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needs details/ low-grade ML debugging question stackoverflow.com/questions/62663991/…
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3:48 AM
Are there anyone from aussie here? The ANZ sent me some message on stackoverflow, and they said there are a job can be offer, but I have been back china? anyone like to join this company?
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@smci I don't want to look at your solution because I've been vaguely thinking about it myself. But here's something that might help to reduce the number of cases. In the formula for a primitive Pythagorean triad, exactly one of m or n must be even. If they're both odd (or even), then all sides are even, and hence the triad's not primitive. There's a cute reduction to a primitive triad if m & n are both odd. Let m'=(m+n)/2, n'=(m-n)/2.
5:23 AM
@PM2Ring Ok, I can't see where exactly in my proof should I apply that?
5:50 AM
hi folks,
how do I use a condition while using a dict aggregation?
can you explain what you mean with an example?
@JonClements It depends on whether that particular 2nd-degree connection of yours has 'Show connections' turned on or not. (Many people disabled it after the massive LinkedIn connections-harvesting hack by spammers around 2013-4, when LinkedIn got in huge trouble). So if your 2nd-degree connection has it disabled, you just have to start browsing/guessing which 1st-degree connection of yours is the common connection (e.g. previous employers, colleges, location). Or ask either of them.
if I have dict "a" and "b" I want to create a list which is a + b. I want to check if a key exists in b. I know this can be done with a simple if in condition. But I need to check in a list comprehension.
@Stramzik I don't fully follow you, can you post sample code and data?
you say you want to create a list from a dict, so you mean you only take the keys?
5:54 AM
For example I have three dicts and an empty list
h = {"a":"1"}
l = {"b":"1"}
m = {"c":"1"}
b = []
I'm trying to create a list of dictionaries so I used the below code and it works b


But now I need to check if a key exists before appending the dict I tried the below code and it throws a syntax error

b.append(dict(h,**l,**{"d":"1"}, **(m if "c" in m.keys()))
A dict with only keys and no values is a set. Are those sets or collections.Counters? Can we assume all value=1 always, for any key that is defined?
@smci this is just an example the actual dict has multiple key value pairs and different values not just 1.
Oh ok so you can't do:
>>> set(h) | set(l) | set(m)
{'c', 'b', 'a'}
Then really those are/should be collections.Counters. You can directly add Counters with +, it does exactly what you need.
Oh by the way it's easier if your keys are integers instead of strings "1", "2"...
So with the ** aggregator(assuming that's what its called) we cannot use a dict comprehension?
@smci I have no idea, since I haven't looked at your proof. I just thought you might be able to use it.
6:01 AM
h = {"a":1}
l = {"b":3, "e":4}
m = {"c":2}
from collections import Counter as Ctr
Ctr(h) + Ctr(l) + Ctr(m)

Counter({'e': 4, 'b': 3, 'c': 2, 'a': 1})
That easy! I mean yes you could use a dict comprehension, but why go to more work? Counter was born for this.
@PM2Ring Yes perhaps, my proof is too long, it needs aggressive pruning. Anyway do see if you can come up with your own solution, if you get stuck, peek at the existing ones.
@roganjosh Let me complete the code to the point where I can run it. I 'll definitely share the code with you.
@Stramzik: note for Counter, the keys can be anything (strings, ints, objects, anything hashable), but the values must be integers, not strings. There is no reason for the values to be string in your code. (If it was imported from JSON, then just convert them to int when you import them)
@smci But the values are not integers. Could you please advise if there is any other way I can handle this?
@Stramzik Like I just said to you, use int(v) in your comprehension whenver you access values. Convert them. It's still a one-liner.
@smx nah the actual data contains a different dtypes not just integers to convert.
6:08 AM
@Stramzik What do want to do if you do detect a duplicate key?
example :
h = {"a":"hello"}
l = {"b":"1"}
m = {"c":"How are you"}
A Counter is good if you have numeric values, anx you want to add (or subtract) them. But I get the feeling that's not applicable here...
@Stramzik I don't see any dupe keys there.
@PM2Ring in the actual data which I'm working on has duplicate key value pairs but it only considers one key value pair
programiz.com/python-programming/methods/built-in/classmethod I 'm using classmethod just like given on this page/or slightly diffrent dpaste.com/2DR7C5P
But I 'm getting some namespace error
@Stramzik only considers one key value pair That doesn't tell us how you want dupes to be handled. Do you want to ignore dupe keys, or should a dupe replace the existing value with the new one?
6:13 AM
what is namespace here?
I know I have been suggested to use django BaseModel but the problem will still persist because it's related to classmethods not reventing the wheel or anythiing like that. Classmethods will be needed to be put in the Basemodel of django too.
@PM2Ring replacing would work
@VisheshMangla I'm guessing it's complaining that you've created a metaclass whose __init__ doesn't accept the usual 3 name, bases, namespace parameters
usual 3? Example 2: Create factory method using class method return cls(name, date.today().year - birthYear)
from the programiz site example
My classmethod looks like as the docs guy is doing
@Stramzik Ok. But you can't use the dict(**h, **m) constructor, since (as you've discovered) need to be unique. But you can use the dict.update method.
@VisheshMangla It's not about the classmethod, it's about the __init__.
When a class is created, python calls the metaclass with 3 arguments. Your metaclass only accepts 2 and will crash
6:23 AM
python-course.eu/python3_abstract_classes.php I looked here too, still couldn't get what are you trying to point at
Argh. I meant keys have to be unique when you do dict(**h, **m)
class BrokenMeta(type):
    def __init__(cls, foo, bar):

class Broken(metaclass=BrokenMeta):
# TypeError: __init__() takes 3 positional arguments but 4 were given
trying to link just a min
something is strange
where is abc.ABCMeta
or class Interface(ABCMeta):
I 'm not so advanced in python. I read the docs and got started.
what do you mean "where"
@PM2Ring Thank you for the info.
6:29 AM
@Stramzik No worries
when creating an abstract class you have to put it like class XYZ(ABCMeta): . That's what I had learnt.
No, you have to do class XYZ(ABC) or class XYZ(metaclass=ABCMeta)
I thought first argument is metaclass
running the code
that's great, such a small issue it was. Thanks @Aran-Fey
6:45 AM
is anyone feeling google search very slow today?
Google seems ok here, but I am using the Australian site.
maybe the servers in asia are down.
I see yahoo is working fine but google is waiting for response
7:04 AM
Is it ok if I ask a career-related question related to python here?
PATH_COLS = os.path.join(str(pathlib.Path(__file__).parent[1]), 'cols')
TypeError: 'WindowsPath' object is not subscriptable
Any suggestions of what is wrong there?
os.path.join(str(pathlib.Path(file).resolve().parent[1]), 'cols') too gives same
@Zenquiorra That should be ok. But maybe wait a few hours, when there are more people around.
@PM2Ring Ok thank you.
If I have a string a = "import sklearn\nclass ABC", how can I import the ABC class into my current environment?
7:21 AM
Which ABC class? abc.ABC?
Simply by exec(a)?
ABC declared in the string variable a.
That'll crash unless that class ABC statement actually has a body that you omitted
Assume the syntax in a is right.
Then yes, exec is the solution to the problem as you stated it. But your real problem is actually that you have code in a string. Is there a good reason for that?
Because I need to read the python code from an attribute of a yaml file.
7:26 AM
That's rather unusual but alright
@Aran-Fey thanks for answering my questions.
@whatsnext you should to exec it with a custom globals dictionary. The dictionary contains the ABC class afterwards. Unless you want all names, then a pure exec at your own global scope should be fine.
what's the difference between exec and compile in python?
@VisheshMangla exec executes code. compile compiles code.
Both look same to me me compile gave some errors and thus I always use exec if I ever need.
isn't that called circular reasoning?
7:40 AM
@VisheshMangla No, that's called descriptive function names.
ok, mb
To put it differently: exec executes code, compile does not.
I need to understand what executes and compiles mean more deeply
@Stramzik Dude, if the example data you posted wasn't representative of the task, we don't have a crystal ball to figure it out what your data might look like and how to handle it. Always good to provide an MCVE. (You showed an example with strings of integers. Then you said "and different values not just 1." But nowhere does that say "values can be arbitrary Python object, not just strings or integers". Example would have been good. To avoid wasting the time of people trying to help you.)
@VisheshMangla You should have an understanding of "executing code" already, yes?
7:42 AM
is it related to interpreter and compiler?
I have done c++ and java before python
It's related to "things happen"
hmm, ok
Okay, then you should be aware that programs can be executed, yes?
that work executes has a lot of abstraction.
does it mean bytecode convertion or something?
can we please find consensus on the basic meaning of words first? no bytecode, no interpreter, no nothing. Just executing a program.
7:48 AM
that means run a file. python xyz.py in the terminal
That's the purpose of exec as well.
how is now compile different
Take some program in some form and execute it.
In contrast, compile takes a program in some form, and compiles it to a canonical form.
That canonical form is bytecode.
7:52 AM
ook so there is where I lack knowledge about some form
oh, ok
CPython supports programs either as source code or byte code.
is cython also supported?
exec takes a program in either of these, and runs it.
@VisheshMangla Pardon? Supported by what?
like write some c++ in a string and compile can do mathematics computations fast
7:54 AM
no. Python's compile is for Python code. It does not support C, C++, Java, Rust, Golang, Javascript, PERL, LISP, Smalltalk or any other language.
ok, because Cython needs a setup of files to include all your c++ code. It is not so easy.
thanks @MisterMiyagi. It was very useful info.
8:06 AM
typo (missing leading / in path) stackoverflow.com/questions/62672160/…
@MisterMiyagi Closed
@VisheshMangla In the context of the cPython executable, 'compile' can only mean 'compile Python source into Python bytecode'. (whereas Cython is another thing, as you point out). See Ned Batchelder: Is Python interpreted or compiled? Yes." (Obviously other languages will do things differently, as MM said).
8:35 AM
@smci thanks that's a good article by nedbat
FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'C:\\Users\\Dell\\Desktop\\github\\db_MAS\\database\\backend\\cols\\modelbase.pk'
I 'm getting modelbase with self.model.__class__.__name__ which I expect will give me the class name as string
I m explaining better in a sec
please read from bottom then go to the top
@VisheshMangla you've been asking a lot of things here in the past few days. You should make a lot of effort to "explain better" the first time.
sorry, I m trying
think about what you want to ask and prepare it rather than just dumping here a stream of thoughts as they come to you
All of that information still doesn't tell us why you expect that file to exist or why it doesn't
hmm,ok let me rethink if I can think of a better way to explain
ok, I ask it simply. `class ABCD(): def foo(self): # How to get name of class i.e., "ABCD" as a string.
8:50 AM
ok let me try that
__class__.__name__ or type(self).__name__ depending on what exactly you want
ABCD.__name__ worked like a charm thanks @MisterMiyagi
gotta read on that @Aran-Fey but thanks for it
is this what you call a minimum repr example `class ABCD(): def foo(self): # How to get name of class i.e., "ABCD"?
@VisheshMangla "Please read from bottom and then go to the top" is an indication that you aren't thinking about your readers. Why not just put the text at the top of your paste?
Similarly, "I 'm getting modelbase with self.model.__class__.__name__ which I expect will give me the class name as string" night easily be thrown around in a Django conversation, but means little when dropped without context into a chat.
@holdenweb Yes I get your point it's easier for me to copy paste then the reader to scroll up and down. Sorry
8:54 AM
@VisheshMangla It's not perfect, but we can let it slide if you format it properly
if I press enter here it posts the comment
@VisheshMangla Not quite. It is unclear where you want to get the name. At global scope? Inside foo? When inside foo, the name of ABCD or the name self's class?
With real respect for your wish to be understood, I point this out because such behaviour, repeated endlessly, is rather demotivating to those who genuinely want to help.
basically each django model has to load a file called f'{model name}'.pk
sorry @holdenweb I understand your concerns and will soon be like what is expected
So the real problem concerns configuring Django model behaviour from a .pk file?
Have you looked at the Django documentation concerning this topic, or isn't it standard Django?
8:58 AM
well the problem is solved for me. Let me complete the code so that I can show it to you.
it was a python class problem in general not specifically related to django .
9:28 AM
Hi, when I enter "jupyter notebook" in Mac OS terminal, it says "zsh: command not found: jupyter"
Can anyone let me know what I am missing here
@YatShan did you install jupyter?
@MisterMiyagi Installing of jupyter aborted throwing following error
"Could not install packages due to an EnvironmentError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/Library/Python/3.7'
Consider using the `--user` option or check the permissions."
well, that's why you cannot start jupyter.
Did you consider using the --user option?
I tried with pip3 install --user jupyter
The process completed with warnings
"The script pygmentize is installed in '/Users/Yatshan/Library/Python/3.7/bin' which is not on PATH."
Do I have to add anything to the path as well ?
Even now after using pip3 install --user jupyter, still the error is "zsh: command not found: jupyter"
does it work in a new shell?
9:43 AM
Yes, after restarting the shell, now it's working
Thanks a lot @MisterMiyagi
@YatShan More than optimistic to expect to be able to import a module whose installation failed. Perhaps it would ave been better to mention that first.
@holdenweb Yes will consider in the future
I presume you are a mac user who accepted the change to zsh? I'm still using bash.
Could be that zsh doesn't pick up changes in the $PATH directory contents (pip installs scripts for its entry points in the venv's /bin directory. jupyter is, IIRC, such a script).
I'm quite happy with zsh, but switched earlier.
I have switched to bash from zsh. It took me some time to understand the difference between zsh and bash
9:49 AM
Fair enough. Normally when I install a module with pip the new binaries are picked up immediately by my shell. I'd be interested to know if that were a bash/zsh difference, but only out of idle curiosity.
Bash is easier or else more convenient sometimes
It's probably more that I'm too old and sclerotic to change my habits.
Meh, bash is perfectly serviceable. Shell scripting at work still is bash for me.
9:52 AM
Using zsh locally is okay for me because there I use the shell at most for 1-liners. Booting a fresh shell after making env changes is a habit, so frankly I've never noticed that zsh might be lazy with $PATH changes.
a pip install with a console_script makes it immediately available in my current zsh session.
Does your console_script have custom commands to add to $PATH?
yepp, just tried it with one of my own libs.
Okay cool :)
There's a good chance that zsh "has a knob for that", though. Don't want to rule out any weird behaviour when it comes to shells.
Exactly, a good practice !
10:16 AM
Hi guys, I am trying to make my own dns server, and I found many good tutorials, but one thing bothers me in all of them. Namely I have to set the ip of my own dns server in all the clients. In linux for example under /etc/resolvconf.conf show here: superuser.com/questions/1093419/… But how do I get my own dns server to be used automatically?
Like when I plug my pc to my router and have dhcp and dns configured to auto I just use the router as a dns, how can I achieve that when I configure clients to use dns auto it uses my dns server, instead of the router or isp one?
DHCP clients should treat the DHCP server as authoritative for DNS service information. You would therefore need to reconfigure your DHCP server to serve out the address of your DNS server. Otherwise, just add its IP address to the settings in your IP interface(s) manually.
But make sure there's also some other DNS source in there ( or from Google would be a good choice).
10:44 AM
I see, so either I run dhcp and dns together to have clients autodetect both or I configure my dhcp server to tell clients where my dns server is. I just hope my router has that functionality
Do you by chance know how that settings is called in consumer routers? Or under what rubric it is to find?
i have ddns, but I don't think that's it
Hi, can I get help in there?
@VisheshMangla "Is this the valid syntax" can be answered by simply trying to run the program.
10:48 AM
sorry there was a typo , corrected : dpaste.com/0P5F6V4
not really @MisterMiyagi
I have written that code in dpaste
I'm starting to feel that you're using this room as a personal helpdesk, given the volume and frequency of these dpaste posts
also its not a simple python script that I can run it
@VisheshMangla Yes, really. SyntaxError: invalid syntax in the first case, SyntaxError: unexpected EOF while parsing in the second.
@roganjosh isnt this the place to ask python related errors in code?
Having access to experienced users is a fantastic resource, but it's also finite and not a substitution to exploring issues thoroughly yourself
10:51 AM
You haven't got any idea of how many errors I ask and in actual how many I have. Do you?
Conversely, do you know how many errors the rest of us have, at any level of expertise?
nope, you are experts so why will you have any errors
I wouldn't classify myself as an expert
you know all that design pattern stuff which I just know the terminology but nothing how's it done
10:54 AM
While you've been having this dialogue with others, I've been untangling a completely broken config system for my library, and I've not had the code run correctly once in the last 3 hours. I'm not suggesting that you don't ask for help, but please keep in mind the frequency at which you're asking.
@VisheshMangla Whether a code throws a SyntaxError or not is not something you should need an expert for. A regular IDE or linter, or even just importing the code in the interpreter, tells you that.
last 3 hours, I m stuck on this code from 2 months
If you're having trouble with these things frequently, it may be prudent to ask how people solve these problems instead of asking to solve them.
well maybe I should have used a different word then @MisterMiyagi , my apologies. I meant that is giving errors to me in my actual code
@VisheshMangla I'm talking about a single feature of an app that I've been working on for some 4 months now, not that I haven't been having issues for the full 4 months
10:57 AM
2 hours ago, by holdenweb
With real respect for your wish to be understood, I point this out because such behaviour, repeated endlessly, is rather demotivating to those who genuinely want to help.
@holdenweb but this time I wrote things on top in my dpaste
and I created a smaller prototype
what's that?
The point is that you're asking too many questions, especially ones that you should be able to solve yourself. If you continually give us the impression that solving a problem for you will only lead to you asking about a new problem 5 minutes later, then we will stop wasting our time on your problems.
I wrote the full code, and obviously when I will run it then only I w'd be able to see errors. How do you do it?
and those errors occur in a line, you solve oone another pops up . A chain of errors
11:02 AM
You might consider writing individual components and testing them before attempting to fit them together with glue logic. Do you do any testing? (Other than banging away at a keyboard).
testing like pytest? nope
well, if you need to write a class how can you test it if its not completed
all these errors are in that class which I have shown several times
class Foo:
	a = 0
	b = 3
	def __init__(self):
		self.c = b/a

my_awesome_foo = Foo()
a class that will give you an error. Just make an mvce
@VisheshMangla Ok, but the pattern here is that you're implementing something you think should work, it doesn't work, and then you bring it here to be fixed within very little time between events. If you were spending 3 hours on the issue, we couldn't possibly be getting such a scatter-gun of blocks of different code. I'm suggesting that you spend more time researching around the problem before asking, please.
@holdenweb Do you know, is this common in routers nowadays or quite rare? I can't seem to find it in mine, but I found that the linksys LRT2x4 has DNS Local Database feature of LRT2x4. So I wonder how to find out if my router can do that? Is there a keyword to search for like router model set dns server manually or something like that?
For example, I'm currently writing an API endpoint that archives the events related to a given licence. These are my tests: 1) With no events, no archive is created; 2) Verify file and event counts for five different counts; 3) verify that a non-archivable event raises an exception; 4) verify a 404 response when an invalid license id is used.
11:08 AM
I know my coding style is horrible
They don't all pass yet, bet when they do, I'll know my code works to a first approximation, and I'll likely get signals if I break things later
@VisheshMangla that isn't what's being suggested
yes you said spend more time in debugging
TBH I haven't read any, because I haven't seen any intelligent discussion about the content. Just "what's wrong with this, please"? You've already given the answer: the answer is, it's horrible code. That's ok, we all write horrible code when we start. But most of us do our bleeding in private ;-).
11:11 AM
@holdenweb "But most of us do our bleeding in private ;-)" I'm stealing that one! :P
is this an idiom bleeding in ?
Ah I found it :) It's just called primary DNS, don't know how I could miss that. Yuhu progress :)
My own Django code is currently pretty horrible, and I've removed three silly bugs already. Treat the error as a clue, and undertake a detective mission to solve the real problem: you don't understand why your code is doing what it's doing.
google gives nonsense results
the error goes deep into my venv's django
then I fear since I 'm not able to understand opensource code
Or start the other way around. Start from a template mostly from the docs, which you now is working. Run that, it works. Keep adding small increments, it still works. At one point it breaks, bam you know where you added something that broke it
11:14 AM
Google isn't a pair of programming legs, it's a crutch. If you want to program with a trowel by throwing bits of code together you've found on Google then you are wasting your own time and everybody's here. If you don't want to learn to program, I'd suggest you go ask somewhere else.
google gives nonsense results was for is this an idiom bleeding in ?
You can't just "dabble" with complex things like Django. You need to commit to a real effort of understanding, or pay someone who already has the necessary knowledge.
@VisheshMangla No, holdenweb was just putting in better terms what I said earlier. You have no idea how many errors we're facing (bleeding wounds) because we're not posting them in here all the time (hence, we're bleeding in private)
are you sure it's easy to find a person whom you will pay and he will teach you?
Idiom? No, just a metaphor I invented to describe the cruelty of realising that your code doesn't do what you think it should because you put dumb mistakes in it. Still a daily experience for every practising programmer.
11:16 AM
even I can sit on codementor and earn 20 dollars
There's probably even a few in this room that do mentoring... but you're likely to need deep pockets for some of 'em :p
I joined a few classes for learning java and they just took the money but quality was sht
Anyway, the conversation has just swapped from fixing your code to another protracted discussion about how to fix your code. Let's change topic
11:18 AM
The idea that someone asking questions like you do can earn twenty bucks an hour does not encourage me to use codementor.
No? Imagine how much you could earn :P
[returns to Django testing]
I was sitting on #django irc and a guy pm's me and says to me if you have so many doubts codementor 15 min and 20 dollars
a few days back he asks something very basic on use of get_or_create on django. Can't trust people. I have learned everything for free that I value
ok done
@roganjosh just messaged ya...
11:26 AM
@JonClements They can't afford me!
@holdenweb they're not allowed you anyway.... you're our precioussssssssss now :p
:-). Lordy, hallelujah, the test just agreed that it creates precisely one file with $ARCHIVE_BATCH_SIZE events on the license! On to the third test ...
11:42 AM
Huzzah! :)
not an error related question and now I ll slow down
Comprehensions are good. Doing 5 things in a single statement is not
in this case, more intermediate variables are a good thing
I was told on code review that I should neverrrr think of length of comprehension
whoever said that was a potato
Ha, forgot I'd found this letter from Richard Feynman yesterday. That explains my nightmare last night about being back at uni and meeting my old advisor
11:57 AM
@VisheshMangla I came back to the transcript being full of your confusing questions still, with no real outcome other than wasting the time and patience of the regulars here. So let me officially escalate your level to "risk of being a help vampire". Read the linked guide, and change how you ask here, because very soon you will not be able to ask here at all. And for reference:
Aug 20 '19 at 9:35, by PM 2Ring
Imagine that you won a competition, and the prize is a free session with a Python think-tank who normally charge $1000 per hour. Don't waste that prize!
oh nedbat said to me on #python that I m being help-vampire
he's a wise man
@VisheshMangla If you keep wasting our time here by not asking fewer and better questions, you'll start being kicked from the room.
if you will post questions here I can see and try to improve on how to ask and also what to ask
anybody able to advise me on how to get question permissions back? I have edited all questions and have no idea why it isn't auto activating or what to do to get it to allow me again
12:04 PM
@JonClements should I edit them also?
deleted questions count towards the block... so you might want to consider it or hope that any edits you've made to the visible stuff will get noted and you might get an upvote on etc...
@VisheshMangla No. You have depleted your trial-and-error options. You will actually have to step back and spend a lot more time thinking about what to ask and how. If you don't have a proper, informative MCVE you're doing it wrong. If you say "sorry there was a typo" you're doing it wrong. If you say "google gives nonsense results" you're doing it wrong. You seem to be missing the basics of python, so learn it first. Finnish a good tutorial. This room is not a replacement for that.
@Kwsswart having said that though... I'm not sure any of those deleted Q's are that salvageable...
@JonClements that's mostly not what Shog said meta.stackoverflow.com/a/311812/5067311
@JonClements is there anything else I can do to do it?
12:07 PM
@AndrasDeak What about general coding tips are they allowed?
oh, you meant that if you delete it, it still counts
sorry, wasn't clear :)
@VisheshMangla the bottom line is that if you're being a burden on the people in the room, it's a problem
be constructive
Also how many times do I say "google gives nonsense results" was said wrt "bleeding in"
@VisheshMangla I don't understand that question
that was an answer
@VisheshMangla There was no question. You're being confusing again and I don't like it
12:09 PM
@VisheshMangla You did. I saw it and answered it. It's not worth mentioning in the context of what you're being told now. Let's move on
ok, we can leave it then
yes, let's
And do make sure to read and understand the help vampire guide I linked. Something tells me you missed it.
@Kwsswart A couple of your Q's I thought you put some effort into even if they were a little long - you should probably look at how to do a mcve - so I've given an upvote/two... if someone else notices your posts and you can an upvote it might be enough to push you over the Q block stuff...
PSA for the people here: let's not flock to upvote stuff for the sake of upvoting, though :P
Identifying Help Vampires. I read it . I cant see anything here like unable to express oneself's big code or asks too frequently here
12:15 PM
@VisheshMangla OK
Fair enough. Just don't expect any further response from me, whether you get kicked or not. I'm done.
another wise man
12:48 PM
hey I have a project which I run in pycharm, If I want to run it on another IDLE I get an Module not found error, is pycharm something doing that Im not aware off ?
@WiliamSnyder yes, pycharm creates it's own venv, which you don't have if you just run it in an idle
try to activate that venv before running idle
pycharm also likes to mess with your PYTHONPATH
@Hakaishin is it possible to run the project without virtual env just with the existing env?
@WiliamSnyder when you say "on another IDLE" – do you mean another IDE or actually the IDLE IDE?
I mean with the default python idle for example / dont know the difference
12:57 PM
@William you need to append the path of the python's script folder to you environment path varible in order to run that version of python w/o any virtual env
@WiliamSnyder Have you yet discovered the mechanisms by which Python locates and imports modules? Understanding that would help a lot, probably.
1:09 PM
@JonClements Thank you man how else could I go about getting it sorted
Best to have a bit of patience and allow a little bit of time @Kwsswart
@JonClements Will do should I edit any other posts?
Maybe have a think about if there's edits that could be good and do a draft of 'em if you want - but give it a little time first before applying them.
1:27 PM
@MisterMiyagi haha that got me too, but in dubio pro res or something like that
If I read a file timestamp (creation time, modification time, etc) from two different operating systems, can I safely compare them with ==? Will they definitely be exactly the same? They will, right?
@Aran-Fey you mean metadata for the same file, either from a shared filesystem or copied with preserved metadata?
The exact same file on a shared filesystem (the same partition mounted from two operating systems)
that should be equal, then. The OS will just forward the same metadata from the filesystem.
uh oh... is Google aware of something I'm not... I seem to be getting ads in gmail about "pre-paying my own funeral"... :)
1:36 PM
Is this window and Linux or we talking mobile/cloud OS?
windows and linux
Then should be fine
Ok, good. I was planning to identify files based on their device and inode at first, but then I learned that the device id isn't consistent across reboots
@JonClements If you search Google for doctor's enough you start getting ads for Life Insurance
@LinkBerest Probably for all the people that the ninja pup put in hospital
1:44 PM
oy, this transcript
@roganjosh Awww... but look at me... I'm a cutey wutey little puppy wuppy... I wouldn't do that to anyone... meep meep
<throws Greggs pasty and runs>
/me sniffs pasty... and eyes roganjosh... this better not be one of those vegan ones as I hear you don't like that place you mentioned earlier... they're not great but always appreciated!
I wouldn't do that to you, you know that. Btw, may I have an insurance policy?
I don't sell them, ask Google :P ;)
1:56 PM
It appears I may not have much time :P
that's okay, Google always suggest I should finish my bachelors cause I use it to search for university job openings and events
I swear this sometimes gives me that "trying to present dissertation and all the code keeps failing then you realize your in your underwear" dream
2:14 PM
@AndrasDeak Thanks for the guidance.
When I lose patience I am sometimes rather more direct than usual.
/me waves at @holdenweb
been a while, good to see ya
@LinkBerest /me waves back. Yo!
My presence on this group is intermittent, but persistent.
that above transcript is why when my wife asked me "if they don't pick you up for teaching a course this fall: why don't you do codementor instead?" - I gave her a look of horror
Yeah, I was a little taken aback at the thought of how good a lot of the help mustn't be. It must be a bot depressing for the better mentors.
The Python Ninja was on codementor so I was kinda shocked at that statement (then again I don't know if he still is)
2:24 PM
@roganjosh Sure... I can offer you better than an insurance policy... just keep me fed regularly with Greggs' proper sausage rolls and then you won't even need an insurance policy! :)
@LinkBerest I haven't looked recently but think he did use to do a fair bit but was something like $70+/15 mins or something :p
yeah, occasionally I point a graduate level student to it for extra practice/money and they are the $15 ones (also perfectly fine for helping an UG student with a homework problem)
^ all of them reported to me that their mentees were shocked they wouldn't just give them the answer or do their homework for them
@VisheshMangla you were kicked because following the warning I gave you not long ago, asking about an error and responding "I can't [give you code]" is unacceptable
2:39 PM
the error is in a line out of 3 lakh lines in the data. I cant share the data. Private. Bank account data
@VisheshMangla Yes, that's why you have to debug it and/or come up with an MCVE.
If you can't debug python code you should not yet work with code that has 3 lakh lines of data.
especially not bank account data
I did not know that pings from Ouroboros still pinged you - that was weird
2:55 PM
Always believe in your soul, You've got the power to know, You're indestructible, always believe in 'Cause you are gold...
(haven't heard this one in years!)
ahhh... Through the Barricades... lovely...
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