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12:06 AM
@BadgerCat Getting heppier :D
I even got my hair back
I didn't know you didn't have hair
full hair loss
on the top
12:20 AM
12:45 AM
Keynote by @fhinkel tells everyone that V8 policy now is that no V8 commit can land if it breaks Node.js. 🎉
2 hours later…
2:21 AM
trying to access a JSON endpoint from Unity in C#. Turns out I don't really know C# and I'm completely failing at it
@MadaraUchiha I apologies for pinging. I want a highly downvoted question from my account that is near identical to another question to be dissociated. I have gathered there are 2 different ways 1) you can request [Stack Exchange ] do so by clicking on the 'contact' link at the bottom of the page 2) you can flag for a moderator to do so. If this is acceptable which would you think would make more sense?
I'm getting json data from a file in a string, which is an array of objects of a known interface [{ team: int, timestamp: int }]
what do?
I'm stuck at the basic syntax of how to make something like this :/
I found out about JsonUtility
Date went amazing. Froze my hands on the way home because I forgot the temperature was gonna drop hard
looks like a base problem in c#
How was her english? JK
2:25 AM
Wrong girl, this was the nurse
She was amazing
@towc You're trying to deserialize JSON in C#?
yeah. I'm just babbling at this point
I think I'm figuring it out
I guess you'd use Newtonsoft.Json and deserialize to a List<MyType>
will look into that
I'm using unity3d either way
tbf I can also use csv, I do have control over the backend
and it might be a lot simpler
JSON is about as simple as it gets
2:32 AM
not for me I guess
cool, got it to work
problem had in fact to do with the arrays
the json can't be directly serialized to a list, it needs an in-between class with a property which is a list
why would anyone prefer a townhouse over a detached house
tiny price difference
If the top-level JSON value is an array, you should be able to deserialize straight to a list, IIRC
not with JsonUtility, at least :/
which is available by default on unity
I'm talking about Newtonsoft which every sensible person uses
might have been with Newtonsoft
meh, hackathon
I got it to work
but definitely good to know for next time :)
3:33 AM
@towc whatcha doing with unity
3:44 AM
not my decision :P
we'd have done it 30 times over with js canvas
but a teammate felt more comfortable with unity. I'm learning a lot at least
a simple 2d game controlled by an API through nexmo
4:06 AM
Alacritty, anyone?
4:33 AM
It's a terminal emulator.
@towc I see
I've been experimenting with ue4 for the past week
pretty fun
5:34 AM
Coming back to JS after not touching it for a while; doing something on button click is still best done with an event listener right? vs an onclick attribute on the button markup?
also it's 1:30AM and I'm a little brain fried atm so I don't trust my memory
unless you're using angular/react/vue
in which case you use the custom attributes
just making a dirty mockup; never used angular, react, or vue... hoping to keep it that way
5:54 AM
uh, why
Because I don't use JS that frequently
If I have to learn some paradigm-rewriting framework for what little I need to do w/ JS, then I'm doing something wrong
6:36 AM
this is gona be hard to say
i set a toggle on a button, when i toggle it 'on' it set's a 'div' to 'block' window display
but since when it loads it runs an ajax call, how do i load that ajax every time i toggle it 'on'?
6:49 AM
button event listener → if(value === true) → ajax?
was looking for a different way but yea that can work
7:27 AM
Oi oi
7:43 AM
io io
ayo ayo
That's the sound of tha police!
@William For your question, your best bet is the contact-us form.
Mods can't dissociate posts, SO employees do that.
Today is the day to dwelve into node native modules
Man I haven't done no c++ in ages
8:06 AM
@Mosho ping, you alive?
Do you perchance remember why you guys used React Router for website and did your own route matching (using React Router's match function)?
I would need to see it
export const getRenderProps = (flux, initialState, location) => {


  return new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
    match(matchArgs, (error, redirectLocation, renderProps) => {
      if (error) reject(error);
      resolve({renderProps, redirectLocation, state: newState});
where is getRenderProps
I remember match is used for SSR
8:09 AM
top level index.react.js
yeah I think it's related to SSR
It doesn't support redirects
The current setup that is.
define redirects
A redirectLocation is returned, but it's completely ignored by the caller
@Mosho onEnter={(state, replace) => replace('something')}
yeah I guess we didn't use that
back then
anyway, like I said, I'm fairly certain it's SSR related
although I don't know if that's supposed to happen in the browser
I mean
supposed to matter in the browser
when does getRenderProps get called?
8:13 AM
@Mosho Directly by the root render()
so it only gets called once in the browser?
@Mosho Sure it does, the idea of redirectLocation is probably to allow the server to return a 302 Redirect or whatever, but it has no effect on the client-side router
so that makes sense, yeah
"You probably don't want to use this in a browser"
"unless you're using server-side rendering with async routes."
8:15 AM
@Mosho Which, you aren't, locally
in the end it's the code that's supposed to run in the server
Right, but it runs everywhere
but if that replace case doesn't work in the server
just short circuiting that logic locally wouldn't help anyone
8:17 AM
// TODO(Benji) deal with redirectLocation
if (redirectLocation) {
  throw Error('ERROR: Found redirectLocation, not sure what to do');
so bottom line you can get it to work everywhere
they are not saying that you shouldn't use it
like it's wrong somehow
just that you probably don't have to
but the whole thing is built around supporting SSR so it's used and should work even on the dev environment
*important edit: "can get it to work everywhere"
8:30 AM
@KamilSolecki Moron
Who thinks that going to a tornado AND throwing stuff in would be a good idea :D
8:45 AM
Every once in a while, I stumble upon this again, then I get angry over it all over again.
1 hour later…
10:13 AM
@BadgerCat @copy did you have a chance to check on the plants?
they ded
@MadaraUchiha jfc I can't watch that again
10:30 AM
@towc We'll do today
cheers :)
2 hours later…
12:10 PM
@CapricaSix Hi
1 hour later…
1:17 PM
Is there some kind of magic involved to get Netflix to show subtitles only for non-English audio parts?
@Luggage probably. I'm hoping to write a setup script today to set up a yubikey with pass and keybase, if that works well, then definitely. The small ones are nice for work (they don't stick out, never break off) but I have an NFC one.
@SterlingArcher dude, I was driving home from work the other day and this car cut me off twice in less than a block, and they definitely just thought it was ok. Started at a red light behind a truck, I was giving the truck space, so they decided to go first. Honked, passenger waves a bunch, w/e. Turn the corner, a cop had somebody pulled over in the right lane, so this idiot changes lanes in between me and the truck again, I lay on the horn again, driver starts waving their hands like I'm the idiot.
Not a single signal the entire time. I drive very quickly, but I always signal.
1:44 PM
Do you guys think AI can replace programmers?
2:05 PM
that's stupid
maybe nice as a demo, guaranteed not to work in any real world environment
I also don't see how that could have anything to do with AI
The thing is I think in 10-20 years nearly every programming task could be automated.
@Asperger yes, at least the dumb ones
@BenjaminGruenbaum So filtering out programmers doing only repetitive tasks?
but Wordpress themes are an important market
so many good people will lose their meaningful jobs to AI
@Asperger I'm joking, read the actual paper lol
2:12 PM
I wonder how powerful these AIs can get.
Could they create an entire photoshop app?
Obviously not
It's a very common misconception about people at AI, people are awful at AI - we got better at machine learning in specific though
And machine learning does very good pattern recognition
The problem would be to describe the input way better and the output way better - but you can't describe most programming problems in a way that makes what a recognition algorithm do a good enough job. You'd have to "go one level up" in order for that to work and define a really good search space
Of course, you could just write code that takes an image and generates UI, there is nothing inherently AI about that - it's just a problem to do.
So, we're "one discovery" away from it, like a lot of things - it can take a year, it can take 40, we might still have no idea how to do it in 200 years.
An AI that turned psuedo-code into common design patterns would be interesting.
Then again, you might die tomorrow, we might all die tomorrow, and the whole planet might be lifeless in 200 years.
@ssube example?
I'd write a DeepUncleBob that refactors code into more abstraction without serving a purpose.
I can't think of a good example at the moment. The closest I can think of is just NLP that turns into GoF patterns, but with ML applied somehow.
@BenjaminGruenbaum which makes things clear: AI will replace everything that is a clear "Process". So in order to be needed you got to have an extremely high abstract thinking and creativity to create something special.
2:21 PM
it wouldn't be especially useful, but it could probably write Java. :P
@ssube I think they are already experimenting with this. Shouldnt be too complex for those brilliant minds at google I think
It's been around forever.
We've had code generators of all kinds, this isn't a really substantial change.
@ssube oh ya. Such as Class Diagrams to code etc
They never worked :D
Yeah, lol, drag and drop tools have had better luck.
2:32 PM
Android UI's builder works pretty well - but I'm sure real Android devs disagree.
Visual tools generating visual interfaces makes way more sense than other generators.
There are so many edge cases, creativity and abstraction involved in software that cant be defined as a clear process.
3:22 PM
@ssube I had a guy turn on a blinker and turn into my lane at the same time today. Sadly he was going ~50 less then I was and I was overtaking him. Was a close call, I cant remember slamming my breaks so hard recently
3:34 PM
cc @BenjaminGruenbaum @Zirak @Mosho
@SterlingArcher you might enjoy this
Does it makes sense to get one u2f device only, @ssube or do you use multiple leave-ins? Right now my phone w/ google authenticator is my only 2fa device.
I have a work one with prod keys that I don't do anything else with, one personal with a key and all my 2fa TOTP stuff. I put TOTP secrets on the yubikey and my phone as a backup.
If I just need to google better and am asking noob questions, feel free to say so.
When you say phone as backup, you mean sms or other?
I scan the qr code with the yubico auth program and google authenticator app
3:46 PM
so if you lose phone, then what? printed on time codes?
the yubikey has a copy
ohh, you mean a actual cloned backup of the TOTP?
I mean lose phone after losing yubikey
usually sites ask for two OTPs to verify, I always enter one from each
so I'd have to lose both
you could make a third copy and lock it up with your gpg secret
you use a leave-in or keychain for your personal?
leave-in at my desktop
3:49 PM
ohh, ok, i was thinking it would be something i needed to carry..
you need a pin to get into that, which gives you the second factor, then another key (which I'm currently migrating to use gpg/the yubi) to get into my password db for the first factor
you can carry them. You can have multiple copies, whatever.
@MadaraUchiha sounds like they didn't... concentrate enough
the nano is nice if you want to leave it in your laptop
do you suggest a generic u2f or all the yubi trimmings?
hahahaha im going to hell
3:51 PM
I haven't used anything but the yubikeys. Just had google auth by itself before.
@SterlingArcher ­čĺ»
all the pain so far has been gpg's fault, not the key, so...
i'm not sure, but it sounds liek you are using some yubi-key features above u2f.
I'm using the gpg key for signing commits, files, and generating an ssh key
@ssube I went out with a nurse last night and I think I'm in love
3:52 PM
@SterlingArcher oh yeah? why?
She took me to a brewery and for once, I enjoyed craft beers
Like big boy beers
what sort?
And she likes metal, shes hot as fuck, and we ended up watching the caps game and we're both big hockey fans
@Luggage dude exactly
My favorite was a beer-mosa which is like a fancy brass monkey
But then there were like sour beers, and fruity beers
sour beers are dope
why won't windows let me format this flash drive?
3:54 PM
Too fat?
disk mgmt can't delete efi boot partition, you have to use diskpart
yup, i ran into that the other day
"here is a GUI. Mostly, it'll never allow you to do anything, though"
It could, mind you.
it's nice if you're using storage spaces
Sounds like the old windows help wizard diagnostics
3:57 PM
but if those haven't been removed, they will be
I took the NVME that came in my dell laptop that I took out, stick it on a PCI adapter card and stuck it in my desktop to put games from steam on.
And windows wouldn't let me do shit, so to the commandline I went.
oh my god it's so hot in my office
at work?
huge demo tomorrow
do they turn the air off on the weekends?
4:00 PM
Yes T_T
yea,so does my place. "Have to work on the weekend? lol, well, no air for you!"
4:11 PM
yeah man I worked yesterday too
I already feel swampy
Hey archer i.redd.it/35c3dbp5vbtz.jpg on Reddit and made me laugh ­čśé
jesus christ LOL
wow what a great performance
I love when singers can keep going after blowing out their vocal folds like matt did
like he wrecked his voice. surgeries and shit
5:06 PM
@Loktar @BenjaminGruenbaum @GNi33 veil of maya's new album dropped 3 days agoooooooo
Onwards to finding where the hell is node.h located at!
@SterlingArcher ah, nice, thanks for letting me now
@GNi33 the first song is crazy dude. Fracture
holy holy fuck
oh, it's good :)
all those new releases right now just have the problem that I immediately compare them to ABRs new album
It's tough man, but I think VoM > ABR right now
5:19 PM
good lord, can this interface be any more fucked? why the hell am I spending my sunday on stuff like that
I gotta listen to the VoM a few times, but I already doubt that it'll be better than ABR for me :D
Echo Chamber is amazing
I can't get over Fracture and Overthrow man
such badass tracks
5:40 PM
new STYG is pretty nice as well
if you're into hardcore
6:13 PM
can someone help me with this issue ? stackoverflow.com/questions/46875906/…
thank you to all of you guys!
6:26 PM
For fucks sake
I'm still 4ms behind indexOf
building my search as a native node module didn't change that much
It may be that Boyer-Moore isn't just the right algo for this
@ssube this wasn't supposed to be like that :(
well, why'd you make it slow? :P
I took like 5 different implementations
All give a similar result
What's the complexity of indexOf? O(n)?
6:44 PM
eh, unicode :(
it should be close, though
@SterlingArcher wait.... i remember 0:02 to 0:04 sort of
i think its from a soundtrack of one of the C&C games
I think my benchmarking is off by... a notch.
@Wietlol C&C games?
@KamilSolecki what makes you say that? how are you timing it
6:58 PM
command and conquer
red alert
Ah I've never played that
@SterlingArcher since today I have been listening to My Dying Bride, this seemed a bit .. dunno ... lame
tiberian stuff
they are quite good
i played RA2 a few days ago actually
@SterlingArcher i fixed the timings
generic: 0.112ms
Uint32Array [ 126 ]
fss: 0.172ms
mine: 0.114ms
generic: 0.108ms
Uint32Array [ 126 ]
fss: 0.229ms
mine: 0.114ms
generic: 0.124ms
Uint32Array [ 126 ]
fss: 0.201ms
mine: 0.118ms
generic: 0.127ms
Uint32Array [ 126 ]
fss: 0.225ms
mine: 0.123ms
generic: 0.125ms
Uint32Array [ 126 ]
fss: 0.216ms
mine: 0.199ms
thats a bunch of results
@SterlingArcher ah, youtu.be/xVJqw977S_8?t=28m10s
found it :D
7:01 PM
seems like mine is actually faster
its sort of similar
than both fss from npm and indexOf
@Wietlol oh that's an intense soundtrack
dont make efficiency tests with 0.1-0.2s results
@SterlingArcher you mean long?
or nice music?
ok im retarded
7:02 PM
if long, its just a big collection
new, final (hopefully) results
nice music lol
generic: 0.004ms
fss: 0.043ms
mine: 0.005ms
generic: 0.005ms
fss: 0.047ms
mine: 0.005ms
generic: 0.003ms
fss: 0.035ms
mine: 0.005ms
generic: 0.003ms
fss: 0.041ms
mine: 0.005ms
generic: 0.003ms
fss: 0.038ms
mine: 0.004ms
this is much more logical for the times, isnt it
@KamilSolecki impressive
You saved a miniscule amount of time :P
pls dont make efficiency tests with 0.001-0.004ms results
7:03 PM
royall :: ~ » history | wc -l
royall :: ~ » history | grep clear | wc -l
@SterlingArcher I did not. IndexOf is still faster than mine by ~0.001ms :P
Wow you just brought so much shame to this chatroom
cc @ssube
how many reps did you run?
10 XD
should do more
7:04 PM
let's see the min/avg/max/stddev
yeah lemme do that
with at least 100k reps in code per run
also, how do you test it?
using a for loop i assume
7:05 PM
yea, it was a basic test
im used to really specialized testing frameworks
but i dont know if it makes much difference in js
the real-world accuracy of microbenchmarks depends on how many optimizations the compiler does (inversely)
JS does a lot of complex AST optimizations
ast optimizations?
enough reps, time to warm up the VM, etc, will get you something useful but it won't ever be perfect
7:07 PM
@ssube Hi!! can you help me with this question stackoverflow.com/questions/46875906/…
@RodriguezDavid I don't know Angular, so probably not
okay :)
Generic IndexOf x 899,253 ops/sec ±0.17% (91 runs sampled)
FSS thingy from NPM x 32,999 ops/sec ±0.89% (92 runs sampled)
My magical powerful woop x 108,625 ops/sec ±0.15% (94 runs sampled)
Fastest is Generic IndexOf
so, 8x faster
my frackin work laptop won't power on
7:26 PM
my frackin tablet won't boot
7:40 PM
ders a snek in me boot
8:00 PM
Woah. New Google calendar
Just a random thought
has anyone tried detecting a squeeze on a phone using the accelerometer?
or for that matter other gestures
@ShrekOverflow My pixel 2 has squeeze, dunno how it works though
can wolverine get circumcised
Sure, it will grow back though
@BenFortune I am guessing pressure sensor.
8:56 PM
I tried becoming a windows insider, now my insides are all over the floor.
> Intel i7, 5th Gen, 8 Gigs Ram, 4 Gig 960 GPU, and visual studio code lags on a 300 line document.
I bet it works with the same capacative sensor from the screen.
side of the glass.
I have a Pixel 2 XL coming, myself, @BenFortune
@Luggage possible, I really want to write a pressure sensor using accelerometer
@Luggage Ya'll so pixelated!
I feel envy
@Luggage Wew! Let me know how the screen is, I heard bad things
um, what bad things?
Pixel 2 XL is made by LG, Pixel 2 is made by HTC, right?
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