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12:39 AM
Anyone awake?
@Scratte :)
Ahh.. can you tell me when Little Nuts was last seen?
Ha! My script is working :D
someone's got a pluralization bug :)
12:42 AM
@Scratte :)
@OlegValter Hmm.
@OlegValter Yes. I fixed that in my own local version :D
I can't have that on my screen
@Scratte Have what?
I also don't do localTime.. So I just put 1 minute ago and the UTC date in a tooltip
Then it doesn't take a lot of space.
@Scratte OK. Nice.
@KevinM.Mansour "1 minutes ago"
12:44 AM
@Scratte :) someone's not getting bludgeoned by a big S :)
@Scratte I have copied it. ;)
However.. the fanatic script seems to be neglected by my browser.
Ohh.. actually no. It's super active :D
Loading every 2 minutes since the hour of day is now overlapping with it fetching every two mintes.
I set it to fire between midnight and 2 in the morning while also setting it to fire between 0 and 2 minutes.. and since it's between midnight and 2 and it checks every 2 minutes, it's fetching every time it checks.
today, I decided to default every 404 page that does not have a specific config to an easter egg, but forgot to update the selector. So... This is what I got:
@OlegValter Nice.
Is there a Hmm ability? We need it most.
^ and this. I think I am going to rename it to the "Arrrggghhh! Script"
12:59 AM
Heh.. :)
I need sleep..
@Scratte Good night. :)
10 Reputation points. ;)
@KevinM.Mansour Hi :)
^ configurable custom headers available in version 1.1.1
@10Rep Hi. :)
@OlegValter Great.
@OlegValter by header you mean the "Arrghhhh!"?
1:14 AM
I think the image.
@10Rep yup :) The image overrides have been available since 0.8.0
@OlegValter Yeah, I saw the original userscript while reading the conversations
^ it's the ability to customize it per site that was the crux of this update :)
and adding an easter egg to unsupported sites
That's powerful.
@10Rep thank you :) SE pissed me off hard that day
the next version is going to feature an override for the subheader as well - gonna make something of this script to keep it useful until SE removes custom 404 entirely
@OlegValter The profile changes were even worse IMO... I wish there would be a warning post before actually making the change :(
@OlegValter I have updated the script but it soesn't work. :)
@10Rep pfff, an advance warning? Who are you, an important part of the network? :)
Wouldn't it be easier for them as well though? If the community doesn't like it you save yourself hours of dev work, no?
By them I mean staff.
1:39 AM
It just fires but "404" button doesn't show. Screenshot.
@KevinM.Mansour You need to actually reach a 404 page for the 404 button to show up. So just go to a nonsense link like this.
or just access a deleted post.
Wait? Is that a new update? The version I were using was firing eveywhere.
And yes, I see it now.
1:56 AM
actually... this is not how it is supposed to work. I improved 404 matching in this version and did it a liiiitle bit too overzealously, lemme fix that
@KevinM.Mansour fixed in 1.1.2 - thanks for the report!
@OlegValter :)
need to remind myself not to over-optimize - I ended up exiting too early from the script on non-404 pages. @10Rep but you are correct, this is how script worked before the 0.7.0 version. I changed that in 0.7 and, in my arrogance, never put a "do not reorder!" comment :)
@OlegValter Who writes comments anyways? (jk :p)
1 hour later…
that one's on @Scratte - they have to fix their script either way - I think they wanted to return the proper boxes too. Not sure if anything has changed, though
4:26 AM
Suggested edit queue is full. :(
4:47 AM
I came here to ask a doubt but it resolved itself when I tried to frame the question. God I love Rubberducking :p
@Sabito錆兎 :)
2 hours later…
6:22 AM
@KevinM.Mansour only 4e2 more rep to go to stop worrying about this :)
@OlegValter Yes, I need them most before I die waiting.
your last 2 edits were good - approved both, but still need a couple more reviewers (depending on the second vote)
@OlegValter My bot also have pending edits. :)
When I am 5 pending edits, I do edits from my bot rather than waiting. :)
@OlegValter Good feeling.
But why it doesn't show that someone have reviewed the edit?
6:59 AM
Because SE decided you do not need that, duh :) They've been consistently removing information from review queues to make reviewers / editors blind as moles
4 hours later…
That is not nice.. it's unkind to tell someone that is struggling that they're not struggling enough.
how to approach a problem while coding in java. And you didn't even care to link to the tutorial.. that is just a snarky comment.
This site is already pretty harsh. There's no reason to add to that or to make it worse!
11:52 AM
@Scratte I though that's helpful. :(
By "Java" word I linked to the documentation. Hmm...
Q: How to unsubscribe from all the Youtube channels at once?

Mark TwainI have subscribed to more than 300 Youtube channels in past 10 years, and now I have to clean my Youtube, unsubscribing all one by one will take some time, is there a way to unsubscribe all the cannels at once?

Off-topic but very useful :)
Doing that manually would have been a pain :p
12:09 PM
@Sabito錆兎 LOL!!! 683. You will die trying do.
869 ;)
I subbed to all of them on my own over 6-7 years :D
@Sabito錆兎 Mistake. :)
@KevinM.Mansour Have you been to that page?
It's not easy to find the tutorial from there.
@Scratte Not sure. I linked to there.
It's the official page.
@KevinM.Mansour I know.. it's not the place you want to go if you want to learn. It's where you go if you want to buy it.
12:15 PM
@Scratte Hmm. So, where should I link? Search is bad. :)
And if you find the "education", you get to place where they want you to pay.
@KevinM.Mansour w3schools is perfect for start :)
@Shree Please no.. Kevin is going to use it for comments..
12:18 PM
@Shree Yes, Thanks. I will link there. ;P CC. @Scratte
@Scratte That's from 90s?
@KevinM.Mansour It has all the stuff you need! And no stupid white space.
And it's not from the 90's. It for Java 8.. most of the stuff people ask about is in there. Streams and temporal classes. How to add two numbers. How to get started.. it's all there.
@Scratte 70s? ;)
Just useful when try to familiar with terms.
I'm tired.. I helped you. Now I need to do something else.
OK. I will link there but that's very old website. Not sure if there is even a web designer in Oracle anyway but OK. Thanks.
@Scratte Good Luck. :)
@Shree W3Schools?
12:21 PM
You don't need fancy web design and no content. You need content. And good examples and good explanations.
@KevinM.Mansour yep.
Brian & Dennis is still the goto book for C. You think new is better? New more often than not doesn't last.. those things stood the test of time.
@Scratte But at least a good UI to continue your life? But OK. I just don't want to waste your time. Go to do what you want, we can even talk later when you have free time.
I read their Java tutorial once. It's bad.. not just a little bad. It's really bad and even wrong.
@Shree Yes but as a web developer. I link to MDN. But yes, W3Schools is easier when I want to read something fast or get general idea but when I write something or talk with someone, I should read MDN. :)
@Scratte I see.
@Scratte Hmm.
12:27 PM
Every Java release brings something new, but if very rarely removed anything, so old stuff is still true. Except for W3Schools. They were wrong the entire time.
You know what is better than an improper reference? Giving an improper reference where you assume the editor to be the answerer
Happens all the time..
I used to comment on those "Please not that username is the editor, not the author of the post. Also note that you cannot ping them from an Answer."
Sometimes, I add a screenshot where I underline "edited" :D
12:35 PM
Hmm.. I better get back to the boring and horribly tedious task of cleaning up the config element of this huge script :( I've already been at it for two hours :(
@Scratte Didn't you have finished the userscript?
@Shree can you confirm that there isn't a deleted answer by Prashant Pimpale under this post: stackoverflow.com/questions/48874382/…
I am asking you because you have 10k privileges among us :)
@KevinM.Mansour Yes.. 5 days ago. Then Stack made another user interface regression and broke it.
@Sabito錆兎 4 deleted answer. 3 NAA (like it's not working, it's working blaaa) 1 spam.
@Shree Are anyone of them written by Prashant Pimpale?
12:47 PM
Not from Prashant Pimpale
Thank you :)
yw :)
@Scratte :)
@Sabito錆兎 I edit that answer :P if any suggestion please ...........
I am writing a meta post :p
12:55 PM
Ok go ahead. All able to see revision history :). So my edit don't affect your meta post. But some time meta fire backwards so be careful.
Ping me when you post :P
Shree, Sabito and Scratte. You all have S at the beginning of your usernames. :)
@Shree Sure :)
@KevinM.Mansour Change your name (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)
SVLAZ, SCody, SKevin, SOleg and SCatija also all have S in the beginning.
@KevinM.Mansour I don't know they use real name. But my name and profile pic is real and I complain this on meta :P
around 8+ year post :P
@Shree My Avatar is definitely real.. This is exactly what I look like :P
1:05 PM
Ohh.. nice :) So your name is श्री खनाल ? :)
Last one is my surname
Q: New users confuse editors for answerers/askers. Can a subtle design change avoid that?

Sabito 錆兎Take a look at this answer by the_best. They start their answer by saying: Updating Prashant Pimpale answer. Just did it a moment ago. Now, ignoring the improper referencing in their answer, the only other place where the name 'Prashant Pimpale' is found under that question1 is as an edit to th...

@Shree Shree -> श्री
@Shree Hehe when they need to refer to you with respect they must call you श्री श्री खनाल :p
1:08 PM
Ah! So now we can call you श्री, because that is your name. And you will never be irritated if we ping you @श्री :)
@Sabito錆兎 yep yep
@Scratte Nop
Ping me whenever you want.
@Sabito錆兎 Ahh.. well. This is a problem. Mostly because it does not matter how it's designed. There is always going to be people that doesn't get it. Even if we made it "This is the EDITOR. Not the AUTHOR" there'd be people getting it wrong :)
Yeah. Still worth a discussion IMO
@Shree But it's OK to use @श्री ? :)
@Sabito錆兎 Maybe something good will come out of it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@Scratte Well it won't ping :p
1:12 PM
@Scratte Yep fine. That's my name on Devanagari font.
Thank you :) That is so cool. I'm often calling Yatin for Yatin :) Just to confuse everyone else :)
( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)
I have thought of changing my user name, but there are so many places where someone has replied to me, that I think it will be too confusing.
Meh do it :p
Hardly anyone goes back and reads stuff ... especially in chat
I thought of "Mr. Squirrely" . "Early Squirrely". "Totally Nuts" (Oleg gave me that idea). "Squiggly Nutty"..
1:16 PM
Meta back fire again for good intention :P
@Scratte Totally nuts is a good name :p
Or.. since I answer Java stuff: "Finally Nuts" :D
1:43 PM
Urgh!.. Stack Overflow is currently offline for maintenance
We know this means they're pushing another change, right!.. :/
yepp yeppp, breaking more US :P
Strange API works, submit auto flag but unable to load page.
@Scratte hm... 3 hiccups a week? Seems like Nick can't indeed leave the company without everything starting to deteriorate :)
1:59 PM
@OlegValter If someone leaving means everything breaks, they probably didn't do it well..
I follow Nick more than decade and no one going to replace his work. Huge loss after Shog. :(
Yes, but the fact that people say that the site will break when he's not there, I get worried. Normally it takes a while to break a good design.
@Scratte Naaa without knowing how system work no one repair it. It's take time to understand but ...................
@Scratte it's a joke :) But the timing is indeed problematic
It's the chicken and the egg problem.. how to fix it when Stack Overflow is down? :D
2:07 PM
Now time to blame but sBot not running here :P
Heh.. :)
Nothing works now.. stuff is broken.
@Shree it's all SE's fault :P
2 hours later…
4:13 PM
it took them 3 months to "fix" the post summary bug...
and probably 3 more to "fix" the new one(s)
(fix = push untested crap)
lol! I like your definition of fix :D
I found this piece of code in SE's JS:
abc: function(noHighlight) {
    var highlight = !noHighlight;
    if (highlight) {}
what's the point of that?
It reverses the highlight? :)
why is it noHighlight, though?
It's mostly called with highlight off? I don't know.. I'm guessing.
4:28 PM
Is the noHighlight used anywhere else?
not in that function
Perhaps there's another line var hihglightoff = !highlight && noHighlight; :D
@double-beep then I have no idea what this flip flop is for :(
@Scratte my first thought - but according to @double-beep, this is not the case at all
reminds me of what @VLAZ said about one of their jobs
Yeah... It's too real.
4:40 PM
There was this project that fried my ability to do boolean maths in my head. Because you'd get something like the code you showed above. But worse
There is a boolean that flip-flops like 3 times
Aug 15 at 15:32, by VLAZ
I also worked on a project that absolutely fried my ability to reason about booleans. The code would get a boolean and flip it three or four times before using it. And occasionally would name a boolean variable to the opposite and then still NOT it. It was maddening.
Ah, that, yes. Didn't try searching.
I like how I managed to express myself both times with "fried".
I suppose my vocabulary is also fried.
@VLAZ ah, I just finished searching and copying the link - I am on mobile right now, and the transcript isn't exactly known for being mobile-friendly
@OlegValter I'm sure it's priority #2. Right after the profiles.
what's with the sudden feeling of dread I just felt? :)
4:45 PM
Are we all fixing scripts?
@Scratte nope, why are you asking?
Hmm.. I am :(
In the grand scheme of things, isn't that the meaning of life? Fixing the script that fate ordered for us?
(I'm not fixing anything ATM)
I think ..no. In the grand scheme of things, my life is not what it's suppose to be.
Sounds like you should fix the script of your life, then.
4:47 PM
@VLAZ oh, nu this script's good - it even follows the best practice of exiting early on error :)
@Scratte sounds like you have a bug in your life
Yes. I think it's Stack Overflow. The whole framework is just wrong.
I guess my life is also not what I imagined. Although, I'm not really sure what exactly I imagined.
4:59 PM
I think.. I made it..
5:57 PM
I get a lot of these broken images
So I figured I could "fix" it by using this:
        .forEach(img => {
                     if (img.clientHeight === 0)
                        img.src = myImageOfaBrokenImage.png
Is that bad or is there a better way to do it?
@Scratte that's the spirit :)
A search turned up some jQuery solutions, but it seems they're all wanting to try to fetch the image again. How to check if image exists with given url?
@Scratte nah, looks ok to me
OK.. I'll need a broken image :)
@Scratte hmmm... You'll need someone else for this :) I am in a bar and a bit drunk right now
6:02 PM
@OlegValter Sounds nice.. :)
Please don't drink too much.. we don't you to become a broken image :P
6:38 PM
@Scratte come on, I even expect some work to be done today :)
img.clientHeight didn't work :) But img.naturalWidth does :)
@OlegValter today? But it's not day anymore :D
I know it doesn't look much different, but it is :) I stays in its place now and its aligned with the tags.
1 hour later…
8:18 PM
@Scratte dunno, it is still today for me :) most the work will still be done in the night (if any)
When it's nice and quiet :)
@Scratte naturalWidth, huh? You could probably add a listener to the error event instead - image load load failure should emit an error event :)
Yes, I see the error in my console, but I don't know how to pick it up.
You can add an event listener on window for the error event - when an image fails to load, it should dispatch one - it will bubble up to the window
You could look for the target being equal to the image (DOM elements, despite being basically objects, can be compared for equality) or matching the selector
but if your current solution works for you, then, well, what gives? :)
I have to add a delay of a second, since it may be loading the image.
If I can catch the error, I'd prefer to do that.
8:26 PM
Yup, you can catch it
Although you would probably want to set it as a one-off listener
Probably not.. there's lot of images on those pages.
But I'm not sure how to do it exactly.
But I'm trying to get my versioning right :D
8:51 PM
@Scratte yeah, but please, set it via addEventListener :)
window.addEventListener('error', function(event) { console.log("error occured event:", event) })
But.. it's not logging anything..
9:12 PM
I'm thinking that it's handled by some other program that just logs it as an error.. but doesn't raise it.
9:26 PM
that depends on 2 things: (1) whether you end up registering the listener before the even actually fires, and (2) whether the event actually reaches window - something else on the page might stop event propagation
I put it as the first thing in the script, and since it's a review, it takes a while for the review to even load.
So I'm going to guess that it's not 1 that's causing it to not show me the event.
odd - can you point me to a sample review? I can tell why there
images that fail to load do emit an error event, there is no way around that
however, it can either be intercepted or stopped from reaching the window
@Scratte thanks! Let me do an isolated test
But it's getting stopped my "me" blocking social sites.
9:34 PM
yikes, I guess I need to block them myself first - they all load fine for me
They're on the answers page :)
yeah, found them, don't worry :)
Score 1251, score 0 by a user with 3,268 reputation points, and score -2
Ahh.. of course. The url gives it away :)
10:00 PM
argh. I forgot that the reviews are loaded via a separate AJAX call. A moment
eh, well, so, here's the deal
^ the event does fire
but you need to register the listener on the element itself
I actually do not recall why, exactly, the event does not bubble, but I will look for a reference
you might want to register a one-off listener to any img element, or devise a compound selector to match it precisely
Hmm.. that makes no sense to me.
oh, I am a dummy
DOM spec level 3 made the "error" event non-bubblable
so it does not bubble up the DOM tree
Why would they do that?
whereas DOM spec level 2 specified "error" as able to bubble
@Scratte no idea :( My knowledge is far from perfect - maybe there is an SO question about that :)
But I don't know when there's an img on the page.. I'd need to monitor for that. It makes no sense to me why I should put that extra on the page. It will just put a huge load on.
10:10 PM
ugh, yes, of course there is
A: How to listen to the error event of all images?

anddoutoiThe error event does not bubble. The DOM Level 2 Events specifies it should but The DOM Level 3 Events overrides this. You could try window.onerror but I'm not sure if that only catches run-time script errors in your code or errors thrown by failing resources. If it works it will also catch all ...

@Scratte well, event listeners are quite lightweight, though. With that said, yeah, it kind of sucks. I am not sure I can give you a definitive answer on why this was done, though
"And then have that generic error handler trigger a custom jQuery event, e.g.:"
No.. no no no.. I don't want to add that to my script.
Every time I try to find something JavaScript I end up on a jQuery page. It's like looking for a nice meal and someone hands you wonderbread and old butter.
@Scratte well, the latter part is definitely not needed... Since you are guaranteed to fire your script inside the $.ajaxComplete callback, all images should be already appended to the DOM, so you can simply select them and add an even listener to each preferrably a one-off. You definitely do not need jQuery for that
@Scratte yeah, these were the dark times... :)
Nearly every answer started with "Use jQuery instead"
oh, how mighty has fallen since then
^ with that said, a one-off listener to every image element you are interested in is your best bet at a reliable way of fixing these images. Sorry for confusing you about the bubbling of an error event - I sincerely thought it bubbles up the tree
But then I'd have to find them all and add a listener to each of them, no?
That seems worse than just waiting a second and replace the ones where it can't find the width.
at least that's reliable, though. And adding/removing listeners is not a big overhead at all. In any case, that's your choice - I thought you could listen for the event bubbling up, but, apparently, you can't. Shoot
But.. I can't just add those inside the ajaxComplete. I'm asking for stuff that has images in them
10:24 PM
not sure I understand your last message. Seems to me like you perfectly can do that
When I call fetch(url), it's not an ajax call, is it?
what do you mean? Last time I checked, your script reacts to the ajaxComplete event firing. Therefore, you are guaranteed to have those images appended to the DOM (but not loaded yet), so you can do whatever you want with them with a one-off event listener
Then I go and fetch the editor user card which has an url to an image. And I go and fetch the post user cards. And I sometimes get the post summary avatar from an url from the API response.
So when the ajaxComplete returns, I don't actually have those images ready or rather.. I don't have the elements
So, when do you have those images ready?
That depends on the user preferences :D
Now.. I just put an eventListener on all images.. odd thing is I get 7 events, but only 3 missing images.
10:36 PM
well, what's the big deal then? :) The only rule is that the image emits an error event when it fails to load, and it does not start to load until it is appended to the DOM. That's it :)
I think I need to find out why it's giving me 7 error events
I need to sleep. I have to get up at 6 tomorrow.
@Scratte hm... wait, on just 3 images?
Yes. Well.. I think so.
I can try to see which they are.
But I guess maybe it put more than one listener on the same image.
do you reuse elements by any chance? This might lead to event listeners accumulating over time if you are not adding them with { once: true }
but that's speculation without seeing the code
I just added a listener to every image.. but it will get complicated fast, if I need to sort out which I already added a listener too.
10:42 PM
@Scratte did you add them as one-off listeners?
No.. :)
then that's likely what's causing this :) Why not, though?
But in any case.. Even if I did, I'd still need to sort out which I already added a listener too, no?
I really need to sleep now.. I'll look at it in the morning
@Scratte why would you need that if they fire once and then get removed from an image? :) But, of course, you might also want to put a load event listener on those images to force-remove the error event listener in case the image actually loads
that probably requires you getting some sleep, though, and me sobering up a little - I am not much a thinker right now too
you know what... it does not bubble, but it can be intercepted in the capturing phase then! If you register an event listener on document (window won't do, not reached) in the capturing phase, you will likely be able to avoid the need for adding more than one listener

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