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9:00 PM
I can't live without Reddit :(
@Xeo Oh, hello there dude.
Bah, I've exhausted my patience for today. Stupid Emacs.
@EtiennedeMartel That's one of those refactoring that rarely results in good code, IMO. But in general it is all EPIC WIN. Especially for keyboardist. And with ViEmu - of course
I can't live without oxygen :(
9:01 PM
@TonyTheLion Come to SA instead, don't miss Reddit ever again.
@StackedCrooked You mean, the Eclipse-based Xml editing suite?
Billy Talent + Anti-Flag in Berlin on the 13th October, and Papa Roach + Stone Sour on the 4th December
And I don't have money to buy the tickets right now x_x
@EtiennedeMartel hi
@CatPlusPlus what's on SA that is better than Reddit?
@sehe I like LINQ. And var. And all those things that make code shorter.
9:02 PM
I fucking never fucking heard fucking about fucking eclipse fucking xml before.
No pun threads, for one.
I'm sick of that old "var makes code less readable" argument.
@CatPlusPlus but they're funny
First two were funny.
9:02 PM
oh gawd
@CatPlusPlus We're not threatening you with puns.
@EtiennedeMartel Who says that.
@sbi but Reddit is
@TonyTheLion I was making a pun, dammit!
I love Reddit pun threads.
9:04 PM
@EtiennedeMartel Ohhhh. You don't know anything about me. I don't like LINQ. I Love it to death!
I just stated that that particular refactoring often leads to crappy LINQ statements where loops are better suited. Or yield blocks. Like, maybe, 50% of the time.
@StackedCrooked on some subreddits, they can get like 50 nesting levels deep... it's kinda hilarious sometimes.
Awesome :D
@CatPlusPlus C programmers, mostly.
@EtiennedeMartel Of course, the trivial stuff is ok, but hey, that only happens with code written by others. I write the Linq extensions myself
It's funny how the userbase is divided between pun-lovers and pun-haters.
9:05 PM
@EtiennedeMartel It can. And so do LINQ query syntax and extension methods. When overdone.
I'll write bool b = false;. But I'll write var x = new ThingamaJigg();
@sbi not punny!
@sbi You fucked up your pun, boy..
In fact, I never use the query syntax. Except for the very rare occasion where I need a straight inner join of two enumerators. I'd say in all others cases Extension syntax is less surprising and much easier to refactor.
How's school?
9:07 PM
Somewhat fun.
Like, relaxed.
Not a single fuck will be given the next four years.
Okay. What till you see what the books and materials will cost you.
@daknøk My condolences.
I already have the three books I need.
@sehe No, I haven't yet. Haven't been making the time for it. Shame on me.
Three books! That's a course, not a college education :)
9:09 PM
3 books containing each 10 million pages would suffice.
how convenient
Just saw that on reddit :)
Two books don’t contain over threehundred pages, and the other one, which covers HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and C# covers about six hundred.
All of which I already know.
Except maybe for the ASP.NET part, which I don’t give a fuck about.
@StackedCrooked What site are you visiting?
@sehe Um yeah. I think I owe you guys a big one for reopening that.
9:12 PM
Does anyone know what kind of paper is best to write a letter on?
Papyrus comes to mind, but I don’t think it would be that great.
@StackedCrooked wtf?
@Mysticial “explainthisimage.com”
@StackedCrooked anyways, I fired up my rusty VM just to show you this:
9:13 PM
My bacon is out of date.
Some of us are at work. Others (@jalf) have limited bandwidth
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@daknøk oh right... lol
:5222731 Just a few months.
@sbi You've taken my line :)
9:15 PM
@sehe Nope, I did that myself.
Stop it already
@sehe how would you end a Dutch sentence that quotes a phrase where punctuation is very important? De brief begint met “Beste meneer,”.?
When transforming std::strings to ints

Do you think it is better to use stoi() or atoi() with the c_str() function?
@MohamedAhmedNabil boost::lexical_cast
9:17 PM
@MohamedAhmedNabil You use string streams.
@MohamedAhmedNabil Dude! You again with your silly questions!? :)
He? Ik snap het niet. Gewoon:
Beste meneer,
Sentences end in a period, but it looks weird to have "Beste meneer,". at the end of a sentence.
@daknøk I take it you are starting off on the right foot by writing a pedantic letter about some instructions?
@daknøk I said that last night. Hit ignore
I wasn’t here last night.
Will plonk, indeed.
9:18 PM
23 hours ago, by sehe
@MohamedAhmedNabil By the way, using boost::lexical_cast<T> (str) is roughly equivalent to using std::istringstream iss(str); T val; if (!iss >> val) { throw Exception; } return val;
@daknøk That's why he told you.
@sehe I am writing a note for myself. I am writing a letter tomorrow and I need to prepare myself mentally.
@MohamedAhmedNabil Look above your mesage.
Also I have just acquired myself some OJ. Feels good. :)
9:21 PM
@MohamedAhmedNabil This is exactly the same question as yesterday. We gave you that link. It would be much appreciated if you had used the search function on Stack Overflow to get that.
@MohamedAhmedNabil How likely do you think it is we're going to keep answering you in chat --- chat ! --- when you just re-ask the precise same question the next day.... Hmmm
Ask same question every day = autoplonk.
@sehe Yesterday I didnt ask that, I only asked if there was a getint function or not, Today, I was just asking not for what to use, but for peoples personal prefrence
Right. And then we got some discussion. About this very same question. You know, ***you are free to use _whatever_ you like***. IIRC you are still learning the stuff, and frankly I don't think fretting these details is productive.
It certainly isn't for me.
@MohamedAhmedNabil You should stop being stupid. Sorry if that sounds offensive, but it's the most honest expression of how I'm feeling about you right now.
@MohamedAhmedNabil You come here, not knowing the customs, do something wrong and annoy the regulars, get told what you did wrong, and then, instead of apologizing and adapting your behavior, you try to tell those regulars why you didn't do anything wrong? I am sorry, but from where I sit (and I wasn't even around yesterday!) that sounds a lot like you need to follow @StackedCrooked's advice.
9:24 PM
God, okay fine
Sorry if that sounds offensive? I thought the whole point of offending people was to make them feel offended. Also, if you feel offended, you probably deserve to feel offended.
Oh wait, misunderstood that sentence. :p
@daknøk That last sentence is quite stupid, you know. It is easy to offend someone who doesn't deserve it. (The lion can testify to that.)
Drive by linking bastard! :P
that’s how I roll
You're welcome :)
9:27 PM
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@KonradRudolph s/r/tr
@KonradRudolph Not here, honey.
@daknøk Exactly my though
A big apology to everyone, this will not happen again. Sorry for annoying anyone
@sbi unfaaaair
throws a tantrum
the demigods strike again
9:28 PM
Imagine that dude would apologize and I would never know since I plonked him.
@sbi Wait, so you let me post a bad Java question here and you don't let Konrad post something that's somewhat legit?
I just found an interesting question:
Q: Does software testing methodology rely on flawed data?

Konrad RudolphIt’s a well-known fact in software engineering that the cost of fixing a bug increases exponentially the later in development that bug is discovered. This is supported by data published in Code Complete and adapted in numerous other publications. However, it turns out that this data never existe...

God you monitor P.SE too?!
@MohamedAhmedNabil Take it easy. Look at the first two answers you got today (I bet you got similar answers yesterday), and start from there. Feel free to come back and ask if you get stuck. (But do not ask the same question again!)
Damn, the new Billy Talent album is great
9:29 PM
@sehe LOL!
BREAKING: fixing bugs later actually reduces cost
BREAKING: not fixing bugs at all actually reduces cost, time and stress.
@Mysticial It wasn't your question, and you weren't fishing for upvotes.
looks like Ira Baxter deleted a ton of answers and questions. He's down to 320 some reputation.
@daknøk I wouldn't say it reduces stress
9:30 PM
Today, I got up at 5:45am, went shopping as if for a party, made a chili so big that the two biggest pots I have can't hold it, had to pit a basket full of plums, then baked two plum cakes from them, fed and entertained a 5yo, fought a spammer, changed (and laundered) the sheets and blankets of a whole (big) family, served dinner to a whole (big) family, and mended a teenage relationship. it's now 11:30pm, and I am quite exhausted.
11:3ßpm ?
@Chimera Nope.
German clocks are weird
@Chimera Looked at the meta profile? :P
@kbok German keyboard. Sheepish grin.
9:31 PM
@Xeo that must be it!
@kbok 1ö:öö is the worst.
@Chimera No. He doesn't have 320rep there, but 230.
@CatPlusPlus 1ö:öö is the Bratwurst.
@CatPlusPlus You could never accidentally type that
9:32 PM
@Xeo He is Polish. He could.
@CatPlusPlus 1ö:öö is röck o’clock
I don't even have that character in my layout.
@CatPlusPlus In Denmark, it is 1Ø:ØØ
Empty set o'clock.
@sehe Average time, I bet.
9:33 PM
Non-Dutch Latin-like alphabets are weird.
@CatPlusPlus Fixed it
There's empty set character in three sizes? Neat.
@sbi The cat could to. Who was reading his perl book, just today?
With all their accents and Umlauts and weird Eszetts.
@sehe FredO
9:34 PM
@CatPlusPlus There isn't. It's empty set, o/ and O/
Oh, I just noted that @Shog9 is here! Hey, your answer is considered extremely good around here!
@Xeo FredØverflow could type that søøn :)
So it's a duplicate of 3 questions. :) — Luchian Grigore 7 hours ago
9:35 PM
Sehe New York
Good one.
@sbi well, thanks. Like I told Tony, I don't really expect it to accomplish much though.
@sbi Ahem. Speak for yourself :) And he knows that because it's what brought him here
FWIW I liked your answer too, @Shog9
@sehe Ah, that must have been while I was busy with my cakes. :-/
Maybe it's just me, but does this sound like Ira asked this question because he is concerned his old spammy answers will go away or be lost?
Q: Impact of StackOverflow's growth on viability?

Ira BaxterI joined SO when there were are 150K questions. Now there are some 330K questions. It appears that the number of visits to questions, and the real longevity of an interesting question, appear (IMHO, no empirical data) rapidly dropping off. This seems a like a natural consequence: with flood...

9:37 PM
@Griwes That was actually my immediate thought. I must admit haven't fully read the answer. But if it is the same old 'inver loop order to optimize for prefetch/locality' ... yeah, that's old /cc @Mysticial
@Shog9 Yeah, that guy is stubborn. (Did I ever mention he's been doing that for about 15 years?)
there's only 10,000,000 programmers on earth? That's only ~1:1000 people. I would expect it to be higher - especially when considering hobbyists — warren Oct 8 '09 at 10:31
Really 1:1000 people in the world programmers?
Especially not when considering most of Africa.
@daknøk I doubt it. Not one in 1000 Chinese is a programmer. Nor in Nigeria. And that's a sizable chunk of the world's population to catch up with for reaching a 1:1000 average.
That question to me makes it seem like Ira is more concerned about his advertising here not being lost.
You mean "chunk" do you ?
9:39 PM
@sehe hmm? I have plenty of bandwidth. (But I do visit the chat at work, so I fall into the other category, I guess). Not that I have any clue what you guys were talking about
If 1:1000 people in the world were programmers, I would never be able to find a damn job, and I got one without even a highschool diploma.
@kbok ROTFL! Did I mention I am exhausted?
@daknøk Oh, you got to tell the puppy how you did that!
@sbi Yes, and this is quite entertaining
oh hey, the deletionism debacle has arrived at PSE: meta.programmers.stackexchange.com/questions/3969/…
@sbi @DeadMG I got the job by putting on Facebook “looking for a job” and waiting for my then future boss to send me a chat message.
9:41 PM
@sehe My answer isn't really that great. All I really did was point it to the 3 other questions. And provide an optimized example. But apparently the combination of them was enough to make it interesting?
The waiting lasted for less than five minutes.
Finding a job is not difficult, though, when the best friend of your brother has a software company. :)
@sehe They look the same so I don't care.
@jalf Sorry. That should have been @Alf
Erm. Fewer questions get asked, because more questions have already been answered? I mean, we get enough basics that get asked over and over again. We treat them with the 'close-as-duplicate' flag. For a reason. The drop-off is by design. — sehe 1 min ago
Cheers and hth. - jalf
@sehe There is no @Alf here, although we have to Alfs. (One of them you pinged, but it was the wrong one.)
9:44 PM
@Mysticial Since low-level optimization is a black box for most people, it's really no wonder.
@daknøk I have a feeling the puppy would be too picky and he doesn't really 'condone' FB
@sehe Drive-by linker!
@sehe could it happen that you are in Rotterdam in the near future?
@sehe haha :P
@CatPlusPlus I don't care, but this is a pedant crowd. Better get my code-points correct, or I'll get told off!
@sehe As soon as someone tried to chat with him, they'd back out of their offer quickly.
9:45 PM
@sbi Always
@daknøk I'm never in Rotterdam. But I'm always near!
@sbi That's harsh. I don't think that's actually true one bit.
@sehe So, in what language is “sehe” a synonym for the English word “pun”?
But ultra hilarious
> well that escalated quickly
@Drise ಠ_ಠ
user image
Now I know how to sound like I'm 25.
9:53 PM
@daknøk It's not a pun. It's just plain and simple truth.
Stop assuming puns cannot be the truth.
@R.MartinhoFernandes Ooh great. Does it say how to sound like you're 18?
@daknøk Stop assuming I'm assuming things.
I am going to sleep.
@sehe No.
But I'm 25, so it's perfect for me.
I need to write a multi-A4 informal letter tomorrow so I need to rest.
9:55 PM
I’m seventeen.
@daknøk ?! Who on earth writes multipage letters? Love letter?
And I'm new here today ♩
The village I come from ♪
Is so far away... ♩♪
I want to write a letter to someone and I have a lot to tell, so yes, multipage.
I probably need two stamps on it.
I'm 23 since today.
And I'm incredibly subtle.
What. Letters. What
9:57 PM
I’m 18 since next December.
@daknøk And interpunction is of utmost importance. Let see, how much is postage to Eindhoven?
@EtiennedeMartel You mean drunk.
@CatPlusPlus No. Not yet. I'm still at work, ya know.
Oh, right, timezones.
Happy drunkday, anyway.
9:57 PM
@sehe All of the girls know much more what to say.
@EtiennedeMartel For real?
@sehe All level 1 stamps are 50 cents, no matter where you send the letters to within the Netherlands.
But I know:...
I have a heart condition
@R.MartinhoFernandes Yep. My birthday falls on an election day this year.
Also: you have one year less to live.
9:58 PM
@EtiennedeMartel Oh, well, have fun.
I don't like birthdays very much.
Do you like anything?
They make me old and bitter.
Same, but happy birthday anyways.
@CatPlusPlus That's possible? :P
9:59 PM
@sehe Not that I knew those lyrics, but google to the rescue.
@EtiennedeMartel So, you elect to age, this year. Sweet, The process is involuntary for me
I'd most likely ignore my own birthday if other people would let me :)
@sbi I conduct a musical/pop choir. That helps
I was born on my birthday.
you dont say^^
9:59 PM
5 mins ago, by daknøk
I am going to sleep.
Don't fall asleep now
that would be a waste of time
@EtiennedeMartel Hold on. You were born Sept, 4th?
I'd like to ignore my birthday, too.
@sbi Yep.
TIL facejacking.
10:00 PM
Jul 31 at 22:16, by Radek Slupik
Sleeping is a waste of time.
@R.MartinhoFernandes We do that at work when someone forgets to lock their computer.
@sbi He said that waaaaaay earlier, I'm sure. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if it were his first ever muttering here in the lounge
@EtiennedeMartel Hippo birdbath, cong-rats and other dancing rodents to you! (Had you waited but one day longer, we could have celebrated together.)
@daknøk Yet, that's precisely how I'd write that. (Sorry for the delay, the question troll interfered)
@sbi You're 97 tomorrow?
10:02 PM
@sbi You should have told that to my mother.
@R.MartinhoFernandes Not quite.
He did.
@EtiennedeMartel There's always two sides to that story.
@sbi Hmmmm.
Up, and down.
10:03 PM
Or left and right.
Look, I like politics, okay?
Darn. This is depressing. 43 new tweets. The twats
Stop tawking already!
Actually, this is more about inside vs. outside.
@sehe I just had 97. But I haven't looked at twitter since noon.
@sehe Pro tip: you can not read them all.
People say "get outside" like it's more fun.
Phrase of the month: "If we have data, let’s look at data. If all we have are opinions, let’s go with mine."
@R.MartinhoFernandes I nose
@sehe I organ.
@R.MartinhoFernandes Actually, I read almost all my tweets. But that's because I have kicked everybody who was too chatty for my taste.
@EtiennedeMartel I harpsichord
10:07 PM
> Remember how we laughed and asked what kind of horrible music kids would find to shock and annoy parents who grew up on Sex Pistols? #bieberOrjan Westin
Apparently, for some reason, Mark Russinovich's new book needed a forward ('Kevin' wrote it...?)
Hah. Today's a first: I got to do 'grammar nazi' on twitter. Hmmm. Perhaps the fail whale is quite an appropriate metaphor
> Oh, and if you're going to call me a grammar nazi, can you at least capitalise Nazi please? — Adam Kay
@sbi haha. I knew that one was coming. I've seen it
1 message moved to bin
@epic_syntax Sorry, but whether or not they are simple questions is irrelevant. Please break up your question or choose one. The purpose of this site is to create a collection of great question/answer pairs for people to revisit. Not just for your one-time use — sehe 8 secs ago
@sbi good call. Saves me the binning
10:17 PM
@sbi Yeah, I've heard that from a few people. When the topic first came up, I felt kinda bad about rushing to judgement on the guy - but then I went through 500 or so of his posts, and ended up flagging about 60 as straight-up spam. There's skirting the edges of what's appropriate, and then there's danging back and forth so often folks just get dizzy watching you.
He's definitely had enough experience to know what he's doing, and how to play the sympathy card.
He's probably a natural sales person :)
@sbi Re: your RT
> Yeah, pretty harsh of your wife too, bashing you for reading your own book. Surely she should have asked why you were entranced with something you wrote yourself and told you not to be so damn silly? Fail.
WTF? There's a WW2 Tweets from 1940 Twitter account.
> I love Amtrak. They don't make me turn off my laptop during takeoff and landing. — James McNellis
realtimewwii! It's a console!
ohai Robot
we missed you earlier
10:31 PM
Wow. My mother stayed up until 0:20 to be the first to give me a call to congratulate me. I am impressed.
@sbi Your Birthday?
@sbi Ah, moms.
What would we do without them? Besides not existing.
@EtiennedeMartel we wouldn't have to go to bed either then, which is an advantage, imho
@TonyTheLion Indeed, you don't have to go to bed if you don't exist.
@sbi Ah, so today you are indeed some undisclosed whole number of years away from 97 years old.
> What do you get when you cross a kangaroo with a sheep? A genetically unstable animal that dies shortly after birth.
10:40 PM
@TonyTheLion I just said so.
Well, have fun.
Hi guys
@sbi We're both going on 97 then. And with the same speed
@R.MartinhoFernandes I'll have fun tonight, when a few friends show up.
@sehe Everyone goes with the same speed, silly.
10:42 PM
Well, what do you know :)
@R.MartinhoFernandes Einstein, get ou
Anyway, as I wrote earlier, I got up early, did a lot, and need to get up early again today. So I better go to bed now.
Have fun.
I'm sounding a bit repetitive, ain't I?
@sehe I have to disagree -- a natural salesperson would manage to slip it in smoothly enough and naturally enough that nobody would complain about it at all. For example, contrast Ira's posts (both here and on Usenet) with P.J. Plaugar's. P.J. Plaugar does mention Dinkumware enough that anybody who's paying attention at all know what he sells -- but he also contributes real content, and only mentions his products where they honestly fit in.
Anyone have any quic advice on meeting new people?
@sbi Happy Birthday from Tony The Lion! :)
10:45 PM
The guys at EDG are pretty much the same -- enough mention of EDG that anybody who pays attention knows what they sell, but only where it makes sense. They also contribute enough other real content to impress almost anybody with their competence and knowledge both of programming and the darkest nooks and crannies of the C++ standard.
@JerryCoffin That's Plauger, and I think you maybe forgetting that this salesperson simply misjudged the medium
I don't presume he /can't/ put up a smoother act/persona. I just think he failed to realize the need.
@Ell meet them, talk to them and find something you have in common, like something you're both interested in, that makes a conversation really easy to start.
> Here’s another examples: some nutrients are known as vital poisons. A simple example is iron: we need it to survive, but it’s harmful in large amounts. A more surprising example is arsenic. We actually need a little of it. Three reasons expert predictions are often wrong
@sehe Recognizing the approach that will work with potential customers is practically the defining quality of a salesperson though.
@Ell What the Lion said. Worst thing that can happen is that you get bored. Practice makes perfect. I'm not much of a chatter (isn't it ironic), and I find that I have a hard time making conversation when I let it slip out of 'habit'/'practice'
@JerryCoffin In that respect, he's a failed specimen here. Damaged goods. Hmmm. Who can we sell him to...
10:48 PM
I'm meeting all my new fellow students tomorrow, and am just a bit nervous
Hey, that's cool. You have a guarantee you'll meet people. Aaaand no one will be surprised if you talk to them - when you don't know anyone. I mean, that's a given, eh?
@sehe Most programmers spend relatively little effort on the sort of trivia (e.g., sports) that most people use as common ground to at least get conversations started, so they can do some initial exploring of each others' interests.
It's actually becomes harder to make contact if you let the opportunity slip. In a few weeks, people will have concluded 'Oh person such and such is not much fun/not a talker/a loner/likes to be left alone'
Yeah I'm worried about telling people my interests. I'm thinking not mentioning programming
but that is a major interest, but I don't want to be put into the nerd stereotype
So, basically, all you want to avoid is coming across as asleep or absent :) The rest is fair game,
@Ell What school is that, anyways? You can't be interested in programming? Or you think you might not be 'good enough'?
10:52 PM
@sehe I'd note that he not only seems to fail to recognize what's needed, but even after close to 20 years of people complaining about him, just doesn't seem to learn at all (as sbi pointed out, he's been doing the same crap on Usenet for a long time now -- and I know he's gotten complaints, because I sent a couple).
@JerryCoffin Well. That's what I meant. He misjudged the system. Probably thought he knew it so well, he could mold it to his wishes
@sehe sixth form (16-18 years) and Im worried people will think I'm weird :S
@Ell Oh. Everyone is weird. It just becomes problematic if they aren't aware of it - to some extent
@Ell 20 years ago, I'd have said you were justified in at least trying to downplay that aspect of your personality. Nowadays, I'd try to keep it from sounding like that's all you do or care about, but I'd do the same about almost any single interest. "Nerd" has less to do with the specific subject you care about, than the fact that you're so devoted to one subject you're relatively one-dimensional (and therefore, uninteresting except to those who share that single interest).
I am aware I'm a bit nerdy, I just want to ease people.into it instead of shouting it out head on
10:54 PM
I have always been happy to be weird. Then again, I've always been good at being a loner too. But I have forgotten all about social angst since... 1995 when I switched schools in the last year of highschool.
I found out that people will actually expect you to (a) be a human (b) be weird (c) still talk to you
@Ell Pro tip: don't wear your batman costume
Haha we wear uniform :P
I mean, I hope it's not batman uniform
Don't worry its not ;)
@sehe I doubt wearing a Batman costume would be a problem (in itself) if everybody was forced to do the same.
I actually think it would be a major cause for concern
> Jeff Atwood contradicts himself regularly. I think its his way of driving home the point that you can't really take him at face value. That would be lazy. It forces you to actually think for yourself. here

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