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5:00 PM
With all the tricky parsing out of the way, iterating over the data structure and sticking whatever you need into the csv should be relatively easy
@erotavlas tags
according to Microsoft, release branching is better than tags
citation needed
they might work in a release branch, but for marking a release everybody uses tags
"Tags are maintained and pushed separately from your commits. Team members can easily miss tagging a commit and then have to go back through the history afterwards to fix the tag. You can also forget the extra step to push the tag, leaving the next developer working from an older version of the code when supporting the release." docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/devops/repos/git/…
@OakDev Because if you tell the script "read the next five lines and put them in values 1 through 5", then it won't know what to do with the seven lines after that for the product that has twelve specification lines.
5:04 PM
you misunderstand what they're suggesting there
e.g. CPython maintains a 2.7 release branch
but 2.7.16 for example is a tag, at a specific commit in history marking the release
If you're thinking "ok, so we'll make it dynamic, with five values for the product with five specs, and twelve values for the product with twelve specs", that's basically what my code is doing. Rather than creating twelve value_ variables, I create a single specs variable and put 5-to-12 items into it
so maintaining multiple branches is not mutually exclusive with tagging releases
if you're not maintaining multiple releases, then just tagging master is fine.
true, so msft is saying there is no need to use tags in conjunction with release branches
I don't think they're saying that
ok what are they saying
i think they are suggesting to use release branch strategy and not rely on tags which can be error prone
5:08 PM
hmm maybe they are actually saying that
> Why not use tags for releases?
> Other branching workflows use Git tags to mark a specific commits as a release. Tags are useful for marking points in your history as important, but tags introduce extra steps in your workflow that aren't necessary if you are using branches for your releases.
their justification is very stupid though - "Team members can easily miss tagging a commit ... You can also forget the extra step to push the tag"
like, what? the tagging is part of the CI/CD, not something that joe random developer does
regardless any advice for a company that just started using Git? Re: how to mark releases in source control
we have no CI/CD either
so it would be something a random developer may or may not do :)
Yeah, tagging should be very serious business. Once it's pushed it's set in stone, at least if Linus has a word in the matter.
"I changed my mind, version 1.2.3 of my software is actually this commit"
are they proposing you make a release branch and then just leave it sitting around frozen forever?
I think this guide may have been written by an idiot
whats wrong with a frozen release branch?
5:13 PM
@wim at least a coworker won't forget to push every change onto the release branch...oh wait
Hmm, just noticed that the second product in my json output has a blank "name" field. This is because in the input file, there are two empty files between that product and the name preceding it. For best results, make sure that all products are separated by only one blank line.
instead of a tree, your repository will take on a sea urchin like structure
@erotavlas you just answered your own question
i guess whatever we do it will be batter than manually versioning our .py files into folders on the network
Ok wowowow
5:16 PM
Taking it too complex for what it is
I think
@erotavlas yes
1. protect the master branch, so nobody can commit to it
As I meantionned, I can do a couple of easy things.

If lines are the issue, I'll just put proper backspaces
so that all products are on 5 lines
5:17 PM
2. all dev work in their own fork
3. all commits to master come from a pull request
If you're saying "I don't think I need any of this 'master branch' stuff or whatever for my simple csv creation problem", I think those guys are having an unrelated conversation.
Since it's always: title,desc,shortdesc,tech,spec
4. pull request has to pass tests (this is CI)
All products have the same 5 elements
pfft yeah right, not here they dont
5:18 PM
5. when merged to master, if the change has bumped the version number, create and push a tag for the new version number (using service account, github actions, whatever)
just a different amount of lines/content varying on product
so I can either value them inside container 1="*"
or put it all on same line
6. (optional) when there is a new version number released, you can deploy it immediately (this is CD)
oh another thing about this, its an ML project where each repo is its own model type....there is so much experimentation that I don't think there can be a master branch
5:19 PM
usually you will canary or integration test the new release at some stage
whatever, as long as doing the content to csv happens super smooth n easy
@erotavlas well, it sounds like you don't have a workflow. I'm just offering suggestions of how to get a sane workflow.
@Kevin am I making any sense?
@OakDev Ok, if that's all you need, you can take the code from pastebin.com/qDstZSRi and skip all the bits where I put the data into a big data structure. You only really need to create the variables name, description, tech_paragraph, and spec_paragraph. Then stick them in your csv row.
Thank you. Jesus.
5:22 PM
Can you just confirm the proper sintax of 1 variable
I'm not sure what "shortdesc" corresponds to because as far as I can tell your contentfile only has one description per product, but you can probably figure out where that information is supposed to come from
to elaborate a little on step 5, it's a no-op if the merge to master did not actually change the version number (e.g. just refactoring code, not any bugfix or new feature)
with example

it also has short description
aka the one that shows up next to product imag
5:24 PM
and it's an error condition if it happens that the version/tag already existed (but if joe developer is not manually pushing tags to master, that will never happen, i.e. steps 1-3 in workflow prevent this)
shortdes is desc
Let's use the data from before. In gist.githubusercontent.com/Gary-0ak/…, look at Intimus pacmaster s. What part counts as its "description", and what part counts as its "short description"?
desc is link
description is link
to user manual
5:25 PM
shortdesc is standard description (1 or two phrases usually)
Ok, that just requires a little slicing, then
<hold music plays>
Elaborate, pretty noobish
Yeah take you time, I'll be your hypeman forever if you make this happen
@wim so nay on the sea urchin like structure?
You'll say the most outrageous things and I'll be liek: tell em
5:26 PM
it'll be amazing
fireworks and all
@erotavlas sounds prickly and poisonous to me
ok so ignoring MSFT then
Is there any canonical for "I mistakenly think I want a local variable to have global scope" --> stackoverflow.com/q/58595634/674039
again and again I see people answering the question showing how to make a global variable, but it's not really the advice that these users need :(
in their Team Foundation Version Control, the equivalent to Tags would be labels, but labels are very error prone there, anyone can go in and modify them or even delete them at a later date
5:33 PM
this is what i needed lol thanks ! — to3 1 min ago
@Kevin Am I waiting for nothing and all is in repo you sent? (Haven't paid attention, multi task)
No, I'm still brainstorming. Currently trying to remember if there's a way to tell csv to escape newline characters embedded in fields
So far it's looking like "no"
I remember discussing that a while back..
Doesn't it do that automatically? Did you forget to open your file with newline=''?
In python?
5:38 PM
Through sanitation, no?
anyone here use docker?
Mar 21 at 13:06, by Aran-Fey
Uh, newline characters are allowed in csv fields, right? Right?
what the unzenful yams is the difference between RUN ["cmd", "arg1", "arg2"] and RUN cmd arg1 arg2? I get that the former is parsed as a JSON array, but is there a case where the latter will not work when the former does?
that's probably what I remembered ^
@inspectorG4dget whitespace in the cmd or args perhaps? I don't know docker
@AndrasDeak negative
5:40 PM
@OakDev pastebin.com/ts83jn2r. Remember to ask your monkey to delete the extra empty line before HSM SHREDSTAR S10, or else you might get some blank fields
cmd in this case was gunicorn and it "couldn't find gunicorn" in the latter case
@inspectorG4dget sounds like important information pertaining to your original question
@Kevin and I assume at any other products that don't follow the same structure?
@AndrasDeak Exactly my concern. It seems likely to me that any reasonably good csv reader will be able to understand quoted fields that contain unescaped newlines. But it seems likely to me that most csv readers are not reasonably good.
5:44 PM
@AndrasDeak hrm? but then ["cmd", "arg1", "arg2"] should also not work, correct? I thought it would be pretty agnostic of what cmd was
It is written, "be generous in what you accept, and strict in what you emit"
@OakDev Yeah.
@Kevin the post you linked a few messages after that one suggests that it's only valid csv if it's wrapped in double quotes, which might or might not matter for this discussion
@inspectorG4dget ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@Kevin my csv output needs to follow the same structure as csv.csv from my gist
How/what do I tweak
@OakDev But I guess you could save your monkey some work by changing the paragraphs-creation line to paragraphs = [paragraph.strip() for paragraph in file.read().split("\n\n")] , in which case paragraphs are allowed to be separated by any number of blank lines
5:45 PM
@AndrasDeak sowwie... trying to wrap my head around Docker's documentation which doesn't seem to disambiguate this at all
either that... or I'm illiterate (which has been known to happen in the past, so...)
@Kevin any cons to switching that code? or did you just think about it and didnt implement
@Kevin but yeah, need same structure as csv.csv
I felt like I was throwing enough novel concepts at you without getting list comprehensions involved
cbg... sooo , I learnt this named tuple thing and its nifty ...
5:48 PM
fk man, if only I read as much books as bogus "make money" guides on Warriors forums
@OakDev The column names are controlled by the fieldnames = [ line. You can add "publised" and "SKU" and such in there. Then you'll have to change the writer.writerow call to supply values for those fields.
We'd be speaking german
Where would one use a namedTuple?
@Anarach nooooooo, use dataclass instead if possible
@Aran-Fey ?? oh..
5:49 PM
@Kevin Surprisingly easy to understand
@AndrasDeak aha! I found the error. RUN "cmd arg1 arg2" is what actually broke. In this case, it thought cmd arg1 arg2 was the command (with spaces and all), with no arguments. RUN cmd arg1 arg2is the correct form
If the field is always blank, you don't need to add it to writer.writerow
@Aran-Fey Actually , i dont know where I would want to use a named tuple , or err.. this dataclass, as of now I think its a good alternative to maybe a dictionary..
wont happen
all field should be with content
5:51 PM
@inspectorG4dget sounds good to me, dunno why you added quotes when you didn't ask about quotes :P
@Anarach Why make your class a tuple if you don't need it to be a tuple? Do you really want instances of your class to be iterable and subscriptable? Do you really want isinstance(YourClass(), tuple) to return True?
So, just re-iterate what monkey needs to do, precisely.
@AndrasDeak I mistakenly did not see/read the quotes in the problem code. I posted what I thought was the problem code, but in fact was not, adding a layer of confusion due to improper transcription/scribing. I think I need a break
@Aran-Fey Umm. I dont see how that is a problem?
The code monkey needs to change line 22 to paragraphs = [paragraph.strip() for paragraph in file.read().split("\n\n")]. The contentfile preparation monkey doesn't need to do anything.
5:53 PM
You have to be kidding. She'll give you candy if you pass by Montreal
Like, the good ones too.
i m so confused as to why python3 refuses to parse this json...
Twix, Ferrero, M&M
k lemme actually use it now
@Anarach Unexpected surprises are always bad. Maybe you'll pass a list of YourClass objects into a flatten function like this and get b0rked output. Just one example.
5:56 PM
@Aran-Fey ahh ..
@anu Looks like you've got a problem on the end of line 4, after "847: and before "INFO" on the next line. What happens if you delete that line break?
Guide to using `namedtuple` and `NamedTuple`:
1) Do you want your class to be a tuple? No? Use `dataclass` instead.
2) That's it.
Or, hmm, is that line break only there because you pasted it into chat...
@Kevin yeah that line break is because of the copy-pasta
@Kevin Shouldnt run into any issue if I boot up Kali
6:00 PM
I think the actual problem is that all of the backslashes on that very long "_raw": line actually need to be double backslashes
and run through kali terminal?
let me try that
... But this should only be necessary if you're calling loads on a json-looking string that you created using triple strings. If you're reading the data from a file or something, the backslashes should already be in the right format
yay, Kali
Most of the time there's not much point calling loads on a string literal, since you could just rewrite the code to use dict/list literals from the start
Rather than doing s = "[1,2,3]"; x = json.loads(s), just do x = [1,2,3]
6:02 PM
@anu You need d = r"""..."""
Oops, I forgot to mention raw strings. Yes, r""" is another thing worth trying
yeah that did it. thanks @Kevin \ should have been \\
thanks @Kevin
@AndrasDeak Yeah don't judge, I just installed real quick for a nikto
i'd be grateful if the almighty mods delete my op, since I figured out the problem
but its the only linux distro I have laying around to launch pytheroo
6:06 PM
@OakDev a nikto?
does a Git repository store only one software? or do I need separate repos for individual software packages?
git stores byte files. it marginally cares whether these are text or binary. it does not care at all whether they are one software project.
I mean from a more developer standpoint, if I have two software packages one that does text editing, and another that does dog walking, do you generally store them in separate repositories?
I have separate repositories for all my projects.
I would
6:14 PM
it is generally a good idea to separate separate projects into separate repositories, yes
probably yes
is there ever a scenario where you would store them as separate folders in the same repository?
you wouldn't want dog walking contributors to accidentally venture into text editing land, for instance
If I were doing a private repo for storing homework assignments for a class, I'd probably just use one
Arguably, each directory in my animation project is its own project, but I barely ever make modifications after initial commit so I don't care all that much if I'm not adhering to best practices
6:15 PM
and if I did store them into the same repository does this have any effect on how versions are marked for release or how branching occurs (can you branch individual folders in git?)
Branching is repo-wide, not per-folder
ugh ok thre goes the folder idea
@AndrasDeak vuln scan
You could create a local Git repo and just try some things out and see what feels right - no need to go all GitHub on it right off
6:17 PM
do any of you guys use team foundation server as your source control?
@erotavlas it makes sense if the two are closely coupled. For example, flit is considering to have both library core and user tool in the same repository.
I'm still searching for the answer but I was wondering if a Git project on TFS can store multiple repos
Should work with python 2.7?
I don't think so. zip_longest isn't available in 2.7, and open doesn't have the arguments encoding or newline.
6:22 PM
h2upgrade python on kali :(
@Aran-Fey I endorse this guide.
do I need to change repos cause the whole only kali repos allowed on kali thing?
@MisterMiyagi makes sense, in my case then I think I need separate repos because they arent related, also I found my answer re: multiple repos per single TFS project benday.com/2014/05/23/…
@OakDev that's really not something you should expect to get answered here
Possibly these can be fixed (for instance, izip_longest is a close equivalent), but I have forgotten pretty much entirely how unicode works in 2.7 and I don't want to make suggestions that may fail on slightly fancy input
6:24 PM
@Kevin I understand, lemme just download a quick debian I guess?
VM it
that spooky feeling when you change something in the code, revert it, and a warning that was originally there is now gone...
@Kevin C-can I send you the whole content file O.O
ah, no, there it is :D
it's much better to have separate repositories per-project
often times it's even good to have multiple repositories for one project, if the pieces are decoupled enough
and don't tell me "but facebook... but google..." unless you are facebook or google you probably don't need a monorepo
6:27 PM
@Kevin Also, the csv structure isn't important. The importer lets you literaly drag and drop where what goes where.
So line 22 changed, nothing changes in fieldnames
Can you run with my full file o.O?

Otherwise gotta install debian, upgrade py, the whole enchilada
Even if I identified a problem in the full content, I probably wouldn't know how to fix it. I never really got the hang of unicode in 2.7, and I was glad to see it go
Worth a try, thougj
and your guess of problem would probably be better than mine, but at this point, I'm leeching.
6:29 PM
So I understand if you suddenly realize wtf did I do this for this guy
Installing 3.X will almost certainly be faster than the aimless poking around that I'd end up doing
Yeah but Kali, so need full new install of debian or wtv
cause I aint going to change allowed repo
and start this whole thing
and you got a shell in front of you
6:30 PM
maybe try just see?
I can assure you Kevin doesn't have a linux shell in front of him
if no-good, I install deb
@AndrasDeak How'd he do the thing on pastebin then ? :/
6:31 PM
in other news, numba is both amazing and infuriating
I think I ate too much pork belly for lunch :/
Keeeeeevvvvvvv :'[
@OakDev you said yourself that you are "at this point leeching". So please stop doing that. You can only ask for free help as long as people are willing to give you that. If they stop, you have to stop too.
@OakDev please stop posting images and gifs and whatnots needlessly
6:46 PM
ASCII cool?
Okok, question then
@Kevin how are the walruses coming along? my prediction shows that you should already have roughly 2 successful mikrokilowalrus-uses by now
poll: do you have a mix of .egg-info subdirectories and .egg-info files in your system site-packages dir (usually /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/)?
0 additional uses in actual code. My own prediction is one a month.
6:51 PM
Good evening guys ! Need your help. I'm trying to get the url and title from this part, but I can't figure out how. Using beautifoulsoup : <a href="https://www.tennis-point.de/adidas-sole-court-boost-allcourtschuh-herren-weiss-hellgruen-00514804581000.html" title="adidas Sole Court Boost Allcourtschuh Herren - Weiß, Hellgrün" itemprop="url">
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trying to figure out what puts .egg-info files. prime suspect is distutils.
@wim 10 files and 5 directories on a rather fresh RHEL7
sorry, missed your earlier message
I don't have any egg-info files in my site-packages
the only egg-info I have is instructions for hard boiled eggs :D
anyone, ? any ideas ? I'm thinking about itemprop="url" which is kinda unique
6:59 PM
@MisterMiyagi hmm.
does the distutils fallback in github.com/psf/requests/blob/v2.6.0/setup.py this work for you?
e.g. pip install requests==2.6.0 --no-binary=requests --index-url=https://pypi.org/simple/ in a venv with no setuptools avail
(I'm randomly picking on requests==2.6.0 as an example of an offender with a .egg-info file)
pip doesn't like that
Could not import setuptools which is required to install from a source distribution.
Please install setuptools.
You are using pip version 9.0.1, however version 19.3.1 is available.
You should consider upgrading via the 'pip install --upgrade pip' command.
I thought pip 9.0.1 vendor setuptools so why don't they use their vendored code
>usermod is not a command
I will break a cat's neck
maybe it's not possible to get the .egg-info file with pip? only with python setup.py install or something ?
7:16 PM
@wim I wouldn't make any assumptions about "vendored" and RHEL.
many of the standard packages are repackaged and cut down.
better get someone else to try as well.
I think I've figured it out
this was after pip download colorama==0.3.2 and extracting the zip
distutils writes an egg-info file (colorama-0.3.2-py2.7.egg-info) setuptools afaik will never do this and since pip refuses to NOT use setuptools, pip will never do this either.
heck knows how you're supposed to uninstall those!!
@AnotherUser31 I think if you just post this as a question, and show some of your efforts using BeautifulSoup and what you tried, you will get a quick response from the community at large than from the comparatively few people in here
I vaguely remember reading some "how do I uninstall this?" questions that ended with "distutils did it, you're screwed"
I guess with RHEL they just take on all the uninstall responsibility in rpm
I mean they are kind of obliged to anyway, with python packaging being so screwed.
in theory, perhaps. In practice, I'd rather reprovision the entire machine than try to actively manage existing packages.
python packaging may be screwed up, but it doesn't get any better having another package manager with outdated content in the mix.
7:34 PM
Well, what do RHEL actually do when you try to yum remove something which has an .egg-info file? Presumably they have their own metadata and don't use the egg info at all.
Does a yum install actually go and execute a python setup.py install underneath? Or do they just roll up all the files, wheel style?
yum install just runs arbitrary code from a tarball
there is some notion of tracking which packages install which files, though
for the standard packages, it is mostly just unpacking the tarball it seems
@Kevin works like a charm. If you need me for something, I'm here.
Now let me go eat my 5PM breakfast
7:50 PM
Mmm, nothing better than tuna on a cream cheese filled slice of bread
8:02 PM
Actually, it works, maybe not like a charm, but works way well enough.
8:31 PM
@MisterMiyagi in my experience that is not correct for binary rpms of python apps/libs, which just have all the .py and .pyc files (and don't even have a setup.py nor a spec file inside). the source rpm may have the specfile which is defining a build step, but when you yum install some python thing you're getting the binary rpm.
What's the dupe for this? I've definitely picked the wrong target since OP suggests that duplicate values are important
that's a counter intersection
I have one somewhere, just a moment..
nuts I can't find it, I've answered too many counter questions
O.P. code is counting every dupe twice btw
Yup, I understand that :) I'm gonna retract my dupe for now as it's already on 3 votes
@Kevin It actually works like a charm, I'm just an idiot.
Would it be do-able for an idiot to add another category that fills up only if declared (you know how there's tech&spec? some have tech&spec&cutsize)
8:43 PM
The tail-end of Common elements comparison between 2 lists has become like the weird corner of YouTube. Time to lose some rep :/
If you have to count all the duplicates in both lists, I don't think there's a more efficient way than your double loop. — Barmar 36 secs ago
I don't know whether to be more upset by that or the fact that I've just had to downvote 8 answers on my original dupe target and I'm still in the +1 part
barmar again... where's the "downvote wrong comment" feature?
Please can we start nuking some of the nonsense on that thread? So many answers have got through the review queue in ~2018. ****-take :(
argh, I got tricked into visiting SO again. Stop it >:I
8:51 PM
Super-duper sorry, Aran-Fey :(
's alright, I just need to write a userscript real quick and it'll all be bueno
@Aran-Fey implement a blacklist on your router
ha, I'm sure my brother will be thrilled about not being able to access SO :P
he should use a vpn... :D
TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for *: 'Counter' and 'Counter'
9:00 PM
I'd be very interested to find out the use case for multiplying Counters
@Aran-Fey If this is even vaguely serious, I'm curious what you'd do? Hide posts with an upvote count less than x% of the top answer? Or just low-rep answers?
no, I was just planning to remove links to SO from chat
Ahh. Smart move :P
hmm, maybe instead of outright removing them it'd be better to link to a rickroll
9:08 PM
@wim Chalk up another :P
@roganjosh eww, look at this one that was on +10/-0
... perfectly cromulent. Please excuse me <heads to vomitorium>
@Aran-Fey edit stackoverflow.com to stackoverfiow.com in links
that's evil. I like it.
@wim "This should be the answer that should have been selected!". I'm very close to "that's enough internet for today"
9:17 PM
tail end of crap (mostly late 2018 answers from low rep users) on that ^ popular Q
Sadly I can't participate in delv-voting :/
you should work to up your rep so that you can
he needs 12k more for that...
@wim are you out of delvotes?
ok so that's 2 months
9:19 PM
You know I spend quite a bit of time on the main feed. I'm quite surprised I even got a couple of answers in recently, mostly I just try to stay sane
I mean, apparently the rep mines of regex are bountiful, but that's a lot :)
@FélixGagnon-Grenier the voting now is so warped that I don't suppose either of us would struggle to do it if we just went for all the low-hanging fruit. Votes are inversely proportional to the effort needed to answer the problem a lot of the time
@AndrasDeak no
I don't know how many I get, I don't hit the delv cap often though
The winning formula is pick a super common but easy problem to solve, and post an answer while it's still in the top ~20 questions on the main feed --> (rep) profit. I'd like my profile to be a little better than that
something something grumble not single out users something something
9:25 PM
Nah, the winning formula is to ask and/or answer a popular question, 8 years ago.
since I don't have 2.21 gigawatts handy I'll have to resort to the second best possibility
Well, yeah. Are you sitting on a DeLorean we could borrow?
you can borrow her but she only manages 87 mph
Foiled again :/
9:36 PM
@inspectorG4dget see wim's answer which initially used c1 + c2 but then had to use element-wise c1[k] * c2[k].
Script works. Rickrolled myself.
it's kind of a weird use case though
@FélixGagnon-Grenier Good news! Although we had exactly the same idea, you only need 1.21 GW, not 2.21. Look down the back of the sofa :)
9:42 PM
500 points right here --> stackoverflow.com/…
@wim Ok, this is a black hole in my knowledge: Printed length of a string in python. Where would this be important?
@wim not sure I understand this one: stackoverflow.com/questions/55502123/…
It obviously is because people have given serious consideration, but it's very far removed from what I work on
what's your criteria for it being guaranteed? the docs are rather imprecise on that topic.
9:52 PM
here is an interesting question on main that is flying under the radar because it wasn't tagged with stackoverflow.com/q/58598805/674039
I'm not suggesting to tag it immediately, btw
every man and his dog will answer it as soon as it's tagged python
@roganjosh for example printing 2D data in an ascii table and choosing the minimum possible column widths
@MisterMiyagi chepner's (first) comment is basically the answer
someone just needs to post it and collect their rep shrugs
Wouldn't it just split on whitespace and, if it can't, just chop up the string into equal segments?
@roganjosh single line cells, no whitespace splitting. figure out the "good" column widths.
If even one string had to be split over 2 lines (I'm thinking of tintinnabulation that came up in today's crossword) then the sizing of the column would be a best guess after that
Fair enough, I'll have to look into it a bit more. If there's no whitespace then I'm not sure what determines a logical split (in terms of having a continuous string go over multiple rows)
Ah, no. I understand now. Sorry
2 hours later…
11:59 PM
aaaah, got it
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