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12:09 AM
@bur stop
Hiya o/
@Bur stop
Hiya o/
12:44 AM
@Bur stop
Hiya o/
12:59 AM
@Bur stop
Hiya o/
@bur stop
Hiya o/
@Bur stop
1:03 AM
will you give me a working error dumb bot
Hiya o/
@Bur stop
Hiya o/
@bur stop
Hiya o/
1:20 AM
@bur stop
i don't understand you
Hiya o/
1:34 AM
@bur stop
stupid bot
Hiya o/
@Bur stop
Hiya o/
1:55 AM
@bur stop
Hiya o/
2:06 AM
@bur stop
Hiya o/
@bur stop
Hiya o/
@bur stop
Hiya o/
2:19 AM
@bur stop
Hiya o/
@Bur stop
Hiya o/
2:37 AM
@Bur stop
4 hours later…
7:01 AM
@queen 40 [godaddy]
hello, any luck?
I was wondering, well, if the device has a listener to receive an alert, why not implement some kind of listener, that can keep the service alive?
I already have one of those :D
even before android 6
the infamous ServiceBabySitter.java
and doesn't no work
ah the infamous service baby sitter java
yvette, I was under the impression that in doze, your app is put on hold or something, like it doesn't run anymore
7:15 AM
I really don't know enough about doze, but I need to learn asap with the updates I'm doing
but additional research and testing show that it does, you just cannot do some things in doze, like access internet
will be researching this weekend, so will let you know if I think of something
hm not good at all
but the user can opt for doze?
user can put an app on the whitelist, which allows the app to access internet during doze and use partial wakelocks
but other restrictions still apply
this android 6 had only been bad news for developers
bloody reinvent the wheel and make it so difficult
it's not so bad now that I know more
7:18 AM
just another thing to have to think of
it's no fun, but at least the app will still work
you know what happened to this app I inherited?
It was fine with target sdk 22
but? :D
the previous developer updated something minor and thought it would be good to update the target sdk to 23, without implementing runtime permissions
the developer had never worked on an android app before and had to update some text on buttons
so this app you have is downloaded from the store? It's not a corporate thing?
ah I got some useful info for you
it's the android version on the device that decides whether or not you need to handle runtime permissions and dozing etc, the targetsdk has no effect on that
I've had targetsdk 23 for many months, when it was only running on android 5.1 devices
7:22 AM
yes Android 6
@queen alive?
nah petter shanked her
if the target sdk of the app was lower than 23 it would run on Android 6 and higher
why did he shank her?
@Yvette but doze would still kick in
@TimCastelijns yes, but for many apps the app would still run as required
it did for this app I'm talking about
7:23 AM
ok then for permissions it does matter
so setting the target sdk to 23 ensures it will not run on android 6
that's.. nice
yep. Imagine that? so it's been sitting on the store not working for android 6 for 6 months
because some well meaning, yet ignorant developer updated the target sdk
same with my app but we chose not to support it, for now
want to hear something funny, someone just told me this
> In any case, downvoting my answer and thus calling it "not useful" isn't justified when the question is obviously too broad
@TimCastelijns so there is no way to get a batch of close votes in a sane format?
7:26 AM
@TimCastelijns lol
@tripleee tiny giant's script is good
@tripleee not until petter comes in I think
I better go
nice to talk
I will pop in if I think of anything, it's an interesting challenge
ok bye
1 hour later…
8:31 AM
@BhargavRao how fareth thee?
Quite good, Quite good. ty. How about you?
not too bad :)
bit warm
8:59 AM
@tripleee she is up again
@PetterFriberg thanks!
Time to move to the pool, cya later
ok bye
: ), just a quick check this morning..
@TimCastelijns you got the doze query?
9:09 AM
@PetterFriberg hey petter queen is dead
was* :p
i mean your doubts
@Yvette for future reference if you should need it stackoverflow.com/questions/39162535/… another android 6 related self answered Q :P
@ColdFire yeah I got it figured out mostly now :-)
A: Unplugging the device via ADB: "can't find service"

Tim CastelijnsThere is no battery service as the log points out (this may be device specific). Enter the following command to find existing battery related services: $ adb shell service list | grep battery it will result in something like this $ adb shell service list | grep battery 88 batterymanager...

haha self answered
sharing knowledge
before this post, this information did not exist on the web
i am kidding
9:12 AM
oh :P
so what are the conclusions
about the doze
Just passing it to yvette since she has to do android 6 stuff soon
the conclusion is that doze is not half as bad as I thought, because I made a wrong assumption
9:35 AM
I thought doze put your app to sleep
it doesn't
what and
and what happens?
I have a background service
it just keeps running
only thing is you can not do certain things while in doze
but app keeps running
9:44 AM
Q: How many additional numbers can I set in one contact on Android?

NikolaAs the title says, how many additional numbers can I set in one contact? I was playing around with a script and I was able to get only 400 of them in on a simulator. However, would like some official response about what is the max, and does it maybe vary on the Android version?

cv pls then
I voted to close
@PetterFriberg Yeah, really weird... I'll raise a moderator flag for them to investigate.
9:58 AM
> This accepted answer is, to say the least, weird. It sits at 5 score, was posted by a now-deleted user, and is only a paste of the question's data dump + a weirdly formatted "answer" (SIMPLY Change your workspace). Despite being three years old, this question has a lot of views and some activity. Despite being accepted and upvoted this answer may need deletion, as the other answer by oabareload seems way more useful.
there is a solution provided
@TimCastelijns Because it's weird
declined flag incoming :D
Deleted user, answer is 99% a paste of the question with a weird note at the end
10:03 AM
the note is the solution :p
I don't have the means to investigate and as such a moderator flag is useful
would it be ok if I edited it
Maybe after the flag handling?
I would have edited but since the user is deleted it's weird
My best bet is that it was a sock of some sorts
speculation :p
Exactly, hence the flag =p
10:10 AM
when you see the android tag you can always ask me to look if you're unsure :)
now, onto the next!
Q: How to get and save link download when we download any things Android?

duyen duyenI am creating an app Android I want to save link download when i download any file from internet to my device How can i do it ?

Body must be at least 30 characters; you entered 29.
edited now
Please take your time reading How to AnswerTim Castelijns 8 mins ago
@ColdFire Why did you edit it this way..? You didn't remove the weird quote formatting, and I asked to wait for a diamond to investigate before editing
is there a option to retract that
well i didnt saw you asked to wait
Meh, it's fine
10:29 AM
@TimCastelijns thanks! i appreciate it
@Kyll I always do that :-)
@TimCastelijns I'm out of votes, but will return tomorrow
@Kyll can I edit also now? Guess it doesn't matter anymore
tosses @Kyll out the window
@Yvette no need. It's very possible this is device specific, may not be that useful
you don't have to vote on everything I post :P
10:31 AM
@TimCastelijns I'd get into trouble if I did.. but I do vote on a lot of android
yeah I'm just saying since I know you voted on the other one from earlier this week
@TimCastelijns Meh, yeah
@TimCastelijns ok I'll downvote a few ;) nah, if I like it I will vote on it.
@Yvette yeah let me grab a few of kyll's answers that you can downvote
10:34 AM
cant i ask some :(
@TimCastelijns nah only his questions, I don't want to lose the points for downvoting lol
@Yvette smart!
@ColdFire we not supposed to ask for deh up votes ;)
@Yvette intelligent
@ColdFire it is very much frowned upon
10:35 AM
@TimCastelijns exactly
@Yvette i know i am kidding
Tim and I are in the same tag, so it makes sense I will come across his posts from time to time
me also in android tag
and I know you're joking, it's just others reading may not
what was your old user name?
if you havent forgotten already
10:36 AM
@ColdFire oh noooooooooooooooooooooo
Well, you can not change name and picture and expect people to know who you are :p
Meh, retracted flag.
@TimCastelijns remove
@ColdFire remove
@Kyll sorry bro
'tis fine
10:38 AM
@TimCastelijns thank you!
Flagged two comments on that page as too chatty =p
@TimCastelijns well i have been talking to her for dayys now atleast she should have known by now
spelling is all wrong
soz :/
ah k
10:40 AM
too late
too lates
→ did something
edit that msg too
i am going ask to increase timeout to 5 mins
on meta i guess
that will not happen
2 min aint enough
10:42 AM
most will not notice
and you expected me to realise!
I didn't see the name change
But you're hilarious as cold fire!
I like it ;)
hilarious why?
just funny, isn't that good?
yeah meant to be
btw is the name nice?
ah you ok? you've gone a little flat
flat how?
10:45 AM
c'mon look at me, how can you get flat looking at such a gorgeous man, knowing how happy it makes me ;)
@ColdFire like you got a little serious that's all
how dare you! ;)
you got me all, like, are you ok darling lol
shall we rename this room to android gossip or something
Petter will kill us!
lets name group Taylor swift
not all coincidentally I am listening to her now
oooooooooooooooooooh dear gulp
10:48 AM
@TimCastelijns added readme
@Yvette see my lib
Nice, now add some text that explains how to use it
I swear to pi, I think I'm on fb with you, every time I see your name
hehe @Yvette
you can add me if you want
I know, you can tell I don't go on fb much
you guys can add me Yvette Colomb
let me open my settings
10:51 AM
ah everyone can send me requests
so am I looking for a dude called yvette or
oh I missed a couple of messages
do you have a picture with tongue out in fb?
pic of me with my sister
hang on
10:53 AM
Thompson, Manitoba
ok I made it one you should recognise from so
@Yvette did you check my lib
hang on going back (in three chat rooms, a slack room and updating fb, it's all good)
@Yvette you should join the android room
I am going to try your lib, I have book marked it
hm.. link?
10:58 AM
I typed something with it but it auto oneboxed it
ok I'm saying good night chat room by chat room. Night \o
night \o
Ciao \o
11:14 AM
@TimCastelijns now see does it looks little bit better
1 hour later…
12:29 PM
Hiya o/
@bur stop
you woke too early big boy
Hiya o/
12:32 PM
@Tunaki hey
@Tunaki Hiya
Nathan was looking out for ya
12:45 PM
@que notify 4
@PetterFriberg Notification added if score is >=4
@Kyll Yeah I agree all that crap should just go...
[ Heat Detector ] SCORE: 4 ★★☆☆☆ (Regex:false NaiveBayes:1.00 J48:1.00 OpenNLP:0.47) comment cc: @PetterFriberg
@Queen fp
a bit pompous, but definitely constructive and not rude
@bur stop
12:53 PM
[ Heat Detector ] SCORE: 6 ★★★☆☆ (Regex:true NaiveBayes:0.00 J48:1.00 OpenNLP:0.98) comment cc: @PetterFriberg
@Queen fp
@PetterFriberg hey
12:57 PM
Hiya o/
@ryanyuyu since I see you are doing feedback I'm adding you to RO, otherwise you can't have feed if no other RO has enabled it... to get feed use the notify command
@que notify 4
@ColdFire Notification added if score is >=4
i forgot to add notify today oops
@PetterFriberg Ok thanks
@Queen notify 4
1:00 PM
@ryanyuyu Notification added if score is >=4
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@Queen fp
1:22 PM
[ Heat Detector ] SCORE: 5 ★★☆☆☆ (Regex:false NaiveBayes:0.99 J48:1.00 OpenNLP:1.00) comment cc: @ColdFire @PetterFriberg @ryanyuyu
@Queen fp
[ Heat Detector ] SCORE: 4 ★★☆☆☆ (Regex:true NaiveBayes:0.34 J48:1.00 OpenNLP:0.04) comment cc: @ColdFire @PetterFriberg @ryanyuyu
@Queen fp
1:37 PM
bye guys o/
2:00 PM
[ Heat Detector ] SCORE: 4 ★★☆☆☆ (Regex:false NaiveBayes:1.00 J48:1.00 OpenNLP:0.76) comment cc: @PetterFriberg @ryanyuyu
[ Heat Detector ] SCORE: 4 ★★☆☆☆ (Regex:true NaiveBayes:0.41 J48:1.00 OpenNLP:0.85) comment cc: @ryanyuyu
@Queen tp
2:20 PM
[ Heat Detector ] SCORE: 6 ★★★☆☆ (Regex:false NaiveBayes:1.00 J48:1.00 OpenNLP:1.00) comment cc: @ryanyuyu
[ Heat Detector ] SCORE: 4 ★★☆☆☆ (Regex:false NaiveBayes:1.00 J48:1.00 OpenNLP:0.72) comment cc: @ryanyuyu
@Queen fp
2:55 PM
[ Heat Detector ] SCORE: 4 ★★☆☆☆ (Regex:false NaiveBayes:0.99 J48:1.00 OpenNLP:0.97) comment cc: @ryanyuyu
That's a sad situation. Question and all 4 answers have negative scores.
Lots of too chatty flags raised
all those "why am I being downvoted"
weird question though with all the downvotes and no close votes
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