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8:01 PM
@EtiennedeMartel Took way too long, but steel production now online.
@LucDanton Incomingu
@Rapptz that doesn't seem to work. Or maybe I'm doing something wrong by doing len(str(i))
I don't see anything wrong with it
Yeah it's awful
Also that's not what a palindrome is
8:05 PM
I now know why OpenGL is called OpenGL. When debugging, you need a lot of good luck.
@Zoidberg all those blank screens with no hints as to what's wrong...
Use gDEBugger
@Zoidberg This is why when working with DirectX I usually throw with the error codes and have a function to translate errors into actual human-readable strings, based on context.
Also use ARB_debug_output if your driver supports it
(And if not get a better driver)
tose google c++ b trees seem to be the first license-wise nice ones
there have been GPLed ones but not BSD-like ones IIRC
8:11 PM
Shaders are so evil.
Good evening, smallfolks.
Good morning, bigman!
@ThePhD IME DirectX has a horrible habit of silently failing to render.
for x in range(0, len(str(i)), 1):
        for y in range(len(str(i)), int(len(str(i))/2), -1):
            if y is not x: return False
@DeadMG Yeeep. Which is why you do your best to catch error codes. Of course, not even that can save you sometimes, like with ... shaders. ._.
Oh, oh you're using a legacy semantic on your shaders? DON'T MIND US WE'LL JUST BLOW UP ALL YOUR CODE.
8:14 PM
@ThePhD When I said "silent", I meant "All error codes are success, even in debug mode."
@thecoshman Yeah, indeed. It feels great to be able to make a difference, and be slapped on the shoulder for it.
FWIW, the open C++ developer position at the company I work for is occupied starting yesterday. Seems a nice enough fellow who knows which way to hold an std::bind() expression.
@CatPlusPlus I haven't seen you wanting FOOD for a while, did you find a stash somewhere, or go shopping?
@sbi Fortunate, cause you seem to frequently come on here for help with those.
It has come to my attention that C coders in the tag have the worst code formatting I've ever seen.
@DeadMG Yeah, in, what?, December, IIRC. Are you living in the past, puppy?
8:17 PM
@sbi Basically, yes. I have been much more sick than usual during January.
I even went to a doctor
@CatPlusPlus hi!!!!!!!!
@DeadMG Yeah. q_q, low-level APIs.
@ThePhD Any API can pull that shit.
@R.MartinhoFernandes Hey, can it be that you keep forgetting how this really went? Here's a reminder:
I was taxed with profiling a rather complex codebase, not even 1% of which was done by me, after switching to boost, including boost::shared_ptr. And I found that the damn thing was copied all over, and that those copy operations, in an MT environment, were rather costly. Rather then single-handedly cleaning up several 100kLoC, thereby breaking every second app relying on that lib, I turned them all into const &, so the compiler would complain where that was wrong.
That made them accept boost.
8:19 PM
@sbi Yeah, his advice is in a move-aware environment.
@DeadMG But mine won't! :D
@DeadMG Move-aware? Hey, that must have been 2008, give or take a year.
not for you
FTR, I am not disputing the robot's claim (and would mail Scott to tell him the robot's advice is worth every penny he doesn't pay for it). I just had a problem in the past where passing them per const & helped me out.
fair enough
I'll admit that the price of shared_ptr per value without moves would be nasty.
8:22 PM
@sehe Really? I do tell this to people who got it wrong, but I cannot remember this having been the case her ein the lounge.
did you get anywhere with upgrading your compiler?
@DeadMG Nope. Björn looked into the clang thing and came back reporting that the C backend is no longer supported.
what about binary linking object files?
@Crowz Yeah that's not palindrome or anything really
@DeadMG We agreed that, given the special treatment binaries seem to need on that platform (there's a special post-linking phase performing some magic on the binaries) makes it not worth to spend time on this.
8:24 PM
fair enough
@Zoidberg Talking to him is fine, as long as you make sure you're not getting into an argument.
@DeadMG You say this often tonight.
@ThePhD What the hell are you talking about?
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Is that you, @Zoidberg?
canadian pariliament ^
@sbi Uh. The fact that you and many others in this chat room are like super duper legendary coders, and that I have a lot of work to do before I can consider myself even partially mentionable or close to your guys' standards.
Must... keep... trying...!
@TonyTheLion Haha, that's like saying "east of the former wall". Landsberger Allee might well be 10 or 15km long, from close to the old center of Berlin all the way into the suburbs.
@ThePhD Me? A? Legendary? Coder? Boy, you should smoke less weed, and drink more tea instead.
@sbi yeah, Robot told me. I meant to email you the address where I'm staying, perhaps I should do that now.
8:29 PM
@sehe I really dunno. I might have followed half a dozen links to such discussions, but never was permanent on that site.
@sbi your gmail address good?
@TonyTheLion Yeah, either that or give me a call. I'll have the kids to watch over on Thursday, so (unless you guys want to come to me) you'll have to wait until Friday before we can meet. I mostly marked Friday and the weekend as booked for you, so I should have some time.
@TonyTheLion I was never very proud of it. I mean, firstname.lastname is not notably great an idea, is it?
Until when are you staying, @Tony?
@sbi oh, well my flight is Thurs evening, so I won't need anybody on that day. Friday is good, I will email you my number.
8:34 PM
@sbi Sunday
how far is it from Hanover to Berlin?
@TonyTheLion Ah, Ok. That's not very long a stay, is it?
@DeadMG I would have to check, but I believe trains would go about 2hrs, +-1.
how far are you from train station?
I may be visiting Hanover soon
@sbi well, it'll have to do for now.
email sent
@DeadMG There's about half a dozen in Berlin. All well-connected to public transport. And How far it is depends on the exact date/time. (Are we talking from home or from work?)
8:36 PM
Q: Why does overload of template and non-template function with the "same signature" call the non-template function?

user2030677I have this code: #include <vector> template <class T = const std::vector<int> &> void f(T t) {} // (1) void f(const std::vector<int> &) {} // (2) int main() { std::vector<int> x{5, 3, 2, 5, 6}; f(x); } Why does it call (2) instead of (1)? I woul...

@DeadMG Oh! Watcha doin there?
@TonyTheLion Good. Lemme check...
so I went to watch Zero Dark Thirty today...
was pretty good movie I thought
@TonyTheLion Hey, I am passing through this on my way to/from work. And the robot lives like one or two stops from it. That was well-picked!
@sbi oh cool. :)
@sbi Uh, home, or perhaps a convenient bar/restaurant.
@sbi Inspecting a potential future employer, if I didn't piss them off too much already.
8:40 PM
@CatPlusPlus what is it doing exactly?
@DeadMG you managed to piss someone off?? :P
@DeadMG How could you, of all people here, possibly pissing off anybody?
Oh duh I'm stupid
@TonyTheLion Haha, great minds...
8:42 PM
for quite a long while, actually.
basically, they offered me a job, and then I became sick... for a while.
and I haven't contacted them in said while
not sure if that would piss them off
some companies have been asking me whether i could work for them but I haven't answered yet
not sure whether they are pissed off by that. i guess they don't care
I'd be pretty pissed if I offered someone a job and then he went dark for a while.
they just move on to the next nerd
I'd be looking forward to meet you, puppy. Whether I can meet you, however, depends mostly on the exact date/time you'd be here. If I have small kids to watch over, I can't leave the house in the evening. Otherwise I usually can easily make time in the evening.
8:44 PM
plenty of fruit to pick from
@sbi If I can patch things up, then it could likely be a time of my choosing in the next few weeks.
puppy still owes me a meeting here in the UK
oh, yes
Mr Puppy hasn't showed up yet. :(
I'd forgotten about that
when are you free next?
8:44 PM
don't drink too much when you meet up. i still need you to solve my quizes
I'm always free, whether I'm available is another thing.
Every weekend, except next weekend
yes, now that your sentence for grievous bodily harm has elapsed
8:46 PM
thinking about you being free, or imprisoned
everytime I think about writing a c++ compiler i get warm feelings because then I could nerd out in all that code. but when i actually want to start it, i get all embarassed that I don'T know where to start it :(
so whenever you can be arsed to come, let me know
@DeadMG Just tell them exactly that: that you got sick, and had other stuff on your mind for a while. Apologize, smile, and give them your full attention from now on. (Make sure you're not getting across that the sickness is a permanent condition, and if that happens, link it to the stress of being unemployed.) Unless either the have found someone else or they are complete arseholes, there shouldn't be a problem.
8:47 PM
the nurse took about 9 million litres of my blood
and I have a gall bladder ultrasound coming when the hospital get around to it.
basically, what the ape said.
but moving to Germany whilst needing medical attention is something that does kiinda concern me
@JohannesSchaub-litb Start with the lexer. That might be enough to piss you off.
I mean, I know that as an EU citizen, I'm entitled to it, but getting it in English would be fun.
8:48 PM
@DeadMG learning German when moving to Germany would be advised
but I need medical attention now and it may well take years to learn sufficient German to hold such discussions in it
@sbi did you check whether boost::atomic_is_lock_free(&some_shared_ptr) yields true for you? Just wondering ...
@bamboon x86 offers DCAS so it may well be.
@DeadMG You should ask the robot about that. From what I understood, when you work here, you need a German health insurance.
And coming from where you come from, the German health system must seem like a Communist utopia to you.
I get all the health care I need for free on the NHS
8:50 PM
30 mins ago, by sbi
@DeadMG Move-aware? Hey, that must have been 2008, give or take a year.
it's just not particularly quick or effective
@DeadMG Coming from where you come from, the German health system must seem like a Communist utopia to you.
if u are below a certain income limit u get free insurance
8:50 PM
that's why for serious shit, I go to Belgium, where it may not be free, but at least effective
@JohannesSchaub-litb Right. I am entitled to the same healthcare as any German native, whatever system that may be.
After, what?, four weeks, IIRC, of him staying in Germany, I asked the robot which of the stereotypes about Germans he found to be true. He said that we have a copious, but also effective bureaucracy. That answer completely took my by surprise. If anything, we're complaining about the inefficiency of our bureaucracy...
I was drunk, dammit.
everybody wants a more effective bureaucracy.
efficiency is relative, I guess
8:53 PM
@R.MartinhoFernandes No you were not drunk then.
However, you being drunk does seem to be a recurring theme.
oh my, I better prepare for this
@DeadMG I want absolute efficiency.
he's been drunk everyday for the past few weeks it seems.
did you just wake up?
8:55 PM
I bet he's drunk.
@sbi As do we all.
@sbi You lose.
@DeadMG :)
That was yesterday.
8:56 PM
am I the only person here capable of drinking in moderation
I don't at all.
@R.MartinhoFernandes I never lose. (I might voluntarily relinquish my first position for a while, but that's not losing.)
@DeadMG I drink in moderation, at times
@DeadMG I get drunk at the drop of a hat, so it would have to be none at all for me.
8:58 PM
@DeadMG We're adults. We can drink without a moderator watching over us.
but then not at other times. it depends on circumstances
@TonyTheLion Is that the Beatles song? If so, that always is. (Otherwise I dunno.)
@sbi yes, it is the Beatles song
So far I haven't gotten drunk.
@R.MartinhoFernandes Nobody believes this anymore! They all see right through you! When you got drunk here, you emptied most of my Cachaça storage. They all know this.
@ThePhD How old are you?
9:00 PM
@sbi Uh. Below the legal limit in my country. Which is to say, 20.
.... Or am I 19...?
No, 20. I'm twenty, and this year I'll be 21, and therefore legal.
what, you won't be jailbait any longer?
@ThePhD Is it really that hard to get drunk while being below legal limit? (tip: in sane countries - not)
@ThePhD Really, your country is a mess. You can wear a uniform and get shot at in a country most of your fellows can't even spell when you are 18, but you are not allowed to drink a beer on the night before. And heaven beware TV shows a teat! That is just nuts.
Nipple. Otherwise tits are ok.
@Griwes No, uh. But I just never really tried.
9:04 PM
@Griwes From what I heard, prohibition does not help in keeping underage drinking moderate.
Censorship in the U.S. is .. ... just weird.
@R.MartinhoFernandes TYL: teat.
@ThePhD 'Murica.
teat and nipple are basically the same thing last
Anyone here good with recent music?
9:05 PM
Why are we talking about nipples?
@CCInc Now what am I to do with that question?
@TonyTheLion And with that? (Because you are here, dude.)
@CCInc That is a very vague question?
@sbi Zing!
I remember a specific song but can't find it, and I doubt anyone else could
9:06 PM
Can you now even zing yourself? What's trolling come down to, really?
@CCInc Ah, so your question really is: Does anybody here feel like they know lots of recent music?
Yes, that would be my question.
@CCInc Do you know a line or two (which is not the same as in every other pop song)?
9:08 PM
@sbi Both I and Scott agree that if you have to share ownership you have to copy and there's no way out. EC++11 is about C++11, where moves add something else to the decision.
It's something like "I wish I were a kid/boy again" and something about playing in the mud or something
@R.MartinhoFernandes Yeah, but if you do not share ownership, then you do not have to copy.
@sbi Right, so you can take a raw pointer or ref.
@CCInc That's very vague. Have you tried googling for the lyrics?
@sbi Yes, and you also do no have to put ownership in the interface (i.e. pass T& or T*)
9:09 PM
@DeadMG Why not a reference?
@sbi Yes, problem is I cna't remember the exact words
my brain's in pointer mode
@DeadMG Just as a quick question, it's okay to just use a raw pointer when you're not the one responsible for deletion or creation, right?
@R.MartinhoFernandes Yes, yes, yes, and I already agreed to that a million times. So why do you keep bringing it up?
9:10 PM
that is their function
Sweet deal.
@DeadMG Nope. Their main function is being a random-access-iterator.
@ThePhD Consider using a reference instead.
pointer and reference are essentially the same thing, except a pointer can legally be null
Hey, robot, this one's for you:
Maybe it's time to consider that "German for Lovers" weekend seminar.
9:12 PM
@R.MartinhoFernandes Do you have a girlfriend?
@sbi Well, the additional thing is that a lot of the time I depend on null-ability to do lazy/late initialization.
@ThePhD Ah, then a pointer it is.
I would say Scott picked a potentially misleading title for the advice, but the actual content is fine.
@R.MartinhoFernandes Ah, you're avoiding my question. See, therefore. :)
Also, what the hell are you talking about? Last time I heard, EC++11 was still an idea floating around, not a list of items.
@sbi Why is everyone trying to change that?
9:14 PM
the lack of unique_ptr in EC++11 was disappointing
I love staring deep into your regret.
@sbi Not anymore. He's going to start writing it now. Also, I'll be a reviewer :)
That guy is a genius. You can have whole discussions using his one-liners.
@R.MartinhoFernandes Do I get to join in?
@DeadMG I bet he'd get you onto the list if you just sent him a mail and asked.
Basically, you can become a reviewer for him at the drop of a hat.
9:17 PM
@DeadMG He asked me after the shared_ptr e-mail.
in that case, I will ask him
@sbi I don't get it. What regret?
Arranging my books this weekend by type of mate I hope their conspicuous display will attract.
You are not making sense.
@R.MartinhoFernandes ...said the robot to the human, when they argued over relationships.
9:20 PM
Old age isn't good for the brain, I see.
> I'm just here for the cultural decline. — Nein
I'm not arguing anything. I just don't want people trying to play Cupid with me or something.
Fear not, commodity. I'm coming to buy you.
Just read that guy's timeline. He's amazing.
Alright then, anyone here good with the StackExchange Data Explorer?
9:26 PM
Um, the DB rooms are over there...
and references must be initialized when the come into scope and you can't (without hacks) change what it points to unless you leave the scope and reinitialize it.
room topic changed to Lounge<C++>: RIP inventor of the Etch a Sketch (1926-2013) [c++] [c++11] [c++-faq] [get-out] [no-limit] [no-pointers] [no-questions] [no-singletons] [no-topic]
> Being an adult means knowing you can have cake for every meal, but choosing not to have cake for every meal because you're too drunk to eat. — Jessica
Q: Is this my DLL broken?

user2036054I'm trying to make a basic DLL that holds OpenGL then port it to Java so I don't have to deal with the stupid JOGL junk. Anyway here is my code so far: main.cpp #include "main.h" #include<iostream> using namespace std; void print(string i) { cout << i << endl; } main.h #...

@sbi kind of moot, she is not making a choice?
(been skiing again)
9:32 PM
I like how he made it so far already.
Oh, another drunkard entered the room.
@R.MartinhoFernandes " (it shouldn't be that hard, I just don't know how to do it lol) "
@JohanLarsson You might be interested in this.
btw, ape
you're not actually enjoying your job or something, are you?
your Lounge participation is way down
Hi guys. Who is the drunkard?
9:33 PM
Oh, Ell is here. He's usually drunk, too.
Hi :)
I had a dialema earlier
Scumbag DirectX: renders the first two frames fine, then stops rendering completely.
is that like a Dalai Lama?
1 hour ago, by sbi
@thecoshman Yeah, indeed. It feels great to be able to make a difference, and be slapped on the shoulder for it.
I was in town earlier, with a female friend and I had to leave her, but It was dark and she is pretty
9:35 PM
@Ell Is that a word I don't know or are you too drunk to type diaphragm?
@sbi dilemma, one suspects
"but It was dark and she is pretty" What.
should I be able to trust her on her own not tto be attacked? Or would carrying a knife for self defence be acceptable?
@sbi Don't forget about me
9:36 PM
obviously, he had sunglasses on and was massively drunk?
@R.MartinhoFernandes She's pretty in the dark. That was easy, really.
@Ell It's not usual for the average person to get attacked, you know.
she should be able to take care of herself
Im mobile and typing is making my arms ache, I'm trying to get to the point :L
and it's definitely not OK to start carrying a knife.
@CaptainGiraffe I never forget about you. (How can I forget something I don't even know?)
9:36 PM
Yeah that's what I'm thinking. My dad thinks that its never okay unless for reasons of non violence
well, there's no harm in carrying a knife to, I dunno, give it to a friend so he can chop some vegetables
but there's that and there's "Holy shit I'm about to get attacked"
@DeadMG Coincidentally, I have just finished reading an article of two males trying to attack two females while they were walking outside.
@Ell A knife? Wut.
in which case, the appropriate response is to call the police
They both got shot and one died.
9:37 PM
Apples. A knife in your pocket is great to divide apples between your kids. That's what I use mine for, usually.
Scumbag Ell doesn't have any kids
Where do you live? Chechnya?
probably because he's a scumbag
@Rapptz Don't forget the "run!" part. That's quite important.
I'm not a scumbag :P I was only wondering :L
9:39 PM
anyway, it's almost certainly completely safe where you are and there's absolutely no reason to be worried.
@sbi Yes it was an interesting read, in the military we had to ski down a hole in the ice on a lake and manage to get up.
@DeadMG For @Ell, switch that phrase for "...between beautiful female friends in the dark", and it fits perfectly.
Q&A time. Whats your fav/pet project that you just can't find the time to do?
... so ... many
9:40 PM
yeah I would hope its safe
@CaptainGiraffe seeing how many 32768 point FFTs per second I can get out of GTX 580
I just don't have much trust in my fellow humans :L although if I carried a knife, why should they trust me?
@doug65536 not bad
@CaptainGiraffe Renovating this apartment. Pulling ALL TEH WEEDS! in my garden. Putting all the laundered clothes back into everybody's wardrobe timely. Adding to my book shelfs.
@sbi How's the fight for the apartment going, btw?
9:42 PM
@sbi Hear you buddy. I have done a lot of renovating though.
@R.MartinhoFernandes Dang. I'm kinda down about it.
Oh, sorry for bringing it up :(
what happened?
*This went sad and south quickly. It is tricky to renovate on your own.
@R.MartinhoFernandes I have been in the newspaper on Thursday. (I was on the radio last Wednesday.) We might have some politician who would put some time into this. But we are running out of time.
9:45 PM
Things are escalating slowly, then.
@sbi Anyway a lousy stacker could help?
Let's just say learning German together will not *not* help you rejuvenate your relationship.
@CaptainGiraffe Yeah. Get me on every Berlin newspaper. Preferably next week. That would put pressure on those bastards. Can you do that?
@EtiennedeMartel What "wa"?
@sbi I'm afraid not.
9:47 PM
@CaptainGiraffe Aw, well. Thanks for caring anyway.
code a virus and use it to make annoying popups asking people to support your cause
user image
bad joke tony

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