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12:02 AM
@gunr2171 Feel free to come fish whenever in France, I'll inform all my merfolk brothers of your arrival.
: )
@PaulStenne have a moment for mumble?
Gotta fetch my headset then sure
12:46 AM
@Cœur As you know, the rules for this room explicitly prohibit anyone from making a request about a post which they've asked or answered, or about an edit which they've made (#15 in our FAQ). If you make a request and then later choose to answer, please ping an RO to have your request removed. Preferably ping the RO prior to answering.
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2:53 AM
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4:23 AM
If someone copies another answer (with attribution), is it flaggable? stackoverflow.com/a/35913451/4032703
@EJoshuaS if it's attributed. than It's not plagiarised
@EJoshuaS Yes
It's not plagiarized, but copy and pasting content with little to no original content isn't really acceptable @NileshRathod
@Rob thanks for the information
4:46 AM
Q: Burninate 18.04 and 16.04 tags

Marlon AbeykoonThese tags 18.04 and 16.04 have no meaning. I suspect that these are the for the Ubuntu versions 18.04 and 16.04 but still these tags can be misused and may used for different purposes. So I request to burninate these tags.

@Rob So, custom flag is ok? Or would VLQ be enough in most cases?
@Feeds nothing to do..single question already migrated to AU
Er, VLQ is iffy... I'd say custom flag and clearly state it's a copy + paste (maybe link to that above meta).
shouldnt the flag get cleaned up by now?
A lot of the answers to that question are garbage. The whole question is OT, in fact.
2 hours later…
6:26 AM
@Rob In that vein, I've been dabbling in plagiarism searching for a bit while I wait for the other stuff to resolve. Is it considered plagiarism if people quote manuals without attribution?
Is that a flaggable offense, or should I edit attribution in & leave it be
@Magisch If they've written it in such a way that it's clear they're trying to give credit properly (ie, writing 'from the manual' without a link).. I think it's fine to ask them to add a link, or to edit it in. If it's ongoing behaviour, you can flag and ask us to have a chat with them. If it's a copy and paste with no attempt to provide credit, yes, flag it
In this case it's copy paste with no attempt to provide credit
The only original part of the answer is a small code snippet
Then yes, go ahead and flag it
Alright, thanks
7:06 AM
Morning \o
7:43 AM
@Yam Gone from no code to a full class dump, and it's still unclear what they're asking. No reopen for me.
8:13 AM
Q: Please [notify] me when it's burninated

Adelinnotify: has no usage guidance; has a total of 602 questions at the time of writing this question has 3 watchers The four criteria for burning a tag are: 1. Does it describe the contents of the questions to which it is applied? and is it unambiguous? It does describe the contents of the que...

8:56 AM
@SmokeDetector Not sure where I stand on those two, it's self-disclosure, but the answers seem to be a promotion of their library. Don't think it meets the threshold for any action though.
morning @André o/
8 hours of sleep == life is good
@Ron What about <8?
@AndréKool Undefined Behavior.
@AndréKool stackoverflowexception
9:06 AM
9:19 AM
@SmokeDetector From 2014?
@MichaelDodd Question Active today with this spam answer Can someone report that?
@MichaelDodd done
Plop everyone
Am I mistaken in my oppinion that this is spam?
@AndréKool That's been edited since I first saw it. Definitely spam now.
9:31 AM
@MichaelDodd I think you are mistaking it with the other answer that was reported by smokey
@AndréKool Ah yes you're right, not had enough tea yet this morning
30 degree office doesn't help either
Any care to give a second opinion on this question?
@AndréKool Too Broad or POB in my opinion
10:05 AM
@AndréKool Huge = 50 kB? Guess I'll have to re-evaluate the size of some of my things. I suddenly feel a lot better about myself ;)
@MichaelDodd Thanks for taking a look
@ErikvonAsmuth I think we will even have to invent some new words to describe things :)
@kayess Imo: yes. User has a link to the same site in his profile
@ErikvonAsmuth OK thanks, flagged as so
@kayess I agree with Erik
10:16 AM
@AndréKool no! hell no! this room is about disagreements
Oh, I disagree with Andre then!
Oh... wait...
So you disagree with yourself now?
You can only agree to disagree
FAQ 1.
@kayess I disagree to agree!
@AndréKool nice! :)
10:18 AM
I dis you ...
10:39 AM
Is it decent to request for a quick post migration here? stackoverflow.com/questions/51246494/… The OP wants a quick action.
No one is in the GMT R chat room now, so I ask help here, sorry. I have discussed with migration with OP at stackoverflow.com/questions/51262398/…
@SmokeDetector Spam? Doesn't really answer the question and link is to user's website, as defined in their bio
11:04 AM
@SurajRao yeah, if that one comes in I think we can dupe vote against the current one, right?
I didnt think it was necessary to migrate since OP already asked
but ok
@rene Is dupe-voting possible across sites?
@SurajRao that is also true
@MichaelDodd no
waffles \o/
11:29 AM
@Magisch ooo... yes please.... puppy hungry!
comment deletion police
I am currently not able to give you a pile of flags in lieu of scooby snacks, so accept these scooby snacks @JonClements
@Magisch way to motivate me to not get guidelines into place then if I get snacks from it :p
I think I'm slowly getting use to seeing the cactus now though... so that's good...
@JonClements I'm enjoying my vacation so far. Although I have no idea what kind of timeline we're talking and I'm already dreading the catchup
Meh... give it a few days... different timezones and availability for as many to discuss/provide input as necessary etc... I'm kinda aiming to get going next week...
Ahh... I'm now very grateful for the scooby snacks as silly puppy has burnt the pizza he was going have sighs
11:35 AM
few days is better then I thought
I was thinking in SE timelines, i.E 6-8 weeks
Possibly some bits might take longer, but ultimately - it's not a massive operation to get some framework and stuff in place and get moving even if we adapt (from findings/learnings) as we go... don't worry about it :)
@Enzokie Michael beat you to that one :P
grumbles grammar editing flowers
It made a huge difference ...
11:56 AM
Sure, if you say so ...
12:13 PM
@Machavity Why not just flag it as rude?
@AndréKool Could remove it with a rollback but, given that he gave the same answer as half a dozen other answers, just easier to delete
12:26 PM
Is this primarily opinion based?
I had stakes in it so I can't cv on it.
@Ron Could also be TB or maybe even "unclear", as it's not really obvious if OP just doesn't understand exceptions or is about that specific example or after general advice.
@Ron There's not a dupe for that? Seems kinda fundamental
Well, I don't
@Machavity You are right. There probably is. I bit the bullet and answered.
Went south.
@Machavity If there were, it would be OT imo. There is no really SO-friendly answer to this.
12:31 PM
@Ron Just FYI, I think you can CV it since you deleted your answer. We don't want people to close questions they still have active answers on (major conflict of interest)
THat's more something he should discuss with the team (for the particular code). Could be a matter of the architecture, too.
I'm sure @Makyen could clarify
@Machavity I see. Thanks. Olaf already did it.
@AndréKool yeah my bad (triple facepalm)
@Machavity Can't we just undelete the answer once the question is closed? I mean, I don't think @Ron would do this, just asking hypothetically.
12:33 PM
@Olaf Hmm, good point
Had to retag those to get them out of [rational-number] but they all need closure
12:43 PM
@YvetteColomb I see what you did there. Thanks :)
I got a populist badge today \o/
1:01 PM
I wrote 4 meta answers today
29 more for the gold badge
@NathanOliver Your journey towards the Dark Side being like Donald Trump 100k is nearly complete
My fellow Delphians feel I crossed to a dark side when I switched to C++.
The switching took 3 years to get the basics straight.
I wonder how long it took Darth Vader?
@Machavity :p I'm 70% of the way there :)
@NathanOliver 70% from SO Mug :)
That sweet sweet swag.. SO swag ;)
1:17 PM
@NathanOliver Swag... you want the swag... you can't handle the swag! :p
Please do unboxing video
It's still a ways away. It's taken 3 years and 7 months to get to 70K
So many answerable meta posts today but most of them aren't discussion
Sad cactus
I'll probably never hit 100k on SO. No desire to answer much of anything anymore
1:33 PM
@Machavity Until the Team Fortress 2 API is released to the public, that is...
@TylerH hat levetates Nope
@TylerH Heh. Would be cool. But Valve seems done with FPS games. DOTA2 is all they ever do anymore. Valve is allergic to the number 3 it seems.
@Machavity Yeah, plus I think a fair amount of the player base has moved over to Overwatch as well points at avatar
Still play TF2 every now and again, but on my rig Source tends to have random stutters and short freezes. Not good for a multiplayer FPS.
@MichaelDodd I basically have. Overwatch was ripe for the TF2 crowd
Good old days Dota1 <3
1:40 PM
Tried overwatch, didn't like the 6v6 format so I went back to TF2
I'm really bad at overwatch
I was hooked to Dota.
Haven't touched it in years now.
Me too, then after seeing Dota2 it feels like I have outdated skills.
I read AI can beat human champions at dota2 now.
Not yet
1:44 PM
I play a lot of league of legends lately
I don't have the mental strength for Dota 2, enjoy watching it though
teemo only ranked solo q
the Mrs still plays it
braces for the flaming that is about to occur
Answering questions in StackOverflow is like Dota you need to counter other peoples answer.
1:46 PM
I thought it was like Starcraft? Zerg rush the first answer
@Yam Cosmetics, no improvement.
I spent ages in the arcade.
Nowadays you can have all the arcade games in a single machine.
When to show up for a meeting? 5 mins, 10 mins before?
@Machavity yeh he was pretty rude.
@Ron 15 minutes later is perfect to skip the introduction all already know. That doesn't work, though, if all come too late. Unless you need some sleep, then 5 minutes before or on-point are better.
2:05 PM
I think moba games should be deleted
@Ron 5 to 0 minutes before if it's a coworker meeting. 15 minutes before if it's an interview
@techraf no link there
@PraveenKumarPurushothaman Page is gone. What was happening there?
@MichaelDodd Looked like someone's attempt at testing markdown? Not really sure
2:32 PM
Hello, I got a question regarding the "Low Quality Posts" queue: if an answer is a pure block of code, no comment/description at all, then what is there to decide? Do we have to measure the quality of this pure block of code, or are we supposed to simply always vote "LOOKS OK" (because it's code, so it's an attempt to answer)?
@TylerH Thanks.
@Cœur I normally just skip all-code answers as it could go either way
Unless it blatently doesn't address the question
@Cœur I always check if it's not OP themself posting code that should be include in the question. For the rest mostly skip
skipping means a moderator will handled it and decline the flag in the end, right?
@SardarUsama Was edited. Looks MCVE now
2:40 PM
There's been too many times where I've gone "looks ok" on a code-only block, only for it to be eventually deleted by others, so I just skip now to avoid the risk of getting a review ban
Can I get an opinion on this question? Uses syntax from another language, so the code is plain invalid and not fixable since the used language doesn't have such a construct. Close? Or answer: you just can't do this.
@ErikvonAsmuth "unclear"? Could also be "no mcve", as it does not show the error message. Definitively don't answer.
@Cœur Typically code-only answers are considered low quality because they do nothing to describe the code or explain the problem or what they did to fix it
Answers with code should always:

- Explain what the OP did wrong
- Mention what you changed

And depending on the complexity of the code or subject matter, explain a bit about how or why your code works/why you wrote it that way.
I was knighted in the comments.
Sir Ron. Has a certain appeal.
@ErikvonAsmuth what syntax is invalid?
all that code looks like valid VBA to me
assuming it is cherrypicked from a larger code set, of course
2:49 PM
@TylerH It's VBA, Imports doesn't exist in VBA. That's VB.Net. You can't import .Net classes in VBA (well, you can add a reference for some that are exposed through COM, but that's a different story altogether)
@ErikvonAsmuth Ah, I only glanced at the last code block
In that case, the right thing to do is ask them if they meant to tag vb.net instead.
@TylerH I don't think that's what OP intends. I think this person is just trying to use a VB.Net construct in VBA. That's corresponds with the code not compiling and the it works as soon as I comment out this line.
@ErikvonAsmuth Then it sounds like your comment should have been an answer instead
Remember that "no"/"you can't do that" are valid answers too
(though preferably longer than that...)
@TylerH Yeah, but Olaf disagrees with you there. He says definitively don't answer. So now I'm even more unsure than before I asked.
2:55 PM
Olaf is wrong
If you are a subject matter expert such that you can tell OP is trying to mix two languages and you know what they're attempting is not possible, then you are exactly in the best position to provide an answer saying so
@ErikvonAsmuth The question s tagged VBA, but the text mentions VB. The code is (from what you state) VB, too, but OP mentions something about "doing in Access" and about some error he gets (although no details). That's clearly "unclear". If you want to play safe, you could go with "no mcve", as that also covers lack of details about the error, etc (read the explanatory text). Nevertheless more info needed for a good answer. Oh: I will not join the Kindergarten stating "Tyler is wrong". Your pick.
Yay, a new blog post ---> A new stream of meta posts
I guess I think it's clear enough, since I can reproduce all this in Access + VBA and likely help the OP here. Edge case, I'll answer, if you want to downvote and cv-pls, you can (if I even can say that, because it's both a post I have a stake in now and encouraging voting)
@AndréKool Lol.
It's nice to have something to read when i'm sick of working with (read fixing or removing) other people's code :)
3:11 PM
Deleting things is nice!
And it all begun with a small vacuum tube. Look how far we've come.
Not so small.
@Machavity Still not an MCVE; No information about whats wrong with the code; no error/warning/wrong output
@TylerH Sorry, but your contradicting Machavity and others who are saying to leave code-only answers. Because if you're saying "should always explain [this], mention [that]" then it's a guidance to always recommend deletion when the answer is code-only.
@Cœur yes, that is an accurate takeaway from what I said
Either leave a comment asking the answerer to explain the code or recommend deletion of it
3:28 PM
@feelingunwelcome apparently Archer managed to understand the issue and gave an answer
@SmokeDetector Self-disclosed, it's fine.
flips the table after winning the lottery
Kidding. No lotteries won.
I have this weird notion I should enjoy every moment of my 9 to 5 work.
Strange, I know.
@Ron Oh, did you find new work then? I know you were looking for C (C++?) jobs for a while
@TylerH Still the same.
@Olaf lol, except you did. How very Trump-esque
@Ron ah. Well either way it is great and important to enjoy your day job
3:41 PM
That it is.
Helps cut down on stress and increases happiness
They are treating me well in the current job. It's quite good.
Can't complain about it.
Luckily we have SO ...
Haha, knew it.
@rene C++ is the source of misery and a fountain of endless job related whining.
@MichaelDodd Yep boss. Deleted... :) And user is removed! :) Since you don't have 10k reputation, you don't get to see the deleted pages... :)
3:49 PM
@PraveenKumarPurushothaman Just curious as to what happened there in the first place regarding "abuse of the system"?
Or it could be me...
@Ron :D
Isn't C# just C++++, with all the pluses arrayed in a square?
Isn't objective-C just C++ with more square brackets and colons?
@Machavity Yeah - that's how it keeps the exceptions inside.
3:54 PM
@MichaelDodd Alright... The content was just "Just test, just test"... :)
Kidding. C++ is pure joy. If you manage to find one IRL.
@PraveenKumarPurushothaman And now I have an image of Dory in my head saying "Just keep testing, just keep testing"
@AndréKool We're up to one locked Meta towering inferno post
@MichaelDodd Ha ha ha... That's why considering the health issues, this question has been deleted.
3:56 PM
@Machavity The original movie was OK.
@Ron Which one? Joel Spolsky Eats Meta (a classic), or Die Unwelcoming With a Vengeance?
@Machavity Hush please. Rene is watching us.
rene is welcome to join in (see what I did there?)
That I did.
I was thinking more about the Steve McQueen version.
I kid you @rene. All in good faith.
@Ron Don't make the flower angry... have you seen the Incredible Hulk... it's like that... but worse.... /me plays ominous sound effects :p
4:11 PM
@JonClements I've been kicked out of the room once or twice before. For wearing a bee costume.
Uh oh... when Nathan chuckles that means he's done something evil and we've haven't noticed yet... looks around warily...
No, he's referring to the Ron - Bee incident.
@Ron that's what he wants you to think... he's used that as cover... be vigilant! :)
Well, when you put it that way.
4:23 PM
uh oh... don't look behind you...
There is a brick wall ... I just ran into it, so I know
leaves trail of scooby snacks leading to the bathtub
@Nathan is this the "I asked my mother-in-law what she wanted for her birthday... she said she wanted something for the bath... So I bought her a toaster..." line of thought?
no, its a trick a puppy into a bath train of thought.
Have you got the proper shampoo and conditioner and is the water the right temperature?
4:27 PM
you'll have to follow the snacks to find out
I like the toaster idea. Now all I need is a mother-in-law. One with a bath, obviously.
4:49 PM
@rene I see I've put ideas in your head... I'm now worried for any future mother-in-law...
@NathanOliver That one is so VLQ.
5:18 PM
Just as a general FYI, requests for official downloads are OK. It's when they ask for any downloads at all that they go off-topic
2 hours later…
7:07 PM
@Machavity Talk about a curve ball..
@Machavity @Ron @Olaf Yes, posting a request about a question where you have a deleted answer is permitted.
@Olaf Yes, undeleting the answer after closure is a known possible exploit. We may, or may not, have a bot to check for that at this time. We do have a bot that monitors posts about which requests have been made, even after the request is complete, along with people that commonly revisit such questions. If we find someone using that exploit we'd be … seriously displeased.
@Makyen Thanks for clarifying
7:22 PM
oh, that's new. I see a "TIA" at the bottom of a post.
What does that do?
@Justin searches for the acronym TIA - Thanks In Advance, I guess
Oh. I googled TIA and it came up with some medical condition. This makes more sense
@Makyen Good to know. Thanks.
I wish people would at least think for 5 minutes before they start something above their head.
7:39 PM
@Olaf The problem is that is the sum total of time they spend on it...
@Machavity That's the next stage imo. They just have something like "Oh, there is this tool and that device, let's bring them togehter. Documentation? Background? Basics? Nah, I'm great, I can do it without. And then there is certainly someone at stack overflow helping me fix It (whatever "It" is - greetings from Stephen King?!)
I mean, yeah as a kid I also had great projects I had no idea how to even start. But I tried myself and took that as oportunity to learn the basics. Sure, most of them were forgotten during learning, but I consider this a plus.
@Olaf it is getting dark and I need to change the light bulb. Where do I spend those 5 minutes of thinking on?
@rene I wonder how many wannabe embedded-developer it takes to change a light bulb. I tend to think "none", as that's a hardware-problem … :-\
8:01 PM
Is this comment problematic? stackoverflow.com/questions/51272720/…
Mocking is a subtle putdown ;-)
(won't flag, I don't like the new CoC)
@Compass If the question is gone, the comment will be, too.
Also this question is asked by someone with 29K rep holy moly
@Compass I flagged it as rude
ah, that's why, he's a python developer
8:03 PM
@Compass Of course it is.
@NathanOliver And one more made it gone
Python seems like such a happy language
I can see why he is terrified of Java because it isn't intuitive and happy.
I give him a little push in right direction, I could spend all day describing deployment.
tl:dw; for when I can watch it?
With a slice of bread and lotta chicken crunch it's bearable ;)
8:11 PM
We had crabs on Sunday. It. was. amazing.
@NathanOliver I got bamboozled :(
posted on July 10, 2018

We’ll be performing maintenance on one of our core network devices on July 11 at 8 PM EDT (July 12, midnight UTC) for approximately 30 minutes.  This will be occurring on redundant network routes, and we’re expecting only limited impact to production traffic and services.

@gunr2171 Bummer. btw, that is one of my favorite words.
just came across a page where a fullpage screenshot would be useful
naturally fullpage screenshot function fails on that one page only
8:15 PM
put both palms on the underside of your desk and push upwards
snipping tool to the rescue
9:49 PM
Anyone have a "access DOM before it's loaded" canonical?
Nevermind, got it
2 hours later…
11:41 PM
@feelingunwelcome Drawing low-quality answers is an issue wrt. being closed, not deleted. You've closed this as a duplicate, so getting more low quality answers is no longer an issue. I have a bit of a problem with deleting a question with 19,271 views, but I'm not a subject matter expert (SME), so I can't judge this particular question. With 19,271 views, one would expect that it will be a good signpost (i.e. the primary reason for duplicates), which would normally mean that it should not be deleted.

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