the problem with this code ? beacuse when I separate php with HTML itt works and I wanna use one page now it does not update .
$strSQL = "SELECT fixture_id, opponents, date, venue, teams, hometeam, awayteam, homescore, awayscore
from games";
	// Execute the query (the recordset $rs contains the result)
$rs = mysql_query($strSQL);
	echo "<table border='1' ><tr bgcolor='#cccccc'><td>Home Team </td> <td>Vs</td><td>Away Team</td><td>Date</td><td>Venue</td><td colspan='2'>Action</td></tr>";
	while($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($rs)) {
	$fixture_id =  $row['fixture_id'];
	$venue =  $row['venue'];
$hometeam =  $row['hometeam'];
11:34 AM
lotta history down that road
@humphrey "beacuse when I separate php with HTML itt works and I wanna use one page now it does not update ." go with separated then. much cleaner anyway.
@Gordon: feeling on net tuts?
@ircmaxell pardon?
@Gordon I wanna learn and also the requirement is to not separate
11:37 AM
I'm looking for a seasoned PHP dev to record a course on security for us. Pays well! Tweet me if you have the skills. :)
@joshbroton @ircmaxell Interested, Anthony? Let me know. :)
@humphrey no sorry. cannot help you with it. I'm not in the mood to go bughunting through a wall of spaghetti code especially when the proper solution works.
Fun Fact: Another term for spaghetti code is big ball of mud.
@ircmaxell Hmm, I can't tell tbh. I always perceived nettuts to be a low quality site but with no evidence to back that up actually.
@Gordon its from a teacher he does what it all on the same page : firstly we did the separated 1 and works and now he said we should do it on same page
@Gordon same here, which is why I asked
11:43 AM
@ircmaxell @Webarto has published with them, he might be able to tell you something about them.
@ircmaxell Even if it is currently a low quality site, should you let that stop you from improving it? I guess it could be a gamble given that your name has a certain amount of standing, but you at the end of the day if your content is decent then it should speak for itself regardless of the broadcast medium.
@hakre is it? I always considered BBoM to be an architectural level antipattern while spaghetti code is a development antipattern
> A BIG BALL OF MUD is haphazardly structured, sprawling, sloppy, duct-tape and bailing wire, spaghetti code jungle.
@humphrey Unless the point of the exercise is to demonstrate why separation is better, then your teacher is an idiot. If that is the point of the exercise he's doing it the wrong way round IMO, you should start with "here's how many people do it" and then lead on to "here's the right way to do it, see how much easier it is"
@Gordon probably the borders are fluid :)
11:46 AM
@humphrey you know you can still copy all the separated code in one file without creating an intangible mess. put the php stuff on top. assign variables. then use the variables in the template.
three points. First, I need to be cognoscente of my brand and associations that I make
Second, I need to keep in mind that I have my own channel for this sort of things, and that if I was going to be doing it, why wouldn't I do it there instead
@humphrey Page is merely what we perceive inside the browser window. In fact that page you see is a complex process in which many components spread over many, many files are playing together.
Three, It isn't about the money, so what's my motivation to do it there. What else do I gain
@ircmaxell 1. valid 2. guest talk reaches wider/new audience 3. same as 2. plus good feeling that there is now quality content on nettuts
11:49 AM
@ircmaxell 1) (depressingly) true 2) you could publish in your own channel and allow them to link to it/republish 3) a wider audience
@ircmaxell One of the first rights of an author it is to not release under it's real name but under a different one.
as far as "wider audience", it wouldn't be me reaching it. It would be net tuts. I would drown out in their brand
Well, not as long as they credit the author which I think they do.
@ircmaxell negotiate that you can include a link to your channel
still, becomes their medium and message
11:50 AM
Well, do not license exclusively to them.
watch that
A: How to get specific array with a specific key/value pair, from a multidimensional array

BabaYou should not be afraid of loops because almost all function you can use in this case use loops (arrap_map,array_reduce,array_walk etc) .... etc. For the fun of it you can try goto :D O1:$num = - 1; O2:$found = array(); O3:$total = count($array); O4:$num ++; O5: if ($num >= $total) goto O8; O6...

Yes i know am drunk
Good Morning everyone
@ircmaxell first thing to do would probably be to validate our assumptions that is a low quality site
@ircmaxell Sounds like your gut says no, probably go with your gut. It's unlikely anyone could persuade enough that it would sit comfortably
11:53 AM
And the end of the day that kind of doesn't matter that much, it the perception of quality that counts (certainly for the above point #2) and the perception reaction here has been neutral tending towards the negative
@hakre thanks @Gordon what about the ID which come from the link ? it wont be recognized since it will be defined bellow
@ircmaxell then again, you gave testimony for Savage's book so why care about the quality of nettuts ;P
@hakre +1
I got one idea: tell them they only get an author collective.
so we can just see and in the end blame an answer on the SO site :)
12:00 PM
@ircmaxell another option would be to do the tut as your alter ego ;)
posted on May 01, 2013 by Brandon Savage

In the second live session of my object oriented design class, The Object Oriented PHP Masterclass, I show my students domain modeling, both with slides and with a live coding demonstration. In my demonstration, I show them how I break the single model they’ve been using into three component parts: a value object, a data [...]

@Feeds just when you speak of them …
12:16 PM
that is really lol ^ 3
i just glanced over it but it doesnt seem to be as bad as usual this time
Damit twitter, let me change my avatar
alias yolo='git commit -am "DEAL WITH IT" && git push -f origin master'
Yo, wats up guys,
@ircmaxell lol
1:18 PM
Hey guys
So, I wanted to know something.
How do you integrate the code shells on a web page?
HTML and CSS can be done through some JS libs, but what about things like JS, PHP, Python, and Ruby
@DaveRandom thanks. I don't know when i can write such complex query
1:30 PM
@Baba: I like this better :) 3v4l.org/dWiEk
@AshwinMukhija what should be with that?
@hakre With what
@AshwinMukhija with those things you just "asked" about without saying what you wanted to know.
I just want a text area where I can type, run and validate different languages.
@AshwinMukhija here: codepad.org
How do I go about building one?
I know about codepad and 3v4l
Basically, what I am trying to do is make a learning management system
Similar to codeschool, but gamified.
And I want to put a space where the user can type a language, and the output is shown and validated.
Something on the lines of railsforzombies.org
1:37 PM
@hakre @ircmaxell it's low quality because even that is better than nothing at all (for site managers), it's not easy to find a skilled writer. You could get much wider audience, granted that they are mostly beginners, and some money too, money is always a good thing.
Say... is there a way to use the .htaccess login system/infrastructure but with a custom interface? As in, sending through an HTML form the info that the popup window normally sends to the server, and using that for the .htaccess login?
@AshwinMukhija no building one your own, but probably more tailored use: ideone.com/api
@Ariane In a word: no
@DaveRandom Video is paid much better than written tutorial. If you do it anyways, why not do it on NetTuts+, you could still link your site. Thanks for the tune of the day :P
1:42 PM
@Dave Aawh. Would be too nice. Good interface with the enormous simpleness (and security) of a .htaccess login. :c
@hakre Thanks!
@Ariane if the .htaccess redirects the users request to a browser download and the user downloads and installes it and that browser is tailored that much it then opens at the correct page and shows your version of the user-name and password field - however, I doubt your users will be cooperating to that.
@hakre lol
@DaveRandom As my grandma told: There is always a way, you just need to want it.
Well, thanks.
1:44 PM
@Ariane Maybe you can add some context why you want that and we can make alternative suggestions.
@Ariane Sorry we can't be of more help, but the technologies just don't work like that. If you want a custom login form, you'll need to build your own auth system.
We need a canonical ref on w3 auth
gods below, i hate my job
I thought you resigned from it?
i just have to slog through this current project and when it will be completed , i will hand in that damned resignation
i cannot just hand in a resignation in middle of project =/
Let the hate flow through you.
1:45 PM
oh don't do that. if you already have too much, you then need to draw a line.
there is more in life than the job.
@tereško it works. nobody said that projects must always be successful.
@webarto money isn't my goal
@ircmaxell What's your goal?
@webarto Well, then there is only left: Fame and getting laid.
1:47 PM
@hakre Don't forget cat ownership
@hakre It's a circle, money is the third :P
@DaveRandom Okay, that is a good point.
@hakre Like what? :P
We should all now concentrate more on what @ircmaxell is likely aiming for: Sharing knowledge. Fighting inaccuracies.
1:49 PM
this book is so funny.
@webarto let me rephrase it: the money they would afford to give me wouldn't be my goal
which isn't to say that what they could afford isn't significant. It's just not what I need at the moment
I don't know what to say, I'm not wise, but I think you would boost your popularity significantly, if nothing... but I don't think nettuts is the right "church to pray" in for you.
Simply because your tutorials are out of that league.
Doesn't hurt to try. There is no obligation.
Say you want to do Premium shit, etc.
If I wasn't already doing it in my own channel, I would likely go for it...
You could do stuff simultaneously, continue to publish on your channel, and write "not so code specific" articles on nettuts, etc.
That would give the wrong impression to people reading it imo
2:03 PM
Not sure how?
/me would rather just keep building my brand. Hell, I can't even pump enough content out on mine...
i just want this nightmare to end
That would be the best, let it grow organically. You don't need bunch of ...
@ircmaxell Can you give me a link to your channel?
2:07 PM
utorrent downloading at the rate of 1.1MB/s
How can I call a property called 0 in a stdClass object?
$object->0 gives problems.
@dragon112 you shouldn't really do that, but if you must, $obj->{0} should work
Thanks, It's content from a json string I have very little control over
I think it should be $obj->{'0'} for json
2:14 PM
it really sounds like you want an array instead of an object though
json_decode($json, true)
Well i guess that would be fine too
@dragon112 Try $object->{0}
I posted a question last night, didn't get any response. So could you all take a look: stackoverflow.com/questions/16311345/…
Thanks for the help, got it working!
Lol PHP was screaming at me:
> SCREAM: Error suppression ignored
@DarylGill whoa, you should really look into escapeshellarg
2:44 PM
@PHPfan My Seedbox in NL downloads at 110Mb/s (ie 11MB/s true)
@Jimbo I reach 13-14 MB/s from time to time (120 Mb/s)
I don't have the biggest e-penis :'(
Haha, I pay £16p/m for the speeds, not bad
i pay 63 euros, but that includes hd tv with 3 decoders for free and telephony with free calling to like 20 eu countries
ok free is not the correct word, but you know what i mean
The ridiculous thing is, all of you are still being ripped off when you look at the actual cost price to the root supplier
(as am I)
Well yea.. but I bet it's more expensive to set up my own connection from my house to 'THE INTERNET' xD
2:54 PM
I just used goto's to avoid a comparison while(1). Am I bad?
@LeviMorrison Go back to your cave and write some BASIC
Well, I don't need the comparison.
Yes Levi, that is bad.
I guess I'm in extreme optimization mode.
You just made me cry a little..
Well I'm off! Time to not work even more than this xD
3:01 PM
the last two hours i have spent on configuration of staging servers
while project manager has been barking at me about "why isn't you code always buggy, we put it on staging and it just breaks"
of course staging server had year old SSL certs , and anything remotely related to flash would just throw up it's hands and go "fuck it, i will not play here"
// todo: add more complexity
protected function splay(SplayNode $node) {
    while ($node->parent !== NULL) {
        if (!$node->parent->parent) {
            if ($node->parent->left == $node) {
            else {
        } elseif ($node->parent->left == $node && $node->parent->parent->left == $node->parent) {
3:46 PM
@igorw Sorry for the delay, this is just in beta, trying to get it all to function without a hitch so I know my base structure, then improve security
Son of a bitch; he accepts my answer.
If you answer a question that gets closed deleted, you don't keep the rep do you?
@Bracketworks No
What if I delete my accepted answer? Obvious question is obvious.
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