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12:00 AM
Eh, that doesn't quite work. XD
wood we make a profit?
Maybe it would be better to go back to our roots.
@SamuelLiew Thanks! I've been thinking about having a real avatar for a while. If I was going to do it, it seemed like a good idea to do it prior to submitting the nomination. :-; I'm still getting used to seeing it and recognizing that it's actually me. I'd clearly gotten quite used to the identicon. :-)
I definitely didn't recognize you when I saw the nomination, @Makyen. Why galaxies? Any particular reason?
12:31 AM
@MadaraUchiha Will Smith, not will Smith
@KevinB It's a saying from an old TV show
@CodyGray I like astronomy, and I couldn't find the image I was originally planning to use. I'd been planning on using an image of a sunset on a beach with a coconut tree which I took quite some time ago, but I wasn't able to find a version of it. I'm sure it's on a backup somewhere. If I need, I'll dig up the original version of that sunset, so it's not lost forever, but doing that won't happen for a year+.
in SO Close Vote Reviewers, 8 hours ago, by Machavity
@Makyen Ah, so you picked the intro from It's a Wonderful Life
So, I went though a portion of the collection of astronomy images I've downloaded over time and A) I like this one, B) it wasn't one of the various astronomy images I've seen other people use for avatars, and C) I felt it could be cropped to a square aspect ratio while giving a pleasing composition, with a hint of a face, if you stare at it too long. :-)
Hmm, yes, I suppose I do see a face
@Machavity As if there would be anything wrong with that. Great movie!
12:41 AM
There are hundreds of images on Google of coconut trees on sunsetting beaches. You needn't have given up so easily.
@StephenKennedy Wasn't meant to be an insult. I love that movie
@Makyen the problem is people know you with your greenish icon... hope you don't loose votes with last minute campaign changes :)
@CodyGray True, but I wanted the one that I created. It wasn't just about the image having those features, but mostly about the sentimental value. :-) I have a good number of other images I could have used (particularly of sunsets, as I take a lot of those), but the sentimental value of that one is what makes it special.
@Makyen anyway: I like it
@Vickel He's following in the footsteps of his predecessor
1:00 AM
@Vickel That's definitely a concern. I believe that most of the people who know me are at least above average and are likely to recognize my username, as that's also unique, reasonably short, and memorable, even without the expected identicon. While there's not a lot of time between now and the election, most of the people I interact with are commonly in chat and will likely see the new avatar prior to the election. Those people also tend to care about the election, so are paying attention.
I weighed the possible loss of some support against my guesstimate of the negative impression that not having an avatar gives to a significant number of people. (While I'm a proponent of privacy, I know that it sometimes has a cost in people's conscious or unconscious reactions.) IMO, it was overall better to have the avatar prior to the election, rather than not.
@Makyen I just hope it doesn't hurt you, also with your late nomination, we all know the FGITW is also applying to the mod's elections
@Vickel How's that? Nobody can vote yet and when voting starts the nominees are put in random order.
@JonEricson I read yesterday someting about it, I'll search
Random order each time the page is loaded, no less.
There's trade-offs for both. Early nominations mean you're visible there for longer. Late nominations mean you're at the top of the list (and maybe more memorable) until the primaries/voting starts
1:06 AM
Maybe in answering the candidate questionnaire?
Honestly, the biggest factor in winning these elections seems to be it's your second or third try. Last year, 3 repeat candidates won
Candidate score is pretty important too. But when there are several 40/40 users, other factors come in play.
I expect that there is benefit to being earlier. To name a couple: A) your questionnaire has more time to accumulate votes. B) There's considerable attention given to the election page and questionnaire shortly after the all-SO notifications go out. I'd expect that traffic to tapper off over time, then increase again as the deadline gets near and the elections start.
@Vickel Thanks, I hope so too. Yeah, it likely would have been better to submit my nomination closer to the beginning, rather than 50-some hours after the start. I could have been evaluating my choice earlier, but did not.
Once I was really evaluating the choice, I wanted to make sure that A) it was something I really wanted, B) that I was able to make and keep at lest the minimum time commitment, with the expectation, knowing myself, that I would actually put in significantly more than the minimum. And C) that it wouldn't affect the commitments I'd already made beyond an acceptable level.
@JonEricson didn't find the post; Anyway I think its a great pool of candidates once again and good luck to all
250 was a good score at the Q&A stage last year, topped by ArtOfCode who nominated second. What stands out in the primary stage, where upvotes are in the thousands, is the candidate score box. I think it's a bit of a stretch to imagine most voters paying much attention to or even reading the Q&As, personally.
1:24 AM
@StephenKennedy the once who care do certainly, but maybe they are the minority
1:36 AM
I'm quite sure a nice avatar helps too, especially if there are multiple candidates on 40/40. Is it any coincidence that Rob has cool hair and came top? I think not! :)
Unfortunately, the days of my crazy hair are over, mostly ;)
Hiya \o
@Vickel Interesting that you mentioned this. I was looking at something yesterday:
Christian Gollhardt            43 33  10
Brett DeWoody                  30 12  18^
Travis J                       37 10  27
Magisch                        52 25  27
Jean-François Fabre       69 19  50
Samuel Liew                    70 10  60*
Yvette Colomb                 132 68  64*
vaultah                        81 14  67
Stephen Rauch                  93 17  76
Baum mit Augen                107  5 102
Floern                        120  6 114
Rob                           163  3 160*
ArtOfCode                     274 17 257
The *s are the winners
@Machavity @smileycreations15 content dispute locks does lock voting. Try voting on this locked question stackoverflow.com/q/54969813
Notice anything? ... there's no correlation.
1:45 AM
@BhargavRao That's votes on the Meta questionnaire answer scores, right?
What that proves is that Meta is not representative of the electorate at large.
@BhargavRao I read something about, but can't find the post, unfortunately
@CodyGray Yep.
Stuff which you need to get in order is ... A good nomination post
That's the one which everyone sees... and Mak's is good enough :-)
it's gonna be close again...
My top 3 choices all changed in the last 2 days..
@BhargavRao I have the same problem. May I know how did you solve it?
1:59 AM
@SamuelLiew Yeah, I noticed that earlier today. Content dispute still shows the controls, it just throws an error if you vote
I used the Joncle method of choosing...
I took printouts of all the nominees, put them on a dartboard, put on a blindfold and threw arrows... Surprisingly I got exactly 3.
1 hour later…
3:13 AM
3 what
did you use an atlatl?
3:58 AM
@Mak is in.Good luck for him. Is there any chance other surprise comes from -> rene
4:18 AM
@Shree Thanks. So far, all indications from @rene are that, as usual, rene has no desire to run. We all hope it happens, but it's not looking likely.
It's like Half Life 3
3 hours later…
7:23 AM
okay now there's going to be a primary.
7:35 AM
Only if one more person nominates
now I'm pretty sure that it's going to happen.
I have the feeling that having a primary then an election may change the result/influence voting compared to direct election. Just my feeling, since the voting is result is real-time in the primary, as opposed to final result. But maybe I'm wrong.
Some people could see the result of the primary, and seeing that the one they voted for (or not voted for) is first (or last) they could decide not to vote at the final election. That happens in real elections (okay, here they just have to click somewhere, so it's far fetched)
A lot of previously nominated candidates aren't candidates yet, even if they fared pretty well at last elections...
1 hour later…
8:59 AM
Candidates can retract their nominations too. It's all still speculation, the meta answers for one nominee is below -60. While Bhargav may say there's no correlation, at the extreme lower end there probably is.
@ErikA yes. It seems to me that people who vote to the questionnaire are "informed" people, but a very small minority of the voters. Check number of views of the questionnaire (6000+ views right now) compared to the number of votes (roughly 200 max per candidate).
And those 6000 actually opened the questionnaire. There are 10x times more voters IIRC. So yes if a lot of "informed" users disagree to the point that the post has negative score and there are a lot of well rated candidates, i'd say that such candidacy is doomed from the start.
Anyway, just candidate 200 times, get a positive score, you get the gold badge, and you can close the questionnaire as a duplicate of last years one :)
9:14 AM
@Makyen If it were to happen, rene'd get an instant gold ticket to the finals...
@Jean-FrançoisFabre Or, you know, meta.stackoverflow.com/help/badges/100/…
4 hours later…
1:26 PM
I tend to agree with Jean. 30k people voted in 2018, while the 2018 questionnaire only got 16k views. That's a big gap
yeah, there's a lot of voters just voting with extremely little info
@Zoe Thank goodness that doesn't happen in real life ;)
@StephenKennedy you've clearly never heard election discussions before :p
@Machavity Will Will Smith Smith? Yes, Will Smith will smith.
@Zoe I've clearly never read the comments section of the Daily Mail either
1:32 PM
@MadaraUchiha But will Will Smith smite the smitten smiths?
I apparently can't read :')
@StephenKennedy s/Daily Mail/Any News Website With Comments
That's gold
@Zoe Trending on Google from the UK the day after the Brexit referendum: "What is the EU?" facepalm
1:33 PM
@Machavity s/News /
One of the finest puns on the internet.
@StephenKennedy O_O
@MadaraUchiha But is it blue?
2:11 PM
Where do I vote?
@Vakore You cannot vote yet. Voting will start on March 11 at 20:00 UTC
@StephenKennedy How many people can I vote for?
@Vakore That depends on whether there is a 'primary' or not. If there's a primary (a first stage) you can vote up or down on every candidate. Then in the next stage you can vote for 3 people in order of preference.
@StephenKennedy Ok, thank you.
@Machavity oh 30k votes for 16k questionnaire views that's not that bad. There's hope...
2:18 PM
@Jean-FrançoisFabre except it's 16k now
It could've been a lot less by the time of the election
@Zoe it's 6k views for the questionnaire now
"Where do I vote" is going to become a meme.
@Jean-FrançoisFabre YES
@Jean-FrançoisFabre Yeah, but there's also a lot more users this year
It's going to be fun. I can't wait to candidate next year.
@Jean-FrançoisFabre You can't be a candidate next year if you win this year
2:31 PM
Has the "Yes" meme died out?
@StephenKennedy Yes.
Thought so.
@StephenKennedy It's all about no now ;)
@Zoe Yes
@StephenKennedy Yes :]
2:36 PM
So you get a Yes, they get a Yes, everyone gets a Yes?
@Machavity No.
@SamuelLiew The buttons seem confusing
2:58 PM
@Zoe Is your humour detection chip failing again Zoe?
Humor on SO?! No, it can't be!
@StephenKennedy No.
Zoe is running on the No platform now, to differentiate their candidacy
3:15 PM
Bold but risky strategy. Let's see how it plays out.
I remember No having... well... No votes
@StephenKennedy Yes. Stackoverflow is running on build v183.0.0 Yes build
@Machavity Actually, @StephenKennedy is in charge according to this nice little platform structure
@Zoe Oh FGS. Is fist shaking allowed in this room?
@StephenKennedy It's punishable by 400 messages containing "no".
3:30 PM
@StephenKennedy If I am elected, I would allow it :P
@Machavity Then a vote shall be coming your way sir :)
A strong differentiating point between candidates Zoe and Machavity, something voters will clearly have to consider
@Machavity Yes
@Zoe Yes
@ErikA Uh... Free cake for everyone?
Hmm... I like cake. But I will be severely disappointed if the cake is a lie
I don't think I can go through that again
3:49 PM
@Zoe too many good candidates. We'll have to wait in line. but thanks.
@Jean-FrançoisFabre There's a lot of time left, you never know what could happen
@Zoe, let me guess ... more candidates ? :)
one thing I'm happy with: last year got 50 votes at the questionnaire, and that year it's 3 times more, and it's not over. So things are improving at least. That cannot be bad.
@Jean-FrançoisFabre That for one. But also people changing their minds, something else considerably more important showing up, a meta post that just completely changes the chance a candidate is elected... TL;DR: lots of stuff. Also the chance the votes on the questionnaire isn't remotely close to actual votes when the voting itself starts.
specially that last part.
Offensive meta posts, anyone ?
or a discussion in chat that gets completely out of hand
3:56 PM
Fun fact: Machavity has more votes in his answer than the election question itself.
I've tried to close the question as "too broad" but that didn't fly :)
How come you can't flag comments on the election page?
@SterlingArcher more than that: How come the vote buttons aren't appearing ?
@SterlingArcher because the section is outdated compared to the rest of the site. Mod flag or ping a mod in chat
My initial assumption is so that people can't be silenced by flags
@Zoe Are you sure you have cake? I'd hate for that to be a lie...
4:01 PM
And the mods are specially lurking in that area, so it's pretty visible.
@Zoe are you saying that the comment code feature for the election page is different code than the site?
@Machavity yes, I have emoji cakes.
@SterlingArcher basically, yes.
@Jean-FrançoisFabre I was also thinking that too
Any comment about comparing SO users to some not-so-democratic german group from the forties is often noticed...
4:02 PM
@Zoe do... do you have source on that? I'm not saying you're lying, I'm genuinely curious if it's outdated code
I'm not sure whether it's outdated or by design, but it sure doesn't follow the standard on the rest on the site
If you have a direct link to an election comment, it also doesn't automatically jump to it like on the rest of the site. You can't vote, you can't flag, and you also can't get a link to the comment by clicking on the time it was posted.
I blame this on jQuery. if SO used react an update to a comments component would update errwhere ;)
cough cough SE devs cough cough
yeah, everything would've been better with WebAssembly. :p
*eye twitch*
Whatever happened to WASM anyways. It was so hyped up as revolutionary then all of a sudden i never heard about it from anybody ever again
@SterlingArcher But enough about XML...
4:08 PM
Maybe it's not portable enough?
I don't enjoy working with XMLs but ironically I enjoy working with SVGs
It's Kevin McAllister :O
Can you rewrite your election questionnaire using XML please?
    <answer id="answer-1">
        <question id="question-1" class="auto-content quote"/>
        <content>rewriting seems like too much work</content>
4:15 PM
I think I started hating XML before everyone else.
I rather xml over csv
Good lord Zoe what have you done
Well, it at least hung around until async requests became a major web convention, but before JSON took over. AJAJ doesn't have the same ring
jquery woulda skipped straight to $.fetch
json saved my life.
4:18 PM
@SterlingArcher <description>Welcome to the end of text as you know it >:D</description>
AJAX saved mine. Before that, you had to build ever-increasingly-long forms to bounce the data along. That was a pain
i didn't mess with libraries much prior to jquery
dabbled a little with YUI for one application
it's still in use today
@KevinB Better to have dabbled and stopped than to have picked the wrong one
1 hour later…
5:50 PM
I don’t know what I will vote.
there's several i'd be happy to vote for
Yes, primary it is :)
@Makoto, good luck!
Thanks @BhargavRao
"The ambassador is in the shed, I repeat, The ambassador is in the shed"
I had trouble with remembering ... Bill Brad Blue Bolt ...
6:04 PM
Is there a connection issue by my end ? it's been a while since anyone asked how to vote.
@BhargavRao Madara, Martijn :)
I think they get scared of the huge downvote profile picture lurking in the room ;p
i'm so negative
I like that picture. I used the "waving hand" from "new contributor" for a while.
yeah, i'm actually kinda happy with it
6:06 PM
Then I realized that several people did the same, and I stopped. I hate being copied.
Then I realized that several people did the same, and I stopped. I hate being copied.
damn I'm tired. Can't seem to find something funny to respond :)
(apart from LOL ...)
you've removed 2 messages now which were perfectly fine imho
blame the jet lag.
@StephenKennedy thanks but I have high standards :)
I realise that my posts are so pompous that I have to damp them with :)
@Jean-FrançoisFabre The current policy is to blame Zoe.
6:10 PM
@KevinB don't use that profile picture in an election, though.
@StephenKennedy okay. Will do.
oh, i will
Good luck, Ma.*
bring on the hate
You won't be disappointed.
@StephenKennedy [ BlameBot ] Online.
6:12 PM
Kevin B: Consummate down ward vote dawg
It's easier to say it now, but with this uncanny Ma-something think I was expecting some meta-dweller like Makoto to run. That was reinforced when Makyen decided to run. I never had visions before.
i won't be putting my hat in on this one, maybe some other time
@Jean-FrançoisFabre Never too late to change your name to MaJean ;)
I was considering that, seriously.
Or something scottish, with kilts and all: Mac Jean-François Fabre.
Wouldn't that be Jean-François MacFabre instead?
6:22 PM
I'll have one of those with fries, please
That too.
6:43 PM
@Makoto Yay you are running! Good luck.
The field is kinda too strong this time ... it is easier to watch on this side tho :p
7:02 PM
@KevinB there will be other elections, you can count on that. It's an interesting experience.
7:20 PM
@KevinB good call, you'd be hard pressed to beat my +6
@Makoto that would sound better, yes.
@Makoto Good luck even if don't like loosing you to the dark side. :). Who will represent the community plep now?
a blurry flower?
@PetterFriberg: I doubt I'd go away tbh; I've got too much real estate in this backyard to just simply let go.
Thanks @ayhan!
Time to take a stand :)
@Makyen Just out of curiosity, what is your progress toward the Sportsmanship badge? I noticed it's the one candidate score badge you're missing.
7:34 PM
He could get it, but that's not Mayken, he can't upvotez just to get a badge...
So many good candidates :) This election is fun
@gparyani I'm curious as to whether Makyen not having that badge matters to you, and if so why; if it's not rude to ask?
@gparyani My progress on that badge is minimal. The vast majority of my answers are in niche tags. In those tags, it's quite rare for there to even be more than one answer. Basically, I can't upvote things that don't exist. On the few questions where there is another answer, I consider it important to up-vote it, if it's of decent quality. To get the sportsmanship badge, I'd have to change to writing answers on questions which routinely get multiple answers.
@StephenKennedy Read the first four words
@Makoto So as not to derail the comments on the nomination... Thanks for the response. There's a lot of words there, but I'm still not sure I completely grasp the meaning. Maybe we can make it more concrete. How would what you do as a moderator with respect to ambassading (?) be different from what you do now as a regular presence on Meta, and/or how would it be different from what other moderators do in the role?
7:37 PM
@TravisJ Yeah, I agree, it's nice to think that 2 of you will be mods. I will try ensure that the queue is full.
hah! Help is on the way ;)
My interactions with Makyen have been limited to chat, but I feel they'll be very detail-oriented. They make a point of paying attention to all details and explaining everything in detail.
I agree with Makyen: I have sportsmanship but I didn't upvote other answers just to get it. Other answers were good. And also, with python, you know that other answers are generally plenty :)
@gparyani I think you have a good picture, Mayken is very precise, with a lot of knowledge about SO
Yeah, that *was* a lot of words @CodyGray. Let me see if I can narrow it down a bit...

In theory: being an ambassador of Stack Overflow means that we're going to send and celebrate the brand of what the site is, what its purpose is, and why and how we choose to moderate and curate content. In practice: this means I would be doing all of the above (e.g. what I kinda do now on the site _anyway_, at least on Meta in some capacity) but with the ability to resolve disputes or diffuse tricky situations which are not available to me as a non-moderator (e.g. if it *really* is the case that a u
7:44 PM
@Jean-FrançoisFabre True; maybe it's worth removing it as a candidate score badge.
@Jean-FrançoisFabre I usually weep at this reality. Just because there's lots of Python answers doesn't mean any of them are any good...
I think you are a great candidate @Makoto, and almost always agree with what you post on meta. However, I am in Cody's boat here: not really following the whole ambassador angle.
(even with the more words section)
@Makoto if there are 6 answers it's probably a duplicate: I avoid to answer in that case.
I've answered 3500+ questions. Some had other good answers. It has to happen.
I'll see if I can wordsmith something a bit more eloquent later @TravisJ, and put that either in the questionnaire response or in my nomination response.
Like, who are we sending the message to? Or, who are we celebrating with? Not that I don't love a good party. Mods can't really see any of the actual server side coding, so what coding solutions would be presented that aren't there now?
7:47 PM
I think nomination is more important than questionnaire. Avoid losing people in nominations is a must. Losing people in the questionnaire is also a must.
@TravisJ Thats a feeling a goal for him, I think it's not something we should judge, hence you should just try to grasp the intention.
Looks like we're going for a dreamteam with @Makoto's nomination ... we need more seats ...
That's fair @Petter.
Is that what you meant @Makoto?
We need to build a bigger waiting line.
(I have to admit I really love this. Keep challenging me on my views; it can only improve me.)
It's along the lines of what I was going for, yes @TravisJ
7:49 PM
Goals are important :) I don't disagree with it, or judge it negatively though. Was just interested and it sparked some curiosity.
I personally like the idea of the mod team being more in touch with the community, and miss the days wihen the CM team was here at mSO.
@Makoto I do want to clarify that I think you're an eminently qualified candidate, and you easily have one of my 3 votes, so I'm only pressing you on this because I want to understand your thinking. I've been curious about it since a week or so ago, when you were considering whether to nominate, and expressing doubts that you might prefer to be more of an ambassador than a moderator.
So I'm wondering what ambassador means in concrete terms, how it differs from moderator in your eyes, and how it differs from what the other moderators do now (if at all).
You won't be able to add this to your nomination, because the word count there is so limited. Major annoyance for me, btw. It'll have to go in the Meta questionnaire.
That's totally fair @CodyGray. I'll have to write something to this effect after my afternoon meetings, but I don't see ambassadorship or moderator as too terribly different. I simply feel that one emphasizes the community aspect of moderation more than the other to a degree.
@TravisJ personally I feel that the mod team are in "touch", but without a doubt they are mods which can be scary and carry a lot of weight in everything they state (meta will hunt'em down for what ever crazy reason). SE however true have lost the connection some.. maybe it's just to big by now... maybe the direction is different
@CodyGray We at least need to remember to ask for that distinction in the next mod election questionnaire. It would be an interesting question and so would its answers
@PetterFriberg I think the mod team is in touch, I just think it could be enhanced is all.
7:58 PM
Not sure what y'all are talking about. I'm completely out of touch.
@rene I don't know if it would make a good general question. So far, Makoto is the only one who has really indicated they see ambassador as a component of the role.
@PetterFriberg I think that splitting the metas overextended the CM team and has drastically impacted their ability to manage the exchange as a whole. Once they encouraged each child meta to duplicate discussion, it was essentially the end of their ability to actually manage those discussions in any meaningful way. While we see that individually here at Stack Overflow, if you look exchange wide you will also see it play out; sometimes to the point where problems get very bad before being addressed.
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