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6:59 AM
The operation cannot be completed because the DbContext has been disposed.
this happened when I instantiated the DbContext in a static constructor !
use IoC
7:28 AM
I am the earth's advocate for Castle Windsor for IoC
^ The only person in the world that uses it
8:02 AM
Good day guys :)
I have a repository pattern where all business logic and data access it there. Do I still need to create service and transfer all the business logic there?
@RoelvanUden Castle Windsor is awesome :/
@Proxy inversion of control
8:35 AM
@mark333...333...333 Repository is for data access only, not for business logic
Oh I understand. And the business logic are the computations etc. correct? :)
8:51 AM
good morning :)
Thank you so much sir @RoelvanUden I'm fixing and transferring my codes :)
uhhh @Roel is now nobility :P
9:13 AM
posted on November 08, 2017 by Scott Hanselman

ASP.NET Core didn't have a runtime bundler like previous versions of ASP.NET. This was a bummer as I was a fan. Fortunately Mads Kristensen created one and put it on GitHub, called WebOptimizer. WebOptimizer - ASP.NET Core middleware for bundling and minification of CSS and JavaScript files at runtime. With full server-side and client-side caching to ensure high performance. I'll try it out

9:32 AM
@SebastianL Yeah.
9:48 AM
why Microsoft suggests to use web application to reverse engineer database in this tut
good morning
Oracle client is just a monster
I'm growing in hatred
it's bad.
In other words why we need EF in a web application, I always used to create it as a library project
any one knows twitter lite?
Microsoft tutorials are always as simple as possible to demonstrate one thing. They're not exactly good architecture examples.
10:11 AM
@RoelvanUden Had a deeper look, seems like they are suggesting creating EF layer as a web app too
11:01 AM
Hi. Is it correct to say that Task.WhenAll runs tasks in parallel?
isn't it WaitAll?
WhenAll creates a Task, which is not necessarily run at all.
but inside that Task, it will run parallel
11:23 AM
Thank you
11:55 AM
@ColonelPanic I don't think of tasks as "running". I think of them as returning a value at some point in the future.
They could be running on multiple threads, they could be running on a different machine, they could be not executing any code at all.
12:19 PM
Yeah. Future or promise.
Task<T> is a funny name for what other languages call a "future"
Hi, Do you guyz have any recommendation on EF book?
similarly TaskCompletionSource<T> = "promise"
1:14 PM
@ColonelPanic Afaik, the only api for running parallel - at the same time - is Parallel.ForEach, if you don't mean that, @KendallFrey is right, else return null; lol
@mikeTheLiar I'm starting to killing myself. Installing Oracle client. Just a simple client to a fully installed server. Trying to do it since yesterday. Not working.
@ntohl why install oracle client?
if it's for ADO then just use Oracle.ManagedDataAccess
1:37 PM
I must use, what others are using for connection. And it's Devart
and an installed oracle client
1:55 PM
how can I combine filepaths?
so that
combined with
results in
I dunno if it actually processes the path.
yeah, Path.Combine doesn't resolve the path, it's a smarter concatenation
With the combined result
Yeah, GetFullPath does the trick.
Path.GetFullPath(Path.Combine(@"C:\test\dir", @"..\file.txt")) => C:\test\file.txt
2:00 PM
dotnetfiddle doesnt like it and throws a SecurityException
Because it's sandboxed
so my website should be fine with it?
No clue why GetFullPath requires FileIOPermission
guess ill use that then
Alternatively, you can look if the Uri API gives you anything
Seems peculiar it needs FileIOPermission. Not that it matters much. Just weird.
2:18 PM
anyone good at regexes?
i need a regex for a phone number to allow brackets and one plus sybmbol but the plus can be before the bracket or inside the brackets, i have this ^[\+\d]?(?:[\d-.\s()]*)$ but it only works for the plus before the bracket, so this number doesnt work (+99412) 441 41 45
did that make sense?
have a regex that's loose, and then reject the invalid ones with code
i know nothing about writing regexes @milleniumbug
So let me ask you a question
Why do you need their phone number?
Because my answer for phone numbers is going to be the same as my answer for email addresses
2:25 PM
its a for a support website, which has the phone number attached to each user
If you need need your user's email address, send them a confirmation email.
If you need need your user's phone number, send them a confirmation text.
Anything else is just going to be a pain in the ass for everyone involved.
users dont create their own accounts, we create them, but they can modify their details
If you don't actually need this information, don't ask for it. It's invasive and no one wants to give you their contact information just because.
@WhatsThePoint Don't try to enforce a format, just strip all non-digits out, and whatever's left is the number
This is an engineering solution to a social problem.
2:30 PM
the regex i have now is fine, just need it to allow a plus inside the brackets also
Just fire up regex101.com and fiddle till it works.
Awesome site.
i would if i knew anything about writing them
Site tells you
i can get it to allow the plus inside the brackets but it allows multiple, can i get it to only allow one plus wether its inside the brackets or not?
14 mins ago, by milleniumbug
have a regex that's loose, and then reject the invalid ones with code
2:37 PM
9 mins ago, by mikeTheLiar
This is an engineering solution to a social problem.
ill just allow multiple pluses
That's the spirit
not my fault previous users entered dodgy phone numbers
Thank God someone finally sees reason.
@WhatsThePoint I like you.
@mikeTheLiar how can i be sure youre not lying?
2:43 PM
Anyone interested in helping creating a class that signalizes if a certain object which matches an expression is enqueued? stackoverflow.com/a/47181234/1959238
Mike knows much, tells some. Mike knows many things others do not.
@Franki1986 thats too easy for us
Anyway, I am online.. who ever is interested in...
@Franki1986 this sounds like a question for Code Review
3:00 PM
Looking to use some expression trees up in here.
All the region stuff is annoying noise.
You don't need a region for a property that only says the property name.
Yeah I know, this was auto generated from Resharper.. Removed it..
"Gets or sets the Date/Time of the time stamp." If you can't infer that from looking at the code, you need to stop coding.
It looks like all of the comments in the code add nothing but noise.
"someonr "
"based on" should be "Based on".
It looks like you put very little effort into your question. I would reread it and fix it.
Ok, I know what you want out there :-) I am editing my post and put in some serious comments and not that auto generated stuff.. But meanwhile what about the code....
3:13 PM
"Could someonr look if there is a whole or a not good looking code structure?" is not very clear.
I'm not going to look at it anymore until you fix the grammar.
I would down vote it if I could.
I am working on it, I am sorry for my English, it is not my native language...
I'm sure you'll get it.
3:30 PM
Edit -> finished
3:42 PM
@Franki1986, looks much better.
2 hours later…
5:18 PM
funny timing for the XKCD, I was just going to ask about encodings.
particularly about the very controversial stackoverflow.com/q/472906/1739000
If you have stored bytes into a string, didn't you already assume an encoding? Wasn't that the problem right there (making the whole question irrelevant)?
the OP of that question is a badlet
@NH. That's correct. The top answer still relies on an encoding, but the encoding is specified by the CLR, rather than user code.
what does badlet mean�
The fuck is a badlet?
Google doesn't even know.
@NH. that edit made me laugh more than it should've
5:23 PM
@mikeTheLiar you are welcome
oh right, I was using this so often I didn't realise it's not a globally known slang chat.stackoverflow.com/search?q=badlet&room=10
I'd say "someone who's bad at [subject mentioned in the context]"
> view source
am disapoint
They misspelled sandals
@NH. anyway, what Kendall said. You can say "just give me the bytes", and they'll give you the bytes in the encoding the System.String type uses internally. Which is fine if you use the same encoding in a different place.
That said, to simplify code maintenance, you want to specify encoding in case you ever want to send/receive these bytes from a different language.
@KendallFrey well, thanks for clarifying. I'll try to make an actual correct answer that clears up some of the confusion, but I'm going to need help making sure what I say is accurate.
5:30 PM
IMO this answer is good stackoverflow.com/a/10379957/1012936
@MohamedAhmed OMG NO.
nah, it uses UTF-8, not the internal UTF-16
Sorry, I just had to do that.
and has like NO explanation.
it uses an arbitrary encoding which is capable of encoding an arbitrary unicode codepoint
5:35 PM
> System.Text.ASCIIEncoding.UTF8.GetBytes(text)
fucking hell, I'm done here
System.Text.ASCIIEncoding.UTF8 lolwhat
If you scroll down far enough on the question you'll find it
@milleniumbug What the hell does that actually do?
I assume .UTF8 is static or sth and ASCIIEncoding derives from Encoding
^ guessed right
IOW, System.Text.ASCIIEncoding.UTF8 and System.Text.Encoding.UTF8 are accessing the same Encoding object
Ok, so it's a base class member that doesn't really make sense.
5:41 PM
just looks simply retarded!
Hey man, don't talk about Kendall like that.
I have had downvoted the question and the accepted answer, never have bothered to read the rest of the answers, it was too annoying
there's another one (for Java) if you want to get annoyed, just read the comments
> Java
> annoyed
You repeat yourself, good sir.
Java is always pass-by-value. Unfortunately, they decided to call the location of an object a "reference". When we pass the value of an object, we are passing the reference to it. This is confusing to beginners.
That's not confusing, that just fucking stupid.
It might be true, it's still stupid.
Following C# terminology, Java has 8 value types (byte, char, short, int, long, float, double, boolean), void, and everything else is a reference type
5:52 PM
Still, for all normal intents and purposes, it's pass by reference.
I guess it encapsulates better????? Within methods????? Idk. I just find this example ridiculous.
public static void foo(Dog d) {
    d.getName().equals("Max"); // true
    // change d inside of foo() to point to a new Dog instance "Fifi"
    d = new Dog("Fifi");
    d.getName().equals("Fifi"); // true
the distinction is whether = operates on the argument or the parameter
in the accepted answer, aDog refers to the same object it did before calling foo
this wouldn't have been the case if this was C#, and foo had accepted a ref Dog d parameter
Right, but in C# you have to use ref.
Otherwise you'd get the same behavior.
OTOH, there are languages where you don't need to use ref in the argument list
JS is always pass-by-value
5:59 PM
the terminology is confusing because there is "CS-generic" terminology, and there is the "language specific" terminology
in C++ Questions and Answers, Oct 30 at 13:28, by milleniumbug
By "class attributes", do you mean "data members"
Which is dumb. The end result is pass by reference. The class "Dog" is not passed by value for all intents and purposes. The pointer (reference) to the instance is passed and then acts as a Dog object. You aren't copying Dog every time you pass it in.
If you are messing with the reference, it's by value. Otherwise, it's reference.
There's a difference between passing by reference and passing a reference
i like references. i like to wave at them as they pass by
tbh I didn't expect the link to that question to cause a discussion
now I feel bad
I know. However, the syntax of the method takes a class. Not a reference. The class is passed 'by' a reference.
6:06 PM
!!tell failsafe zoidberg joke
@failsafe The joke is bad and you should feel bad
@mikeTheLiar the joke was good and contextual
so kill yourself
@milleniumbug It really doesn't matter. Just kind of a semantics conversation.
@Failsafe k, be back never
Let me just put it this way, if someone wanted a quick answer on whether classes in Java were passed by reference or value, I'd say reference. It's more correct for intention.
6:12 PM
I'd rather avoid the "pass by value" and "pass by reference" terms altogether and describe what happens to the objects with an example code
@milleniumbug I'm thinking of someone walking to my desk asking question. I want them to go away quickly.
The closer answer to how the object will behave is pass by reference.
Now, shoo, ask Google next time.
OK, I second-guessed myself a million times, and I still don't think my answer quite covers how terrible this question and its top answers are, but here's a start: stackoverflow.com/a/47186994/1739000
If you receive bytes which are supposed to be text, and you have no idea what encoding they're are, you are screwed: you're forced to guess the encoding, but as usual, with guessing, you can guess wrong
My thoughts are that's a question that's almost 9 years old with 36 answers.
Well... with Json you sometimes have pass binary data as a string.
6:26 PM
@milleniumbug That's not what this question is about. He is assuming a string to start, not a byte[]
@TylerStahlhuth oops, forgot to call out Base64
so then the "If you have a text string with an unknown encoding" part is confusing
it's System.String, you know the encoding already
@NH. Just saying that first part of the answer is misleading because you don't really have a choice in some cases.
You haven't 'lost' because it might be necessary to encode binary data in a string.
*non-binary -> binary
you can edit your chats, you know...
Too late. Wouldn't let me
what? that was 5 minutes ago?
6:33 PM
I edited in and it went back to the old one.
So, it's less than 5 minutes?
man, that timeframe is too short. But then again, it is too long for comments on posts. I had someone change the entire language their comment was written in after I replied to it.
you can only edit chat messages for 2 minutes
oh, comments too?
SO comments 5 minutes
that's definitely dumb to have chats have shorter limit.
@TylerStahlhuth although, please do explain why one (or specifically, OP) wouldn't have a choice?
or maybe my "non-text binary" was confused for non-binary?
6:40 PM
@NH. He didn't say he wasn't going to send the encrypted string binary as string data via Json or something.
Which you'd encode again.
by encode, do you mean using a character encoding, or Base64? I hope the latter...
which would be a wise choice.
also, is my heading less misleading now?
I mean, he's not going to specify. It's 9 years old. I was just saying you would have to cover all your bases when replying to a question you won't get feedback on your answer.
But since the whole thing (especially the accepted answer) is misleading, shouldn't we DO something about it (even if that something is something crazy like marking as a duplicate of stackoverflow.com/q/201479/1739000)?
6:53 PM
Anyone use Dapper? I added a bounty to this question: stackoverflow.com/questions/46978666/…
@NH. He did say this in the comments on his answer even if it is not in the answer: "Like I said, the whole point of this is if you want to use it on the same kind of system, with the same set of functions. If not, then you shouldn't use it."
well, then if you are doing that, just pick an encoding like UTF-8 and say in your documentation, "This system always uses the UTF-8 encoding".
Basically it works if you run it on only one machine. I see what you mean though. Strings aren't pure data. You need information to interpret them.
The original question is kinda stupid honestly.
We should be answering this part of the question: "Also, why should encoding be taken into consideration?"
@TylerStahlhuth YUP.
And the answer is "Strings aren't pure data. They also have information."
7:03 PM
can I quote you?
7:16 PM
done. Thanks for the help.
8:00 PM
hey guys. I'm trying to reach an [AllowAnonymous] action from an ajax call (jquery). the action is reached but it then returns a 500 with the "internal server error". no exception is thrown in local code, but it crashes on production. what might be happening?
This the first launch of this app?
who are you talking to, @juanvan?
Have you ever needed (really needed) the preprocessor directives ?
Have you ever really needed anything, man?
8:15 PM
I'm serious
@MohamedAhmed Need is a relative scale
@MohamedAhmed Define "needed."
Technically everything could be implemented in brainfuck, as it's Turing complete
I mean that it solved a crucial problem
you'll see them used more and more, now that some things are supported in .NET Framework, and not in .NET Core, or they are in Mono, but not in .NET Core or not in .NET Framework
8:18 PM
Again, that's subjective.
@MohamedAhmed sure
Programming allows you to do things anyway you want really.
Sometimes pre-processor directives have benefits that outweigh the negatives.
Does it translated to IL code?
first, look up what they do
then we can continue this conversation
cuz they're just symbols, right , note code
8:21 PM
Are you talking about #region?
Oh, that was not code, not note.
hey guys, someone PLEASE help me. I'm desperate! Ive got something to go to production in a day and someone has just found out this bug.
I'm trying to call an [AllowAnonymous] action from an ajax call using jQuery, but it's returning a weird "500 - Internal Server Error". It works as expected on localhost and crashes on test enviroment, so I cant debug it
i'm not sure if it has anything to do with the [AllowAnonymous] attribute
Go to web.config
<customErrors mode="Off">
Will give a full stack trace.
@MohamedAhmed Why?
Oh, are you saying you are reading what preprocessors do?
@TylerStahlhuth its already off, but no stack trace is given
Q: CustomErrors mode="Off"

Radu094I get an error everytime I upload my webapp to the provider. Because of the customErrors mode , all I see is the default "Runtime error" message, instructing me to turn off customErrors to view more about the error. Exasperated, I've set my web.config to looks like this: <?xml version="1.0"?> <...

8:29 PM
the ajax's XHR object returns a responseText, which is a html code (page), saying "internal server error" and "There is a problem with the feature you are looking for and it can not be displayed" and thats all
only seen this before when an action didnt exist, but this time it does exist (hence it works in localhost)
theres no such "<deployment retail=...>" in the machine.config
Just a bunch of "gotchas" in that question
Small things that can cause it to fail.
Look at some of the other answers.
I can't say without knowing your application or seeing your web.config.
8:46 PM
I don't understand why the code color toggles
Am I doing it wrong?
If you mouse over it, it's likely telling you that code is essentially, unreachable with your conditional statement.
@MohamedAhmed Your current configuration does not have the ANDROID directive defined.
Typically, if code is 'greyed' out, that means it cannot be reached by the software.
@hilli_micha Compiler.
No software.
8:51 PM
A Compiler is software.
I thought (as the book iam reading says), this is configured in the Android project !
This is kinda weird but probably unrelated:
<compilation targetFramework="4.6" debug="true" />
<httpRuntime targetFramework="4.5" />
Code is gray if it won't be included by the compiler with the current settings
In this case, the __ANDROID__ symbol isn't defined
@MohamedAhmed Pre-processor directives in the way you are trying to use them are typically set in the build definition.
Check configuration manager and change your build to whatever the android definition is and it should switch.
@YvesHenri were you just trying anything maxAllowedContentLength..
8:55 PM
This from the book Creating Mobile Apps with Xamarin.Forms :
"Android project: You won’t see any symbols defined for indicating the platform, but the identifier __ANDROID__ is defined anyway, as well as multiple __ANDROID_nn__ identifiers, where nn
is each Android API level supported."
@MohamedAhmed Are you in the main project?
In the portable project
If I had to wager, your project is actually working correctly. Based on your GIF, there IS a code constant defined in your build config that says ANDROID = true, so when you say (!_ANDROID_) you're excluding that code. So it greys out. (TIL Underscores make italics.)
I don't think the portable project has the preprocessors defined in them. That is taken care of by the build definition. Switch the build configuration and see what happens.
Chat needs to stop trolling me with its formatting. lol
8:59 PM
@hilli_micha That's the opposite of the gif
The format?
@KendallFrey Yeah you're right, can't edit myself again.
But either way, just what I said but in reverse.
Right click the potable project.
Click Properties.
Navigate to Build.
Under General, check Conditional compilation symbols.
Now, change the Configuration in the dropdown at the top.
See if any other symbols are defined.
here's the thing: pastebin.com/reQL2GQK
@TylerStahlhuth dont you think it might be related to async actions, exceptions and ajax calls?
for everyones sake, I have overriden void OnException(ExceptionContext filterContext), so all the errors are formated and passed back to the ajax's XHR object
however.... it seems not to be hitting the OnException method for the "Some exception regarding an uncessful password recover" exception
@YvesHenri Why is it async? All you are doing is potentially spinning off another thread for each request.
9:05 PM
because I'm sending emails
I found this some lines later:
These preprocessor directives make no sense in a Portable Class Library project. The PCL is entirely
independent of the five platforms, and these identifiers in the platform projects are not present when
the PCL is compiled.
@MohamedAhmed That was my next thing.
Didn't know if they had them defined anyway.
The portable project shouldn't have a main IIRC.
but why would one check in a specific platform if this code is run on another platform!
That's what the individual projects are for.
@MohamedAhmed You might want to send error codes from one platform to a different location than the rest or something.
There are reasons.
You should avoid it regardless.
@MohamedAhmed The code doesn't even exist on other platforms. That's what the #if directive does. It excludes code that isn't configured to be enabled.
It happens in the compiler, not at runtime
9:10 PM
@KendallFrey I think with Xamarin you aren't supposed to put platform specific code in the portable projects.
"If you need platform-specific behavior in the PCL, you can’t use the C# preprocessor directives because those work only at build time. You need something that works at run time, such as the Xamarin-
.Forms Device class. You’ll see an example shortly."
Kinda defeats the purpose. Still, there might be cases where you have no choice for some oddball reason.
PCL is supposed to have portable code (what else do you expect from a "Portable Class Library"?)
if you want to #ifdef your way through, use a shared project
@MohamedAhmed Presumably that's because PCL builds one binary for all platforms
posted on November 08, 2017 by Scott Hanselman

Yesterday I blogged about WebOptimizer, a minifier that Mads Kristensen wrote for ASP.NET Core. A few people mentioned that Shannon Deminick also had a great minifier for ASP.NET Core. Shannon has a number of great libraries on his GitHub https://github.com/Shazwazza including not just "Smidge" but also Examine, an indexing system, ClientDependency for managing all your client side assets, and

9:14 PM
@KendallFrey Probably not quite, but that's the end goal. I think each of the device specific builds the PCL differently based on the device built for.
IE: Android translates the PCL to Java bytecode.
Still, you don't want code for an iPhone to build on a Android, so leave it out of the PCL and but it in the Android project.
(Just FYI, this is based off a cursory glance at Xamarin)
Fuck it, let me just make a starter project.
Wait, your code makes no sense. Why are you using a pre-processor directive there? This:
MainPage = new ContentPage
Content = new StackLayout
VerticalOptions = LayoutOptions.Center,
Children = {
new Label {
XAlign = TextAlignment.Center,
Text = "Welcome to Xamarin Forms!"
Is supposed to work on all platforms.
Those are all Xamarin classes.
What are you trying to do?
@MohamedAhmed Look at your Android project.
I have no Android project
My bad.
public override bool FinishedLaunching(UIApplication app, NSDictionary options)
            LoadApplication(new App());

            return base.FinishedLaunching(app, options);
That App class is the same thing. Just change it there if you need to.
@TylerStahlhuth I thought it can render different page based on the #if expression, if it matches the running emulator..
@MohamedAhmed No, you don't understand pre-processor directives.
Those happen at compile time. Not during emulation.
Pre-processor essentially means "before the compiler processes the code in the file."
1 hour ago, by milleniumbug
first, look up what they do
9:29 PM
Either way, you're trying to accomplish this in the wrong project in the solution. You need to do this in the Android project.
@YvesHenri So, anyway, are you trying to send the email asynchronously? Cause that's not what is going to happen with that code.
Also, if I had to guess, the problem is with the sending of emails since the application on the server is not running under the same account.
@TylerStahlhuth Which is why C#'s isn't technically a preprocessor. It's part of compilation, not a previous step.
@KendallFrey By that definition, neither are C preprocessor directives.
No, C has a preprocessor that's completely separate from the compiler
9:46 PM
@KendallFrey Okay, I see what your saying. Still, the end result is more or less the same.
For the most part yeah
Whether C preprocessor is separate or not is an implementation detail
As far as C standard is concerned, "preprocessing" is a part of 8 translation phases defined by the standard
The standard also defines the semantics of how the C preprocessor is supposed to behave
So it's effectively a part of the C language
@milleniumbug Can you tell C# to ignore preprocessor directives or at least output a file after preprocessing? I think that's what he's getting at. Still, I can't imagine why you would not run preprocessor directives when compiling. They kind of matter... a whole lot.
@milleniumbug IIRC you could use the C PP for any other language (say, JS) as well, right?
Going to say yes based off this:
That is a rabbit hole I'd rather not think about though...
9:55 PM
Sounds like a fun weekend coding project to me
There's technically nothing stopping you from implementing a C preprocessor as a separate tool, but you could also say about the "C# preprocessing directives subset of the language"
@KendallFrey TypeScript to Javascript using the C preprocessor.
wat no that can't
Also C preprocessor doesn't work well for anything that doesn't have a C-like syntax (so forget, for example, generating HTML with it)
@KendallFrey You say can't. I hear "Possible, but incredibly stupid."
9:59 PM
@milleniumbug Sounds like a fun codegolf.se challenge
You're the one who wanted a project using a C preprocessor on non-C files, not me.
I just remember how MFC had some preprocessor directives in there that really pushed the boundaries of what they should be used for.
plus, C preprocessor language is a bitch to parse and it's barely useful as a preprocessor
Figures someone managed to make it happen.

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