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8:00 PM
Good good
@PeeHaa Someone is pushing for jan 15th, but that's too soon in my opinion. Still has major issues with layout on small resolutions.
hi guys :-)
yeah, i lean towards waiting too
@ircmaxell nope, no idea how it could do that much
8:01 PM
@LeviMorrison As in mobile (haven't checked it out yet on mobile)?
@PeeHaa i'm probably doing it wrong. the idea is (Symfony2) to get the service from the service container and set the scopes to generate a url, then a button
@PeeHaa As in laptop.
var_dump($obj) tells me that $obj is an object;
however, $obj->getName() claims that I call a member function on a non-object....
any idea???
I bet it really sucks on mobile.
@dyelawn what kind of scopes are we talking about here?
8:02 PM
@NikiC My only thought is that the parser isn't freeing its memory
@libjup pastebin or it did not happen
@LeviMorrison Great. Looks like this could really be a new chapter. (Of what exactly I don't know yet, but a new chapter all the same.)
@dyelawn You can simply pass the scope(s) to the constructor when initializing a service. Would that be a problem?
@igorw like the stuff in the $scopes array defined github.com/PeeHaa/PHPoAuthLib/blob/master/src/OAuth/OAuth2/…
hey, the php.net beta looks okay on mobile (albeit, small font :)
8:04 PM
@PeeHaa not a problem, and i definitely want to do it correctly. i'm just having a little bit of trouble wrapping my head around how to do it.
@philip What OS/User agent
@dyelawn ah, oauth. :)
ios safari
@dyelawn github.com/PeeHaa/PHPoAuthLib/tree/master/examples should give you a pretty good idea. And otherwise you can always ping me ofc :)
@PeeHaa it might be wise to commit the tutorial before it's totally refined
so others will see it, get scared, and make commits (and, so we can see what it'll look like)
8:06 PM
@PeeHaa have you considered making your package installable via composer?
@PeeHaa if there was a setter, i could define one service, retrieve it, then set the scopes. what i think is required by the format of the service container with no setter is that i'd have to define a ton of services with the appropriate parameters
unless there's some way to configure the arguments from the controller before the service is retrieved.
@philip Agreed. I'll do some huge push tomorrow or sundays
i read the examples; i definitely see how simply it would work outside the realm of a framework.
@PeeHaa i meant to php.net, jic
i could also just retrieve the service, then construct a new one with new arguments, but that seems hacky
8:08 PM
Hey everyone
@igorw It would be worth considering it, but we didn't really gave it much thought (yet)
@philip Ah right. :) Yup. Good thinking. Will do so later this weekend
@PeeHaa converting all this to XML is a decent sized task
@philip My famous last words were "Should be fairly easy to convert it automatically"' :P Gonna try to write some parser later tonight and find out if it blows up in my face
@PeeHaa do you want a pull request for that?
@PeeHaa truly not trying to be difficult, just want to understand why it's bad form to include a setter
8:12 PM
@igorw markdown -> doc xml converter?
@PeeHaa nah, I meant composer.json, sorry. :)
@dyelawn I'm not implying it is bad per se. Just didn't gave it much thought. I might just implement it :)
@igorw Feel free to do :)
I don't want to live on this planet anymore:
@tereško No: $.each (in this case) is a jQuery function and not pure javascript. Try other frameworks like mootool or qooxdoo and you will see other implementations... Saying that jQuery is javascript is like saying that C is assembler. — F. Hauri 1 min ago
@PeeHaa do I submit to PeHaa or Lusitanian?
@igorw Either one is fine.
@philip I will finish up the re-install of my server in a moment and glue together a markdown to xml converter after that
8:19 PM
C isn't assemblar?? All these years I couldn've been a miserable C code jockey.
in my reply to the email, i'm linking to your github, and mentioning your desire to commit this in January :)
@philip Yay pressure!
But seriously: sure :)
@F.Hauri "better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt in the end" - licoln — Nile 21 secs ago
@PeeHaa, @tereško regarding F.Hauri; it's looks like a language barrier issue. the guy obviously means that jQuery is not equal to JavaScript. I don't see why you guys are being so hard on this guy.
@igorw That's not what he means
8:22 PM
@igorw Meh. I didn't read it like that, but you may be right
@igorw - Geeks don't haze with booze, they haze with scorn. It's academic.
@Nile oh wait, you quoted lincoln. I guess you must be right then, sorry.
@PeeHaa that would be sweet. i'm using github.com/hwi/HWIOAuthBundle right now, i'd prefer to use an adaptor for your library
@igorw No... if language was a barrier he wouldn't of used such a monstrous analogy
8:23 PM
@igorw I think it's more of a not knowing jQuery thing. I mean, before I knew JQuery, it looked really alien and because I didn't know that the dollar sign could a variable name and I wasn't sure it could be just a library. Then I learned it and because I knew a lot of javascript and I knew css it was real easy to do so
it does not have a scope setter either, that's why i didn't know if there was a particular reason it was bad
@Jasper actually, if you want to write high quality JS code, then it is extremely hard to use jQuery
@dyelawn One issue I think of right now is the fact somebody tries to change the scope after being authenticated.
@tereško Do you mean fast/efficient with "high quality code"?
Anyway, all I meant was that it was easy to learn jQ
fast , efficient and readable
8:26 PM
that is all. I am going to get very drunk
night all
later @DaveRandom have fun\
@PeeHaa i was thinking that the token object will determine what scopes are available to be used in requests
@Jasper his mention of other libraries only supports the fact that he does understand the difference. all I see is people shouting at each other and spamming the comments with useless arguments over ambiguous language for no reason.
moving on...
@dyelawn Yeah. But the scopes define to what the user gives access when authorizing. If you want to change the scope after having authorized the application things may fail
so before request is issued, if(!$token->hasScope($scope)) throw new Exception();
@PeeHaa i'm looking for a token with a given scope before issuing the request, and if it doesn't exist, then i'm prompting the user to get me a token
8:38 PM
@LeviMorrison the typography is horrible, navigation makes no sense, "begin tutorial" button looks like a css mistake, the arrow for download php 5.3 looks unconnected to anything, "thanks to" block makes no sense .. ehh
@tereško Yeah, knew you'd hate it.
ooooh i think i get it. so a setter would be bad bc it might cause another developer problems by behaving unexpectedly
Exactly :)
basically , php.net is turning in something that should be titled "my first website"
@igorw Fair enough. I really should learn to read the whole context as well as not to spam question comments with tangents. I commented on the "jQ is not js" debate because I didn't read up far enough to see that he meant "this isn't about plain javascript, please add the library you are using to your question"
8:40 PM
@tereško You should look at the documentation portion.
@igorw Thanks
@tereško - Same as it ever was? It's much more insidious that Javascript is getting any respect. I mean, c'mon, that's made out of plastic and Hello Kitty boxes. Phhft.
@LeviMorrison , the middle portion of docs look passable , but everything else is a mess
8:44 PM
@LeviMorrison Chrome ^
@PeeHaa I've seen it, but only on some pages.
Not sure what the cause is.
Let me do some fiddling
A lot of changes have been committed lately by people other than me.
that blank space is more useful than maybe half of the user comments... this is a feature, not a bug.
8:47 PM
My host said they were going to 'upgrade PHP by new year'. They did 'upgrade' PHP (was v5.2):
Build Date: Dec 27 2012... If you are going to rebuild PHP, why not use a new version too???
@LeviMorrison Looks like the clear is giving the issues
@philip I remember my first ever comment on php.net, it was so misguided I'm not sure I'm willing to admit that I wrote it...
@ShaquinTrifonoff Because they will break someone's script that was designed for PHP3 and yet is still working, and they don't want to deal with the mess.
8:49 PM
Hey, I never managed to figure out the GET stuff yesterday, not including it in a hyperlink @Jasper
@Charles I think they should at least have an option: PHP 5.2 or PHP 5.4.
@LeviMorrison As far as I see you can simply drop the clear: both on #usernotes .note .text (at least on that page). Seems to work in Chrome canary + stable, IE9, IE8
@ShaquinTrifonoff Probably using some wacky control panel crap that won't let'em.
@PeeHaa Send an email to PHP webmasters about, it, would you? That way I won't lose it.
@LeviMorrison I will after I have finished setting up my mail again :P
8:53 PM
@ShaquinTrifonoff better use a vps
@ShaquinTrifonoff: I had a similar thing with a host of mine a bit back, but they simply said that while they couldn't update the server I was on because of backwards compatibility, they did offer to move my site to another of their servers. A pretty good way to go about it if you ask me
@DanielMinett Ah yes, the VB4 thing, right?
@Jasper Yes sir
@Jasper Which host were you using?
8:56 PM
@ShaquinTrifonoff A Dutch one. flexwebhosting.nl
@DanielMinett So let's see the solution basically exists of two parts: 1. The link source and the 2. linked script. Now (1) can be either a script on the same server as the board, or a message on the board while (2) can be either a script on the same server as the board or a script on a different server. Of each, could you tell me which it is?
The link directs to another server
test: at least this chat doesnt support emoji :gift:
@DanielMinett: Alright, so then we'll have to do all the work on the script that generates the link. If you do <?php session_start(); var_dump($_SESSION) ?> in that script for now, you can try to identify what the info you are interested is named in the session data
one min
Did you want to do this in here or private chat?
@DanielMinett I don't really care which, so it's up to you I guess. (Though if output like that is long you should probably pastebin it in here, while it'll be okey in a chat purely for this discussion)
Sure lets keep it in here than. Love pastebin :P
@cyril the dogs bark, but the caravan goes on
Ok, so should I put <?php session_start(); var_dump($_SESSION) ?> any old place or at the beginning of the link?
@cyril: "and none of us have the slightest clue what we’re doing", well maybe I don't but I do really believe some people do...
9:10 PM
if I have an array like so array('hello', '2', 'world', 1, 'blah', '3') what would be the best method to cast the numeric strings to integers? This would be a single dimensional array. I know I can do array_map(), array_filter() or array_walk(), but is there any method otherwise? If not, which of them would you suggest I use?
lol python3
/me hides
@DanielMinett It's just part of us trying to find out what the situation is like and where we can get our information. As such, it could basically be anywhere, as it is sort of instead of actually writing the link for now.
Ok sure
@Jasper so I put that on the template, and it shows nothing..
@cryptic I'm not sure if there is a best way. array_map() seems like a pretty good way to do it to me. If you are not iterating over the array in the same code, it could be that it keeps the complexity of the code down not to check it until you do use the values, but I doubt that's really worth it
[int(x) if x.isdigit() else x for x in ['lol','2']] /me hides
9:16 PM
@DanielMinett Could you pastebin the entire template (including the changes) so I have an idea what we're working with?
Yeah sure

@tereško Did you miss me :) ?
Line 203 is where the popup stuff starts, the rest is simply VB4 template @Jasper
@cryptic array_map. I assume you want to keep the non-numeric strings?
9:21 PM
@cryptic or do you want to filter them out?
@igorw yes, just want to convert the numeric strings to integers
@cryptic $converted = array_map(function ($value) { return is_numeric($value) ? (int) $value : $value; }, $ary);
@cyril yeah, nested ternaries suck big time in PHP
ok a switch case is anyway more readable
@DanielMinett so basically, we're working with a VBulletin template, which can't execute php, which sort of means we don't have the tools there to do what you want
9:26 PM
@igorw I think nested turnary in any language is a sign of code that should be rewritten.
@Jasper Ok, what would you suggest we go and do?
@LeviMorrison I agree, but that's no excuse.
@igorw For what?
@LeviMorrison for having a ternary operator that is completely fucked up
Just because it does something differently than other languages doesn't mean is wrong.
I'm kind of glad it works the way it does: it discourages nested turnaries.
9:29 PM
the ternary operator is basically a mess everywhere
@Jasper we could always do this in a separate file and call it in?
@DanielMinett call it in?
@LeviMorrison hows if/else better than ternary?
@LeviMorrison diverse and proud, fine.
@KamilTomšík Nested turnaries tend to be less clear than nested if/else.
I use single turnary expressions all the time; they're excellent for optional parameters.
9:31 PM
I use ?: a lot for that.
(short ternary)
@LeviMorrison do you see any nested ternary? among that, nested ternaries are same readable as nested ifs (if indented correctly)
Create a plugin in VB that has this: <?php include_once "file.php"; ?>
@KamilTomšík See eval.in/5503
@LeviMorrison it's a shame php does not have js && (guard operator) alternative
@KamilTomšík Doesn't need it, it has the $this->value = $param ?: $default; syntax.
9:32 PM
@LeviMorrison maddness :)
@DanielMinett: Sure, sounds good. I didn't know that such a thing was possible in VB, and it's probably much better than what I was going to suggest. Alright, let's go with it
@KamilTomšík you mean a version that returns the last arg in case of success?
@igorw yep, its called guard operator in js
@igorw || is called default operator (because its exactly what it does)
@Jasper VB makes you create a plugin and use this:

$includedphp = ob_get_contents();

Then put this in the template:

{vb:raw includedphp}
@tereško Got time, I have a little question.
9:34 PM
@KamilTomšík ah, well luckily we at least have ?: for || now
@TheCOMPLETEPHPNewbiedon't "Don't ask whether someone is here or can help. Just tell us your problem. If anybody can and wants to help, they will. "
(unless you had a personal question for him, in which case nevermind me)
@igorw yes, php needs restart
@KamilTomšík use strict; would be nice
@igorw I personally think major versions should not be backward compatible
@DanielMinett Hm... that looks like it wouldn't really help
but it also looks like the fact that you have to write that gives an option...
echo false?:!false === true;
9:41 PM
@KamilTomšík it's quite a sensitive issue, if the community does not follow you have a problem. python3 had many issues with breaking BC, so did ruby 1.9
@Jasper, how do you mean?
@DanielMinett Oh wait, never mind that should work just fine
I was just looking at it wrong
9:42 PM
@igorw well, I dont do php anymore so its your decision guys :)
@DanielMinett So let's just do that and have <?php var_dump($_SESSION) ?> in the file you use for it (I don't think you need the session_start in it, but I'm not completely sure...) Then we'll have a look at what output it generates and see if the info we need is there.
Sure, just having a smoke and I will do that
check this guy's HTML tutorial
@TemporaryNickName epic
9:47 PM
@TemporaryNickName "Everything else on the web sucks and this is going to be totally legit" ...
yeah that is some legit stuff
Wow that guy sounds like a douche =o\, apparently everything suck but himself.
"it's just a slash... less-than sign or whatever"
He is using <header> and <footer> as the sections for the top and bottom of the page? I thought those tags were for putting a header and footer for a content sections like say a list of articles, header would be for say date, title, author etc, and footer would be for say comments, permalink, etc. Am I wrong on this?
9:53 PM
@cryptic The meaning kinda changed a couple of times
zomg, extensions of services, parent services, and abstract service definitions... HELLO i could have not done everything i did today
@PeeHaa w3.org/TR/html-markup/header.html unless he is wrapping his entire page in a <section> tag it would be incorrect usage, no?
@cryptic I thought it was both - html5doctor.com/the-header-element (it's just the top google result, I don't know whether it's any good)
> The HTML <header> Element represents a group of introductory or navigational aids. It may contain some heading elements but also other elements like a logo, wrapped section's header, a search form, and so on.
you know what would be cool for the symfony2 site to have instead of a "the book" and a "books" and a cookbook and documentation and a reference section and an index and a glossary? a manual
10:00 PM
@ShaquinTrifonoff And that page has my link under "See also" :D
@cryptic "Permitted parent elements. Any element that can contain flow elements"
The spec is kinda fuzzy about s/some/most new elements though
IIRC the definition of the nav tag also changed somewhat
@dyelawn manual being different how exactly?
@igorw structured, simple, uniform documentation.
@igorw linking to something called a "cookbook recipe" within documentation is very dangerous for someone like me
if you haven't given me context to know that i'm now out of the "unit" style documentation and into the "implementation" area, i'm likely to get super-confused about the basics
@cyril I'm just now reading a bit of the article, but the introductory blurb (about the toolbox) is actually quite interesting and rings at least partly true. He only seems to miss that the hexagon houses are hexagon houses because they were made by poor carpenters, and that good carpenters make normal houses with the same toolbox
10:11 PM
@dyelawn I do agree that the parts seem a bit disconnected, but to a large extent that is just a mental thing. "oh cookbook, this must be something completely different" when really it's just a different section of the same docs using a slightly different format
the terminology is flowery and the site it pretty. i like flowery prose and pretty websites. these things are distracting.
but if you have some concrete suggestions, don't hesitate sending feedback to the symfony/symfony-docs repo, in form of tickets.
@igorw but it's not. it gets somewhat specific, and the line between how the base works and how a particular bundle works becomes blurred, especially because the links to implementation stuff is included within the base stuff
@igorw nah i just like yelltyping at no one in particular.
@dyelawn part of it is that the php manual style docs are mostly in the component docs; but those focus on how to use the components standalone, and not how they fit into the big picture when used with symfony (the framework), which is often a little different.
mostly just peeved with myself bc i spent a whole day looking for a solution to a problem that was solved in the very core of the framework's philosophy: how to make services flexible and alter their definitions
and i didn't know there was anyone in here that actually worked on symfony...
10:19 PM
once you have understood the overall architecture, which parts do what and how they interact, it's usually quite easy to find a particular piece of information
how to get there, that's the hard part. and I don't know if the docs help much with it. they didn't when I was starting out, but that's been a while, so I'd like to think it has improved
i wish more things linked to this api.symfony.com
web-based API docs are overrated. but that's just my personal preference, I like to browse the source directly.
i'm not well-versed enough in programming to understand what a thing "does" by viewing source
that API documentation does not tell you anything you could not see by viewing the source
but the documentation and linking to the cookbook stuff is dangerous for me because it emphasizes concept at the expense of execution
not on its own, but in the context of a well-placed link within an article it certainly would
10:24 PM
hello Guys , I want to edit a widget width in php for wordpress... I found some code here ... /* Widget settings. */

$widget_ops = array( 'classname' => 'maxmag_catlist_widget', 'description' => __('A widget that displays a list of posts from a category of your choice.', 'maxmag_catlist_widget') );

/* Widget control settings. */

$control_ops = array( 'width' => 150, 'height' => 200, 'id_base' => 'maxmag_catlist_widget' );

/* Create the widget. */

$this->WP_Widget( 'maxmag_catlist_widget', __('Max Mag: Category List Widget', 'maxmag_catlist_widget'), $widget_ops, $control_ops );
I find people struggle with the concepts a lot, so I don't see emphasising that as a problem
"here's a few words about what you're trying to accomplish, and maybe a use case. now go here and learn what all of the parameters are"
but I am not able to change it
try learning php .. some say it helps
I dont know php .. please tell me what should I do in that code?
10:25 PM
@dyelawn but linking class names to API docs isn't a bad thing either ;-)
something about incorporating other bundles in your own src would be helpful, too. that may be in the existing documentation, but i have not seen it
@dyelawn you mean using third party bundles?
@igorw yes
obviously installation/kernel update/routing config import is super easy, and it's very well-documented both by the site and by devs who publish packages
(short answer: you use composer)
10:31 PM
i get that part
and that part was not difficult to get used to
except for the fact that the day i started was the day that git did its no working thing
i'm talking about using services registered by bundles that you install and altering them at the top level
like i said though, mostly i'm just frustrated with myself for missing important stuff while reading the docs and the book
@dyelawn ok, that's quite a specific use case. I don't think it is documented specifically as such
@igorw it relates directly to what i was talking to peehaa about
and to trying to use this bundle github.com/hwi/HWIOAuthBundle
but it's quite simple, a compiler pass has access to the full container at compile time. so you need to create a bundle that contains a compiler pass which does the changes you need.
looks like that bundle contains all of the oauth logic in a non-reusable way, that sucks
oh.... that's not how i was going to do it.
yeah, there are a lot of functions in there that are so close to being extremely valuable
I'm sure if you open a ticket they would consider splitting out a standalone oauth lib from the bundle
many bundles start out as monolithic but will split out re-usable parts on request
what would your approach to modifying service definitions have been? that's what you want to do, right? modify the existing service definition?
10:43 PM
i was going to define a new service within my bundle with parent: hwioauth.service_thing.with_complicated_name" then set it's arguments within the controller with $container->setParameter();
if that works, then go for it
I looked at the bundle inheritance docs, but they didn't mention services; so I wasn't sure if that works
but if it does, I'd definitely go for that instead
so the bundle has to specify whether other services can declare its services as parents within inheritance docs?
oh wait, I think I misread what you just said
which has a notion of "parent" at the bundle level
yeah, not sure i've come across an appropriate situation for complete bundle inheritance yet.
but you obviously meant something else. doing $container->setParameter() in the controller will definitely not work
the reason is that the container is compiled into an optimized PHP file
10:49 PM
what i'm doing works, but it seems sloppy and redundant
huh? setParameter from a controller should blow up, the container should be frozen at that point
@NikiC: your PHP parser rocks...
I've got a basic PHP environment setup in PHP...
@dyelawn when I call `setParameter` in a controller, I get this:

> Impossible to call set() on a frozen ParameterBag.
protected function parse_Stmt_InlineHtml($node) {
    $opLine = new OpLine;
    $opLine->handler = new OpCodes\EchoOp;
    $opLine->op1 = Zval::ptrFactory($node->value);
    return array(
@ircmaxell userland implementation of opcodes? :O
10:53 PM
@igorw Not just opcodes ;-)

require_once __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';

$parser = new PHPParser_Parser(new PHPParser_Lexer);
$traverser = new PHPParser_NodeTraverser;
$traverser->addVisitor(new PHPParser_NodeVisitor_NameResolver);

$ast = $parser->parse('<?php $foo = "bar"; $bar = ($foo .= " baz"); echo $bar . $foo;');
$ast = $traverser->traverse($ast);

$php = new PHPPHP\Engine\Parser;

$opArray = $php->parse($ast);
$ex = new PHPPHP\Engine\ExecuteData($opArray);
$executor = new PHPPHP\Engine\Executor;

> bar bazbar baz
Wanna see how to troll an idiot?
whoa! once we compile it with HipHop, PHP will be bootstrapped. we can throw away the current interpreter!
Right now I only have 8 opcodes setup
@igorw i said the wrong thing. i'm altering parameters in DependencyInjection
@ircmaxell that's awesome, can't wait to see it
10:55 PM
@ircmaxell Cool
Add ($a + $b), assign ($foo = 2), AssignConcat ($foo .= "bar"), Concat ("a" . "b"), Echo, (echo $a), FetchVariable ($foo), Multiply (2 * 4) and PostInc ($foo++)
my brain is hurt
Some of it is really nice and clean, but some is DIRTY as hell
class ZvalPtr extends Zval {

    public $zval;

    public function __construct(Zval $zval) {
        $this->zval = $zval;

    public function __get($var) {
        return $this->zval->$var;

    public function __set($var, $value) {
        return $this->zval->$var = $value;

    public function __call($method, $args) {
        return call_user_func_array(array($this->zval, $method), $args);

@ircmaxell I remember that idea we had about an optimizing opcode compiler ... :D
@NikiC That's where I'm going with this ;-)
Well, not exactly, but sortof
10:58 PM
@ircmaxell macros! (I need to write my blog post on that as well)
@ircmaxell If you need any help... :)
@NikiC I want to get functions done (or at least workable), and then add a few "core" functions. Once that's done, I'll post it to GitHub and go from there :-D
@ircmaxell user-definable keywords that perform AST transformations

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