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12:00 AM
138 votes in a day. How's that? :) i.stack.imgur.com/aX1Uc.png
12:22 AM
@richardec if you downvote spam (or any other post), then the spam (or whatever) is deleted, you can vote more on the day, no? Where did you find these stats? Is it a known curator?
@mickmackusa I believe those are richardec's own stats from yesterday
@CodyGray Around? Nothing urgent.
1:24 AM
@richardec That behavior is generally something you should mod flag.
1:50 AM
@mickmackusa Yes, it's like you said. NAAs and spams deleted give me back my votes while keeping my counter. :) stackoverflow.com/users/17242583/richardec?tab=topactivity
Why was this answer marked as Spam / R/A? stackoverflow.com/a/72267032/17242583
It's nonsense in a lot of words. What on earth does "the perimeter of the area of the diameter of the button" mean?
also cc @MarcoBonelli ^
2:35 AM
Dear PHP people (such as @Machavity) I prefixed the 3 php-specific auto comments in our github repo with "(PHP)". This is because there was a "SQL Injection" entry but was specific to PHP and I wanted to make my own. I'm happy to revert or move the prefix to be a suffix.
@gunr2171 I've never been sure why that was in the repo in the first place TBH
also, since I'm here, socvr.org is going down for a few minutes while I update the server.
@RyanM holy crap what is this Markov chain nonsense, some of those just looked like bad answers without context, wow
should be back up. Can someone besides me check socvr.org and comments.socvr.org?
3:01 AM
@gunr2171 both are up for me :)
@gunr2171 Up here
3:27 AM
Go to sleep people you have work in the morning
What if it's morning already?
What if I'm working now?
Please tell me that in four hours ;-)
4:13 AM
1 hour later…
5:27 AM
5:46 AM
15 messages moved to SOCVR Request Graveyard, all of them spam
Admittedly a good chunk of those were my fault for reporting deleted spam.
6:06 AM
Are we just embattled in a raging feud against the spammers, or do they actually think to gain anything from the current campaign? No-one in their right mind would call a number riddles with emoticons, if they even manage to see it in the first place, given the quality and speed of SD's reports.
It's all me. I'm trying to up my helpful spam flag count. ;)
Also, what is your name?
What is your age?
Oh man, I just had a flashback to the 90's when A/S was the standard greeting in chat rooms.
Yes. Those were the days.
6:08 AM
Spammers relive the glory of the past.
19 messages moved to SOCVR Request Graveyard, 18 of them spam, spam, glorious spam
it's taking me 0.2 seconds longer to decide betweeen spam or R/A. And RyanM is beating me to the punch.
I haven't actually been the last flag on as many of these as you might expect. Here's my haul of spam flags from this wave.
Waiting a moment to see if I have time to resume reading the overflow blog.
Oops, I just spam-flagged an R/A. Oh well. :D
@DanielWiddis Not to worry, it was edited into spam 37 seconds before you flagged it.
6:18 AM
Also, we don't really care about the difference between Spam and R/A on SO for blatant stuff that needs to go. If it's non-offensive nonsense, feel free to spam-flag it, it'll show up in audits that way. If it's offensive, try to get an R/A flag it so that it doesn't get shown to reviewers.
Oooh, didn't think about that aspect of it.
Mods, in general, should likely try to R/A flag subtle spam, but...I don't know if that's common wisdom, and I even forget sometimes.
Then we get crappy audits and complaints on meta ^^;
(normal users should generally custom-flag subtle spam)
is an un-attributed link only answer "subtle spam" ?
@DanielWiddis If you've got additional evidence, sometimes, yeah.
We can usually find it ourselves, but if you've already done the research... :-)
6:24 AM
like user name matching the blog author? :) Also, I'm far from a "normal" user. ;)
okay, fair, very few of the people who write those flags, including me, are anywhere close to "normal users" ^^;
but yeah, username matching blog author is a good one to put in a custom flag
I envision many upcoming reviewers getting "what is your name" audit questions.
oooh, now I want to nuke a couple before the edit for that...
well that wasn't even the same spammer. booo.
Speaking of wrestling I saw the most awesome skill translation on LinkedIn today.
Guy was an MMA fighter.
His experience says, "As a professional athlete, I analyzed data in real time under high pressure circumstances."
@SmokeDetector poor spammer. Just wanting to post their genuine, handcrafted spam and got caught up (in 11 seconds!) in the ongoing war.
6:31 AM
Ha. Perfect. :D
Technically true
Decent way to justify changing high intensity training to high intensity trading.
There we go, both of those nuked before the edit.
The spam gets mutating into either some philosophical questions or horror ones. "What is your father"
I'm gonna put on the Cheers theme in the background.
@VLAZ Everyone asks what is your father, repeatedly, but never how is your father, repeatedly.
6:34 AM
I mean, what if it turns out my father is a rock?
As long as he is not the Rock.
He could also be that. Spammers are really making me think.
I think my father is human, but how can I really know that?
Or maybe it's father in the metaphorical sense. Not my parent but you know the one above. The Allfather - Odin.
I just took a DNA test, turns out I'm mostly a bunch of anxious, overcaffeinated raccoons in a trenchcoat.
"what is your father nane" this is getting ridiculous
Also, been a minute and that one hasn't morphed
Darth Vader could not be reached for comment.
6:39 AM
@VLAZ it got nuked by six flags before they did it :D
We should get "campaign badges" for our spam fighting. ;)
@DanielWiddis and call them Smolensk, Ieper and Pearl Harbor?
I should've suspended that one for attempted promotional content...
sisters name, fathers name... send them to ancestory website
We haven't seen brother's name yet.
6:42 AM
Maybe that's what the intention is, but they got lost in the way?
(let me alter my script)
Could be that they are asking for help and we are rudely just not offering any.
@SurajRao Are you saying we should be migrating this spam to Genealogy & Family History Stack Exchange?
@RyanM auto-migrate please :D
Do they accept this stuff :D
6:43 AM
@DanielWiddis "What is your great grand-uncle (from your mother's side) dog's name"
What, they skipped brother and went to geography? Bah.
Are they trying to scam me out of the answers to my security questions before or after I call them? I'm confused.
I dont keep family member name as passwords
I have the most awesome password, and the sad thing is I can't tell anyone about it.
6:51 AM
@DanielWiddis Is it **************?
Darn, now I have to change it.
Don't worry, your secret is safe with me.
I once used "incorrect" as a password. Whenever I mistyped it, the prompt told me "Your password is incorrect." Very helpful.
do we close questions as typo if there's no comment or answer pointing out the typo?
Name/Age/City.... yep. This is a 90's hacker.
6:56 AM
@DanielWiddis ASL pls :)
@Cristik Yes. A comment is courtesy
@Cristik it's also "non reproducible"
or maybe redirect to the canonical, if such one exists
@Cristik there really should be something pointing out the typo, otherwise it's also confusing for reviewers.
the scenario in discussion is related to the "TypeError: can only concatenate list (not ...) "
6:59 AM
@DanielWiddis I used to use a long and memorable password phrase on eBay. Then they changed their policies for passwords and regressed. I couldn't use spaces in the password. I couldn't remember the password, since there were also more requirements for how many symbols you need and what they could be. So, even if I remembered the general gist of the password, I couldn't remember what character I was forced to add and where to get it to work with the password policy.
answer vs. comment vs. whatever doesn't really matter, but it really ought to be somewhere.
we have numerous questions about this error, does someone know if we have a canonical for it?
@Cristik Yes, if it's a common typo, there might be a canonical for it.
@Cristik This? Grabbed off a quick web search.
@Cristik Not a Python anything, I just googled the error and this comes up
7:00 AM
Also not a Python dev or tag regular, please evaluate it for yourself :-p
not sure if those fits for a canonical, @RyanM, @VLAZ, at least not in its current form
Without reading any further the question, isn't the error self-descriptive? Somebody tried to concatenate a non-list? So, it's a matter of finding why it's different and correcting it.
since the question talks about a very specific code
@VLAZ you'd be surprised of how many users don't understand it :)
google search gives "about 11,000 results" only for SO
though the SO search gives roughly 500 results...
In JS there is a very common error that says "Cannot read 'foo' from undefined` and even points to code like something.foo and people keep claiming that it's foo which is undefined, rather than something. It's basically a variation of a null pointer exception and people have trouble with that one, too.
I'm not really surprised. But just disappointed.
7:06 AM
A/S/L/Hobby/Name of father/Name of mother
cant believe they are running out of questions
I'm not sure I ever got to the end of that redirection sequence for that sql spam before giving up and not clicking the next thing. :D
@DanielWiddis it's spammy, though? I'm redeleting the other one as spam, then.
@RyanM I assume so. forcing you to download "something" but i'm not sure what yet.
7:20 AM
@DanielWiddis spammy enough for me.
it's certainly not anything SQL related
Could it be a pony? Are you just given a pony to download?
Ponies are off-topic; unicorns only, please.
OK, off to sleep. If the spam stops when I leave don't blame me.
Spam continues, thus proving Daniel wasn't behind it.
7:25 AM
I'm actually still here. The switch to rendering specifics amused me
and I have a bit of wine left to finish ;)
Next spam question: "What is your favourite wine"
OK, I really am closing my browser... now. G'nite.
Was this...spam for an university?
@VLAZ not uncommon for Indian universities, especially given it's enrolment time for next semester
The link ended in .ac.in and AFAIK .ac is for universities.
Hi folks, I have a [tag|repoen-pls] request for https://stackoverflow.com/questions/71600372/parsing-vs-pattern-matching-in-regular-expression-javascipt/71989631, which was closed for mysterious reasons.

It is supposedly a dupe, but the question linked as a reference is completely unrelated. The question was about a conceptual clarification about pattern matching vs parsing, and the linked post is a generic post about matching HTML tags.
@Pygy multiline messages don't get Markdown parsed
@Pygy The question should be closed as too broad - it currently asks three distinct questions.
Moreover, it's already deleted - not much point to vote to reopen.
But you're also "involved" with the question as per rule 15 in the FAQ: socvr.org/faq
Indeed, I hadn't seen that rule
8:00 AM
Still learning the ropes here obviously...

(and I didn't even know the difference between reopen and undel :-).

I'm surprised by your assessment though.

There are indeed, literally three questions in the original message, but the user really wants to know the distinction between two terms, and has phrased it as "what is A, what is B, what's the difference in this context"...
Where A and B, "matching" and "parsing", are closely related.
@Pygy the question is too broad, asks too many questions, it's unlikely you'll succeed in having it undeleted, then having it reopened
you'd had more luck if OP reposts a different question, in a better shape of course, and add the answer to that
8:17 AM
@Cristik Understood, I'm not trying to get it re-opened, but to understand the reasoning. It looks like you are taking a very literal interpretation of the rules, which is a bit surprising to me... learning.

OP had the answer they wanted, I'd be surprised if they re-posted it.

I suppose I should have told them to rephrase the question so that it literally appears a single question "What's the difference between matching and parsing in this context?" so that it isn't seen as multiple ones.
Spammer's coffee break is over?
Yeah, the amount is staggering.
@Pygy a "What's the difference between matching and parsing in this context?" question is still not suitable for this site, as it would require a broad coverage of aspects. Also, which context? OP hasn't provided a clear context - simple screenshots don't qualify, SO questions need to have searchable/indexable content
The question was asked on Mar, 24, and OP made no attempts to improve the question since then, so it was rightfully deleted
I'm sorry your answer got deleted along with the question, that's one of the risks when answering low quality questions
@Cristik thanks for the sympathy :-). The screenshotted text can be found in clear here. I'm really trying to understand what constitutes a high quality question, and how to steer people towards it.
A good place to start is always the tour (you even get a badge for reading it).
"With your help, we're working together to build a library of detailed, high-quality answers to every question about programming."
8:32 AM
@JeanneDark and nowadays a telephone book for your favourite support number!
Thanks @JeanneDark.
@StephenOstermiller is this more suitable for Webmasters, rather than here? It reads as a question on how to structure your files/webpage in such a way that Google puts you on the front row for a penny
8:58 AM
what the heck is going on with this spam flood
I don't think we have any good insight into possible motivations but circumstantial evidence seems to suggest that it is part of the wider DDoS attack rather than just a spammer gone nuts
it's just people that wanted to help us keeping this chat active :)
9:13 AM
Maybe their intention is to mess up SOCVR
@Adriaan It needs some clarity maybe. I commented on it. Its more of a programming question than it looks on its face because it is about meta tag implementation in React. It is also very likely to be asked and answered already. I'll try to find a duplicate. Edit: Looks like a dupe of Google Not Showing React-Helmet Title And Description but I already voted to close for clarity.
@StephenOstermiller thanks :)
9:46 AM
stackoverflow.com/q/72271668/5211833 besides being unattempted homework, is this about programming? It asks to rank the complexity of several algorithms.
@Adriaan It's more CS but complexity questions can be on-topic. I'm not sure this specific one is on-topic, though. At the very least, I think we should have a duplicate that describes how different growth rates rank up (IIRC, there was a general one for big-O).
Spammers are now onto arithmetic
They must be trying to calculate the birth year from a given age. Smart.
10:18 AM
Some non-spammer would try to bypass the quality filter by adding some repetitive strings to their question and would have their question flagged as spam.
Which is not exactly bad. Just a waste of flags.
*tries "red-flagging spam Adriaan 42" as password for Adriaan's account*
11:22 AM
not sure if this is spam...?
@blackgreen seems reasonably innocuous to me?
yeah, you're right just close-worthy
11:51 AM
/mute SmokeDetector
IRC commands aren't supported here :(
you can actually ignore a user by clicking their icon in the gallery on the right
@NathanOliver wow, that emptied my screen. No more scrolling in today's SOCVR
Yeah, same here. I think I kind of broke chat. It's not auto scanning all the smokey messages that are still in the room.
@NathanOliver Get real, braking chat?
12:08 PM
So I wound up having to close chrome completely and reopen it in order to get the room to actually refresh. It was still showing all of the messages I had moved as being in the room.
@NathanOliver ctrl+F5 helped in my case
I forgot to try that
@tripleee Much better
I just read the SO blog and am glad that one of the things they learned is "Talk to your users." Sadly, it takes months of DDoS attacks, but still...
1:04 PM
@Adriaan it is unclear because OP is not asking a question
1:17 PM
@JeanneDark I saw the blog post advertised on Instagram and snorted when I read it. I said out loud "rely on the community's Smoke Detector to detect and flag spam for you, basically"
@TylerH The reason I read it was to see if they thanked or even mentioned the volunteers...
1:36 PM
I wonder how many IPs are blocked
2:01 PM
@Dharman They should add a captcha before a question can be asked until your account is 30 days old
30 day old accounts for sale!
2:17 PM
the fact that we don't yet have a captcha for questions asked by new users shows how much SO owners care about volunteers that handle all these spam posts
We'd also need a captcha before casting an upvote
basically, as long as we altruistically get rid of all the spam and try to keep the site quality at a high level, they don't care about putting other measures in place
@Cristik AFAIK, we have
They don't eat enough of their own dog food. Very few employees are heavy users of the site themselves.
@StephenOstermiller on one of the projects I worked in the past, they renamed to CatFood :)
allegedly one of the owners was a cat person :)
@Cristik That may not be a great question but NDD is not a correct closure reason. That code still produces that error in the current version of numpy and python
@HenryEcker should it be a typo then?
or is it a python bug?
I don't think so at most it's unclear. They're trying to use a nested list of strings to index a numpy array. They need to use ints. The question is either "why can't I use string indices with a numpy array?" or "how do I get these string indices to behave as numbers would when indexing?"
Looking to see if there are some dupes that may apply
2:53 PM
I've submitted a pull request (now merged) that should let Smokey self-delete reports posted here if they're deleted within 2 minutes again (previously was not working). Should help keep the transcript a bit cleaner.
@Spevacus are you sure you want to give more power to AI? :)
@Cristik We are slowly being taken over by the robot overlords, this is true. I mean, I could be a robot, for all you know.
i'm starting feeling vibes of Arnold movies...
Is this old resource-request post worth keeping around?
3:01 PM
@GeneralGrievance definitely not
@GeneralGrievance I'd say not, it's definitively not even close to stackoverflow.com/questions/388242/…, even if it looks similar
Scenario: this question is a special case of this one, hence duplicate closure. However both questions have a top answer that is identical — even by the author's admission.
I'm thinking which one should be flagged for deletion. Probably, and counter-intuitively the one in the original should be deleted, since it's a repost, and in fact it addresses the special case, instead of the general case presented in the Q
however the score is higher (106 against 14), so a bunch of people found it actually useful
@blackgreen I don't see why either needs to be deleted. There appear to be only 4 questions linked from the target. Perhaps edit the title of the duplicate a bit to make it a better signpost?
stackoverflow.com/a/72276517/4826457 NAA(comment) right? I think it refers to this answer
3:31 PM
@blackgreen Oh, wait, you meant which answer should be deleted. I misunderstood that, my bad.
I don't give a crap what anyone else says... if someone comments on my answer saying "THank yOU so MUch this solved ALL my issue!!!" and doesnt accept as answer I WILL comment back passive aggressively telling them to accept
@MFerguson Hmm?
@MFerguson Sure, the uncommon comment helping a new user learn how to use the system is fine. We can always flag such comments as NLN after a short while
Maybe you shouldn't do that though. I've been suspended for doing that.
The certainly should be no aggression - passive or otherwise.
3:54 PM
@richardec I hope you were only suspended because you were doing it like scores or hundreds of times and not just once or twice
otherwise that's a big yikes from me
Or for telling people to accept without getting a "thank you" comment first
For new(ish) users that haven't accepted any answers so far, I sometimes post a link to this meta post. Idea was inspired by Martijn, somewhere on Meta.SO.
Something like, "You're welcome. Maybe have a look at this: <link>."
imagine feeling it necessary to stalk a user's question feed to see if they're accepting answers
Educating users about how to use the site is as important as educating them about how not to write code, sometimes.
3:58 PM
Yes, however, the site already provides this service
I once engaged in chat with a new user who thought that "accepting" my answer would "close" their question.
@cigien yes I meant the duplicate answers only. The questions are totally fine
in this case I don't think the Qs can be merged, so one of the two answers should go, I'm not sure which one
The TL;DR on vote/accept reminders is that they should be rare. Posting one or two spaced far apart won't get you into trouble. But if a mod notices a lot of them, you can expect a mod message.
It's not comment spam, more like comment litter. You see one piece, you sigh and move on. You see half a dozen blowing out of a car, you might be more inclined to act.
@AdrianMole If you're referring to this answer by Martijn, then no, "not anymore" as the recent edit message says. Better to avoid mentioning accepts entirely on the main site.
> I am happy to hear it, and Thanks for the beer!
4:10 PM
I always links to that help center page, and I always justified sending comments to brand-new users with meta.stackoverflow.com/a/251298, but very recently that answer was updated to say it's not good to do.
@blackgreen If the answers are identical, then deleting the one on the duplicate makes more sense IMO, since the target is the one more users are likely to read.
@cigien No. There was a post or comment somewhere on Meta that Martijn made, where he said that he posts a comment containing that link when a new user doesn't seem to know how accepting works. But I do it only rarely.
... I have even suggested it on others' answers, where it is clear from comments that they do, indeed, solve the problem.
@cigien makes sense, thanks. I'll think some more about it before flagging
@cigien Actually, yes - that was the post. Just looked at the edit history.
4:15 PM
If you do find a post that's older than a month or so ago saying that, that guidance is outdated. If you have a link to those, could you share it? That guidance is being updated everywhere afaict.
Well, even a recent post saying that should be updated. Only if the answer is by a mod, or is very highly scored though, otherwise it's fine.
4:31 PM
Is this general computing? Also looks a bit unfocused to me.
@richardec we don't allow comments about progress toward closing/reopening/completing of *-pls requests; see Rule #16: socvr.org/faq#GEfM-no-boom-or-bump
@TylerH ooooops, sorry about that. I meant to notify anyone in case that hadn't seen my request, but I didn't realize it was against the rules.
@cigien Yes
general computing and no question asked
@TylerH would a del-pls for this question be fine after a day or two, now that it's closed? Would the community generally agree to its deletion since it's off-topic?
4:56 PM
FAQ rule #11 is relevant for del-pls requests.
hmm... blacklisted user, but the answer was posted on 2013, and no activity on it since then?
@Cristik The question was edited
PSA: Do not ask users to upvote/accept answers. Do not feel the need to educate them either.
mods are tired of deleting comments reminding others to upvote and/or accept answers. We understand that you might think you are doing this to help new users, but it's not your job. The system should educate new users on how voting works, not your comments. The truth is accepting is completely optional and nobody should feel pressured into doing so. Upvoting is a privilege many new users don't have. Once they gain that privilege, the system issues a short training to them. The correct way to reply to "Thank you" comments is to flag for deletion. Many times these are added just
@JeanneDark even so, the script should account only for actions made by the blacklisted user, or at least have some time threshold
@Cristik Why should it?
5:06 PM
because what's the point of posting it here otherwise?
usually SD reports require some action
To catch potentially problematic posts
I kinda doubt an answer posted 9 years ago is still alive if it was problematic
Probably because SD can't go around checking every single post, so instead it listens to recent events and checks the posts connected with those events.
@Cristik You haven't been curating for long, have you? ;)
only for a few years :)
my point was that this was a false positive, and it's ok to have them from time to time, but if we can reduce their occurrence, then why shouldn't we?
5:14 PM
It would be nice if there were some way to make it smarter about blacklisted users. I haven't really thought through exactly what would be best, though.
It might be useful if they only posted content that was updated after the user was blacklisted.
I don't see the problem with those reports. There is most often no action necessary, but it's good that an overlooked spam or rude post may be caught that way.
The issue is that we give FP feedback, which unblacklists the user. What we really want is for their next post to get reported, not one they made years ago that will cause their actual next post to not get reported.
Maybe the problem is the feedback you give ;)
I understand @JeanneDark's point of view, that a blacklisted user could've done for years the bad actions that led to them being blacklisted, but my feeling is that those are extremely rare situations (if they even exist)
The other situation in which it's ...suboptimal... is when a user is blacklisted for doing something rude/problematic other than spam, and then in response, we clean up the post...and it gets re-reported and the user unblacklisted because it's now FP.
5:19 PM
maybe store somewhere the date when the user was blacklisted, and report only posts made after that date?
@Cristik made or edited by the OP
also, do we blacklist by username or user id?
@Dharman Doesn't this warrant an entire new post in meta with an answer detailing the policy update?
@RyanM yeah, wanted to say "actions" :)
@Cristik User ID. We can blacklist by username, but that's a separate reason. "Blacklisted username"
5:20 PM
@Cristik Blackslisted user named "Nick" ;)
Any privileged user can add a user blacklist entry, but the username blacklist requires a blacklist manager.
and that manager is a singleton, right? :)
Ha...there are actually a dozen or so ;-)
sdc whois blacklister
@JeanneDark I'd rather blacklist a "Justin"
Maybe a meta post would be a good idea
5:22 PM
@RyanM I am aware of 49 blacklist managers. Currently in this room: Ryan M, Zoe stands with Ukraine, cigien, rene, Machavity, Makyen, tripleee, Cody Gray, Ferrybig. Not currently in this room: ProgramFOX, micsthepick, Spevacus, Eliah Kagan, WELZ, bwDraco, John Dvorak, ArtOfCode, 4b0, double-beep, CalvT, Ollie, Henders, Kyll, Magisch, iBug, Byte Commander, Mast, Tetsuya Yamamoto, Undo, Jeff Schaller, Nisse Engström, Glorfindel, Das_Geek, EKons, Mithical, Andy, Thomas Ward, DavidPostill, Suraj Rao, a spaghetto, Papershine, NobodyNada, bertieb, A J, doppelgreener, K.Dᴀᴠɪs, Ashish Ahuja, thesecretmaster, angussidney.
...okay, there are a lot more than I remembered.
hmm... thought a blacklist manager was a class or something like that :p
@RyanM What about some kind of "skip" feedback, keeping the user blacklisted but telling SD to ignore the reported post?
That could also be a solution.
(I should disclaim, however, that I'm not a Charcoal dev. I help out with various things on the project, like the lists, and am moderately familiar with parts of the code's workings, but I'm unlikely to be the actual implementer of this stuff, at least for now.)
5:31 PM
it should not be hard to add something like skip to the command set and I agree that this is a use case which calls for it ... maybe the name of the command could still be debated
How about str (spare the rod)?
Maybe just a variant of fp which doesn't unblacklist the user would work to solve the problem. Because the post as reported is fp…
"meh" - it's not TP, but it's not worth removing the blacklist.
created an issue for the skip proposal github.com/Charcoal-SE/SmokeDetector/issues/6995
!!/meh is good, but perhaps it should mean "more evil pHone spam"
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