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6:00 PM
@SterlingArcher "SyntaxError: missing name after . operator"
Yea lol
c'mon boys
6:00 PM
!!> Number("1001").toFixed(2)
@Jhoverit "1001.00"
^ sane
!!> Number("1001.50").toFixed(2)
@Vap0r "1001.50"
6:01 PM
I thought'd fail there
> thought'd
You added the zero back
With toFixed
"doge".toFixed(); // sorry sparky
@rlemon I was thinking the conversion would make it a number first hence the double dot notation
.. doesn't convert anything
6:01 PM
But I guess it needs to be expressioned between conversion
@rlemon I was thinking the same thing but have no clue what double-dot is
No but the conversion happens with the unary +, then it's a number, then .. decimals
Sounds like a type of LSD
@Vap0r how you access dot prototype on numbers
you need to complete the number
and numbers have decimals.
Well double dot works for literals @SterlingArcher
6:02 PM
@rlemon dot prototype?
You need to complete me
is basically what you're doing
It's no longer a literal
@Vap0r dot property access vs bracket
6:02 PM
One of these is not like the other
foo.bar vs foo['bar']
Unless lamb of god has chilled right out since the last time I listened to them
@Vap0r for instance, 123.['toFixed'](2) is the same as 123..toFixed(2)
@rlemon I understand what a dot property accessor is, but don't understand how you could reference a property called "." using "."
you're not referencing it
6:03 PM
123. is the number
I can kind of see the correlation. I know as a teenager I eventually progressed from Linkin Park to stuff like Lamb of God @Cereal
@rlemon so only for literal notation?
yes, tmk
123..toFixed(2) is a good intermediate question for interviews
6:04 PM
when do you ever do that with a literal tho?
@SterlingArcher ^
it's a stupid question for a stupid case that'll never happen
Well yeah, it's one of those silly edge case questions that can determine more than just I can write JS, but I understand it
why would I write 1.2.toString() when I could just write "1.2"
I disagree, it shows that you looked at the docs more.
6:05 PM
I'm sure there are edge cases for it, but not in normal life
Looking at the docs shows more understanding
You just agreed with me
Not really though lol
@Vap0r actually, I read wtfjs blogs
the docs don't show you silly things
they try to make them seem not silly
True, you won't find 123.. in the MDN docs iirc
@SterlingArcher haha good point you shouldn't hire somebody unless they read every spec front-to-back
6:07 PM
Yea that has absolutely no use case outside of console
@Jhoverit what about in @SterlingArcher's interviews? There's another use case
I wouldn't ask in a interview lol
Wee stir fry
6:07 PM
Do you have a wok burner
@KamilSolecki oil is bad for you eat it raw
Sure thing
You do?
I was trying to figure out why that chicken looked so funny before I clued in it was ginger
I want one
6:08 PM
I'm not a smart man
@Vap0r where do you see oil tho
It's soya sauce and oyster sauce
soya sauce is delicious and disgusting for you
lol Soya
Love that one
@KamilSolecki um how does it fry then thought you needed oil for that?
6:09 PM
@Jhoverit I rely on spell check and others way too much
Well it's not in the pic :P
I even knew that wasn't correct. :(
Is it just soy sauce?
It's the brittish way
Grey vs gray
6:10 PM
Soy vs Soya
like 99% the stuff I have at home is soy on the bottle
@KamilSolecki yeah I wasn't basing it on the pic, I used my detective skills to pick up that you were stir frying
Cause you're not British
@KamilSolecki <-- my detective skills turned this up
@Jhoverit Canadian English bruh. there's a 50/50 we get their spelling
6:11 PM
What do british people call covfefe?
They call it tea.
no we have tea that stuff is garbage
tea is shit-tier
The most embarrassing thing about America isn't our president it's that we had a revolution over tea
Good tea is dank
6:12 PM
good <x> is dank, generally
mint tea with a bit of honey is nice when you're feeling like poo
I like Irish coffees when I'm feeling like poo
Btw coffee + lemon juice = no headache (but is Uber disgusting)
I like hot drinks, and I can't drink coffee all day long
stomach doesn't allow for it
Hotty-totty is good if I'm really messed up though (i think that's the spelling)
6:14 PM
@Vap0r we didn't want the tea
@KamilSolecki water
Google has just suggested that I mean "hotty toddy"
@Jhoverit what did we want?
!!urban hotty toddy
@KamilSolecki No definition found for hotty totty
6:15 PM
@KamilSolecki [Hotty Toddy](http://hotty-toddy.urbanup.com/1725001) Simply the best damned fight song in the history of college sports, "Hotty Toddy" can be heard at any [\[Ole Miss\]](http://urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Ole%20Miss) football game, whether on the road or at home in Oxford at the Grove and in Vaught-Hemingway Stadium.

Hotty Toddy starts with the simple question - "Are you ready?"

The crowd responds:

Hell yes!
Damn Right!
@KamilSolecki "hotty toddy", I mispelled it
Now we drink cofvefe
@Jhoverit lame
@Vap0r sounds like a chris hansen kinda term
@rlemon wow your mind scares me
6:15 PM
scares me as well
You and Kendall both are probably the candian serial killers we all hear about
@Vap0r I think it's just a 'hot toddy'
There are Canadian serial killers? :O
@TylerH you're right, but my ex called it hotty toddy and I like her way better :/
a bunch
6:16 PM
@KendallFrey hahahaha 0_0
I'm watching you guys
no seriously. there are a bunch of them
They could be anyone
The hell they kill you with? Hockey sticks and pucks?
6:17 PM
we do have guns, they're just single shot :P
@KamilSolecki actually some of the descriptions are pretty terrible
Some of those guys have so much land up north they can let you runaway cause you'll starve before you get off their property
@KendallFrey would you say you live in the north of Canada?
@SterlingArcher will you look at me this way?
uh no
TIL Kendall is a polar bear
What happened to towc?
6:18 PM
Everyone in Canada lives in the south
He's in gb
@Vap0r Kendall and I live in the south bit of the south most province.
@KendallFrey let's define everyone as 95% or less ok?
@KendallFrey not everyone. my people had to go somewhere :(
@rlemon no
Knowing towc he's probably hunting down a taxi cab driver for smash-talking vue
6:39 PM
@rlemon Aren't you guys like...obligated to shout Tally ho lads before you shoot as well?
Hey guys, can anyone recommend a good company for web hosting that has good prices?
or SYS, depending on where you are and shit
been on hostgator for 10 years and they were wonderful until godaddy bought them out :/
is mergeProps with connect considered bad practice?
Wen u commit a bitwise end instead of a lodgical won
6:53 PM
I wonder
!!giphy stronk
good bail tho
they both tucked and rolled
6:56 PM
takes a lot of falls to learn how to do them well
falling is definitely a skill
why fall
media0.giphy.com/media/5xOxUmYA3hZN6/giphy.gif : un-oneboxed to preserve illusion
@SterlingArcher ^
7:04 PM
oi lads
FB will NOT let me share this jeez
Even uploaded to imgur, tried to share the album link, shorten it, paste link to giphy, link to asset
7:08 PM
having a little problem, i have this code: gyazo.com/4c88296baf54392af6b62059e60ec70c and if i click the a href with id 2 it says. fadeOut is not a function?
By this point I am on some kind of malicious user watcher I'm sure.
Have you tried sharing it using the built-in image sharing thing?
Yea it sent a single frame
No animation
weird thing is if i use jquery from their web page it works but if i download it it doesnt
7:13 PM
@Jhoverit what is the illusion here?
Q: Only one student answered an exam question - and I strongly suspect he cheated

user81618Today we (professors + teaching assistants) proctored a midterm exam for a class of about 80 students. There was undoubtedly a "hardest" question on the exam, since nearly the entire classroom of students asked us how to proceed with that question. To be fair, we didn't give any hints, but it wa...

Lol what a sad teacher
I've got a pornhub link in my Google Shortener history and I have absolutely no idea what that could be
@jhoverit Option C: The student knows far more than the teacher ever will.
@HatterisMad Yea I jus find it odd they have no issue with HOW he answered it or anything else. Simply that he did
7:19 PM
the answer is always c
Teacher is an asshole.
Also an idiot, for not having the basic intuition it takes to realize they have no recourse
But I have to upvote it, is a good question
sounds like the teacher that assumed i cheated back in highschool because i finished the course a month early
Lol what? Your life doesn't fit into the timebox of the average public schooler? Cheater
7:22 PM
it was typing, and the entire course was just working through activities in the installed software
@Jhoverit Phrasing it like that makes me think the student will have to smoke for the special occasion.
@KevinB i would always do the work in the first 5 minutes of class in my VB programming class in high school
after that incident i was given permission to just not show up to class
would spend the rest of the class hour playing starcraft
7:24 PM
teacher tried to tell me that i could work on future assignments. Spent a couple of days completing the entire years assignments and then played starcraft for the rest of the year
@KendallFrey what
@KevinB man, one year in math class. I did the entire division sheet in short division. the teacher hadn't taught us short division yet. thought I had to have had a calculator hidden she couldn't find. made me stay after class and do the entire thing long form. I was pissed. but learned my lesson. don't try to over achieve.
though, i had to either leave campus, or sit in the library
@Jhoverit You watch Silicon Valley?
Nah never
7:24 PM
i instead went and hung out in the band hall
Dude I just cringe SOOOO hard at sitcom type shit
We did plays in high school
Thats what they look like
7:25 PM
thats why i can't watch walking dead and that other big one
idc what anyone says, I think SV is damn funny
anyone in here done shit with jwt's yet? there is a access token and a refresh token. the refresh token is for long served connections.. but wouldn't you have to know it is longer serving in the first place? why not just request a whole new access token once the first expires?
I am missing something here.
Im sure it is a lot of funny jokes but wrapped up in this truly cringe-worthy big bang theory effortless acting format lol
lol at first glance I missed the t in jwt
> Try to look as awkward as possible and read the line
7:26 PM
@Jhoverit fwiw I also like TBBT
> Pretend you've never been a human before
Not jus talking about Sheldon haha he's supposed to be that way
His character IS that genre
@Jhoverit they put a lot of effort into making the technology jokes legit, then do stupid shit like having the delete key being pressed down nuking files from a server via cli
it's a strange give and take for credibility
7:27 PM
I been watching a lot of super hero movies
It's like manly anime
I think the most legit tech I've seen is Mr. Robot
Mr. Robot is ultimate cringe hax0r fake boi
I wish there was a pure programmer TV show
no you don't
7:28 PM
But you can't work with just that audience I guess
@rlemon I don't mean a bunch of people in a room programming
programming is only exciting when it's your code.
You know how there's some shows that are made for people who think they're legit geniuses
other people's projects are all lame and stupid
Like Inception
They could just turn this room into reality TV
7:29 PM
Or for stupid people to feel smart lol
That's Mr Robot
Jordan would be a star
@KendallFrey 5% programming then :P
it's basically Rosanne
@Jhoverit Oh yeah? Do tell :P
@KendallFrey /r/iamverysmart ever check out this sub?
7:30 PM
I know what it is
it's pretty entertaining tbh
Do you understand the concept I'm referencing? Even if not agreeing on the shows themselves
Hard to articulate
@rlemon I'm worried I'll find myself on there
@Jhoverit You mean about the verysmart shows, or...?
7:32 PM
@Jhoverit I think I know what you mean, although watching these shows never made me feel smart.
@KendallFrey lol
The only thing that makes me feel smart is reflection on choices that happened to be good guesses.
@rlemon /r/iamverysmart is gold
@rlemon i have, and i don't remember tbh lol. That was one of my major questions when using it too.
@BenjaminGruenbaum Well me neither. We aren't petty enough to be impressed by our ability to understand something very slowly and painstakingly spoon fed to us through the telly
@HatterisMad yea, I have accounts that will be 'active' for months on end. so do I keep requesting new access tokens? set a very long expiration to start? or wait till the initial access token expires and request a refresh token?
7:36 PM
Wait why did you say telly
you're american
Guys why can't npm run node? It's saying node command not found
I installed node from binary
node -v works fine 6.4
@rlemon iirc a new token gets created for every request
Is it because npm didn't install nodejs that it can't find the command?
@rlemon which made me confused because then why do they have refresh tokens at all
7:36 PM
@SterlingArcher are u joking
it should run it if it's in the path. is the command prmpt open from before you put it in the path?
@rlemon the implementation was explained to me more after that and it made sense at one point, and then i wasn't the one who implemented it so i don't remember at this point.
@HatterisMad I'm still just starting with them and websockets. but my understanding is the websocket request sends the token in the header, and I keep that token for every websocket request thereafter
@Jhoverit no
@SterlingArcher Are you asking why you can't do npm run node
7:37 PM
@Luggage what?
Node runs npm
@Jhoverit oh, you mean people who figure out obvious plot twists and are then impressed about themselves?
@Jhoverit no, when I run npm install [email protected] it errors because npm can't run the node build.js that comes with fibers
Oh okay sorry I thought..... Dude idek
@BenjaminGruenbaum No people who watch shows like Inception where they feed you a basic concept but drag it on and out as if it's something profound
7:39 PM
@rlemon yeah so.... thats interesting... Because I think that kind of behavior was exactly what we were trying to stop. We weren't keeping connections open and wanted each http request to be a new token ( essentially each action on the server )
Mr Robot with that message in mind ^
Nothing profound. Entire thing presented as such
@BenjaminGruenbaum is that due to that bug that when routing from one page to another page the code doesnt detect dom changes and thus those codes become kind od deadpile ?
@rlemon but since you are keeping one request open for more than a minute or two, maybe their default pattern doesn't suit you?
@AtharvaPandey did you read my answer about zones?
7:39 PM
It's like someone ranting about the Illuminati
Like they've got this big profound thing to share lmao. But it's literally nothing
@HatterisMad were you guys doing websockets?
just needed confirmation from what i understood in that answer
In case u guys can't tell I watched Inception in the theater 20min after getting dumped
7:41 PM
So f u and f your infinite fidget spinners
@rlemon no
@rlemon when i have done websockets i didn't use jwt
but that is irrelevant as it was a personal project and i didn't really bother with security
@AtharvaPandey it doesn't have to do with routing, they don't override .catch
const socket = login().then(accountInfo => new WebSocket(address, { headers: { token: `Auth ${account.token}` }})
@HatterisMad I'm looking to do something like this
I'll go read more on refresh tokens. they are still confusing to me
in the context of websockets, I don't think they make sense to use
7:45 PM
@rlemon i think it would make more sense if you sent a jwt with each action you are doing on the websocket
because you are really just wanting to authenticate each action, not the connection
but once the socket is open, it's secure isn't it?
github.com/atharvajava/RebSol/blob/master/Frontend/src/app/… the code present here on my ngAfterViewInit is not working after i route so basically this is because of override.catch is there any workaround to make this code work ? @BenjaminGruenbaum
then why bother with jwt at all then
@HatterisMad normally, but with websockets is that the case?
@HatterisMad I'm pushing this into the user account model I have. there are multiple user types.
7:46 PM
the jwt is in place to stop someone from hijacking a session iirc right?
this one tokens might not make sense over sessions, but it's how I'm going forward
@AtharvaPandey .then(null, handler) instead of .catch(handler) as a temporary workaround.
ahh ohkay thanks I ll try this out
@rlemon i think it has been too long for me to give you proper advice on it unfortunately
damn you hatter
7:49 PM
it was at least months ago :D
and i don't remember the password for that environment so i can't even go look at implementation
idea: regularly scheduled room hangouts, and have Cap generate the link. not sure how yet. but it's an idea
The JFK Records Act of 1992 states that all government documents related to the Kennedy assassination be declassified on October 26, 2017.
I think he was assassinated by Area 51.
How Can JFK Be Real When We Still Have KFC?
7:59 PM
It's real. I had a layover there once.
Who the hell has a layover at KFC
@Luggage what's a layover? does that somehow explain the 'virgin birth' thingy?
Taco Bell Airlines
8:04 PM
Why were any of the documents sealed anyway
Cause humans think their emotions matter
Or a real reason?
Don't you think emotions matter?
how do you have emotions tho? I get email.. but emotions doesn't make much sense to me
@rlemon Oculus invented it
8:10 PM
@KendallFrey @Loktar @SterlingArcher @Jhoverit i.imgur.com/bVYsVAS.gifv hahahahaha
the no fucks given by the friends is pretty funny
yea, it's def not the first time
"god dammit Joe, again?"
8:29 PM
@KendallFrey Y
thank you
8:48 PM
@SterlingArcher @rlemon @Idontknowwhoelseisjive
@Vap0r Dafuq did I just watch?
@MadaraUchiha I won't completely know until tomorrow when my emotions have settled. But I knew it was my duty to share

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