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11 hours later…
12:10 PM
Hiya o/
12:29 PM
@Burn stop
Hiya o/
2 hours later…
2:06 PM
2:58 PM
@Tunaki It looks like until you get @burnaki finally going at least will be gone ;)
Unknown command: @tunaki it looks like until you getfinally going at least [tag:godaddy] will be gone ;). Use commands to have a list of commands.
3:15 PM
@Tunaki Can you give me a rough sketch of the idea behind this bot?
Is it just about producing reports, or is it also able to use your rep for auto-remuval and further actions?
no it does not do automatic closure or deletion
basically it tracks and reports
helps reviewing
I thought giving a bot the ability to share my rep powers would be an innovative idea. What would you think about such (if possible to implement)
innovative for sure
bound to get a lot of trouble also
bot going around deleting stuff?
@Burn stop
3:23 PM
@Tunaki LOL, yes
Hiya o/
haha causing ruskus
@Burnaki hey
Unknown command: hey. Use commands to have a list of commands.
@Burnaki nice dp
Unknown command: nice dp. Use commands to have a list of commands.
3:31 PM
@Burnaki @Tunaki Ask Petter how to teach them giving better answers about such :)
Unknown command: @tunaki ask petter how to teach them giving better answers about such :). Use commands to have a list of commands.
@Burn stop
Hiya o/
@Burn stop
Hiya o/
3:37 PM
@burn stop
Hiya o/
@burn stop
Hiya o/
Why is queen dead in the burnination room?
@Burn stop
3:52 PM
@AshishAhujaツ no idea
I can run Queen if you want
Hiya o/
@Tunaki sure. I just wanted a batch on godaddy
ok wait a minute
@Burn stop
3:57 PM
@Petter I'm running Queen, seems like she went to bed too early
ok I will check server...
Hiya o/
Hiya Burni
@que die
Bye bye
@Tuna I'm restarting on server.
4:00 PM
she was actually still running, seems like just logged of from SO
[ Heat Detector ] SCORE: 6 ★★★☆☆ (Regex:false NaiveBayes:1.00 J48:1.00 OpenNLP:1.00) comment cc: @ColdFire @PetterFriberg
@Queen fp
whatsup petter?
4:09 PM
@ColdFire not much I have been driving home... 3h lots of traffic and lots of turist in middle lane... I go crazy and pass inside : )
@que 10 [c] cv=4
Ashish Ahuja ツ in c scanned 1026 questions between May 31 21:48 and Aug 27 17:55 filtered and ordered: 10 in batch 1622
@PetterFriberg This might help a lot regarding grouching kids during long journeys :)
@πάνταῥεῖ lol
4:19 PM
@Queen done
@πάνταῥεῖ my kids are fairly good, just provide them with ipads, the problem is all the people using middle lane on the high way... (when right is free)... I just hate'em all so I accelerate to 150 and pass on inside...
Ashish Ahuja ツ Thank you for your effort, you reviewed 10 questions, I counted 9 (90%) close votes and 9 questions closed
@PetterFriberg ipads how old are your kids?
5 and 13
at 3 years old they start to use'em by now...
4:21 PM
wow ipads to 5 year old?
@que 10 [c++] cv=4
Ashish Ahuja ツ in c++ scanned 1074 questions between Jul 20 04:54 and Aug 27 18:19 filtered and ordered: 10 in batch 1623
@PetterFriberg I just couldn't resist to make that joke ;)
@ColdFire yeah and she goes crazy on youtube...
@ColdFire What's wrong with that actually?
4:23 PM
@πάνταῥεῖ nothing wrong i was asking do they actually know how to use them?
Better than the dog-box actually :P
@ColdFire Ya, know they have fingers (hopefully) from birth on
meeh mine have had an old iphone4 and ipad since 3 years old, she was really funny in the beginning when the image turned, she turned the tablet... so she was always turning the tablet around...
@Burn stop
4:24 PM
I have a very nice video some where ....
Hiya o/
Yeah it changes a lot...
since the mobile revolution
if we go 10 years before even PC were rare in india
let alone laptop and mobile
@ColdFire Well, in india even Turbo C++ is still used for educational purposes :P
@πάνταῥεῖ where did you got that info from?
4:33 PM
@ColdFire Loads of questions frequently
Most of the users named Abishek or Gaurav or so
ohh i see
@πάνταῥεῖ well you are right about that
Kumar also is frequent
i myself have used turbo c++ in college
@πάνταῥεῖ btw what compiler should be used now?
It sounds kinda racist, but seeing a low rep user named so, is an alarm signal for me
you mean Visual Studio?
or IDE'S
or gcc?
4:35 PM
@ColdFire I think (MinGW) GCC applies for most reasonable platforms
@ColdFire gcc or clang are good compilers for c and c++
if you want to take a look at how I currently upload images
@πάνταῥεῖ see above i wrote gcc there ^^^
@AshishAhujaツ ^^^
@ColdFire I would recommend CodeBlocks as an IDE for users starting to learn c/c++. It's easy to use and the user gets a hang of it easily
@ColdFire You should distinguish IDE and toolchain anyways
4:38 PM
@πάνταῥεῖ yes i know but i was asking maybe you guys use visual studio
@Tunaki nice seems easy
@ColdFire I don't like even the 2015 edition. Clang or GCC are preferable IMO
@PetterFriberg basically you pass an inputstream to uploadImage. But you need to make sure to close it inside the whenComplete callback since all of this is ascynrhonous
otherwise you end up closing it before anything is done :)
i got a NPE
@Queen done
4:41 PM
Ashish Ahuja ツ Thank you for your effort, you reviewed 10 questions, I counted 10 (100%) close votes and 10 questions closed
@ColdFire NPE?
Yeah I saw, when you have time make a method that takes java.io.File...
[ Heat Detector ] SCORE: 4 ★★☆☆☆ (Regex:false NaiveBayes:0.98 J48:0.20 OpenNLP:1.00) comment cc: @ColdFire @PetterFriberg
@Queen fp
4:42 PM
ohh..... how could I forget what NPE is..
@Burn stop
@PetterFriberg Thought about it. InputStream is more general :)
but I guess I can have an overload with File
with Path :)
Hiya o/
@Burn get progress
4:46 PM
Not enough arguments for command get progress. Usage is: get progress [tag].
@Burn get progress [godaddy]
Here's a recap of the efforts so far for [godaddy]: Total questions (1563), Retagged (261), Closed (1213), Roombad (287), Manually deleted (101).
Here are some nice images...
-200 nice
welp my data is not great after all those refactorings
@Tunaki does java sometimes not report exact crash
what do you mean? which methods?
4:51 PM
Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException: uriString
at android.net.Uri$StringUri.<init>(Uri.java:470)
at android.net.Uri$StringUri.<init>(Uri.java:460)
at android.net.Uri.parse(Uri.java:432)
i got this crash
Yeah that's nice : )
but the crash is one method inner than that
Nice NPE.
why nice NPE?
It means uriString is null.
4:52 PM
-200 :D
i hate npe
well i solved the issue
problem was why it wasnt reported at the exact line it was caused
@PetterFriberg yeah, issue with questions that both retagged and closed...
not sure how to count those...
the crash was inside the method
4:55 PM
count as closed... not retagged
but the crash log was only upto the method
@ColdFire na you should love em normally easy to solve...
@PetterFriberg well
well problem the var wasnt supposed to be null
5:06 PM
@Burn stop
Hiya o/
@Burn stop
Hiya o/
@Bur stop
Hiya o/
5:30 PM
[ Heat Detector ] SCORE: 4 ★★☆☆☆ (Regex:false NaiveBayes:1.00 J48:1.00 OpenNLP:0.83) comment cc: @ColdFire @PetterFriberg
@Queen fp
5:41 PM
time for dinner - afk
bon appétit
[ Heat Detector ] SCORE: 4 ★★☆☆☆ (Regex:false NaiveBayes:0.99 J48:1.00 OpenNLP:0.96) comment cc: @ColdFire @PetterFriberg
@Queen fp
6:00 PM
[ Heat Detector ] SCORE: 4 ★★☆☆☆ (Regex:false NaiveBayes:1.00 J48:1.00 OpenNLP:0.00) comment cc: @ColdFire @PetterFriberg
@Burn stop
Hiya o/
6:15 PM
oy.. BR!
Aye Aye @petter
@Burn commands
and show your face to @BhargavRao
@Tunaki Here's a list of commands:
commands                        - Prints the list of commands.
delete candidates [tag]         - Returns delete candidates and posts having delete votes. The tag can be omitted if ran inside the dedicated burn room.
get progress [tag]              - Prints the current progress of the tag's burnination. The tag can be omitted if ran inside the dedicated burn room.
quota                           - Prints the remaining quota for the Stack Exchange API.
start tag [tag] [roomId] [Meta] - Starts the burnination of the given tag.
@BhargavRao Potato?
@Burnaki get progress [godaddy]
6:17 PM
Here's a recap of the efforts so far for [godaddy]: Total questions (1563), Retagged (261), Closed (1244), Roombad (287), Manually deleted (101).
Here are some nice images...
Wowow, How are you generating the graphs?
@PetterFriberg Tomato!
really nice : )
@BhargavRao yes :)
@BhargavRao Lemon!
6:19 PM
playing a game?
I'm peas
I think I have enough material to make a stackapps post no?
6:20 PM
@Tunaki Yeah, I guess that's enuff for a post.
@Tunaki Avocado
Now I'm very peas, you guys are making no sense.
6:21 PM
All right, melon guys.
you're welcome
I was testing if BR knew the salad language : )
6:22 PM
@Tuna your little offspring has a grammer problem in his profile
> Find me SOCVFinder chat room.
@PetterFriberg Lol, I knew that it had to be connected
Yeah I saw cabbage... : )
6:23 PM
do I really need to log out, close all tabs, log in with Burnaki, fix the typos, log off and log in again?
why can't they fix themselves :(
@Tunaki ?
log in with porn privacy mode?
6:25 PM
that's what I do to go around porn filters multiple cookie-based logins
Nice, now I understand the usage of pom.xml, which always makes me look twice. I support this. :) — Bhargav Rao Jan 18 at 11:30
I only have 1 device
@Tunaki ?
Started from there ---------^, to now using maven
I really don't see your issue, Tuna:)
<closing Tunaki as no repro>
6:27 PM
@BhargavRao did you knew each other before that ?
@ColdFire Nope, I started working in Java only in July. I learned about Spring, Maven, etc only in August.
Spring in August...you're confusing, man
@Tunaki but seriously...am I misunderstanding you, or you me?
6:30 PM
I think I'm misunderstanding you
I just mean open up a privacy window; that won't see your current login. There you can log in for burnaki, and edit the profile. Then log out, close the privacy window. Poof.
@AndrasDeak Hey, in Australia Spring arrives in August.
<shia labeouf magic.gif>
Just use another browser!
6:30 PM
yeah use chrome
or some nice IE
IE wtf
Bhargav Rao and Petter Friberg have been removed as room owners by Andras Deak
6:31 PM
: ), it's called Edge now
IE should be banned for being off topic
@AndrasDeak nice
I actually never thought of that
you're a stinky java user, you're not supposed to use salad
but don't mention it;)
6:32 PM
When did salad come in here?
when you came BR : )
BTW I always use this when I want to check that a link of mine (for instance in google docs) is accessible without a login
Joncle will be impressed
or when I want to see what peasants see on a given SO link
6:33 PM
@BhargavRao NinjaPuppy
and when the wife has gone to bed with a head ache
@PetterFriberg aww sorry to hear that, man
@AndrasDeak I always view things in incognito when I am suspicious of a link.
@PetterFriberg what did you do?
kissed her neck, probably
6:34 PM
@ColdFire Yep :D
Any one else who's a bachelor here?
meeh I was referring to when Andras use privacy mode..
@PetterFriberg haha
@PetterFriberg lolol, I get it now. :D
@BhargavRao me me me a nice MASTER
: )
6:37 PM
@PetterFriberg perhaps 20 years ago
@BhargavRao dont forget me
I need to re-phrase that sentence
Yes, you got it!
rephrasing sentence in progress
please wait until sentence is rephrased
Any one else who's a bachelor (i.e who's not yet married and not those who have got an undergraduate degree) here?
me me me not married!!!
6:39 PM
6:41 PM
not married here
6:42 PM
[ Heat Detector ] SCORE: 5 ★★☆☆☆ (Regex:true NaiveBayes:0.03 J48:1.00 OpenNLP:0.15) comment cc: @ColdFire @PetterFriberg
me neither! I will not pay any child support
@Queen fp
so...I'm the only married guy?
oh, Cold Fire didn't make a statement
6:43 PM
Yeah @Andras, You are the chosen one
well, I am:D
@AndrasDeak didnt get you?
Ok good BhargavRao, we can continue with the experiment now. Andras is chosen.
6:44 PM
right now I'm chosen to have some palacsinta (crêpe)
i am not married if that is what you mean
maybe we can add Petter in the control group?
[ Heat Detector ] SCORE: 5 ★★☆☆☆ (Regex:false NaiveBayes:1.00 J48:0.43 OpenNLP:1.00) comment cc: @ColdFire @PetterFriberg
[ Heat Detector ] SCORE: 4 ★★☆☆☆ (Regex:false NaiveBayes:1.00 J48:0.43 OpenNLP:0.98) comment cc: @ColdFire @PetterFriberg
@Queen fp
@Queen fp
why are static variable not allowed in inner class java?
Q: Why does Java prohibit static fields in inner classes?

Jichaoclass OuterClass { class InnerClass { static int i = 100; // compile error static void f() { } // compile error } } Although it's not possible to access the static field with OuterClass.InnerClass.i, if I want to record something that should be static, e.g. the number of InnerClass objec...

: )
6:54 PM
closed as of duplicate of ^
answer doesnt provide any explanation :(
just says it doesnt allow
well then you need to ask the designers
: ) yeah closed as POB
@ColdFire there are 9 answers, read all! :)
@PetterFriberg hehe
6:58 PM
> Well, I've been in many, many hundreds of hours of those meetings and let me tell you, the reason why they thought that is because there were ten people in a room, half of them had strong opinions, and there was a back-and-forth argument about it for months on end before a reasonable compromise was struck that left everybody pretty happy.
wasnt that question offtopic for SO
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