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> From circa 1305, Middle English poding (“kind of sausage; meat-filled animal stomach”), puddyng, from Old French boudin (“blood sausage, black pudding”).[1] Doublet of boudin.
Doublet of boudin, the English word, natch
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Good morning.
6:58 AM
Indicate more details about the error in question ・ *General Issues ・ #80408
7:33 AM
Good Morning. Does sort() work on SplFixedArray?
nvm, going to convert it to php array for sorting
8:12 AM
9:00 AM
9:34 AM
i'm wondering on whether it looks fine to implement an observer pattern with callbacks in amphp, or just use promises
like $foo->addHandler($event, $handler); vs
$baz = yield $foo->promiseFor($event);
the latter one seems a bit clumsy but maybe i am wrong
10:06 AM
DateTime::modify() loses time with 'weekday' parameter ・ Date/time related ・ #80409
10:30 AM
@PeeHaa got the skeleton working \o/
i think i will start by matching the devtools api, then build a nicer layer around that
i think that's what puppeteer does too
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12:05 PM
@NikiC Did you have access to PHP build against libmysqlclient? Could you test this scenario for me if you have some time, please? stackoverflow.com/q/25557674/1839439
12:55 PM
peeks in
Good afternoon.
@Wes awesome \o/
1:06 PM
@DaveRandom Ah! I did not know that.
1:20 PM
Could anyone tell me why I am not able to do IF with a function from a TD value? stackoverflow.com/questions/64910237/…
@MikeBroski You haven't defined the variable anywhere
> in_array() expected parameter 2 to be array
I suggest reading the error message, and then reading the docs for in_array. I don't know what your code is actually doing, but it seems your code is written wrong.
also suggest reading sscce.org If you'd done that that way of asking questions suggests, you probably would have seen the error yourself.
I tried doing this function getDag($correctDay)
$correctDay= $_POST['TD_DAG']; The value is still somehow NULL
> A policeman sees a drunk man searching for something under a streetlight and asks what the drunk has lost. He says he lost his keys and they both look under the streetlight together. After a few minutes the policeman asks if he is sure he lost them here, and the drunk replies, no, and that he lost them in the park. The policeman asks why he is searching here, and the drunk replies, "this is where the light is".
May I suggest jquery?
1:31 PM
Streetlight effect - aka stop looking where you want to look, start looking where your error message is telling you to look.
@MikeBroski It looks like you have not yet grasped the concept of functions. $correctDay is a parameter to your function, which you need to pass when calling it
@AndrasDeak as amusing as trolling is, please reserve it for when people who are pretty obviously junior are asking for help. Or when unpleasant people show up.
Sorry :) Please trash that message
@Dharman You might have a point there. But why is it null? no matter what I do :(
What do you mean? What is null?
1:37 PM
@Dharman Notice: Undefined index: ‘dag’ OR Notice: Undefined variable: correctDay in <td><?php echo getDag($row[‘dag’]); //getDag($correctDay);?> </td>
Where have you defined that variable? It is clearly undefined. What more can I tell you?
@MikeBroski it's null because you haven't given the variable a value
You really should clarify your question. At the moment it's not clear what you are asking about and there are two versions of your code. Please create [mcve]
@MikeBroski is there a reason you need to pass $correctDay to the function?
1:40 PM
@Tiffany Yeah this I saw too, but it keeps been null even when I try this $correctDay= $_POST['TD_DAG'];
@Tiffany Yes because I have to do it with a very uncomptible DATABASE..
then I would check your form and make sure that it's being submitted
and that the name of the field is correct
case-sensitivity matters
Also, make sure that you are checking $_POST['TD_DAG'] only when the form is submitted not when it is displayed
@Dharman so only way to do it with javascript? since TD is a table field.
where your code resides has to be somewhere within the workflow of receiving the form submission
No, I never mentioned JavaScript
1:42 PM
How would you check something inside a TD? value
1. Server shows form to the user. 2. User fills it in and submits. 3. Server receives submitted form with POST values and responds back
@MikeBroski I mean, if you wanted to check inside a td, you could use DOMDocument, but I don't think that will solve your problem
What do you mean by TD?
I'm guessing <td>
I doubt it
I believe it's a german abbr
1:44 PM
@Tiffany do you think php.net/manual/en/domdocument.getelementbyid.php will do ? and yes I mean <TD>
@MikeBroski this really sounds like an XY problem, but sure... it's a solution to what you think the solution to your problem actually is
Well I am trying to make it as simple as possible with if ($correctDay == 1)
return "Mandag";
else if ($correctDay == 2)
return "Tirsdag";
else if ($correctDay == 3)
return "Onsdag";
else if ($correctDay == 4)
return "Torsdag";
else if ($correctDay == 5)
return "Fredag";
I would start by explaining what the issue you're having is, since we've been giving suggestions that you've said don't work
@MikeBroski I don't mean pasting code, I mean explaining the problem and what you're trying to solve, and how you've tried to solve it already
@Tiffany But I cannot grab the correct value aka from the displaying table I created the idea is to simply change numbers to letters based on the resault from database/sql
Isn't only the last return the actual correct day? :P
I know I couldn't care less about Mandag
1:47 PM
@PeeHaa I made an else saying "I hate this" ;P
@PeeHaa all about that Fredag, eh?
18 mins ago, by Danack
I suggest reading the error message, and then reading the docs for in_array. I don't know what your code is actually doing, but it seems your code is written wrong.
@MikeBroski go away, read the manual link, and read sscce.org, then have another go at asking for help, if you still need it.
@Danack Sorry in the begging I figured I could put the SQL into in an ARRAY then if it sees it.
...that's a lovely story.
OK, don't trash my message
1:50 PM
3 messages moved to Trash can
@Dharman they've been given instructions on how they can learn to figure out their problems better, and they need to do that and actually understand what they are doing. Asking them more questions when they haven't done that is not going to be a productive conversation.
and having pages of confused conversations is irritating.
or am I?
Seriously though is it fucking Friday yet?
I want need it
checks watch No :(
1:56 PM
That hurts
hi guys, in my scenario inserting email with special characters is working but when querying with same email and special characters isnt working
querying what?
inserted abc'[email protected]
inserted where?
1:58 PM
in the table
Use prepared statements
Q: How to include a PHP variable inside a MySQL statement

PinkieI'm trying to insert values in the contents table. It works fine if I do not have a PHP variable inside VALUES. When I put the variable $type inside VALUES then this doesn't work. What am I doing wrong? $type = 'testing'; mysql_query("INSERT INTO contents (type, reporter, description) VALU...

Q: How can I prevent SQL injection in PHP?

Andrew G. JohnsonIf user input is inserted without modification into an SQL query, then the application becomes vulnerable to SQL injection, like in the following example: $unsafe_variable = $_POST['user_input']; mysql_query("INSERT INTO `table` (`column`) VALUES ('$unsafe_variable')"); That's because the us...

thanks @PeeHaa cant we use usual phpmysali statement rather using prepared statement
@techy-coder I gave you the answer before you deleted it
2:01 PM
@techy-coder I have no idea what phpmysali is
yes @Dharman, they down rated my question
Was it a good question?
But the imaginary internet points!
@AndrasDeak no
2:03 PM
@Dharman i came here to clear my doubt
is that a problem
@PeeHaa it was phpmysqli not phpmysali sorry
@PeeHaa your employer is based in the US, right? They don't give you Thursday and Friday off?
Surely the real question is "did it have a good answer"?
No, it's good that you want to clarify doubts, but I am still not sure if you have actually listened to my advice or not
@Tiffany Thursday yes. Black Friday oh hell no :P
It's the busiest day / week of the year
@PeeHaa XD sorry
2:05 PM
@techy-coder Read the answer I linked (again)
@Tiffany we are in the ecommerce branch so end of year is craaaaazy busy here
@PeeHaa can i have your 2 cents on my request above? for example
$browserTab->watch("navigationend", function(){ echo "page's URL has changed"; });
do you like this or should i aim for something more promise-y?
Probably should work with promises
But I would like to look at your code at some point when I have some time
@Dharman thanks you helped me, i was expecting to do it in usual mysqli statement, i havnt used prepare statement for the currect project
@PeeHaa Thanks
You should always use prepared statements. Also, why are you using mysqli at all? Why haven't you used PDO ?
@Dharman hmm, yeah, thanks
2:09 PM
@Dharman That's a very good question:
Feb 17 '17 at 7:00, by Gordon
@techy-coder on a side note: you should read up on sql injection and migrate your code to mysqli or pdo. and likely upgrade your php to a more recent version.
That's got to be the worlds slowest upgrade path :P
Yeah, but PDO has only been available for the past 15 years...
There are still some questions asked on Stack Overlow "how to upgrade from PHP 4?"
@Dharman i agree, this is the old project developed by someone, now the issue came when he try to login with email address inserted with special characters throws error as invalid user-name or password
> i havnt used prepare statement for the currect project
moving to the pdo is the only solution?
2:16 PM
That is the least of your problems. It's possible to login without providing a valid password too
@techy-coder Moving to PDO is the reasonable step. The actual solution is to use parameter binding offered by prepared statements which are available both with PDO and mysqli, but PDO is much easier to use
It's entirely possible that I am in a bad mood today, due to multiple things that might reasonably put someone in a bad mood. But still. Anyone have a problem with a new rule that if someone refused to use prepared statements, because they apparently want to make their own life difficult, we treat that as their own problem and off-topic for the room?
@Dharman okay
aka I'm fed-up of people asking questions where the answer is 'use prepared statements', and they say no.
@Danack No problem. Same for not using a mail library and mail not working
2:23 PM
@techy-coder Moving to PDO isn't the only solution, but you have put off using a decent library to process SQL for at over three years and also not using prepared statements by default. You're opting into having multiple problems. That's not our problem, and helping people who deliberately insist on making poor software decisions is off-topic for this room.
also crazy unsafe for users :(
@Danack understood @Danack
@MarkR Thanks for the offer. I couldn't isolate a sample of noise as the audio in the whole video was bad in ways that I couldn't understand. It turns out the wide angle lens thingy I was using on my iPhone happens to cover the microphone next to the camera.....so the iPhone couldn't get any audio from that mic, and instead was just using the mic on the side facing me. Which.....is pointed directly at my mouth, and also the volume has been boosted as the iphone thinks one mic is broken.
aka it's not going to be feasible to record audio with a setup like that.
External mic?
no 3.5" inch audio jack on an iPhone...
@cmb @GabrielCaruso I'm intending to announce PHP 7.4.13 at "00:05 Nov 26th UTC" so we can focus tomorrow on PHP 8.
2:36 PM
Special iConnector-compatible external mic? :)
I like the last message about JIT on the mailinglist
That thing is going to be so utterly broken :D
yes, sigh
there should not have been this sort of commits the day before a release
But it is where we're at
We should start a bet. "how many more bug reports about it being broken as opcache's release"
I'm being a PITA too tbh...
Is there some way for phpize extensions to detect zts in config.m4?
2:42 PM
@PeeHaa If only we had a fulltime qa department testing php all day ;-)
I think so @NikiC
@bwoebi and/or not rush features for inclusion
thought that one of my exts did that...
For in-tree builds you can check $enable_zts, but don't think that works out of tree
2:44 PM
@cmb Thanks!
@Derick well, maybe we should have had a longer RC phase
@cmb Do you think that would have helped? It's not like these are the last JIT bugs ^^
(I also don't think it's super critical to cherry-pick anything into the 8.0.0 release, for the same reason ... there's always going to be more of those)
I think it would have helped a bit (also wrt. docs)
@bwoebi That's me :P
@cmb Honestly I think doing an issue for tracking changes is probably better than trying to work from the upgrading doc as it's hard to know what has been done, not that document will still be useful for the migration doc
2:54 PM
yes, the issue is definitely helpful (just noticed yesterday, that the resource -> object conversion also need class pages; and that docgen should be updated to cater to union types)
Yup, but I would imagine most of them would be similar in shape?
@NikiC The JIT is enabled by default though, isn't it?
@Sara Nope
STD_PHP_INI_ENTRY("opcache.jit" , "tracing",...
What setting should I be looking at then?
@Sara opcache.jit_buffer_size
2:58 PM
jit_buffer_size must be > 0
Of course. It's "on", but it can't emit anything, so it's effectively off.
That makes me feel about 300% better about this entire release, honestly.
Yeah ... jit on by default would likely go ... not so well :D
By the book, I shouldn't pull those fixes in, instead deferring them to 8.0.1
Yet I'm tempted to anyway, because .0 release
@Sara did you get the GitHub ping about the PR to rename XmlParser to XMLParser?
@Girgias I probably wouldn't bother with that at this point. One of the few benefits of PHP being case-insensitive is that it doesn't really matter...
3:07 PM
@Sara Well, depends. 1. Is the JIT generally usable without them? 2. Is there a risk of them influencing non-JIT mode?
@NikiC Right..., just pretty stupid that this is different compared to the two other classes
I always forget the rules of what and what is not case sensitive
@IluTov The answer to those is 1. yes and 2. no
@NikiC @Sara It's your call, either way sounds fine.
It is, and I'm inclined to just pull 'em in.
But I'll have breakfast first
@Girgias Because PHP is case insensitive, except when autoloading classes because of file system case sensitivity, so user-space classes are sometimes case sensitive. That throws everything off.
3:22 PM
@Crell variables are case sensitive tho
constants and variables are always CS
Also that...
@cmb Officially, constants are only forced to be CS as of like... Thursday.
I mean you could only make them case insensitive if you used define() and toggled a flag
typing too fast
@Sara yes, I know :) full story
3:34 PM
I'm sure you do know. But I'm also a pedant.
3:46 PM
A release manager who is also a pedant? What are the chances of that?!
4:05 PM
@Derick, what is '+1 weekday' supposed to do? (bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=80409)
@cmb It's supposed to skip over weekend.
I.e. if you are on Friday then the next working day is monday
Ah, thanks! I wasn't aware of that meaning of "weekday" (thought it's the same as "day of week").
Where in the manual does it say that the time should be mindnight?
well, it does so for "+1 day"
@cmb No, it doesn't 3v4l.org/3H5WS
4:12 PM
I mean, the time is kept
I have no idea why the time is reset
4:26 PM
Before I say something (else) dumb on list, there isn't already a status page for "'these are the list of critical opcache/jit bugs affecting PHP" is there?
So who do we need to speak to at Apple about getting some donated MBP M1s for... uh... compatability work... to uh... make PHP on mac work more good?
php -v on macOS reports: "PHP is deprecated"
@cmb That's more because they're stopping shipping most (afaik) scripting languages with macs.
As Danack said, yeah.
PDO closes active transaction after $stmt->execute() ・ PDO MySQL ・ #80410
4:35 PM
@cmb I really need a week to work through the date/time bugs, but I've work (and side projects) to work on, and I can't just dedicate a whole week to it therefore
I was kidding tbh :p
References to null-serialized object break serialize() ・ *General Issues ・ #80411
Not that I'd say no. :p
@Danack Give it a few years and they'll ban anything capable of running Javascript unless any website using it pays 30%
and 90% of sites suddenly become faster and easier to read.
5:09 PM
I don't know why this is backwards, but let's make it go forwards? github.com/php/doc-en/pull/229
@Crell They were listed forwards and you made them backwards :P
Eh? CRTO is the order it says to use, but previously they lists were in OTRC.
5:25 PM
big-endian vs. little-endian
We should be same-endian in two consecutive paragraphs at least. :-)
Anyone know what RFC this came from? I can find no record of it: php.watch/versions/8.0/date-utc-p-format
There was no rfc AFAIK
5:45 PM
@cmb Yes, that's the JIT RFC. The other link I posted is entirely unrelated. :-) (I'm multi-threading.)
@PeeHaa Hmph. How wude. Was it added to docs at least?
If I had to guess Imma go with no
Nope. That's lovely.
It's in the migration guide and also in UPGRADING
6:02 PM
github.com/php/doc-en/pull/230 - Here's a PR for it.
(Since I can't edit that page.)
Oh, we're overlapping (just about to commit the PHP 5 removal); anyway, will merge afterwards. Thanks!
Aaaaaaan, now I wait for my local copy of php/distributions.git to sync
This is not a drill: git.php.net/?p=web/…
@cmb D'Oh! :-) OK, I leave it to you then.
This is a drill.... sort of.
Good distinction to make.
6:17 PM
All of the US will be celebrating the PHP 8 release on Thursday.
I am working on windows
Oh, such an interesting time
6:21 PM
I plan to feast in celebration of the release.
I expect to see photos of a PHP 8 turkey.
How backwards compatible are PHP major versions?
@AndrasDeak it really depends on how bad your code is. If you use weird edge-cases, it can be quite painful. If you avoid weird stuff, it's trivial to upgrade. also github.com/rectorphp/rector will (mostly) fix any issues.
So, Thursday is party?
6:26 PM
@Danack yeah, I meant typical and idiomatic cases. Thanks, I'll take a look :)
@cmb thanks for merging the PRs, I'm currently doing catch up with stub changes for the French doc :(
I think I'm going to start running 8.0 in production for our admin services once it hits GA but i'll wait for the .1 release before moving the user-facing services to it. Although I've been using it for dev for months now without issue
@Crell I.... hrmmmm.... I have a spare "PHP 7" elephpant. I could uh.... "roast" it.
@Girgias and who does German? :)
6:27 PM
@cmb Aren't the German docs way less translated?
But I'm doing the git diff apply things on SVN
@Sara if by "roast" you mean "cuddle with in bed and keep it warm"
Just takes a bunch of time fixing the conflics
Or "say mean things about on TV."
German docs are about 25%
Yeah French is about 85%
Which is why it's so annoying lol
6:32 PM
Inquiry. Exceptions and Errors include a backtrace as of when they are created or thrown?
created. (i think).
which is a source of surprise, confusion and anger.
but probably the correct behaviour.
Makes sense IMO otherwise re-throwing behaviour would be confusing as all heck
@MarkR yeah. but pretty sure Java does it from the throw, so is a surprise to Java devs having to touch PHP.
Giving thanks to old versions of PHP: phpc.social/@pollita/105266776057160383
@Sara O___________O
Yo crazy. You're meant to peel your elephpants before cutting them.
6:48 PM
You don't find that the skin provides extra requests per second?
And don't forget to wash them first! They're dirty little buggers.
Oh yeah, PHP 7 is filthy AF
Tempted to copy the 8.0 release announcement to r/programmerhumor with a note saying they never have to worry about argument orders in array vs strings ever again.
Named Parameters all the ffing way
(please don't )
@Sara FWIW, I will likely announce 7.4.13 Thursday 00:01 UTC or so
Nobody cares about ancient versions. PHP 7 is old news.
6:55 PM
You're just lucky it's not 7.5 due to that JIT engine, which my speech-to-text provider keeps calling "JET ENGINE"
Sara throwing shade
Then again, Sara Golemon turned into Sarah Cauliflower last time.
Which was curious, as it usually has not many issues with Sara's speech. Crell on the other hand...
how does Golemon become Cauliflower....?
Don't ask me!
omg I can't type and eat at the same time
6:57 PM
Well, over time, small changes to genes carry over...
Are you comparing your genes with a cauliflower now? :-)
I am grateful I can't spittake french fries
I need to make dinner, otherwise the mrs gets cross.
(Not really, she's lovely)
Anyone know much about digital pianos? I'm looking to upgrade from the 60-something key plastic one I got from Argos.
piano or keyboard?
7:02 PM
Sorry I am not useful
So far the P125 and the DGX 660 look good but that's as far as I've got
@Derick She's Scottish. Cross is how they express being lovely.
@MarkR I liked the m-audio keystation series, but below 88 keys it's not piano-like weighted
something something hot cross bun
7:10 PM
@Ekin hmmm thank you kindly, i'll take a look.
I did really enjoy the 88 but even that was semi-weighted sooo, I'm not that useful either if you're looking for fully weighted :-)
She isn't Scottish .
7:32 PM
Oh. Thought she was. /shrug
@Derick Wait, what? What are you saying about my speech?
Hello guys, is it just me or is it kinda weird that PHP has different interpretation of what is right in this example?
function a(?int $i) {


function b(int $i) {


gives me Fatal error: Uncaught TypeError: Argument 1 passed to b() must be of the type int, null given
But when I do
function c(int $i = null) {

It works without an error? I find it kinda weird. Why do they allow this syntax when it HAS to be nullable? Any clues, maybe from the background I am not aware of?
7:48 PM
Because nullable types were only introduced in PHP 7.1
@Martin. It's kinda icky imo too
And this was a way to make them nullable prior to that
But if you squint it makes sense!
You really shouldn't do that tho; as it might be deprecated and removed in the future
also only way to actually break LSP in PHP
I am so glad I am not the only one who sees the problem here :-) Ty
7:52 PM
@Martin. You can find more context here: github.com/php/php-src/pull/3535
the second one was actually something different...
This is exactly what I was looking for, thanks :)
@cmb I wonder if when you do changelogs additions for the stubs if you could do that in a separate commit, might make the bulk changes less merge conflict prone for translations
8:13 PM
> It works without an error?
You want an error?
@NikiC OMG, we forgot about the param renames in ext/zip :S It has $zip_ent, $zip_dp, $len and such param names :S
Actually, Remi make a few changes here and there, but we didn't do a full review there :S
@MateKocsis ugh
Still plenty of time to fix it right?
Sure, Sara's not tagging the release for at least another 8 minutes.
8:27 PM
we can ask for a new RC phase, right? :D
Didn't it get tagged?
I'm lost
That's what force pushes are for.
Tags are just guidelines
Too late, let's skip 8 and go for 9.
@Danack nice
8:29 PM
PHP has a wabi-sabi nature. We should appreciate these flaws.
To err is human.
mmmh, wasabi
@Girgias was going to suggest looking at the case thing as an example of Fukinsei
I'm not sure I understand where you're getting at?
(but maybe that's just my brain on mindless task for the FR docs)
> XmlParser and XMLWriter
yeah, not symmetric. such is life.
8:35 PM
At least it's not xMLpArser
Oh that one, yeah :(
@Danack Hmm, they are symmetric, class names are not case sensitive.
8:52 PM
@Danack I thought the complement of XMLWriter is XMLReader
....I was also then go on and say that 8 is such a tinny word as well..... 'eight' ugh, tinny. but I should probably stop making culture references that are over 30 years old....
XMLReader does exist
Monty Pythons Flying Circus S04E03 21:00 Ceci n'est pas une bookmark.
8:55 PM
php.net/manual/en/book.xml.php why is XmlParser not documented there?
I've never heard of it before
oh it's new, duh
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